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WASHINGTON HERALD. SUNDAY, MAY 17. 1914! ' .'?' j,"j'
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that an appropriation be made for that
purpose. A mistaken 'Idea, of tha ulti
mate object of this association seemed
to be prevalent among some-of our grand
jurisdictions. In thinking that the ob
ject was to provide a local lodge room
for our Masonic brethren In Alexan
dria, when the primary and controlling
Idea is to provide a safe and secure de
positary for the priceless Masonic relics
now the individual property of our Alex
andria brethren. ,
"A conservative value of these relics
was stated to be between JL500.000 and
22.000,000, and it was stated that an offer
approximating those amounts had been
received from .one of our large Masonic
jurisdictions if a sale would be made.
"A personal and Masonic pride forbade
the parting with these mementoes, and
the belief that the great Masonic fra
ternlty of this country would desire these
treasures, dear to the hearts 01 us ail.
should be securely protected, both from
fire and theft, has Induced our brethren
of the lodge in which our illustrious
brother held his membership to appeal to
the craft at large for subscriptions to
build this memorial. Considerable prog
ress has already been made, and with the
added Impetus of the official partidpa'
tlon of grand chapters and grand com'
manderles the success of tha undertaking
seems to be assured.
Knights of the Maccabees.
Mir IS National Tent. No. 1. Old Masonta Tra
Me; Mount Vernon Tent. No. 4. Northeast Temple.
Twelfth and H atrreta northeast, Anacaatim Tent.
No. 7. Masonic Hall. Anacostls.
Via? 19 Brlghtwood Tent. No. t. Macr-abee Han.
Georgia arenue- and Loncfeilow street, Brigatwrjod
Mrtropotitn Tent. No. 12, Fifth and G atreeti
May 21 Gcrxgetoirn Tent. No. C Wisconsin aseun.
and M" streets northwest; District Tent. No. 8,
Fouiand a hall and G strews southwest.
State Commander D. W. Gall has spent
the week on official visits to tents in Vir
ginia, and reports large meetings and a
royal reception extended to him. He
visited Richmond. Newport News, and
Norfolk, and on Monday night, at Nor
folk, a Joint meeting of the tents In the
city as held, and a crowded house
greeted him. The meeting was held under
the auspices of Brambleton Tent. No. 25,
and the reception given the official was
an index of the high esteem in which he
la held by the members of the associa
tion. Mr. L. W. Williamson, of Brambleton.
introduced Mr. Gall. lie took occasion
to extend not only his personal pleasure
in having the presence of the State com'
mander. but he voiced "warm feelings
of friendship and fraternity" of his tent
and the entire brotherhood in that city.
Mr. Gall responded In a very feeling
way to the good-fellowship of his mem
bership in Norfolk, and pointed out the
duty of the members to their fellow-man.
Responses to call were made by many
of the members present, and refresh
ments were served.
Tuesday night Mr. Gall met with Tide
water Division. No. 1. Uniform Rank,
and on Wednesday visited Newport News,
appointing local deputies in each of the
cities. He visited Richmond, both going
and returning.
Charlottesville Tent. No. 27. Is making
an enviable record this month, but Nor
folk and Richmond are not lagging far
In the District of Columbia the work
has been, since the first class In Oc
tober, on the forward movement, and
with the two following classes in De
cember and March, the several tents
have added largely to their membership,
and now the contest is on for the Dis
trict banner, which will be awarded the
1st of Julv to the tent putting in the
largest number of members between
January 1 and July 1, 1914, and the race
is between National Tent. No. 1; Mount
Vernon Tent, No. 4. and District Tent.
No. S.
At the mectlns of Washington Camp
Fnda eenlnp. the entertainment com
mittee reported that arrangements had
been made to have a house warming at
the new lodge room. Old Masonic Temple,
on next Friday evening. May 22. A. M.
Coulter presented the camp an attach
ment for the urn station, made from
brass secured from the "Maine After
a rising ote of thanks to Neighbor
Coulter, the first pebble was cast in
KNEESSI'S Trunks and
Unequaled Trunk Values
Special Dress Trunk
Other styles from $4 to $30
KNEESSFS, 425 7th St. N. W.
. . Phone Mam 2000. ' .," . - ..-
Fairest Women In Pageant
Esc1bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbV'vv St sbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbI
"The Fire Regained." the Grecian pageant-drama, opened at Sixteenth and
V streets last Saturday and was a great success In every way, and It was im
mediately seen by the readers of The Herald that the "beauty contest" for the
selection of the nine most attractive young ladles was well worth the keen
competition that has been started In these columns. Out of the 1.500 partici
pants about 800 are young ladles, fully half the number comely enough to be
entered as representative Washingtonians. Save The Heralds and send your
nine selections to The Herald Contest Editor not later than Saturday morning.
The last reproduction will be published on Friday of this week.
same by former Advisor H. B. Shurt
leff. Three applications for membership
were reported on favorably. Notice was
given that at the meeting in two weeks
a motion would be made appropriating
sufficient money to give the uniformed
team a two weeks' outing at some place
they will decide on in the meantime. It
was decided to send Van W. Roberts,
clerk of the camp, to Toledo In June to.
participate in the National Clerks' con
ventlon that will convene at that time.
B. P. 0. Elks.
A regular meeting of Washington Lodge
was held on Wednesday evening with the
usual large attendance, regardless of the
weather. Many new applications for
membership were presented.
F. J. Mershelmer. chairman of the flag
day committee, made a full report to the
lodge as to the program for the ,cele
bration of this occasion. The affair will
be conducted at the Elks' Club on Mon
day evening. June 15. Congressman
O'Reilly, of Connecticut, has consented
to honor the lodge with his presence as
speaker of the evening, and a number
of Washington s local talent have prof'
fered their aid. After the services, the
lodge will be entertained by the board
of stewards. This, in Itself, and the past
good work already done by this commit
tee, ought to insure a very large at
Samuel Richards, as chairman of the
committee for visiting the sick, reported
that all members who had been confined
to their homes or hospitals during the
past week or ten dajs are Improving.
Brother W. J Thorpe, one of the young
er members of the lodge, entertained with
a very interesting talk In connection with
his travels In the West, especially his
experiences in Pueblo. Colo.
A very fitting tribute was paid by the
lodge to the memory of the sailors and
marines who gave up their lives In the
defense of their country and the honor of
425 Seventh Street
Special Wardrobe Trunk
Other styles, $15 to $60 in
steamer wardrobe, - wardrobe,
and regular wardrobe
Special steamer Trunk
Others from $4 to $25
Indestructo trunks in all
styles, $18 up.
their flag at the occupation of Vera Cruz.
The oster committee, after hating
passed through a ery successful win
ter's entertainment with the bivalves and
also during the early spring with clams,
are anticipating having a crab feast In
the near future on the roof garden,
which will be made a ladles' affair.
A beautiful pair of Elks' antlers has
been placed In the library of the club by
consent of Mr. Bur-dine, They are said to
be the finest specimen of antlers In this
section of the country.
Past Exalted Ruler Hugh F. Harvey,
with very eloquent remarks, presented to
the retiring exalted ruler. J. J. Gorman,
a life membership in the order, and
Brother Gorman expressed his thanks
and appreciation In fitting terms.
The lodge was entertained by interest
ing talks from the following visiting
brethren: Brother B. M. Moore, of New
York Lodge, No. 1. and Brother Block
son, of Pueblo, Colo., Lodge, No. Da
Knights of Pythias.
Mar lt-Eqoal Lodge. No. 17. rank of knight;
Amaranth. No, Tg. busraess, Orntury. 2,0. 30. rank of
Star H-Webater, No. 7. rai-k of anight; Excel
nor. No 14, lank of nil: CarstaL No. St. rank of
ettwin; limit. No. 3. rank of esqnlre.
Mar 3DMooBt Vmon, No. 5, buaness; Union,
No. ZI, grand TiaitaUon.
Mar H-Hennione. N. u; franklin. No. 2. bosi
nass. Mar JS-Sjnwualana. No. W. business.
May orrierjdahip Tempi. No. f, degree work;
Bathbon. Temple, No. S. bunnesa.
Mar 22 Boi rartx. rjthian Trmple.
May 19-Kntgfct rank team of PjTseusians Ivtdge.
No. 10, confers rank of knight for Oriental Lode.
No. , of Alexandria. Va.
CkJHclala Visit Harmony Lodge.
Grand Chancellor II. M. Vandervort
and his associate Grand Lodge officers
paid Harmony Lodge No. 21 their annuul
visitation last Thursday evening and
were greeted with a large attendance of
the membership of the domain. Rep
resentatives from all of the Pythian bod
les in the domain were present with the
exception of one. The reports of the
Grand Lodge officers showed the lodge to
be In a flourishing condition.
The secret work of the order was ex
emplified In a very Impressive manner by
Grand Lecturer James N. Kline. At the
conclusion of the official portion of the
visitation a very interesting address was
delivered by Hon. W. E. Andrews, of the
Treasury Department, a member of
Amaranth Lodge No. 2S. The program
Included: Piano solo. Joseph Stein, of
century Lodge No. 30; vocal solo, Mr.
Melville D. Hensey. accompanied by W.
E. Dentlnger. of Century Lodge No. 30,
at the piano.
Calanthe Lodge Confers Ranks.
Caianthe Lodge No. 11. conferred the
rank of esquire on one candidate, and the
rank of knight on two at their conven
tion of last Monday, and will confer the
ranks of page and esquire at their con
vention of the 2th.
Box Tarty to lie Given.
The Past Chiefs' Association of the
Pythian Sisters of this Domain will hold
a box party in the hall of Rathbone Tem
ple No. 8 at Pythian Temple on next
Friday evening.
Death lakes Three Members.
The grim reaper. Death, entered three
of the lodges In this domain during the
past week and called from their earthly
labors three of the older members of
the order. In the persons of Past Chan
cellor B. D. Thomson, of Webster Lodge.
No. 7: Past Chancellor A D. Shaw, of
Franklin. No. 2; and Knight J. W
Childs, of Myrtle. No. 25.
Drill Company Eaters Competition.
At a meeting of Washington Company,
No. 1. Military Department, at its Armory
at Pvthlan Temnl. nn l.t W.Anu.4....
evening, eight new members were In-
iiuaicu ana api, jrred ju. reumtn was
directed to notify MaJ. Gen. Arthur J.
Btobbart. cnmmflnAfnf- tfiA mlllHt. ..
partment of the' formal entry of the
Theaucrre oftra visit this deatsl efSee
to have their teeth atteaaesl . to. This
aloae ahoold testify to oar aklllty
care (or year tooth troubles.
MV'Sf.lV.W,.. JUIstlSTT.
i ' . ... .
i on uim ei inu comix
drill team af that company In Class A,
for the competitive drill of the organiza
tion to be held during the biennial en
campment of the raak at Terre nauie,
Ind., In July. The captain also announced
that hereafter, weather permitting, the
drill team would hold outdoor drills tri
weekly. Representative XcKcasle to Speak.
On next Wednesday evening the series
of spring visitations by the-grand chan
cellor and bis associate Grand Lodge of
ficers to the subordinate lodges of this
domain will be brought to a close, when
they will visit Union Lodge. No. 22. at
Pythian Temple, at which time Represen
tative McKemle. of Illinois, will deliver
the principal address.
Loral Team to Confer Ilaak In
The knight rank team of Syracusians
Lodge, No. 10, of this domain, which has
become second to none In 'the rendition
of that rank, will Journey to Oriental
Lodge,- No. . Alexandria. Va., on next
Tuesday, evening, to confer the rank of
knight on a class of twenty-five at the
request of Oriental Lodge. A cordial in
vitation Is extended all members of the
fraternity to Join them on the trip,
leaving Twelfth street and Pennsylvania
avenue northwest at S.C p. m.
National Union Events.
May II Potomac Coaneil. Pythian Temple. Cen
tral Council. Perpetual Rnlldinr Hall
May D-jut. War and Naiy Council. Pythian
May 20-Tresjury Ootmrll. O. A. ft. Hall. Cbn
STsssional Council. Typosrsphlcal Temple,
May a Th. NaUonal Union Mai. Quartet at
Easlea' Hall: National CoondL Eaclea' Hall. Mount
Vsraon Council. Essies' Hall; Nonparicl Cornel.
Schmidt's Hall.
May Q-East Washington Council. Writer's Hall;
lfeKlnler Council. Washington Halt,
May S-Ffcderal Council. Perpetual Buildiu HalL
Pressmen's Council met Monday even
ing In their council chamber at Eagle's
HalL A large and enthusiastic attend
ance of members and visiting friends
were present. The degree work. led by
Friend Elmer Johnson, as president, was
exemplified In a very splendid manner.
Two candidates were Initiated. Friends
Fred Strlckrott and Schulte were elected
as representatives to the assembly.
Friend Brown, president of the cabinet,
was present ard addressed the meeting
on "Fraternalism;" also Friend Dunbar,
former president of Congressional
Council, addressed the meeting relathe to
the minstrel show which Is to he git en
by the Draamtic Club of Congressional
Council, on Thursday. Mav X. at Gnn-
'zaga College Theater. Tha thanks of
the council was expressed to the degree
team for their work and also the appre
ciation of the council was shown for
Friends Brown and Dunbar's work for
the cause of national union work Dr.
(jlushak and William Smith officiated
at the piano. After th - regular business
was over a banquet was erved.
The minstrel show to be given by the
Dramatic Club of Congressional Council
will be held at Gonzaga College Theater
Thursday. May 2S. After the show there
will be a dance. Tickets may be pur
chased from any of the members of Con
gressional Council or at National Union
headquarters, CIS Bond Building. The ob
ject of this entertainment Is to earn
enough to help replenish the treasury to
ward fraternalism, for which Congres
sional Council has been highly commend
ed from time to time.
Friend Elmere. of Toledo, Ohio, has
been transferred from that city to Wash
ington, and is now emplojed by the In
terstate Commerce Commission. Friend
Elmere came into headquarters last
Wednesday and expressed his happiness
that Washington had such a large mem
bership, and that he would be delighted
to visit the various councils.
The membership of this Jurisdiction Is
grieved to learn of the Illness of Friend
Goldstein's daughter and hopes for her
speedy recovery.
Doings of the Odd Fellows.
Msy U Union. No. it. decree; Coenant, Nv
13: Beacon. No. 15. end Lanfidon. No. 2C, businrfs.
May 1 Washington. No . twmnei and social:
Amity. No. S, dcgire, tictdrn Rule. No. 3, buai
Dew. May 3-Eas!ciTi. No Harmony, No. . and
Kriendjhip, No. 12. degree; Federal City, No. 2).
May n-Otlombia. No 10; Eiceliior, No. IT. and
Salem, No. 22. buflnet.
May 22-Cenlral. No. 1. and Meiropolis, No. IS.
lUMness, Phscttlx. No. 31. degree
May 3-Moant Ver No. C. degree.
May Is Naomi, No. 1. business. Ruth. No. 2.
May 22-MarJia Washington, No. J. and Dorcas,
No. 4. degree.
May 23Canton Washington, No. 1, social and
Ak Charter for evr Rthrkah
Grand Master Frank E. Rapp ha called
a special session of the Grand Lodge for
Friday evening. May 22. In the encamp
ment room. Odd 1-eIIows Hall, to rccele
and act upon an application made for a
charter for a new Rebekah lxdge to tie
located at Ingdon. D. C It Is hoped
that all representatives will assemble
promptly at S o clock, that there may be
no delay In acting upon tnc application
Jont Memorial Committee Elects
Of fleers.
Last Tuesday evening the representa-
thes from nearly all of the subordinate
and Rebekah Lodges, and encampments
assembled In the blue room. Odd Fellows
Hall, and formed a Joint memorial com
mittee, electing Grand Warden William
J Hope, chairman: Matthew E. O Brlen.
secretary, and H. C. Lybrand, treasurer.
The committee decided to hold the me
morial exercises In the auditorium of Odd
Fellowa HalL Sunday evening, June 14.
and selected Past Grand Harry 1 An'
dresen chairman of the program com
mittee. There will be another meeting
of the committee Tuesday evening In the
blue room to receive reports of commit
tees and complete the arrangements.
Federal I.odce to Make Another
Visit. I
Next Tuesday evening. Federal City
Lodge, No. 20, will pay Washington
Lodge, No. 6, a fraternal visit, and the
lodge Is making arrangements to give
the visiting lodge a hearty welcome, and
proilde a suitable program for the oc
casion. AH members of the order are
cordially Invited to be present, and aid In
making the occasion one of the most en
joyable of the series of visits Federal
City Lodge is making to each of the other
subordinate lodges In this Jurisdiction.
Harmony Lotlige to Confer Second
Harmony Lodge, No. 9, held an Inter
esting and well attended session Wednes
day evening. The first degree was con
ferred In good form, and next Wednesday
evening the second degree will be con
ferred. All members of sister lodges are
cordially Invited to be present.
Eastern Lodxrr tn Confer Decree In
Eastern Lodge. No. T, held a well-at--...
..Minn Werinendiv eventnc hut
1VIIUCU )t... " - - , .
had nc degree work. The lodge accepted
an Invitation from Oriole Lodge, No. 47,
of Hyattsvliie. .mo., io aucna saia loage
Thursday evenlnr. May 28, and confer
.i tt.1.., jere UDfln a class of ranHi
dates for said lodge. Members of sister
Iodic are cordially invited to accom
pany Eastern Lodge on Its trip to Hyatts
vliie. A special car for the occasion nas
been provided, and will leave at 730 p7
m. or said date.
Excelsior Lodge Gives Reception.
1-ast Thursday evening Excelsior Lodge.
No. 17. held the best attended session
or the lodge that' has been held In many
months. The occasion was a reception
and entertainment tendered Grand Mas
ter Frank E. Rapp, Grand Warden Will
iam J. Hope. Grand Chaplain H. 8,
Petty, and Past Grand W. B. Randall,
in view of the constant and helpful at
tention paid Excelsior Lodge for many
months, and the aid rendered the lodge In.
the conferring of degrees, and awakening
the Interest of the members in lodge
work. The program, as rendered, was
as follows: Address of welcome. S.
Welsenberg; piano solo. Miss Sarah Beck
er; address. Grand Master Frank E.
Rapp; vocal solo. Miss 8. Krupsaw, ac
companled by Mrs. Ferguson; address.
Grand Warden William J. Hope; reclta
tlon. Miss Blanche Levy; address. Grand
Chaplain II. 8. Petty; dramatic declama
tion, C. Gelsenfeld; whistling specialty,
Hert Rose; address. Past Grand Walter
n Raldall; violin solo, J. Friedman, ac
companist. E. Lester Mann; selections by
"Those Singing Boys," Welsenberg,
Kraus, West, and Williams; selections by
Friedman's Orchestra. A bounteous re-
last wss served In the blue room, and
the assembly' broke up near midnight, all
feeling well repaid for having been
Esther Rebekeh Lodge Entertains
Baltimore Gneats.
Last Monday evening. Esther Rebekah
Lodge. No. 5. I. O. O. F., held iU biggest
event of the year and It will be one
to be remembered by those who were
present for some time to come.
Esther Rebekah Lodge, of Baltimore,
had been Invited aa guests of Esther
Lodge, of this city. Over fifty members
or the Baltimore lodge arrived at Union
Station at 4.50 p. m., and were met by
a large delegation of members of Esther
Lodge. No. 5. They were escorted to
Odd Fellows' Hall where they were re
ceived and welcomed by the noble grand.
At S p. m. they were escorted to the
banquet room, and with the members of
the local lodge, were seated at rows of
long tables profusely decorated with
beautiful flowers and colors of the
Rebekah degree, and laden with all the
good things to est. A splendid supper
was served by the supper committee
during which time several addresses were
Following the supper all were taken
to the reception room and there enter
talned until 7:20 o'clock, when the visit
ing members with members of the local
lodge went to the lodge room which was
opened for a regular session of Esther
Lodge. The routine was quickly ex
pedlted. Several applications were re
ceived. Upon motion, a letter of con
dolence and sympathy was sent to
Brother Winter B. Swart, one of the
recently In'tlated members, whose father
had committed suicide. The lodge ses
slon was closed after which the meeting
was turned over to the chairman of the
entertainment committee. Vice Grand
Mallle E. Plymale.
The large lodge room was packed to
the doors, and when the meeting was
opened to outsiders, many were forced to
stay outside the room. The entertainment
was opened with a solo by William L.
Thornton, followed by a recitation by
Miss Mary A. Newcombe. The next
feature made the hit of the evening. A
tableaux was presented entitled "Reveries
of a Bachelor." A scene was presented
showing a bachelors den with all Its
furnishings complete Mr. H John Hat-
ton took the part of the bachelor. During
the bachelors dream, his former sweet
hearts In all their characteristic pose and
dress were shown in a targe frame In
the rear of the room. Chorus of the
latest songs were sung by Brothers
Thornton. Kelly, and Andresen. In keep
ing with, the character of the parts
presented. The members of the lodge,
who took part, were Mrs. S Rabe, pos
ing, as Mother: Miss Caroline Rabe.-as
Summer Girl: Miss Morrison, as School
Girl; Miss Laura Johnston, as His West
em Girl. Miss Mabel Staiey, as His
Sporting Girl: Mrs. Maud K. Brooks, as
His Irish Girl: Miss Marlon Roiworth.
a His Japanese Girl: Miss Eleanor Wil
son, as Ills Southern Girl. Miss Josephine
Jarboe, as His Chorus Girl. Miss Bertha
Williams, as His Dream Girl: Mrs. O.
Tailor, as His Country Girl: Mrs. T. II.
Green, as His Merry Widow: Miss Elsie
Carey, as Hl Flirtim: Girl: Miss Flossie
Newbombe. as His Old-Fashloned Girl;
Miss Anna Metier, as His Salvation Army
Girl; Miss L Virginia White, as His
Gjpsy Girl, and Miss Mary A. New
combe, a. Ills Richt Girl, who appeared
as the bride Each character was splend
Idl) portrajed and applauded. At its con
clusion a tremendous outburst of ap-
nlause easily proved that It was one ot
the best things that had been given by
!ther Lodce members.
Following this. Miss Ethel Minot. who
was the pianist for the music and songs
in the tableaux, and members of the
committee, in behalf of Esther Lodge,
presented Brother Harry L Andresen
with a rose and a beautiful seal grained
pocket-book filled with money and tickets.
tendering the same In a well-chosen
speech show-lnc the appreciation of the
members of Esther Lodge for his work
in the lodge. The presentation was a
complete surprise to him. and in the ac
ceptance of the same, endeavored to tell
the members of his gratefulness for their
kind remembrance and beautiful token,
and assured them that what little he
had done was more than repaid by their
kind proof of affection and regard for
him. Several addresses followed this
presentation, after which the Baltimore
members were escorted to Union Station,
all declaring that they had the best time
of their lives.
Fnneral of Mrs. Benhm to Be Held
Dorcas Rebekah Lodge. No. 4, an
nounces the death of Mrs. Beahm. Ill
Fourth street southeast, mother of the
noble grand. Funeral will be held Mon
day. Union Lodge to Confer Third
D rarer.
A good attendance was present last
Monday evening at Union Lodge. No. 1L
and witnessed the confering of the second
degree, which was well done by a team
from Federal City Lodge, after which
refreshments were served.
Tomorrow evening the third degree will
be conferred by the home team.
Washington Camp. S. C. V., held their
monthly business meeting Tuesday even
ing at 1222 Vermont avenue northwest.
J. R. Price was recommended to general
headquarters for appointment aa com
mander of the District of Columbia. MaJ.
E. W. R. Ewlng was made chairman of
a committee to arrange a program of
work for the ensuing year and have
printed a phamplet descriptive of these
plans. An effort will be made to Increase
the membership of the camp In order
to send a large delegation of young men
to the Richmond reunion In 1913. The
If iou suffer from bleeding. Itching.
blind, or protruding Piles, send me our
address, and I will tell you how to cure
yourself at home bv the new absorption
treatment; and will also send some of
this home treatment free for trial, with
references from your own locality If re
quested. Immediate relief and perma
nent cure assured. Send no money, but
tell others of this offer. Write today to
Mrs. M. Summers. Box P, Notre Dame.
Ind. .
lv T7
JstaaaaaBsssssssssssssssssssssW C"
This season as much attention Is
paid to back as to the front view of a
fashionable frock. The effect pro
duced In this design Is. therefore, in
teresting, since it is typical of that
shown on the latest French creations.
The dress is made of crinkled silk
crepe, which comes at 11.50 a yard and
upward, trimmed with a Japanese col
lar and girdle of satin. About 4 yards
of 44-lnch crepe and 2 ards of 27-
inch satin will te neeaea to mate me
Wait. No. 5661! Sizes. 32, 34, J6. 3S.
40. 42. and 44 bust
Skirt. No. 584C Sizes. 21. 22. 24. 28.
28. 30, and 22 waist Pictorial Relew
brilliant social features of these reunions
always attract thousands of young ma
and women.
Modern Woodmen.
Potomac Camp, No. 16140. Modern
Woodmen of America, celebrated Its an
niversary on Tuesday ecnlng by an
entertainment and smoker. The camp Is
the joungeat In the city, but is making
a rapid gain In membership. Eight new
applications were accepted at the meet
ing. The entertainment was in tharge
of Dr. S. II. Rosenthal, who presided.
Other members of the committee were
J J. Hughe, and F. M Tat
The "I Should Worry" Orchestra, con
sisting of Messrs. John r. Labotish. io
lin. J. Stoddart, piano. J. L. Schick,
guitar, and Roy Jackson, mandolin, con
tributed to the pleasures of the even
ing Other musical numbers were tenor
olo. Joseph Jacobs, assisted b Dr. Ben
jamin Newhouse, piano: bvton solo.
.Maurice Abraham. Mr J. Stoddart. ac
companist, violin solo. Mr. John P. Labo
fish. Mr. Stoddart assisting.
State Deputy William McCaffrey, de
livered an interesting address on "The
Young Man His Duty a. a Citizen."
District Deputy N. H. Millard spoke on
the subject "Demontratlve Fraternity "
A buffet luncheon was served by the re
freshment committee. Neighbors Engle.
Bryant and Grady. A class initiation is
contemplated for the first meeting In
Central Camp. No. 16015. proposes to be
In the race for the coeted State banner
now held by A R. Talbot Camn. which
1 annually awarded to the camp making
the largest gain In membership. Five
applications for membership were pre
sented, and an active campaign launch
ed for additional members. Mr. J. A.
Moody promoting the plans.
The entertainment committee, headed
by Dr. J. W. Sutherln. Is arranging for
a celebration In honor of the first an
niversary of the camp. A membership of
150 is pledged by that time.
Several camps of Woodmen and Roal
Neighbors have accepted the Invitation
extended by A. R. Talbot Camp to Join
them In Its annual excursion to Ches
apeake Beach to be held on Jul 21. Re
ports from the sanatorium show tnat
more than Lino members have been suc
cessfully treated for tuberculosis In five
years. Several District members were
among the number. A number of the
mem!.ers will attend the HcaJ Cmp at
Toledo In June.
Improved Order of Red Men.
Sioux Tribe met in its wigwam Thurs- ,
day night. Brother Pedrie presented the '
sachet" a beautiful so.chem'3 sash Ev ry '
brother present had a few remarks to
make about the class of May 12 and of
its grand success. Brothers Caton. Evans.
Jeanette and Chlpman spoke about the
good of the order. Previous to opening
the meeting Brother llccenneimer rcn-i
dered several selections on tho piano
Sioux Tribe Is still gathering In the pale-,
faces and hopes In the course of a few
months to have Its membership pass the j
century mark. The sachem told the ,
brothers that Sioux Tribe made a fine
showing Tuesday night, there being ,
about forty of its membership present, i
Osage Tribe held a brief session Monday
night at their hall. Fifth and G streets
northwest, in order to let the hustling
committee of the Great Council meet to
make their final arrangements for the
class on Tuesday night. The tribe bal- I
loted on fle candidates for membership.
Past Great Shachem Shepard was pres
ent, ,
The Red Men of the District of Colum
bia had a great time on Tuesday under
the auspices of the Great Council.
The tribes of the District, headed by
their sachems, are as follows; Osceola
Tribe. No. 1, of Alexandria: O'age. No. 6;
Logan. No. 8; Seneca. No. 11; ilineola.
No. H; ldahoNo. 13; Sioux. No. IS.
Osceola.. No. 13; Redwing. No. 20. of the
District, and the Baltimore delegation.
beaded by Representative "Charles TV.
Townzend. of Axtec tribe; Tecumseh
Tribe's Band. Aztec Tribe and, Tecumseh
?rtb., :
.Great Sachem Gartrell and the great , '
chief through the Great Council thank J
an the members of the Improved Order
of Red Men who' took part at both the
parade and ball on behalf of the splendid
showing they made. '
A regular meeting of Logan Tribe was
held Thursday night, .Past Great Sachem
James A. Madison, Jr., captain of the
degree team of the tribe, congratulated
them upon the splendid showing the team
made at the class initiation. Various
visiting members were present at th
meeting and gave some interesting talks.
Seneca Tribe No. n met at Bank Hall, i
214 Pennsylvania avenue nowthwest, last
Friday. All chiefs were present, and
Brother Jacobson spoke In reference to '
the Red Men when he first nied his ap
plication ten years ago. and also In
reference to the celebration of the Fourth-
ot jury in me district. He said that
he hoped that the Red Men and all simi
lar societies would take the prop'r
step to see that this Fourth of July and
also future ones woull have races,
parades, and public speeches on these
great occasions. The tribe and all other
brothers present Indorsed his sentiments
and pledged him their support. The mat- .
ter of making this Fourth of July Hed
men's Day at the ball park was taken
up. Eleven candidates were balloted on.
Tdahn Tnbfl Nn. 1& i.M w-,-..
---- ... . .n, dtioc
session on Tuesday night at their hall
at Northeast Temple and adjourned to
attend the class lnltation at old Ma
sonic Mempie.
Osceola Tribe No. 19. of TennaHytown.
D. C. held a very interesting meeting
at Masonic Hall on Wednesday night.
Daughters of America.
Mlrpah CoundL No. S. met on Friday
evening at the Odd Fellows' Hall in
Georgetown s-nd entertained the State
Council Inside sentinel. Mrs. Mamie
Howell: past councilors, J. Harry How.
elL and Harry S. Stow, all members of
Victory CoundL No. 7.
Martha Dandridge Coundl. No. 1. on
Wednesday eight was visited by a num
ber of members of other councils who
gave addresses, which were enjoyed by
all present.
Esther Council, No. 20, the Infant coun
cil of the order, at Its meeting, held In
the Masonic Temple, Tennallytown, last
Thursday evening, received six applica
tions for membership.
It has been announced by the chair
man. J. Harry Howell, of he enter
tainment and dance which will be eon
ducted on Tuesday night at th Ma
sonic Temple. Ninth and F streets north
west, that all arrangements hae ber.
completed. Invitations have been ex
tended to every member of the order to
be present and also the Junior Order
United American Mechanics.
Knights of Columbus.
Local Team Confers Degree In West
The members of the local degree team
who visited Parkersburg. W. Va.. last
Saturday for the purpose of exemplify
ing the fourth degree, had a most In
teresting and busy time during their
stay. The following members took part
In the ceremonies from the local juris
diction: Frank P. Sheehy. past State
deputy: State Deputy Edward P. Har
rington. Rev. Dr. George A. Dougherty,
D. A. Edwards. Dr. William B. Daly.
Harry Hagarty. Thomas J. Trodden. El
bert E. Werner. James F. Meegan. and
Maurice Fitzgerald. The exempllflcauon
was under the direction of Dr. E. A.
Gorman, 'of Alexandria, master of the
Virginias. A solemn high mass was
celebrated at SL Francis Xaviers
Church, at which the members and can
didates attended lna body. One hundred
candidates were .initiated in the fourth
degree in the afternoon. Solemn espcrs
were sung in the evening at the church,
after which a bancJet was served to
200 persons at the Chancellor Hotel.
State Deputy Dan B. IH)nard. of West
Virginia, acted as toastmaster. and re
sponses were made by seral members
of the order, including State Deputy Har
rington and Past State Deputy Sheeh.
I.ndles entertained liy Potomaa
l'otomtc Council held its regular mat
ing on Monday evening, at which bnnil
' Knight F. L. Hewitt presided Th
i council held a "ladles" nlgnt" at R.usih
jirs on Wednesday evening.
Coanclls to Confer liexree.
The honors of the first and seco-id de
grees will be conferred upon landidates
from Washington and Carroll councils on
May 22. and the third degree on Ma; .L
Mate Council Hold's Annual session.
The sixteenth annual convention of the
State Council was called to order at 5
o'clock on Tuesday afternoon hy Stat
Deputy Edward P. Harrington for the
election of officers for the year begin
ning June 1. and the transaction of other
business. After prayer by the State
chaplain. Rev. P. J. O'Connell. and the
appointment of committees, the reports
of the State officers were read. The re
port of the State secretary indicated a
net increase of membership of 122.
The reports from all the councils in this
Jurisdiction showed a very prosperous
condition of the order. The elections for
State officers passed off very harmonious
ly. Edward P. Harrington, who ha- held
the office of State deputy for three terms,
was not a candidate for re-election, and
District Deputy William P Normole.
who has held the position of district
deputy for the past four ear. was elect
ed State deputy. Robert E. MeNamara
was elected State secretary. J l. Morl-
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Bnst Developed by the
Mme. Randall Process.
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luring the last thirty days in
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garding her course, which is ab
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722 10th Street N. W.
Mme. Randall's World Re
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" . i
" 4
t . t .
sa.J'WY .
- ?-. US
,:MtW&$? jytgfoljlg.

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