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Three Battalions of Eleven Companies
to March and Drill on White
House Elipse.
Three battalions of eleven companies,
comprising the pride of the Washington
high schools, will march, counter
march, drill and maneuver on the green
grass of the Ellipse back of the White
House Tuesday afternoon when the High
School Cadet Regiment holds its an
nual review and parade.
After parading from Sixth street and
Louisiana avenue northwest, up Penn
sylvania avenue to the reviewing
grounds, the TOO cadets, headed by the
regiment colonel. W. M. Tater, of East
ern High School, will pass in review be
fore Brig. Gen. Wotherspoon. The cadets
will march and drill as they have been
taught to do by MaJ. W. A. McCathar
lne. of the District militia.
The Invitations are out and crowds of
expectant mothers, sisters and maybe
a few sweethearts will be there to see
Frank or Fred "or Philip" carry a gun.
The regiment Is divided Into 'three bat
talions, the First, from Central High
School; the Second, from Business, East
em and Western high .schools, and the
Third, from McKlnley Manual Training
School. Each' battalion has Its battalion
adjutant In command of the several
companies. The complete list of regi
mental and staff officers Is as follows:
Regimental officers: CoL W. M. Tater,
Eastern: Lieut. Col. E. S. Fox, McKInr
ley; Regimental .Adjt R. A- Ide. Central.
Staff officers of First Battalion MaJ. J.
P. Simpson, -Battalion Adjt, (rank of flrst
lieutenant). H.- D. Shapiro; Company A,
Capt Lt-vT. Ross.- First Lieut. F. M.
Johnson. Second Lieut. David Davis;
Company B. Capt. H. H. Osborn. First
Lieut. M. II. Herzmark, Second Lieut- l
O. Milton: Company L-Capt R. L.- Yates,
First Lieut. A. W. Payne, Second Lieut,
Si B. Newman.
Staff of Second Battalion MaJ. W. S.
Brenlzer, Battalion AdJt'H. Russell Ide;
Business' High. Company E. Capt. F. D.
Conner. First Lieut. W E. Schaaff. Sec
ond Lieut. J. B. Sanford; Eastern High,
Company F, Capt. F. W. Decay First
Lieut. J. B, Arnold. Second Lieut. Wat
son Davlir Western High, "Company H,
Capt. Chase Donaldson. "First Lieut.
George Cooper, Second. Lieut. Lbngstreet
Welchel; Business High, Company,. G.
Capt: R. L. Pcdlow,-Flrst'?Ueat.iF.vL.
Martin, Second Lieut. David Sector:
Western High, Company L. Capt. E. B.
Bernstein. First Lieut. Edward Stead,
Second Lieut. J. A. Holmes, Jr.
Staff-of Third Battalion MaJ. J. E. Por
ter, Battalion Adjt C. R. Draper; Com
pany C, Capt. 8. Wasserman, First Lieut.
C. H. A. Ries, Second Lieut. W. E.
Lange; Company D, Cant. G. L.- Haines,
First Lieut L. R. Fiedler, Second Lieut.
N. R. Spieden; Company K. Capt. H. J.
Phillips, First Lieut G. W. Herbert. Sec
ond Lieut. E. H. Krehblel.
Quarters Shifted from Basement of
Capitol to Office Bulldtni?.
New quarters have been provided .for
the Senate postoffice, which has occupied
rooms in the northeast corner of the
Capitol building for more than fifty
years, and It is to be moved today to a
large, airy room on the second floor of
the Senate Office Building.
Just before the civil war the postoffice
was on the Senate floor In the rooms
which are now occupied by the District
of Columbia Committee. In 1SS3 the of
fice was moved to the basementfloor.
The Western Union, Postal Telegraph,
and government telegraph offices are to
be located In one of the, corridors of the
Senate wing, and the telephone booths
will be near the .lower main .entrance.
A small booth for selling- stamps and
mailing letters will be '.maintained on the
basement floor.
The operetta for the benefit fund for
a new ball afKenilworth. D. C. last
night was largely attended, and 'was
well -given under the 'direction of .Mrs.
Annie M. Jorgensen. The cast Included:
Queen of Roses. Miss Lucy Robertson:
Crocus, illss Gladys Prentlse: Dahlia,
Miss Amy Harvey: Sunflower, Miss Mar
garet Shaw; Lily,- Miss Eleanor. Morris;
Pond Lily, Miss Florence Lindsey;
Snowdrop, Miss Esther Holmes: Violet
Miss Martha .Robertson; Pinks, Louise
Brightman and Marmit sinw.tr f,nm.
lot forget-me-nots. Troop- No. ' G!rt
Senators Feel Librarian's Appointive
Powers Are Too Broad, Martinet
of New Jersey, Declares.
A movement Is on foot to clip tha wings
of the Librarian of Congress in regard, to
the nearly unlimited power he has to
make appointments or promotions. A
number'of Senators have expressed their
views on the subject and it is expected
a bill limiting the powers of the Libra
rian will'be offered before the Senate.
Senator Martlne, of New Jersey, said
"The Librarian St Congress ha in the
matter of appointments., too much power
for the hands of one man. He can ap
point demote or promote according to
his will. It looks to me too much like a
close t corporation. We intend to curb
his power." '
There are E50 positions In the Congres
sional Library, the salaries aggregating
$700,000 a year. -The Senators have come
to believe that this is too much "pa
tronage" to place in the hands" of one
man. ror it la more than tne .-resident
has to handle.
The bill may take the form of a trans
fer of the appointment to the civil serv
ice, or the positions .may be portioned
out to the various States.
The Elfin Mound." a fairv tl. w
read by Mrs. G. a Tinnln. to th chll-
urcu ifc .ue -nuuse or I'lay yesterday
afternoon. After' the play was read cos
tumes were provided for' the children.
wno men aciea, ioia tne story In their
own words. Overton' W. Price, president
cf the National Conservation Associa
tion, who was 'to have spoken on
TForesU and' Foresters,; was unable to
be present bu'ttwill aellrer hie 'lecture
at a .later date..- . -j -. ws,, i
Postiruutrr Says Absence of Pension
Plan Forced DlsrJuuxe of Clerks.
Postmaster Praeger. In explanation of
the shake-up in' his force,' declared yes
terday that "without the sanction of
either Congress or the postal regulations
to deliberately carry a pension roll, he
found It necessary, to strip, the force
Sown to younger and more efficient men."
Two of the fourteen lemployes who re
signed when facing' discharge left the
department last night .The other" twelve
are expected, to .remain until the end
of the -fiscal' year. The postmaster said
that' in the 'event a "retirement' bill is
passed it Is his purpose to reinstate all
who have resigned and who have'records
of long- and faithful service so they
may be elegtble to" share in the retire
ment plan should Congress pass such'
legislation. " - '
"TECH!' TO OTfl! LTOCH10N. '
McKlnler 'Manuel Training School will
holdiU annual 'school luncheon' at rtae
L. A. Conner, Mary Ilond. and K. O.
Mnllls;an Dispose of Estates.
The will of Lendell A. Conner, dated
January 17, 1908. has been filed for pro
bate. His stocks and bonds are given to
his son, Edwin R. Conner - and Mrs.
Mabel S. Conner, widow of another son.
The house, 1721 Corcoran street. Is to be
held In trust for the use of Mrs. Con
ner and her children until her youngest
child becomes of age, when the property
Is to be sold, and the proceeds divided
between the son and tho four grand'
Mary Bond is named as sole beneficiary
andiexecutrlx of the will of her husband.
John Bond. Another will filed was that
of Emille Ogston Mulligan, dated May
28. 1910. She leaves H.000 to Emily O.
Doud. of New York City, and distributes
her Jewelry among Elizabeth L. Mar-
quard. Alice O. Marquard and .Ellen G.
Harrison. The remaining estate Is to
be held in trust the trustees to pay for
life the Income to Richard T.MuIllgan.
husband of the testatrix.
W. C. .Olds Elected Blember Royal
Society of Arts, England. -
The Royal , Society of Arts of' England,
with offices and headquarters at Adelphl,
London, "has honored a Washlngtonlan,
W. C. Olds. oflSOl Q street northwest,
by electing him a member of tho society.
Mr. Olds Is traveling industrial agent tor
the land and industrial department of
the Southern Railway and, his' election
to the society was In recognition of his
abilities as a commercial agent both In
the United States and in foreign coun
tries. The Royal Society of Arts is an or
ganization for the. purpose of encouraging
arts, industries and commerce .of the
world. It was founded In 17M and has' an
exclusive membership of a few thousands
scattered all .over the world..
President Nominate Ito Sweeney to
Interior Department Ofllee;
President Wilson yesterday sent! to the
Senate the nomination of B. O. Sweeney,
of Seattle. Wasb. to be Assistant Secre
tary of the Interior, .vice Lewis C. Laylln,
ot Uhlo, resigned.
Mr.- Sweeney Is one of the prominent
Democrats on the Pacific Coast and has
been' a practicing attorney In" Seattle' for
twenty, years: . Before going to Seattle
Mr. Sweeney practiced law in Colorado
and, was a member of the State legisla
ture. He is about, fifty yean old, U mar-
j. :..- . ' -.--.
Col. John McEIroy Makes Address at
Ceremonies Held at Spott-
The dedication of a battle monument t.i
the U8th Ohio Volunteer Infantry for
valiant service at "the "bloody anslc,"
In Spottsylvanla Friday was attended
by a party of veterans from this 'city.
The dedication address was delivered
by CoL Jqhn McEIroy. of this city, edi
tor of the National Tribune, as a repre
sentative of Gov. Cox, of Ohio, who was
prevented by official duties from being
present Accompanying Col. McEIroy
were Gaylord M. Saltzgaber. commission
er of pensions:, Rear Admiral Chester,
U. & N.: G. Hif Slaybaugh. past com
mander of the Department of the Po
tomac. O. A. R.; Capt C D. Royce,
H. B. Mattox. and J. Walter Mitchell,
all representing the Army and Navy
Union: Capt M. B. Rowe, a Spanish
American war veteran, and his brother,
A. P. Rowe. of Fredericksburg, Va.
The 'memorial monument for which
money was appropriated by the Ohio
State legislature, stands about 100 yards
In -front of the Confederate earthworks
-n the battlefield of SpotUj lvanla Court
house. Solomon Rouscult, of"Thomville. Ohio,
who was largely Instrumental In having
the appropriation made for the memorial,
presided. In' his, speech he $wclt on the
horrors of the war, as he had seen then
at Spottsylvanla. ,in .081. He Introduced
Col McEIroy.
The Washington party visited the bat
tlefields of Spottsylvanla, Salem Church
and flrst and second Fredericksburg by
automobile before their return to this
, .. . in ii !
Residents Before CommUsloners to
Prevent Renewal of License.
Property owners and residents In the
vicinity of Cedar street and Spring road
northwest, at a hearing before the Dis
trict, Commissioners yesterday, objected
to a renewal ot a license tor a aairy
farm to William F. SeMenberg in that
'. One man said householders ' In the
nlfttiitirww1 of the dsJrv are AnnnvMl
by .flies and odors from the stables. At-
rorney 'J. mi. fdgwe, .counsel ior jur.
SeMenberg. presented & paper signed by
a number, of persons .stating that; they
had? no objection' to the maintenance of
the .farm. The Commissioners announced
they would take, the matter under advise
hsu . T
Vice President Will Artdren Merl
ins; In Aid ot Endovrment.
Vice President Marshall, speaking at
New Yoflc Avenue Presbyterian Church
this evening, will deliver the .principal
address at the closing meeting of the
campaign, which has been carried on by
the Presbyterian churches of the city
In the Interest of the J10.000.000 endow
ment fund for the pensioning of aged
and disabled Presbyterian ministers, their
wives and orphans.
Members of tho congregations of other
churches will be permitted to attend by
the dismissal of the evening services In
their respective chuiches. Dr. RadcIitTc.
chairman of the local campaign commit
tee will prerlde. Rev. Dr. William Hiram
Foulkcs, general secretary; Rev. Dr. Will
iam Sylvester Holt associate secretary,
of Philadelphia, and Rev. Dr. William J.
Johnson, field representative ot New
York, will be present
Bnstness Men Entertained by Fred
erick H. Trent and Giat Blnlr.
Frederick H. Treat, president of the
Washington and Virginia Railway Com
pany, and Gist Blair, president of the
Real Estate' Trust Company, were the
hosts to a party of local business men
in a special trip of Inspection through
Bradley Hills over the line of the new
Washington and Great Falls Railway
yesterday afternoon.
The Junket was made on the. private
car "Columbia" of Clarence P. King,
president of the Washington Railway
and Electric Company. Luncheon was
served on the car. Thoso In tho party
were: Robert B. Roosevelt George X.
McLanahan, R. Golden Donaldson. Gar
diner L. Booth. Charles D. Cugle, J. Wal
ter Long. Howard 8. Rceside. J. il. Ral
ston, W. W. Anderson. If. Bradley David
son, CoL rrank L. Denny. Arthur Lee,
Frederick H. Treat and Gist Blair.
Delta Tnrtn Phi, of G. V., to Install
Officers May -21.
At the election or Edward Douglas
White Chapter. Delta, Theta Phi Law
Fraternity, of the Georgetown University
Law School, held last night at the chap
ter house, 1K3 Rhode Island avenue
northwest the following members were
named: D., H. S. Shaw: W H. M.
RIckardr C. R., A. F. Tlflln; A. C R.. H-
Driscoll; K. E.,- W. E. Paddenr M. R,
J. Mahlum; B., W. E. Lovely, and T..
W. Bauer.
The Installation will take place May H.
Carl Hamlin, past "dean, will officiate as
Pure White Lead
Linseed Oil, and Turpentine
A perfect paint can only be produced by a proper
combination of the above ingredients, provided they are
pure and of the best. Such a perfect paint will be
weatherproof, will not "crack" or "peel," and will present
an excellent surface for re-painting, when necessary. We
guarantee our white lead, linseed oil, and turpentine to be
absolutely pure and without a superior.
Our Motto
Quality and Honesty
Evtttogto f
Paints and Glass V
- --.-
Phone Your Order il;
We Do the Rest,
MlthStN.W. CE-HODCanfr
, :AA
t$hfS-- s
.it r
iw -
W,.- stU
r .
I w
, ,. . .; .'KrrJ.
t1- ar
:fc- fe.-V&fri-yj-.V-w
r .z
j&i &&&. dMfiiM .

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