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Proof of Oar Neutrality.
For the first time since the war began, editors
of European newspapers are finding room in their
columns for the discussion of peace, only as some
thing vague and remote, it is true; but at least
it is being mentioned as an eventuality. It seems
obvious that it was President Wilson's reference
in his address to Congress to the time when
peace shall come and the part the United
States is to take in bringing it about that has
new iukk uitt Fifth Avenue Building j 4. . i. a.. . .
CHICAGO, ILL Peoples Gas Building turned European thought to the subject The
PHILADELPHIA, PA Mutual Life Building President tnlrl nlainlv of his expectation that
ATLANTIC CIT f. N. J a K. ABBOT, Baj-tlett Bid. . rreslaenl I01a Plainly ot nis expectation trial
r. : tnis government would be called upon to render
SUBSCRIPTION RATES BT CARRIER: j important service at the proper time in bringing
Dairy and Bandar 41 ctnti per month hostilities to a close. In France the censor refused
.. ...SCt? ' ! to permit publication of his references to peace,
H 4.WUH ,
ADVERTlsniG ! ! I .Hiatal
NEW TO RK CIT I fifth Avanue Building
Daily and Sunday
Daily, without Sunday
Dnilv mil flunH.v 11 .... . m.tv,
-J .. . ",. .V II .B )IC1 IUUI1.II . .
15.40 par year states can nave no pan in me restoration 01 peace
for reasons that can be apparent only to a censor.
In Germany comment is made that the United
.Ik cents per roontn K,--,,-,. f ,1,-, ...jHesnre.H inti.Ormjn wnlitni-nl
Dally and Sunday
Dally, without Sunday
Dally, without Sunday ..tJftn nr vnr
6wnday. without Dally M.40 par year jn this country. And. finally, London cables the
t- ... . ... ZZ I . - - I editorial view of the Globe that the United States
chicic-u a 1 in,? p08ion.ee it nuaiDKion, u tj aa
lecond-clasa mail matter.
is in no position to assume judicial functions with
regard to the war. Says that newspaper:
They have seen every Hague convention to
-,,.. , m J "". . iiu.i ikau .-mit.lliui 9CI UICII lldllU) 1U"
Col. Uoetnals is meeting with very poor success lated clause by clause bv Germany and' have not
as a rival of Admiral Mayo in sending hurry-up I even protested, much less endeavored, to enforce
arders to Washington. tne ,aw by any active steps.
. To this indictment the United States will plead
Secretary Bryan says he has been fighting all "! P8? T Say the 'T " is n
his life except when he was a colonel in the army, I "T '"'relation the course of President
which perhaps explains his idea of what an army i W ,ls0n' wh,ch haS had for lts P""1"? obJect the
and navy ought to be. preservation of neutrality. There has been no for-
mal protest against violations of The Hague con
vention, it is true, and it is not even definitely
The way things are going at Sing Sing, all the known whether or not the President informally
crooks in the country will be trying to break in. A I made known his personal feelings with regard to
riitsDurgn pnysiciar. has just sent 51.000 worth of attacks by airships and bombs on unfortified cities.
raamm to tue prison physician to be used in the It is known to all, however, that he has stead
treatment 01 convicts suitering irom rheumatism. , fastly striven to maintain an unswerving neutrality,
j as he interpreted it, and his success is reflected in
The House has adopted the annual amendment tne cordial relations with the governments of every
to the legislative bill cutting down the traveling ""' ng nation that have been maintained through
expenses of members, thus guaranteeing the coun- out ,,le conflict. It is scarcely possible that the
try its two lauprhs for the session one now and criticisms referred to faithfully represent the senti-
Homanity and War.
Hr Jon D. BABBT.
tN looking back on tne his
1 tory of war, one circum-
stance is noticeable the lead
ers are rarely sacrificed. Many
of those who spent a large part
of their lives in fighting came
through unscathed. It might
seem as if they received some
special protection. So they
did. It came from their own
concern for themselves and
from the concern in their be
half of their associates. Napo
Unimportant If True
A lie crushed to earth often rises again.
In Mexico the course of true patriotism never runs smooth.
It must be admitted that the Germans have bang-up artillery.
The Spugs may not be damned, but they are getting faint praise.
Gossip generally means taking two and two and making three.
I . S)wBtB4faBSjBBwBB
ilDoutgs of Society I
Boxes for the annual Charity Ball
have been taken by Admiral Browason,
Mr. John R. McLean. Mra. Thomas low
ing. Mrs. J. A. Johnston, Mrs. Thomas
Waleh, Mra. Samuel Spencer, Mra. Joseph
Letter, and Mra. Hill.
D..f,iiiiiivr r.arHniT inmrnitlii Hnnn'l 'know whm ke is snnrlched. , The Vice President and Mrs.
v rr . will spend Christmas
seems to have led a
charmed life, but the truth is that extraordinary
measures were taken to give him protection. Just
now it it safe to assume that the Kaiser is strongly i,:m
guarded every instant, not only from danger from y-
the foe, but from the mischance of disloyalty! Never mind about giving the devil his due; just try to keep him from
among his own men. Among the millions of fight- getting you.
ers there must be many who nurse bitterness fa. Rhode IsUnJ Johnnie h , J, of land surrounded entirely by
winter at their place at Warwick M. T..
are at the New Willard for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Edaon Bradley win be
In 'Washington for iipre-Chrlstmas visit
next week.
Mra. Timothy Anaberry, wife of Rep
resentative Anaberry. who la In Ohio,
In Arizona with
Shop in haste it will give you pleasure even if you repent at leisure. Wlm,m E maey They will leave Sat-j wUI murn to Washington next weak
I ...... .. i urday and return alter the 1st of Jan-
It may be that the Kaiser s greatest danger is in the physicians attending, uj. The v)ce pregdent an(i Mrs. Mar
shall entertained Mrs. Thomas Walsh at
j their hearts and who would eagerly seize a chance .
watered stocks.
to get back at those representing authority. The
stories of the brutality shown by officers to their j You may make a Kentuckian bathe in water, but we doubt if you can
men may be exaggerated, but they unquestionably make him drink it.
have some foundation in fact. The truth to human
nature in them relates itself to similar stories
coming from other wars where men, wildly rebel
ing at being made food for bullets, have tried to
escape and have found themselves confronted with
the threat of immediate and disgraceful death.
luncheon In the Capitol yesterday.
Mr. and Mra. Louis Lombard entertain
ed at dinner laat evening in honor of the
Secretary of State and Mrs. Bryan.
Other Rueata -were Postmaster General
and Mra. Albert Sidney Burleson, Mra.
John W. Foater. Gen. and Mrs. A. W.
Greely, the Secretary of the Panama Le-
An informal reception waa given yes
terdsy afternoon at the home of Mrs.
I Gilbert H. Grosvenor, 128 Eighteenth
j street, to Mme. Lalla Vandervelde, wife
I of the ministre d'etat of Belgium. Mra.
Grosvenor Invited the members of Use
committee of which she ia chairman and
; which arranged for the meeting laat
night at the First Congregational
' Church, where Mme. Vandervelde talked
j to a great meeting about the needs of
ner stricken country, to meet the die-
It pays to be polite, but we don't think it quite necessary to bow when j jj
you go to milk a cow.
,'..,!?,. . tmgulshed fore.gn.-r. Mme. Vandervelde
Judith Atwater. and Mm Lorna Atwater. , , the gurnt of th( Belgium Minister and
Urn.. UmrAHitk J..1 1 a a .
Th ra..nta. n..n. ..t.-i- k w -' - ...,. miring ntr aiay in mu
In Washington for the past several
1 weeks, interesting residents
1 and Belgian relief benefit.
capital. The members of the committee,
sVVlifh art (I linear t Ka n " tlu
Vreneh '.. .. "' J"" "- " "
i.. i Twenuetn century Club, invited to meet
lll leave
one when the expenses are put back to the old
The exploit of the British submarine B-n and
the calculating daring of her officers in diving
under five row s of mines, entering the Dardanelles
and blowing up a Turkish warship, takes the
breath away and puts the late Mr. Jules Verne's
Nautilus into the obsolete class. Arc the German
and I.nglish naval officers engaged in a contest to
determine who can go farthest toward the achieve
ment of the impossible?
A wireless dispatch from Berlin tells of the con
demnation and execution by his own comrades of a
I-"rcnch soldier who cut off the ears of a German
sentry whom he had shot. "The day following the
finding of the body," the dispatch reads, "an officer
of the French infantry appeared before the German
position under a flag of truce and expressed to the
German commanding officer the abhorrence of his
ment of the English and German peoples. The fact.
however, that reproof comes from the two great
rival countries should go far toward justifying our
conception of neutrality. That we have favored
neither is really the burden of their respective
It is very clear that the United States is still in
a position superior to that of any other power to
render the greatest of service in the restoration
of peace when the hour arrives.
but it
Useless Gifts.
Do it now! This is old advice
applicable today as it was a couple of decades ago.
The reign of the Spugs was but a temporary one.
Christmas is the time when efficiency in giving can
well be forgotten and the art of making glad be
cultivated. It is the season when all like to be
remembered, and frequently a pair of silk stock
ings is received with more gratitude than a barrel
ol flour, even when the larder is quite scant. It
is not the gift itself that counts; rather it is the
If a list were to be compiled of the lies of lit
erature, it would include many references to war.
It has been the shameful office of literature, in spite
of its pictures of war's horrors, to sustain the'
popular conceptions, largely false, of war's glory.
Stephen Crane ought to be honored among Ameri
can writers for his effort to tell the tiuth about
war in his novel, "The Red Badge of Courage."
So often in literature only the picturesque aspects
of war are revealed. Very little is said about the
internal dissensions in armies, the rivalries and
jealousies of officers, the petty competing for
credit, the biased rcportsland the favoritism. The
common soldiers who see it all must be very noble
if, without indignation, they can compare the lot
of the favored ones with their own miseries.
President Wilson has put his foot down on the big standing army, and today for New York, whence ahe will Mra Wallace Radciiffe. mT.s Mabe? t!
that is the end of it K l" T ""'nc ' , ' 2 "ay "V Boardman. Mrs. Archibald Hopkina. Mr..
mat is tne cna 01 where ,he wl gp, nd the wtater j AIeJt(nder Graham j Mra "Duacaa ,-.
Now that those hostile warships have been destroyed, maybe the Pacific, M char)M G Matew. nJ her Ernesfp lckneu"
Ocean will be more so. 1 nephew. Delos A. Hlodgett. jr . will leave Mrs. Thomas W. Sidwell. Mrs. Eugene K.
I for Jacksonville, Fla.. today, from where; Stevens. Mrs. Frank Baker. Mrs. Ellia
Why is it that the average man will economize on his luxuries rather they win so by motor to Mrs. Mathew'siTgan. Mrs. T. U MacDonald. Mrs. will-
.. , home in liaytuna. Fla. Mrs. Blodettliam F. Woolard. Mrs. Jul.ua Lana-
than on his necessities. anij her daughters. Miss Helen ,-jld Misa burgh. Mrs. Arthur Ramsav and Mra.
' , ,. I Mona Blodgett. will leaae lite- to Join Edward B. Clark.
One great trouble is that one-halt the world is trying to make a Digger h,r Sater and son. They will all spend: This afternoon Mme. Vandervelde will
1 nnstmaa with Mr. and airs. A B. ' speak on ISelsium s needs at the home
Porcher. at their home on Indian River, of Mrs. W. A. Slater to a number of
Daytona for thei specially invited guests.
! One of the most distinguished audiences
A musicale Is being planned under the' of the year Ailed the National Theater
auspices of the D.strtct of Columbia yesterday afternoon at the first concert
Woman Suffrage Association to be given This season of the Philadelphia Orcheetra.
at the Cairo Saturday, December 1. at , The boxes were occupied by Mrs. Bryan.
8 p. m. Misa N. Ijvisj White, presi-: wife of the Secretary of State, who had
dent of the organization, will preside with h.r the r;,.rman Ambassador. Count
and the program will Include numbt-s! Tn Bernstorff. Assistant Secretary of
given by the choir of St. Paul's Church state and Mrs Osborne. Mrs. Saulsburv.
show than the other half.
A man can save a lot of money by figuring out each day how much j f h
money he would have lost if he had bet on the races
an Alleged War Prediction
(Wriuni Eirfelr for The HerM
At the beginning of the civil war. a re
port was widely circulated that the Sec
retary of State in Lincoln's Cabinet.
William II. Seward, had made light of
the prospect of war and hail declared
J Uiat If there were any outbreak It would
IVtti'l - lulu. Uttcbed to the Third
Csiilri m rrneii.l Irom rJrti uhsjeBt nd H
niurd to tt.r First Ca,lrjr I'pua the P"
111. .if h.a i-tit kmw ot stoence h 1U Juln
lit- regiment U tarb ftMlsned.
1 ..I. Ctiulr. B Whetler. Ilrdasnce Departmeil.
Ill re;ir U Ui dtjr oo offtaAl biisi'ie. irtain
ing to lie opcrati'ms ." the orduauce l;p.rt
u.e!it. mod utoo tL cualeUoB ul this dotj will
return to hU nrover tattoo.
Iir ot tbwoc lor oue laoeitU. to tale raYc-
hi mi 1:1 tne tniled Male. 11 Fuel
n.l li.nL Hun U. Kuti. Tenth In!u:.-
P., Iec of Hoee rranted hV Lint Wains
r ulom. Ktnirth Intiutr in NeiaJ mien. No.
r xcU'Oer S. :. lulled .-at.s E.yeuu aar
;:p n
A good deal has been said of late about princes
and commoners, poor and rich, fighting side by
side in the ranks. It must often make those people
smile who know of the direct and the indirect
-f !... .... L. .... f... . ' . . .,. . .. ..A tk.. 1 Sft 1 1. .to ml..! iMte nt'fitli
B a.. ..... U.. ... a.. -..1.,. i)U. c tsnui ,l a- im. in ''"""' " I 'J J te tfw a- I. ull 1
blame tond mothers and lathers with influence lor "r -"" "- -" ' ,- -' 1 B.-hitt
-.- , :,i . f, .u... .-.. r.... '" ninety daw Va the war pro-eased. . nr
,,,6 3l"-"" -: mi ,.... 1 u..:. .... uiiiti,,!, w-aa freiu,ntl said that secretarv e
they are able to reach. There must be many fran-' ward had woefully underestimated the
tic appeals of this kind, and .f they are backed up ' '"-'' h- I.0.-0!?..".
rr J e 1 States and thtr alility to maintain a
with bribes they are none the less pathetic. Par-: wr lontr enough to mabtc th-m to e&tab-
H. McMutcr. Fmrtli
, 1X114.1
Field ArtSUan
fi. R.,b,rt H WiUf. r nutun omcrr.
r 1. i-. ajinnuDi ai . tm duty thu re
ents of wealth are so used to securing favor for,fch thlr Koven.m-nt.
- f . ... . . .. ... I nun finair. niiuiiui"! r nxiu .
themselves and favor for their children in civil ltteiv , uU.nri,' a th.rr. rr. nrnhMv
rr.nn.rnt at thr arlinn of tlir rulnrit ulm hn airl I
alreadv had been condemned and shot." As the i 5Pirit lhat Pro"Pts thc remembrance.
war n thr rivili7r,l wnrld hrin nMA ! A Pair f skateS IS mrC WeIcOU,C t0 by than
to place a true value 0:1 thc stories of atrocities
which once amazed and shocked it.
It is reported that the House Naval Committee,
at thc suggestion of Representative Hobson, will
summon Col. Roosevelt as a witness in connection
with its consideration of the country's defenses.
Capt. Hobson's choice is an excellent one. and the hafj overlooked a couple of his youne friends one
committee cannot afford to reject it. Col. Roose- . Christmas Eve He was in a quandary, but finally,
a warm pair of shoes if that boy has set his heart
on skating. The careful planning of what would
suit a certain person is not as apt to please as
something, even though it be useless, that the
recipient can call his or her own.
It is the spirit that animates the person who
is seeking to make another happy that counts.
which was so well exemplified by the milkman who
that they can hardly be blamed for expecting sim
ilar favor among the perils of war. Perhaps one
of the best services this war can do for u- is
hwomf hltori-, and tin r arr
few persons w.h wrr IUiiik at the time
tif thf ctrll war who do not r- all tht
r.parl i-fl.t. uVilil. U uTil U. ft It 11 Of. -ft In
1 Htuivnuu isa..a .- ....-- ... -.- -
to 1iaf mad.- and th critical or riib.tant
make us reflect on the silent warfare that goes on
throuRhout the world, none the less real for being
contiguous, abounding in favoritism.
in averul fliftt trmi Decrmbrr 4. BM
Lawre of ilwiiinii f'T UUtv u, t t enrrt
.-n avrwu.t llvcMBbrr U4. V.I. m fnuitaM I a; t
T .. aa M M wdy. t" S A . mini. r.OTUliiU
i m tp K Hunter, inspector jrarnU. wi:i
prwrti t lii ar. M ''! rjrt in prrxm
tn tht rfWlMini rterf iUal linavent.
u ui-ci--r ul Ul iit-irtment.
Vnt l-it-ul KarW T Hi hnWa. rdrwnr'
I.- r-r.. ' ; i "1 fr-ini dot" at Ude Se?w 'or
Arwutl auiri j- - M-'atit - Uie urdcanre oftor.
, Kaw.fi I', -:.-: ml mil t-crcd to UatvrMM
I Ti . i rri n in p"- t tt? ci.ani
nor. Pod f En bartutl a, 1 '''. "w
I w-n ! nMnaa iJ Orlrinr Klrld tVl'M. Nt 1.
vtroation with FmltTu k Vi . Srward, 't;,ri rrdrAivr frirr. V"tt tf tm 4f-:ti n. r-
romment irhlcn !.;- a.;-c d assertion
rauoed ajt tbe w.ir j net-!sfd from ar
to vear. Some year a'. while in a con-
wit h musical selections by prominent
Wshineton artists. No tickets are out
for tht: occasion and the admisaion is
free to all those who are Interested in
woman suffrage.
Mr. James B. Forgun. of Chicago, who
la at the New Willard. entertained a
dinner company in the Presidential suit
of the hotel last evening. His guests
were Hon. Charles S. Hamlin, president
of th Federal Reserve Board, Mr. E.
F Bwinney. Mr. W. P. O. Harding. Mr.
W. B. Rowe. Mr. Howard Ardley. Mr.
'Jeorge J Seay. Mr. (' T. J affray, Mr,
D. G. Wins;. Mr. John Skelton Williams.
Mr. A. C. Miller, Mr. Willis. Mr. Elliot,
and Mr. I-indslev.
M.ss Cornelia B. Sage, of RnffaJo. N.
T., prominent in art circles, is at the
New Willard for a short stay, having
come on to attend the opening of the
exhibition at the Cr.oran Gallery of
wife of the Senator from Delaware, who
had with her Mrs. Marshall, wife of the
Vice president, who made good use of her
time knitting a gray scarf for the Bel
gians. Representative and Mrs. Ire
Copley, who had the Peruvian Minister
a' j Mm. Pezet with them; Mrs. Thomas
K Walsh, whose rueata included Mrs.
Frederick Dent Grant and Mrs. Edward
Beale McLean, who also knitted through
out the program. Mrs. John K. Reybum.
who had her dauehter. Miss Eleanor Rey
bum. Miss Dorothy Owen and several of
this season s buds, Mrs. William Crorler.
Waxier. Mr. Charles A. Lyerty. Mr. who had with her Mr Corbtn and Miss
occurred to me to a -k h in if hia father
lid make that prediction, and. if o.
win n and where he mail It.
In scr ne
Disappointing a the European radicals have
been, reports that have lately been coming show) Frederick W. Seward, now
.L . ,i r . .i j i r. ( old aj;e. still llv s. it. sole surxlvor r
that they were not all faNe to their ideaU. Rather, J wh'0 , o nv,:ti tamUy
than co out and kill their comrade?, manv of of Pr-idnt Ijncoln. His memory of
them killed themselves. And among those that ' '"" nd 'v,n,!' of ""' '' '" c"aT. J.,.? .";''
.... , , . B , and his statements are known to he a.- '"' ' i, .
yielded to the pressure of circumstance and to ruraU. Mr. Seward r--ve.1 my question rJuTEwm i
the snirit of nationalism there went sonipthinp- of ' with an expression whi.-h indl.atd some
the spirit of internationalism winch, once felt, could ?-& T ft JZ
never wholly perish. If the war lasts for many ' ashed a thousand times if his fath- r h:.d
if so. when
twnrp r.:.- il. r. 9 1.4UTU.. uraB4nTr !
; .nn. :it I hlti
i4-. .it lr. lor fonr nuh n HITS '
..r.i' .- --f luoh4U? . rfT4'.'-'1 -ir I- -I' '
I. :r.: Tbtrtieth Inftitr
Kirt Lieut. W.ni II Trt-:f... Tain
inrx. m.1 !ie ir.irlion .-I l.i. irnt .f
(rf atMWicv wUl t.i4-el to r!Atti.ir lT-kfc.
ud 4. t thr until t4 1 i. rrs-.rni.til
I t.n m.-mth. .nd uo rt
leal William McClaft. Mr.
l.ii-iiL Mc le.iv .ill - i! 1 r
. Hawaii. in thr traiiiurt I. u -u
Krancli.. tal.. ta nr Niut March 5. lr'.j
Leaie 'f atitrTM fir t. .las i 4Tai.li i '.4.
Nl.n- I. lv"ie ThlrJ r"i-!lt ArtilUrv
Mr. "liarl.-s P.
ty.secoiid street,
W.-i!ci.tt. of ITC Twen
will not be at home
The I'linTiionai ."li.1. w il t utertam
Mr Ar'hur I' Call as the a;iK-st of
honor on FrMav of this week at 4
iiM.k. The subject of Mr (-"all's ad
ilress will le "Our Peace Proarram in
View of the European War.''
Mrs. F. W. Perkins has arrlred from
Paris to pasa the winter in the T'nited
thi N'ew Willard. having placed her
Patten, and Mrs. r-alderon Carlisle and
her daughter. Mrs. Walter Bruce Howe.
Others In the audience were the Spanish
Ambassador and Mme. Riano the Argen
tine Ambassador and Mme. Naon. Sena
tor Dupont, Mrs. Crane, wife of the Sena
tor: Prince Kalanlanaole, Delegate from
Honolulu: Gen. and Mrs. Asalrewa. Mrs.
("lover. Mrs Crowninshleld. Mrs. Julian
.lame.-;. Mr. Chauncey. Mra. Buckner
, Randolph. Mrs. Nlcholaa Anderson. Mrs.
' James s. Harlan. Mrs. Hennen Jennings,
' Mr. and Mrs. George X. McLanahan. Mra.
R H. G. Slater. Mrs. Falrchlld. Mrs.
j Joseph Thropp, Mrs. J. T. Mann. Gen.
1 and Mrs John W. Fbster. Mrs. Robert
Lansing. Prof, and Mrs. Charles D. Wal-
Lou, Mr ;tnd Mr-. Louis Lombard. Mr.
an.1 Mrs Howard Reeside. Dr. and Mrs.
I Tom Williams, Miss Margaret Draper.
Mr. Gorgas. wife of Uie Surgeon General.
1 V. S. A.; Mr. and Mra. William D
Wrtghtson and their houae guest. Misa
i Wrtghtson. of Baltimore; Dr. and Mrs
vclt's experience enables liim to speak with author
ity on thc subject of national defenses, and without
a doubt he c;in give the committee valuable infor
mation. Besides, Col. Roosevelt has been quoted
as ; n ilicting that Germany will be victorious in
the war. and th- whole country will be profoundly
solved his problem by dumping a can of milk on
the sidewalk where the youngsters lived. The
milk froze. The boys had a slide right at their
door. They were happy.
Useless? Of course, it was; but it answered
its purpose. That milkman's spirit should animate
beefsteaks if you want to and can, or a turkey, aris
or warm clothing; better still, give all of these reversion there
The trouble on the Mexican border appears ; things ana as mucn more as you are aoie to, dui English or German
ras of solution to thc average man. Il Mexicans, don ' 'ake it a gilt ot cnanty or outy, dui 01 love.
it will te sure tr ninnli.a ilcelf It niv'innde that prediction ami.
, , . . , jrt and when he mane n ineretore ii
even be a factor in bringing about an end of hos- ,, nl .hv tn her me. with
even b
nversations In
that Inquiry to
interested in the Colonel s view ot what thc L mted us an during this glorious holiday season
Mates ought to do in such event.
The stonics of atrocities alleged to hac been
committed by both sides show that beneath the ;
veneer nf riviliTtinn .nanv .net. nre s!ivavcs at '
. -..j ...-o... .
heart. Stir up their bitter feelings, inflame them J mark hi.l been attri!
standing on Mexican soil, do no violence to inter- j
national law when they tire into United States
territory and kill Americans, the rule must also,
work the other way, unless it is a poor one indeed.
And surely we can muster as many guns as the
Mexicans at Xaco. Jnst now, however, they seem
In be better equipped in the matter of backbone.
Docs any one doubt that a notice to the Mexican
garrison lliat the next volley across thc border
would he returned would fail to produce thc de
sired effect' It is quite evident, at all events, that
something will .-oon have to be done to restore
Mexican respect for our government.
An Odd Cut in Plaza Awards.
Owners of property in the Union Station Plaza
extension territory arc to be congratulated upon the
progress being made by thc new awards commis
sion, which yesterday announced the values it has
placed on twenty-four parcels of land in square
r;j. In sixteen cases thc awards of thc former'
whom he had had many
recent years, also put
"Th.re is absolutely no truth In that
report." he declared "My father never
.. .. . . ... . . -. .. .. .... - i :. e.. f
I saiu anyininK or uw m'h. i ... .iu- "i " . - - -
.. .. n -. II. .... ,j-.nr. tun T Tit r. . un 1.11.'
.i !. ...It . ...... . . Si- . . n.. ,..--., n
. i . w . . .. V... Ill- tijiiii:.. 'ii in viNi" i ..- , , . .- --
ted to him. but he
with the mob spirit, and they revert to the bar- " ??"" p"n 'H.'" ,' n. Trtrtaw infaaur. ,.,.., x;,denik .n- .
t er WOlllu oeny Hn .( ' uiwuwii unn-ss il iw mol " butj ina. : : r.-. .mra . i-n
that is like a kind of madness. In such waB on( f a rw-r'on il character, for he tfcripwe rtjruii-' a I ir ...... ml, ia aerial dicrti
nothing peculiarly French or bellev.d that it ms mposslble for a de-inwa December . mi
nlal to eaten up mn an inaccuraie
statement. NAVAL ORDERS.
"There . however, an Incident upon !
which this report ns based. My fath.-r MOVEMKXTS uf BntIJ
was on his way to Washington to take swlri Kaunas Jralrin aid Jisiett fr.4. Sw
ITtlwi. thaa larlot. fi.na.li- VftwH Tn-4si
Mrs. Perkins Is temporarily at ... , . , t,...fc .
,-illard. having placed h.r. ".. . . ..-. ..
vm.n. iHiiiOilor ir, Wa.hln-tor. .HJ"""' """ "'"" -"-''" "-"
TV ...ui- ot Ma; sdi.- lii.i. Thirl ( 4.jr : , , A oeau'irui luncneon. at wmen v-rinsr-
is rlaoisi ' tlie list tit deurrn! irfrtrrri iriNlet "' ei-t w . j man decorations were used, was given
Capt. Ri.ard I'ganiza. commander i yaterday bv Miss Dorothy Aleahlre.
of the ArgenUne battleship now In New "augmer mur , ..irs James o. .4-
Tork Harbor, is making a short stay
at the New Willard. He is accompa
nied by capt. L. P. Ford, also of the
Argentine navy. These onVers came to
W.ishinarton t" assist at th-- brief cere-
...i.r.; iirl.T. Bo 3. Marrii 11. Is!! War
Kr'arfnrnt. u take rfet Divenihrr !. l'l ii--M4j
.-rt ri 1. MrU raraJry, '4. is tntitkd
to nr .oi 'i ii fmei tint ii4te
.c-4:i1 Lieut Wa::.r W. VantaSMirr. .' Ar
(iilerv '4e wilt I4i-se.l t J.tl.rn H rr
t. . ...1 npiirt tn t! . c TUTJUii!: s ioi rr if
-: ;.- with a Mfff ii : tlaa trt n
tail ia llir a.lataao an-u s
.i ... n Tlie i-.4n:iti l :
hire, for the following debutantes of tha
season: Miss Beatrice ('lover. Miss F!u
dora Clover. Miss PVancise Williams.
Mrs. Kmorv T. Smith, of Fort Sill; Mias
Mar.-ar- t Triat. Miss Katherine Treat.
Miss Eleanor Morgan. Mias Mary
Miss Pauline Stone.
But there is something dis
tinctly and profoundly human. In a debauch of
blood human beings can go to lengths that, from
the detached point of view, seem inhuman. Thou
sands of miles away it is easy for us to regard
them with horror and loathing. But perhaps they
are not really to blame; they are the victims of
the conditions that drive them to madness. The
distinctions in butchery advocated by the believers
in war are like ovcrrefincments. In war, as in all
Once admit
. commission have hern confirmed, while in the "'" " IS ,nc nrst s,fn ,nat coun,s-
other eight reductions, some of them material 'hat war is defensible, and you throw open the
have been made. These eieht parcels were the ooors lo evcr conccivauic una...,.
The Wr Tax.
ornnu'itt pouth of Mason anil Dixon's
llnr. T'albrr vu pemuaded that durinxr
the winter thin excitement would ho end
ed or le!wned. and that natipfartory
n.na(a!irpi micht In tkfn tn hriiiir ahout
Secretary McAdoo's recommendation that the ! an ami. able adjustment of tho difficulty,
limitations under which thc war tax measure is : ' h " to the New KngUndera that
., . ., . . . j .. - inTf rrniainrti irom suiv in mint ti.ij .1
allowed tne original appraisal to siano in inc case to expire December 31, 191. s, be removed and the; ,, thl. new administration l.ettan and I
only ones among those acted upon which were
appraised by the former commission at a sum in
excess of $6,000, and the fact that the new cora-
11 an appeal mission reduced thc amount in each case, and
his seat In the Senate at the openlns of
the short session of Congress on the
first Monday of December. W. It
chanted, th nitht of his arrival at New
Tork. that the New England Society was
holding its annual banquet at one of the
large hot- Is. My father was Invited to
attend rtnl was asked to say something
to the N. Kngland. rs. At that time
there was a good deal of talk about se-ces-ion
and some anxiety lest war should
follow an attempt to create
act amended so as to orovide that it shall remain I that in that time It was rossible and
ed and agreements reached 10 avert the
. ... .. j r t, fl ;- T" ' probable mat measures wouui n.1 anopt
lis particularly significant when considered in con-
New Vrk's police commissioner,
to thc oiiiig Men's Christian Association to co
operate with thc police in preventing young men ! 0f the sixteen parcels upon which a lower valu,i
from adopting careers of crime, said; "Most of tion was placed, can hardly be put down to coinci
the criminals arc boys and young men less than dencc. Neither is it reasonable to assume that it
twenty-five years of age. We will fall behind in js the fixed policy of the commission to curtail nection with estimates of appropriations calling
thc 6ght against crime unless we can get hold of au 0f the old awards that exceed $6,000 and to!for an expenditure of $1,000,775,134. These esti-
thc wayward boy. Thc band leader was his hero, permit all those below that sum to stand. Evi- mates were transmitted to Congress by the Presi-
.lust now it is pretty hard for a boy to find a band Jently they were guided by circumstances which I dent, and it is understood that by his order they
leader, for wc have a large number, about 200, in they have not disclosed in their report on the have been subjected to a pruning process, but
Jail and the rest ha,e run to .cover." It is reason- appraisal of lots in ,quarc 7 Ko doubt the Jg-J fU WaSL "S
able to infer from thc commissioner s remarks that owners of the property adversely affected will parently there is little, if any, disposition to save
the band leaders and youths under twenty-five are appeal when the opportunity is given them, and I money, and yet it is becoming more and more
guilty only of the minor crimes, for in spite of the thCn the true explanation may be forthcoming. ! evident that with reasonable care in handling thc
clean up record of his force assassinations, bomb In the meantime, those owners of parcels ap-1 government's reso urce: 1 it would be : safe to repeal
a j u u .11 i a.. .... , . . .. - l- .the emergency tax measure before the time set
throwing, shootings and hold-ups still claim the praiSed below $6,000 by the old commission, which 1 it . expire The country properly resented
usual amount of space in the newspapers of the appraisals have been confirmed by the new, may. the imposition of this burden in time of peace at
metropolis. j look forward to an early liquidation by the govern
ment of its debt so long overdue.
! "That was all father said There was
no war then and no certainty that there
would be war. There were ome three.
months In which it would be rosalble to
reach and adopt measurea that would be
satisfactory to both sides. Out of that
simple suggestion arose the report that
niv father had predicted at the begin
ning of Lincoln's administration that the
war would be over In sixty days. It la
useless to attempt to correct that mis
take. It has become historic and. like
many other predictions that have no
basis, has got Into history."
(O :Trifit. 1114. bi E. J. EdwmKU. All rlfMs re
ferred. 1
Walter Johnson uses a great many words to
explain why he left the Nationals for the Fed
eral League, when he could just as well have done
it with two. Johnson left because he was offered
inore money, and no thinking person will blame
home, and its resentment will be increased by
Mr. McAdoo's most inopportune recommendation.
Rochester Post-Express.
Fourteen Opportunities.
Fourteen Christmas Opportunities to lift unfor
tunate but deserving families from the depths of
1 wretchedness and despair arc again offered to the
him. Every fan, much as he loves the sport, must people of Washington by the Associated Chari-
1 4vt- a.: L.a 1V-11 I .. a. 1 . aw. - .. . a a . a I
realize oy ims umc w ucu.. a, mucn a ties. that tney will quickly be taken advantage terned q ,;, and seem3 to be engaged
commercial enterprise as a brewery. Johnson w.thOI" by those in the fortunate position of being able . tr to e the for planti th
a disabled wing would be worth nothing to the,to give is certain. The appeal has never yet failed d of such transaction. Suspiciously contem-
xnationais, anu . -., ""- "- - " to bring prompt and generous response, ine poraneous paragTaphs tell us that the accession
jonnson miuub u suu.iu u.u. n v 1,,- cases need no investigation; tne cnarity organiza
Federal League than the Nationals' managers be-1 tion vouches for the facts in each of them. Give
lieved he was worth to them; that's why he's a
Federalist The talk about lawsuits between or-
Merchant Marine Project
The administration evidently has not given up
the hope that it can induce Congress to sanction
its scheme for a government-owned steamer line
to South America. It still yearns to buy the in
of tonnage under the act of August 18,, which
permitted the transfer of American-owned vessels
something is the only request. Each Opportunity ; under foreign flags to American registry, is dis-
tells of a s
struggle for existence against adversity aPP.nti2! . and fal.U. far. sho,rt ? the "Port de
nized and outlaw baseball is so much rot The'in ey form; sometimes it is a desperate daily I m"a TnlZZV TVZJ Z2 EL
Federal League is a baseball organization just battle for food for a brood of little ones, and ! added to the American merchant marine by chance
as much as the American League or the National then it is the constant denial and self-sacrifice that
League. The Federal League is not an "outlaw"
merely because its existence is not recognized
by the two older organizations, and vice versa.
In law the status of all three is identical Johnson,
-won back to Washington by a lawsuit, wouldn't
lc worth much.
seeks to provide meager comforts for a helpless
loved one. Always the enemy is grinding poverty
that would kill and win but for the alarm sounded
by the Associated Charities in its story of the
Fourteen Opportunities that brings the tender-
Hearted to the rescue.
of registry. In November there were launched from
American shipyards seventy-one vessels of 1.4,564
gross tons in the aggregate, while ten vessels
came under the American flag by transfer, whose
aggregate $ross tonnage was 31.221. If the aim
of the administration is to build up the American
merchant marine without aiding American ship
builders, that aim seems pretty ncarlv arfnm.
nlished. Boston Transcript 1
Tomorrow Pr. Edwards win tell
Secretary Seward Kept a Diary."
.irk 'iti . Tefv.ii.larr 1! titt.4nta froi Hh
n, IVt-r.NT 14: I'iwm fn-tn
Niarfolk fot It)ilavt.ihia. lK--usbr 1: Trnr?-
i- nd . t (nr Alexandria, Ifwwrbr H:
In., -n IS-m Mirr lalaiiH fw Sn Ihr tVi-rn-hrr
11 f'ulpi !nBi Gmntanttno lor Pffrtmt. ttw-ni
t,T i Itnitiia frni PiMftA Tint f Cpe Uutirn.
14: Ncr. from Ui 1" f"T SlaiatUu. ltv
mnbrr 14: SnTga fntn Mmjrpn. DrtwabfT 1'.
.md Til-iEJ'' : "n' -I -.. lVcrnibiT 12; Hn
nn t Tort j Innc. IiinhPT 14; Ta-nma at
(uantanamn. IwrniWr 14. Marrt'Mionch at XorfoU.
lhinitr 14- San rrr.wrtt at HamrCon Rna.i.
Hew BOV- ivo-mht-r ll:rmtrn at Ttmrfcinwillia. DmenrttT H
Sa,-rxmnit. at K.-i We. lt mU-r 14; Saratoga at
Manila. PcmoN 13.
NOTE-Th-' hector ban lrii dfartwd tram duty
wi'h th arnrr itui!in, Atlantic tWt.
l,nt rtkmmaikicr Bulnv-r. la navj yard, Boaton,
Littit K. B Kmer. to ftrrci)
LmhM ';: ov Brad) J. 8, Hpora to Arkanm.'.
Vntign V. N. Bu. la N rrh (ar -'i.ia.
ra-mM A-st. Sunt. K. C. Metnoni, drta-hed ad
Tanvrd ta npniitkan. raciflc fW-rt. mannea, Marr
1' --! A Surs. R I. UmmhancH, to rap
m. : I headquarter, aan I 5T. Cai
Ar. Buif. I L-ehrfrtd. to n--rim-?ntal headquar
ter. San Diego, Cal.
I'aawd Aaaiatant Iajmat(-r U. H Cbew. to Ver
tOIML Oiirf Conatnirtor R l Watt, to t'-mponry
dutT rrynnretion Burwau iwirtrtiction and Rr mir
iWe from rnmma:idcr m-chitf Aalauc rli-:.
Manila. P. I.. DeeemlvT 12. 1914
Li-rut '"canmander I. E ThvleeB, to fleet en
iine-T. Asiatic Fleet.
Lieut. J M. PHle. to Cincinnati
Lieut. O H. Bnwdrr. to naral atation. Tnns-:
Li-nL .junior fradet O. T. Swrna-er. to Villal-Na.
llr-n S Ilckenns. to 4-7.
I"aat Aaaiataiit Sura. W A. An-rwin. to Montney
Aaatataat Nurg. I. B. UdletteT. to njval uta
tion. (lot.gano-
A-Aiiai;t Sur. W. H. Masaer. to Ptmpi t
Asaiatant Son. O & Suphetisoo. to na"l 'ta
ttoo, (aiite.
S. HiOQni. to naval atation. v-n
m-inv nt tl-. Wh:t Hi.tn;.- vntt.r.l9v af. ! '
terniMin nhin I h AmhunstHi.r frnm th 1 aVTld
Arcontine was received by the Prei- .
dent Invitations for the Annual Christ mas
I dance, to I1 Riven at th ITtgh'-and.
Mrs. Henry A. Klrby and Mis Kirby. ! und'r !h direction of Misfl N'atalio
of Providence. R. I., who pawed ia-t ' Dri '" '' M,ss u na Hitchcock, have
winter In Washington, have returned for f iS ! Tno othr r dresses are
the present season, and re-established J M,s rv-mt-.v A.iamv. Miss Mane Adams.
themnelvea at thf New Willard. - M ir': B"con. Mia Dorothv
j Brooks Miss Ann I.ran. Miss Lena
Mrs Iu1s Hertle. of Chicago and I Collins. Miss Harriet Confer. Miss Nath
Uunston Mall. Va.. is passins; several'1" Drlirw. Miss Krances Efflnger, Mias
dava ,: the Willard. Mra Hertle has Hildreth i;at-rood. Mias Nora Hill. Mis
with hr her guest. Mrs Harry Dousha- Lra Hit ! ' k- Mls" Hildegride Hurley,
day. Mr and Mrs. Hertle will keep Ms tarRarct Howard. Miss Holbrook.
ti-ir Virginia home open through the tlM Nam-y Jon. Miss Dorothy Mason.
holidays. Hiss Man s Murdock, Miss Helen Mc-
CurnlvT, Misa Marie Peary. Miss Ethel
Brir. (ira i.re M. Stemberir. V. S. Norrls, Mia." I.aui Smith. Mias Dorothv
A. retired, and Mrs Sternberr Rave a j Ta lo"- Miw Katht-rlne Th iss. and Misa
dinner Monday niht fr Representative ', Gcnevu-w Wai-h.
and Mrs. t. larenrc K. Miner, of Minne-
Mr. and Mrs. De Witt Parshall. of Xew
York, are at the New Willard for a stay
of indefinite length.
The Assistant Attorney General and
Mr-. Samuel Graham will give a tea
and danc n Rauscher's on Decembw
;'l to Introduce to society their daugh
t r. Miss Mary Graham.
Capt. and Mrs. George P.: (lark hav-
cmrda out for a dhustr .it the Arm-
! Navy Club, n honor of their debutante
daughter. Miss LeOuis Clark, on the
' evening of December XL
Representative and Mr. Jane R Mann
have retum-d from Illinois aid are at
their apartment in the Highlands
frsyna. is.;
The ladies of the Grant. Lincoln. inI
MoKinley circles, of the G. A. R. aTavs
. ilelightful reception to the national
president, Mrs. Mary A. Jameson, mho
in spt-nding a few days in Washington.
the cueait of Mrs. Milisin. 1210 N street.
The reception was given Monday even
ing at 8 o'clock. Those - the receiv
ing line were Miss Rose Jetton, presi
dent of Gr.int Circle : Mrs. Jeanne
Street, president of Lincoln circle;
Mrs MIIIiKun. president of McKInlev
circle; Mrs. Mida Peabody, and all past
presidents and officers. A musical pro-
r im was rendered by the following
The' Austrian Ambassador. Dr. Con- talent Mrs. Sara Deeds, reader. Mrs
stantin Theodor Dumba, and Mrs. Dum- Mary Sitz-Parker. pianist; Miss Stew-
ba attended the op. ra in New York Mon- ard. and Miss Krehchell. vocalists. The
day night, being guests of Mrs. Van- District commander. Dr. Gleeson, de-
derbllt in Box No. IL Mr and Mrs. K. livered an able address, also the assist-
Hgc-rton Webb were also ga sf of Mrs. i ant generaL Mr. oiroya and Mr. wiiiev.
Vanderbilt. Mme. Dumba wore a black patriotic instfuctor. gave
Mrs Swager Sherley has returned from
New York.
Mr. Gustave Scholle. long associated
with the American Legation in Havana.
and Mrs. Scholle have arrived at the New
Wi.lard. where they will stay some time.
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Johnson, well
known members of society from Cleve
land, are passing some time at the New
short ad-
rayni aster J
sapo brocade gown.
Iannaer R, B WraUake. to treatment. Ixapital. j
Mara Island. Owinae to n areat manv letters of good
Lient. Coi W r ' .wie to FVt Brisada. natured protest from those who are dele-
Marine Barrack. Philadelphia Rate of the conference of the Woman s
rapt. Marker Babb, to Firt Rntade. Marine Xational Dt-mocratlc Lue, the Pan- (
Earrarlta. Philadelphia. .American ball to be held at the Willard "Hare you ever thought seriously of
Cipr R B Cnjiey. Fint Rrigade. Marias I wk has bwn postponed till Janu- ' m)imafi, sil-r- -indeed. I have; ever
BamcKs, l niwneii-nia. i Tki. ... i ..un-einllv littlmr ml .. ... D-,--. Tr...int
Cart R B SiUman. to Fir-t Urtfa u-. aianne-iy . .;- j - . . TT Since me iriemuu. l.v """""
Barrartm, Philadoli-iia. 'It is the birthday or Anarew jacKSon.
Plrt Lki:t. L W. T Waller, r - Mtehifan. A'i those who hold tickets for the pre
FYrat Usst H L, Para-- ts !" itd uie. vioU8 date are entitled to tickets for the
Heoorul ut. . v. iae n-nr. .. . ....-. dato nQW t!ecidtd upon
inoc iwtii .!,
Morning Smiles.
serious Thnaiht.
Mv you ever thought seriously
Iliiladrllilu.. r. -!
.send Lint. L. . Waa. u WiJiinft.
A Line o' Cheer Each Day o'
the Year.
(Oopmsht. Ill '
(Coprrillit, bj McCliirc NfrrT SjnJicte )
When Crltlra with an arctic am-er
Would wantonly destroy my chaer
They but conflrm mo In its use
Serenely proof against abuse.
Ilia Soaaaoleat Periods.
Anxious Mother But. John, dear, when
do you find time to aleep?
John Oh. I'm taking four lecture
oouraaa. CornaU Widow.
Mrs. H. H. Downing, of Front Royal.
Va., Is spending several daya at thc N'ew
Willard to shop and see her Washing
ton friends.
Mra. I.. H. Sayre has come up from her
place at The Plains, Va., for a short
visit, and during her stay will be at the
Now Willard.
Hiss Carlota, de Pena, of Washington,
one of the several daughter, of the Min
ister from I'rugtiay, ia the house gueat
of Miss Kthel Faxon Hundley at the
town residence of her parents. Dr. and
Mrs. John Maaon Hundley, 1009 Cathe
dral atreet.
and Mrs. Morrii
Tork vivo ara
Rutherford, of
the early
Deferred Stwdy.
Youne Lady How is it you don't coma
to Sunday school. Katie?
Katie Oh. please, miss, I'm learning
Fr ii. h and music now. and mother
doesn't wish me to take up religion till
later. -Boaton Tranacrlpt.
I.lneaare a.d Logic.
Tha Walter (to the housemaid) Well,
'ere's me, with two brothers and a cousin
in Portland rrUon. and three slaters tn
Paddinaton workus, and then th first
question strangers always asks dm Is.
"Waiter, are you a German?" Sketch.
I'p Agala.t It.
Crawford Do your country couains
semi you anything at Christmas to re
member them by?
Crabahaw-1 should say they did! Its
generally a telegram saying they're go
ing to spend the holidays with us Judge.

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