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Roamer Breaks World's Record Winning Washington Handicap at Laurel
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Troxler's Riding Is
The Feature at Bowie
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Record-breaking "Crowd of Season Watches Jockey Pflit
Three Winners Heme at Prpice ,
George Park
XcwJe. Md Oct 10.-A rteord-breaktae
crowd turned out at Prince George track J
.this afternoon and witnessed the run
nine oS or an excellent.card. Jockey
Trozler wu the particular star of the
afternoon, piloting three winners home.
The favorites split even with the second
chalets. Chilli, the winner of the second
race, put a crimp In the. bankroll of the
bookies. He was backed down from t
to S to S to E and won easily.
Blrka had an easy time defeating Ben
Quince In the third event Be outbroke
his Held and won under wraps. Jolly"
Tar was third.
The Bowie Purse, at a mile and a six
teenth, went to Jack Lejcson, at 5 to I.
Patty Reagan was second and Earn Hurst
King Jtundy captured the nightcap In a
hard drive, defeating Frontier, who In
tarn best The Monk for third money.
Jockey "Wolfe, -who gave great promise
when be was riding for B. T. "Wilson,
but later got into trouble with the turf
authorities, resulting in a long period
on the ground, is still capable of a clever
ride, as he demonstrated by bringing Har
lequin home in front on the opening
The familiar colors of P. S, P, Ran
dolph were carried Into third place by
Carlone. a likely looking brown colt by
Dr. Leggo.
Midget Louder was In obscurity yes
terday, second with Humiliation being
the best he could do in four efforts. His
only other mount which appeared to have
a chance was Col Houoway. ana wnue
the old horse had his usual foot he
failed to stick the route out
Joe Knight showed a good turn of
speed to the stretch, but died away to
nothing. '
Miss Sherwood came to life with a rush
In the last and was a. formidable con
tender to the 'lead of the stretch, where
Chappel let her go to the extreme outside.
She was beaten at the time, however.
Klnmundy, Frontier and The Monk had
a fierce battle from the sixteenth pole.
The Monk was first to weaken and a
few strides further on Frontier backed
The two distance events furnished the
best sport of the day. both being won
after spirited contests all through the
stretch. As a matter of fact It was
TTOxler'a superior horsemanship which
won for both Jack Laxon and JClnmurdy.
Old Monte Fox shows Improvement with
every race. He was only beaten in me
last sixteenth.
Nonpareil, a good performer not so
long ago, trailed his field home. He Is far
below racing form.
JTBST WJLCE-Mtlaen: twoetroldt. Malar:
tn tod ene-fctX fartooti. Btrlennio. SB (WoUe).
I tt t 1 to t 1 tt It, won. Ltdy Brra. 1
O-athta). 11 to t, I to I. 1 to I. Mooed, Culoat,
VI (Bcrai), UtoI.ftal.staX third. Tlrat,
Itat-S. ItdA. STtid of Honor. Sltj Ipj. TrOU,
ywri Kornt, tad Bora tlio no.
HtrlBjafaj ltld off the pice until the itrrteh wti
niched where he loorht tt out wtth Ltdj Brjn
to win br neck Ltdr Brm forced the. etrlj
Xce bat wu 'nnible to Kill off Btrleqnm. Ctr
lor, tfter beinr outran in tho euir ittse. nude
t dettrsuaod bid, bat could cot set to the leaden.
SECOND BACB Three-retroldl tad cpwird.
M&ins. ilx toiionci. Chilli. US (Golditeln), 1 to
I, 1 to 1. 1 to (, won, BaCi'l Brother. 115 (Con
nen) Otol, atotftol. teeoBd, Monte For.
Ill (Trcxltr). t to I, fto.fto5. third. Time.
13i Chilton Sauw. Jeuil, Cbtrler Brown. Mont-
aim. BotH Onrz. MiM Vehnt. lionpireil. tnd
Lord Wella also rin. .
CLffli, much tho best held a rood petition nstll
tha torn into the stretch where h wu let down
to win etsilr Bndt't Brother cot op la tiae to
tnitch tho plico from Montj For, who wu ttop
ping fetdlr
THIRD RACT-Thre-yrtiold tnd npwird; tiz
hn-lonn. Birkl. 110 (Drerer), S to 1. 2 to 1, eren.
Goodrich Raincoat
By Pressing Popular Demand
WiH Be Shown at the
Smoking Permitted k the Balcony.
vest Bra Quiaee. lis (Trailer). 11 to I era. 1 to
J, Kccnl: leOr Tit. US (WoU. It to I . te J. 1
to 1. thud. Time, 10114. AnQt. UtrUar Cues,
Bntat, Ortfx. TUUxub. Btreeart, Top Bock,
Tttan VOr, Amort, Jot KaliM.. anA-Spriti U
alio rta.
Birkl ostfarote hi fifid tod ni Barer btadtdte
wis or two Icosths. Sea Qaiaea iu a sood rtea,
bat. waa not coodiCBonsb. JoQ Tar fiteaed stzoBf
w swum null eaaot is pone.
FOURTH IMCK-Tfea Howie Puna: ens tad eo
IxtecstB ones; Minn Jack Laxtoa. SB rrreur),
VUL3to2.3ta5. wot; Pattr Ba, US (Con
ton)! Itol, StotUtolfl. eceoad; But Hlnco.
M (TWnri. ItoLltairttL third. -Tim.
1:3 M. Cutsra. Oct tot Brad, Butte, tad
tuition ilona. ,
Jttk Ltxion, nmthl $0 hit bat font tad (ton
1 fauitlioi rUt. OT br a leaith tram Fatty Bena.
to sett out Sua Blncfe. ObL EsOoirtr tlrtd
titer lordoc lb earlr race.
FIFTH EACE-TartMttr-oldi tpd upward: tU
tec: ix tad ose-htU fsrloara, -sot ef cimU. Total.
107 fTroxkr). 13 to 1, to &. mm; HarsflitUoa, m
rUodcrl. to S, 1 to X, oat. aeeend: Bttwt, 11)
(GeLhtda). 10 to I. 1 to t to . tfclrd. Ttaw.
iaz-5. Camecs. Kcrtberaar, JlonertU. tad 60
ras alto rta. .
Vottt, titer beiaz outran Is the eutr tarn.
ewntht tbo leaders la tfce stretch to via from
HnmllStUon. BirmlrHtlrm. oft te a rood start, led
hit Held to tat atrrtth. where he tbtd tod Jott
stalled off Buwt. who flaltbad third.
SIXTH BACB-Throe-Tttr-eUe tad Bpwtrf; tra
ins: on tad oaeetrUestli mUet. Kistmsaij, US
(Troxleri. 1 to t a, 1 to won: rreetfar.
tDrrerl. 1 to S. T to-. T to . teeead; The Jloai.
JC5 (GriiBii). II to I. 3 til 1, eno, Uilrd. TUaa,'
13)34. Ctrunec, Btn lunxr nmus, oii
ecoce. Lrwla. tad Ilia Sherwood alio no.
Etatmnadr, 08 to t rood tttrt ltd bit fttM from
tho rin of tho butter. Froatlcr ntd t dittrmhud
.ffnrt a Mtrh htt wlBfMT. Dot Wtt 0t SOOd 0000X0.
The Moak Cabbed ttrosc after beu estnra la the
etrb" tttset.
Eddie Goucher. of Columbia 101
Team, Marries Mi CLoughlin,
of New York State.
Edwtrd Goucher, one of the roost pop
ular players of Printers' Union Base
ball team (Columbia 101), was married to
Miss Jennie E. O'Lougblln. of Niagara
Falls, N. Y., .yesterday.
Goucher met his bride on the first trip
the baseball team took to St Louis and
she remarked she liked the team and the
playing of Eddie In particular. He has
been making trips to her home either on
the way to the printers' tournament or
after the games had been played. On
his last vacation the bride admitted she
would contemplate living In the District
If Eddie was going to remain here.
Eddie and his bride will be home to
their friends after the first of November
and will be pleased to see them all at
their present address. 2406 H street
northwest He has the hearty oongratu
latlons of his many friends. The Co
lumbia team tenders the newly weds their
most sincere congratulations.
Chicago, lit, Oct 10 Boxing has a
strong sponsor in Senator "Paddy" Car
roll, of Chicago. Senator Carroll la pre
paring to inaugurate another campaign
to legalize th sport In Illinois. He was
so nearly successful In his last efforts
to have a boxing bill passed at Spring
field that he believes success Is assured
next time.
It Is proposed that the fate of boxing
should not be Intrusted to politicians
this time. An educational campaign Is
to be waged, and the voters of Illinois
are to be taught the beauties and advan
tages of boxing as a, sport a fine art.
and a hygienic necessity. The bill calls
for strict rules, no decisions, and dose
supervltlon by State and municipal au
thorities. We recall the time that the Sox. Tigers
and Naps were neck and neck for the
pennant and It was charged that the
Naps were helped along by similar tactics.
Good Bets
Follow the
For the
. . . . .
Co., 922 FSt.N.W,
I lsilililililililiViisilililaHHsBBLsi bCHi II
1 1 'BBBMlMMBsssii'i ' J '- 1' "iii" f,'aE0n(i3,s53r!t ''BeHi I
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111' 'BBaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaaal'aiaaBaBaBiLaBaBaBaaV .BBaslHsiaaBaBaaBal ' '1'aBHtaaBaBaBaBaaH I staaaaCTnWn; I
i -ailllllllllH RB taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaB'' 'IPTt t laaiaiaBPiirlK'
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111 aaaBaBaaaSiaaBaBaBaV'asaaBBaBaBaBleaaaBaBaBaB
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1 1 aatj in fi. j-.ir- i hi T - -!;... .. i ii i -.aaa imm---- aw-i.at-!-" --- 1 1
IJlaWjCSr T,' ;' "" - t---- , i, lMHBBMp:
I " Jm-9Ue4mJl AStmBR JjM JSBfmL V tla.aiaaiai3l.aL f
111 VHwBSlBBBBMlitfiaSiBBBBBBllsHbs
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Upper Taking the Jumps at I.anreL
Roamer Breaks World's Record
In Handicap at Laurel Track
Andrew Miller's Gelding Is Three-year-old Champion by Covering Mile and One-fnrlong
Race Before Large Crowd in 1:493-5 Tartar Polls Up
in Second Position.
Laurel. Md.. Oct 10. If there Is any
doubt In the mind of the racing public
aa to who Is the champion three-year-old
of America, It waa dispelled this after
noon at Laurel Park, when Andrew Mil
lers gelding, Roamer, broke the world's
record in the Washington Handicap at
a mile and. a furlong. He ran the distance
In 1.49 X-5 for the mile and the furlong
and covered the first mile In 1:36 3-S.
Today he met August Belmont's Strom
boll at equal weights. The Miller horse's
defeat In the Baltimore Handicap by
Stromboll, when he gave tha Belmont
horse seven pounds the best of the
weights did not keep tho public from
backing Roamer.
Roamer outran his field from the drop
of the barrier and he showed brilliant
speed the entire distance and held his
Held safe at all stages of the contest Tar
tar ran a remarkable race and was only
beaten off a length and a half. He moved
up on the outside, rounding the far turn.
and .made a game effort to catch theJ
leader, but without avail. Buskin closed
a big gap and was going strong at the
close. Stromboll ran a dull race In com
parison with his previous efforts. Gainer,
from the Greentree stables, who had a
large following, could never Improve his
position. '
The, world's record waa previously held
by Vox Populi. a four-year-old, who. In
1908. carrying 110 pounds, covered the dis
tance in 1.50 fiat at Santa Anita Park,
CaL According' to the scale of weights.
Roamer today carried 13 pounds.
Orowoc'a Jockey Game.
In the second number on the program
a remarkanle piece or gameness was
shown by Tansey, who Had the mount of
Orowoc Orowoo lost his rider at the
sixth fence and. after being dragged for
a sixteenth of a mile, he waa remounted
and finished fourth. Shannon River,
with Allen In the saddle, defeated Syos
sett the favorite, by five lengths, who In
tum beat Garter fifty lengths.
A nasty Jam occurred In the opening
event when Harry Junior cut across the
Held and as a result Double Eagle and
Surgeon lost their riders. Burllngame,
who had the mount on Double Eagle, was
thrown heavily to the ground and suf
fered severe Injuries. He "probably will
not be seen In the saddle for some time.
Steward, who rode Surgeon, escaped with
a. few scratches. Harry Junior waa In
hand all tha way and. could have won
Lmuch easier. Archer King was third.
The third contest saw a. rattling good
finish between .Carroll Reld and Noble
Grande, the former outgamlng the latter
and winning by a length; Charles F.
Grainger 'waa third.
"Wlxard;' Bed well slipped another good
thing over today when. In the fifth event
Briar Path beat Water LUy a head, who
In turn outgamed Prairie., Briar Path
paid a to t
Paton captured the closing event beat
ing Goldy a length. Mud BUI waa third.
The crowd was the largest of the .meet
ing and every available Inch of space In
tha. new clubhouse was occupied wtth
society folic front near-by cities. New
Tork sent a,vdelegatlon of fifty or more
persons '
Society Out In, Force.
Washington soclety.'augmented by that
of Baltimore. '..Philadelphia 'and New!
Tors, has adopted the new Laurel. Parle
as Its own. and the prophesy of the man
agement that Laurel win be to the social
set In October what Saratoga Is in Au
gust 'will doubtless be realized. Tha new
clubhouse has been tha scene every day
of many gay parties from the "National
Casltal and Baltimore. Many of so
cial prominence, who, in the height of th
popuiariity oi .penning, nocked to the
course pf Jthe .Washixtoa Jockey. Qub
Middle View from clnbbonae. Iower
Jferr Orleaaa. Oct 10 A ma
niac race meetlag, coadneted by
what la knoira aa the Business
Hen's Racine; Association, will
brain here January 1, and end
February 17, the day after
Mardl Gras. This announcement
was made public today by I. B.
Ilennyaen, president of the aaso
dstlen. A LonUtann law prsfclb
Its betting horse races.
are to be seen on the verandas of the.
Laurel clubhouse and In the boxes of the'
club lnelosure. Among those who have
been frequent visitors are Mr and Mrs.
Ned Mitchell, Mr. tnd Mrs. Edward B.
McLean. CoL and Mrs. Ral Parr, of Bal
timore: Mr. Joe Lelter. Montgomery Blair,
Frederick Chapln. Mr. and Mrs. Price
McKInney. of Cleveland. James Butler
and his beautiful daughters. Cot and
Mrs. R. A. Johnson, former Senator
Joseph W, Bailey. Mrs. H. D Clayton,
Senators Ollle James, William Hughes.
Albert B. Fall and Mark Smith, and Rep
resentatives Gordon Lee, Dupre, Klnkead
and Kltchin.
Next season Manager Winn plans to
make a great many more Improvements.
It is likely the paddock will be moved
from Its present location south of the
grand gtand to the north of the club
house, and It will be so arranged that the
horses can be saddled on the lawn and
visited by the occupants of the clubhouse.
At Saratoga and Sheepshead Bay the pad
docks are always the gathering place of
society folk, aa also at Churchill Downs.
kver which CoL Winn presides.
The success of Janus Butler'a two-
year-olds has been one of the distinguish
ing features of the Laurel meeting. Only
two horses from the Butler stable have
failed to win races. There were Tudor
King, a half-brother to the fast Iron
Maak and the Futurity winner. Pennant,
and. Trust Me. a colt br Ballot Pebbles.
of course. Is the champion 'of the Butler
stable, aa he Is of the entire two-year-old
division, but Lost Coin Is running
Pebbles a close race for honors. Last
Coin has never been beaten, and haa de
feated not only horses of his own age.
but some of the best In the older divi
sion. Altogether Mr. Butler has won
with Gnat Last Coin, Kilkenny Boy,
Fair Count and Pebbles, while High
Noon ran second to Pebbles in the An
napolis Stakes.
Capt. Caaaatt Takes JJox.
Capt E. B. Cassatt la due to arrive
at Laurel Park this week. Capt Caesatt
haa taken a box for the season, but has
been detainedfrom attending. It is likely
the Cassatt horses will be brought down
from the farm In Pennsylvania for .the
remainder of the meeting.
The winning of some long-priced horses
every day of the meeting haa come to be
expected. This all goes to make the
mutuels popular. Beginning with the
victory of Gerrard on the second day,
when that horse paid his backers 55 to 1,
there baa. been a long shot go over every
day since. The record, however, is held
bjB. F, Carman's Gainsborough, who
won on Friday, paying hla supporter
more than 75 to L Gainsborough was the 1
first horse that sold In the field to get
home In front ,
Vic Powers, at one time tha premier
flat rider of America, who has been rld-
ins, la JOraace Trtth, mud succesjjxa-.
Canght at an Interesting place.
turned lo the American turf Powers left
this country to ride in France because
he was getting too heavy to make weight
In Franca the scale of weights Is higher,
and the best jockeys ride ateeplechases.
Nearly all of the good horses that have
gone from this country to France have
been put to Jumping, notably the Futur
ity winner. Novelty Flu Herbert, one
of the most remarkable hones of the
last decade, did not start in France, but
ne jearnea to jump, and was
cne, it Is said.
a good
"Old Man" Joe McCahey. who has been
riding longer, perhaps, than any Jockey
at Laurel, Is still able to ride winners.
So far be has piloted seven winners home
and been placed in many races. Borel.
th- Butler stable Jockey. Is the leading
rider, principally because he has had
good horses to ride. This boy is one of
the most promising riders on the turf
and was among the leading Jockeys In
me eai oeiore ne came East to ride
lor r. .uuuer
Little Nearer's victory In the Howard
Stake on Thursday was a surprise to bis
irauier, jonn wnalen Until th vr.
although Little Nearer Is five years old.
tne norse was a maiden. He had alwava
shown sensational trials but never ran
to his work. At Laurel Little Nearer
worked faster than any horse at the
track except Roamer, but Whalen did not
looK ror him to take the Howard Stake.
Falrbrother, however, was confldent and
declared to his friends before he went to
the post that he would be right there at
me nmsn.
Interest In the National HandicaD.
which will be run on the closing day of
me meeting, is Keen. The National takes
the Dlace of the American ftnartri K
tlonal, which has fclways been the fea
ture of the Laurel meeting. This year
there are thirty-eight nominations for
tnevrace. Including Roamer. Stromboll.
Tenpolnt Flying Fairy. Robert Bradley,
Tartar. Lahore, Star Gaze. Buskin. Bor
row. Gainer, Pandean and Night Stick.
The weights for the race will be an
nounced October IS.
FIBBT RACE-IlJuviinp. tm-TetroIda; pime.
COT. rii fsrlonsa. Btnr. Jr IIS (Turner), JSJD.
83.30. tin, won; Broom Flower. US (Basnet). OJS.
.. aBcooa; Archer Kins. O (Netoder), K70.
thbd. Time, 13334. Doabls Ettle tad SurVenu
SECOND RACS-Step!tnut; fctadfctp; taree-
jnroias ua upwun; m taaetz; two miles. Sttn
boo Hirer. 1U (Allen). JSJO. JMO. n.3). won:
Srotart. 183 (Ileider). JMO, 8X40. Moond. Girtrr. 13J
(F. Winumt). US), talrd, Tlm. 4Ji Crowoe,
Wooltex, tnd Ctetot Bad felt
THIRD IUC&-Three-retrolds tad upward; tell
ici; pone. fXO; on tad onelrterath Bile. Car
roo EeM. KS (MeDermerU, 85, SUO. 14.10. woo;
hoUo Grtad, 111 (SehotUnnr), 8JJ0, 81. teeoad:
Chute Gnasrr, MO (HopHni), rj.w. talrd. Time,
1-44. Mr Fellow, arairr, Mjadaa, Fuuk. Ftktdt.
Ctlrthaaptu, ud Ttcumaeb tuo rtn.
POCBTH BApK-VTithlBTtoa Htadlew: three-
i ,.i,. ..j . .... .
,.-, m, Hruu, .uaj aaaea; one ana oae-
cituw mue. notner, ra (Botweu). S4.H.
8i0. won: Tartar. 10S (UcCthrrt. tai. n L.J'
"- . .- . ;" r. . -
lOU Gtistr.
iiwMuuai, uu. miro- Tima.
etramboll, tad Robert Bndlej
in rtn.
J?5LEAJ3BrSemBfs o4fct: tn tret: par.
S9"1;, farlonr Britr Path. Mr CBjion).
a. JSJO. Ste, won; Wtler Ulj. MS (Dtrlt). jaj.
&i TZfi ?' Otart. 8S.50.thWL
2r!i. 1JVi 'ia Bsiey. rrosreartre, Phrllit Aa.
SSS.IV0?'? rDt Haatcv Opt. Ben. tnd
Mlltoo Bofclie tin tta. I
SISTHjBAC&.The-Tttr-otd and spwud: e0
insTrwte. 8XO; an ana oae-entrttr nUka. Pttoa.
MS UlcCtao). SUO, L4, tUO. von; Goldi. lot
iSSrn.'.Jx- BJ0- odS Mod BUI. Ml
Onttmi, The Bump. Xnter Sttr,'1 tnd TJnd Bea
tin rtn. ,
It I only natural that teams ln thn
American League should be anxious to
,se j& gpn fkn, paja Jfeq AJftMUeav.
Trotting and Pacing
Slllf il '
Peli VtJ., tlie Helder ef Muiy Rtcwrilf, I aw"Hor.e Abi?e
Ordinaiy A Critical Reyie f Hk Bleoi Lines.
Otk.tr Liikt-kanieiJ Gwp.
By L. Df liXn.
Peter Voto 0), I& 1-t, la aa waa once
said of English Eclipse, a "horse above
His feats during th two seasons he
has been online turf leads one to con
jecture aa to how fast the youngster can
aa. In all of his races In bis two and
three-year-old forms, be haa never failed
to do in dubiic ail tnai nis trainer.
Thomas Murphy, haa asked of him. No
other youngster ot net age nas ever naa
the number of worlds' records that this
son of Peter the Great does.
Uhlan was a mature bona in years and
In racing" experience before he began his
record-breaking career, and The Har
vester waa a five-year-old before he trot
ted to a record of 2.01 Colorado E. was
a four-year-old when he placed the
world's record for age at ZMt-i. From
what source does Peter Volo derive his
strength, courage, endurance and speed
that he, in an equine sense, la "above
ordnances r
It is an interesting question, and one
difficult to explain to the entire satisfac
tion of all students of speed and race
horse .qualities. No horse ranks above
Its fellows unless it possesses superior
mental power. These qualities must
work In harmony with nerve centers,
lungs, heart, kidneys, legs, tendons and
feet and then must be of the highest
order. The other elements that enter
Into record breaking are weather condi
tions, track to suit feet and stride and.
provided the horse be fit for his task,
tha man behind the horse.
"The man behind the horse!" Napoleon,
who had commanded In alxty-slx pitched
battles, and who has said that he knew
as much of the fundamental principles
of warfare In his first battle aa he did
In bis last remarked that In a battle,
the "man la everything." And it may
be said that in record-breaking feats.
such aa Peter Volo Indulges in. the man
Murphy Is "everything." It is the man
and not the horse. According to Na
poleon's theory. It Is not the men who
achieve victory in battle, but the MAN.
Whatever difference of opinion there may
be on thla subject no one can deny that
Murphy baa made Peter Volo the cham
pion two and the three year old trotter he
Is today.
From the men horse, aa we know him,
let us turn for a few moments to the
bloodlines of this colt "above ordnances."
Accident Policies Will Be Taken Out to
Protect Indicator Handlers from
Harsh Words of Managers.
Eh-h! A mystery.
The National League Is going to Insure
Its umpires against accidents next sea
son Why? That's the mystery.
"Just because." explain the National
Leaguers. They go no farther. They
leave the rest to conjecture.
win accident DoUeles be taken out to
protect the umps from the loss should
they be wounded by the cruel worus
.. .. .tt.m tw trfni thi Zlm. John
McGraw, Clark Griffith, John Evers, and
others' Or U It to protect tnezn irom
the onslaughts of tans armed with pop-
The policies will be so worded that
any umpire rendered hors de combat
will receive a eacn ana eory .
during the period or sunering ana recupe-
.i Dh.nM t,A h VA on ths flld
of battle, or any bther place, his widow
and orphans will get J1S00. The said
WlUUna asaau ... e--
If the killing takes place through the
medium of some public conveyance.
rwt iumnlti 13) n. Shwari (4). John-
na a) tv Otrri (9.
October 30-8beaTt (1) m ClewTt O), Joantona
(J) . honaorlet (4).
fwt -r-JchEMct (4) vs. Sheaai O). Sor-
zaorlea O Tt. Cktrjt (1).
NoTwiber J-Sheehrt (9 ra. Nonnojles U, raetrja
0) n. Tohmont (4).
Kmv u-Omtti (SI ft. Bbeean (4). Nor
merlet R) Tt. Johanna (1).
Kcrember 17-Sheehjs O vs. Johmont (1). CMtrrt
(3) ts. Xormorka (I).
vmV, r!t Xormorlei (I) Tt. SheehTt (3). John-
tons (?) n. Clftrjt (I).
Dewmbrr l-6heehji B) w. Onm (u, Janntoaa
(I) n. Xormcaiea (31.
Dmmber 8-Iohnmt (II n. Saeebyl ). N'or
mojlet (II Tt, Clcarjt O.
December 15-Sheetrt 0) n, SJoraojlee Q.
ClftOT ( Tt. Johanna O).
December 13 No gtmea,
December &-No tame.
Jtactrr S-Cleam (4) t. Sheeoji O), bormojlta
(1) Tt. Johnnot (3.
Jtaotrr IS-Shethja O) Tt. Johntoa Of Oetrrl
(4) Tt, KormoTle (J). ,.,,,.
T,mir TJ-NormoTlet (3) t. Bheehn (4). Joha-
tont (1) Tt. aetm C).
JinOtlT 3-BBeTt (II TV ueuil , onuxro
(3) it. Noraojlet (4).
r.W.rr 2-JohntOB (4) TV SheehTt O). JiOT-
mojlet (9 Tt. Cletrjl 0). '
rtbratrr -eaeeort w tv ionaojie n, r
(31 Tt, Johnnol (4).
Febrauy M-Otrrt (3) TV Bheenr (4), bormojlet
(T) n. Johnioitt 0).
.. -.- ii , flMrht, tS HUM A? th
Gtme rolled tt Southwest Anert. Si Serentll ttitts
tonthwitt, trerr hui !
A firm stand against Uw violators has
been taken by the Maryland Motorcycle
Club of Baltimore. "The few reckless
drivers," declares the club officials, "can
do more Injury to the sport than the vast
majority ot careful motorcyclists can
overcome In many months." The Mary
land Club haa. therefore, offered to co
operate with the authorities In every pos
sible way In apprehending the speeder
and careless driver
The official 'attendance aad re
ceipts for Sarurdaya game were
exactly the n as an FrMay.
They follow i
Attendance v.. ...20t3
Total receipts 49,39.0o
TTatioaal eemmltiloa.., 46Xt0
Athlctlcw share........ SJiSSJO
Beaton's share .. 8,93345
Flayers' than.. SeS05.00
Strange to say there is nothing compel
ling In them, noihing extraordinary about
tEem, nothing ultra fashionable about
ulern as compared wlth those of repre
sentatives of other families that have
not achieved such superlative greatness.
When we use the term -lasnwnaow.
we mean on the side of his sire- Peter
the Great has made himself fashionable
through the performances of his sons
and daughters. One generation back of
Peter the Great Is Pilot Medium and
SantosT by GrauM Sentinel an back or
Pilot Medium we And Happy Medium and
Tacky, by Plot Jr. FarberJ back than
one generation ' in the female line of
Peter the Great we And very little worth
the reckoning.
If we leave out Peter the Great and
Nancy Hanks, the first a grandson of,,
Happy Medium. an8 Nancy Hanks, a
daughter of Happy Medium, we find
nothing else in the Happy Medium fam
ily of champion atte, Shadow, dam of
Santos, was a daughter of Octoroon, by f
Comet and swauow, Dy woe xiooer
Neither Shadow nor Octoroon figure In
the pedigree of other great trotters, and
Joe Hooker seldom. But when we In
spect the blood lines of Volo's maternal
ancestors wo discover something more
Inspiring. Nervolo Belle, bis dam. Is a
producer of two. She is by Nervolo (p)
1-04 1-4. by Colbert (p) 2-07 1-2. by Onward.
2:31-4, by George Wilkes. 231.
The dam of Nervolo Belle waa Joseph
ine Knight by the good son of George
Wilkes. Betterton. and the Knlghfa dam
was Uambrlno Beauty Dy Jiaraonao
King, and out of a mare by AUIe West.
22S; by Almont 22. Volo's fifth dam is
by Alcalde lui anu nis sixui om uj
Shropshire's Tom HaL Volo's blood
lines are further re-enforced by crosses
to Kearsarge, Allie Gaines, by Almont 33.
Alexander. 2.2S. and Mother Rumps, by
Pearsall. 213.
Grantinv to the Happy Medium Pilot
Jr. Volunteer strains all that la due them
the careful analyslst Is, we think. In
clined to award the larger part of Peter
Volo's superlative eminence as a "horse
above ordnances' to his maternal ances
tors. Every little of good blood that a
horse carries In his pedigree, added to
what he draws from other sources, makes
a little bit more and adds to his sum of
greatness. But In a final analysis, such
as we have attempted, the "female of
the species" In Peter Volo's pedigree must
be granted the larger share toward mak
hlm, what he ls- "horse above ord
nances" and the foremost equine figure
among twentieth century trotters.
FIRST RACE Three-ret rKildt: teUias. oae milt
tad trreatr tk&v Bcdo KI (McCtae) V3K
UiO. 810. won: Mtrr Ann E. S3 (Uetctlfe)
SS.S0, 83.40. tecocd Ol-ea. SB (Obeitl. O. thbd.
Tone. It? 44. Ladr Colonltt. Saucr Gtrl. Bait
Webb, Bl Divftt. tnd Flincut CtHtwtj tho
SEOOXD RACE-Two--etrii-. Ire tnd OBt
hilf farlon-i. ChrrtUt, 101 (LoTmi). 8X10. 84J0,
81W. won: Noble Mia. 1 Olarphjl. S, SMS.
tecand. 3-tUnon. IDS (Vtndaten), 83.40 thlid.
Tune. 1S 4-6. Betntl5er. Jefferum. Chrrraa.
El-Tea Peace, IJtUe Etrias. Woodts. and Prlnct
Albert Uw rtn.
THIRD RACF-Tre--T-tl-oldl tad nswtrd; til
farloajt Panurettt. 118 (Loftst). C.80. S130,
C.-0, woa Bob HeaielcT. XU (Ne-lonJ. 8U.
-2.40. tecond; Kortfhas, WJ (Tijlor). S3, thbd
Ttmt, 1J3. Sebtro. Zlll. BUa CUtt, lad GBst
tlto rva.
FOCBTR RACE Three-ret-olc tad ar-nrd;
ttx forloafv GoMenrod te!Ilax Ottes. To-ne.
KI (Uetalle). 85. 813, 8U0 wan. Gredia. M
(smrta). jtjb. mo. eecond. Anat Jo-e SO (Col
lia). 8-JO. third. Tnne IJ34Jl Che-1-rtoo.
Sinditoce, Mm Fielder, tnd Fint Tecum tin
FIFTH rtACE-Three-T-troldj tad newtrd ill
farlon-v Glptr Lote. 10s (JlmrtiT). J4.S0. JiSO.
woa HodtT, W3 (Howird). UM. oat. terood.
ldr 3-OMt, 1C (Obert). out, third. Time.
11334. Aeon tin ran.
SIXTH RACE-S-Umt; thr-e-retr-clas v-d Trr
wtrd. oat v-d one-nxhth mEes Fiji-- Teet. ic:
(Mnrphj). U.V. 83-3 -.. woo MiBhoo M5
(Mania). 84.4C. S3.3. tecond; MEtoa B li
(HtnoT-r) SIJO thirf. Tim 1353-5 Mtavrer
Vte. Phil Mont, Aaj Port. FeUowmta. tad
Tap--a aim -. "
-. -v XWUJ CBC1C fU( njoaf
cap. thrtw-tear-oU tad apwtnl ilr furlanrv LUy
Ormt, 108 tn). S to 1 I to i oat. woo. Srnnt
Botrd. 1M (DiTirt). S to I, oot, tecond Batiei
Idr. 100 fCrtll. 15 to I. I to 1. cnt. third. Ttoe
l.Mli. Sootrt ImOm vlao rta.
SECOND RACE-The- llrif Roc SatacrlpUon
SrtlAI HlTjrllnn. lSTaTr-lA m.. n -J
fnxtons. Election Bet. 13 (Niclltni). 4 to 3. out.
won; Armament la (Dim), U to S. J to 5. oot,
eooad. Ttrciala Tm lia fTrnit .. , .-
erea. oot. third. Tim. liSl-j Anrora tlo rta.'
.,, lutiim aiTDOr Hill Orp Eteeple
ehtit, thrre-retroldt; tbout two raUev Statie
Rdct. IU IRIIh.nl T . a .. .
Chariadero, 1 (Rita). 8 to S. 1 to I, out, eeccmd
Cituoerro IT IWttrbl, to 1 J to 1 oat. third.
waa al jea al at Wb.a ait
-- "-. A-ooier, uuiu Arrow, tjotimor,
-Sr "- ?naon. ana b?h Mttrr alio rtn.
POniTH EJIPK TS nww.Vw.iu ot.. t ji
- ,: ' - wwat-auaj liaic aiainiiArIt
tajr-oId atl npwranl. oo and onr-qmner
". otTBrneao. i ciyartesf i to 10. (jot, too
CarretpBtt, 143 (Mr. J Tbckcr) II to 5, 3 to 5,
tTDt. tteonA' TA ef Tnovtam in r n a...
- - - ---, ja. . nrEoi;,
FIFTH RACE-Tht Brook ClvmrAm Trophy
two Billcv Cherry Mtlottc. 131 (Powm). 3 to 1.
i.ra. out. won iimorr won, 1 (TTfhe) errn,
2 to S. ont. artnA WmUAt. ,u m.ji- . .
1 to t. out, third. Xo time Uten. Ben CAM
8IXTTI IUCE-Tb Deenrlt nlt Htndiatp
htctt tnd hanterv Clond. ITS (J Trteien). I to 5.
oot. won Former. OS (T Writht). II to 5. 1 to X
oot. iMmd- n.v nn m it . , . .
oot, third. No time tttea. Only' tare tttxten.
If Chalmers wants to do the right
thing; he'll give about twelve autos to the
Boston Braves and hand George Starlings
three, providing; Stalling will testify that
they will run through the sand down on
his plantation.
Charges like this are annual affairs in
hasehalL Thla la the season for them.
W. B7& A.
Spend Columbus Day at
Maryland's New Mile
T nil VAiir mrs .
- w iuwism wmVAa3 JallSs)
I.i US siiowtv, AT TRACK.
Enaill tnlnai atltaiaa atak - j
lemve Colombia Station, 13 1 aad U sta.
IV. a&, at liOO and 1:13 P. 31. Fare 50
cents, Jnclndlan; free transfers XacXty
!. nillV mtlja.ttawlr arlV W-O .
la the State.
Na Part-muluel Over 601 Horses
Largs Well-balanced Fields Daily
Admission, $1.00
JartKjK.mfiiSr3Ji. Attex Sacea. J
Sth St, and Pa. Ave IT. W,
Tifjday, Oct 13th
Two Siar Wresliin'f Bouls
tVatktngtoa's Favsrlta.
Polish Chaaplea.
Greek Denot, u
VS. "
Italian Bone Breaker.
IWntllaa-. fills. Popular Prices.
Braves, by Landing 1914 National
League' Flag. Are Within One
Point of Chicago's Record.
The closing of the pennant race in tha
National Leans hat ca.nsri a dlTlne.
, into the ancient records of the organlsa-
tlon with the result that several inter
esting sidelights have developed. Boston -
by winning the 1314 flag draws within one
point of the league record of ten pennants
held by Chicago- Three dtlea lead by
a comfortable margin on all the other
cities which from time to time have been,
represented In the National-League. The
order in point of pennants won Is as I ol-
Chicago, UTS. 1SS0-1-2, 1SS4, 190S-7-J, 1219.
Boston. 1J77-8, 1SS3. U91-2-J. 1837-8. '
New Tork, 1SSS-9. VMS. 1311-12-13.
Pittsburgh. 1S00-1-2-J. 13CB.
Brooklyn, 1893. 1833. 1300. t
Baltimore, 1S34-S-S.
ProUdence. ISra, ISSt
Detroit. 1SS7
October Meeti
1st to 31st, Ii
FIRST RACE, 2:30 P. M.
Will Be Posted At
the Track
Admission, $1.50.
Ladiw, $1.00; Boxes, $3.00.
Special B. & 0. Trains
Leave Union Station 1:10 and 1:30
P. M., Returning Immediately
After Races.
The best place in the city
for luncheon, dinner, or after
theater snack.
Prices right. Service nght.
Cuisine excellent and varied.
141 2New York Ave.
Always the Same
Berkeley Rye
Special Private Dellverr.
813 r Street X. W. Phase Mala 3T7.
SpMStUst oa tha rltrroot Sjsteai tad Storttra.
Hoora. 10 to I. 4 to a Cootultttloa and atgiflrttt. Si.
t. ear tth tad V tta. aw Triroheu U. sa.
Cczacnerclal Auto at Supply Co &7 14th it-
? .
rv "

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