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Doings of the Odd Fellows.
srnoKniNATE uooats.
larcemfcer 1 L'lucm. No. U, Awn.: OoTenant,
No 13, Beacon. No. IS. and lengdon. No. S, noami
DatioQ of ofllrarai
December 22-Wsehiai.ton. No. : Ooldcn etuie.
So. H. io! Ami-j, No. S. Doniinatioess.
December 55-IUirtem. No. 1: Haiaetaar. No. .
Pd Friendship. No. n, defiee: rederal Citj. No.
at nominations.
IlemitaT 2-Columbia. No. 10: Exceseior. No. 2T.
and Kajrtn. No. Z2. nomtaationi.
December THolidaj; no lodge seaelone.
December a-Fied D. Stuart. No. T. election of
December ZJ ' ohnabai. No. I. election of ofBoera
rvocmher 21 Naomi. No. 1. and Both, No. 2.
election of ofTirer.
Det-mber Jb '.aaton Waehmsnjn. No. 1. social
lanajdon Lodge Entertains Mlir
I,at Monday evening the officers of the
u-rand lodge paid their annual visit to
,. tr.sdon Lodge. No. X. the home lodge of
(hand Master Frank K. Rapp. The lodge
nd grand roaster were honored by hav
ini; present Grand Secretary William A.
Jones and Grand Marshal George Hor-
isburg. of the jurisdiction of Maryland,
ind fourteen visitors representing ten
..ther States. The reports of the grand
secretary and grand treasurer showed
that the lodge du-iiiK tie present year
has greatly improved both in membership
n.l finances, and that the lodge wll-.-oon
owr. its IchJc building free of
ndebtedness. In honor of the grand
master the lodge, through Past Grand
Milton S. Fall, presented Mrs. Rapp with
a handsome cut glass fruit dish, and in
memory of the times in the past when
i he lodge was struggling to increase and
Keep warm on winter nights, the com
mittee presented the grand master for
:he use of the lodge the old wood stove
i finished and bearing a plate showing
the action of the lodge, all inclosed in all
oak and glass case. The address of the
e i vening was delivered by William A.
Junes, past grand master and grana
secretary of Maryland. Past Grand
Master John II. Wood, who is the rec
ognised father of the lodge, it having
i.een instituted during his term of grand
master, also made a splendid address.
The session closed with the serving of
I r freshments.
Installing; Wnlrera for Janoar) An-
Grand Ma.-ter Rapp ha designated the
following installing officers for January.
IMS: January 4, Union. No. 11. V '
Hammer, G. H.; Covenant. No. 13. Dan
iel A. Dugan, P. G. M. ; Beacon. No. 15.
1.. & Savage, G. G.: Langdon. No. 26, L
8. Schoenthal. P. G. January 5, Wash
ington, No. 6, I. R. Schwinger, G. M. :
;ilden Rub. No. -'1. Edgar T. Thump
son, P. G. M.: Amity. No. 27. W. W. Mll
lin. P. G. M.. G. R. : Mount Pleat-ant. No.
i-i. J. II. Wood. P. G. M. January' .
Eastern. No. 7, jointly with Harmony.
So. :: William J. Hope. G. W. : Friend
up. No. 12, John D. Yoakley, G. T. Jan
uary 7. Columbia, No. 10. E. W. Brad
ford. P. G. M.. G. R.: Excelsior, No. 17.
11. S. Petty. G. ".: Salem. No. 22, William
J. Rich. P. G. M. January s. Central. No
1. and Metropolis No. M, jointly. Milton
s Kail. P. G.: Phoenix. No. 28. A. W.
Kaiser. P. G.; Federal City. No. 2D. joint-
l with Dorcas Rebekah Lodge, No. 4,
'it and I-odge officers.
Rebekah lodges: January 1. Miriam.
,i I"., Past Noble Grand Josephine
iieahm: January 4. Naomi, No. 1. Mary
'.i. P. N. G. : Ruth. No. 2. Lilly Ship
man. I'. N. G.: January 5, Fidelity. No.
.. Past Noble Grand Roberta E. Volland:
are of all single causes the
most prolific for the produc
tion of diseases.
Ill health or lack of clean
liness among dairy hands, sta
ble dirt, soiled utensils, impure
linsing water, together with
the warmth and dust of the
stable, are the principal causes
nf contamination, and, as milk
is the best-known medium for
breeding germs, these rapidly
multiply into many millions.
Tuberculosis, scarlet fever,
diphtheria, septic sore throat,
and notably typhoid and other i
intestinal diseases, are often
caused by raw milk and
cream, and no amount of in
spection can be relied upon to
prevent milk contamination at
all times.
The only reliable means for
preventing milk infections Is
pasteurization, and this sim
ple treatment does not change
the character of the inilk nor
affect its nutritive value or its
We can home-pasteurize
milk by bringing It to near
boiling, then cool, and keep
cold and covered until used.
Even entirely healthy adults
who would ordinarily not be
affected by impure food if
they continue drinking impure
milk and cream long enough
will eventually vitiate their
blood and undermine their nat
ural resistance and become
subject to attacks of sickness,
the underlying cause of which
is usually not suspected.
But children, sick people,
and all who area in a rundown
condition should in particular
never drink raw milk or raw
cream, nor eat ice cream made
of them.
The Health Officer of the
Distrioi of Columbia will fur
nish free information as to
the average grade of safety
of the milk and cream, raw
or pasteurized, sold by any
milk dealer in this city.
Seciitj tor Prmntion if Sickiiss
E. BERLINER. Secretin!
The Bulletins of the Society
for Prevention of Sickness,
signed by Mr. E. Berliner, are
based on much careful study,
ar.d they deserve the attention
of the public, for whose bene
fit they are Issued
(Surgeon General. U. 8.
Army, retired).
(Prof, of Hygiene. George
town University).
January 8, Martha Washington, No. S,
Edith O'Donnell. P. N. G. : Dorcas. No.
4. jointly with Federal City Lodge, No.
28, Grand Lodge officers; January 11. Es
there. No. 5, Past Noble Grand Annie E.
Ml. Pleasant Lodge Instituted.
The new subordinate lodge. Mount
Pleasant, No. 2, was duly Instituted Fri
day evening, December IS, In the Masonic
Hall, over the bank, corner of Fourteenth
and Kenyon streets northwest, by Grand
Master Rapp and his corps of Grand
Lodge officers. The lodge started out
with a charter list of fourteen past
grands and twenty-three third degree
members, and quite a list of applicants
for admission by initiation. Following
the institution ceremonies, the following
officers were elected and installed into
office: Noble grand. Rev. G. E. Granger;
vice grand. Edwin A. Swingle: secretary.
Bert V. Wolfe: treasurer, William O.
Thomas. The following representatives
to the Grand Lodge were also elected:
Joseph R Fague. Jacob N. Belt, and Rob
ert R. Cooke There was a large attend
ance of members from other subordinate
lodges, the session being called to order
hy Thomas W. Kowler, P. G. M. G. R., of
Columbia Lodge. No. 10, who was One of
the first to advocate the establishment
of a new lodge in that section of the city.
The lodge will meet the first and third
Tuesdays of each month in the hall In
which it was instituted, at 7:30 p. in., and
will be pleased to receive visits from
members of other lodges.
Eastern and Harmony Latdaea Con
fer liearreea.
Eastern Lodge, No. 7, and Harmony
Ixxlge. No. 9. both had good attendances
last Wednesday evening. Eastern Lodge
conferred the first degree upon two can
didates, and Harmony the second degree.
Next Wednesday Eastern Lodge will have
the second, and Harmony Ixslge the
third degrees in addition to nomination
of officers.
Aaslty lodge to Have Degree Staff.
Amity Lodge, No. 27, met last Tuesday
evening. The committee on the annual
church visit reported the completion of
an excellent program. The services will
be held in Gorsuch M. E. Church, corner
of L and Four-and-a-half streets south
west, Sunday evening, January 10. There
will be good singing, .and the sermon will
be delivered by an Odd Fellow who has,
it Is said, grasped the magnitude and im
portance of his subject, and will deal with
the Biblical significance and principles of
the order. Next Tuesday evening the
lodge will hold nomination of officers for
the ensuing six months, and a full at
tendance of the members is desired. The
formation of a permanent degree staff
will be considered.
Martha Uaialatloa Rrbrkabs
Klrct OaV.eers.
Martha Washington Rebekah Lodg-. No.
2. held a well-attended session Friday.
The following officers were elected for
the first six months of the coming year:
Noble grand. Mrs. Mary- McCarthy; vice
grand. Miss Alice Dove; recording secre
tary. Miss M. E. Edmonston: financial
secretary. Mrs. Dora J. B. Hendrlx;
treasurer, Mrs. Olga M. Rogers. These
officers will b- installed Friday evening.
January S.
Esther Itcbekaha Confer Degree.
Esther Rebekah Lodge. No. 5. held an
interesting session Monday night. Offi
cers for the next term were nominated.
The degree was conferred on two candi
dates, Mrs. Sallic M. Gates and Miss
Ruth S. Walker. Brother George B.
Johnston was reported sick.
Degree Director Sample reported that
the team visited Mispah Lodge. No. 3fi,
Forcstvllle. Md.. and conferred the de
cree on two candidates, where a royal
good time was had.
Sister Ida Brimer. of the Rebekah Home
Circle, reported that her committee has
under consideration several entertain
inents to be given for the benefit of the
proposed Odd Fellow's Home. The first
of the-e will be a theater party at Poll's
on the lirst Monday night in February.
It is expected tha. every Odd Fellow and
every Rebekah in the District of Colum
bia will interest themselves in these en
terprises and that they will be largely
Visitors from abroad were Arabella C.
Rlggle, P. N. G.. Erutha Lodge. No. 27.
Holland. Mich.: J. P. Meade. Isthmian
'anal Lodge, No. 1. Anion. C. z : Jennie
K.nnison and Etta Meade. Winnewlssa
1-odge. No. 62. Pipestone, Minn.; and Mrs
Kauffman, Moline, 111.
S. of V. Auxiliary.
Mrs Herbert Walton Rutledge, presi
dent of the William B. Cushing Camp
Auxiliary. No. 4, entertained the mem
lers at her home, 320 Eastern avenue.
Takom;i Park. D. C. last Friday even
ing. The annual election of officers for
the coming year will take place on
Thursday, New Year's Eve, December SI,
at 8 o clock at the regular meeting place
in Grand Army Hall. 1412 Pennsylvania
avenue northwest. The election of of
ficers will take place from 8 to 10 o'clock
and an entertainment will be given from
10 o'clock until 11:30. From 11:30 until
11:50 refreshments will be served and
from 11:30 until 12:15 a. m. the usual In
cidents connected with watching the old
year out and welcoming the new year
in win be observer All members of the
Grand Army. Sons of Veterans, I.". S. A..
nnd other auxiliaries will be invited ami
the general public will be received after
10 p. ra.
Last Wednesday evening Auxiliary No.
10, of Hagerstown. Md., entertained Na
tional Inspector Celeste D. Gentieu and
Division President (Maryland division)
Jessie A. Gentieu. One new member was
initiated. It being the birthday anniver
sary of Past Division President Sister
Munson, a surprise was planned in which
Sister Munson was the recipient of many
beautiful presents. Flowers In abund
ance, a beautiful La Vaillere from Sister
National Inspector and Division President
Gentieu, and a shower of china, were
among the gifts. Sister Munson, in be
half of the auxiliary, presented sister
division president with a beautiful basket
of carnations and snap dragons, and
sister national Inspector with a large
bouquet of carnations.
Sons of Veterans, U. S. A.
Lincoln Camp, No. 2, of the Maryland
division. Dr. Joseph H. Wood, com
mander, held a musical and literary en
tertainment at its headquarters, 1101
E street northwest, last Monday evening
in lieu of its regular meeting. Ladles
were invited and a eeneral arnoH lima awl
social enjoyment was had. The meeting
was preside.! over by Past Commander
V. L. Garrigus. Special numbers wm
on the program including a piano selec
tion oy sar. naney uveracker and a
vocal sole by Miss Stonebraker.
i.ieui. s. r . duller, ox uavis fStar
Camp. Pittsburgh, who has been visiting
Washington the Dast week, left l. nl.,1..
for Richmond.
A number of the Sons of Veterans in
Washington were interested in news re
ceived last week from Madison, Wis.,
where Rev. Ernest L. Benson, a former
Washington boy. was installed as chap
lain -in-chief of the Sons of Veterans. U.
8. A. Those of his friends who knew
him in Washington have every confidence
of his success in this responsible position
to which he has been lately appointed
by Commander-in-Chief Sherman.
Masonic Affairs.
Decanter 3-Potoaasc. No : B. B. rnmok. No.
15. social; anacnerta, No. 9: Fentalpha. Na 23. so
cial: Mount Plaaaaat, No. SI, M. VI.
December at-Fadatsi, No. I, callad off; Acacia,
Mo. sJ, M. M.; Taaoma. No . E A.
December S-Hartaoar, No. IT; School of Inttree
tioa. Dwxmbrr tt-Tha Near jeniaalam. No, 9; George
C. Whiting. No. 22.
December .a-. John's. No. 11: Hops, No. 20.
rjocemrer 3-Monnt Hon. Ha T, B. A.; Po
tomac. No. I, boainMS.
December ZL-aloont Plaaaaat, No. U. B. A.
Dasaasbar St- Washington, No. 2.
December 25-Eureka. Na . called off; Capitol,
No. 11.
December 3-W.shington Cenaeil. No. I. aaseUos.
: ltecember ti Orient. No. S.
aaaaaaaaa. B-D. Wola Uountad No 4.
.sec-ember 25-Washington. No. I.
December St-Robert do Bruce Council of Kodaab.
business: Albert Pis Consist? election.
December 21 -...mas Temple Patrol, banquet at ;
I Hotel iiudson.
December 21 Kaliipoln Grotto, No, D, eisit to I
I I'entalpha l-odge.
December 21-Roth. No 1.
Ilerember a-Electa. No. 2; Bethlehem, No. T:
Friendship. No. 17.
December 3- Naomi. No. Z. Brocaiaad. Na II. '
December StWllllem F. Hum. Na M.
Deremher B-Ttaama. No. 12; Cstbedntf. No, II;
L John's Ixidgr, Nu. IS.
Alaaau Patrol ( Hate Baaqset.
, strictly Masonic gei-tosetncr own- i
quet will be held by Almas Temple Pa
trol tomorrow night at the Hotel Hud
son. UZ1 H street northwest, at 8 o'clock.
Noble Harry F. Kennedy Is chairman of j
the committee on arrangements. Con-
I siderable talent will be Introduced, and
! this opportunity will be taken by nobles
I of Almss Temple to show appreciation
' of the many labors of the patrol for
their benefit.
The patrol will hold its annual Christ
man tree party at the club rooms. 1224
H street northwest, on Monday night.
December 2S. when presents will be dis
tributed to all who attend. The commit
tee having charge of this function con-
! slsts of John J. Odenwald. chairman, as
sisted by Virgil M. Fookes and E. Mlchell
I Colaaabia Comesaaderr, K. T., Con
fers Order.
Columbia Commander)'. No. 2, Knights
Templar, held its regular conclave last
Friday night, and conferred the Illustri
ous Order of the Red Cross. The gath
ering was marked by the same enthusi
asm thai has brought out such large
I attendance of the Sir Knights to the con
Masonic Relief Requested for War
Masons of the District of Columbia are
urged to contribute generously toward
funds being raised for the relief of
European war sufferers in an appeal
Issued by T. John Newton, grand master
or the Grand Lodge. F. A. A. M.
The appeal says in part: ''At present we
have among the warring nations of Eu
rope many thousands of Masonic breth
renMasons who are actually bearing
arms. It Is not only the losses in our
fraternity, ranks of husbands, fathers
and sons which we must face, but those
who are left their aged parents, their
wives and children many, alas! already
become widows and orphans, for whom
we must help provide. Even wider and
deeper than this is the loss in the heavier
bereavement, the greater penury, the
more acute suffering found among the
poor of each conflicting nation those vast
and needy communities whose burdens
all generous Masons always carry upon
their hearts.
"We Masons are fellow-soldiers In
God's army of peace. Our constant
prayer must be for peace. God is love,
and the way to peace is through a life
that refuses to countenance hate and
t.rotto Knfertalna "l.adlea and
The "ladies' and kiddies' " night en
tertainment of Kallipolls Grotto. No. 15.
M. O. V. P. E.SR.. held Wednesday night
at National Rifles Armory, will long oe
remembered by the several hundred
prophets, their wives and children who
attended. The entertainmnt was pecu
liarly adapted to both children and
grown-upa. The "kiddies" were made
glad the minute they entered the hall
by having a box of candy handed thein.
nd the "mamas" were equally pleased
to receive a handsome bouquet of roses
The prophets were presented with a
souvenir tumbler bearing the Grotto em
blem. The stage was beautifully decorat
ed with Christmas trees and green foli
age. Many beautifully colored electric
lights biased a welcome and the decora
tions about the hall were representative
of the Grotto and the Christmas season
The idea of a "ladies' and kiddies' "
Grotto entertainment was conceived by
Monarch P. R. Pullman several months
ago. He called to his aid Past Monarch
John II Shreve, whom he appointed
chairman, and explained his plan. Sub
committees were appointed and the re
sult was one of the most enjoyable af
fairs ever held by the Grotto.
The evening's entertainment was is
follows: Overture. Kallipolls Orchestra.
Jacque Heldenheimer. director: address
of welcome. Monarch P. R Pullman;
medley. Kallipolls Glee Club. Charles A.
Stevens, director: bugle calls. Master
Rudolph Albrccbt. the youngest or the
Minute Men: solo. Master Charles E.
Hutchinson: solo. Miss Leona Callan:
whistling solo, David Wolf: duet. "The
Recipe of Love.'' Miss Edlthe Shreve and
Muster Bernard Ruppert; oomlc song.
"When Grown-L'p Ladles Act Like Little
Babies." Kirk C. Miller: duet. Misses Mary
and Dorris Eaton: dialer- specialty. I. 8.
Goldsmith: female Impersonation, Wilbur
E. Fookes: solo. Miss Margaret Parker:
toe dance specialty. Miss Edlthe Shreve;
solo, "A Fool There Was" Master Bern
ard Ruppert: solo. Carl Mulvehill: solo.
Master Samuel Emmons; Schnitzel Bank,
Fred Kramer and Kallipolls Glee Club:
concert, Kallipolls Military Band. Prof.
Julius Kamper. director; Samuel F.
8hreve. president.
After refreshments were served the
floor was cleared and the "little ones"
amused themselves in fun and games,
assisted by Prophets Fred Isell. H. 8.
Simmons. John W. Shadwell and W. C.
Pratt, costumed as clowns
The full committee having the affair In
charge consisted of Past Monarch John
H. Shreve. chairman; E. W. -ibbey, vice
chairman: George H. Emmon.. secretary:
Charles Keifer. treasurer: Monarch P. R
Pullman and Past Monarchs Edward S.
Schmid, J. W. Collins and R B. Dickey,
and O. A. C. Oehmler, reception: C. P.
Boss, tickets: F. H. Kramer, flowers:
Dr. Frederick Yates, medical: Samuel
F. Shreve and Julius Kamper, music:
Jacque Heldenheimer. orchestra: P. W.
Nicholson and M. Han If in. decorations:
Jack Shulman. souvenirs; Theodore Pic
ard, refreshments, and Charles A. PeTev
ena, floor.
Future events of the Grotto are: De
cember 21. visit and entertain Pentalpha
Lodge. No. 23, F. A. A. it.: December
S, business session, initiation of candi
dates and nomination of officers: Janu
ary 26, election and installation of of
ficers. Ac-arls Lodge Installs OfBeera.
Acacia Lodge. No. 18. F. A., A. M
elected and installed officers December 8
as follows: Edward F. Coliaday, master;
William E. Springer, 8. W.; Percy I.
Batch. J. W.; Henry H. Burroughs. P.
M.. seicretary: George W. Koonce. P. M.,
treasurer: Frank A. Gunther, S. D.';
Samuel T. Farmer, J. D.; Harry B. It.
rr ii"wmi tSu.
Tapaws saasaTSW
The Idea
The dream and ob
ject of every shoe
manufacturer for years
and yean has been to
make a shoe with abso
lute flexibility and qual
ities that would give to
the wearer complete
foot comfort.
Many have produced
different soft sole or
cushion sole shoes
which have had merit
BUT it remained for
TRA VERS to secure the
sale in this city of the
one shoe perfected and
copyrighted by a lead
ing manufacturer after
years of study and con
sultation with orthoped
ic specialists.
Number 705-$4.00 the pair and worth $6
The RESTSHU is a comfort shoe, built on style lines and suitable for any occasion. The materials are
the same as used in the prominent $6.00 lines. The workmanship is the best, and every pair has the special
and secret tanned Restshu soles. If you wear one pair you're forever a Restshu advocate. It is not a shoe
for cripples, but for every woman and girl who ever have an ache in their feet. For sale in this city by
314 7th St N. W.
At D St.
Iielwig, s. 8 : Edward II. Maltby. J. 8.:
Asa V. Burdine. marshal; Edward Kolb,
tiler: Seward T. Covert, P. M.. delegate
to Masonic board of relief. Charles E.
Stevens. P. M , delegate to St. John's
Mite Association: John E. Borland. P. M.,
representative board of managers, lodge
room. No. 2; Delos M. Carter. P. M.. rep
resentative board of managers, Masonic
and Eastern Star Home.
A handsome past master's jewel was
presented William W. Connor, the retir
ing master on behalf of the lodge by Past
Master Burroughs. After the close of the
lodge the brethren repaired to a near-by
cafe, where, as has been the custom in
this lodge for many years, the Incoming
master set an oyster supper, which was
followed by short speeches by several or
his guests.
Notes of Scottish Kite Bodies.
The annual meeting of Albert rlke
Consistory, Ancient and Accepted Scot
tish Rite, for the election of officers will
b held Tuesday, December J2. Robert
ui Bruce Council will also meet in bus
j pi ss session.
Owing to the approaching holidays
there will be no degree work until Tues
day. January 5, when the twentieth de
gree will be conferred in full ccrc-
i moniaL
Arcane Chapter, O. K. S., Holds
Worthy Grand Matron Jessie W-.
Cowles, accompanied by the grand chap
lain. Mrs. Lillian Carl), and Grand Mar
sha Mrs. Bena Barnhart, visited Areme
Chapter. No. 10. O. E. 8., Wednesday
night for the purpose of Installing the
The chapter room was beautifully deco
rated with palms and red roses and
filled with members and visitors. The
setting for the occasion was exceeding')
pretty. A large number of the grand of
ficers and many past grand matrons nnd
grand patrons were present.
After the regular order of business
-Worthy Matron Mabelle Hagen invited
Grand Matron Cowles to take charge.
The following officers were duly In
stalled into their respective stations an.l
places: Miss Maud Fellheimer, worthv
matron; Mr. Charles llos- li. worthy
patron: Mrs. Walter R. Metx. associat a
matron; Mrs. Fannie Sellnger. secretary: j
Mrs. Bena Barnhart. treasurer; Mrs. I
Grace Harding, conductress; Mrs. JulU I
Franke, associate conductress; Miss
Lillian Spoor, organist: Mrs Helen
Brashears, Adah: Mrs. Jennie Berliner.
Relh Ml. D,i,t, U.Im..i. V.tKr-
Mrs. Grace Barr, Martha: Mrs. Lena
Hodges Electa; Miss Lillian Dowrick.
marshal: Mrs Louise Capps. warden;
Mr. Henry M. Frank, sentinel.
Following the installation ner- selec
tions by the new choir of Areme Chap
ter. The new matron was presented
with an immense bouquet of white chry
santhemums by Past Matron Bertha
Rev. Dr. Abram Simon, a member of
Areme, complimented the chapter most
highly on its choice of matrons, and his
remarks were greatly enjoyed by every
A beautiful past matron's Jewel was
presented Junior Past Matron Hagen by
Grand Marshal Bena Barnhart, and Past
Patron Metx was presented a handsome
Masonic ring by Mrs. Grace Harding
Past Matron Hagen was presented a cut
glass dish by her patron. William F.
Harding, retiring sentinel, was presented
a Bible by Mrs. Fannie Sellnger. on be
half of the chapter, and the new matron.
Mrs. Fellheimer. was presented a friend
ship ring of "forget-me-nots" by Past
Patron Delos W. Thayer.
The program of the evening consisted
of excellent selections by Areme chap
ter's new choir; solos by Miss Richard
son, of Martha Chapter, No. 4; Mrs. Deal.
The Most Comfortable Shoe in
A aasW
.gfll BaaPaaaaaaaa,
.tatfl a.
"The Creator
of Bethlehem Chapter. No. 7. and Mr.
Fillius. of Electa Chapter. No. .'. All
were then invited to the banquet room,
where a sumptuous supper was waiting.
and was greatly enJoed. The evening
is said to have been one of rare enjoy
ment, and congratulations and good
wishes were showered upon the new ma
tron. Miss Fellheimer.
Lebanon l.ndar to Knterlaln
I.ebanon Lodge. No. T. conferred the
K. A. degree at Its last communication,
with Senior Warden Charles E. Alex
ander In the east. Worshipful Master M.
B. Yerger announced that at the regular
Good Gifts
For Women
JEWEL BOXES. -30 to 333.
PHOTO FRAMES. 31.50 to 318.
BRACELETS, 33.50 up.
BARRETTES, 31S to 330.
BROOCHES, 32 lip.
CARD CASES, 116 to 31""
(TFK PINS. 32 to v".
WATCHES. 310 up
I.OCKETS. S3 to 34.
MESH BAGS. 38.23 up.
NECKLACES. 37.50 up.
PENCILS. 31 to 320.
RINGS. 33.50 up.
SLIPPER BI'CKLES. 11.75 to 317
VANITY BOXES. 31. 25 to 330.
VANITY CASES, 110 to 3190.
Good Gifts
For Men
BELTS. 34.30 to 320.
CIGARETTE CASES. 3:.75 to 3130.
CARD CASES. 33.511 to 350.
MATCH BOXES, 12.25 to S4S.
NECKTIE CLA8P8. 73c to 320.
PENCILS, tl to 120.
POCKET KNIVK.-'. 12 to 320.
SCARF PINS. 11.50 up.
SIGNET RINGS. 15 to 125.
WATCH CHAINS. 1.50 to 175.
RIBBON Gl'ARDS. 14.50 to 111,
CORKSCREWS. 12 to 13.25.
CIGAR CUTTER8, U to 314.50.
EYEGLASS CASES, 18 to 110.50
BEER OPENERS, 11.50 to 111.
FLASKS, 15.75 to 117.
KEY RINGS. 11.50 to 120.
SHAVING BRISHES. 11 50 to 17.
SHAVING SETS. 11.75 up.
TRAVELING CUPS. 11.30 to 17.50.
ASH TRAYS, 12.25 to 116.
WHISKEY SETS, 110.50 to 120.25.
Also in Fawn and
of Traverstiles"
communication of January 1. after a
short business session, the doors will be
opened to the ladles of the lodge and
their friends, and Rev. Brother Purdom
will give an Illustrated lecture on Ms re
cent trip to the Holy !.and. The lecture
will be interr-ner:- d with special music
i i the lodge choir. After the lecture
light refreshments will be served, and
the evening wilt close with an inform tl
B. B. French l.odare to Present
i Benjamin 11. French Lodge. No. 13.
F. A. A. M . will meet tomorrow night.
. After the transaction of business, a past
"Gift" Jewelry
At Its Best
WHEN you view our display of gift
goods you will enjoy the pleasure
and satisfaction of seeing every
thing that's new, novel, and worthy in
Jewelry, Silverware, Watches, Ornaments, Etc.
There are things to appeal to every one
useful, beautiful, "sure-to-please" articles
.in assortments equal to every demand.
Our goods are notable for quality and
originality our prices are well within reason.
Harris N. Brown Co.
F Street
the World"
Whereas all other
attempts at attaining
the pinnacle of success
in this idea have result
ed in comfort shoes, in
soft kid with no style,
and with the whole idea
being comfort with low
heels and generally be
ing being old ladies'
hoes. TRAVERS in
offering this line puts
his official stamp on it
and declares it to be
made in up-to-the-minute
styles and lasts, with
correct stylish heels and
possessing all the lines
of the stylish women's
footwear, fit for any
and all uses.
Gray Tops Both Patent and
Gun Metal.
masters jewel will be presented t-:
Charles E. Hood A social evening will
follow the presentation.
Heealta of Flections in Brians
Pit I Hani in the various lodges held
last week resulted as follows:
The New Jerusalem Lodge. No. '.' -Charles
G. Dougherty, master: Wtllian.
'iabaugh. senior warden; William V.
Harding, junior warden. Charter '.
'oolbs. secretary: William McNelr. treas
urer. Proxies to Grand Lodge Roger .1.
Whltford. for master: Thomas A. Bynum,
Gifts That Are
Sure to Please
IIT BtMOat wrr least.
taaTsanaa MM.

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