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The Largest
Morning Circulation
In Washington
NO. 2989.
ONE CENT Is. " mm
Vfi.1 lt V-XJX1 X Tb.r.1.. ELSE WHERE TWO I
7 Shopping
If fillet Falls Across Border,
U. S. Soldiers Will Be
on Them.
I utvniCTAU rutmrun i
Representative Crosser and
Dr. Wiley Address Com
mittee of Forty.
Sends Same Message to Gen.
Hill, Who Commands
Carranza Men.
"People Worst Snobs in the
Country," Is Charge of
Gen. Hugh Scott Leaves for Naco.
Maytorena Says He Will With
draw Troops from Border.
Xaco, Ariz.. Deo. 16. "If a singly bul
let from either Maytorena's or Hill's
troops falls on American soil, regardless
of whether or not any one is wounded,
Washingtonians Have No Civic Pride
or Duty, Pure Food Expert
Tells 'Members.
While residents of the District ap-
I plauded wildly, two speakers Repre
, sentative Robert Crosser, of Ohio, and
, ' Dr. Harvey W. Wiley-said that Wash-
responsible from the fate of the earth." ington is the most unpatriotic city in
This was the ultimatum served in per-1 the country, and that its people are the
son by Gen. Tasker H. Blis, command-' worst snobs anywhere,
ins the American forces here, on Senor , The speeches were made at the Public
Cirilio Ramterex, personal representative Library, where the Committee of Forty
of Gov. Maytorena. j held a meeting in the Interest of suffrage
The conference took place at 7 o'clock I for the District. Those who attended the
tonight in Gen. Bliss' headquarters tent. ' meeting seemed to enjoy the .roasting
It is understood a similar warning has ' they got.
been Bent to Gen. Benjamin G. Hill, the' "What you want is the key to the
Carranzista commander defending Xaco. ' Municipal Building," said Representative
Sonora. Gen. Bliss told Senor Ramierex Crosser. "If you had the proper spirit,
that he. Gen. Bliss, alone would decide you would ask for it. Washington is no
which side was responsible and against different from a State capital. If it is
both if he considered it advisable.
The Maytorena envoy was told that
three additional regiments of infantry
were en route to Naco as well as three
batteries of artillery and a dozen more
field guns. "I will have an artillery
force of twenty-four guns, between 4..VW
at d .".nuo men, and plenty of machine guns
to enforce the order," said Gen. Bliss to
I . S. Tired of Shootlnc.
"The United State? government is sick
and tired of the shooting into American
territory, an I am here to stop It"
Senor Ramierez was informed that if
Maytorena would withdraw his troops
from before Naco and abandon his posi
tions he would thus avert a conflict with
the 1'nited States. If Maytorena would
do this at once. Gen. Bliss said, he would
issue orders halting the three regiments
of infantry and three batteries of artil
lery now en route to Naco from Texas
City and Fort Sill.
Confident assertion was made here Wst
night from a source in close touch with
right for those cities to have self-government,
it is right that you should have
Tag in Stranger's Coat Starts Real.
Sure Enough Furor But It
Wa 1908 Model.
Winston. Churchill, first lord of the
! British admiralty, has tn Washington
a double who wean a London tailored
coat, the name tag of which bears the
lnspription. "Winston Churchill, Esq."
When this fact became known in one
of the big downtown hotels here yes
terday a flurry of excitement and
speculation rapidly spread from hotel
manager, through lesser officials and
waiters to the guests In the cafe and
almost suspended gastronomic activi
ties for some time.
A tall, fairly slender, distinguished
looking stranger, of pronounced Eng
lish characteristics, walked through
the promenade, hung up his coat and
ordered tea in the dining-room. He
bore a striking resemblance, according
to the manager of the hotel, to Win
ston Churchill. Several newspaper
men covertly gave the stranger the
"once over" and confirmed the original
verdict. An enterprising check man at
the coat rack peeped into the inside
pocket of the stranger's coat. The
namo strip, affirming the tailoring of
a London firm, bore the inscription.
"Winston Churchill, Esq., December 4,
That the stranger was not the first
lord of the British admiralty was de
termined later. That, If traveling In
cognito on a desperate diplomatic mis
sion, ho would not have been lounging
around so public a place, would seem
obvious. But, if the stranger is not
Winston Churchill, where did he get
the coat? And, it was suggested, if
he is Winston Churchill, why is he
wearing a 1008 model?
. . .
Hundreds Flee Coast Towns
Following A ttack from Sea
gAAAA fr fr 4 sfc Aff
Valparaiso, Chile, Dec. 16. The German cruiser Dresden has sunk
a British cruiser and seriously damaged another, according to a dispatch
received here today from Punta Arenas.
The report says that after the Dresden left Punta Arenas Sunday
she was chased by a British cruiser. She waited for her pursuer. Both
vessels opened fire and during the engagement another British vessel
made its appearance. The Dresden sunk one and damaged the other.
The Chilean government so far has no confirmation of the report.
Reports have reached Washington that the British cruiser Bristol
left Punta Arenas on Monday in pursuit of the Dresden, and it is possible
that this is the vessel reported to have been sunk.
Snobbish City.
in Congress wouldn't do
Former President Would Increase Reg
ulars 25 Per Cent and Build
Up Navy and Militia.
East Orange. N. J.. Dec. W Former
any good. The newspapers can do more i.residtnt William Howard Taft. address
ing an audience of 2.000 at the Woman's
Club here today, declared that the stand
ing army should be increased 15 per cent,
United States for snobbery- Most of i and tnat thc navy must be kept up to a
you do not want the great majority of . high standard.
Eluding British Fleet and Picking Way Through Mine Fields,
German Cruiser Squadron Hurls Shells Into Hartlepool,
Scarborough, and Whitby, on East Coast of England.
Death Toll Is Heavy Among Noncombatants, Late Ad
' vices Indicating that Probably More Than 1 00 Civilians
Were Killed and Many More Wounded Only One of
Attacked Towns Was Fortified Hospitals, Churches,
and Houses Wrecked by Projectiles. ,
Warships Shell Westende, Dis- Russian Attacks East of Ma
trading Attention from surian Lakes Prove
Land Attack. Failure.
good than four delegates could do. You
need local self-government.
"Washington is the worst city in the
others to vote. The people who howl
loudest against Congress arc the ones
who do not want self-government.
"'If District property were properly as
sessed and valued, it would be an caBy
matter to raise money to pay taxes here.
I have been given credit for voting
against the abrogation of the half-and-
half principle, but I voted only against
taxing industry here.
People Without Pride.
"No investigation is needed to establish
the right of self-government here. It is
a ridiculous .idea. We are living under a
"General peace is the near future is a
dream," he stated.
"We should, have a better militia.
Bryan said recently that a million men
would spring up between sunrise and sun
set if a call was sent out for men to go
to war. But 1 tell you we would not have
arms fur this million men, and neither
v. ould we have enough ammunition for
them. It takes some time to make ammu
nition, and it also takes about six months
to train a man in army tactics.
"Our navy up to a few years ago com
pared with any atloat. but it needs to be
kept up to the standard. Our navy is like
Special (able t. Tbe Unklimi Herald.
London, Dec. 16. Germany daringly attacked England herself
After a dash across the Xorth Sea on a misty night, a German
'flotilla bombarded Hartlepool, Scarborough, and Whitby, on the east
j coast of England, early this morning.
Some fifty person- are known to have been killed, while the num
jber of injured runs well over 100. Churches were ruined and hotels,
j dwellings, and stores were destroyed by the bombardment, which
I endured forty minutes, after which the Germans steamed northward
; from Scarborough.
. Hundreds fled in panic while the invaders' projectiles thundered
Aided by the Belgians, They 200,000 Muscovites Killed or anci burst, setting on fire the structures they had wrecked. Others
Captured Within Fort- j took refuge in cellar-.
Tlie shells of the bold cruisers, which had slipped through the
Press Forward to
night, Says Berlin.
French Claim Successes Around Ypres
and in the Woevre
dcid hand in the 1'nited States anywa
the government in .Mexico City that the ' Some dav the people of the world will I H woman's hat-it needs constant care
firing over the tcorder at Naco. which get over the idea that they must have , iind attention. It must be changed every
has resulted in the killing and wounding their hands tied by laws,uaed before ycar-'
of mure thaiu fifty American citizens of their birth. We havenf ,emment
thc Arizona town, will be prevented in unless, by a majority vote, we can
the future through, orders issued yester
day by President Gutieirez to Gen. May.
torcna, of the forces attacking Naco.
According to this information. Mayto
rena lias been ordered to withdraw five
change our laws at any tune."
"People here are indifferent to things
that concern them." said Dr. Wiley, "We
have become indifferent o civic pride and
duty, it is natural; if you deprive peo-
niilcs from Naco, in order to prevent, pie of their lights for forty years, so
further firing across thc international that they cannot exerefcse their powers,
Itordcr. These orders have been given they will become atrophied. We cannot
in such a manner, according to The use the powers that make people patri
Jlerald's informant, that Gen. Maytorena I ots; we are the least patriotic of any
will comply with them strictly.
Tin information came after the an
nouncement that Brig. Gen. Hugh L.
Scott. Chief of Staff of the Army, had
iceen ordered tn the scene of trouble with
a view to using his personal influence
and wide experience to prevent further
trouble. Gen Scott, whose previous bor
der experience resulted in his acquiring
a strong Influence over Villa, left yester
day, and will arrHe Saturday. His de
tail meets with the desirts of Gen. Bliss,
who is m command of the troops at thc
sable-red OaVcer of Bulwark An
reeled Threatened to Wreck Ship.
London (by mail). Ilec. !. Belief is
expressed here that Gen. Christian de
Wet the leader of the reliellious Boers,
has been secretly tried by court-martial
and executed. In this connection a story
is told that Kin; George as asked by
a member of thc royal famil. Just after
the South African rebellion broke out.
"l ouiu nappen to !e Wet If cap
tured. The King is said to have replied:
"They will shoot the swine when they
catch him."
It is learned that a former officer of
the warship Bulwark, which was, blown
up at Sheerness last month, with the
loss of between 700 and 800 lives ),.
Ieen arrested. Ho is allei-,,1 . I
threatened to blow up the ship after be
ing cashiered.
people In the country. Wc arc a body
of men and women without civic rights
or duties.
"We will not develop a jwtrintic race:
our children will be.- less patriotic than
we. They will have no idea of giving
anything to their country. W will, with
out civic duties, bring up a race of un
patriotic and uncivic peorle."
Dr. A. J. McKelway, chairman of the
Committee of Forty, introduced the
speakers, and made a short address.
Turkeys, Cranberries, Celery, Holly,
and Christmas Trees Lower Than
Last Season.
Chicago, Dec. Hi Christmas will come
"Good, Snappy Shopping'' Weather"
Will Be Today's
"Good, snappy shopping weather," said
the forecaster la.-t night, when asked
what Washington may expect today and
tomorrow. He predicted that it will be
fair today, and probai.. Friday, with
light, variable winds.
The coldest mark of the winter was
reached yesterday morning at 7 o'clock,
when the thermometer at the Weather
Bureau registered M.G degrees above
xero. Downtown thermometer's showed
the mercury at eight degrees.
Below zero temperatures were recorded
in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, the Da
kotas, the Middle West, West Virginia,
and Northern Virginia. The lowest tem
perature was registered at Bismarck, N.
Dak., where It was twenty-six degrees be
low. ,
l.lghlalnK Flaahra shore. d Brother
and Mhinilmirru. Boy Testifies.
New York, Dec. 16. A living picture of
cheaper this year, commission men an-lrlo5n -"". tarmer ooy. making love
nounced today. Prices for practically all I to MrB Catharine Randall, a young
the Christmas trimmings are below what j school-teacher, on the slippery roof of
Dad paid last ycar. the Castle farmhouse, in Parishvllle, St.
Turkevs should retail at JZ cents a Lawrence County, was produce! for Su-
pound or slightly lower, thc commission I preme Court Justice Whttaker today by
men sky. Cranberries and celery are ! fifteen-year-old Harold Castle, brother of
cheaper than last year. Thc price of j-Floyd, and former pupil of Mrs. Ran
holly has been cut in two. and Christmas j dall. The schoolmarm Is being sued for
divorce by William II. Randall, Jr. who
trees are
on thc market in unusual
l..i Holiday Fares to all Points south.
Tickets now on sale. Six through
trains dally. Southern Railway. Ticket
offices. 703 15th St.. 90r, F St. N. W.
Phone M. 1211. Adv.
is a schoolmaster.
Mrs. Randall faced her former pupil as
he told how flashes of lightning revealed
to him the forms of his brother and Mrs.
Randall on thc shingle roof, locked in
each other's arms. In this position they
remained, the youthful witness said, in
spite of rain that was faNlng in torrents.
Justice W hi taker refused to award the
husband a divorce, holding the evidence
Special I'sbls to The Washington Hall. I.
Paris. Dec. IS By the co-operation of
the British fleet with the land forces,
the allies today were able to push their
advance northeast of Nleuport to the
seaeoast in tbe vicinity of Westende.
Thc warships, lying off the German
iwsitlons in Westende, poured an Inces
sant hail of shells Into the town. Tills
served to distract a portion of the Ger
man land forces and enabled the allies
to gain more ground in their march to
ward Ostcnd, part of the general plan
believed to have been launched with the
resumption of the offensive throughout
Flanders and Eastern France.
The action extended from a point north
east of Nleuport, through the district
about the town of Lombaertxyde, and
to a point on the coast a few miles from
where the shells were crashing Into
Westende. Tbe brunt of the fighting
was borne by thc British and Belgians.
Asraacr to the Sea.
The success of the bombardment and
Its dependent land movement was chron
icled in the 11 o'clock official commu
nique. The afternoon communique had
announced only that the British were
vigorously bombarding Westende, and
this statement was supplemented in the
later bulletin, which said:
" Slight progress has been made as far
as the seaeoast northwest of Nleuport."
At other points in Flanders the day
was much in favor of the allies. A
counter attack by the Germans on the
Belgian position at St. George's was re
pulsed, the Belgians throwing the Ger
mans back and following up their ad
vantage by occupying some farms on the
left flank of Tser, which have consider
able! strategic value.
Me Along Rallvvav.
To the southeast of Ypres progress was
made along the railroad line running to
U Bassec. This field of action has been
fought over again and again, with first
one side and then the other stubbornly
holding to each foot of territory and
yielding only after fierce onslsughts.
Around St. Elol the battle raged with
especial ferocity, and here, although the
allies are reported to have made prog
ress, it is referred to by the war office
as "not so perceptible as at other points."
The afternoon official communique
claims victories for the allies in artllle.y
engagements In the region of Arras, in
the region of the Aisne. and In Cham
pagne. French successes in the Woevre
district also are claimed.
British fleet and the guardships and dodged the mines thickly strewn
CAPTIVES TOTAL 47S 000 MEN ! in tne 'ortn Sea, 'I'd heavy damage in Scarborough, a famous water
ing place.
The gun flashes indicated that four big warships were firing.
One shell that has been picked up was twelve inches in 'diameter and
thirty-three inches long.
Htirriedlv called bv
Official Statement Takes Optimistic
View of Teuton Positions in
Both Theaters of War.
Athens, Dec. 16. -Greek Christians are
being massacred by Turks at Aivali,
Asia Minor. Houses have been pillaged
in the suburbs and shops In the town
itself had been set on fire.
Aivali is a town of 20,000 people on
the Gulf of Adramyti. Most of its n-
habitants are Greeks.
Chrlatuaas Holiday excursion fares to
all points via Norfolk at Western Ry
Inquire 141 N. Y. Ave. Adv.
F. A. Thompson Performs Thrilling
Feat in Cold.
New York, Dec. 1;.-Rraving a high
wind and the terrific cold. F. A. Thomp
son, an aviator of the Army Reserve
Corps, ascended to a height of 5.000 feet
over the government aviation field In
Oakland Heights, Staten Island, today
and made four complete loop-the-loops
before reaching the ground.
Thompson, who has been flying for
only four months, la the fourth United
States army aviator who has accom
plished the looping feat.
Berlin. Due, lfi (wireless to Sayvillc.
L. L). In the western arena of war sev
eral French attacks In Flanders were re
pulsed. The French also were driven
back to the northwest of Altklrch. where
they suffered considerable losses.
In the eastern war theater the Russian
attacks to the east of the Masurian Lake
district were defeated. The German of
fensive in Poland is continuing nor
mally. ""
In (he last fortnight of fighting in
Poland the Russians have lost 200,000
men, and their offensive is now complete
ly broken down. The eldest son of the
German imperial chancellor has been se
verely wound, d and captured by the
Russian. ..
B.OOO Muscovites ruptured.
Austrian advances in the Carpathians
resu.ted in the capture of 9.000 Russians
and ten machine guns, Several Russian
regiments have been withdrawn from ac
tion owing to cholera.
Russia's armies in Poland have lost
3O.0W) men, including 80,000 prisoners,
who have been brought to Germany.
This official German estimate was made
public today In a review of the military
operations Issued at the war office.
Referring to the Russian losses, the
statement said:
"We arc able to estimate pretty safely
the total of Russian losses in Poland.
They amount to the total of 300.000 men.
Including 80,000 prisoners who have been
transported to Germany."
Total Captives 47.1,0(10.
The official review also states that the
total number of unwounded Russian
prisoners taken by the Germans and Aus
trians Is 475,000.
It asserts that the Germans are making
satisfactory progress in Poland, and con
tinues :
"Latest reports from the German and
Austrian commanders mention Lowlcx as !
the center of operations. This indicates I
a frontal advance against the Russians
behind the Bxura River.
"Important news omes from Western
Gallcla, where tbe Austrlans are contin
uing their offenshc. The success of this
movement Is apparent. In that they have
compelled the Russians to retreat from
thc Carpathians and forced them north
"The Russians realize that further suc
cesses of the Austrlans are likely to en
danger their whole wing, which seems to
bo crowded together."
Private Estimates Show Death
List Is Longer Than Of
ficial Report Admits.
Churches, Hospitals, Homes,
Ship Yards, and Gas
Works Wrecked.
Railroad Damaged. Thousands Faf
Afoot, Following German
Sparlal Cable to Tt Washington Herald.
London, Dec. 1S.-A statement issued
by the war office tonight reveals the
fact that the greatest loss of life from the
bombardment occurred at Hartlepool,
where seven soldiers and twenty-two
civilians were killed and fourteen sol
diers and fifty civilians were wounded.
The statement says.
"At S a. m. today tare enemy abauu
wesa. status, off Hartlaaeui and at t:l
they commenced a bombardment. The
ships appeared to be two battle cruisers
wireless, British warships hastened down ' and ne, armored cruia-
ne iai.a Daitenes replied
irom tne nearest points to attack tne raiaers, wnose auacK naa not
It Is re
ported that they hit and damaged the
enemy. Thc firing ceased at 8:50 when
the enemy steamed away.
-No Gist Uavmaged.
"None of our guns was touched. One
sh'II fell in the lines of the royal en-
Only Hartlepool has a Durham ht Infantry. The casualtiea
oiiiuiipi me iiu.ips were even Kiuea ana
been unexpected by the naval authorities and experts. But the Ger
man squadron, made up of their fastest cruisers, escaped in the mist.
While England has apprehended an attack from the air, thi-
demonstration has caused the most intense surprise and thc fiercest gineers and several in the lines of the
anger that unfortified cities were attacked
1 S, . ilia mAtirri - K n noi?
nine id i 4xi ua uwisaai . i...- .. fourteen wounded.
The alarm that spread throughout the kingdom resulted in calling i """ damage was done to the town.
. .., , ,. -v- , it .11 . Tn Sas works were fired. During the
out the national reserves at Nottingham. In many other places units , homhuIinntn p,clalIy at wt H.r
of artillery and infantry were sent to their stations, in preparedness to tiepooi. the people crowded the streets,
resist attack. The number of attacking force has been variously esti- Approximately twenty-two were killed
mated at from three to six cruisers. It also is believed to have in-, n.dAtf,h anteime a battle cruiser
eluded a submarine. Necessarily there is no information on this point and an armored cruiser appeared oft
vet. The attack began at Hartlepool about 8:05 o'clock this morning, "borough. The,- fired fifty shots and
" , call ..id PAnjilnrahl., HaTnana TtklvAAk
f iaLliJ Ti. I"1 t 1 -a-awauwM ' 1 1 - t a : I a ' . - 'iniuaj,r
WDCn most oi tne people were at oreaniiasi. it was hkx a doh irom :
a clear sky. Most persons thought a thunderstorm had arisen. In all. :
i ' about thirty shells fell in Hartle-
Mikado Offers Aid to Russian Em
peror and Latter Accepts. Of
ficials Declare.
Special Cahla to The Waahinflon Herald.
Petrograd. Dec. IS. Emperor Yoshihito,
of Japan, has offered to send Japanese
troops to fight side by side with the
Russians against the Germans, accord
ing to reliable reports here, and it Is
understood that the proffer has been ac
cepted. Russian newspapers have been forbid
den to publish this news, but a Rus
sian official practically confirmed it to
day. All German forces have been driven
from the Mlawa region, according to thc ;
war office report announced today, and
the Russian offensive against the Thnrn
Soldau front has been resumed. The Ger
mans have been thrown back across the
Hast Prussian border.
At other points on the battle front thc
Russians have maintained their positions.
pool. It is reported twenty-nine I
persons were killed there and many j
Makes Tiro-hour Tour of F Street
Shopping District.
President Wilson has heeded the "shop
early" signs.
Accompanied by members of the White
House household and several of the
Secret Service men, he made a tour of F
street yesterday- afternoon in search of
sundry seasonable gifts. visiUng one of
the big department stores, two Jewelry
shops and two book stores.
The shopping tour took about two
Hotel Waaailwk. .w York Cltr.
Comfort Without Extravagance. Adv.
casualties are reported.
"At Whitby two battle cruisers fired
shots, doing damage to buildings. Two
persons were killed and two wounded."
I.oas of Life Heavy.
Hartlepool. England. Dec. IS. Estl-
When the German flotilla sailed mat" by th' men who helped to "'
to tne mortuary tne ooaies or persons
trom 'Hartlepool It dropped mines, w by the German bombardment of
with the purpose of preventing pur- ' t'is tw today place the casualties
suj( mucli hlgli-r than the official state
ment. These men say that forty per
Fall to Wreck Wireless. j sons were killed and more than 100
At Searborough the evident purpose of wounded,
the attack was to destroy the wireless , In one op, n space 300 yards from tbe
station, bat It failed of its object. At Grand Hotel, m the ocean front, a
the first sound of the firing people rushed single shell burst over a group of slx
from their houses to the seashore. ! teen people, ws ihing the warships. It
they could see were flashes from the di.- ; killed lifte, n of them, the other waa a
tant guns. But when the shells began school boy whose rfirht arm was cut
to fall they fled in the other direction, i off.
many of them to the railway station to The bombardment lasted approximately
take a train for Hull. About fifty pro- one hour, b, -inning it S o'clock, Inime
jectiles fell in Searborough. Among the I diatety there he'gan .1 mad rush to ea
buildlngs that suffered were the elab- j oaDe ''iland. Scenes comparable to those
orate sea-bathing establishment. St. C -' f Belgium arero en.icted all day for
lumbus' Hospital. All Saints' Church an I rn,1,s ',oni; '""v ru:l'1 "ctween here and
the parish hospital. Darungton, tnenty-ttvo miles to the
Shells fell in private houses, and it i.- i we?t
estimated eighteen persons were killed! T' 8hells s,ru,k the railway track,
and many more wounded. In one hou.e nlv one traln' whlch lcft -""id a
a family of six was wiped out The ; drur of shells, got away. All the
town hall wa, nnlv rt,,H v-rIV j available automobile, were commandeer-
" "-' ... -,.... .......- .
Doctors Speak of Serious Sore Throat
Following Diphtheria Crown
Prince at Bedside.
Specia. Carle to The WaMat;c Herald.
Paris. Dec. 16. A Journal Madrid dis
patch says:
"Reliable news received here says Em
peror William's condition, although re
corded by the bulletins as improved, is
giving great anxiety.
"His doctors speak of a serious sore
throat, following diphtheria, which the
Emperor contracted during a visit to the
eastern front."
Geneva, Dee. !. A Berlin dispatch
cennrm. the reports that the condition
of the Kaiser la serious.
The crown prince tor to present is
remaining in Berlin.
every window in the town was broken
The gas works were set on fire and a
shell passed through thc window of
Lloyd's bank.
Shell Ulata Crater.
One shell dug a great crater In Vic
toria road. The firing was directed right
across the harbor and extended to the
suburb of Falsgrave. where a huge chim
ney of the brick works was destroyed.
A hole was blown in the roof of All
Saints' ChJrch at Falsgrave. and a num
ber of sh'lls fell in the vailey close to
Oliver's Mount.
Holy communion was being celebrated
in St Martin's Church when two shells
struck the edifice, but the congregation
remained calm, although two men oui-
s.de the church were killed. There are
fifty, wounded In the Scarborough hospi
tal. Shells fell three miles inland.
The people of Whitby saw only two
warships. They appeared off that town
cd for women and children, but a great
majority had to walk.
Tonight the streets are thronged with
crowds viewing the ruins. There aru
very few women to be seen. The dam
age is much more serious than at first
thought. It probably will exceed tS.OOO,
QUO. Shells Wreck Gai Works.
Shells penetrated three gas reservolra,
and the escaping gas burst into flamea.
Before an alarm could be turned in the)
French Aviators Drive Teutoa
Forces from Forest.
Paris. Dec. IS. Flying from their sta
tion in a gale, French airships today
bombarded German troops in the forest
of HouthoUt.
They dropped many bombs and killed
a number of German soldiers who war
compelled to flee from the forest.

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