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! I
consideration of old Georgetown as an
abi'Ung place in winter at they have
already sint one such season here.
Miss Georgia Green, who ha made her
home for some tlms past In New York,
is visiting her old home here for the
Mr. and Mrs. J. Walter Jones, of Can
ada, who have been the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. and Miss Craig, will leave to-1
day for New York for a stay before re
turning to then- home.
Mis Dorothy Talcott left last evonlns ,
for Mobtle, Ala., where she will spend
the winter with relatives.
Mrs. and Miss Winship will spend the i
i,Mldays with Mrs. Alexander Crawford, i
a i Ardmore. Pa.
Miss Dorothy Lceteh arrived yesterday
to rpend the holiday: with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Leetrh.
Miss Mary Pearre will vh.lt Miss Alice
Webster in Norfolk during the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hinckley, who ,
I xpected to spend Christmas here, have
Iteen detained in Boston, but will make
a short stay en route to Florida early in
Miss Charlsie Harmon, who makes her
winter home with her cousin. Mrs. M. H.
Rrown. will spend her holidays at her
home at Mossy Creek, Va
Miss Mary Mann has returned from
visit to Richmond.
o'clock at St. John's Church and will
be followed by a large reception at the
home of the bride's aunt, Mrs. Kate Bil
lings Wilson. The officiating clergyman
. 1 11 be the Kev. C. P. Sparling, of St.
John's Church, assisted by Chaplain
Browne, V. 8. A.
Tomorrow evening Mrs. Wilson will en
tertain the bride and bridesmaid at din
ner, followed by a dance for the bridal
part .
Miss Dorothy Nichols, of I,ong Island,
and Miss Mary Hartley will be the house
guests of Mrs. Wilson.
Mr. Bartlett Hoover is home for the
holidays from Georgia.
Mr. Parker Godwin Is in town for a
vl.lt from California.
Mr. Warden Parris will be the guest of
his parents for two weeks. Mr. Parris
Is In business in Oregon, and has not
vlsltt d his home for three years.
The Christmas "Paper Chase"
The following invitations have been
issued by the Dupont Hiding School
for their Christmas "paper chase,"
which will be held December 24. start
at noon: Misses Edyth Howard. Mar
garet Howard. Elizabeth Scriven.
Katherine Scriven. Kuth Hitchcock,
a i Kutli Anderson. Alice Van D. Whiting.
' Julia B. Whiting, Florence Worthing-
Beaufort. Morelra, Capt. Mitchell.
Scnor Don Alfredo Akman. George
T. Odell. Cochran Ames Brown, and
Thomas Logan.
Dr. and Mrs. Walter Bloedoern en
tertained at dinner December 18 at
their quarters in the Navy Yard, pre
ceding the officers' ball. Their guests
Included Rear Admiral and Mrs. Brad
ley A. FIsaV. Ir. and Mrs. Charles W.
Uichardson. Miss Lucy Burleson. Miss
Katherine Bcrtven. and Capt Ridley Mc
Lean, r. 8. N.
Mr. Judson C. Clements has cards
out for a tea for her debutante daugh
ter. Miss Margaret Dulaney Clements,
on Tuesday. December !. Mrs. Clem
ents will have her sister. Miss u
laney, of Kentucky, with her for the
Green, who has been thsjr teacher for the
past several months, staged a
made a decided hit with the
Mr. Barrett, the phenomenal young
pianist, accompanied the young ladles
and also rendered several selections on
the piano which were appreciated
Practically all of Eaaton looks forward
to the next visit of Prof. Orson and
troupe and he has promised to make It
In the near future.
one-act ! - - -
9tfDKDHmit""l'VVVVHmilllll W i..-- ------ -
audience, i
Miss Helen Walcotl returned from
New York yeaierdsy.
The archaeological section of ths
Tu-..niiMli Anturv Club will meet on
Tuesday afternoon at the home of """jciagrtt
leaner. Mrs. Jonn ijwe. ja- "w"''
place. The subject for the day will be
"The Topography of Athens." The sec
tion of travel will not meet before Jan
uary '
Mrs. Irene Brewer, who has been visit
leg her daughter. Miss Entwlsle. for s
month, has returned to her home.
Mrs. Bruco Warden will spend the holi
days with his parents.
The wedding on Wednesday evening of
M-.sa Ruth T. Hartley daughter of Mr.
ton. Helen Fraley, Lucy Hall. Harriet
Homier. Ruth Lester, Kathaleen Les
ter, Katherine Kfllnger. Katherine
Buroette. Lucy Flnth rs, Frances Ef
fingcr, Isabel Pell, Frances Sperry,
Mesdames Guynor. Pereival Hlllmnor,,
A. F. Smitv. Tom A. Williams. Joseph
S. Wall, Dickens, Reber, Labouisse and
and Mrs. Edwin Bradfleld Hartley, and t'hanlee: Messrs. Constantine Brun
Jlr. Robert 8. Porter, of Philadelphia, the Danish minister: Ralph Coffin
Is of much Interest to Georgetown resi- ! Cotton Smith, A. D. Addison. KaufTma
dents. The ceremony will take place at B. Evans, John Klrby, Le J. W
Mrs I. Groener, who lias been visit
ing In Philadelphia. Atlantic City and
Maw York for the past three week
Mr. Ssmuel P. Hyatt, of Mllchcllaviile,
Prince George County, has been visiting-
friends and relatives here.
Miss Helen McFarland, Wine avenue,
has returned from a visit to relatives at
Romney, W. Va,
Miss Katherine Beall, of near Notting
ham, baa been visiting Miss Christine
Dr. and Mrs. Guy W. Latimer have
returned after a delightful visit to Jack
sonvllle, Fla.'
Tlie Auction Bridge Club met Satur
day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G.
Sherman James. Wine and Franklin
streets. The prises were awarded Mrs.
Edward A. Fuller. Mrs. William Howard
and Mrs. Charles W. Clagett and Mr.
Franklin G. Tlnglry. Following tli,
gume refreshments were served.
The Marlboro Social Club met Thurs
day at Weston, the home of Mrs. Hsl
Those present were: Mrs. Mar-
bury. Mrs. C. V. A. Clagett. Mrs. Will
iam B Clagett. Mrs. J. Lee D. Clagett, T
I. .1. . T
Furs for Xmas Gifts
Mrs. T. Van Clagett. Mrs. A. T. Urook
Mrs. L A. Griffith, Mrs. Frederick Ssss
rer. Mrs. Frsncla E. McManus, Mrs.
Wl'liani S. Hill. Mrs. K. L Broun. Miss
Minnie hew. Miss Butler, Miss Kather
ine Merrick, Miss Carol Wilson snd Miss
has returned home and lias ns ner i -"V""" " '"" m-..
Louis K Salmon l"" S' m. .ujw, me nuni,- ii
Mrs William A. Clagett.
guist her brother. Mr.
n, . .ills, i ' .' m
j Kvnn Hughis.
, 'Mrs. William
More Satisfactory
Than Shop Work
wHr Aot'
ive&ur Corset
.Made to hTt&u.
)l L It iA "ustow
Mr If yy Voa&V
Ii art and tailored t indhrid-
- e
1 iie combined musical clubs of the
University of Pennsylvania of Wash
ington gave a concert Friday evening.
December IS. at Foundry M. E.
Church. The patronesses for the eon
cert were Mrs. Thomas Riley Marshall.
Mrs. I.lndli-y M. Garrison. Mrs. Charles
Mrs. J. Harry Covington.
K. Gorgas, Mrs. Earl
del Cranston. Mrs. Charles V Richardson.
I Mrs. William R. Wedderspoon. Mrs.
John Betley Tuttss, Mrs. James G. Mc
Kay. Mrs. Thomas V. Bldweii, Mrs.
' Wliliam Gerry Morgan, Mrs. John
I Crayke Simpson. Mrs. Marcus S. Hat-
tenstein. Mrs. Morris Hacker. Mrs. n.
' Roberts Harper, third. Mrs. John D.
j Mattson. Mrs. Edgar C. Snyder. Mis
i William C. Woodward, Mrs. A. L
jstavely. Mrs. George F. Snyder. Mrs.
Karl C. t orley, aire, jonn i. inm-i.
Mrs. Arthur B. Crane. Mrs. L Morris
., a X . UMIiam Ilium l TR
i?j":rrz--:: wi":.s7 i"e ism..i
Mrs. Joseph W. Harris. Mrs. R. A. Bea
ton. Mrs. Robert XI. Kennedy. Mrs.
John R. Mohler. Mis. Murrsy Gait Mot
ter. Mrs. E. Frank rhllllp.-. Mrs Edgar
T Wherry. Mrs. 13 T. Woodward, Mrs.
John Hunter Selby. Mrs lather Wit
mer, and Mrs. A. 1). Weakley.
WS1 give you the exquisite lines and individual
ity ei style which can only be attained by having
The Barclay Corset is reasonable In pries, made
of highest quality, tasted materials, snd the Don
Inst Is absolutely guaranteed
New Corset Free If a Stay Should Break or Rust
Not Sold In Stores. Phone or Writs Our Local
Csrsstlere for appointment without any obligation
on your part, will call at your home on invitation.
Phone Main 1MI-J Charges very reasonable
Corsets altered, reboned. and cleaned equal to new.
1336 New York Avenue
Miss Lillian Gardiner, who Is a teachrr
in the puhlir schools at Indian Head.
Charles County, has been visiting her
parents. Mr. and Mrs. Marcellus Gardl
n. r. near T. B.. In the lower section of
Prince George County. She was sceom
paneil by the Misses Mattingly and
The next meeting of the Auction Bridge
Club will take place the Saturday even
ing after New Year at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Franklin G. Tingley, Owens
Furs for Personal Use-
Christmas Ceer at Y. W. C. A.
The Young Women's Christian Asse
ntation invites am girl or woman, and
.......,1,1k iinv who are strangers or
Mi. .nid Mrs A. Austin Hiaddoek. ..f
Friendship Heights, former residents
of Koekville. have annioinced the en
gagement of their daughter. Miss Ta- ...
bltha Austin Ilraddock. to Mr. Death- I
.. I iklnh.in i, i 'I,. '
-. "BMIK'HIII .'.
the wedding to take place the latter I
part of December.
Mr. and Mrs. George W. B. Bartlett
ami daughter. Miss Dorothy, of Gaith-tr-Ii.rg.
are in Florida for the winter.
Miss Margaret Fisher, of this vicinity,
left a few days ago to spend several
months visiting at the home of her
brother In Phoenix. Alia.
The young men of Roekville and vi
cinity have Issued invitations to their
annual Christmas holiday dance, which
alone this Christmas time to share its will lie held In the opera house here the
Dav nartv ut 90S h streit
rorthwest. It will be an oia-iasmoncu
i party with music, games and a good
! time for everybody. With the Invita
tion goes the request: "Please do not
'. dress up." The young women who are
olanning this Christmas party
cerely hope that a large
evening of December 31. The commit
tee of arrangements Is composed of
Roland Wootton. Robert L Warflelil,
Thomas L liawson. Berry E. Clark.
Valentine Wilson, and W. Russell
number of
Mrs. Ellen J. Hint and
Miss Marguerite, have gone
,,.;,' - - , ..lien .11 . i ft u- ' i i , uaic kuih
-women will be present to join in IhMr in(tton ,0 8pend the Winter.
to Waih-
Chrlttna ieutivltiea
Musical Debut at Easton
Two of Washiniiton'B most tftlenie.i
anl promiMnp youn vocal artists. Mis?
th- r Armstrong, daughter of Mr. and
Mrn. P. W. Armetrons. of the Olvmpla
Apartments, and Miss Dorothy HodKe
kiu. dau(tht-r of Mr. and Mrs W. J.
Hodgekln. of UQI Calvert street nottli-
i -,, made inir niusi- ai ueiui cunr.v
da niffht before on of tht largest auai
ence ever asbtinbled in tht Kaston Musie
Both oung women wen.- jierfectly at
ease and not a tra' of the so-calNM
stage fright was visible. MUs Arm-tronK-
rendition of ""Who Knows." by
Hall, seemed to strike a responsive
hord in the audienre. as sh. was rn
rored several time, until her pt-rsonalltv
was brought into play and she was pe.
mitted to retire. Miss Hodgekfn featured
In "Th1 leay of th Jay." from "Dolly
Vurden." by Julian l-lwards. and 'it
charming voice joined with her pleasing
manner completeU won the audience.
Although neither of the,? girla ever
appeared before in public many predicted
that it would be but a short time until
both of them would be well known to
music lovers of the American stage.
After Miss Armstrong and Miss Hodge
kin made such successful entree Mr.
I After spending s-me time In Rock- '
ville as a guest of Dr. and Mrs. George
E. Lewi. Mrs. Kichardson nas return-
ed to her home in Baltimore.
The annual banquet of tb- alumni j
association of the Koekville High
School will be held the evening of
January 1. The membership of the as
sociation numbers about sixty and cot
! ers will be laid for 10V. The commit-
tee of arrang menls consists of the
officers of the association: Robert L
Warfteld. president: Miss Margaret
Higgins. vice president: Miss Elsie
Heck, secretary, and Miss lytulse lar-
t-ombe. treasurer, and a number of
Miss Mane Talbott is upending sev
eral weeks visiting relatives In New
T rX City.
12th and F Sts.
Fur Coats and Fur Sets at
20 to 33 Discount
This sale, the result of an oversupply of Furs in the American market, offers you a
splendid opportunity to secure handsome Fur Sets and Fur Coats for Christmas at gen
uine and generous savings.
Pointed Fox Sets
Black Fox Sets
New Bhe Fox Set
Marten Sets
Skunk Sets
Mink Sets
Royal Ermine 5
White Fox Stu
Bolivian Chine!. . ..
Novelty Sets in
Combination of
Seal and Fitch
Seal and Ermine
Mole and Kit Fox
at 20 Discount
at 20 Discount
at 25 Discount
at 33 Discount
Dr. G. C. Wesotiki anj family have
movel to Washington.
Jlr. loni Bowling- of Washington, vis
it. U In I-aurel the past week
Mls Irma leaves visited In Baltimore
the past week.
Mrs. John Williams has returned from
a visit In Baltimore.
Mr. and Mra William R. Bushby t isited
in Washington Monday.
Mrs. Henry Scott visited her mother.
Mrs. Duvall, in Washington, during the
Th- Indies' Aid Society of St Phillip's
parish met Tuesdsy at the residence of
Mrs. Meredith in Lafayette avenue.
Mrs. T. A. Johnston, of Washington,
was the guest of friends here Thursday.
Mrs fleorge McCeney Is stsying in
Mr. Harry lleverly entertained ihe
Afternoon Bridge Club, of which she is
a member. Tuesday afternoon. The
bouse was decorated with Christmas
greens and holly. Rwi carnations nw
shaded candles addrd to the general at
tractlTcness of the table decorations.
at Special Prices.
The mild weather during the early part of this winter
"knocked the spots" out of our fur business.
Our stock is much larger than it should be, so we are go
ing to adopt heroic measures to dispose of the overstock with
out delay.
Every year, right after Xmas, we close out our furs at
special prices. v
This year we are not going to wait until after Xmas, but
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Fur Sets,
S50 Blue Wolf Special at $40.00
350 Natural Skimk Special at $40.00
S40 Black Fox Special at $29.50
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S25 Natural Wolf Special at $20.00
S25 Red Fox Special at $20.00
$35 Hudson Seal Special at $25.00
Reduced Prices on Suits.
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ttt1414&MMH1t& i-Xr:
1 1
Miss Dorothy Rnbbins. have returned Miss Hose MacKonaM. Miss Fhillpi-.i
from Xew York and West Point. ' Wattles. Miss Hani,- Doug-la?.. Miss Kitty
. li-iir i d . . via. Barrett. Miss Lucy We!b. Hiss Dells
Mr. Wilfred Ron nson. a son of Mft n. .... ... ,. . , ... ., ..
.nH ,. tk v.- i,Si... . h. , Phillips. Ml-s KatheHn.- all. r. Mr Eu-
"iit? f. iiii, .hi rii"i-v
feiv days wilh his
Miss Anne Lewis Jones assisted Mrs
Beverley m receiving her guests. Keg-1 ,.ome to th
nog wns serveu ny airs. j. i . KamaE-.
Mrs. Beverley's guests were Mrs. Ri h
ard Gibson, Mrs. Julian T. Burke, Jr.
Mrs. Keith "arlin. Mra D. Moxlev Lost,
jr.. Mrs. Conrad Johnson. Mrs. Carey
Ambler. Mrs. Herbert Oliver. Mrs. Rob
ert South Barrett. Miss Sylvia de Beck.
Miss Christine Kemper, Miss Ula Bar
rett, and Mrs. Snodgrass. the latter of
W i-hingtbn.
Hudson Seal Coats Reduced
$135 Coat, for $100
$150 Coats for $110
$185 Coats for $150
$225 Coat for $175
Mens Fur-Lined Overcoats, $50 and $75
These exceptionally Fine Fur-lined Overcoats for men measure up to the Stinemetz
standard, and are regular $65 and $100 values.
Clearance of Women's Cloth Coats at One-third Reduction
Mr. Edward S. Fawcett. now connected
with the Department of Commerce. Bos
ton. Mass., visited his mother here dur
ing the week and later left for Texas.
Miss Mamie Fleming, of Fort Hancock.
N. T., Is visiting her brother-in-law and
sister, Mr. and Mrs. James E. Johnston.
Miss Josephine Gregg, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Isaac Gregg, entertained a
number of her schoolmates Thursday In
honor of the eleventh recurring anniver
sary of her birth.
Miss Ellsa K. Douglas has returned
from a month's visit to New Haven,
Conn., and New York.
! I mil school
Mr. V. W. Boswell left Friday for
North Carolina where he will spend the
Christmas holidays
Col. Arthur Herbei t and family are
spending a month at Old Point Comfort.
.Mr. James A. Wise and sister have
a city where they will spend j
eld has returned j
Mr. Charles A. Cotterell and Mr,
C. Snyder, both of Washington, were
visitors here during the week.
Miss Julia D. Hopkins will entertain
at a dance December 29.
Miss Dorothy Robbins, who has been
the house guest of Mrs. A. D. Brockett,
has returned to her home In Dallas, Tex.
Miss Emily Johnson has returned after
a six week"s visit to friends In New
"fork., New Haven, and West Point.
Lieut Charles D. Barrett, D, S. M. C
is the guest of his mother. Mrs. Kate
Waller Barrett, and later will leave (or
Norfolk to take up his duties at the
OfBcers' Instruction School at Norfolk.
Mrs. Benjamin Iden, of Minneapolis,
Minn., Is the guest of her father. Judge
C. K. Nleol. North Washington street.
Mrs. Ida E. Harris, of Baltimore, is
isiting friends in this city.
Jdii. A. D. Brockett and hei rueaL
the winter.
Mr. Henry K. F
from Portsmouth. Vs.. where he at
tended the celebration of the 100th an
niversary of the Portsmouth Naval
Masonic Lodge.
Mrs. J. Frank Carlin entertained the
members of Mount Vernon Chapter of
Kings Daughters. 01' Fairfax County,
of which she is a member, at a lunch'
eon Thursday at her home at Arcturus,
Fairfax County.
Mrs. Charles Calvert Smoot, third,
and children, Lloyd. Frank, Wood,
Kalhrln and Charles Calvert Smoot,
fourth, of North Wilkesboro. N. C are
the guests of Mrs. Smoot- parents. Mr.
and Mrs. George Uhler. North Washing
ton street.
Mr. and Mrs. Bedford Brown Uhler
have returned from their wedding trip
and are now living at 202 North Wash
ington street.
Arrangements have been made for a
dnnsant to be given New Tear's after-
Edgar! noon for the benefit of the District nurse
of Alexandria
Members of Mo'int Vernon Chapter. D.
A. R, were entertained by Mrs. Thomas
B. Cochran Friday afternoon. This or
ganisation will give a dansant Saturday
night to raise funds for the Red" Cross.
Those attending the dance of the Alex
andria Assembly on Friday evening In
the auditorium of the Elks Home were
Mr. and Mrs. William Wattles. Mr. and
Mrs. John Leadbeater, Mr. and Mrs. Mac
Donald Douglas, Mr. ami Mrs. Herbert
Oliver, Mr. and Mrs. Emmett C. Dunn.
Mr. and Mra George H. Evans, Mr. and
Mrs. Henry O'Bannon Cooper. Mr. and
Mrs. Freeland, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas B.
Cochran. Dr. and Mrs. Stewart Jnrnleson.
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence stabler. Mr. and
Mrs. Clarence Leadbeater. Mrs. Gilbert
Cox, Mrs. Frank Johnston. Mrs. Robert
Mr. Rohley P llrum-
back. Dr. Vivian Berry. Mr Stanley (1
Blanton. Mr. Richard Chichester. Mr.
Walter C. Foster. Mr. Wallace Fawcett.
anrt Mrs. G. Bryan Pitta
Mr. George Pan, of Pittsburgh. iit"l
Mis brother. Mr. Frederick J. Paff. ilurinii
the week.
Mr George Bryan Pitts has returned
from Florida.
Mrs. John Aanew and daushteis hat
returned to Alexandria from Mount
timore. Capt. and Mrs. Simpson, whs
came for the kur, will entertain a bi-r
party over the New Year's holidays.
Baron snd Baroness Egbert de Nagel
vho came to the New treeabrler t-
spend their honeymoon, have left for a
bru-f visit at Willcoxs. Aiken. 8. C, b
for,. sailing for the continent, when thev
will make their pcrnian. rit home at The
White Sulphur Springs. V. Va.. Dc -.
9. The second annual New Year's eve
celebration promises to lie th- hiKicst
event of the winter season at the N u
Greenbrier, nnil for the past t--n days
reservations hsve been coming in from
Washington, Baltimore. Philadelphia snd
New York, as well as from Charlottes
ville. Richmond, Staunton, Charleston
and Wheeling.
The Governor-elect and "itrs. Charles
S. Whitman, who spent Thanksgiving
here, are returning on Thursday next for
the holldavs. They will stop en route
to visit the Ambassador from Brazil
and Mme. da Gama.
Others expected are Mr. and Mrs. An
drew Carnegie. Sir Robert and Lady
Hadfleld, who were hen last Christmns.
George W. Stevens, Harry 8. Bla-k.
John Barrett. Theodore P. Shonts and
a number of ethers
Principe Francesco Rospigliiso and the
princesso. the latter Mlsss Laura Mc
Donald, of Cincinnati anil Washington,
who arrived a fortnight ago for the kur,
will be here until they leave for the
South in Janunrv
Mr. and Mrs. Medill McCormick, who
came a fortnight ago from Washington
for the kur, have spent the week shoot
ing and hunting. They will be In Wash
ington next week with Mrs. Mark A.
Lieut. Col. Steven L. II. Slocum. V. 8,
A., retired and Mrs. Slocum, w-ho gavo
an old Virginia luncheon this week at
the Ix Cabin In compliment to Mr. and
Mrs. McCormick. have been joined by
S. Barrett. Mrs. Charles M. Sheppenon, Caot, and Mrs. Edward Simoion. of Bal-
RudrJock-Beehler Wedding.
Annnpoli?. Aid.. Dec. 19. The mam an
of Kn.ign Theodore Davis RuddHc, 1 .
S. X., and Miss Stella Keehlsr, daueh
ti of Commodore William H. Bechlir,
of th navy, retired, and Mra Behl-r.
ol Annapolis, i-ok plate at hl&h nom
m St. Anne'-" Church, here todpy. Tin.
Rev. Dr. Joseph I. Mci'oms, rvcto of
the church, officiated. It wae the lanr-
st naval wedding that has been H'
I rated in Annapolis for some time.
The ushers were Knsfgn Merrick Tl.v -dak.
Enr-iffn William -I. Lairun. class
mates of th.- hridt. RTnom. and Ueut. C.
A. French, of tito Coast Artilic.-y Corp
of the army. Th bride wa attended
by her sister. Mm. Bunker, wif of Capt.
Kaiil D. Itunker. I". S. A., and the fol
lowing bridesmaids: Her lister, Mts
Mary Beehlef. Anita Cresap, of Annapo
lis, and Helen Ileadley. of Swedesbor
X. J. The bride wore a gown of white
satin, court train and trimmed in wmV
chiffon and applique lace, with a veil
cf white applique, and carried a bou
quet of tirid'- roses and lilies of the vl
Uy. The matron was gowned in whle
.-a tin and carried a basketful of white
and lavender sweet p as. The maids
wore white chiffon ov. r go'd net and
hats of black velvet and carr.ed bas
kets of yellow roses. The best, man wa
Ensign Karl Shears, a classmate of th
bridegroom. Two nephews f the bride
Paul and William Bunker, acted is rib
bon bearers, A wedding br-akfsst was
served at the home of Lieut. V P. Beeh-lt-r.
of the navy, at Murray Hill.
Some of the out-of-town guests At the
a eddlng were Col. Robert M. Thomp
son, Mr. and Mra Garrison, of Xew
York; Admiral F. J. Drake, of Wash
ington: Miss Nannie Beehler, of Balti
more, cousin of the bride.
After three years' continuous
five-mile tunnel recently was pierced
through the Jura Mountains to shorten
railroad routes from 1'arls te .Berne and

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