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American League 1914 Pitching Marks Rank Walter Johnson Third
Are the Pick of the Best
Popular as Gloves are as gifts, you want to be
very sure of the Gloves you give.
The Perkins stock is protection. Our Gloves are
made expressly for us here and abroad and every .
pair is critically inspected. So we are in a position to
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Perkins, F at Fourteenth
Race Results and Entries.
T II.T KM F -vcttiar - thrw- t phi -old-, atari ill
airf: tin- aim) a half furiooca. Row Kteff. o.rd: 'HP
(Acton). 3M to 1. 6 loS. 1 tt t. won: Rift Nftaon.
' iSteen-i. ?- lo 1. 8 to 5. Mcond Duk !.
(Loudcri. to S. third Tunc. 161-?. Ntne
Hob. aoi i vono tharVt. J. Hrrcv Rat Martn
sob. Amit. La TazadtTa. A?utra. Taro-It liin.
Aoio .irl and t'oaailon iIh ran.
SkVOND RACK xlllna:: tbrrr-yar-tldi. and urv
aaa.. tcilr. In. .in. KB (Hoffman'. 12 to 1. 3 to 1.
." to C. won itiisinaUT. JO iMolcorth. 3 'o 1,
ti I 1. rcronJ: l-al IntXttnn" Kj t Acton), crsn,
il.rtt Time 1M Kthtl Wicau. lh.li-4ina, I'olU.
Visck Tiii . Ban Mtnco. Iaie Montgomery, and
I, .-ri.V-j alao ran.
THllUi RACC-Rrtthag: two-yrar-oldi: tin and a
lull furioiik'-. illaha. lO (Mrtcalfi. 3 lo 2. 1 to
1. oat, mm; T; i . lM tMcTabei, 3 to 1. crcn. w
. ri . t anic ( ti m 1C3 H anoll '. 1 u:. third. Tune.
1.-36. Ikrt HrotrMr. Moe.ta. and Bill) Joe aU
HH UTM RACE- rue aii-l a half fmlor.t.
HalfM. 1I (U Btict.i. 10 to 1. 3 to 1. I 5. aoo;
Chalk, 1(0 M-rtin. S to 1. T to IS. tar-onrl: Mater.
RC (OBaluni. 1 to -. third. Thnr. 1 -C 1A. ood
Udvc, TlicodoriW, Ada Ann. Ibarra? ik?. nnd trb
a! md. t
K1ITH RACE lic aroj a lialf furlongs Marl
Loo, 93 Aciwii. 4 to 1. 1 to 1. urn. won. AmmbJ
Interact, Hi? .u'Bri-rni, f to 1. to 5. mean I 1ie
LamamX, Ml ,Moft 1 l "-' ! Tunc, 1 :J3 1 a
Arntic ObtL Antnaid. tjiliforaia Ja.4. Kriti.n
H.. IO' Mar. t oniifliilii. Ii-lii KavgW,
.air-hurt nd Tight Bv ti tan.
MXTH RACB -.tnt mile. WaWCtaag. I (Aetna
C in i, to 5. 4 in j. won . Dryad, W iCaJlaaaa
.. t- 1. 6 to 5. -nond: Hiffh Mirct, KG Hil-eeal,
rirn. thii-1. Tiaie. I -13 &. T)Kma Hare, Hard
Ball Trie indcr. Brando. BU knatr. and Name
clKr ate' tan.
1 IRsT BJVCB Sil'mi thne-car-M. aa up
ard: aercn finlnnjl. Frrrla J(n.n 5j. rll.
180. Ambri. )C2: Hoisitixton. 103: 1-1 l'iirr. )0S.
K41 Mnii' li Ni' Vfoarur. )05 BU.-k KtMft, 16
r.,.td,l' j. Alict t)M. 5: I'.triot. 101;
l-.iKiul Hall. NT Golf Ball Mi.
SFI'OND RACE Srllitis thit- (ar)M ami up
wat'l: cm- mi). "Tnjljbrc. 107: 'Jllur K .a.!. W3.
-.-iin-lli. W3: Wlllr Matdun.m. I0; MaaMU, IC
THIRI HAt'F. ncIIiiic: Iw ytar-otaW; (Iff and a
1H fnrloiio . lyaW.n. 1"8. i:ci1nil K.
1C8- Rarjaril. 1CJ. Vcata. Wa. Bnij J.Juwm Ifli.
I. la l-iiia'k. 103: II v MS: Enrlda. 103 ili.rr.
Want, IC: Sam nVrthanf. WS. Pctil TIVu. 1C7:
HlrtaBr. MT: tTicfTon. Me. Mol' 11 Ante. MO: rjWnn)
.-tl: t
u.iil. 10".. Ai Ma. Hi:: Sir Ukr. H. 'Utt Uoa.
1 Inrl. :; 111
I'lKTH tUCB-SdUaa ll't -. .1 .Mi aad n.
j'ri: tiv ,.-!. .. !',1f fiuloiigv "TlKjiitbt leader. 58
;: . e rim m Wijk1. MB: I'.uinrhai.i
KC; j Till:. 03: Bar Tni.rir.1. 103: Vr-ibl. . 10"
J. .In. Hi'i )( Vi. Bt.r. !!: B!om 110 Oa
"...nil. IP : liiv-r Jirrjuir iir
TH IIAI'K HcWm lUrrr ,i,r-,M. 111.I
aaaf ru- tavlaafa. 'Kli- lircn. l: Andrew
. fl'INi,. 110 T.mneai. 100. -mtini. H;J. I'jlma. 113:
l.i. laDAi'i. IOC. Ketfr. rtU. !!". 107 Wimfr.il
li ; V'. :'-:. ir.-:i. 1; I N. Kinnun.
1TRST RAt K-- ndlins thTi
Kirg Ri
iif jrar-oWs od up-
dford. Ill (TroiWf.
to 1. 5to ;. C to 5. won; Ortjx. 109 iMnruhj).
f to i. aw io 1, MTCotid: tr Frrtfiil. Ill (DaS1l
t t- 6, third. Time, 1:17. Urwhcrc, Nicadoo
Kthrlbut.: II. t'coatcr. Bill Muart. Jcuiu Loui-c
'lrctTlt. Jintcctor Lotndf, Col. Brotin
bath io ran.
rtECOlfD R.TK-H.tlmi.. thrt cat -ok. and u(J
war.i; tu iMaBta Fred Levy. 11: tr-iirin'. to
t to 5. a to H won. York Lad. 1U Keagh.
J W I ecn, 'nd; Aatrologrr. 117 iManwtrri.
T to af, third. Time. 1 J6 Z i .Mcesta. AuU Kcn
aedjr, Tramformaiton, Rillv OaRaaa, laaaaa, Knight
of I'ncaa, lUiduiido. Crisco. Vcncta tiumc, and
Ben Loral altu ran.
THIItli RACE -Stlhug; handicap; for all agw.
tb t rloigf Ancon, MB JSai.rlhl, 5 to U. 4 to
3. - io j. won; .Niucflcr. NO i on nor), J to I,
3 to . rond Shrrwood. 117 i.NoUdi. 1 to ;
third. Time. 113-5. Vilrj. Bnar Path. Id
dannr .1. Vorfcvillr. and C Hct It alm ran. Ln
dauntcd lort rider.
FtiricTn RACK-.RnndlEaa: all ase one arita
aid tevral Md. tlitT FV-Id. 10, iUnnriyt, 3 l
i - m . cttt. op: l"oil H. 106 i-m.l!i). 7 to
George Washington Basket
ball Team Wins Hard-fought
Qame by 27 to 23 Score.
Hatchetites, Outclassed in First Half.
Come Back Strong in Second
and Tie Score. .
(-"umijic I'fom bfi.nd ufter beins com
I It t l outclasaod tn all d)aartmenu of
tli. same with the Gallaudet live .mt
niRht, the durRe Vaahinton quint mun
cMtt'd to win out after an extra perk),
r: to 2i
The Kendall Greener had things ftjMaT
own way in the opening chapter, when
thilr .i curate passim? completdx baffled
the Buff and Blue team: but after th-t-hort
intermission Coach Schlosacr bo s
took the floor, showlna; a complete re
versal of form, quickly Jumping "P th
score, win h stood Z to ." against them,
to an v n basis at 13 to IC. from whert
tbe battle 'aged nip and tuck until the
whistle ended the half with the xcore
standi nc IC all.
Rockwell and Classeu. with three and
two baskt-ts from th. floor respectively.
ifil thi yrnriniT fr I ho lisiOr.1 Ihn Hi-hl
WwU (period, while the former also shot thre
Bodif. irom me toui line, hnaver pro-tJ
lo be the only Q. W. man who could o
:ite the lasket. shooting the only aoal
from the flor resrlatered by bis tciim. al
though Almon dropped in thrtc from the
inner circle.
Th Buff and Blue went Into the second
period with the old do r die spirit, tak
ink the leadem by cumplet surprine.
playing them off their feet and quick!..
tying the score. Johnson, the lanky ren
ter of the winners. Jumped fcto the llme
liaht. sending the ball shooting through
te rneshea, tlnee Uynea in rapid UaceavJaoa
art n they were most nevded, and, .
together with Almon, Manager Murray,
who had Tak n Br ant's position, nn-1
Johnson Ranks Third
Among A. L. Slab Men
Dutch Leonard, Boston Southpaw, Heads the List Walter
Shows igain He Is Glutton for Punishment.
Other Gossip.
By WILLIAM pi. l.
Official pitching averagpa or the Ameri
can Leaf-ue. Juat made public, show
Walter Johnaon Third among the Ban
Johnsoa circuit hurlera. Duth lon
ard. of the Boston Red .Sox. who hung
up the remarkable record or allowing
only twenty-live earned runs In in t-3
Innings, almost twenty-live complete
sanies, leads the list.
A total or thlcty-rour runs rre made
off the Red jx sTar during the year.
hut nine were unearned, and hs aver
larity. But ihe pla)era. it would se:;v
liav mi ....... ... . i. . i.. .
rrr tasi r to set a larae t ariio. ,.r Die
spoils. A a result or theae condition'
the club owners in the mSor and minor
leagues have h-en torced to reduc, -
penaes. Th- teama next scaxun will carry I
a smaller number or playt-ra on Use
payrolls than ever before. The mirwr :
Itasaaa have derided to n! salaries right ,
an.i lert, and hundreds ut youns m n
ill (ind themselves unable to obtain
iraseball engagements. M.anwhile the
puhlie is growing weary or strir.- and i
inclined to discredit the game itself.
P'B-Th: Gift Store for Men and Little Men
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"His" fift at P. B.'s.
The Avenue at Ninth
age earned runs .per game amounted Heine persons fear ihjt there will be a i
to Just 1.01. A year ago Walter John -Mb tailing off in receipts next season.
son finished the season with a mark of which will mean Wire hardship, for 'he
1.0. which was discussed as one of tbejntin of the diamond '
greatest pitching performances ,of years. I
IO jmmauii ! creuil 11 must ue UIO 7 CD llaaaa 7Q B.,.. IX
that he pitched In 117 more Innings in ',"" IeCTa l OeaTS, lJ
113 than Leonard did last season, but
toe Boston fllns.r worked often enough
to make his average stand out aa re
markable. The American League pUchinc aver
ages, unlike the National Laaujnse g
urea. do not contain the records or vic
tories and dereats b yeach pitcher. While
the system or rating pitchers by aver-1
age number of earned runs per game
gives a better line on their effective
ness, there can be no denying that a
most interestiriK feature has been elim
inated. On account of thia omission it
is impossible to find out hat pitcher
is credited with the gicatcst number of
victories during the year.
Just as In lsl.1. Walter Johnson was
the busiest pitcher in the league. Ieing
called upon to work a total of 3S1 2-3
innings, or about forty-one firfl n'ne
inning games. Although the Washing
ton star figured In fifty -one games, a
mark that no other pitcher reached.
Johnson ranks third among the leac"" s
pitchers during 1511. with an average
mark or 1.71. Foster, of the Red SoY is
second to Leonard, with an average or
Hunters, Maine's Record
'. Mr, Dee. l t leas
Iksa 7-1O0 seer are believed ts have
bees killed Is this mate darlaa; the
ksallag seaasa nblek essae Is a
clsa Isal sight. Hears have sees
sssssslly BBaaeroaa. aetesl -alne
as visa sees laaseeted here as esss
psres with sevealees Isat esr.
Thirteen hunting fatslltles have
bees reesrded.
.u.l ..-.....! , L. . .... .. ...
' -'.i.iiu. iiwiiis i.i. i jnr i rirn .. u.. i ..i .. . i.i ... ...... ........
ih.n) T.m, i-r- T... - - " "an 'rn rr am s i.ui.m. an i iiiii w.lr.l.,
Dun. ami itcpnwiuaii .i i'.n i:pt whn.er made thei.- presence felt I The speed) Kurd Backer of the Xew
I'll 111 SAI'fc-Scllirul Hire, mi el. I. and up- b the opposinc Buff and Blu, Hie Yi.ll. Yankeo. who has received
a.J. sas mite, ivtulu.. in iv.i, liuviii t to R W.iiger and Rockwell BMDaged to l numerous ..ffcrs to Jump to the Fed
I. to I. 4 to s. aa: rrank Hmlon a; il-.n. pet a.i from the lint, hetile guards ' ral '-earni. Maiscl n- sn.l to have
I io i. 1 to S. .com! K, P.,,,. IW (II,..,., . long enough to toss in a couple of ha- ''''". , a,. ' ,1,Ir''- '"'iri.""' Vew S
- ... 5. Il.d. T,n. ,r, M -, J... Font. l.,Jk).l. ,.,-,.,. tne, and He. -kwr II drop- ,7, I. I h kn edge of 'hi, wm
Inai.l. Hta.a ami si.,,.. M..lkr It, I, I! It. II,. . . ., . . . . '"".' '" .."" Know ledge oi ml will
Il.krr. ari.l Pcilhim-k aUu ran "nee . rve losses oui o. live BI- . I-. I . . . H, I ,-. 1 1 v euse I lie I- eil magnates
ie,,iu:. mi,,,-,, i,.je,i to oe life cm, i.i 'j sio it ...)..wg u.nt.
of the Kendall Greeners' scoring ability
In this session. , c . n e
roach Haas was forced to remove "le Stars Of One Sport
Rockwell from the game on account Generally Prefer Another,
andrlgn, Trc K ringrp":,: Charles Brickley an Example ' - "-, of the spor, ,:,..,. ,,-
thousl, R. Wenger managed t register j -""'' ' bout rrsc, v e. I, , ,. pre-
one hnsket ,.. of two trial, fro. tl,e tTuirle.s Hrl.-kl-y. llarvaltl's football aiing opinion that un.- s the plavr,.
fiee toss. Johnson and Murrav. with ' ai"'n thb. fall, has
Western Gives Business Quint
Tough Battle for the Verdict
C. I ". I4,J ith t,n roots, but of this number onlv
Stenographers Win nard-ir,,.,, -,,.. ,-,i .ui!.. , . .. ,n,i th..
fought Basket-ball Game by
the Score of 29 to 20.
i tn .-trig lor th um! -. t-' .i Vantage
of ever foul i"i catted th.. s-j-ly In
aa mai: cltamcrs l.iii - ; um ;un-
BJb n. IV.-1'
nlrittan I.. I ;
r r
fc. wi i; " . v
'Ilcaawrr I-
fli o-Hinan 17. H H
M I'.nt-. li L ill. 1 i .
r .in- . Ni
riltad !''i-i-' I U T.rr- rf ha
IS anin it. Tu.. k- j. Mr.
D H t !:
WXTH HACK iWlsoc: lime car-Mld. and
wanrJ: -U fiirli-na- Caaraork. h (Lill-i. tit I.
2 to I. rreu. fii; Dieft'g 1'. i M SinHinc'. i
f 5. 1 to Z, recnirft. MIm Jean. M9 (LrT.it-.
2 tu i. third. Tun. . 1 M ; j. laktta. liulltu,
Hun: illation, Mann. anj -j-litt:inl al-e ran.
KlliST p. .VIE r.c. UkV. tuurjra. old.: w-iling:
m fiirtonajv "Jart Hanover. SJ: Lais liul. RM:
Black Then.. K. : l.olilen Laj..tc. 104: Pes MM;
Black Karl lot aVilaima, w: Fair H.le.i. MJ:
'Itrrrr Kuii. M17; Iu.u. 10; 'Long Reach, IW.
AmlromeJ.. Hi
MXO.VD RACE Pur. OJ: threr-rear-clda: sell
i.; Are furlotor.. T.a.-. hw. Iloilaod, Wl ; 'Mae.
IU Tarts fX. I'3: 'Mb. Kara H.nl... 104: FUl
l-ush. K6: rihadiacli. 16 Colors, 10S; "Ida Iari.ua.
MS Hm.wbs Kdsr. 100. hVhca'. WC; Bulcar. WJ,
Srmv Boy. Ut; Usili 'a Tall. US: Frances, 1IX
THII1D R.tfK -Pui. t3B: all agr: handicap:
n,r am a nan rr.r.naa. I oil.-. Vi ; lanfralrl Oero
Rube MaiU.ir,l is said to he loosing
for the .cribe who wrote that "orcinzed
baseball and the Federals are righting
over Maniuar.l i'kc two lnilldOK light
ing over a Lou.
s s s s
Joe Vila, of the New Yolk fcCvenJlg
Hon. hits the nail on the head, with the
fo lowing dope "The ptesent troubles in
baseball are Hue lo the attitude of the
players. Men who are not idiitltirt with
I BA0B Scll.ru;: tiiree ear-olda and TuvjrOS: Ancon. 106. "Wanda Hither. 108: Judge Wright. ! Re -mu-.i, itai r .
i, furlotasa. n.la.aj. 101: l.n .vi.rcu
goals from the floor, and Almon. with a "Knl u,r "1C!- 'ni,"l' ears. As a drop
rree toss, ended the scoring for ihe.k,,k" i""1 lin; Plunger he las been a
George Washington team. This qalnt ""''lion
has gone through two games', coming wherseyer we hear or read about
out of both with a win. Bratckafj w, instinctively think of foot-
Rockwell and Classen, for the losers. ,la"
and Murray. Oroesbe.k and Almon "' w"s re, , ntlv ..ske.1 what he consul
starred in their respective positions. ! ''"" nl" favorite Ka...e
Summary: ' H'scball. ' was the unexpected an-
l.'.llaoucl. Podtion fieorp- Vra.h.nfflen .' ..',- . ,. ...
Kerlr ... I. P . . Aim... ' nrt ' " going to try for the
K. Wenscr R. P Rryant , Harvard team this spring.' lie added.
" i-nter Jorm.H. 'lus,.lo,l ilan., has lv..n Aral In
upied the spot- become active to the situation tire gam
I'lu.li R. O. ......... Sl.arer l.i.a 1 ""-' "-' nas oee ,,,s, , In-
FOl'KTH RAf-K-rursr three erarld, airf B""'" U ,; - Ussesbsek heart. I d rather be o.K there than play-
anl: l.andlcai. H1 milr Penh Rr.4. 8 Irr .lntltulino-Mll.-Ta, for Rnanl A. W rtu; r for ins full back anV old day."
rtli. KM: Oood Thu I 1 Jos Fmn HK .a-b IW I RM,'M,e" r""' f"r Rotka.M. Coal, from floor , ,0 ,t a0, . pcw nthlete. are satls
K Ihpper. MS llurt.er. 1)5. " "W" B. I l (Z ,ltockrll HI, Mn.raT . ;i,.,, Blt , wh ,, nr.N no b . Chrlstv
FII-TH KA.'I. hir-.. O Ihrc .car-old. and cp- J: "" ' SZ 'cL '"7 'v,! son '- " P'""1 "" ""' prefers
.H: selijns: arc fnrlone, Mordeca, 4S: ,;. .1 ''" n;."?.' "" N""h" "f I ehe.-ker. Fielder Jon. . is n.,l her checker
Snlhltui.iCt I I s U'snui.e .mll nSlaaas
u ...... i inn'' in naiTr. au mmuir" iitn'lc.'ur. .It-MT. "--. susm- bmuvi "um irttu-;
- . SI .,srl iL-in.o " ' -ki.J .. ' I.I
ip ainlle. !W; Into. Wl S(r Intlol 106 Enterpe.s . ,, , .'. - "' -'""- "! "'.".o,
rt, W6: -BraDdiwinr. 107. The Busjlwdj. Ill: Parlor l,""""T tnieeraty.
Ai.unlac .,lloaI:.r ,-MiBrcd
Feds Flirt with Jacluon.
i li. (.. Id IC Alt'..-ush J.-e -larjt3l
riir. ' .- - l-.."i"ji Ixei-J. --Jilt had br-ni ne
5 ntT- 'Mil him .r-teril.tt . l.p tlat ur ha
i.T-4fii -T jnirt ni mitir bt. r-rnaent rontrart j Kmnt W
. ' .bri ra i i'.'i iht I'l.tilann rndi t i,iiT, (.N-to
':. Wl v thcr starfcaoa nnr the roa1 -aroathl
.It )i-. il mlarj nCeeetl. hat it a iiiafir kuowii
liar .. twnttrartl f-'i ihre ;ir -iri -j-ti'ii. An off r
K. 117.
KIXTH UAf r-Piiier, $300. all asra : ellins : mm-I
niiVt- an-1 rweatj jard HtKr.la.-Ui. M: '(iall-i):
H". St-. -Hjiij.. Jun. I; l-aud n' Khkraidj. It. ..
'.-I- F. t.niiitiret. K . t'.m l-U-caii. K: Btan t-"'",tr"
M Stint-, m High nam, H: Jath Bnnn. W5
H.ait l-Uat IC. Th. Itoah 1C3 "Napier. K. Idle
c'm. Ul; 'Armor, IT?: lAtfl-.n. 117.
ill go o thf ti'-B.-i. "ntrart lumpinc
and excessive s.ilar lr'tiandi have eon-
in "i th fMii- that there la eomp&ra
tively little sentiment Winona the play. n
Pfore th Fed-ra. Leajjrua was orRanizr.I
thr- playeri wre liberally paid and ha.l
f"w Kriean-e.". Their employers hurt
tt.M'y ntadium-i in praetleally all th
major league cltie ther ineuriinR
hs v Una n i. I bunlni". with tin- id-a
that th" aport would gajn inereaaeii popu-
For a team, that ha:- piattU. 1 . com
parative uliort period and sfcmyd to
setber for tea t1, .n fui'n.Mii. the
ihoin-. mad-- bj the WVstt-rn rlish
.. lin.-i) huitL ..t.iul, iiuinr .T.-nl;t in
FOR HATCHET TES' MEET;H rst real contest .,t the season, should
Ihe encouraging to the follower-" of l: SurpriSlIikT Amount of
ii.stit'.ittoti. rne repiitaoie bu.-;mi-. nve
Two-mile Relay Sure to Be One of, was the opponent, with th- nasi score
Era- s a I in its (avor. 3i to -V Th" gaum wjs
vents in Dig Indoor played in the stenographers' -mi.
Carnival I .I'hougl. Wt stern met and won over
t the Anaiostan team Monday l.v a wide
Another, important step has I n lakerr, margin, little benefit was derived other ,., ,bs wuii M ,. ,, , v
by the George Washington i 'niversitv than s long workout, a., no opposition
" 'was offered by the uuint -ompos, .1 of ""'P K" lournamel - rvi f a.ion.
to raiS, it ...... to a ptMith.n uf promJ- w 1nS2 U Twai hardK Vted "- cordh. lo !
This m"' " "'TT1 t' cuiVio,i, ,r .-,..,, t.U..- clal .1., he.
Ths Men :-oMMMr in th. .dmis..n ..ft W-atern would lvw uch,n Jamar, .. ,1... ,. .,-. of
Bidding for the 1915
Three Golf Classic-,
t on-- tifn it wa h Ik ed 'h.it f. v
the unirersiy to th Souih Atlantie In
trro41cTaate Athb th AaaMTteUon. Appli
ratioti for admtaaion wa ma4e some
time nco ! lrof Leslie (le-elaod Mi
Neroar, of th.- department of political
science, fm till dhvclor of .ithlete. and
notli . of fA oiaMp action upon the r
qiM t has itcet: t-i h ed.
The aaaoi latioii la eompoatd of pra.ti-
ally .ill th- school- and colleges of ma
jor rmiHjrtanre in this section of the
untr . ,inl i-i particular active
jKiiiiiM NaaJneaa, Bencrally nanlad aj "H10,na; I"t
..ne m th.- most formUtabi ronibinatl ni clubs -e-k
the tfV1'
r-t- t
uriir .
cnoiich 10 vou.'h for the fa-t th t Weal
rn will lie heard from in the rbantirton
snip -. lea
Alibouch the Western men appeared
stlnvi m sfvttltia? the iumn an.) f.til.d to.
tuiur . .inn i-t particularly active n ' ... ... . t ,
lrj,L, ,,.,. l- u , e). i, knid. . iiovn- up ii times, the material evnlenc-rd
tr.it k --ports Kdrh nnc it holds an an- . . .. , . .- ,p,. i
.,.,., ,, . l.v the individual work of each nm i
in:ul inter-olhjsiatc nami-ionship me t. ' . .. , ... . , ,,.,
., . ,. l . ... ati.f ins. and estet n i- Iik-v to nn- ,
the event annual b inni staaed at Home- , .u . . ,,
, ,, , . ,. .. .. ,, .. i.-h it. ioaon t;h .utone? m th ma
wood, the Johns llopkin; BcM, in Balti- ' .
more Jority.
er. ., .. , The Business quint played it. classy
Tl.is- year tne association will award : .... .w--. ,
J '.l. -ll I s. Kiiiiir nun .. ' - " -
ever sen in any of the s li . . espt-c- "," "' smateui ami serk n e
iall at Ho- --ta' of the season II...- women s championship Her- U
ever, th creditabli perfonnances cl th-1 ln clubs hav applied '; permit ion t-
red and white plaera yestenia i- "' i" tiir- cnampK
r or the n I tonal am at em .: miio;
abip. iJnJimonl I'uuntn Club, nk
mont. Ia t ' . .,' i . trot,
Uross4 Point Karms, Mi h ijanl n
fit Ulf nb I rl . ' . '. . ;
Island. Willi. ir ' ' lub. il-
minarton. 1 '
r'oi T1 t '
sbtp Ko fill i ; .' l, i . ! ,
St a ten II..' i:.i'. . t i i.
Short IIIIK .1 i;ai ' n it ..'
itih. ;'!. n ' 'T i -i .
tion on th
ras th
fiilliari. th U ulness Wllminaion
ehtef s. orinsj -Ifim' nt ton, I -el.
contributing elajhteen ym the
Ford Carries Off Honors
A ""uini; Ihe latrhinc at-rasea fer Ut
aiade MiNir by the K-deral Lafeajnie f-i'Tili' afU-t-no.
i: Itiisjsril r-"i---tl. -Mire a utar tSirlrr fr the
Stvea Yofk Tank, . -. ramd off the hueori
ford t'ot tart in tinrt St canv and in rrrd.ted
with rinninc t--rt on and lotnc m. Ilaud-'
Hendri .!. t 1'trate nniahtd in rv-fmi ummi a.
Hah than ,.. shortstop. r,olf suits Chief iB taratv mar .m nxJ im s-4 I'haiielle. of
het-Hsll Tessa Heater.
Bend- r bettet that. .;.selal!
However, to resime- Brickley isn't hall
had as an o.ithelder. He started for Kx
etir and would hsve played with the
Harvard freshmen but for an injured
1 K
Coffev Dickerine with Feds.
! I.; lire It. J,.-, ftVl. rmei K-l.l
ant1 Aeiua. .ne! i.-rs-m -f the l' al
It -feu I. .e team las: ..-a-, u. .r.n.lt.d .rlet
Vie., Knlereri Is Roxlas;
lo.iroe, el vionda. Meat.
Jimmy .Murph. fnim-r prnfessionu!
be-ser. whose right name Is William K
fHxcntith. and who at one time work.,1
out ith torini r lresld' nt Theodore
Roosevelt, has been teaching the manl
a.t of setr-defenae at th, Washington
" -t ."' .era ...in iu.u.mi. ...... I .vex. .Mnnaa. tllgl.l II IS Planner! -o I r-r.i r . i .
- .t.o,,, ,., ,, yM., w..i,lnsion pre. i hold t. n tun.roi.,.,1 bom. anH - ni.i ana ruin reaimenl Athletic AS-
r.Hr-V ..o i-'-'btest at the l,arra.k.s. th. . nl.st.el met,
It i . . -....,.. . .from the various -'onin.-iiu.--a takim- r..r i
; isu-r. .-.-, i.. an,, .ii..fi irieir nIl-pfMen' To no1. !. i i..i,i,rt ii.i r . ft. .
me tHlT. r- are I " - mt m "
IS. A. A. A. Grants Dates to G. W.
th- lin ... tli. nfth. an-1 l.im 'eaton ...nth.
this sei tion
i . . i . ino'M'i t ii. t ni iiuoi r ri i iis .-- - i , , .us.
,.r.l ,.r .:,.... ...... ...I ,. .-.ii ... iwints. and gave striking cidcrc e .hat, pionshlp. !
I nil l!anroA " u l , i a-, -r , .a, I 'nil . mill t as. W. I
hold in F hr-aaMH, th., --' Wise, in ihe other forward POMtlon. per
prubably the t.xo-mile hampiuthlp.
indoor hampionships. h events lcin di-
i id-d between loin indoor meets held In
iriiiiir I a. Ihi- iiiunnoi if
S a-, lo ..... m elll ll-ih 1 t r I IT ' 1 f ' 1 1 U'a-li ... a . . . , ' c a. .,. . I
IUI ii ('rail.. ....ii.e-..-. .,....-.. i "I i." . ...ii- ii -
I'lub. s. . Y.: Onwentsia
I'lui., l.ak. -oi st in . countn fhih
formed only as a high-class torward ran of BulTalo. Buffalo. N V . Garden
These two men were casilv the stars of i i-jty Golf Club. Garden ; . Ia,n
ih.-ir teams. ' Island. Ttffminarton .'uniiv '. .
Peck and Peine prove,! soumlb assffM mi Wilmington. Iel
caging baskets when in striking distance.
alloaal sad serlcaa l.esme..,t ,,it - hui mor.- teamwork, vstlich : vr;:i . t T5l c l
i- bound t" show in time. Western a.l T,6 v; J
Iw ontenders for Ihe title. You can stick t
a pin in this. .r s. ,..., u ,
Had Western shown a player .nor- ,i See. n T
capable of caging free tosses. Its score rasa. . ..
would have be.-n materisltjr increase,! n
As matters stood. .uss na. harSed ---
Oelensitei Meet la French l.iek.
Pittahuixh. Pa.. lec. K Arrangements
were madf toda for a joint rn. mini: of
th- Natiotial and American 1. igne
schedule eommittev. to lie h- Id tomor
row aiiernoon at Kren h I.ick. Ind. ttti
iy Drey-fuss and J"hn A. Meydler "ill
represent th National !. ague and Ran
-I'hnson the American lacasfue s. h -I
ules a ill he .'ornpared a 'fh the id a of
fliminatins as many onnictina- dat ? .is
j ... m tern- viar- n. m'ie whdv nine ... ; h.t--nan trin ' l niiilit I.
..rr.iiM rrjr-o-,, -.. ,.-, Aflrr iniinin ., , . p .
Ill) and allnnrawl llunr n.av..,.. n .In
m iittlr -inn.. Thr fin. tram trork af H. ' lnp enteitamment
arisficTi a -d th- alt anii.i iilijiaa f llassjosna. v,ected from anions
it mr iwr-, itimir-i nn:m-r .-. : uni woiani t lasses, and rare sport i
..-"' T'Tr "hi. i-frov i promise.!
d to?! be km c n dn kt-Ttn;. with thr l-rtlfral , for
I.- api' . IVrlY
inffr-i r-iC1Tli -ta-- Mii-Iiaei-d l tb. PitlaHiiKli ; HantCT
Velienil Irani.. t-sll atafl It, Ik til f . S I IT I la !"Z ''""''
sociation. of Baltimore.
of the .South Atlantic As-
(th th- Piratr- thst he h- rani.' a: n:
i.in.Tr tl. ha tlati mhi.
itfa 1 .e
Ward Is Chosen Manager.
M.in.-i. i.i. . Im i issberl tt. Waid. v..
1 II- I it I. Wtvid, nw-t-T .f thr HoiokKu dnh,
r Uhp FH- il Iica4ia " yeairriaas afternoon
"le-iel tnarwretr f thr Weal, an t aivCTahf fot
1 41 tram fr thr 1 1 am ime --a-".! Ward h a mrmhrr
.if ihe s.iuur , Ua. At, th -ami" time John A
-i era .f Miian ei aaessaar f the -frithnmore
i Ham, rlccie abtatant n;an;rr cf the team.
I I-'
alt V
i:. i.
...la. t.
'il. tituimn- t ramrt fr U Coe. Uoolv for i
I 'x. . nal- t ntm floor IV r'n (Si I. ( 'op 1 1
, ItOIl i OMMIIIl I'
I i...i ... . . ..... -.
'n i i'i"ii io io- .Aiiuiit .r .init uc i nion
ha.s this da) lasued to the Fifth Kecf-
KtmitMb x. ,.,, ,:i Un iiaa...- .. . 'inent Athletic Association, of Baltimore,
Waunas B-union ,,..d Cbeynoweth ' ? unction for indoor athletic camca. to
Wii-.ii. . ' be held n dturda. Februan 3P. 1915.
TDonij.-'Mi ! l the Fifth Ueartment Armory. Baltt-
UOilCR neauce fOOtOaU OC hC dale. , more. In a..ordance with request to
Vti.naW Center Maikrt.
Bland . 119 W tr, K-aoe .... " It- C
ilhn MS IS t3 Vla-hcw. 9Z Mi 79
Bo-s ill I'O I ll on ' Hi an Ml
i;i.e.n Wl IJ6 '.7 Kl hoi Hrf 113 W,, Unr
Ha.k-v.,rrth ! lit 'Bail.-Y . (UJ jc: BJI pldrr
Ban Athletes for Unpaid Dues.
Nr-t Va It. - iS. AtMrtr. in tiic melroiKir.fn
di-tn- ii - -t IV( liae tttea pat b iH h-e '" irarrl '. a tast rlu fn m.ihe. it
niattt-r .i han hv ll-.- Xma'e-ir Athletic t'num In- ' Thr .-ht tilizrii i- B' FlaniS! .. -" Br mk
rum thr ' at.- ' -ii iKjitgrnl oarr cntn- f-t--. e- . 1 a K f in th- t wm f Mea i
ral are mi . t. t,- diaaaiptjOfM and world recurd
Giants Sinn Two Players. v
Sew Tart 1. al aers tarry J I I " - '
tlr' Gisata aan. net i -t da. t jt j.'.ht.rn-.
had neeri n -ade to MrOrawi tqnad H hall raarrim aw l-wann,,, Ui--t- Tbi,.
A vottnc m, i ram. ! Wctie HaUt.r -bo ol to AnTl AnnOU!lCS Hf)-. BPt"
ra-foft on Una tjall dum-Mwi . Vak .-.t Uteri u ' ' ' N
lljied ih th. ;-infcr I I tab, i rnatl ' -
Hat- f.'. an nhrid i-r.-i. -' aa rtil
i. '.-.
Mt JA JkS Totals
;n h, ;
Operate on Penn State Star.
!r;.iladl: iiia. lit- K Hi- 1iisj.it . Mar left rn.1
. ii the lV-mi- ltni Btafi ra cn and fmiucntlT
taenltoned a an AH-Awn. an i-lmrr. i nira tn l ha
M8-rT''.l I
t-i-mea higM..
1-T l!
i. 1 1
!e-oSaKTi'.k(l. Tak 1
-f, IK- wa-. . "
Ae im -. and
rfer at.rd
Paetiurr. I'nifchl.
l... is Wl K't'iisie. ra an
fltilhtli . ll " aa lialv d m 1 nor-ait. lakarapitaJ. Tranwr Itill Martti,. af the :V- wr team in and aroma
inaien v a-tnaret... ., . . iv.n-.i iai;ia -;..t. n uto, oj. tuar rtr.ris .: in or-inrj; aan.-- -ikhihi "wi.ii.iimi "" .... "-.- ,
i HtH . IK eMillir Si 1 -tar lo this tit in h.- oDeratetl upon for an m.r.r arr of the t.-irni-W Utrla" ha.k. ball lean. FikihI- ,
Wilwm. Thompfton f. Goal I . "ulaiaiaion. Mans.. Ilxv. M. TIm- aUdeti
ii-i-w t .. niTimw . imrsu ami "rwtaii 1
t'onara. 1 2 . Tofh
rmai Ian KastHiti Nmihi ..f fonts nii,it-
Paul (. Baal Pnalttru-in (jo. Time of haltrv
J" mtmitcvTtntfkrfir-Mr. K. 8ewetl. Rrferti Mr.
J. M-es. T H .
Cornell to Row Harvard.
It i. a. N. Y . Ihe 16. Cearacfl haa ratitird the
t-Tair.--.Trit-nt h irhk-li thr iir-Ui and frrsbmrti
rTrwa Mill rate HarTard .-n Caviisa Lake on Ma E. ;rhrld.
It ia alt-, .rfficialb annouixed nerr that Yale -aill -Inr
mw in the CoiTtrell-Iimetrtn negatu at Pritaeeton on Vrrnt-tMii
Mat 15. Cornell baa drvidvd not to oattr this year's . Miller ..
Hi nl . at rii.adc.i-bu. Knlhtan
Garfields Win Another.
The '.aiti-ld aajstt taak th. fat Lineoln team frata
ramp la-t nisihl li :4 to IS. Thr winnera. took tb.
Vad from the tiitset. and ntter tarre in Qaasjer of
beinc h.adail. It aaa a -aar of rraperior tramwora,
and ajsrarate sliontins b. thr aTdor-v Tin aa the
firr eamf of the -eriew, for the cbampionalilp of tht
130-ntaind claaa of the IHatrict. UDc-up and Mitae
t "tr-a I
f Mill, r
SZ lS Spt. Dee
tv ri I?!1 TeUb..
6 is 113 a,.,.!-,,,,,,) ,n tbe Baxvard
i II "" .
Garfield Girls Organize.
T t t.a-i--il t.irl' i-askf Ui. issniaed
f r th. -..-' and .ild iV- a: fir. nac it
lM-lrx l, Tie-a,
mill ih. iraatM
l. . 1
- ' '. '
li ...r-i It In ,
r. 't r
Gibbous to Box McGoortv.
mi . . i . -.- p..
and V. M ; i u.- mil '
abip Heiisr. X Virpnia :.Ttn;i.- anSh at.
II if I
ii..-, chaiiKe oatt of previous sanction
ittt ' The eomniittee haa also isstietl todn
.-...... im. ... .iwa, ,1r. -,jr, T.v,tri,,ii :,Jr s.,,...!,,,,, in the ticorue .ish nirtoii ti- -
'T.:r;t;r x:r' rr-cH,"j '"r "-1 - - , r ooor athlete gfx
As a rea.Ut nf ttii, .i.rta.lli. ..I .4 the l.a.raUrr ' '" ' l" "" "' '.' '" .""'e.inoii nail. Uln..... : n
.. the fraillsll achedul.a of h-itl, i.id.ii.ii..,. I aslunuton, I). ,
sill uc rrdaced from nine lo rict.t camea. ... UL l-'l -
on Saturday, Kebru-
Copyright. 1914,
R F .
U F .....
.11. G.
L. G
. Bi- h n
!-. arth
fiub-tiitien-M.nrrav for Sullivan Mr Farldon f
a e. wj Frazirr. Carter for Howaid. oaU ftrju. floor-3Idlcr
redCTalS Olgrt Umpires. Ol. Murrro. Yerntttein (3). Talor 9). MjLni (10).
Chiras". Use. 1 Three umpires-aWT Joha-ioir. O'Connor d. Frazicr. Biathoff Cl. McCarthy- i.!
of the AriMrican AM-x-iation: Lo-S Ftfc, of tha (Jcala from foul M.icrs. Taibr. O l onnor. Kef erw -
VYet-lern LeasiH . and Harry Hoatetl. a firmer rJteber , Mr. L. Mtn. Terli. Timer-Mr. Raiia. Ea-tcm.
far the Hi . Imi Ammatn and fm Balttm'irr
aben t aas In the National Lcayiitwtrre Mrnted
rtarTrttar b the Federal Lxasjut Thia makti arren
iinpiirsiaindcf contract ta tha league.
Shorter Boats in Massachusetts
rVWoi. Dec. K -The next leyulatno will be
Junior Preps Win. 21-8.
OruraTto... Junior Thi .lefnted Uw IM.jcnsiii.l
oninl !.. a haaket rall-Sm. held In the cm.ia.i.in,
In die arore nf a to s. Tile drfrmrh-r work rf
atfsaaai .ma oar of the feature, of the fssie. a...
for the loaera the or of r.nt. Nichols and Don
ad lo itit nrcf.s-K.nal coiins in Ibis WaU- nnrte. ' """ """ " '" MTainase Line-up aad aua
tb. Jniudictka. of th. new nYi.rtn.mt of healU. ! J""1! . . .
nd to thnit pmfeatKaial boat, tu nil three minute "TSL" "' Prr"' ""'j""- orse-: Pla. ud
round' Thev arc nr..Ttaions inrhide.1 ... a bill Mol K, o o l!Si,li' '
... -Kv. ........ .. ..... ...... .......wj. ..w.u.,u ri.M.MM.. .BUS AK-lHla let
nttai.Mj u pot affected h. the profsjaeil legial.tHW I M.ltcd H. .; SutliiT
. S I Wns U ) Cousa
s.inaut.itK.n.-Ana, for al.nk. Daly for M.ktcd.
Ahlcnfeld for Murrain)., (ioal. from floor - Wiar
,:).1.aTer (31. HoUehan ill. Houal.ue C. Uoab.
from foul Weaver. Niehola .?). Time of hal.ca-30
minutes. Tiraefceener-Mr. Thompson, ltcferee Mr.
. I Be.ll.. U I'. Scorr: Junior Prep.. 3; Plaj
sneindl f.
Always the Same
T harps
Berkeley Rye
assets! Private Delivery.
ara r atiaat w. w. rtasas nata mt,
Ingram Defeats Garfield Seconds.
By the arore of 30 to 3 Ingram dcfc.te.1 the aronnd
...rrieia team it. a. wm ajm ktat ni.h.. The
Same was hard fotu-l.t 1 limufclir.it Kcndnr. Kl.ia.
aist Moot s au-round ,Tt featured the contest,
Inrraai. P...I.1..11. Oarfirl.l .1 C
Kline .eapt.l 1. I.mr. iiiihj
"' - --R- r wood
Krndrs-k t 'enter n..m
. amphell R. ; Tboa...
eroan 1.1, (oaten.
Snliatltutfen, -Heaij for Thomas. Jobawa for
. . . , voneiio. ia.B trcni mr Rjon. Kline 131. 8u.t
rbirty ei practi-s treattns Stora- (3). Krudric, m. c,mi,n ...l, froa: foui-
sch and IServoua Diseas,-a. Heart. Uver. I L,un. Kendriel.. Klin.. Nuaibir . fo.ua cslkd .
niuii,. . oiwiuci. on.ii. anu uiQoa um- lime n. halve. 1. Bu.iutr.. Tbaekeeper Mr Baba
, ... inilna.. Ser...
1 K K sheple. '.
1 K KC K.I..- ... J-
Oi II) 114 B.rkle sT
DC 131 SPntlrr S9 Ml
1SS 11 HJiPrima K S3
51j,j(B m Total
tal . fc-
es. es
Frlvate ailments cured promptly.
-anr Nco-saJicnao Admratsered.
Consul larwn free. Jaedusoei lamrsied. (aarsei
s to l sad I to a. UtaSBt Haadan
Dr. Wat. T. Balthu, Spectafct
karri oua atlfl fstraTrtarTi fttsassaasia- rw ' as.
lleferee-JIr. L Mjcia. Kaknonf
To Suspend Juarez Racing.
El Paso, Te. Dec. K. Out of respect
to the memory of J. G. Follansbee. who
died In New York last nig-nt. raci
Juarez wiiL be suspended on the d
iiL be suspended on the da
ay' of
' 1 Tela,
V. tX.fXit'i SOT l CfSNT J
( .see a ssooi- ; k
1,-.-, -it- I . v T""
K: flXtM lil, t-iftl
wm ur aai
r x&7 ts
i: If "-
"" ' ' sBr WUIUm-
Total. ....
Ilrvlnoiarlits. I Federal M.ll,.
Rertran 111 ) aVRorhKa-s .1 KC 7.
riurnm- 85 83 83 Diianj . . 85 83 83
Zttpaark.. .. 87 88 IW1 Am. . s 81 8.
Kimll . K 8) TSMar han.-r .. 88 HB
llil.l. I.M...1 IS. ft X: William- . W IC li
IS; (38 431 1 Totals
IU l M
N.uti, 1'. iibj. I Jcelc
Williams . 87 tS;V,'risht MB Mu
l.il.n ft 83 a3.roartant.nl 88 83 71
H.ll T8 ItlMartiB. . II B m
Joh.s.n . 88 KB 8SFllluB 83 13 13
J Di-hii n Ktt B1
-I fat,, M1 5j, -
Total. 438 177 UJ! a
Wsasaea Co.
En.ae 1.1 11. S3 Wn.tfonl
... len 1 3 Ro.l.er
V.OIncii .... 88 98 . Korhi.Hi
Whalle. 1-C l-r.Bleon
Hallo 11-' I"? ID Barm
li: ". K.
'21 ))( S3
;) IU K2
.7 K W7
:.'. 131 91
"You'll Look Your Best
In a "B-K" Suit or O'Coat"
Cut and tailored from the finest fabrics that ever left a woolen
mill, they are the best looking, best wearing suits made and you
save a five-spot on every one.
Suit or Overcoat
Si: 191 B-i Total,
lei 179 IfJ Bonn .
171 1 7 18 s,aten
133 IC 11 Smith
113 latauk......
1st .'11 USlrieei.. .
8M 781 7351 Total, .
National. ColuabtareT
George KB K" K'T.'WH IH 93 M
Ito.dro 91 86 lie Carac. fj SJ f
(a.t. 9i 89 K Starr Hi 88 IDS
WiUarSBi... . IC 89 JlNoa.11 M8 m HH
Murp!.. II- " .SlUsBMd m 93 MO
Usual $17.50 Suits and 0'coats at $12.50
Usual $20.00 Stub and 0'coats at $15.00
Usual $22.50 Suits and 0'coats at. .............. $17.50
a. m. r UsiM. $25.00 Suits and CcoaU at $20.00
Usual $27.50 Suits and 0'coats at $22.50
Usual $30.00 Suits and 0'coats at ...... $25.00
There are still plenty of classy models to choose from in those
specials at
133 KC 1371
171 138 jro,
111 113 11)
:o 13 17?
a ts in
j'l ir 53 Total...
537 Ot 30t
Continental. Pilanrr.'
Famla. IT. Ijl K4pum ITS
- XZ l84IMcLenn,ii
' 8 i in.sjBa.cr
178 131 UUttasd
183 307 rtTll.rdie
' 818 SMI Total. ....
. i"7
1S3 177 l4
H9 IS) 188
it. aa ni
183 154 M
803 IB 919
Trac-porution. SJ Bjr.
93 98 IDIStre.ter
r m rrcTnii.tt
98 8S :I.B.Sith ...
W. tS rWlstanl.)
Y.1 95 1-JJiW.L sanlth
480 "iii 5trl ToUl,
c ii :
M J? 8J
tS 93
"in .ri ni
Puicl.ae.as. Meter
Merrill 90 80 O 93 87JR Brook. M0 87 St N 91
eak... s. 81 78 88 1 13 Good. K II S B IS
$9.85 1 $15.00
901.909 Eighth St. S. EL
If! B BBbIbbIV
J -9 Van I
-' pi.'tl taVU' "
Gardner. 91 13 80 MtB.Brak. 84 98 93 113 Ho
the funeral1. It is expected the funeral
1 iea!vrWeia
ill be held v-"-
TotaXi Jti ni aa aol touu. -Hit six mi

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