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Member Argues Pay Should
Be Raised for All U. S.
Representatives Have Warm Debate on
Appropriations Measure in House
of Representatives.
A horizontal increase in the salaries of
government clerks to bring their com
pensation more nearly in proportion to the
increased cost of living was strongly
urged on the floor of the House by Rep
resentative Austin. of Tennessee, during
aonaideration of the legislative, executive
and judicial appropriation bill. The de
bate which ensued Is printed herewith:
Mr. Austin-Mr. Chairman. I move to
strike t the last two words. While we
are di ussing this general subject, I wish
to submit some observations for the con
aideration of the Committee on Appropria
tions. as well as the other members of
this body.
No Geueral Inerease.
I think it an important matter for Con
gress to consider the question of a new.
up-to-date reclassitication of the clerical
force of the government. Not only should
we do this in the interest of the public
service and in justice to the clerks and
the respective bureaus of the various de
partments. but a readjustment and in
crease of salaries. from the lowest to
practically the highest, in the govern
inent service.
My understanding is that there ham not
been a general increase in the salaries of
the government officials since 1854.
Mr. Borland-What was that statement
-that there has not been a general in
crease in the salaries of the government
officials since 1t"A?
Mr. Austin-No general increase in the
salaries of government officials since 1854.
T read that statement in pne of the daily
Washington newspapers.
Mr. Borland-That ought, then, to be
ahslutelv incontestable. Does the gen
tleman saw that there have not been in
divdual increases in the general appro
Piation bills?
Mr. Austin-T said a general increase in
I.- salaries of government officials.
Mr. lorland-I never knew of a general
inease. and neither does the gentleman
now of such. There have been increases
of all departme-nts in separate bills.
Mr. Austin-No: we will take, for ex
a le, the Library of Congress, and in
this bill we carry an increase, and in
he 'nse of other bureaus of the gov
ernment, where the same argument
w.ould apply, we pass them over and do
nothing: and then we will come here at
th. next sescion of Congress with an
Other appropriation, with a favorable
recommendation for an estimate from
tie head of a bureau recommending an
inrease for perhaps a limited number,
We have had this partial and piecemeal
n.thod of increase here and there. and
will have it in this Congress, and in the
o' 'owir; -onrress. year after year. But
W, have never had in my recollection
and I entered the service of the govern
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I renabet the tUnme, thirty-six years
ag. when -T was- rendering- clericall
service In the Pestofiee Departmnt andI
was Paid $4 a indnth. when a clerk on
the other side of the desk, doing identi
cally the same work. was paid 1100 a
month. And I have no doubt. Mr. Chair
man, there are many Instances of thai
kind In the government bureaus today.
Now, there has been a general advance
in salaries In all private lines In this
Mr. Borland-Mr. Chairman. will the
gentleman yield?
Mr. Austin-Not at this time. There
has been a general advance of salaries
in railroad business and in private cor
Mr. Bryns, of Tennesse-Mr. Chair
man, will the gentleman yield to his col
porations of every kind and character.
Mr. Austin. Yes.
Mr. Byrne, of Tennessee. Under the law i
the clerks are divided into four classes
those receiving $1,200, $1,400, $1,400, and
Mr. Austin. Yes.
Mr. Byrns. of Tennessee. Now, I do not
understand the gentleman to mean that
there have been no promotions within
those particular grades.
Mr. Austin. Oh. no. The $1,210 clerk in
getting today what the $1,200 clerk re
ceived 25 years ago. I ask this committee
to consider this question: What has been
the advance in the cost of living to the
$1,200 clerk. comparing 25 years ago with
today Everything he consumes, every
thing he wears, and everything in con
nection with his living expenses has ad
vanced. and $100 25 years ago, Mr. Chair
man, would go further than 8150 would go
today in meeting the actual expenses of
Ong Premotion In Thirty-Ave Year.
Mr. Cline. Mr. Chairman, will the
gentleman yield?
The Chairman. Does the gentlempn
from Tennessee yield to the gentleman
from Indiana?
Mr. Austin. Yes.
Mr. Cline. My understanding was that
the clerks, as a rule, were classified some
years ago.
Mr. Austin. Yes.
Mr. Cline. Does the gentleman say that
there has been no increase of salary of
those clerks since the classification was
Mr. Austin. No I have not said that.
Mr. Cline. There has been no general
Mr. Austin. Yes. Now, Mr. Chairman,
I had a letter this morning from a clerk,
who stated, without complaint as to her
record, that she had had one promotion
in 3 years; so I doubt not there are
many clerks who have been drawing 8900
and $1.200 and $1.400 a year whose cases
are similar to her case. Where is the
hope, the encouragement, and the justice
when we turn our attention to the cases
of these faithful and efficient public ser
vants who for a half century have had
no Increase of salary or reward for a
service which is higher and more efficient
than the service of any private corpora
tion in this country?
The Chairman. The time of the gentle
man from Tennessee has expired.
Mr. Austin. Mr. Chairman. I am not
here pleading for an efficiency commis
sion. I am pleading for a readjustment
and a reclassification and an increase
of salaries. What has an efficiency com
mission to do with that proposition? It
takes legislation on the part of Con
gress and an Investigation and a report
from one of Its committees to bring
about a reclassification, a readjustment,
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Mr. rrus, of Temm=s=e. The gsete
man seems disped to carticise the bom
mittee or to intimate that the commit
tee poinbly has not done'what it should
have done along that line. I want to ask
the gentleman It he, as a member of
Congress. has introduced in this House
a bill seeking to raise the salaries of
clerks from what they were as established
years ago?
Mr. Austin. Mr. Chairman. I will an
swer the gentleman's question. tI is
the duty of standing committees of this
House to report legislation In the inter
et of the public service, and no man
who serves on these committees can shift
the responsibility to a member of this
House who is not on the committee. and
has not the opportunity and the chance
to bring It In. I am not criticising the
committee. I suggested to the Commit
tee on Appropriations wtat I think ought
tU be done in justice to the clerks in the
various departments of the government.
Mr. Byrn, of Tennessee-Of course, the
gentleman is entirely familiar with the
rules of House. As a matter of fact,
the Committee on Appropriation, has ab
solutely no Jurisdiction of legislation
such as the gentleman has Indicated.
Mr. Austin-There must be committees
of this House that can frame such leg
islation, recommend it, and report it
to this House.
Mr. Chairman, the minimum wage in
the Ford automobile factory at Detroit
Is 6 a day and the wages are from 35
to $10 a day. Here, in the conduct of the
affairs of this government, where we re
quire the highest and most accurate serv
ice. clerks who have spent half a cen
tury In the service are drawing 31.200
and 11,400 a year. I think we have reached
the time in this country where we ought
to have a readjustment, a reclassifica
tIon, and an increase of salaries for the
clerks in every class, especially the la
borers, the watchmen, and the messen
gers. Some people in the Bureau of En
graving and Printing, who work stand
ing on their feet all day long operating
machines. are paid 81.75 a day, doing the
most difmcult and trying work, work
which impairs their health. They re
ceive less than $0 a month, yet we can
not find a way to remedy this condition.
which it seems will continue until time
shall be no more.
New Home at 1508 H Street Ready
for Rug Establishment.
W. & J. Sloane. of New York and
Washington, will open to the public to
morrow morning their new establishment
at 1508 H street northwest with a display
of furniture and rugs seldom, if ever,
The moving from the old home of the
concern was completed yesterday. and
the firm's stock of floor covering has
been distributed about the spacious floors
of the new quarters. Furniture is a new
departure for the Sloane company, but
the third floor of the new building will
be entirely devoted to that branch.
The main display room, which occupies
the entire ground floor of the building,
contains a big plate glass window run
ning its entire length and a large vesti
bule with double doors. It is finished
with a hardwood floor. The ceiling is
supported on square white pillars titat
lin. each wall and carry heavy dropped
Each floor constitutes a single room
'8 by 111 feet On the third floor is a
large and varied collection of furniture.
The main floor will be devoted to carpets.
rugs and draperies.
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Commissiners to Investigate
,Status of Regulation Provid
ig Compulsory Service.
District Service Reorganized Since
Law Cited By Brig. Gen. Har
vey Was Passed.
The Commissioners probably will
begin an investigation 4mmediately to
determine the status of 'the law mak
Ing military service in the District
compulsory for all able-bodied' cti
sens between 18 and 45 years.
Brig. Gen. Willianr E. Harvey,'com
mander of the District National Guard.
surprised the Commissioners and the
entire city yesterday when he dug thin
law from the Congressional records
of twenty-seven years ago and pre
sented it to the Commissioners for in
The law, which is part of the act
organizing the militia. provides that
the Istrict assessors, in making their
assessments. shall determine who is
eligible for military service and com
pile a list of such persons which the
Commissioners shall submit to the
commander of the militia. It was for
this list that Gen. Harvey wrote to
the Commissioners. The list was not
to be had, for no one but Gen. Harvey
seemed to know of the existence of the
Might Use Pollee Census.
It was suggested last night by an
official of the District that such a list
might easily be obtained through the
police census.
It was further pointed out that since
1889-when tQe law under discussion
was enacted-the District National
Guard has been- reorganized at least
once. It was regarded as possible that
the investigation might show that the
law referred' to by Gen. Harvey is no
longer in effect.
Although the law expressly states
that these militiamen are to have no
duty required of them, "except when
called into the service of the United
States." Gen. Harvey stated that
militia encampments have been re
garded as service tendered the United
States. inasmuch as pay is drawn from
the United States for the encamp
The District militia is the only one
that comes directly under the Presi
dent. and it is subject to orders by
the President just as a branch of the
regular army.
Would Pay $225,000 Interest.
Senator Chilton yesterday Introduced
a bill authorizing the Secretary of the
Treasury to make interest payments
totaling $225,000 to former owners of
land acquired by the United States for
the extension of the Capitol grounds.
The interest payments are to extend
from the filing of the condemnation
report of the court commissioners,
January 29, 1913.
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Mrs. Robert Lansing, wit. of the BSo.
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Of the Y. W. C. A. In the Now York Ave
nue Presbyterian Church this afternoon
at 4 o'clock. Mrs. Wallace ' Radeiffe,
wife of the pastor, Will deliver the prin
ipal address.
The heads of the various committees
will report, and the Y. W. C. A. Choral
Club, headed by -Mrs. Charles Mcfob
erts, will furnish the music. The follow
ing members of the Sunday School
Chorus wUil take part In the exercises:
Mises Margaret Folling. Margaret Lar
ner, Florence Trainham, Mary Byers.
Mary Ball, Dorothy Schaaff, Marie
Knapp, May Mountjoy. Florence Thiele,
Catherine Tonge, Florence Keene,
Blanche Allison. and Esther Scott.
Wekly Series Under Auspices of As
sociated Charities Will Begin
Next Thursday.
A series of Lenten talks will be held
at Rauscher's on Thursday mornings
tiuring Lent. beginning next week, un
der the auspices of the Associated Chari
ties. The principal speakers will be Dr.
Philander P. Claxton. director of the
Bureau of Education; Dr. Harvey W.
Wiley, John Zhlder, former field secretary
of the National Housing Association;
Prof. E. J. Ward, Bureau of Education,
and others.
"Educational Ideals' will be the sub
ject of the first lecture. Mrs. Archibald
Hopkins, chairman, Washington section.
Women's Department. National Civic
Federation, will preside. Ernest L.
Thurston, superintendent of schools, will
open the discussion.
The last meeting will be held on April
13 and will be a social service symposium
on the normal life or "How Can Our
Community Ideals Become the Common
Possession of All the Citizens of the Dis
To Address Banking Class.
Parker H. Willis, who will sail for the
Philippines to become president of the
Bank of the Philippines April 1. fiaving
been granted a leave of absence by the
Federal Reserv Board, of which he is
secretary, will address the post graduate
class of the American Institute of Bank
Ing, at their local chapter rooms, 1214 F
street northwest, tomorrow evening at
8 o'clock.
Oppose Longer Workday
The Washington Building Trades
Council, yesterday in a public letter an
nounced their opposition to the one hour
increase on government employes pro
posed by the Borland rider.
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Selma Pine Taken in Ale-n
dria on New York False
Pretene Charge.
E C. Davidson, of Richmond, to Ad
dress City Trades Council
Tomorrow Night.
IL X. KEight & Son,
4=40 King st.w
Alexandria, Va.. March 4-Charged with
obtaining jewelry valued at I24 under
false pretenses from the store of R. H.
Macy &-Company, New York, a woman
giving the name of Selma Pine, 21 years
old, was taken In custody this afternoon
in this city by New York detectives,
and a man giving the name of Hal Pine.
who was playing In a local theater. and
whom the woman claims is her hus
band, according to the detectives, also
was arrested.
According to the detectives, the woman
broke down and confessed, and the de
tectives state that they recovered from
Pine the articles alleged to have been ob
tained from the store, consisting of a
diamond rir g, a scarf pin and a vest
watch chain.
The arrests were made by W. H. WaIl,
a special detective employed in Macy's.
and Detective Sergeant William H.
Murphy. The sleuths were accompanied
to Alexandria by Miss Daisy Fitzpatrick
and Miss Sadie Ring. clerks employed
in Ma"s'A who identified th, woman.
Chief Goode and Sergt. Wilkinson ac
companied the detectives when the ar
rests were made.
The detectives aay that both have agreed
to return to New York without requisi
tion papers.
The detectives were armed with a New
York warrant chargirg Selmo Pollard
with obtaining goods under false pre
tenses to the foregoing amount.
A meetin'g of the Alexandria Trades
Council will be held Monday night, at
which tim E. C. Davidson. of Richmond.
Va., will deliver an address. Members of
the various crafts of the city are invited
to be present.
The efforts on the part of a number of
tesidente of Potomac. .'Jexandria County.
to have the town's charter repealed, have
proved futile. for the joint committee on
cities and towns of the senate of the
State legtslature. to whom the matter
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Metho101 P"Antmat Sunday dihl WIN
give a banquet in the Gadar sheo seem
next Tuesday might. Each member ot th
dam "a been Invited to bing a guest,
Frank Blall. mmwaiseboreg ot
Aleandria County. o mepoer of aviw
OHM, Methodist Protestant ed.* at
BDaflooL Alexam&% Counuty. -12 6dftw
the riia res The, wE Wae
be other spekwem maser C~ ounva.
pre t of the clas . wt on t aseaseod
be toemimacdter.
The board of tax review of Alean.
dia, county, composed of I)&vt X.
sat Jr.. chairman; Weter T. Weaver.
Lod Charlie T. Jeshe. will meet Wed
Lyncbr and Thursday morning, at I
oclock. at the county court ee to
hear complaints on the a oreement oe
Potomac Ldge of Fasille ata
meetng Friday night elected A. .
Butcher repreaentstivo and Norma L.
rWilliamson alternate to the Grand
Lodge of Virginia. which wi mest In
Lynchburg next May.
Tn Lhe Corporation Court toda- the
mit dW llof m T. tant ad against
the Virginis Hiwo oghl o Asochte. In
corporated. was recummittad to Keith
Carlin. Npecial commi teioer. for re
8. 1L Muse, Of Fsj'etteevilla. Tons.
who"e leg was fraoctUred at the PMo
mac Railroad yards February 26. is
recovering rapidly at the hepitaL.
Jewish Women Orgazisg.
The Women's Proclam&Uot Day Cern
nittee of the Centrae Committes fer the
Relief of Jews Suffering Through the
War. of which Mrs. BarUit t1ere Is
chairman, is taking ate"@ to or'ganise
the Jewish women throughout the oul
try. In addition to the Centra~l orgais
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