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soU3eU P40S P003.
Ans, at the Uited Utemeep Waval AGad
emy. has arrived in Wetnagton for a
et of egrsal mouths, and is tepping
at the hts
Mrs. A. Nub& et New York. is speed
ins sem tim to the city, an the house
guest et Mr. ad Mrs. A. Marks.
Mr. Jeesph Xaufmaa. of New York.
spent some thn I& the sty lost week.
Mr. and s. J. B. ma and daughter
Miss Clars Sa. of Ottumwa, Iowa, are
viskig In Washington.
Mr. Joseph Strasburger Is spending
sene time with relatives in Pittsburgh.
Miss Beatrice Hahn. of Kaloramsa
roed. leaves the city during the week
to spend some time in Baltimore, a the
guest of Miss Adele Goldsmith.
A meet deightful Leap Year dance
will be gIVem Tuesday evening, Febru
ary 3. at the Raleigh by a number of
the yeisiger set of the city.
Mrs. Julia Luchs. of Philadelphia. Is
&Pending seine time In the city, as the
guest ot her daughter Mrs. Bensinger.
Mie Babette Felheimer, of Chicago. to
the house guest of Miss Hortense Byr
Mrs. Carlin, wife of Representative
Charles C. Carlin, accompanied by Min
Minnie- Henderson. of Alexandria. has
left for a trip to Florida and Habena.
Mr. and Mrs. Marion Smith. who were
house guests of Senator and Mrs. Hoke
Smith. have returned to their home at
Atlanta. Mr. and Mrs. Smith will re
turn to Washington to spend April with
Senator and Mrs. Smith.
Lieut. and Mrs. Harry Schmidt will
arrive early this week to be the house
guests of Capt. and Mrs. Jesse P. Dyer.
Mr. and Mrs. . A. M. Fishel have re
turned to their home in Washington.
after a stay of ten days in New York.
Miss Miriam Franc. of the University
of Pennsylvania, is spending the week
end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Franc.
Mrs. Henry Strauss. of Richmond. Va.,
is spending several weeks in town, as
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Baer.
Mr. and Mrs. 3. Baer have returned
to their home in the city after a stay
of some weeks in Atlantic City, New
York, and Philadelphia.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Eiseman. of Belmont
road. returned to their home last week.
after a mest delightful trip throughout
the West.
Gen. and Mrs. Clarence Edwards and
Miss Bessie Edwards, who spent sev
eral weeks here, have gone to New
York for a visit before returning to
Mr. George T. Thomaides. of this city,
is spending a few days In New York
City and is stopping at the Wolcott
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Goldsmith will
return this week, after a ten days stay
n Atlantic City.
Miss Hattie M, ers. of New York, Is
he house guest of Mr. and Mrs. A.
Mliss Jeanette Albert, of Brooklyn. N.
Y.. Is the house guest of Miss Eleanor
Miss Deia Fischel has returned to her
home, after a stay of some weeks In
New York.
Mrs. Karlyn Rosenthal has returned
to her home in Baltimore. after spend
ing sometime in the city.
Mrs. Willard Warner has gone to Palm
Beach for a few weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis and their son.
Robert. have returned to their home.
after spending a fortnight in Atlantic
Miss Selma Weller, of Baltimore. is
the guest of Miss Dorothy Oettinger.
Mr. D. Holberg. of Baltimore, is spend
ing a few days in the city as the guest
of relatIves.
Former Senator Theodore E. Burton
wee a visitor In New York at the Hotel
Astor at week. From Washington at
the Hotel Astor were Mr. and Mrs. Royal
Homemade .
are unique, distinctive,
Positively the pures
delicious confections th
Try a pound from
ment and judge for you
cel in taste and flavor
you ever tasted.
On sale at 50 ceri
Stores, Confectioneries
Perny Jones,
150SeatonPlace C
Phone North 6893.
Pad. who i promimani and
Mr.M ryviid the 41111
Meeker, who passed a few days In the
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Cornish. of Wash
ington, and Dr. and Mrs. Paul Correll, of
Easton, Pa.. are in New York at the
Hotel Astor for the week-end.
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Stresburger, of
Cascade Locks. are the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. J. Strasburger.
Mrs. Jeon Myers, of Birminghar,
Ala., is the house guest of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. I. Saks.
Mrs. M. Lederer, of Cleveland. Ohio,
spent a few days in t%. city last week,
as the guest of Mrs. T. Maas, en route
to Palm Beach, Fla.
At Home.
Mrs. Henry Allen Cooper will receive
February 29 at her apartment in the
t, cleanest, and most
it can be made.
the complete assort
rself if they do no ex
my 80c or $1 candy
ts the pound at Drug,
Thers, Caes Etc
in the smat weddof WasAhingum.
dg to R 6 aCut WAM.
-Omrfght by unteffinat
Rochambeau, when she will have a num
ber of Wisconsin friends with her.
Mrs. John Temple4 Grves will be at:
home the first two Tursdays in march.i
Mrs. Wesley L. J nes, wife of Senator
Jones, will receive Tuesday with the
Congressional ladies at the Cairo.
Mrs. John F1. Shafrth will be at home
on Monday, from 3 to 6, at 2034 Columbia
Mrs. De Witt Talmage will be at home
informally on the afternoon of March I
Mrs. George Percival Auld will be at
home this afternoon at 2949 Newark
street, Cleveland Park.
Gen. and Mrs. Hugh L. Scott will not
be at home today.
Mr. and Mrs. Greenhut, of Escanaba,
Michigan, are the guests of their
daughter, Mrs. M.L Fischer.
Stage Society Benefit.
The patronesses for the entertainment
to be given tomorrow evening at the
Belasco Theater by the Washington
Stag: Society In aid Of the Society for
the Re-education of the French Soldiers
Blinded by the War are Mrs. Edson
Bradley. Mrs. Calderon Carlisle, Mrs.
Elkins, Mrs. Thomnas Chatard, Mrs. Rich
ardson Clover. Mrs. Henderson, Mrs.
Dayid Jayne Hill, Mrs. Hemrmick, Mrs.
Arthur Lee. Mrs. William Bailey Lamar,
Mrs. Lindsay Morehead, Mrs. Armistead
Peter, Mrs. Nathan Sargent, Miss Spang,
Mrs. Spalding and Miss Richards.
Pre-Lenten Festivities.
Mrs. Wade Ellis will entertain at tea
In compliment to Mrs. T. T. Ansberry
onteatrnoso arh1ad2
MissRuthNorrosswillentrtai atI
a te Mrh fo 4 o7oclci
hoo fMs MraiaSaligGry
thr eidne 132 Couba od
rs.hMead whenore will ave ta Mn
ba ferofoni Marhd w th her.at
Mrt Jn temochambave. l ea
hoeing, archt4 t 1hurda'slock. h
Col. WandeMrs. Jones wi. Hofwenatorl
Contertinal adier at the CArmy.n
Mrsy Club on hrsdayil eveninge
onMoarch ro t . t 42,umi
Mrs. cWitt la e Bre will behm
inomlyo h fenoon of March
Mrs. Jaers Peiald, will be Cat
hoemn tida afteroona 2arch 4.ar
Gen. anJ. Hugrh Lordot will ent
bei at brode todauy. yafenon
Michia. C.Kar ig e th osts f tei
bradgher pars. Fernonae
pTenptrons Hsigr hentetanmn
toLe ien tomorrowl evningat th
Stagheoay nd b ids Ofrthe Soit for
Blinde bthe e W a ae Mrs. gieis
linsg Ms hoals. hatr M Rich
= 0.k W hsaissee sSo g
An huseoatiup reasutly esabMiadaab in
the students' ibray I the .uieeU
of book revIwa. Pateeg geruutaa ge
Natribsted weekly risgthaeeepe0
"The Vie$a Are the " De
keied questssat are anwernd som
bew the author pristipli emaraoters. and
the chief eventa, The ntriide value of
special pasges is also weighed.
A seting of the library e06ers was
hold en Wednesday In the e.os of the
librarian to formulate a sctentile ciasel
oation that will rearrang howmands of
the volumes,
The duty sergeants and eereralis have
lately been appointed. coipletng the
mnilitary roster of the effiees: Company
A-First duty sergeant. Lyni Clei
ents, '12; seeond duty sergeant, Wm. J.
Mealy, 'S: corporals, John gullIvan. '1
Feseph Nolan, '19; Carl Roehck, 'I, and
Eustice Hart, '1. Company B-First
2uty sergeant. Thomas Moore. '17; second
futy sergeant."Lewis Bond. '17; corporas.
Paul Taylor. '18; Willis Candrow. 'IS;
John Murray. '18; George Frank. '17;
Howard Rslia '18. Company C-First
uty se oIn Meegan. '19; second
duty , Richard B. Murto, 17;
torpora . Bernard Grove. '17: Richard
Mudd, '17; Richard Shea, '19; John Dono
ghus. '19; Clarence Donoghue, '19.
All the classes of Gonsaga recently
were visited by Rev. Fr. James Carlin,
5. J.. vice provincIal of the Maryland
New York Province of the Society of
Jesus. The students were very much en
-ouraged by the words of Fr. Carlin.
who manifested a deep Interest in their
work. His visit was honored with the
granting of a half holiday.
Rev. Edward Sweeney. a. J., moderator
)f the Phocian Debating Society, has re
turned fron a short visit to Baltimore.
While there he arranged for an inter-city
debate with Loyola High School of Bal
timore. The debate will be staged In this
city at the Gonzaga Collage hall in I
Messrs. Bond. Brady. Twembly and
Ring are putting up a strong fight for
first honors in the class of '17.
James J. Neligan. '1, has returned
from a visit to his brother in Baltimore.
Wm. J. Mealy. '16. captain of the bas
ket-ball team. is rapidly recovering from
a sprained hand whieh he received re,
cently in a basket-ball game.
In compliment to her sisters-in-law,
s. John J. Higgins, Jr.. of Washing.
t Mrs. Walter M. Higgins, of Marieta,
Ohio. and Mrs. Robert Higgins. of Rich.
mnond. Va.; Mrs. Barnard Welsh, of Colo
rado Springs. Col.. and the Misses Rob
erts of Cumberland, Miss Laura Hig
gins entertained at a tea at the home
of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John J..
Higgins, here Tuesday afternoon. Those
assisting were Mrs. Frederick N. Hen
derson, Mrs. Edward S. Dawson. Mrs.
J. Alby Henderson. Mrs. J. Darby Bow
man. Mrs. Harry Dawson, Mrs. F. Hazel
Cashell, Mrs. Somerville Dawson. Mrs.
George P. Henderson, Mrs. Valentine
Wilson and Misses Mary Almoney. Alice
Cashell, Margaret Stokes and Elizabeth
and Dorothy Higgins. The house was
attractively decorated in red and white
The Fortnightly Dancing Club was en
tertained at the Montgomery Country
Club here Monday evening by Miss Mar
garet Stokes.
Mrs. Albert M. Boulc left early in the
week for Atlantic City, expecting to be
gone several weeks. Accompanying her
was Miss Helen Packard. of Baltimore.
Mrs. William Dorsey entertained the
members of the Rockville Euchre Club
and a few other friends at her home.
near Rockville. Wruesday afternoon.
Prizes were won by Mrs. Howard Lar
combe and Mrs. Barnard Welsh. Re
freshments were served.
Miss Mabel Boardman. executive of the
National Red Cross Society. detlvered an
address at an open meeting of the Rock
ville Woman's Club at the Montgomery
Country Club here Thursday afternoon,
a very large number of the club women
of the county and others being present
She spoke in the interest of the Red
Cross. Refrelhments were served.
Mrs. J. Gardiner Darby has so far re
covered from the effects of an operation
which she recently underwent in a
Washington hospital that she hopes to
return to her home here within the
near future.
Miss Rose Williams entertained a few
friends at bridge at her home here yes
terday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Higgins have re
turned to their home In Richmond. Va..
after visiting at the home of Mr. Hig
gins' parents. Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hig
A card party at the Montgomery Coun
try Club Tuesday evening proved an en
joyable affair. It was arranged by Mrs.
Charles H. White, chairman of the en
tertainment committee of the club for
Thursday evening at the Montgomery
Country Club Mrs. Harry A. Dawson
gave a danec to a large number of her
friends of Rockville and vicinity.
In celebration of her thirteenth birth
day. Miss Katherine Dorsey entertained
at a dance at the home of her grand
parents, Col. and Mrs. William Dorsey,
near Rockville. last evening, about sixty
of the girls and boys of Rockville being
her guests.
Among the couples married in Rock
ville during the week were Mr. Ray
mond Lewis Helfin, of Washington, and
Miss Grace Viola Weaver. of Culpeper,
Va., and Mr. Frederick Hosea Curtice
and Miss Cuba Evangeline Grayson,
moth of Vienna, Va.
Prof. Willis L. Moore. formerly chief
)f the United States Weather Bureau,
lelivered a lecture in Seco Hall here
Wednesday evening for the benefit of the
'und that is being raised for the erection
if a Catholic parsonage here. His sub
ect was ''Reminiscences of the Weather
Ian." The lecture was enjoyed by a
arge gathering.
Mrs. H. P. Viles and Mrs. F. L. Mid
leton were guests recently of Mrs. J.
V. Robey.
The' Laurel High School held a fair
ast Friday and Saturday evening for
he benefit of the school.
Mr,. Meredith entertained the Five,
lundred Club at her home on Lafayette
,venue. The next meeting will be at
frs. George McAnuf in Prince George
Miss Laura DalIsm is the the guest of
riends in Washington.
Mrs. William E. Gilbert gave a five
'undred party at her home in Prince
leorge street. Those present were Mrs.
William B. Gilbert. Mrs. William Stan
sy, Mrs. Henry Scott. Mrs. Meredith,
irs. Albee, Misses Mary and Margaret
loidsborough, 1fIss Madge Sample, Mrs.
3eorge McCeney. The prise was won by
Liss Goldsborough.
Mr. W. L. McLoughlin spoke Sunday,
It the Presbyterian Church before leay
ng for the East.
Mrs. Trumian Woods. of Saltimore. and
hirs. Rose Shiflott, of New London,
Donn,, werejuests recently of Mrs. M.
B. Frothingm
Mise Sallie Carr, daughter of Mr. Carr,.
af Anne Arunidel County, and Mr. Albert|
2antt, son of the Rev, and Mrs..J. Gtb.
Ion Gantt, of Denton, ML, were anarried
ni Saturlay at Sunset Hill, the home of
the bride's father, i the presence of eel
ttivee and friends. The bride was gives
tway by her father. Miss Adselie Con
asse f the bries, wee mne haegs,
BSter March, 1,
Mi and Mrs. Patters., of Washing$se.
wer deas" e Rev. and Mrs. W. I.
Buslhby Tusskay at the reetory.
Mr. and Mrs. Wade ar. pending oen
ara. days in Ohio.
Miss Gay Clegh. " tar of Mr. and
Ms. Thomas 0. Clougte and Mr. Ernest
Pahrali we married Monday at Cente
ary M7i. . Church by the Rev. J. L
Winger. The bride was a nsed by her
sister, Miss Viola Clegh. Mr. Earl
Leister was beat san. Mr and Mr.,
Pairall will reside In Washllicz
Misn Evis Water. has returned from
a visit to friends in Pennsylvania.
Mrs. Warfield, of Howard County, was
the guest durig the. week of Mrs.
Charles H. Stanley.
Mr. Charles-Duvall. of Washington.
was the guest for the week-end of his
sister. Mrs. Henry Scott. in Montgom
cry street.
Miss Winning, of Washington, is the
guest of her sister. Mrs. Williarn I.
Bushby. at the rectory.
Misn Mary Kennedy Is the guest of
Miss Sarah Billiard, in Connecticut.
Mr. and Mrs. James Bradley and Mr.
and Mrs. Channing. of Baltimore, via
ited friends In Laurel during the week.
Miss Laura Dallam has returned from
a visit to the Misses Hanway, in Wash
The Men's Club, of St. Philips parish
gave an entertainment on George Wash
ington'. birthday, at the Academy of Mu
sic. The program was as .follows:
Men's Club Quartet, accompanied by
Miss Helen Crandle; contralto solo, Miss
Harriet Shaw, of Washington, and ac
companied by Mrs. P. Craig Jones; tenor
solo, Mr. James R. Toung, of Washing
ton; Miss C. M. Davis. accompanist; vio
lin solo. Mr. Louis Schriever; Mrs.
Schriever. accompanist; solo by :r.
Schriever, a.companied by Mr. Louim
Schrlever, on the violin; soprano solo.
Mrs. William R. Bushby: Mrs. Dallam.
accompanist; "The Minstrel,' Messrs.
Tracy and Stevens, of Washington and
Mr. Hugh Fisher. Miss Helen Crandle.
accompanist; Irish Folk Songs, Mr. Wit-I
Ilam E. Smythe; "Old Time Melodies,
Mr. John Snowden, assisted by the Men's
The entertainment was closed with the
singing of the Star Spangled Banner by
the Men's Club and the audience, after
which there was dancing.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry P. Howard. Jr.
entertained a number of friends at
auction bridge Monda% evening. Those
present included Mr. and Mrs. G.
Sherman James. Mr. and Mrs. William
R. Roberts, of Washington; Mr. and
Mrs. Edward A. Fuller. Mr. and Mrs.
Charles W. Clagett. Dr. and Mrs.
Thomas E. Latimer, Mr. and Mrs.
Franklin U. Tingley. Mr. and Mrs.
George B. Luckey, Mr. and Mrs. E
Harvey Dyer. of Washington; Mr. and
Mrs. James C. Rogers, Mrs. Nellie Ful
ler Brooks. Mr. and Mrs. William
Howard, Miss Henriette Dyer. and Dr.
Charles A. Wells. Prizes were award
ed Mrs. G. Sherman James, Mrs.
Charles W. Clagett. Mrs. Wiliam R.
.Roberts, and Mr. Edward A. Fuller,
Mr. William R. Roberts, and Mr. G.
Sherman James. At the conclusion of
the games a collation was served.
Under auspices of the Placataway
Pleasure Club a dance was given in
the town hall at Waldorf Wednesday
evening. About twenty couples at
tended. Among those present were
Misses Eleanor Lampson, Eugenia
Hynson. Catherine Stuman. Mabel
Decker. Mary Fronlich, Ethel Louise
Johnson, Grace Merkling, Florence
Webster, Marguerite Wallace. Jane El
hlot. Angola Dawson, Annie Kaufman,
Dorothy Brandeis, Hasel Brennan,
Laura Warren, Margaret Beall.
Frances Elkins, Norine Beadle. Ruth
Sellman. Cora Gallagher, Helen
Clarke. Bertha Jackson. Marian Hall,
Mabel Guthrie, and Messrs. . Edgar
Townshend, Richard Hewitt. Theodore
Leighton, William J. Whitmarsh, Dan
iel H. Freer. Guy T. Pierson, Percival
Betts, Walter L. Rawlings, W. Arnold
Klein, Ralph Kinsinger, Elmer Rob
erts. Allen Plummer, Raymond Middle
ton, Stanley Walker, Oscar FitZpat
rick, Charles L. Gibson, Robert W.'
Fletcher. James D. Donnely, Kenneth
Goodrich. John Whiting. Earl Mat
thews, Cecil Traband, Lawrence Perry.
Edward J. Fowler. Lewis T. Burroughs
and Peyton Keane, The chaperones
were Mesdames Leslie Baxter, Chester
Houston, Howard Eggleston, Clarence
Norcross, Norman A. Winfield, Joseph'
L. Wolf. Charles Arthur MacKenzie,
and J. Charles Wilson.
The Hyattsville Social Club was en
tertained by Mr. Matthew V. Halloran
at his residence in Owens avenue last
evening. The club discussed plans for
a dance to be held in the Riverdale
Town Hall some time in the near fu
ture and elected and Installed the fol
lowing officers: President, Philip S.
Mitchell; vice president, Matthew V.
Halloran; secretary. James H. Shreve;
treasurer, Carl J. Furhmann. and
sergeant-at-arms, James E. Mills. Fol
lowing the transaction of routine
business. a social hour was enjoyed
and refreshments served. The club
has completed arrangements for a
smoker to be held next Friday.
The Gamma PI Fraternity of the Mary
land Agriculture College gave a dance
In their home at College Park Friday
evening. About forty couples attended.
Qaneing started at 8 o'clock and contin
u~d until midnight. The Iota Sigma Fra
ternity was represented by Mr. Fuchs;
Kappa Alpha by Mr. Taylor. and Nu
Sigma Omicron by Mr. Jones, The chap
erones were President and Mrs. Harry
I. Patterson, of the college, and Mr. and
Mrs. WIlliam T. Conner.
The VIm Players, of Baltimore. pre
mented a clever three-act farce in the
auditorium of the Maryland Agriculture
iollege Friday evening for the benefit
f the Y. M. C. A. of the college. A
arge and annreciative sudience of stu
lents and their fRIends were present.
Sr. James Richmond rendered vocal
'elections between each act, Following
he play dancing was enjoyed until a late
A dance was given under the auspices
>f the Southern Maryland Dancing Asso
:lation in the town hail at Brandywine
Wednesday evening. More than thirty
touples were present. Among them were
htisses Winifred Latimer, Helen Thomas,
lenevieve Wilson, Carrie Hardesty,
Verda Witherspoon, Catherine Jackson,
Dorothy Neilson, Phyllis Foote, Hilda
Robinson, Angela Lawrence, Susan Van
You can keep your hair at its very
best by washing it with a teaspoonful
of canthrox dissolved in a cup of hoti
water, afterward rinsing thoroughly
with clear water. One finds that the
hair dries quickly and evenly, is un-I
streaked, bright, soft and very fluffy,
so fluffy in fact, that it looks more
abundant than it is, and s soft that
arranging it becomes a pleasure. This
simple, inexpensive shampoo cleanses
the hair and scalp thoroughly of alli
dandruff and dirt, and leaves a clean,1
wholesome feeling. All scalp irrita-j
tion will da rand the hair will1
be brgtr a glssertas sver be-f
Et3i4"L Mary la UPS. b16r.
0Sb"l -mMbes, MyrWh Al
"ON. Nam. 1teek coe
ta. LAMM'DomWN. obewt Sta n
hogs. Franes Jebes. Lune 6Uter. EdnB
Dorethy Reess I" Messrs.
3-80eg T. Sipley. Pra* tthmisi. WiS
Ibam nbaabld. e Wfatmerald.
Alutrlw Wimainso. .a. gaeg ,om Owen
Miltips Arthur bibbey. Matthew Rt..
Edward Fairall. Kenneth Newland. Os
aldT. Breoks. Henry Madden, Chares
1. Ashland. Clinton T. S1utth.. Herbert
urman. Harry Mlken., Joseph Win
throp. Paul Stewart. Allen Murphy. Wal
lae Hewlett. Charles Wilcox. Noble F.
Whits. Perry J. Walker. Leonard Rap
PLert. John W. Keenan. Devid E. Kenne
dy. Louis J. Peck, Donald Pendletom.
'homas Pennybaker. Harold Gibson and
John Byrnes. The rhaperones were Ma
dame. Phillip T. Newton. John G. Clag
tt. Edward L. Bishop and Allen Pen
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Wheelock ean
bertained the nmembers of Croome Liter
ary Club at their residence Tuesday
evening. Those present Included Mr. and
Mrs. Frank C. Wilson. Mr. and Mrs. Gor
don E. Shepherd. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson
J. UttepIage, Mr. and Mrs. William R.
Rbinson. Mr. and Mrs. Willard F.
Thompson. Mr. and Mrs. Tillman Fisher.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Watson. Mr.
and Mrs. Benjamin Kagle and Misses I
Louise Knight. Anna Coates. Margaret
Littlepage, Henrietta Underwood. Bee
sie Barry. and Messrs. Gerald Ashton.
Howard Cisson. 1-roy Haynes. Alexan
der R. Perrie. Thomas J. Healey. Francis!
Costinette, Paul Rogers and Frank B.
The younger set of Upper Marlboro
gave a dance in the town hall Wednes
day evening. It was largely attended
and successful. Among those present
were Misses Agnes Hoffman. Bessie
Lansdale, Dorothy Fairall. Frances
Winslow, Loulse Hutchinson. Gertrude.
Offutt. Nor* speakman. Ida Wilcox.
Nannie Welscher. Martha Falconer, Peari
lAmpeon. Alice HoslItsel, Vhginia Oberlin.
Lcrinne Westcott. Florence Quinn. Emma
DavIdSdn. Carolyn Rochester. Evelyn
Smith. May Wardman. Elsie Neilson.
Julia Montgomery. Marie Duncan. Made
line Robey. and Meksrs. Robert Hillman.
Let Prices
The February sale is en
Read the lists below carefilly
Dining Tables Servi
Quartered Oak Quar
$12.00 from $18.00
$16.00 from $20.00 $15.0
$17.00 from $24.00 $16.00
eis n . - * n $18-0.
- , - -smum,
f. aler. L.emrd J. Giess, Useot A.
~ aea.=e bc. Wbkessa assI Pres
tkm. Pka' Pawstt. ls" a Veqrr.
Gerfe . poris,H D. L4p--o--.
5oeh Clarts, Theses s u emea. and
Btamisy Allasesa WNo besse
asgodaahs whM ,. - Gera
Atce Nagr 1. Hrapbm. Wlatam
nr Henry Cinalise. 1esrard J.
ii 'sad uees Teeple.
The Laniover Five Mndred Club was
entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Clarence
P. WUliname at ther reddence Tues
day evaning. Those present lniaed Mr.
end Mrs. Hemry Wckersbam, oft BtiU
more; Mr. sad Mrs. Frank Hobbs. Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Wilson. Mr. and Mrs.
Jesla Martin. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Whit
more. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver aospon. and
Mimes Jesphi.n Tallman. Dorothy Sell
men. Mrine ILuden. and Maser. Ernest
Ulman. and Frank Hobbs.
The Croome Sewing Society was en
tertained by Mrs. Harvey T. Watkins
Thursday evening. The following mem
bers were present: Mrs. Joseph K. Tyree.'
Mrs. Frederick Steel. Mrs. Charles 3.
Stockman. Mrs. Clifford S. Sterrett. Mrs.
Samuel J. Ridgely. Mrs. Eduard C. Fowl.
er. Mrs. Russel T. Parker. Mrs. Charles
M. Tempetone. Mrs. John L. Taylor.
and Misses Hazel Jones. Margaret Phelps
and Susan Brannom. At the conclusion
of the meeting refreshments were served.
The club will present a plsy in the town
hall at Brpndywine next Thursday even
Mlss ielen C_ ark has returntd to her
home in Washington after a pleasant
week-end stay with Mss Mars Airnes
Beadle. niece of Mr. and Mrs. Matthewl
F. Halleran, in omen avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. Thonan I. Winthrop1
have returned to their home near Baden
after a visit to relatives in New Hamp
Mr and Nirp Benjamn Mundell en
tertained at W(- at their home in Maple
View avenue on Monday evening. The
game was followed with the serving of
refreshments. Those present uere: Mr
and Mrs Walter Bell. Mt and Mrs.
11th Street
>om Need,
Defemd Payments.
ding with further reductions in pri
they tell of real reductions in pri
ag Tables China Cam
wed Oak Quartered 0
$11.0 from $I
from $19.00 $20 from $2
from $20.00 $23.50 from $2
from $23.00 $25.66 from $2
sony w mr. O
W. Maamr. Mr. and
Ct. Dr-.' amnd Me &
and Nits. AMMCr Win. MN.W OW
ma. Mrs. Jmes Orem. a"
Premh Gron. Prism wom Wm
and MrM. UsrWW.
The marriae of Kim Amm
tornerly of Ases. , : or. I4"
bury, son et Mr. ad Ms. r. A.
bp- of seventmaen street,. so
en Thursday evensg at the bm
brlie. Mr. and Msa. Sabw fi
distely following the enemmy
wedding Journey ad uPse thd'
wt redde hera.
The Higtasnd ' thletic C" bf
ball on Prday eveting in tb
haJl of SL erwsa's pareeblW
V street. A large number atnfdL.
freakonnts were served. Ths b.
decorated for the event Wad a
was made by Ralph Gre-M presdde
the club.
Miss Annie Tolson entertained a
ber of young folks at her bme IN
street on Tuesday afternoon In
oration of her birthday Laly
Games of all kinds were eajOYed.
refreshments seried The house Was
orated with red. v hite and blue
The Men's Club of the Congrss
Methodist Episcopal Church hsld hs
ond annual banquet on Friday
at Loeffler's Hotel In Nichols avene.
dresses were made delIng wIth the
res of the club s.c its or
ad au interesting Social program
The crowdp f-on Pali Beac 4A
other (sorts of the ar South are
ning to arrive. and by March 1 the
son at the Greent-ier wIll be In
swing The reserst ons are the
eat in tie histor, nf the hoteL a
Mrs'Charles N n-uh antd her
maall sons have -et u-ned to the
brie' frorn Washingtn for a
Mrs I j R Muurhng. of W -.
Ys.. , here "tth her daughtear
grand-daughtte. Mr, M b. Mads
G Street I
Quartered Oak
$14.* fyom $18.M
;es- $2.9 fronm $25.00
:es. $26.00 f rom $32.50
S 28.00 f rom $34.00
$25.00 from $35.00
$30.00 from $44.00
00 $31.00 f rom $38.75
i.O $31.75 from $40.00
.00 $33.00 f rom $41.00
$2.6 fo $9.0 $19.0 from $24.00 5Z7. trom s iu.LR *34-9 T rom AJ
$21.$0 from $29.50 *37. from $45.00
$22.00 from $30.00 3200 from $2.0 $38.00 from $47.00 $3800 from $50.00
$24.75 f rom $32.00 $39.00 from $50.00 $45.00 f ro $67.00
$29.87 from $3500 $0.00 from $55.00
$30.0 from $37.00 "- $46.00 frTom $58.00 $54." f rom, $68.00
$38.00 from $43.50 $Sa2w from $78.00 $65.00 from $92.00
FcH, Copenhagen Blue Worthto29c 10c
Meat Platters. Vegetable Dishes. Salad Bowls. Cups Saucers. Etc.
Sets $21, $12.50, $7.45
100 Pieces $29 Value. $15 Value. $12 Value.
Dinner and Tea Sets, full service for 12 people. And note that choice is of
fered of a great variety of decorations.-Fourth Floor.
Table Linens, Second Floor
These were contracted for before the late rise in prices. Patrons are asked to appreciate that they are
being given full benefit of the earlier lower prices and that such linens cannot be duplicated.
64 Inches Wide 49C 72 Inches Wide $1
Worth 65c, Tomorrow, Worth $1.25, Tomorrow, -
Note the silk-like finish of the mercerized linen at only 49c a yard-and the heavy weight of the 72-inch
pure linen at only $1.00 a yard.
72-inch Wide Damask at 45c Yard
The Maker's Mi Eds-in Lengths of 2 to 2/2 Yard.
Napkins $1.00 $2.98 Dozen
Only 500 Dom $1.25 Value $3.50 Value Secend Finer.
Heavy Silk-like Mercerized Napkins. 22-inch size at $1.00 dozen. Choice of 22-inch heavy Irish Lane.
Napkins and 14-inch Hemstitched Tea Napkins at $2.98 dozen. Rear of elevators-: Second Floor.
Warratd fr 5 Year- for3
They SeNld Wear lagr
The Palais Royal -

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