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Society and Personals.
Women's Clubs and
Churches What
Is Doing in
the Religious
OP' Jl ,T Z2Z.S - --- jSBssP ' " " mS'
Society plaits for a Stfcerrv dfyvistmas
S HRISTMAS Day of all days of the year is a day that remains ctfose
crated to the most intimate sort of family festivities. Of course,
-' there are always to be found society folk who would make it a day
merry with much public entertaining, dances, large dinner parties and such
high festivits-. But so long as there are children in our famjlies and so long
as we retain vivid recollections of our own childhood Christmas days, we pre
fer the stay-at-home Christmas Day
Leading up to the day and for the week that comes between that holiday
and New Year's we may indulge in all sorts of social gayeties that take us
a long, long way from the Christmas traditions of childhood. But for Christ
mas Day itself there is no getting away from the fact that the stay-at-home
day is the best.
And society folk of Washington seem to be agreed upon this point Prac
tically without exception the official families are planning to spend the day
"quietly at home" quietly so far as outsiders know, but the merry, merry
Christmas Day in the bosom of one's family, of course, need not be dull just
because it is an intimate sort of day. In fact there is a certain sort oi
joyousness and hilarity that seems to be the peculiar product of the intimate
family gathering.
Not for many, many weeks has the White House seen any festivity of
any sort, and the small party planned by the family of the President for
Christmas Day is the largest gathering to be seen around the White House
board for many months. The presence of Mrs. Sayre in Washington this
week is sufficient proof of the rumor, unconfirmed officially, that she will
spend the festive day with her father.
The Secretary of the Treasury and Mrs. McAdoo will also dine at the
White House on Christmas Day.
But there is little of festivity at the White House this year. The Christ
mas decorations will be exceedingly simple and, but for the usual wreaths
at the stately windows of the Executive Mansion, there is little indication of
the approach of the great day.
The Vice President and Mrs. Marshall left yesterday for Arizona where
they will spend Christmas day with the parents of Mrs. Marshall, Mr. and
Mrs. William E. Kimsey. They will rerflain away from Washington until
i-fter New Year's Day.
The Christmas festivities of the family of the Secretary of State will also
take place in the State of Arizona, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Jen
ings Bryan, jr., at Tucson. But the Secretary himself will not be present
He will remain at the Bryan residence
in Calumet place, while Mrsy Bryan
will go West, remaining with tier son
through January.
The Secretary of War and Mrs.
Garrison will spend the day at
Atlantic City, where, by the way,
many prominent Washington folk
trill gcrfor a bit of change and quiet.
In the home of the Attorney Gen
eral there will be a delightful family
sort of Christmas celebration. Thomas
Watt Gregory', jf-, will be home from
Laurenceville, N. J, where he goes to
school and Joseph Nallc Gregory,
another son of the Attorney General,
will arrive at home early this week
from his school in Virginia.
Gay Christmas doings are in prepa
ration at the home of the Postmaster
General, in F street, for Miss Lucy
and Miss Sydney have many holiday
secrets brewing and, though Mrs.
Burleson has planned to have but a
small dinner party, there will be
MISS AGNES OXIORMAN. who made her debut with her lister, Miw
Anna O'Gorman, last Thursday.
aLLm "- aH I
Christmas merriness a plenty about
that board. r
If the presence of three energetic i
sons home from school could give I
cause for Christmas merrymaking j
then surely in the home of the Secre- I
tary of the Navy there ought to be
a goodly share of holiday spirit. But
the Daii'c!- i.i'N, like the Bniiesor.,
will keep the family party very small!
and of an intimate nature.
In their home in Wyoming avenue
the Lanes will welcome their only
son, Eranklin K. Lane, who i to be
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home from Andover for the holidays.
In the home of the Secretary of Agri
culture there is every reason for a
very festive occasion, for the juniors
of the Houston family arc stilt of an
age to delight with all credulity in
the simple joys of Santa Md Christ
mas tree. Mrs. Houston is already
'aying deep and mysterious plan- for
the day and from now till Friday
there will be much excitement and
curiosity in the nursery of the Houston
home in P street.
Early this week Humphrey F. Red
field, son of the Secretary of Com
merce. i coming home from Amherst,
and the family of the Secretary is
looking forward to a day of old-fashioned
merrymaking. Xo definite plans
for dinner guests have been announc
ed as yet, but it is likely that there
will be a small dinner party to which
a few intimate friends will be invited.
At their home in T street the Wil
sons will spend a quiet day. Miss
Agnes ilson will be at homc.but her
three married brothers, who are living
in Pennsylvania, Mr. HurIi Wilson,
Mr. Adam Wilson, and Mr. Thomas
Wilson, will not he in Washington
this Christmas as they were last year.
The usual quiet family Christmas
dinner is planned at the home of the
Speaker in Massachusetts avenue, and
on this day, when the juniors of the
family arc always the guests of honor.
! Miss Genevieve and Mr. Bennett
Clark will be the centers of interest.
Xfiss Dorothea Owen and Miss
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ter's attractive debutantes, have insti
tuted a departure in the dress of those
who assist at afternoon functions.
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