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Federated Citizens Adopt
Resolution Urging Arbitra
tion of Differences.
OrganiZation Suggests That Public
Utilities Commission Serve as
People's Mediator.
A resolution urging the carmen's union
ad the railway companies to arbitrate
their differences in order that the people
of Washington may not be subjected to
the inconveniences of a street car strike
was adopted by the Federation of Citi
tens' AssociatIons at a meeting in the
rooms of the Ch1amber of Commerce last
The resolution suggests to the men and
the companies that they request the Pub
lie Utilities Commission to act as a court
of arbitration in the present controversy.
William McClayton, delegate from Bright
wood Park, who offered the resolution,
teek the position that the people whose
patronage pays both the carmen and the
companies' dividends should be consider
ed In the controversy.
E. W. Oyster, an alternate delegate
from Petworth. warned his suburban
fiends of what a long walk they would
have to and from work with Washing
ton's carmen out on strike. Mr. Clayton's
resolution was out of order, in that it
did not 'omie from his association. The
rule making it out of order was suspend
ed by a two-thirds vote, however. The
resolution read:
"Resolved, That we believe the em
ployes of the Capital Traction and the
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so. pt. Into their franmeMs whatever
vaIue they possess; whoem patronage
makes possible the wagee of the men
and the dividends of the eapspanes. have
primal and Proprietory rights in the prepn.
ise superior to either the rights of the
public corporations pr their employee;
"We. ask that there be no strike; no
suspension of service: no interference
with trafc. but that all matters in dis
oute be settled by arbitratiom; and the
federatin suggests the Public Utilities
Commisein, acting either ofnially or
unofcially, as the people's mediator be.
tween the men and the compailes."
The Mount Pleasant Citisens' Associa.
ion was admitted to membership.
Frateraity Celbsrate. Beventb Anal
Vearary at Raleigh 'uetel.
Local members of the Sigma Lamda
Fraternity celebrated their seventh an
niversary last night with a banquet in
tle oak room of the Raleigh. Follow
ing the dinner an informal dance was
Those present were: hoza Roe. Doro
thy McKercher, Irene Myers, Alice Rea,
Anita Robinson, Anna Agee. Florence
Ballinger. Gertrude Carpenter, Edna
Leaech, Dorothy Boyd, Jeanette Kelly,
Edith Luct. Peggy Porter. Helen Durnin.
Olive Wright, Kitty Carter. "Dorty"
Rider. Marie Johnson. Louse Elliot.
Annette Smith Kiff, Hattie Snow. Beatrice
Tate, Edith Swift, Annette Worley, Marie
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Walker. Catherine Tonge, Elizabeth
leth, Dorothy VeItf. Margaret -Stevens,
Florence Coombe. Christine Kempton,
Rebecca Rogers, Mary Minnix, Dorothy
Nevills. Laura Filer, Eleanor North,
Charlotte Hamilton, Catherine O'Brien.
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MaWs Mestia to Be Held Today at
Natioial mad Pali Theaters By
Two Factisas of Citigeas.
The airmative and negative of the
question of a referendum for the District
will be the subject of discussions at the
New National and Poll's theaters this
afternoon. The meeting at the New Na
tional will be called at 3 o'clock and
the 'meeting at Poll's at 1:2 oclock.
Under auspices of the vice presidents
of practieally every phase of commercial
activity in Washington. the meeting for
the referendum will be held at the Na
tional Theater. This mesting was ar
ranged by a committee composed of Will
tam P. Oude. ehairman; Robert N.
Harper, vice chairman, and Charles J.
Columbus, secretary-treasurer.
Addresses against the referendum will
be made at Poll's by Representative
("Cyclone") Davis, of Texas: Rev. H. K.
Hardin, Rev. J. Morgan Chambers, and
Rev. 8. G. Dorey, of Denver.
The citizens of the District should have
the right to express their desires to Con
gress through the medium of a refer
endum, In the opinion of those conduct
ing' the meeting at the New National.
Advecates Passge Of Carlia Fut
tai Dill Defore Pederated Unen.
New York, March 4.-P. J. Ryan, of
Washington, D. C., editor of the Pigs
Printer, tonight addressed the Central
Federated Union of Greater New York
and vicinity on the Carlin bill now be
fore the House, providing for the pro
tection of the American printing and
engraving Industry from alien competi
Mr. Ryan explained that the bill was
based on the so-called Holder resolution
which ham been widely Indorsed by labor
organizations. He said the legislation
was strictly American. was progressive.
and was needful. The federation again
indorsed the bill and resolution.
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Secretary Wilson Score&r
lan& Plan at Department
of Labor Banquet
Speaker Oppoe. Setting a Mimimun
Length for Workday-Argues
for Maximum.
"While in favor of clerical emdiency
of the highest degree, I trust that those
who are advocating efficiency will not re
verie the traditional ideas of those who
have made a life study of edcliecy,"
said Secretary of Labor Wilson In an
address heore the members of the De
partment of Labor at their third annual
banquet at Rauscher's last night.
Indirectly referring to the Borland
rider, which arbitrarily proposes to
lengthen the Federal workday here, the
Secretary said:
"I sincerely hope that there will not be
established a theory based on a minimum
of hours which a government clerk must
work. The true theory is the maxi
mum number of hours.
"The proposed legislation. to increase
the working hours pf tile day will be a
step backwards and for this reason I
trust that the members of Congress, in
their efforts to increase the eficiency of
the clerical force, which in my opinion
is of the highest at this time, will not
make a minimum of the number of hours
which until now have been a maximum."
Eliminating the feature of a number
of speakers, the committee on arrange
ments for this year's banquet immedi
ately after the speech of Secretary Wil
son, had the banquet hall cleared and
announced that dancing would be in
Among those present were: N. C.
Adams. H. L. Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. C.
E. Baldwin. Miss Bertha Barr, L. W.
Bartlett. Charles A. Bell, R. D. Beard,
Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Becker, Dr. and Mrs.
William A. Bevard. Francis Bird. Mr. and
Mrs. J. L. Biler, Mr. and Mrs. William
Blackman. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Bowen,.
Paul F. Brissenden. Mrs. E. M. Brooks,
Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Burchfield, C. E. Bur
ner, H. R. Burrill. Mr. and Mrs. A. Cami
netti, R. K. Campbell, Miss Elma B. Carr,
Lucian W. Chaney, R. C. Chase, Dana E.
Clark, Julia F. Cole. P. Collins, Nellie E.
Colman. John B. Colpoys, Miss M. K.
Conyngton, Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Crist, E.
J. Cunningham. Miss Hattie Cutler, A.
W. Davis. Dr. F. G. Davis. Arthur H.
Delbert. Miss Mary V. Dempsey, Mr. and
J. B. Densmore. Dr. J. A. Dickinson.
Miss Doherty. Frank S. Down. Miss
Emma Duke. Miss Anna T. Dunn.
M. C. Everett, Miss Fisher, Mr. and Mrs.
W. W. Fowler, William A. Fuller, Miss
Elizabeth Funk. Miss Louise Gardner,
Miss M. A. Geer. G. Gilbert, Jacob B.
Glaser, Miss Florence M. Gempers, Mr.
and Mrs. S. J. Gompers, J. C. F. Gordon,
E. E. Greenawalt, of Philadelphia; Fran
cis 0. Gregory, Mr. and Mrs. A. Hamp
ton, Thomas J. Hanlon, H. S. Hanna.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Harech, James R.
Hawkins, of New York; James A. Healy,.
Miss Carlene Held, Richard M. Hill, Miss
Katherine Hillman. Frederic C. Howe, of
New York; Miss Elizabeth A. Hyde, l-r.
Lawrence M. Hynson. Mr. and Mrs.
Samuel Jacob, Miss Margaret C. Janicula,
John E. Jenkins, Miss Florence E. Johns
ton. Miss Helen M. Johnston, P. L. Jones,
V. P. Kalmbach, Mr. and Mrs. H. L
Kerwin, E. C. Keyser, Miss Kim
mel, Miss C. B. King, Miss K.
Klager, B. R. Landes. J. F. Larson.
Mise Julia C. Lathrop, H. B. Letting.
A. M. Leary, Miss Katherine Lenroot.
MIss Lillian M. Lewis, Miss Margareti
Loughran, Miss Emma 0. Lundberg.
Miss Sara McGarvey, Edward S. Me
Graw, J. L. McGrew, Anna T. Mc
Nulty, Mr. and Mrs. L. Magnusson,
F. E. Marvin, Fred Manglos. Miss M.
Alice Matthews. Alfred Maylander.
Bennet L. Mead. Dr. and Mrs. Royal
Meeker, Dr. Grace L. Meigs. Miss May
Agnes Melling. Miss Ella A. Merritt.
E. L. Messner, W. T. Miller, John A.
Moffat, Miss Moody. Mrs. Sara J.
Moore, Miss Hilda Muhlhauser. E. J.
Nagele. A. P. Norton. C. F. Osborn,
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Oertel. Miss Viola
Paradise, A. Warner Parker, A. V.
Parsons, Miss Ida M. Peck, Miss Ethel
D. Pitney, M. E. Pollock. Mr. and Mrs.
Louis 1 Post, T. V. Powderly, Mr. and
Mrs. George Reed, Miss Grace B. Reid,
L. E. Riley. Miss Anna Rochester. L. B.
Russell, Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Rynex.
Lester L. Schnare, Miss L. Scully, J. Ha
Sheppard, Thomas B. Shoemaker. H. J.
Skeffington. of Boston: Mr. and Mrs.
Wade H. Skinner. Miss Isabel Sloan, Miss
Harriet M. Smith, Dr. Peter A. Speek, R.
C. Starr. Miss Hattie Stein. Miss Glenn
Steele, Mr. and Mrs. Ethelbert Stewart,
J. J. Sullivan. Miss Helen L. Sumner,
Jesse Thomas, Miss Gertrude Tibbetts.
C. Van Driesen. C. IH. Verrill. Miss Jose
phine Waggaman, Miss M. T. Wagga
man, J. H.. Wagner. Charles F. Warren.
Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Washington, Jr.. Rob
ert Watson, Jesse C. Watts. R., B. Weid
man, Miss Agnes Wilson. Mr. Jay Wil
son. Miss Virginia Wilson, Mr. and Mrs.
William B. Wilson, N. B. Wilson. Jr.. E.
C. Wood, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Works.
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emporary President of Government
Employes' Organization Denies
Strike Would Follow Increase.
The temporary union of local cvil
rvire employcs, organized at a mass
ceting in National Rifles Hall Friday
ight, yesterday opened headquarters in
oom 311, Ouray Building, where men
-rm will be enrolled after offlce hours
ery evening.
I. H. MelArin. temporary president
the union, announced yesterday that
te next meeting, to effect a permanent
-ganization, would he held to Typo
raphical temple Thursday instead of
riday night.
The new union issued a statement yes
rday denying publsfied reports that if
i' Borland rider should pass Congress
strike or work-out of government clerks
ould be called.
"This inference is unwarranted and
nores the principles which we are ac
!pting and which we are confident will
ring success. strike talk is futile when
ery government clerk and employe
nows that the only way improved con
tiona can be secured is through legidla
That the Borland rider will be knocked
om the legislative, executive. antd
idicial appropriation bill on a point of
-der was confidently predicted in the
:ouse yesterday.
The House adjourned yesterday with
it reaching the rider. The question wiIl
>rpe up Monday unless discussion of
it McLemore resolution displaces it.
American Consul at Rome Dies.
Rome. March 4.-WIlliam F. Kelly.
merican Consul in R'ome. died sud
!nl: of heart disease toda. lie w's
native of Lincoln, Neb.
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-mit ('has li . stone. R Lucien S.
Fulton. 71. and 0. 1. Detweller
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