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Federal League Is Warned to Keep Its Hands Off Walter Johnson
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Local Horsemen Will No Doubt, Be
Granted Driveway on Course East
of Long Bridge.
Washington light-harness horsemen can
have a speedway in that portion of the
Potomac Park eaat of Long Bridge if
they will pull themselves together and
ask for it in the proper way.
Col. Hart, superintendent of Puhlic
Buildings and Grounds, has In his
scheme of improvements in the new sec
tion of the park a driveway to be dedi
cated exclusively to light harness recre
ation and speed contests.
The new addition to the park comprises
an area of over 300 acres, and will be
made into a playground. Col. Hart's
present intention is to give the horse
men of the District of Columbia a
straightaway for the distance of a half
mile, with a return loop.
In r'ursuancc to the scheme outlined by
Cot Hart a large and enthusiastic gath
ering of local light-harness horsemen
was held last evening in the dining par
lors uf J. II. Boyd. 1721 Pennsylvania
venae. A petition to the Secretary of
War was drawn and signed relative to a
permanent speedway along the Potomac,
and. in due time, will be forwarded to
the War Department.
Buff and Blue Basket-ball Team Meets
Kendall Green Quint at
Armory Tonight.
The George Washington 1'mvcrsity
1 basketball learn will play the second
: game of Its season's schedule tonight
at National Guard Armory. Eighth street
i and Pennsylvania avenue northwest,
I when it meets the quint from Gallaudet.
In view of the excellent showing made
by the team last Saturday night when
:t defeated the five from Loyola, Balti
more, the Hatchetites are looking con
fidently toward another victory this
The same line-up will appear on the
floor, namely, Johnson, center; Shaver
(captain) and Grosbeck, guards; Almon
and Bryant, forwards, with Hamner,
Seller and Keuhn as reserve men.
Saturday the George Washington team
will journey to Annapolis, Md.. where
it will play the strong Naval Academv
team, which has not been defeated in
two years.
New York, Dec. 15. Johnny Evers
came through The crisis In hia attack of
pneumonia tonight. With the same
, gamenesa that has characterized him
. throughout his long career on the dia
mond, the captain of the Braves made a
plucky fight for twelve hours, while Dr.
J. E. Herrity sat by his bedside , and
finally won past the turning point in
the malady whicli has held him in bed
at the Somerset Hotel for more than a
week. All through the twelve hours It
was a question whether the turn would
be for the better or very much for the
worst-, but at 6 o'clock this evening
Evers temperature began to drop and
an hour later was normal, while his res
piration also had come down to about
what K should be. The only thing now
feared la a relapse, but Dr. Herrity says
this probably can be avoided, and there
la a chance that John will begin to take
nourishment tomorrow, starting in with
small quantities of orange juice and grad
ually getting back to normal diet.
One interesting fact about Evers that
never has been known except to his In
timate friends has become public proper
ty through his illness. This is that John
is Inordinately fond of candy.
Is raid of and.
"Evers has eaten so much candy and
for so many years that bis stomach is
in pretty bad shape as a result of the
pneumonia," aald Dr. Herrity. 'His wife
tells me it is a common thing for him
to start the day with a pound of candy
sweets until bedtime. Not always high-
priced chocolates, either. In fact, like
all true candy devotees, Evers likes
taffy and such simpler confections as
well as he does bonbons.
"If things go as well as they have so
far we will have him on his feet In a
week and able to be out in two. His
heart Is weakened by the fever, but
this is a normal symptom of pneumonia.
He Is nervous and little irritable and I
expect this will be a factor in his speedy
recovery, as he hates to stay in bed
and I think will bend all his energies to
getting well enough to leave ft."
Johaaoa Will CteM Deal for
Yankees Shortly.
Chicago. Dae. IS. Baa Johnson. Aawrican Laagrj
pnwfrdtat. aud today that a cxpecMd to act Ck.
Jacob Bappert, Jr.. In Prancn Lick. lad., or heat
in the near future to Hoar the MM of the New York
That waa hi ntatenMSt In reply to a diipaton
from French Lkk Sprint qtiotiai PL Bnppect aa
arias ha had deckled to putonass tn Americas
Laaguo team.
"Col. Bnppert win hare a ssw ban park in New
York, and auw one of the bent grousd ia the coun
try," aaid Johnson.
Dublin Giant Has Shade on Gunner
in Ten-round Battle at Madison
Square Garden.
Local Club President Notifies
Weeghman to Keep Hands
Off Walter Johnson.
These $2.00 Close-Roll Um
brellas FREE with every.
Lawn Tennis Association Meeting
Gotham Friday Mack Knew
Athletics Were Slipping.
Contrary to the general belief there
Madison Square Garden. New York. .-Ill be no attempt by the Washington
Dec. 13. Jim Coffey shaded Gunboat dub to enjoin Walter Johnson from
Smith in a flurry of wild swings at ' playing with the Federal League next
Madison Square Garden tonight. It was year by aeeking action through the
the usual brand of white hope fighting. Federal court of the United States here
and Kereree Kocne was the most proml- n the District of Columbia
nent worker of the evening, tearing the The Federal court Is far i
massive giants apart from death-clutch-
Smith landed the harder blows, Coffey
the most. It waa at Infighting that the
Dublin boy excelled, and on this he de
served the award. Every round was the
reaching In
many respects, but in Johnson's case
the question of territory Is Involved,
and the Injunction will have to be ob
tained either In Ihe State of Kanaaa or
In Chicago, III.
The officials of the Washington base-
same. Plenty of wild and uncanny, ball club are undecided Juat when to
swings that never resulted In anything start legal proceedlnga. but President
more than an embracemem which cost: Ben S. Minor stated that he had al
the referee all his strength to break. 'ready notified Charles Weeghman, of
The sixth round was by far the best of I the Chicago Federals, that Johnson was
the ten. Smith worked at top speed in, the property of the Washington club
the spasm, but tired badly In hia at- and warned him to keep off the grass,
tempt to drop his man. Coffey forged to "Not only will the Washington club
the front in the seventh, eighth and protect ita property by enjoining
ninth. In the tenth Smith made a flash Johnson ,from playing with the Feds,
that earned him the round, but It wasn't; but will more than likely prosecute
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enough to win tne decision. The gunner
was wexk ami tired at the bell
Coffey left the ring with hia left eye
puffed, while Smith's lip was slightly
Smith waa seconded by Jim Buckley,
Tommy Murphy and Bob Armstrong.
Coffey was looked after by Billy Gib
son. AI Kubiak, George Engle'and Billy
Announcer Joe Humphreys gave out
the official weights as: Smith 140 pound',
Coffey I.
Army and
Academy ttnlnt
:r to is.
Federal l.rnur Will ot ecnre
American I.rasrne Slwsrajer.
Tha Army and Narr Arwdam. continues its win
ninc streak Teaterdar when it defeated the arrenLh
annrtter team of the Rualuea Htfh Srnoul in the
fMawri rnnnin'T the final score being J to li
Ai the Fourteenth atreet quint plas the Bn jn
rrrulara Friday, it would not tafce manor in KTrrng
out ita atanais. and only through thla fact alone can
the low arore be accounted for.
Thnae who stood out prominent in the victor t
the Army team were Rundrll and Kunbrrly, uf the
winner, and Culliran, for tha rUMora, The line-up
arvl wimraarr:
rwataaa. rni. Tra smfirr.
. ...U V Itawnlns
R. F CnllKaa
...Center Stmwn
H. 1 Weber
I- G McCarthy
Subatmitinna-O'Ponoriji:- for Kay. MahoDry for
Btrawa. Goala from floor-Kimberly 11. Kay. Bun
dell (41. O'Donoghue. Downint. Cullijan f.
atrawn. Goal frttn fool-Dcron (3). Number cf
foul called Bnaine. 5; Army and Navy Academy,
3. Time, of halea-2 minute. Timekeeper Mr.
Challenger. Referee Mr. J. War. Bailee.
A .V N
Kimberly ...
Rnndell ....
Hurrah ! We will soon have
skating on the basin in addition to
the other places about town.
Watch the New York papers for
the announcement that Germany
Schaefer will be the next manager
of the New York Yankees. Pick
ing managers for the Yanks is a
popular winter pastime with Goth
am scribes.
There is a little town just out
side Cincinnati named Ivory-dale.
It would make an ideal place for
some big league training camp.
Walker ( onaton. one-time roller
skate oh, an pi on of (be District and
am poodle, tried to "roane back
la Alexaadrla tbc other night.
where the a-ood people have fallen
far the roller skate same after
fvrrjbwly else had dropped It.
After loalajt a race to the Alex
aadrla champion. oaleton ajcrecd
with Jim Jesferles that "they eaa't
eoaie hack.
Weeghman for tampering; with a ball
player under contract," aaid Mr. Minor,
during an Interview last night.
Walter Johnson's letter, published tn
a local newspaper yesterday, did not
help his case a whole lot with the
Washington sporting writers, who ex
pressed their opinions anent his recent
jump, and condemned him for taking
this leap.
Walter has always been exceedingly
popular among the baseball writers,
who never failed to say a good word
for him whether or not he had a good
day, and bis pot-shot at the newspa
per men will not do him any good.
Johnson forgets that other folks are
entitled to their opinions and in most
cases the baseball writers are familiar
with the facts concerning both sides
of any controversy.
Tbe Bectinff V the Catted Stain Lawn Teams
Association in New York next Friday promises
u be the moat important ever held ia this conn
try. It is possible that terore uc dose of that
fathering the roJes a, .inr, t play in the Dim
Cans matches will be cbanavd completely. It was
egested ware time ago by wilding and one or
two British players that the tusuhes be held In
the Tsriooa countries cootan-ling ia rotation, in
itesd of in the country where lbs cup happened
to be. That and other nutters of equal interest
to tennis player wiH be Uisrussed and decided bo
fare the close of tin- session on Saturday eieniog.
The following is frost the ten if BilK Weart.
I asebalJ writer on th I'hiiadelpSia Telegraph :
Until Connie Mark took the sctioa that he did
against three of his pitchcra and add Eddie CCUim
release to the Chicago Araencan League dub tt
was the opinion of baseball men that the Athletic
would "ooave back" next year and probably win
the pennant. Now that can nersr re proved.
Only last week, at a banquet ajtven by John
McGraw in New Tork, Ceorse Stallings made a
hpeech in which he said thst he found nearly
every person in baseball and every tan did not
believe that lire Braves otmM .-.it sad win the
NatKttal League rhamptaship uext season Stall
ings sked that those who were ,-rt vnt who thought
differently to raise their right band. Not one
. man present had enough confidence in the Braves
to uo so.
If the three famous pitcher and Cr.llins had no;
been lost to the Athletic. I am confident that every
one of those famous baseball men reant woui
have raised their right hand if asked the question:
"Can the Athletics repeat in the American League
in WIS:"
.Mar. arguments have arisen as to whether or not
the men that have left the White Elephants thu
fall have yone back in their playing, and also if the
. ' tame is true of those ho sre left. The gercaj
f 1L , iL ; opinion is that the men Lave not son back. Thst
Why Is it that the grass always is by there has been much surprise at Mack
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TERMINAL B B. t. M. C f. lEsOCS.
Store IL-.m 1 Auditor.
M 191 BoTL-ica.il..
'.. 71 ... ...,-.
w pj 1W liars.
J -.un'mtin
S) 99 w Aipou . .
taarl i
o Cornor
hi . .
Marlowe .
Ot Ms S3. Total,
si ! :
m i ::::
t a i ' ::
x wi ::
r. wa'aon ... t in n r iriin ie he
lit .in lit rarren os '"-
.; r. 10: itai a im
S US- ,1'jore 1M
w 1 ihunka 1 S
I jbright.
KeUr .
2 M 5BK Total
Sl 495
rumphrr)... 1 9
Mae- 141 Ml
lHle 93
j Killm US
. Snook W 1W
Coffey to Box Smith.
V 1 fc, 1. ; "Csahaat" Smith and "Jm"
roaTe, the "'Lh.bl.'. i.iant." will me', in a ten- j
round bating t-octt-t tcuight at Madison ftqaare
(stileo "Bil! " ltore. the referee, aa he will
.an ;' mm in th- ling 1 uVim-k ?liarp. Th- j
fight H1 dt.-ide bo shall mrtt "Jess" Uillart'
the latl't part of Jsuiiarv in the tianltn. Willaid'a .
nu-R ;.. Iiav Lag run, ntod to the niaitcb I'ottr .
weight JP1 i-i'iifdr, will hare an advantage rf twenty
I eaatls, hni.I-. with hia long exprrieni-f in th'
ling i expected t- iTn,t the handicap fu weight'
1 Ms grennr knowl.dg " the game. i
A telegram from Greenville. S. C,
yesterday conveyed the Information
that a Fc-deral aLeaRue scout was mak
ing overtures to Joe Jackson.
All of which might caupe some ner
ousness among Xap officials if there
was any danger of Jackson going to
the outlaw s. As a matter of fact, Jack
son is so thoroughly tied by contracts
to the Cleveland club that the only
way for him to break away is by dying;,
and no one fears such an event.
Southern Quint Wins.
The Scuthern defeated the Trainmen in the Rail
road T M. C. A. League eterda by the nonnt of
z; to it. ne lesmiT a iuc sr.u. w,a9 . . . .. . " ' "
tiimwin;: Moffett and the d. rctvMTc piaviiig orte""-" .. . w """" cm w v.
MaanT The lineup is as foJlows: j certain high school football squad But right here la wh.re it seems to me the fol
wa-itliera I'oaifim. Trainimii practices?" asks our young man who ' J2"". thT fmB h" "" rtght ate.
r-mitii K. r M;'iTett . writes schoolboy sports
Matr ....
Brady . . .
K K .
1.. K.
R. 'i
L. i.
-Iisdrv fur Tsrr.
TMerre Mr T. K '
fe-tMS Answer Because bone makes
Maier best fertilizer in the world.
(Vlliflnwer. jr. rVnper Mr. . r. Lnderwood. tioals
-Moffrtt (3. Mulro 13. Snrth tt), Daiky (T.
riatz Z). Khnca. Csfghe. (Jnali frcen free toss
Moffitt ID, Mitlroe '
McGraw Signs Two Players.
Nw n.. r I? - II si antiM.ncrd fr-m U.e
(ianta hea-rqnartera tonight that Manager McGraw
haa neciirrd Pstchei Mai.agat! fn-m the Muscatine
fluwai -hib at- Inrielder Ho!1aua from tb- Hpr.ng
i M -J 11.. tease. Btli will be taken South on tha
tt'ining tnp and gi.en a trial.
W. and J. to Play Yale.
..'..iliiQgtiiii, Ia.. Dee. BL Va-hin:tMi irvl Jef
f jvn foutliall tesm will meet Yale t'nittrsitj ia
Ihe Yale Isnwl r-n Satnri!a . Octobrr JT. Twxt year,
: i rding. tt. (he ann-MTH-emciit made sat night.
Always the Same
T harp' s
Berkeley Rye
Spwt-lal Prlwat. Del I Terr.
mr !trwwt N. w. Pa Mala STT.
Amateur Athletlf In Ion Met Down
Metropolitan Mm.
New Tork. Dec. li -Mora than KO athleto
cf tlie nietropotitan di'tnr-t are under the b&n of
the Amatf ur Athletic In inn It became known
testerda. that tner carry Hi&penatuo from further
competitinn because uf uniid entry fees. Several
of these mm are cusmptons and worlds record
Chief among the star of the track and field same
who haa been plated in a false position by the
ruling is Matt atci.rath. of the lri-b-Amervan A.
.. the world's chamiaion hammer thrower. He
wa "tnrnrd in" 1t the New York A. . '. as hoc
of those in arrears to the winged-foot oraattt
tion for udjaaid entry fee.
Hotorribat Eace in Hanhasset Bay.
New Y rfc . Pn c. 15. - A nnouneement was made
here tods, that the race for the osd f'hallenge
t'Tii, now held by th" Motorboat nub uf Amer
ka. would be hHn neit ear it Manhasset Bat.
jMiS l-land Sound Thr rup was won -t Lake
tieorgp lat j ear by Baby ra-ed Demon II, owned
by Mia. Bladtton. wife of Commodore J. Stuart
Blacktou. A change In the policy of the crnb al-o
. ttniiounced. In the future no one conneted
with the engineer boat building will bold any office
in the dub or .sm-i in running It regattas. Tim
Han at adopted to do away with the criticism
of the p't. and i folloning the polio adopted
bj the Automobile Club of America.
Wiltse Is Released.
I New York. Dev li,--tJrorge YiIte. Cc liianU'
Teti ran aonthpau. was given hit. iincunditionsl re
lease by Manager Mcf.raw vestiwday. This waa done.
in ftllOW MllIV U irriw'lisiir wiaansuL muillll I or
the iMssitkwi of manager of the 0racnne International
Leagna etab, if either the Jersey City or Baltimore
franchise i transferred to thst cit).
Thirty years" practice treating Stom
ach and Nervous Diseases. .Heart. Uver,
Kidney. Bladder. Skin, and Blood Dis
eases. Frlvate ailments cured prompUy.
' Neo-balrtntan Adminteter!.
t'onsottatioD tree. McdldDe tumiatinl.
law. Hans. "30 to l ad i to a. UoaM
1W Uth at.
Dr. Wm. T. Bakfau, Specialist.
Brain, nerron and etumacb diseases; Dr. 'a serrlca
and median. !.. ar. i-or. Kb aw Uora at a.
a. to i u. BL
of Trg
Rose Cnts Down Coaches.
Trrre Haute, Ind.. tie.'. 15 -The etudkgtt oouiscU
of Km; Iil-technie Institute psed a resolution
abolishing all athletic coaches except football for
one year. A lack of finances was given a the
cause for the action.
Basham Wins British Title.
Londou. Dec. li-Johnny Bummera. bolder of the
Lord Lonsdale belt, was knocked out in the ninth
round by Rergt. Basham. in a contest held st the
National Kpirting Club last night for the welter
weight championship of Great Britain.
They figure that the players hare not gone bark, and
f. I tney nare oeen looking at each man individual!
tne Tfr rdavers may not hare goam lack, but THt
TKAM did en ru-t.
j Mack undoubted!) has been looking at the aittia-
Kor .-wmr unknown rear.n f-riff l.t too fma. Uie afandpoint of the team As a team
out a faint cheer when he read in . i Athletic !rt their grip during the world s arri. s
newspaper the dispatch to the effect , ' The TZitS
that Home-run Baker, of the Ath
letics, mis;ht skip over to the Feds.
The orsell baaeball teaaa an
noanres Ita aprina; aehednle. There
Is a name boohed with the Mary
land Aarirnltaral Callesre April 1.
Mate the date.
work.ugs of hn crmbinstion better than the critii
sad the public could poaathbr do. Connie saw evi
dence of 'drr rot." The old pull-together eptnt
waa lacking. Harmon had taken wings There wrre
faction ia the team. That la what is meant by
saying that it was THE TEAM and not the players
that went back.
York Fans Pledsringr Support.
Vrtr'w !' tlaww la lnrp inant Va.l.i II ana n
the cnsia cf Ms sttac-k of poenmoiua. Biaca ha has ognnizat:on to put a Tri-Sute team in the field
been a big league bell plsyer hiera hsa had ahoot wlvn. The grandstand and Neacaers. whu-h
ererything exorpt leprosy. Uttle Johnny haa thus .. oiriltxi hv H. Kilter Free. Eli Ziun and Alrin
far fooled em all. j mw wil, be aosd to this sew orgsmiation for
. W The owners of the basehall plant, who hare
The national imnaiitien reorntl turned down all' dropped considersbie mone In the pnrt. again
of the nine rcqueata made by the players fraternity. annoimca their wiMngnew to do errj-thiPg nosiMe
Our opinion la that the fraternity shows bad taste I to giro York fans league baseball,
in abating the magnatrt to burden themael.ea with j -
iny i.Nigatiim. Indic-jtiona point to a lean Tear
for baseball in 1915. and mtyr league managers at
present hare tronbks of their own.
A report frcen rsmbndgr. Maes, states that tha
Washington and Jefferson football team will not
decorate Harvard's 1915 football aehednle. The Ormv
son beherc in dropping a potato the instant it is
found to be red hot. Score last October: Harrard.
10: Washington and Jefferson, t.
The Ward family, of Brooklyn, will buy
the Yankees. Phillies, the Jersey City
club and probably the Statue of Liberty.
Evans for Barbour.
Portland. Oreg., Dee. 1J. -A trade br which
lltrher Eras E-ans, of the fort land Coast League
team, bennmea the itvperty of the Denver Western
League riub. in exchange, for Third Raeman Bar
bour, was announced today by Manager McOedie.
Fayette High Girls Win.
Favettr. Mo.. Dee. 15 -Fayette High School
girla baaketbail tesm defeated Pans School here
last night with a scots of M to 4 This is the
fourth consecutive game that the team has woo.
The boys team has played and won seven
Total. .
.. S3
Id I II art nun
ewj vrmstroug
rj -orlbarr...
s' KiTjiarnssr. .
9l vndersr-n...
CA T u!s ...
t 'tiarles Hot!
KK m
W I'll
a! sj i
iw ur
Gift Things for Men
Both Useful and Beautiful, at Very
Modest Prices.
Clothiers, Furnishers and Hatters
New York Avenue and Fourteenth Street -
K SI '. A. Arcad. Mark.'
E. Era . T 101 IlSfCwacmaa..... ill 1-.
J.lflTr .... S IS lir.Piwt K
Wlntt.Td ... US M IWKilin
Mcsaej i"- W KTua 1 ll
J Erckrr ... W ST ?t '. Kunj SI 91
ToUla : 5i iM, Toul m w B3
t : loatilfl(T. ' lodpjd.ntji.
Kow K .A". ?i ml.D M SU 1(T (
wrrnr .... . ST Si . 'JW IK
J-..ir.r K B -ll.h 93 ,-t UT
1 fJ.'T.l ST Wl f 'JD Si 1(B B
Kmac .... IK Ul MSi fVitoa T SSI
TUaai a,T tu M ToUta. C8 CM 30 1
ITmceion. I' tun.
.n-man . V :ii''li4rae 85 m .
Hall MS aC'liuar 91 T9 9J ,
Hc-iina ... s 1: tluk M m
TmL "6 SC'lUv M t M
(andi- . C so ISt'leopel 19) X Rf;
Touls 1ST US m Aoub W CS1
Nrwctxnera Contewlr
Iwiroct. ... SI to Tark Ml SI.
H.iahra m ! SSIMvrr 7i VB 81
Orm. n 85 13 Tlnln 7S
Manalumi . li: KM ;i5llkell 104 VK X
William.. .. . 95 95 Rlltlnarr 83 ! 93
l.rs. Wood A III Br Promt at In
door Scholastic Champa.
Xw V rk. Dc. Ii G.u. Leonanl W rj. vorn
m.nd.r tbe Vaitnl Mat. Army Tl.ijtnwct of
Uw 1-a:. will, a a npcreataurt t th. Preatdeat
of the Cnitd 8ttn. rv.irw and inspect tbe
ol.mpt' irad. which will sftctda the track and
Odd eTcnt" 'f tbc lcrnth aimiul clcmntaJ5
Hhoob ir.d.wc cjiampion.hii at M.diaon Sonar
Harden ud Naturday aft.rnooD. r nlviH br the
1 astte cijuU AUiletic Leafu.-
tin H'ocd want, to know fmin close ami per
onal obMrratiorj the nhriucal tltneaa of the atr
MKitli, and is uains thi opoonumty to ascertain
thia knowleUJaV
' Awautpolla Prapoara .we-rica laslcad
at Oar Innuil l ontrat.
i Annapt'ii.. 1' la A .rtes of srariie.
i Instead -: the ;j;ual :ins;le con...:. Es
' likely tn he p.ayM t . comtne s.'.pr.
i between the b;isb!l teams of the Naval
1 and Military academies. The local nian
i agement has propoe1 that the flrt iraxne
I be playe.1 heie May 1-. and the second ai
I Vst Point on May .
i If a thir-1 an.l deei.tvo game is neces-
sary. it will be played at West Point
on May j?
is: tr silt Total.
A. A. U. Grants Sanction.
The registration committee of the o;th Atlantic
Awooation of the .Vmaumr Athletic Colon ylim
day sare Mnrtion to the Kifth RefTment Athletic
Association, of rUltnnore. Md.. for the "Fifth
Ucajment-Johca HorJana indoor awwew to be nerd
at the Fifth Recimcnt Armory. Baltimore, on Sat
urday night, rekruary 13, 1915. '
Kid Graves Beats Toland.
New Trait, 1 '. '5 -Kij (irare.. Uie Milan J.
aarirant t the ailln ailt title, who ho!ls i
sTiscrlaOiiT rirton 'er Kid Alherta. outicanteU Ja
Toland. of Philadelrtua. m tha ten rounri ut
i up At the l.rt.1 I.. Spnffttssfl Orib. in Brrjoklni. i
(rmvea w.i the rJrtafar in eierr round and ea-ij
f.iadel Tolar: i . as 11 lafaartnl paaeaara
Buffalo. I Griffo.
Beiiehert---. MS IS 'eisler T3 $1
Siit 71 74 T till B ll
MrMaster . 90 K Thayer H7
mn I3i W't.ee Ill N S
Dumm.' O M si l''.mmy ... 85 A'i
After Heine Grob.
c h:earo. III.. Dec. lS.-Baajer Bresuaiua offers
Tnrnm.T Lesoh and two rMcavat for Heine liroh, but
Cinr-ionati could cot see aa proflt in that deal.
Rtff neit deelared be would gl?e J10t n
Ixtiiw if Hi SsTins could srin rjssrk LeMagn- from tht
Ft-ds. Mipr is gooe for good
Totals 43 TT M, Totals 43 451
Zctlers sr 'a Cheli Bo-.
Teller- M C K'ihelps : Z '
Hushes 93 74 771 in T 9Z 1.9
tnrth 1 ?l W iltr HV. lo ft;
Potior an Iflf M -(Bentner 7 W
Bon-r 104 19 190 1. oil 99 K 111
IVtal CI 4 & TMala MO 4Jr3 503
O'Connor Jumps to Feds.
f New York. Der. 15,-Pat O'Connor, a resraaj
catrher of the St. Louis Cardinal passed UaasBjh
taaa city yesterday on his war to Hartford. Conn.
where he wiutera. O'Connor announced that be Laa
just surned with the Pittsburgh Federal ...
r!:!h. Rebel Oake. the nianafrer of tie Sn
outlaw, induced the yonrgattr t break away fnan
orcanized baaebaJI. O'Connor Mfined for thre.- jrirs.
Stone a Bank President.
irforav Maine, tha f'nneT hjrd-s.ittlna"
nf tha m L-ia. Br.rnt. who led tha Anrenean
I eorie bst-nen. wit!i an i rags 4 IjJ. ia 1996,
ia i T-rT-ddeot of a bank a CcaVr dae, Nbr. Itt
said he would not eshfart " taknc an oait irl-
yb duTtng the '.rc:iur optlu
Barrett Chosen Captain.
Itaaos. N Y . IV :i-CliarIes Barrett, of Cleea
had sin e!et'T-d caytatn ( the Ocnell foothe.II
team for neit - '-ar at the arm ial banquat of U,e
(Vriell ntayera held here last mgLr Barrett waa
the unaniastis choice of the .ar-ity at quarter back,
and asks yriM in that nosititn rt the fr-shmaa
team thr-e tan as.
DAY BY DAY Cheer Up, Grampy, YouU Get 'Em AU Right
,M.ws.isis,wawawawassa--wassaa-s-swsass.ssswa-M T'Si ., aSasj,BWsaWsssssssWas.ssssswSSisssssssssswsa
SftMfWffi Krimn' Sorvt
O TrT, 6000 OUE TrKTI
; weLL, $He WorTT Hwe
ajaaa on n&
'On6CR. IU- JOS' s3
cuyic- I
- m'
Wazl. Trtis b Tut
-Tewrttl RtkiCL. VHeLL . tTS
n TrieJw22L,A?Ts
Krf0W5 tr ' '-V-3 rr -,
f," T ib 7r3r " O f!
S I Wlr M ? ml
VS I -J! sm
Tic vrcav "HhMacl
hi saws 76 KNIT A falft:
tflrT... Trt OLD gggHSS
Ftne, tSEf of fup?;.

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