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Fire Department Has
Three New Roadsters
Several New Agencies Located
Here Within the Past Week
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The Great Struggle in Europe
Now Is War of
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Drivers Agree Kayheld Le-
vice Has Helped oet
Spencer Wishart's Mercer. Equipped
with This Accessory. Probably Was
Fastest American Machine.
When K.ldle Pullen flashed across the
line winner in the Corona road race.
there was broken into bits the world's
road race record for 300 miles, which hss
stood for more than two years. Not
satisfied with breaking the record. Patten
smashed it by exactly nine miles p. r
hour. in. leasing It from TS.T miles per
hour to K7.T miles per hour. No such ad-
;ince as thla In automobile speed records
nas ueen mane iwr a ivun uhit.
Among those who are particularly
rl asrd with this record-breaking suc
cess are the manufacturers of the Ray
tield carburetor, with which all Mercer
racing car." have been equipped this year.
The speed of the Merc rs has been well
known all season, arid It was long agreed
among drivers that if ever one of those
curs at through a race with reasonably
good luck, it would surely win.
At Elirin the speed of Spencer Wishart's
Mer.er. which was also Rayfleld
equipped, was sensational. It is prob
al ly the fastest American-built car. On
the first day of the Elgin races, the
Mercer was leading by close to ten min
utes, when the gas tank was torn loose
by a tire which was carried in the rear.
The following day the same car was
::gain far In the lead when the accident
occurred whir i killed Wisliart and put
the Mercer completely out of running.
Credit to Carbaretor.
The Mercer drivers gave a large share
m credit for their successes to the Ray-I,-
hi carburetor. The dazzling speed
which the cars possess is not. of course.
the result "f carburetion alone, but the
drivers all believe that the excess speed.
which save them the ability to pass their
,-ompetitors at will, was largely due to
Bayfield efficiency.
ii ha; been rv great racing year, and
titi- tremendous record set hy Pullen at
li,. eKise is a fitting climax to a long,
successful season.
A Raj Held distributer has be n ap
(xjiiited in Washington and there is a
service station where adjustments will
!.. made by an expert. Trvin I. Ionohoe,
at Fourteenth and I streets, is the agent.
First Endurance Ron.
Eight i idcrs participated in the first
annual endurance run of the Seminole
Motorcycle Club of Lynchburg. Ya.
The contest was over a 135-mlle course,
with a schedule of seventeen miles an
hour. Jack Sublett, winner of the
event, received a stiver trophy and a
pair of heavy driving gauntlets.
SeUs Cadillac.
Cook & Stoddard Company report the
sal- of a seven-passenger, eight-cylinder
Cadillac touring car to George Eustls.
Policy Will Introduce Unique Service, Available at All Hours,
With Minimum Cost to the Motorist.
Tli. influence of the co-operative
.-pint of Henry Ford has had a direct
hearing on the Washington motorists,
.-specially on Furd car users. M. A.
Hav'es. formerly General Manager of the
local Ford agency, has been progressive
enough to appreciate the tremendous
success ot Mr. Ford and his profit
sharing plan, which has not only bene
fited the Ford Motor Company and its
employes, but has, enabled the buying
public to save thousands of dollars eacli
ear in purchasing ntw cars. He has
practlca'ly eliminated competition with
low price cars, due to the fact that he
has the best men in his organization,
which give the best they have for a re
ward that is worth striving for. Mr.
l!:.yles is thoroughly conversant with the
Ford owners, and has taken a long lease
nu the Stumph l.yfoul Building. Kill-;-"
Massachusetts avenue northwest, with a
garage entrance on K street northwest,
to be' operated under the name of the
Record Auto Supply Service Company,
cwned by W". F. Hale and M. A. Bayles.
Mr. Hale formerly held a mail contract
in this city, but government ownership
absorbed this contract. Mr. Hale figures
that the nearest business he could eav-S'-e
In next to thv universal necessity
of postal service Is In caring for the uni
versal use of Ford cars. This new con
" rn has not spared time or money In
s;ablishing not only one of the finest
garages and Ford service stations In tMa
Ity. but have completely equipped this
tlve-story building to 100k after every
med of the Ford car users. The plant
will render satisfactory servl e twenty
four hours a day, at regular day rates.
When you stop to think of it. the aver
M use of our car is not over seventy
hours of the one hundred and sixty-eight
hours each week. Consider the compara
ti' elv short time your ear Is in use with
I he number of hours it stands idle. Th
Beeard Compan.Cs policy will be to se.-v
on at your I'omciiicnc. anl not le.juirc
ou to pay a premium for the- work.
i"tr: department of the entlri plant
The New Jersey Motorcycle Club sill I
hold Its annual sociability run uu New !
Year's Day.
I About twenty-five riders participated In
I the second annual bill-, limbing contest
i of the Wheeling (W. Va.) Motorcycle
The reccntlv organized Motorcycle Club
' i"1 recently or
r Made, cai,
on New Year's
will stage a road race
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Wood, of Denver,
'olo.. are making a motorcycle tour to One of the most Interesting perform -Florida
by way of Chicago. They ex- ' ances lu the economy contest juat held
pert t. spend about seven months tour- at Harrlaburg. Ha., was that of the
ingth.. country awheel 1 eight-cylinder Cadillac. This car check-
Mis, hi a Deal and b. Anderson, of , , a, ,e u f w,th rfc.
I. 'ii.ao f'it- VI,. i-ai'nll" MahaH nn S ..
motorcycle. They were married In Leav
enworth. Keen Interest was manifested in the
recent hlll-cllmblng contest of Wheeling
(W. Va.i Motorcycle Club. About '
persons witnessed the events
Reports show that there has been a
gain of 442 motorcycles registered In Con
necticut during the last year.
, ' , T'TTr. ..
campaign has been launched to make
the Kargo (N. Dak.l Motorcycle Club 100
per cent F. A. M. The club has between
fifty and sixty active members.
Riders of CarLsbad. Tex., are contem
plating organizing a motorcycle club.
The New York Motoring Association
employs a service squad of inotonv, lists
to give first aid to automobiles in dis- Harrisburg; and. carrying five passcn
tress. I gers, made its run of llfty-four miles
A motorcycle has been added to the from ('hamberHbur- to York In 1 hour "4
equipment of the police department of , minutes, crosslns South Mountain on
Aberdeen. S. Dak. ; the way.
Over the worst hills in the Ozark coun- , At York, another twenty miles of hill
try, a rural mail carrier, H. K. Newton. climbing was done and the car carried
of Mansfield, .Mo., delivers mail to the j six passengers on Its return to Cham-
aBT8 I
saw a5o""" law 4".p""azl WKnal
3aaaW aaaaBBBBa! Tfl LatataMaB aaal dtaaaW WF dBBaaBBBB.
LbbW afl Lfc aal
laBBBBBBBBaaaa-: - . . ' - aBBBBBBa9KdBBBl B9B
CBevrolet Roadsters for the District of Cohimbia Fire Department, supplied by Hendersoa-Rowe Company.
patrons of hi route. He rides a motor-
rydr, and thouch tho load frequently
tn itrhfl as much ai ZtO pounds, he says j
he has no difficulty in negotiating the t
roads. j
A new publication, Tne Motorcylujl. j
is soon to be lpuel by the Keystone j
Motorcycle Club of Harrisburg, Ta. This
sheet will contain news of activities of
motorcyclist all over the country
New Models Beady.
Automobile and motorcycle manufac
turers all over the country are putting
the finishing touches on the shining new
models which they are to exhibit at tho
annual automobile and motorcycle show
which will be held in New York the week
of January 2. And ot only American
manufacturers, hut makers of foreign
machines as well are vitally interested in
this year's display, for. on account of
the war, there will b no automobile or
motorcycle shows In Europe.
will he worked on u co-operative basis,
and the rat. a on the different classes of
work to Ik- based on a reasonable per
centage above the aetuai cost.
This nsw concern will incorporate the
following departments:
Accessory department of Ford supplies
and repairs, repair department, painting,
radiator repair work, tire vulcanizing,
renting of delivery wagons and touring
cars while own-rs' cars are undergoing
repairs, anil general garage and storing
business. They will have a set price on
all repairs where It is possible: for in
stance, ii oii should call and want a tlr
changed, they would respond to your car?
in thirty minutes anywhere within the
District limits for io cents. If they fa:?
to live up to the guaranteed time, there
will bo no charge made. If you w?re
not over t n blocks away, the charge will
be 35 cents. Who woulj think of taking
the trouble of changing the tire If this
kind of service can be rendered? They
will also have a set price on sending out
to repair or tow cars at 12.01) per hour,
which Includes the car, driver, and a
competent machinist The reason they
send two men. they state that, if It M
possible to mak" the repairs on the strset
they will have a competent man to pro
ceed with th,- repairs, and if necessary
parts or equipment is needed, the driver
can return to the garage for same while
the machinist can continue making the
repairs. By this arrangement they will
eliminate the liability of towing the ear
through a crowded street and also save
the wasted tim.- and energy of towing
the car from one plac? to another and
still have the same work to do, whiobaas
an added expense to the customer that
he should not be obliged to stand for.
One visit to this well -equipped, well
lccated, well-managed ar.d w. 11-fi'nanctd
co-operative organization, where your
ev ry need can be supplied for your
Ford car, from the rmallest ac-cssory to
a large Assortment of delivery bodiev
will convince the aaal skeptical that this
concern i. in a i.o-riio,i ;0 merit your
confident-, . Adv.
Car Makes Remarkable Performance
with Seven Passengers in Econ
omy Contest at Harrisburg, Pa.
o of practically seventeen .miles per
gallon of gasoline to its credit.
The route of the contest run was 111
miles and led through the mountainous
country around Hanisburg. The
lac. throughout, carried seven passen
gers, extra tires, etc., a load totaling
."...".si: pounds.
Kqually interesting as showing the pos
sibilities of the eight-cylinder motor
h,ch Powers the new Cadillac was the
"' " participation In the I Jncoln
Highway cross country run from Phil
adelplila to Pittsburgh, held the follow
ing day. In this event the Cadillac relay
was from Chambersburg to York. The
i car was driven to Chambersburg
borsburtr. ''niajiitiK S4i;ih Mountain on
th rrturn trip, the earn eapabtlltle.
were all demon at r.t?d. I'p the mutm-
tain cno-d ii.it-r than twenty-flve milvs
on high tear waa maintained until v. th-,
in a few hundred yards of the summ'
where the grade Is stmpet. Hen
gpeeu vaa throttled down to flft
miles an hour, then accelerated, th
going twenty miles an hour when I
summit was reached.
The day's run wbj 147 mile and the
gasoline consumption in spite of the
heavy load and th upcrade work over
a great part of the distant - was one
gallon to slightly more than thirteen
pirr nDIVrD OfMC UIC
IAvEi vlUVIlalV lliliJ Illu
Earl Cooper, veteran of many motor
) classics, visited Akron. Ohio. December
' 10 and 11 Ho purchase Firestone tires for
his next season's races. Hi personal
I visit was slso prompted by the desire
to learn how the Firestone factory
. makes the tires which have, by their
1 1 pant performance, used him to stake
' ! his faith In them for next season's
1 Cooper i one . of the topnoichers
among speed kings, having distinguished
himself many times in the past two
years. The Montamara Festo race at Ta-
com.i on July 5,
1913. was one of Cooper's
On August J. isrt he
prize packages
also won the Santa Monica race, driv-
ing tt.. miles at the rale of TC.."i miles
per hour. Harney oldllcld aon second
place in this race. The annual Corona
race on September 9. 191". was another
one of Cooper's triumphs, when he drove
i"i0 miles on a high-crowned track at
the rate of 71.5 miles per hour.
He entered the international speedway
event at Indianapolis last Decoration
Iay, bi:t an accident compelled him to
drop out early In the race. Cooper has
many other victories and near-victories
to his credit.
Cooper is scheduled to engage Barney
Oldiield In a fifty-mile race at Fresno,
on Decemlxr 2T. to settle a friendly
rivalry between them. The prize will be
a gold horseshoe. This unique trophy
Is the result of many months of good
natured repartee between the two. When
Cooper beat Barney at Santa Monica,
Itarnev accused him of stealing his good
luck horseshoe. Since then, this imagin
ary horseshoe has been a friendly bone
of contention between them until they
finally decided to have It out. Barney
also uses Flrestones.
Cooper will race at Ban Diego on Jan
uary 9. From San Diego he will go to
San Francisco to complete In the Van
derbilt Cup race on the Panama-Pacific
Exposition grounds. February 22. also
the Grand Prize face on the lime track
on February 27. lie .expects to again try
his skill on the Indianapolis Speedway
race Decoration Day as well as the Sioux
City race on July 4.
Reports Ford Sales.
Miller Brothers report the sale of Ford
cars during the past weekr to the follow
ing: Touring cars Z. D. Blackistone, Dr.
I W. G. Warren. Edmund S. Wolfe.
Matthew-Howard Improvement Company.
A. P. Gray. J. K. Webster, J. L. Price
and J. M. Hennlng. Runabouts V. . B.
Jackson and Palmer Moore. Delivery
wagons Edward Cooper and Emergency
Will Sell Hupp Here.
A Hupmoblle agent has been located
in Washington, which will be known aa
the Burger Motor Company, and the
showroom will be located at Ills Four
teenth street, near Thomas circle. W. R.
Burger is the head of the new concern
and R. I. Flynn is the manager. A ship
ment of "Hupps" will be received the
latter part of this week.
r i
Signs Indicate Wotherspoon's Recom
mendation for Bigger Army
Will Be Adopted.
An uncertainty about the great fight
In Europe being a gasoline war was com
pletely removed by Irvln rl. Cobb's re
cent Interview with lard Kitchener. In
which the English army head inquired
anxiously about the German supplies of
Germany s supply of gasoline Is neces
sarily imported, for there are no natural
oil wells In that country. Benzol, a sub
stitute for gasoline, cannot be made in
large enough quantities. England?
present mastery of the seas precludes the
possibility- of receiving fresh supplies of
gasoline from America, except through
Holland and the Scandinavian countries:
and these sources are being rigidly su
pervised, as fsr as possible, by the fleets
of the allies. Russia's oil fields will nat
urally be conserved for the use of the
Czar's subjects, unless Turkey can suc
ceed in her campaign against Batoum.
And the very fact that Germany per
suaded the Turks to enter the war at
thla point Is additional evidence of the
supreme Importance of a gasoline supply
in a war waged under modern conditions.
How fast the world Is moving Is
well indicated by the trend of recent
wars. The Brltlsh-Boei war In South
Africa witnessed the Introduction of
motor trucks on a small scale, al
though the automobile was very much
of an experiment In those days. Th
recent Balkan Wars emphasized the
desirability of motors along a battle
front extending upwards of 100 miles.
The present war. leaves no doubt what
soever about Itt absolute necessity for
motor trucks and aiitomobilea
The hrae is already !econdai y in
; importance in modern warfare, his
chi-f ues tMn; for cavalry and for
haultna- artillery, ammunition and sup
ply wajrons. etc., when motor truck?
cannot be obtained. I'nder the rigors
of war horses die in Immense numbers.
The South African war. with less than
S0n. 000 soldiers employed, killed over
400.000 horses on the Kritish side alone
or. roughly, on horse for eah man. In
the European war there are about
j IS.OOO.na soldiers under arms. One
shudders to think of the mortality In
i horses If the British experience In
I South Africa is repeated:
It is sagging the question to say
that European war conditions are not
, as severe on horses as the Transvaal.
Sherman's definition of war U as true
'now as it was In 1SC1-45. Witness, for
! example, the following passage from a
letter written by a German army of-
j ftcer in Belgium:
"Our ill-fed hors are dropping to
the jrrouad in an appalling manner, ex
haunted with the Ktraln they have had
to undergo."
Further confirmation is afforded by
the insistent demand from Kurope for
motor trucks, automobile!, and gaso
line. Hornes, loo. are being purchased
by the tens of thousands, mainly for
the use of IBM cavalry. Bui the most
iMixious inquiries are for motor trucks.
The chief demand, however, is for
Qund trucks, which, because tin drive,
basks and steer on all four wheels,
can operate on the actual tiring line
' over the roughest kind of country, in
. piscc even where horses cannot pill
a load.
I. 9. lra Bails liilv
Ii is significant, in this conneciion,
'that the United States army is rapidly
! adding Quads to its transport service.
Armored Quads, anu ordinary supply
wngon Quads are going into service
'every month. There Is no secret about
this among well-informed people, for
it la a fact that the United States is
far belter prepared for defense against
foreign aggression than certain alarm
ists give us credit for.
There are signs, moreover, thai in
spite of President Wilson's carefully
worded statement about depending
upon a citizen soldiery, the United
states regular enlisted army will be
increased at an early date, probably to
trie 205,000 men recommended by Maj.
Gen. Wotherapoon In his final report
when retiring as Chief of .Staff of the
American army. It la not Improbable,
too, that by a system of reserve there
will be provided a mobile force of
iOO.OOO first-line troops equipped for
a six months' campaign. This wss also
recommended by the former army chief.
But If this were done, the transporta
tion equipment would be far from ade
quate. Only by a system of subsidy lor
army type Quad tracks, such as ob
tains in Europe, could Uncle Sam pro
vide against the .contingency of war,
into which we might be plunged at any
time during the present disturbance
abroad. And we must not forget that
every horse killed In Europe and every
horse exported from America makes It
Just that much more certain that our
next war, too, must needs be a gasoline
The Jeffery "Quad." which has been
adopted by the United States army, and
which I now In use en the Mexican bor
der, will be placed on exhibition here In
Washington soon, along with the com
plete Jeffery Une of pleasure cars In
the new salesroom whleti Is being com
pleted for the Coombs-Howard Company,
at Vermont avenue and H street north
west. Studebaker "Six" Sold.
The commercial Automobile and Supply
Company reports the sale of a Studebaker
" to John R. Wright.
Tel. North
E. C. Howard, Sales Manager of
Cadillac Company. Talks of
Tendencies of Year.
.n intere.tttng development I'olloaing
the- Cadillac's introduction this fall of
the eight-cylinder. V-type motor is
noted by E. C. Howard, sales manager
of the 'adillao company. In a greatly
stimulated demand for all types of
i'l)U.i- Inclosed can.
"At present thre is every indication
that thH will he the heaviest losed -car
reason we ha ever xpci lanced." aa s
Mr. Howard. "The demand for cars of
the ctiijpe. sedan and limousine types la
greater by far than th largest In past
There is no doubt that this condition
t very largelv due to the lght-ey Under
'motor. We no.te particularly that In a
surprisingly large number of Instances,
orders for Cadillac "Eight' closed cars
are coming from people who already are
the possessors of luxurious and costly
limousines, etc. We knw. of course.
that the public interest in the Cadillac
Eight" s almost unbounded, but we
had no thought thnt it would induce the
people to give up or dispose of perfectly
good can In order tha they might pos
sess ours."
Protection of tires in the winter
time, when many cars are laid up and
not used, is again a timely subject,
and these simple susjjestlons for care
of tires and tubes are repeated, says
William B. Holland, the AJax tire,
When cars are placed in dead storage
for the winter months, it Is essential
the tires also receive careful attention.
If tlte tires remain mounted on the
wheels, the car should be jacked up on
all sides and the tires deflated by remov
ing the valve insides from the valve.
All cuts In the tires should then he
thoroughly cleansed with gasoline to free
them for any possille traces of oil. These
cuts can then be repaired by Mlinc-in
with some jood prparatien for Hi's por-
The wheels should then be . overed to
rroteel the tires from lisht and heat.
New tires and inner tidies sl'ould also
he treated In a similar manner. The main
ihing to bear in mind is to have them
properly covered and stored in a dark,
cool place.
. Baker Electrics Arrive.
Two of the new WM Baker electrics, one
a brougham and the other a coupe, ar
rived this week at tho showrooms of the
Cook Stoddard Company, in Connecti
cut avenue. The new light Baker electric
weighs one-half a ton less than most
electrics, it Is claimed, and because of
this fact it should be easier to handle In
the congested business districts. Again.
It has speed, twenty-three miles an hour
being possible. Riding qualities are guar
anteed by a light body hung low on a
long chassis equipped in the rear with
Cantilever springs The Baker coupe t?
instantly convertible Into a two or three
passenger car merely by folding back
the front seats, which are of the disap
pearing type, out of sight and out of the
way. Thla is only one of the features,
and several others are the frameless win
dows. Invisible drip molding, fixed rain
visor, mechanical window lifts, automatic
circuit - breaker, automatic door switch
for interior lighting, combination eight
day clock and odometer, worm drive
axie. and crown metal fenders. Mr.
George Weaver, who has charge of the
electric end of the Cook & Stoddard busi
ness, says 'that from every standpoint
thla new coupe Is the finest Baker elec
tric ever made. "
Bew Jeffery Agency.
George T. . Howard and J. S. Coombs
have formed the Coombs-Howard Com
pany to handle the Jeffery line of trucks.
Including the famous "Quad" truck and
pleasure cars. Their salesroom will be
located at Vermont avenue and H streets
northwest, with a service station at 111
Vermont avenue.
- Plan Independent Show.
Following the example of a number of
other cities, motorcycle and accessory
dealers of Indianapolis. Ind.. are ariars
ing to thla year hold an Independent
show. It Is the plan to hold the exhibit
for one week In some of the downtown
storerooms. About forty firms are expect
ed to be represented.
The New 1915
Light Weight Coupe
Is Here
A five-minute ride will convince you that it is the
Greatest Electric in the World.
The Cook & Stoddard Co.
1138-40 Conn. Ave.
Instead of Being Moved to Retrench
ment by Rival Race Tracks.
City Redoubles Efforts.
Indianapolis. Dec. 19. Instead of l. ing
moved to retrenchment by t lie apparently
imminent establishment of rival tracks
throughout the country, particularly at
Chicago, the Indianapolis motor specd-
way Is preparing for Us next OW m'.ler
on a bigger scale than ever.
Construction of a n t, grand stand,
stating l.'i.utrt people, has been started on
the south turn of the course, raising the
total seating capacity of the ptant to
;.'.... wh-.-h is eoii.ti-d only by the new
Yale buwl at New Haven. Over a mile
of grata) stands, the long.-st in the world,
will soon be a specdwa-' fixture. All
siands are now . -overed. bleachers hav
Intr leen eliminated.
Additional Improvement are the erec
tion of a communal garage, accommodat
ing forty cars, back of the judg. V
stand the old garages having ben torn
down, and their site turned Into park
ing space the widening ef the track on
the inside fifteen feet, and the erection
of a concrete safety wall all around. A
lubhouse for drivers, complete with srm-
nastuni. tennis courts, and swimming
pool, is also .-ontemrlated for next spring.
Every provision is being made for the
comfort and safety of contestants.
With regard to other speedways, the
management expresses itself as most op
timistic. "It will all make for the b. i
termenl of the game." is the statement
of an officer. "Take Klgin. for example,"
he says. "Hundreds of people from In
dianapolls annually go to Elgin because
their interest has been aroused by the
meet here. With Elgin it is the same,
only vice versa. The more races over
the country, the better the ail-around
attendance, always provided, of course,
that there is no conflict as to dates."
j ihfm: WESTON.
So many people h-ibitiialv feel mABs
or less nuf of sorts for the f.w days
following Christmas that Christmas ail
ments have come to be recognized as a
necessary aftermath of the festritles
Of course, the children will always
overeat themselves. If they were not
allowed to eat all sorts of indigestible
things, they would feel they were t. Ing
cheated out of half the Joy or the gay
Christmas season. As a matter of fact.
It is not the children at all who make
up the bulk of sufferers from rhriatmas
complaints. It is the grown-ups who,
simply through carelessly neRleciirg in
subscribe to one simple rule of health,
frequently find themselves more or less
unhappy inside and more tired and run
down physically at the end of the Christ
mas holidays than before them.
Of course, children do overeat them
selves more often than grown people.
They rejoice, however, in the possession
of powers of recuperation whjch grown
ups, even in the prime of life, can only
look hack on with envy. Too much
plum pudding, too many sausages with
tursey. too many sweeis oeiween ineais.
may bring on a sharp digestive upset,
but in a few hours all traces of it have
disappeared, and the one-time sufferer Is
soon eager for more of the rich foods
which caused him pain.
With grown people after Christmas ail
ments are not so much due to in
discriminate eating of indigestible foods
as to an utter neglect of any precau-
J tlons to adapt their systems to the. new
conditions which reign during the Christ
mas holidays.
Take the case of the average father of
the family, who this year will leave all
office work behind him for several days.
How does the change affect him? In
the first place, the duil monotony of his
days Is broken in upon and his brain
can relsx from the high pressure of the
office. This much, of course . is a change
In the right direction. All work and no
play makes Jack a dull boy. physically
as well as mentally. At the same time,
however, staying at home has draw
hacks of Its own. for it means less exer
cise, w$ich in its turn should suggest
a cutting down of tlie food supplied to
the body.
You may say that in your particular
case your day's work brings you no ex
ercise at all. The answer, of course. Is
that although your muscles may not be
given any considerable amount of physi
cal work 40 keep them hard and supple,
your brain Is, nevertheless-, actlvely
working !n other weds, exercising and
so using up ihe body's vitality.
To replace this used-up vitality, wheth
er spent in muscular or mental work, a
suitable amount of nourishing food must
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he eaten. As the work falls off. so the
amount of food ought to he cur
tailed. During the Christmas holida)
falls off. Paterfamilias lta at horn"
reads his paper, has a try at smokm
and some of the cigars his devot-.l wir
has presented him with and in sncral
kills time until anothe- me; arrives. i
the best he may exert himself to the ex
tent of attending a Christmas srw. e.
and then taking a tittle stroll aflerwa- I
before attaching the abundant midd.i
meal. This, of coarse, corresponds los.
ly to his average Sunday loahm.
That does him no harm" you m.
say: "in fart, the days rest does him
The difference is that the Stndai Is
one ilav by lts.tr. whereas to manv peo
ple the Christmas holidays will be f o i
days in succession. Too much food aunt
too little exertion may not appreclah:
affect the health one day a week, bu
when repeated four days running the
are almost certain to upset the diges
tion and clog up the various organs whose
duty It Is to separate the waste matters
from the good in the food we eat and
rid the hqdy of these poisonous products
The remedy Is perfectly simple. Theie
s no nrra in sunt yourself of the good
things of the table. Eat. drink, and be
m. ..-. J.W1 C. . .
-""in iir mooerauon, or course
However, you must help your digestive
organs by taking plenty of vigorous out
door exercise.
A two-hours' walk before the midd,.
meal, a round of golf or .some other out
dor game with the children in mld
noon. and a brisk two-mile walk in th-half-hour
before the evening meal will
be found worth more than any amount
of doctor's prescriptions directed toward
relieving the first symptoms of blllous
nese. the mental Irritability, disturbed
sleep, sour taste in the mouth, loss of
appetite, etc.. which are such a common
aftermath of the Christmas holidays
Noted Racer Will Drive Another
no for State.
Indianapolis. Dec U.-Announce-ment
is made by Harry Stutz. whose
C2r have Just been awarded the
American road racing championship
for a period covering "the last ten
years, that he has signed Earl Cooper
to drive another season. With Cooper
and Anderson, his old standby, he thinka
he has a pair that will keep him on
top for some time to come. '
The first races in which this out
fit are entered during 11". are the
Vamlerbilt and Grand Prlne at San
Francisco, both of which they stand
an excellent chance to annex, it ia

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