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Much Misery from Cold and
No Work to Be Glossed
novation In Christmas charities this year.
I This venture will be a Christ mas morn
j Ins "breakfast line." to take the place of
I the regular "bread line."
The hungry and homeless In the line
I will be given a substantial breakfast,
, considerably more elaborate than the cof
fee and bread of the usual bread line.
and It Is expected that there will be an
I unusually large gathering of the city's
penniless to eat this Christmas morning
: cheer
Sunt. Kline, of the mission, lias not de-
! elded definitely what shall constitute the
menu on that morning, but It is under
stood he is considering large portions of
country sausage with hominy, and bread
and butter, steaming hot coffee "on the
It Is planned to serve a regular Chrlst-
w.na ..Cnn.. fn. J.kllHr.n o nltn Thp-fl
Itl.D UIIIU.I ... .,un.,.k n. ..vw... - ....-
J will be two hours' devotion to turkey
(Welly All Institution. Plan Din- j betVeS'" i'n '.'"""th.
neri. Which Will Be Followed by En- I Mission there are children of all sorts
.. I Americans among the Chinese. Japa-
tertatnments and Merry-making. t nese, Russians. Italians, and others.
, j These children will give a carnival and
WsoS more misery from cold and pov
erty sUid loss of work than has been felf
bere-iin years, charitable societies and
will wear the dress of their native
countries. The carnival will be fol
lowed by two great illuminated Christ
mas trees that will be as elaborate, if
institutions of the olty plan to make I not mor' 'Ubf.Rtt- ,hn tne crnival;
IiUt.II IIUIU .111 "T .i. . v..
theia celebration.1 or Christmas more
elaborate than ever before in order to
toniMpsate, in seme measure,, for (be
worry and deprivation,
i ,T:vcr)- sne in Washington who wil walk
to the proper places can be sure of a
Christmas dinner: many will be given
clothing and shoes: children will be given
Christmas gifts and Christmas candies
In real stockings
From thf programs outlined there will
be fun for sll. Plans are being made
for entertainments in missions, orphan
aviuma, hospitals, among prisoners in
tiu Jail and workhouse, among the blind,
and in homes where baskets of food will
b taken by the charitably inclined.
Time schedules for Christmas day at
saosf missions give two hours for din
ner, with the assurance that all comers
stockings, filled with things they like.
It Is the custom with the Associated
Charities to make Chrlstmaa In Wash
ington homes. Presents for children
and dinners for fathers, mothers, and
children will be sent by them. These
things cannot be bought from the
funds of the society, but are forwarded
after they have been sent to the Chari
ties. The Charities also tell the benevo
lently inclined where they may send
their presents.
Jail to Han Tree.
Lts of Christmas trees are expected
by the Associated Charities from the
neighboring country, and these will be
sent to homes that otherwise would
presents, and an entertainment furnished
by the blind themselves.
Those at the District workhouse at
Occoquan will have a day off and a big
dinner. Usually there are a number of
entertainers at the river resort, and be
tween dancing and singing there la ex
pected to be a large affair.
In District hospitals, the celebration
of Christmas will depend largely on what
the patients can stand. There la always
a big dinn.r for those who can eat it,
with fruit and (lowers for all.
Altogether, Christmas this year, from
Indications, will be quite a day. There
are to be countless private and semi-public
entertainments, and there will be hun
dreds of Christmas baskets and outfits
of clothing distributed by Individuals.
willow served. But' one Institution In I have no trees. There will be volun
Washington will he without a celebra- teers who will take the trees to their
tion.. That 15 th Municipal lodging:
house a city institution, supported by
an appropriation from Congress.
pprflprl(ion Is Sa
In a building thai measures 23 by IOC
fe t. homeless men have been crowded
during the cold spells so that many have
slept on th o(r ol- thiV dining-room.
Officials of the home decided not to hold
a:;v sort of entertainment, in order that
tbt meaner appropriation may be
stretched farther. Least year the appro
priation gave out in April and there were
but "firtO men to house This year. In
rft- atfons are that there will he twice
th s number, and the appropriation is
ti fame.
The Btlratlon Army will have perhaps
V. most elaborate program. In the first
place they will g ve away probably 600
baskets. ach containing enough Christ-rr;.-s
dinner for a afmily of live or six
with something left over.
There is to be a Christmas tre for
1 " o children. New shoes will be given
t many by the Army. By arrange
m nt with the management of the
Cosmo and Howard theaters, officers
ir the Salvation Army expect to en-
'in- hundreds of children on Chrlst-
morning with moving pictures and
destinations and then trim them.
Superintendent Zinkham, of the District
jail, has promised his boarders a Christ
mas tree on Christmas Kve. A grapho
phone entertainment will be given also,
and if former years are a guide, there
will be some entertaining by prisoners
who hit the boards before they hit the I
bars. There will be religious services
and a big Christmas dinner, augmented
bv tho usual contributions from church s
aftd from the St. Vincent de Paul Society, I crop
which always contributes to the happi
ness of the prisoners.
Churches and church guilds. Superin
tendent Zinkham said, will contribute to
the Happiness of patients at th" Wash
ington Asylum Hospital. Wards will be
dfcoratcd and fruit in abundance will be
given the patients.
A cantata will be given at th- Wash
ington City Orphan Asylum. Chlldr n
there will participate in "The Interna
tional Santa Claus," and wfil meet him
at their Christmas tree, where th-re will
be lot? of glfta bought from the Cor
coran fund of the asy.um. Then. too.
there will be the usual gifts of cand
and other things, furnished h fri- mis
of the home.
All Manner of Rowers and Vines Un
loaded in Profusion Enough
Trees to Go Around.
Tons of greenery and waf onloads of
the more expensive flowers preferred by
Milady were hauled Into the National
Capital yesterday, and tomorrow morning
the Christmas sale of evergreens, plants,
cut flowers, etc., will be begun in earnest
Mistletoe is here In plenty. Christmas
trees arc. perhaps, a little scarcer this
year, hut there are enough to go around,
including the Norway spruce from New
Kngland. the pine from Maryland and
Virginia, the cedar, and the silver or
balsam fir. which Is preferred because
of the aromatic odor It yields.
Holly is especially beautiful this year.
Its leaves arc dark green and Its berries
bright red and large. Wreaths made of
will have a big sale. Plants in
and baskets are In vogue this sea
son, chiefly because recent rainy and
cloudy weather has somewhat diminished
the supply of cut flowers. These include
the poinsettia, ardesia. Scotch heather.
azalea, begonia, cyclamen, primrose, and
Violets are at their best now. The
shy little flowers are specially plentiful
and unusually beautiful crops have been
grown. There is also a fine, large crop
of Hly-of-tht-valley.
The gardenia Is rather scarce, but was
not hurt much by the recent lack of sun
shine. There is what florists call "a fair
of roses, but inspection of florist
shops will show a wonderful display of
these flowers The best American Beau
ties are quoted by some at WS a doxen.
Other roses are selling from about 12 a
docen and up.
All the regular hothouse flowers. In
cluding the carnation, mignonette, and
west pea. are showing sweet faces, and
lovers of tlin.se will find a supply more
than equal to the demand.
Divorced Last Spring, She
Quietly Weds Henry
Clews, Jr.
Twelv-year-old Son of Bridegroom
Balki on Attending Ceremony.
Attracting Crowd in Street.
James E. Fitch, (or many years promi
nent In the business, civic, and philan
thropic life of Washington, died t
Haverfonl. Pa., yesterday. The funeral
services will be held at the Church of
Ihe Covenant, of lrhlch Mr. Fitch was
one of the founders, on Monday after
neon next, at 2:30 o'clock. Interment In
Oak Hill Cemetery will follow. The hon
orary pallbearers will be Charles J. H. 11.
Henry B. F. Macfarland, Charles D.
Woleott. Admiral John C. Watson. Gen.
John st. Wilson. Theodore W. Noyes,
Gtorge W. Brown. Judge Stanton J.
Peele. John W. Foster. Frederic I
Moore, David Jayne Hill, and William J.
He was near the exit to the street when
he was seen to stagger and fall. He had
bees 111 (or nearly a week but had In
sisted on worklnc during the last tew
j days. Mr. Oreenawalt lived at 1107 Irv
ine street nortnwest. his son, rrana
Oreenawalt Is employed In the Depart
ment of Commerce.
Funeral services tor Miss Alverta C.
Paxson, daughter of the late Griffith W.
and Duanna C. Paxson. will be held at 1
1 o'clock this afternoon from her residence.
US Kuclld street northwest Burial will
he at Waterford. Va.
Mass will be celebrated at St. Peter's
Catholic Church at o'clock tomorrow
morning for Martin F. McNamara, who
died Friday. Brief services will be held
at : o'clock at Zurhorat's chapel. 1H
East Capitol street.
I i 'i it. 1 1
K Xpert ririkanl TIs
rville L-ist year, when tl.e man
rs of the theaters opened the doors! Pans for the Florence fntt. nden Mis
'! children, tins was a notable part
h hi.dren-- celebration.
nners will be furnished to all who
at the Central Union Mission.
. w men and children will be fed
Christmas service will be held
iMMtit. ami th dinner follows. There
he toys for the children at a
stma? tre. For men there will
- of all sorts.
: - ! Mission is to institute an ln-
Bton tlthration Include a hriMma tr-
on Christmas Eve and a Christmas din
ner. Probably there will be other enter
tamnit nt
The blind will celebrate Christmas at
the Natfenal Library for the Blind, at
1713 H street northwest, on Dett mher
3s. Blind soldiers at Soldiers' Home have
asked that a Christmas tree be provided,
and It is certain thev Will Kf-t their wish.
Ihtre will be a Christmas frolic, with
Ha I lot Taken on ' It Oflllres
with No HrenW In Hlarht.
Portland. Me., Dec. 19 The new city
i ouncil is in the longest continuous dead
lock session on record. The eighteen
aldermen and eighteen counrilmen went
Into s salon at 7 o'clock last night to elect
subordinate city officials.
They deadlocked on the first office, that
of city auditor. After a continuous ses
Mon they took the 160th ballot today, still
deadlocked A reess of half an hour was
taken while City Physician White attend-
d Republican Councilman K. 1. Walsh,
whose slight physique was weakened un
der this endurance contest.
If Walsh collapses the Democrats will
win the deadlock and the offices.
New Torlc. Dec. 1. Mrs. Blase
Whelen Ooelet. wtlose' divorce from
Robert poelet gave society a derided
hock last spring, was married today,
virtually in secret, to Henry Clews. Jr.,
the artist son of Henry Clews, the
Only a few friends were present at
the ceremony, which was performed at
the Home of the brlajfrln Washvu.'ton
Mrs. Goelet's divorce was obtained on
the grounds of excessive cruelty, and
(after the filing of the bill the case
dropped from sight and the hearing
wis very quietly conducted, at New
port, Mr. Goelct making no contest. It
Is said that a settlement was arranged
by which Ooelet was to pay his wife
$40,000 a year for the support of her
self and her two sons. Ogden and
Peter, and that this w as to be cut in
half if Mrs. Goelet married again.
Mr. Clews also lias been married and
divorced. His flrst wife was the di
vorced wife of "Freddie" Gebhardt
They were married in 101. just a
month after Mrs. Gebhardt had been
granted a divorce. Mr. and Mrs. (Mews
were divorced in Paris In 1910. They
had two children, Henry Clews, III,
and a daughter. I'nder the terms of
the Paris decree Mr. Clews was given
the custody of his son, vnow twelve
years old, for three momhs In every
Son (rentes a neene.
This son made a -cene when his grand
mother drove with him to Mr. GoeW-hou.-e
When the footmm had opned
the door of the limousine Mrs. dew ,
sr , took her grandson by th arm ami
attempted to help him out of the car.
The twelve-yesur-oM boy Jerked awa.
crying so loud I as to lie heard manv
yards away I won't go in, 1 say
Drive me back."
After a lengths argument in the auto
mobile, in the sl;ht and hearing of a l
crowd which qiiick' gathered. Mis
Clews rave up Neither threats nor ca
JoinTies had b en able to alter her grand
son's detrinlnatljTi, and while Mrs. Clews
went in alone the chauffeur a instruct
ed to drive Henrj the third- back to his
father's New York studio, in Kast Nine
teenth street.
No announcement has leen made as to
the plans of the bridal couple, but it Is
supposed they will go to Paris to li . e
Mrs. Goelet, who is a daughter of the
late Henry Whelen. of I'hiladelphia. al- ,
ways has wished to be an artist
While going to lunch at noon yester-
; day. John G. Greenawali. seventy-four
I years old, a veteran of the civil war and
a I 'i I in I rABHMiiii in a liar I rnpiun Jl- i Wiuuiivw ni' ' (ivrwii, svsiwwiiibs, sr
j flee, dropped dead f-om heart disease. ' 2 o'clock In the cemetery chapel
James II. Jones, ninety-eight years old.
will be burled in Congressional Cemetery
tomorrow afternoon, following services at
-la-Lavtv Believed He Cenld Net
Make Competent Will.
Attorney Robert F. Rogers, son-in-law
of the late Stllson Hutching, aver whose
estate a bitter contest Is waging, testified
before Justice Anderson In Probate Court
yesterday that la his opinion he believed
Mr. Hutching mentally Incompetent In
1109 and lM. and therefore unable to
make his will competently
Mr. Rogers Is general counsel for the
Mergenthaler Linotype Company. He had
close relations with his father-in-law, he
testified, and noticed a decline In his phy
sical and metnai condition after he suf
fered a stroke of paralysis in 1904.
Asked If he aver beard Walter 8.
Hutchtns, a son of the millionaire, ever
speak In an unfriendly way about his
brother, Lee Hutching, who has filed a
caveat to the will. Mr. Rogers said Lee
Hutchlns had been criticised for alleged
Inattention to business, and that his
brother had referred to him as his fa
ther's pet son.
A a chorea at Haabarg
tlven Are Kept A
New York, Dec It. The Oerman liaer
Imperator. the biggest ship in the world,
has been turned Into a prison for English
captives. It Is lying In Hamburg Harbor.
This Information was given here today
by Mrs. Robert Blythe, who, with her
husband, was made a prisoner by the Ger
mans at the outbreak of the war.
She further said that six captured ships
have been equipped with platforms for
the proposed aerial Invasion of England.
To Care a Cold In One Day
Tak LAXATIVe, RKiM' Ql'INl.M Tablets.
ItniAm rtf'inrl m nej If it faili ! cur. E. W.
UKOVaVS signature i n each box. c.
Suits or Overcoats Ordered Monday
Will Be Delivered by Christmas
Come and Choose
Oi A " aaaaaaaaanaaw
jjff .aaaaaaaV ' T JaH aaanaW
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K . E. F. MUDD
Tfce rsiin'.x nel;aer I formerly w Ilk
I. CO. T. Keen I. now witn M. Stria A f.
We will build these Suits and Overcoats to your individual measure on the smartest advance 1915
Fashion lines and every garment will be correctly designed, carefully tailored, and perfectly fitted the
same as if you paid the regular price of $25 and charge you only $14.50. This is an honest reduction.
We mean just what we advertise. On every garment there is an actual bona fide saving of $10.50.
$40 Elegant Silk Lined Full Dress
Suits to Order
Order at Once So That We Can Denver Your Salt for the New Year's Festivities
"New Full Dress and Tuxedo Suits for Hire"
Perfumes and
Toilet Articles
Colcate's Toilet Waters, all odors.
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75c Pinaud'a Lilac Vegetal ste
Duchesne's Lilac Vegetal, the most
lasting; and fragrant Toilet Water
used. An Ideal af frr-sliai Inir lotion;
takes all the smart out of Ihe face.
TT.r value aar
Hudnut's Violet Sec Toilet
Water Tor and 11.33
tl 00 Imported Violet Celeste Toi
let Water, the true violet odorv.fjssj
Flnrlds Water 33r
Florida Water 3r
$1.00 Plvem. Kloramye. Azure :'
Muguet. and La Trefle Vegetal. ..Tie
Hanson & Jenks Violet Brut Toi
let Water TSr
Melt) l Hose. Melba Violet. l-" -Me.
Adoree. and tlardenla Toilet
Waters 7Se
Sl.'.D R. A n. Violette de Parme
Toilet Water i.-i
7th and KSts.-N.W- 7th and ESts.
Many Saved in Hotel Tin.
Parkers Landing. Pa.. Dae. 1 Man.
daring rescues by volunteer nrsmen ware
effected when two hotels here burned to
the ground early today. Two stores, a
livery stable and the telephone exchange
were also destroyed. The total bsaa Is
estimated at J75.000.
Free With Each
Shaving Set
1 Bar Shaving Soap will be given
to each purchaser of a Shaving Set.
This makes It complete and ready
for use. An Ideal and handsome
present for the man who shaves.
".lie Hinds' Honey and Almoin
Cream Sir
j.'r Odorono. . InV
lie Sanltol Cold Cream 13r
:. Pr. Charles Flesh Food. . . I Be
lib. Theatrical c.id ("ream 3sV
SOc Btillman'a Freekle Cream XDr
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.'.or Nsdinola Cream 3r
tjiiceii Anne Lotion. 'ires chaps
in a single night 2Se
J&dSbJF Come See" R.
m wuM S
V9gi v?l Xmas IVeseots- r
artfZd BB8bHv- n! "' 1
5? t ' - Perfumes. Toilet Si
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kc5 yfsasssrI toucan, buy tor jE.
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to keep clean. Always looks new.
Pint else. Ui quart site.
These Perfumisers are made try
De Viiblss and are guaranteed
They are efficient and economical
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If la donlit abont vt hat to g1r for i krUlmaa, rove to oar
d ihm doubt nlll aalsb.
1 on ..III And .rorfb mt besattfiil -fisertej" gifts.
ad It i.on't "brenl. .nil" to hu. them from .
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Th. re a nmok'-r s pleasure In tfood
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are taken to keep nur rlnars In per
fect smokinsj condition. !esi('e irf.
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Hon t wrap up money In junk, but get a real Fountain Pen (like Parker
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91JMI to S5.0O.
Smoking Tobacco
I MON II 4111 II Tohm-io.
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l IITMit.
I 11. uri
llurl., box of l!K for SI.OO:
box "I" ."li for TiOr.
Hox of inn. SI. 10
Box of ..11. Vic
Made of t klra. Rnkber. or rllalold. Ort eae far the kshr. ther veea't break.
; K' ' J5r! ,5c KewP,e9L Dressed as
-lit- Kewpies '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'"'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.tam 2:;0 Kewples 1JH
Ti. I.e .itiv. to be up and doinfr that's the spirit back of the HERE and
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Backache and Its
A sharp i'.uii across the j-mall of your
hack, a sensation as if your bark was
almost breaking, a feeling thai you
can't st. mil on inr feet another minute
Ihcc are .ill symptoms of Kidney
Trouble. Do not fall to give prompt
attention to theae symptoms. Kidney
Disorder. If treated In time, are aaatl)
cured, but when neglected serious and
sometimes ratal developments result.
Buciiu and Palmetto
Kidney Remedy
Is a reliable remedy for Kidney Trouble
In any of its various forms. It relieves
ihe back-breaking pain and Ihe feel
ing of depression and general misery
which act ompany the derangements of
the kidneys. It Is quirk to act no
weary walling for relief your misery
will be quickly and completely eased.
It is a specific remedy for the kid
neys. It Is not intended for anything
but disorders of the kidneys and the
results of these disorders. But for
these special purposes you cannot se
cure any other remedy which will give
you such thorough satisfaction.
Price, 50c and $1.00
Get After
that Cough
Too Many People
Neglect" Themselves
They catch a cold and neglect h. Then the cold settles
on the chest, causing a tight cough and they neglect that.
Yes, they generally get well. But think of the distress, the
annoyance and even the danger.
All this trouble, when they might so easily avoid it by
using Penslar
White Pine and Spruce Balsam
This cough remedy is compounded of the heal
ing principles of white pine bark, red spruce gum,
tamarac and wild cherry. The exact formula is
printed on the label.
People who have used it tell us they never saw
anything loosen a cough and give relief so quickly.
That is the best proof anyone could ask.
Get a 25 cent bottle of Penslar White Pine and
Spruce Balsam here, and get after that cough today.
Nobody wants them let them no.
Help them go hurry them along:. How?
By using-hoet. two excellent remedies.
For years there has been no better
cough remedy than Wild Cherry combi
nations and to date the beat of all Is
Nutra-VIn, because of the addition of
Malt Extract. Try It It relieves
coughs quicker than others.
With all the wonderful power of
quinine but without lis head bussing
or upaet stomach effects A valuable
cold breaker that you can rely on.

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