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O$.ie WeAt., Report-Fair w vu
The Youi
Man's Store Do
WJI Discuss Question of International
Peace Preservation at Public
Library Tonight.
Resolved, That an international police
force should be established to enforce
international treaties and agreements
and to preserve international peace."
An interesting discussion is promised
when the teams of the George Washing
ton University and the University of
Pittsburgh meet to debate this question
on Friday night at 8 o'clock in the audi
torium of the Public Library. The teems
which are to debate are composed of
John Carter, Harold Keats and H. W.
Kidder for George Washington and . K.
k a Busy Day Sa
2g Fellows Who Wear Size
Were Righi
Youll want <
-take advanta
sim in aU the
bmot amrtm
$20 Suits am
$25 Suits a
$30 Suits a=
$35 Suits an
$40 Suits am
Money's Worth or Money Bac.
J. Kaufm
Kibbey. F. W. Glaser and J. D. Stark
for Pittsburgh. The affimative will be
upheld by the local team. H. B. F. Mao
tarland Will be chairman.
The Pittsburgh team Is making a tolud
of the East. George Washington Unl
versity is the sixth on their list.
The general public Is Invited. Music
will be furnished by the Royal Hawaiian
Duet. led by Steven Desha.
Hebrew Bowling leaque Planned.
The Young Metnu Hebrew Association
will conduct a bowling league far the
membership, to extend to about Jun. IL
At the last meeting Moe Offenberg was
elected president of the league and Falk
Harmel, Sam Shulman. Ben Offenberg
and Sol Goldstein were eleted captains
of the teams. Mr. RoenbhL% airman
of the entertainment cnnmittDe. has ar
ranged for a dance to be given under
the anspicee of the association on Tues
day, March 31. at Old Masonic Temple.
Va u
and most exclusive designs in
are suitabl, for spring and sw
s 32 to 37
: on the Job After Thowse
uits and Q'coats
Half Price
at of ths, yug man Com in
I of this whdorful Opportunity-ea
A Wate-iro u 32 to 46-but the
t is in 34 td 37.
IO.co.ts.... *10"
IOvercoats...... *17
1 Oerc.ats. . '20"
Pin Penna. Ave.
..ee ..., wP. e.......... . ef
e11u~ Daughter.
Miss Gladys Xackay-mith, daughter
of the late Bishop Mackay-Smith of
PhlIdelphia. former pastor of St. John's
Church In this city. was married here
yesterday to William Bell Watklns, of
PhiAelphia. The ceremony took place
at St. Johns Church in the presence of
a ar company. The Rev. Ernest Pad
dock, of Cambridge. Mase., officiated.
The bride was escorted by William R.
Mowe. of New York. and preceded by her
sister. Mis Virginia Mackay-Smith.
Keating Wilo, of Philadelphia. was
best man. A reception at the home of
the bride's mother followed the oare
many. Mr. and Mrs. Watkins will make
their home at Westtown, Pa.
Stock Nc
and Ov
es to
riety, in both fabric and d
this nationaily famou, clothiu
..n. wear.
.16.851] F
IHIRTS, values to $2
E R'1
Maj. Pullman Gives Emer
gency Orders Folowing Cri
sis in Car 'Trouble.
Poliee Will Be Siationed Along
Street Railway Lin Where
.actt Mitt 0.
A n the police force of
*shlg= n ciciet with a crisls in
the relations between street car em
ploy*@ and employers, was Issued yes
terday by Maj. Pullman. superintendent
of, police. It was denied In the office of
the superintendent, however, that the
instructions were in anticipation of a
strike of the street ear men.
The order announced that absence per
mits would not be Issued to applicants
If It was understood they were to leave
the city and called upon the police to
hold themselves "ready to report for
duty upon noce to do so."
it is understood a plan to being worked
out whereby each of the 715 policemen
in the District is to he assigned to
special duty and ordered to'elip into the
new routine at the emergency command
Whle -many poli*emn will be assigned
to guard the fifteen car barns of the
two railway companies and nearly an
equal number of sub-ptations. work shops
and other buildings, the majority willI
be held In readiness to take beats where
riots would be likely to occur along the
lines of the companles,*end to see that
order is kept on cars and to keep work
men from collecting crowds.
It is not believedthe District will find
it necessary to deputie special police
men. &a the companies themselves wth
employ large numbers of the guards if
a strike is celled.
In discusing the tions from the
Boffc of the superintendent of police, an
otial declared the two street railway
companies had not been in communication
with the poUce department and that the
order was not in anteqpeaion of a strike.
Grips and colds were prevalent in the
ranks of the poljce 4t - declared, and
it was not thought expedient to grant
absence leaves with so many members
.gadane county. Xanb for what Is
said to be the frst time in Its history.
closed the business of the year 1915 with
every bill paid and SM cash in the
ow Here
l-presents the very latest
g, and quite a few weaves
4Oveets; ^
b................. 4
0, Choice, $.00j
B 101.3
Pa. Ave.
5ociation will ham it oesther session
Tuesday night at S e'eleek en the third
floor of the Arcade mauae=. Your
teenth street and Park read. The erec
tion of pew buildings fer' the Munici
pal and Washington Asylumn Hospital
will be discussed.
T West ag cuI sw a..sd t.
will hold its annual A banquet at this
Hotel Powbaten tomerrow night at 1
OelocL The guests off honor and
speakers will be Senator Poinerene. of
Ohio; Chief Justice Covington. of the
District Supreme Court; 3. C. Branden
burg. president of the Board of Trade.
and P. T. Moran. president of the
Chamber of Commerce.
"ards" will he Ae subjeet of an -
liestrated lecture by Prof. Wells W.
Cook. biological survey. in the audi
torium of the J. 0. Wilson School.
Eleventh and Harvard streets north
west, tomorrow night under the aui
pIces of the Parents' League.
The North W.siagtea Citisee' As
sociation will meet In the Gage School.
Second and U streets northwest, to
morrow night at 8 o'clock.
Mrs. Susane OMberg wil give a
musical recital at her studio at the
Washington College of Music Tuesday
night at 8:30 o'clock. A program will
be rendered by Mrs. Walter Galt and
Mrs. L L. Buckelow.
'lTie Conneetieut Ave.e Cdo..." As
sociation will meet Wednesday r b;ht
at 8 o'clock in the assembly halt of
the Army and Navy Preparatory
School, Upton street near Connecti
Cut avenue. A get-together dinner
dance will be held at the New Ebbitt
House April 24.
The Floriet Club or Waahingtem will
meet In monthly session at 1214 F
street northwest Tuesday night Plans
will be discussed for the attendance of
Washington florists at the Philadel
phia flower show.
The Irish American Vien tonight at
Gonaaga Hall will celebrate the 138th
anniversary of the birth of Robert Em
mett. Addresses will be made by Rep
resentative Rainet, of Illinois; Repre
sentative Nolan, of California, and Ed
ward J. Hart. secretary of the Dis
trict Excise Board. P. T. Moran will
The Anthropelegteal Society of
Washington will meet at the Public
Library Tuesday night at 8 o'clock. Dr.
C. L. 0. Anderson will speak on "Old
"That an Internatienal police folee
should be established to enforce inter
national treaties and agreements and
preserve international peace," will be
the subject of a debate between
Georgetown University and the Uni
versity of Pittsburgh, at Gaston Hall
Thursday night.
The Aquarium Society of Wash.g
ton will meet this afternoon at 3
o'clock at the Bureau of Fisheries,
Sixth and B streets southwest.
The Washlngten Hebrew Cemgrega
tion will meet in the Eighth street
Temple tomorrow afternoon at 2:30
o'clock. Harry 0. Sandberg will speak
on "The Jewish Life in the Other
Americas." Miss Ruth Groaner will
render a piano solo and Dr. Abram
Simon will read current Jewish topics.
Regreentative Joseph Taggart. of
Kansas, and S. Willard Beaks, of
Michigan. will address the Kate Gor
don Chapter of the Seven States. Wom
an's Suffrage Conference, in the Eb- 1
bitt House this afternoon. The meet- t
ing is set for 3 o'clock. Mrs. Frances I
H. Wright. a prominent suffragist of a
New York. also will speak at the r
meeting. The public has been invited 1
to attend.
The Kentucky State Asseeiaties will
meet in monthly session tomorrow
night at 8 o'clock in the Ebbitt House.
Routine business is to be transacted,
after which an entertainment, includ
ing speaking, will be given.
Starting [rem the Congre"s Heights
Fire Engine House at 5:30 this after
noon, the Wanderiusters, led by W.
Palmer Hall, will hike through Oxon
Run Valley to Blue Plains, and thence
back by the Giesboro road.
Tells Uncle Remus' Stories. I
Mrs. Katherine Wright, president of the I
Story Tellers' League. of Nashville.
Tenn., an acknowledged leader in the
revived art of story telling, charmed a
gathering at the home of Miss Bouldin
(The Magnolia) with Uncle Remus' I
stories and songs of the siave negroes.
As the faithful interpreter of Joel
Chandler Harris' quaint character. t.pi
cal of a bygone time. Mrs. Wright told
of the doings of "Brer Fox and Brer
Rabbit" and the "Cunger 'Ooman," and
from memory entertained the audience
with anecdotes and superstitions of the
old time "Mammies."
Miss Bouldin welcomed her guests with
her accustomed grace and cordiality. as
doubtless abe used to do in her old Vir
ginia home, "Roanoke." the home of
John Randolph.
Would Let District Women Vote.
An amendment to the Underwood J
amendment providing a referendurn
upon the question of prohibition in the
District will be proposed by Senator c
Borah. including women in the elec- c
torate. s
Fir the Ditrict of Coliuwai. lare, Ma-n
and, North Orolina ad Virginia. fair and wa.rer
Sunday. MAdsy fair; moderate tihwest wind,.
The Atlantic rest trme ha -ased-o raaidlv
northeastward. and the cals mn the Middle Atiantia
weds have subsibed. The indkions ae that. the
wsathe will be garalIly fair Shuday at loilay
in the State east of the hlagis.ippi Rier. C.
iddaah warmr weather probable .Sunday
threnasot the Atlantle state.
The winds alonag the Middle Atlaate st will
be medeatle southawegstaid west.
Midnight............2 17 noen.............
2 a. m.................. ii 4p. m.......
6 .m...........,...... 19 6 m...............0
10 a.m............... il10p. m...............::
Highest, Ij lowest, 19.
Rletie humidt-- a. t.~ B; S p. in., 0; 5 p.
Teperature sams date lagst yer-Highest, C;
lowest. 21
Bighet hast ais.
today. night. S p. in. tall.
Asherilie, N ............ 43 1i as ..
Atlanta, Gae..............0 48 464 ..
Atlantic City. N. J..... 15 ,22 1
Baltimore, Md........... 2 3 3 ..
Iloton, Mesa,............) 21 B 0.1.:
Chicago, lii............... 3 12 35
Dearer. 0'ak>o................ 0 s)
Imluth, Mlinri............B J e -4 gm
Galveston. Tea........... 4 5 61
Jacksonnille, Fla........5 34 se4
Kansas City. Moe....... S l 50
Miami. Fla............i 41 5
New Orleans. La.......62 42 1 .
New Yek., N. T....... 15 22 .
PhIiladeilhia, Pa............ 2 B8 ..
Portland, Me........... 25 It 22 ..
Salt Lake City. Utah..12 44 es ...
St. Lnis, Moi.......44 14 4t
Raen Frnieco, Cal.......... 2 02
Tampa. Fla..........62 43 1
strikingly fuanar-Chaplluis 'S'"Ftai
Mallet." Vs. Theater today, with great
war drama, "A Traitor to His Country.'
De met meglect theat had teeth. I essy
be able te save it. You ned it. DIR.
VAUGHAN, 307 7th St. N. W.
Ricas Fmataim Pen & (lift lShep.
are uque, dsiwcie. orgin
Positively the pr ..
confections that can be mad
Try a pound for the cc
for yourself if they do not <
80c or $1 candy you ever t
On sal at Drug Stores,
at 50 cents e pound. A p
eat parts of the city:
P.Wts Isen PaIS~ e6.a
'1ssa. & m, Is.. MAIh A I. L
ar. -=.
I 1. Odoeok M VS A ar.
'a. a- . Ie WI a m o.
M, . my. Nr s a nd
Affrars, Af st F OI 0%,
Vat Whme* Mith (Em
Cstm ua , 1 0 aL a.
Cetsal lM. fth asd Pm, av.
It. L. . 9th aMd . L av. aw.
W. L asw. atI la. aw.
.od-. .m. ....... .s.
. I Q. O t aw.
W rAWs JIMma. Pm arl
Arms & Mary IK Us V%4 am -.
For Information or
150 Seaton
Phone North 6893
unIVUTY LXT $50,00
jethodist lastitution Here Receives
Sum for Graduate FeUewmhipe.
Chester D. Massey. of Toronto. Canada.
as made arrangements to turn over to
he American University here SW.00 from
he Maissey estate. The money is to cre
t an endowment fund bearing the
ame of Hart A. Massey. the income of
ehich shall be used for the support of
'raduate fellowships In the Anerican
nlveralty. In the assignment to such
ellowships priority of claim shall be l
:wed to young men and women of the
)ominion of Canada. But If the fellow
hips are not thus assigned they shall be
pen to aL
This gift has unusual interest from the
act that It makes operative what long
iad been a cherished desire of the late
lart A. Massey, so widely known as the
ounder of the great farm implement
nanufactory of Canada. The senior Mr.
4assey wished to make a contribution
Tom Canada which should establish, If
>ossible, some link between the Method
sns of Canada and of the United States.
$24,501,093 for Agriculture.
The agricultural appropriation bill.
iroviding a total of S24.i01.W3 for the
iscal year 1917. an Increase of $1,5,::1
over the apropriattons for the current
iscal year. was reported to the House
eSterday b, Representative lever.
tmong the new Items in the bill is one
>f S;.0(0 lor investigations looking to the;
levelopment of a dye-making Industry.
nd $136.000 for the Inauguration of a
niarket news service.
Will Lecture on "Jesus."
A series of lectures on the teachings of
ecus, as applied to present-day 1ob
ens, will begin this afternoon at 4
'clock at Rauseher's. Connecticut avenue
nd L street northwest. The speaker is
ames A. Edgerton, well known through
ut the country as a newspaper and
nagazine writer, and at present a re'i
ent of Washington. Mr. Edgerton frst
ame to this city twenty years ago as
ecretary of the People's Party National
Pena. Ave. LUne Man Says He Suf.
ferd Frm Pains and Gas in
Stenach, Heartburn and
Cosiato. Dreco '
Relieved Hi.
"For ciuite a while I haie suffered
igoniee from indigestion, severe pains In
ny stomach, heartburn, and formation
if gas whenever I would eat much solid
ood. I didnt sleep well and was very1
ervous. I think my liver was also
luggish for I had dizzy spells and
wimming In the head. Several different
nedicines had failed to relieve me, 5o
ehen a friend suggested I try Dreco.
is it was doing so much good around,
Washington, I went to O'tDonnel's store
Lnd got a bottle. Right from the start
felt better. The action was certainly
tuick In my case, for in a few days I
vas relieved of the constipation, began
oi sleep better and my food would digest
tithout giving rise to that gas or causing
eartburn,. My liver Is also acting better.
or I don't have the diazy spells any
note. My general condition Is' much im
roved, bet I expect to take several
yottles more as I think every one should
ake a good spring tonic, and lireco has
iroven its worth to mec already.'' This
a from the signed statement of Mr. H.
.Reynolds, of 2328 Pennsylvania avenue
iortewest, who is a conductor for the
"apital Traction Company. Dreco. the
treat root end herb medicine is on sale
it all O'Donnell Drug Store-a. Bury's
Drug 8tore in Anacostia. Alien's Drug
ttore in Alexandria. Price, si.00 a bottle.
hail orders fille.-My.
'ar Excellence
dIme. and mot d
mple aotmet and judg
m=el in taste mad flavor any
aril ist of dealers in di .W
K l .
Walrinro, ad. C.
Plce N'. We
.. a. ,=ia -r.
Are Killed4.
Watertown. S. Dak.. March
Ing on full stemn when he discoveW. k
high trestle beneath his engine was bn
InW, Engineer Robert D Caxwe J f h
South Dakota Central train, saved ! -
3lves of all but tWO Of 111 passeng
eartoway . Da. arl -''.
The last two eare of the train
down with the trestle. The other roo
Coaches cauhtt Are and tere destroyed
lawell was severey hurt whsen e
fine Las tw m o the tra I Y
The dead-George E. Loejoy, Vetea
mail clerk, Watertown; F. E. Dooltr.
saleanan, Denver.
A-CatIe FIMemi Deerftieas
And chole home grown flowers for all
ocaasions. ConsultGude, 1;14 F g --
706 0 St.
This Week Only!
J. W. Eshelan's Scratch
$1.95 A Sack
Madinmud n e.im Bndeg/
DfNhER t00AY ........ c
Haven's Cafe

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