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Society Prep
Signs of the waning saSon an ap
ceding Lent lesse in umber. The ined
up of festivities, ad the eAly ds of
sation of gayeties. The Presidset am
the last state dinner of the winer, an
Friday evening will complete the scis
the season.
The Vice President and Mrs. Marsl
liant and distinctive function last Mond
ing tomorrow with the second receptio
dining and being dined, and Cabinet i
will carry them to the very brink of Ler
flitting merrily from dinner to dance anq
wringing the last bit of gayety from th
penitence begin.
There will be one wedding, and I
very threshold of Lent with Miss Ga
Bell Watkins, of Westtown, Pa., as ti
mony will be performed at St. John's E
o'clock, and will be followed by a re
mother, Mrs. Mackay-Smith, in Sixteeni
be Miss Virginia Mackay-Smith. who
sister; Mrs. F. Ashton de Peyster, of
Cashing, of Simsbury, Conn.; Miss 'A
Mass, and Miss Mary C. Curtin, of P
of Philadelphia, will be best man for M,
The Cochran-Whiting wedding lasi
as well as of brilliant social interest. T!
shire avenue was a perfect bower of lo
maids represented the most prominent 4
and have been associates since childho
tinguished family and has been a belle
bor, where the Whitings have passed
The young couple will reside at the Avi
return from their honeymoon, pending I
Another df the early spring weddi
terest will be that of Miss Dorothy Gr.
Holcombe, U. S. A. Miss Brooks is m<
Holcombe won signal honors during I
has been selected as the wedding day,
4 o'clock at St. Thomas' Church.
As yet, no demure activity has be
the smart folk who are to remain at th
Rest cutes, personally conducted, will u
for on all sides there are expressions ol
will depart immediately for Palm Bea
Springs and White Sulphur.. A very
comes too late for Lent, but will attrac
tal just the same, when the national
the Woman's Section of the Navy Le
of land at Chevy Chase donated by S
women have enrolled already, and by
to be without record.
In Official Circles.
The President and Mrs. Wilson will be
the guests of the Secretary of the In
terior and Mrs. Lane at dinner on the
evening of March 17.
The Vice President and Mrs. Marsahall
will entertain at the last of their sories
of evening receptions at the Willard to
morrow evening at 9:s0 o'clock.
Justice and Mrs. Hughes will give a
dinner on the evening of March 27 in
honor of Secretary of State and Mrs.
The Governor of the Federal Bureau
Board and Mrs. Charles Hamlin will en
tertain at dinner on the evening of feb
ruary 5.
The Secretary of State and Mrs. an
sing will be the honor guests at a din
ner which Mrs. T. DeWitt Talmage will
give March 3.
Seeretary and Mrs. Lane will entertain
at dinner on the evening of March 2. in
complnent to Secretary and Mrs. Mn
Mrs. Frank Anderson has cards out
for a tea March 1 at the Washington
-picked fresh three
greenhouses. The lar
cut flowers and bloot.
reasonable prices.
Beautiful, I
Cheer Baski
ca. service f., all
artistic decoration is use
1214 F
- MWembe..si of Pe ui
rres for Lent
erent o al sides as h days pre
ing week wi witas the winding
nx week will Ad a practical ces
I Mrs. Wils. haew entertained at
d the army and navy reception on
I program of the White Hose for
iall, who were hosts at a most bril
&y, will close their formal entertain
m of the series. The Cabinet is still
atrons have a social program which
it. Others among the fashionable are
I back again to luncheon and bridge,
e season before the somber days of
Andoubtedly a brillia'nt one, on the
lys Mackay-Smith and Mr. William
ke interesting principals. The cere
piscopal Church on March 4 at 4:30
ception at the home of the bride's
dA street. In the wedding party will
will act as maid of honor for her
New York; Mrs. William Strong
lice F. Hopkins, of Williamstown,
hiladelphia. Mr. J. Keating Willcox,
r. Watkins.
Wednesday was a charming affair,
he Whiting residence in New Hamp
rely blossoms, and the bride and her
>f the younger set in Capital society,
od. Mrs. Cochran belongs to a dis
both at the Capital and at Bar Har
the summer for a number of years.
Dndale for several months upon their
he selection of a suitable house.
ngs to attract a large degree of in
Ly Brooks and Lieut. William Henry
mt charming and popular, and Lieut.
is career at West Point. March 22
and the ceremony will take place at
n suggested as a Lenten fad among
e Capital during the penitential days.
idoubtedly be fashionable for a while,
I utter fatigue. Many tired hostesses
ch, and others are planning for Hot
uteresting and instructive occupation
:t the prominent women of the Capi
service school for the members of
ague is opened in May on the tract
enator Newlands. Scores of society
springtime the attendace promises
Dinners and Dances.
Assistant Attoieey General and Mrs.
Charles Warren entertained at dinner in
honor of Mr. Justice Hushe. and Mrs.
Hughes. The guests to meet them were
Repreeentative and Mrs. Frederick H.
Gillett, the Solicitor General and Mrs.
Davis. Mr. William [email protected] Gen. and
Mrs. William Crosier, Dr. and Mrs.
James Brown Scott. Mrs. James Carrol)
Fraser and Mr. Winslow Warren and
Miss Warren, of Boston. who are house
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Warren
Senator and Mrs. Saulsbury were hosts
at dinner, when their guests were Mr
Justice and Mrs. McKenna, the Secre
tary of Agriculture and Mrs. David F
Houston. the Governor of the Federal
Reserve Board and Mrs. Charles S. Ham
lin, Judge and Mrs. Sidney Ballou. Dr
and Mrs. Ralph Jenkins, Dr. and Mrs
Buckner Randolph. Mime Patten and Mr
Masos Remey.
Col. and Mrs. W. H. Arthur gave s
dinner party, when their guests wer
Maj. and Mrs. John Bigelow, Maj. and
Mrs. R. B. Miller, Capt. and Mrs. Craig
Snyder. Capt. and Mrs. P. A. Welker and
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Rust.
Maj. and Mrs. Joseph P. Tracy enter
tained at dinner at the Army and Nav)
lest and finest arry of
ing plants in the city at
3right, Good
ets, a Special
i social events that require
ros. Co.
.s w..r
sta tiei.
adf md pu Ml~il. I
Club. Their guests were Col. and Mrs.
R. P. Davis, Maj. and Mrs. Shipton,
Lieut. Commander and Mrs. Galbraith,
Commander and Mrs. Hussey, Capt. and
Mrs. Bishop. Mr. and Mrs. Henry P.
Fairbanks, Dr. and Mrs. Blair Spencer,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. McKenney.
The Misses Suare,. daughters of the
Chilean Ambassador, entertained at a
small dance at their home in Sixteenth
street, when their guests were Misses
Emma and Mary Holmes. Josefina and
Elena Morales, Matilde and Beatris Car
bo, Mercedes and Adela Bodoy. Ida and
Mary Bergling. Mary and Ullian Collins.
Rosalie and Lorraine Conger. Agnes Mes
sick, Marie McBeth. Graziela Rivero,
Hortensia Coranado. Mary Frances Fits
Gerald. Zulema Raybaud, Margaret Croe
son. Loretto Sullivan, Louise Mudd,
Elisabeth Koones and lAuise BeItsell,
Messrs. Lester Deases. Brent Young,
Paul Johnson. Carlos Brin, Alfonso Dies.
Ricardo and Juan Morales. Daniel Coro
nado, Antonio Martin Rivero, Jai=*
Quesada, Enrique Cruchaga Oswa, Jorge
Godoy. Julio Godoy. Ernesto Carbo,
James Mason, Heath Davidson, John Mc
Donnell, Charles Voight, James Pool,
Thomas Connor. Richard McMullen. John
Mullen and George Suares.. -
Mr. Jorge Godoy rendered several de
lightful recitations, and dancing was en
joyed until a late hour, when refresh
ments were served.
The Postmaster General and Mrs. Bur.
leson, Mrs. Thomas F. Walsh, Gen. and
Mrs. S. M. B. Young and Col. Charles
Page Bryan were among the guests a
a large dinner party given by Mrs. Henry
F. Dimock at her home in Scott circle
Mr. and Mrs. Hampson Gary enter.
talned at dinner at the Army and Navy
Club. having as their guests Judge and
Mrs. T. T. Ansberry. Col. and Mrs
Harts, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Kauffmanz
and Mr. and Mrs. William Wheatley.
Mr. and Mrs. G. Thomas Dunlop en
tertalned at dinner at the Chevy Chae
Club in compliment to their niece, Mis
Amelie Craighead, who, with her mother
Mrs. Charles Craighead. of Dayton. Ohio
arm the house guests of Mr. and Mrs
Dunlop. In addition to Mrs. Craigheai
and Miss Craighead, the guests includec
Col. and Mrs. Chauncey Baker, Com
mander and Mrs. Galbraith. Miss Kath
erine Du Bose. Capt. Bassett, Ueut. Ise
man, Mr. Frederick Michel and Mr. Pen
dleton Turner.
Civil Engineer Archibald Livingston
Parsons, U. S. N., and Mrs. Parsons wen
hosts at dinner at the Chevy Chase Clul
In compliment to Admiral and Mrs
Frederick R. Harris. The other guest
were Admiral and Mrs. William 8. Ben
son, Capt. and Mrs. McKean, Capt. anc
Mrs. W. Strother Smith, Commander an
Mrs. Jeffers. Commander and Mrs. Frant
Martin. Commander and Mrs. Hussey
Burgeon and Mrs. Frank L.. Pleadwell
Naval Constructor and Mrs. Henry
Commander and Mrs. Conn, Civil Engi
neer and Mrs. Gayler, Paymaster ani
Mrs. G. J. Peeples, Mrs. Joseph Walksr
Miss Margaret Smith, Paymaster Gen
eral McGowan, Capt. Knapp and Civi
Engineer Chambers.
One of the smartest audiences of th
season thronged the home of Mr. and
Mrs. William Ittauer, in Rhode Islani
avenue, for the musical recital arrange
by Mrs LUttauer and Mrs. James Car
roll Fraser, for the benefit of Emergene:
Hospital. Miss Loraine Wyman was th,
artist and gave a charming series of bal
lads, with Mrs. Louis Smith at the pianc
Miss Wyman sang in costume. weartn
that of a Brittany bride for the grou
af old French eopgs with which the pre
gram opened, and a coquettish colonia
coettume for the series of songs of ou
forefathers. Amnog thorn in the audi
ence . were Mr.. Francis Warren, Mri
John W. Dwgt. Mrs. Rollins More:
Mrs. Sidney Balou, Mrs. Ten Eye
Wendell, Mrs. Henry F. Dimock, Mih
Ellen Wood. Mrs. William Maske
Porcher and Mrs. Robert Dunn, both<
Charlotte, N. C.; Mine, Ekengren, Mri
Lloyd W. Bowers, Miss L.e, Mm
Hauge, Mrs. John P. Jacyson, Miss Pal
tern, Miss JosephinsPatten, Mrs. Stepha
0. Richey, Mrs. Chauncey Hackett, Mta
Meyer. Miss Crosby, Mrs. William Cei
coran Hill, Mrs. Edward I. Green, Mr
Theodore Baldwin. Mrs. George Hower,
Vlscounem de Bibour, Mrs; Henry I
, Rarps. Miss Sheridan, Mr, Charles -
Glover, Mr. and Mrs. Robert She
Oliver. M~ss Sophy' Siebert, Miss Upas
Mrs. Robert Hinckley. Miss Sheerli. Mr
i'gnsT. Gaff, Miss foar, the Re
Dr. Randolph U. Maogin. Mr. Lawrun
Town..md, Jr., ad Mrs. Gesege I
aJas. Mr. I tam" a
appointed dinner at the Army and Navy
Club in honor of Miss Jeannette Cowan
and Miss G;race Overman. two of this
season's debutanes.
The color scheme was yellow, spring
flowers filling three baskets formed the
decorations, while the place cards and
favors were George Washington sou
Besides Kiss Cowan and Miss Overman,
the guests were isIs Helen Blodgett.
Mims Caroline Stone, Miss Katherine
Overman, Miss Mary "el Small. Miss
jaherine Small. Miss Dorothy Trout,
Lieut. Mark L. Hersey. Lieut. James B.
Gleanon. Lieut. Harrison S. Deemes.
Uieut. Alva Bernhard. Lieut. James L,
Oswald, Lieut. John H. Hoover, Dr. d
mund Franklin. Mr. Randolph Mason.
Mr. Edward Dewey and Mr. J7. Harris
Capt. Jes F. Dyer. U. & M. C.. and
Mrs. Dyer gave a dinner party, their
guests including, Col. and Mrs. Rufus H.
La&ne. Commander and Mrs. Bdwin T.
Pollock, Lieut. and Mrs. Edwin N. Mc
Clellan, Mrs. Ira F. Murphy, and Capt.
Ridley McLean.
Senator and Mrs. James entertained
at a box party at the B*lasoo In honor
of their house guest, Mrs. Henry C. Clay
ton. Among their guests were Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas Slattery, of Kentucky. and
Representative Cantrill.
Capt. George R. Clark. U. EL N.. and
Mrs. Clark were hosts at dinner at the
Army and Navy Club In compliment to
Commander and Mrs. George W. Laws,
of Annapolis. The other guests were
Capt. and Mrs. Volney 0. Chase and
Capt. and Mrs. William H. G. Bullard.
MaJ. and Mrs. Theodore C. Lyster en
tertained at dinner at the Army and
Navy Club, having as their guests Gen.
and Mrs. Gorgas. Col. and Mrs. Arthur,
Col. and Mrs. Lane, Capt. and Mrs. Sier,
Mr. and Mrs. Bates Warren, Mrs. Me
Ewen ?ruym. Mrs. J7. D. Wright. Gen.
Crowder and Capt. Talbott.
Southern Dance.
The benefit dance to be given by the
Stonewall Jackson Chapter. No. 20.
United Daughters of the Confederacy, at
the Hotel Lafayette Wednesday evening.
March 1. at 9 o'clock, promises to be one
of the most attractive affairs of the
A few of the distinguished patroneass"
are Mrs. Frank G. Odenheimer. president
general of the United Daughters of the
Confederacy; *rs. Thomas Watt Gregory.
Mrs. Gilmer Bernizer, Mrs. Samuel
Spencer. Mrs. Franklin K. Lane. Mrs.
David F. Houston. Miss Hilda Fletcher,
Mr.George Dewey, Mrs. A. J. McKel
wa. Mr.. Vhlne P. -f C WxtnMs W.
T. B~ge~, Mr. GorgeTheoald.Mrs
Maud Hoell-mit. prsidnt o th
Distict f Clu~ba Diisin. Uite
presden oftheSiktonyewJaksima
apnter. di.e at the Mrs. Mad Wravyt
Clbin Millero Ms sa JeanttowanMs
and B MimbeGrae Ovemn of sntthiv
season'. Cdeutann tans.s aro
Butlor.to Awhomlete listcwicarbe anned
ater. eeGog ahntasu
enMrs. BueCeeadI himnQ
Berank BMissn on and Muin Fvranl
.1hA guets, wer MiHlens Blohntt
Whera, Misst M. areBel Tmalor M0s
Kthmerke Sm. Pice. Doroth Troat
Lieut.l Mak. avisey.chaed. Jame. B.
G.lCoon H.eu.Harrin, ar H.Dss
O swamm.Lne. Bohn . Hoovs. WDr.Et
muran Frklin Mitel.nop Ma ~na
Mrna. EdmudDe nd Mree,.I. Jok. acki
fraonkln .oteFe irpn ec
C aylor Dr.s F.en radU.rd, r. .,er
Mrs.d Dye Baean ner Cary, thwer
gsPut incukn, C. Dud Mrev RCfu C.
Lalhou, Commade Bn r. .iiwi T.:
.Prlck, Lieut. Con Mrs Edwn. . Mc-se
Clerllan Prse. a. Murphyr, and Capt.
SenaiUtoran~ Iadnr.taes eovnetined
atWes Coampary.a thes Besco in honor
of thire hou. gut H. Henry, C. Cla
tonear.Amonhir gust weylr Cl.ad
M.Cr. Thomps HwteynfKeintucky, andwe
C.eapt. .ere Clark, U. ws N., Fan
Mrs. lark ehs Uaut disnersth
Arand NS ay Club incmpimentvio
Maj. a Mr ls Thedor C. Lyter en-l
Pameemw 1De Et.
Ie e|,mA imse l,. .
mom nagell. 3im "He Cla -
PC No Asa Welf, Mls ftads WWil
m..Mimm ane Dodge. Mises *1eli
m0ma, Min 1ele1 1ep1m, Elm|
lWv Abermash. MIM JulIa CoUbt. Um.
|sihm p a*tgly, Mis Louise Mat
81. EM AMmo S1en, EM Bi"--both
'ounet, Elsa Margaret Shert, MimeX
= ad W11 Ia, Elsa KiwT a Ulmere, Misa
1N"y srguSenm Ulm Pau""ae Joe.
Use Vermie MaUapin. Kim Ago Penile
on. Eim Glad.s Pugh, Kis Mar Pugh, 1
ien FrAnom Saunders. mi Mary
Milery, Elm Gertrude Robinsom. Mime
ibel BrekGMan Mis Joni* Brockma.
use Bdna 9. Baundera. Ura, E. J. Vann.
Irs, Walter H. Thrall, Mrs. H. V.
louse. Mrs. H. B. Gaas. Mrs. 0. a. S.
buchanln &ad ErM. A. C. Houghton.
Mra. Taylor 0. Timberlake. of Stons.
raIl Jackson Chapter. No. 20, Unitee
laughters of the Confederacy, Is in
harge of the arrangements for the bene
it dance.
Mardi Gras Ball.
The patroaesses for the Sons of Con
'ederate Veterans' annual Mardi Gras
all, to be held at the Raleigh Tuesday.
darch 7, are Mrs. Lee S. Overman, Mrs.
rohn H. Bankhead, wife of Senator
Bankhead; Mrs. John H. Bankhead, Jr..
drs. Claude A. Swanson. Mrs. William
Pitts. Mrs. Edward W. Pou. Mrs. Frank
1. Odenheimer. Mrs. Maud Howell Smith,
drs. George Bennett Ashby. Mrs. Charles
K. Drury, Mrs. E. Lester Jones, Mrs.
William J. Earris, Mrs. Josiah H. Brink
or, Mrs. Walter E. Hutton, Mrs. Elisha
C. Meredith. Mrs. James U. McCormick.
Mrs. Claude N. Bennett, Mrs. George S.
!ovlngten, Mrs. Wallace Streater, Mrs.
)$car Wilkinson, Mr. William 1. Stamp
ir, Mrs. Tayloe Timberlake. Mrs. Wil
iam Bailey Lamar. Mrs. Hoke Smith,
kIrs. John Sharpe Williams, Mrs. Joel
W. ,Bunkley. Mrs. Charles' D. Carter.
Mrs. Albert Sidney Burleson. Mrs. Mat
thew T. Scott, Mrs. Gilmer Berniser.
Mrs. Bate Warren. Mrs. Joaeph M.
Bailey. Mrs. Charles Warren, Mr H. a.
Reeside. Mrs. Thompson Cary. Mrs.
'homas W. Gregory. Era. Delos Blodgett,
hire. S. T. Howard. Mrs. George S. Theo
iold. Mrs. P. L. Herndon. Mrs. R. E.
Thornton, Mrs. Grahme Harvey. Mrs.
Leonard Hoffrnann, Mrs. A. H. Mitchell.
ra. Clarence Barnard, Mrs. Theodore
Tiller. Mrs. McCarthy Hanger. Mrs.
James E. Mulcare, Mrs. Fred B. Mc
Guire. Mra Ashton G. Clapham and Mra.
Fred G. Dennett.
Mis Grace Overman, daughter of Sen
ator and Mrs. Lee S. Overman, of North
Carolina. will act as sponsor and Elss
Holland Fitta, daughter of Special As- I
*Iatant Attorney General and Mrs. Fitts.
will act as maid of honor.
Miss Marion Bankhead, granddaughter
of Senator Bankhead, of Alabama. Isi
chairman of the young ladies' committee.
Miss AnnIe 1. Pou, vice-chairman.
Mrs. George Bennett Ashby Is chair
man of the floor committee, asiated by
Gen. J. H. Brinker, Mr. Walter Kerwin
and Mr. John 4 Alverson and Mr. Hugh
Brewster. vice-chairman.
Hon. Edwin F. Sweet, chairman of the
reception committee, and Dr. Clarence
J. Owens, vice-chairman.
Prominent among others who will take
an active part are Mr. Everett A. Brock
man. Mr. J. Roy Price, Mr. F. R. Fravel.
Mr. W. S. Stamper. Mr. P. J. Altiser and
Mr. E. A. Brand.
February Weddings.
The Central Presbyterian Church was
the scene of a pretty wedding Wednes
day evening at A o'clock, when Miss
Roeaiyn Evans, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. James A. Evans, became the bride
of Dr. Joseph Wesley Buchanan. of the
Canal Zone, son of Dr. and Mrs. James
C. Buchanan. of Washington. The cere
mony was performed by the Rev. J. H.
Mis Louise Evans was her sister's
maid of honor, and the bridemalds were
Eisi Edith Prettyman. Miss Agnes
Louise Pendleton, Miss Asha Louise
Wells and Mlsa Laura Elmore, all of
Washington: Min Louise Menefee, of
Lynchburg. and Miss Mary Ferguson, of
Georgia. The little flower girls were
Elsl Virginia C. Hammeraley and Miss
Margaret L. Vann. Mr. J. Allison Buch
anan acted as beat man for his brother.
The ushers were Mr. Bolitha J. Laws,
Mr. S. Rupert Evans, Mr. Sam Warren.
Jr.. Mr. Omar B. Buchanan, Mr. Walter
L. Miller and Dr. Joseph E. Hodge. A
large reception followed at 901 M street,
when Dr. and Mrs. Buchanan were as
slAted in receiving by their parents, Dr.
-and Mrs. James C. Buchanan, and Mr.
and Mrs. James A. Evans. After a short
wedding trip the young couple will gall
on March 3 for Balboa Heights, Canal
Zone. Among the out-of-town guests
here for the wedding were Dr. j. W.
Malone. of New York: Mr. E. R. Latham.
of California: Mis Louise Evans, of
Rockhll, S. C.: Miss Louise Menefee. of
Lynchburg. and Miss Elisabeth Buch
anan. of Richmond.
The marriage of Miss Winifred Mary
Putnam and Mr. W. Alfred Falconer
took place Tuesday afternoon at the
home of the bride, the Rev. John T.
Encor, pastor of the Calvary Methodist
Episcopal Church, officiating.
Only the immediate members of the
two famille. and a few intimate friends
witnessed the ceremony. The bride wore
a traveling sult of blue gabardine with
a small hat of the sa. oolor. Er.
Kennetih C. Vipond acted as the beat
A buffet luncheon was served, after
which Mr. and Era. Falconer left for
the South. They will be at home after
March IZ. at 1369 Newton street.
Era. John F. Rixey, widow of Rrepre
aentative Rizey, of Virginia. has an
nounoed the engagement of her daughter.
Advance 6
women's an
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most American 4
Of serge, gabat
custom tailored,
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new fabrics.
Miss Edith Presley Rixey, to Mr. Joseph
F. Moore, of Berryville. Va.
The wedding will take place in June.
The bridegroom-to-be i a son of Mr.
A. Moore. Jr.. a prominent attorney of
Miss Harrison to Wed.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Low Harrison. of New
York and Berryville. Va.. announce the
engagement of their daughter. Miss Mary
Harriman. to Mr. Felix Rosen, a son of
Mrs. N. K. Rosen. of New York and
Paris. Miss Harriman, who made her
debut several years ago. is a sister of
Oliver Blshop Harriman, of this city.
and a niece of Oliver Harriman. Joseph
Harriman, Herbert H. Harriman. Mrs.
William K. Vanderbilt, sr.. Mrs. 8tephen
. OlIn, Mrs. Frederick H. Havemeyer.
and the late J. Borden Harriman. on her
father's side. On her mother's side she
is a granddaughter of the late Heber 1.
Bishop and a niece of Mrs. j. F. D.
Lanier, Francis Cunningham Bishop.
James Bishop. Ogden Mills Bishop. and
Miss Mary Cunningham Bishop. who
now lives in Paris. She is an accom
plished musician.
Mr. Rosen is a brother of Walter T.
Rosen, a banker, who married Miss
Lucy Bigelow Bodge. the only daughter
of the Hon. Mrs. Lionel Guest., of Lon
don, and Mrs. Guet's first husband.
Charles Stuart Dodge. The former Miss
Dodge is a granddaughter of the late
John Bigelow. at one time Ambassador
to France. Another brother, Ernest
Rosen. is a painter and lives in Paris.
Miss Harriman Is now at Rosemont.
the Harriman country place at Berry
ville, Va., with her parents, but Is ex
pected to return to New York shortly.
No date has been announced for the wed
Tefr Grl'Friendy
One of the most interesting events of
this week Is the dansant for the benent
of the Girls' Friendly Society of Wash
ington, to be given at Rauscher's, Tues
day. February 3, from 4 to T. Ticheti
may be had from Mrs. J. C. Boyd. 1651
Twenty-second street. The patronesses
are Mrs. Marshall Field. Mrs. Charles
Hamin, Mrs. Hennen Jennings. Mrs
Thomas Gaoff. Mrs. John M. Foster, Mis.
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Visitors in the Smrt World
Mrs. Delos Blodgett and Mase Helen
Blodgett left Washington yesterday for
New Orleans for the Mardi Gras. Mrs.
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Mrs. Blodgett has as her guest Mrs
James H. Turner. of Edgewara. Va .
who will chaperone Miss Mona Blodgett
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Mrs Robert Tr-aer has closed her
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ha gone to Palm Beach.
Mrs ArmIrn Franklin l-ucas. who has
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