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President and- Bric
Vice Presideni
The President and Mrs. Wilson enter
tained last evening at the second of the
series of evening musicales which they
are giving at the White House during
Out of respect to the memory of
Senator Benjamin Fr. Shively. of In
diana, who died yesterday, the Vice
President and Mrs. Marshall have can
celled the dinners to have been given
tonight in honor of the Russian Am
bassador, and tomorrow night in
honor of the British Ambassador and
Mrs. Spring-Rice.
The Vice President and Mrs. Marshall
were the guets of honor at a dinner
given last evening by the Brazilian Am
bassador and Mme. da Game. Yesterday
was the Vice President's birthday an
Iversary and a number of delightful
surprises were features of the dinner,
tie party going later to the White House
nusicale. Invited to meet the honor
guests were the Minister of Uruzuay and
Mme. dc Pena. the Minister of Salvador
and Mme. Zaldivar, the Secretary of the
Navy and Mrs. Daniels. Mrs. Morgan Hill.
Mr. and Mrs. Osborne. Mr. and Mrs.
Rogers. Mr. and Mrs. Nixon, Miss Burle
son. Mr. Donald Hearn Cowl, of New
York; Mis Marjorie Young-Smith, Miss
Elliott. Mr. Gordilho. -Mr. Morris Volck.
Mr. George Bailey Wheeler, of New York;
Mr. and Mrs. Young-Smith. Mr. and
Mrs. Westcott, Mins May, and Mrs. Lloyd
Mrs. H'enry F. Dimock entertained at
dinner last evening in honor of the Chief
Justice and Mrs. White and Mr. Justice
and Mrs. lughes. There were thirty
four guests, among them Mr. Arthur S.
lardy, of Boston. former minister to
Persia. and Mrs. Hitrdy and Mrs. Fred
erick Thompson, of New York, who are
vntiting Mrs. limelt.
Naji Gen ant Mrs. George Barnett
eLve a dinner party of twenty-four covers
lt e-vning at the Marine Barracks.
Mr. and Nrs. Robrt Hollister Chap
man wer, hosts at a sinall dinnr party
i-t vening at their residenc-e in Q
Mn T In r a'.st 1UIator" not.'s and tle
,rimls w .eid I th' V'i' lr,'i
ttont when I. -i-rated yesterday the
l.ty oi nnive--y of his birth
v intlmt. r. noitp disoat,,h#d from
ir.- \\,hi t li~s hy the ir. sident.
.\mongt he' tile ramn sent 1,1p to his
Apartment "t the Witiard ary in th-'
h, , -i d1ined by the
t'h t, in th' form of a tel, gram
rt %b th \ st.rn lnitn tnts.
it wais r :thr m forni ant '''d in
. ti 1-m" i n- ise reti-a
''f a -t+nform of that comfpinp.
Tin h t'' .. ci'patch antd receipt
rA t -1- :411: .'ongratila
1: .n- a : itn:' rturns.' signed
"TeNew \\ t td. '
MI. h n- wIS hostess at a
lin i ichm v-s trday when she
,itIrt-, ' -1 in l ior , Mrs Panicls,
w ,fe of th - y of the Navy, at
T th. rran-r' in the blue room.
was in . ... . s:~ a lar li hl1 w square
nd . a -e> i t, repr.-pnt a Eunken
garm WPn tn' ties of spring flw
ert. pal... ar 1 f. 'n
The t,, m . t *4 Mrs. Dan
its inclded Mrs. Thonis 1'. Gr'. Mie.
Yutg Kwai. Mrs. C'nne John-on, Mrs
J _:Engte. mI-. Bt sweenr. Mrs. Vitor
af'mann. Ms. n-rneIt ',i herte. Mrs.
H.,wed ~ Nf C ~si.Mslharlosp T.
.!m .3r, I{msanon' Garv. Mrs
n i r -nnlMr M nrlS.
N I T I - .- W i h a r d s o n .
.l- b I{ibet. Mrs tar
uN Mr oe. Thur
ber Ni Frr. Mrs. Pitkford.
Mrs. Win . C'. Hrflei'.
ni BwN r,, Georie P1.
H-n NT- Jthnsor. Mrs. Carl
. 2 T- A \ ' eters and Mrs.
Sn Id-r
MWs. \\lir K. Sarlshury entrtained
:,I '-i n t at. ilt r cuests were
M lane l''n. Mrn. Geor.:e 1. MtLean.
Nrs. J. Jiioh Rog'rs. Mine. Yhi.nal.
Mm,e. I r :11. Mirs. Thionas F. Bay
;r!. Mr, ir: Ha I miln. M'%rs. ('harlesi
W n--I. T: A lihrt I. Mis. NI s.
('ha 1- \\,I t!. Mrs. Jam.s ('airrIl
FrzI.M' J om Andrws. Mrs.
Walte, Mr. Frnk Pleadeil.
NI- \ \'mi i IL-hy, Misis Harlan
anl Mi.ss Sqdire
r H'' I,. un hits tts at a
d I", l vant"r,
Mrt John I. s-fr-th. Mr. Jam-s 1.
MnPln. Mrs J. Willai:' Razsdale, Mirs.
C - bhort. M'r Joseph X. Van Ors
d'!. Mrs Grc n E Martin. Mrs. A. A.
Jones. Mrs. WValter I Mcty. Mrs. Itus
ior. Thompson. Mrs. John W. Foster.
Mis T. DeWitt Talnage. Mrs. John Tem
Pl- Gr' es. Mrs. lo.'yd W. Bowers, Mrs.
T'noa fHtih.'inn. Mrs. Wadt, Futs
is i
For delicacy of flavor,
wealth of life and su
preme purity
Sapg Cooks
Order Cooks
Get Cooks
rhr eve.ry reason-in
chuding reasonableness.
Sold ermehere
sL. u.s. U. s. A.lI
le Entertain at Mu
aOI Mrs.MarshaUl
,nts af of Respect
News of .Soc at' t I
There is a pro
nounced fancy
for bright hues
for afternoon
and evening
frocks. Flame
color is admired
by the young
girl, and in the
sketch jersey silk
in this gay
tone is trimmed
with narrow navy
blue faille ribbon
and buttons, cov
ered to match.
Mrs. Wilton J. Lambert, and Mrs. James
i Karriek,
Mrs. Garrett Keene Davis, wife of
Lieut (;arrett Keene Diavis, U. S. N..
has returned to Washington after spend
mg two 3ears at the United States naval
station in Samoa. where her husband
was on duty. Mrs. Davis has taken an
'iftrtment at the Brighton and will be
with her mother, Mrs. Spear. until the
return of lieut. Davis on the U. S. H.
Mr. John Hays Hammond, of New
York. arrived at Washington yesterday
and is at the Willard for a few days.
Mrs. Brace Hamilton gave a bridge
tarty yesterday afternoon.
Her guests were Miss Alys Downing,
Miss Lucy Adee. Miss Lena Hitchcock,
Miss Dorothy Mason, Miss Florence
Stewart. Mrs. Frederick Hiennessy. Mrs.
CaG m DeWitt, Mrs. Ii. C. ReIsinger.
Niss Josephine Mason, Miss Charlotte
Capers. Miss Marjorie Hartltt. Mrs.
May Dayer, and Miss Emily Fair, of
Warrenten. Va.: Mrs. Hugh Southgate.
Mrs. Claude Block, and Miss Ora Joe
A number ;f additional guests were
asked for th- tea which followed. Mrs.
liamilton's aant. Mrs. Francis S. Nash.
and Irs. -Uenjamin Hamilton presided
st the tahl,.
The decorations were pink sweet peas
and corsage bouquets of pink sweet peas
were prizes.
Mrs. John Russell Young entertained
at bridge yesterday at the home of her
son,. iJeut. Oorlon Young, U. S. A., at the
Washinwton Barracks.
Anong the guests were Mrs. William
P. Wooten, Mrs. Gustave Lukesh. Mrs.
Carroll Huik, Mrs. Samuel T. Ansell,
Mrs. Will Point. Mrs. Virgil Peterson,
Mrs. John Htodoes, Mrs. R. L. Avery,
Mrs. J. 'r. Miley. and Mrs. J. G. B.
Mr. .lohn M. ("!lp entertained a num
ibr of younrg people at bridge yesterday
in onor of her daughter, Mrs. Henry
J. Po rter, jr.
An informal tea followed later in the
afternoon, when Miss Nancy Gordon
Jones and Mrs. 'Robert M. Hinckley
w.re at the tea table.
Mrs. W. It. Sheppard. wife of Lieut.
Siepaprd. . S. A., was the guest of
honor at the bridge party and tea which
Miss Marie Ilunstail gave yesterday aft
ternoon at her apartment in Beverly
Miss Marie Adams and Miss Olive
Cugle presided at the tea table, which
was adorned with a large centerpiece of
Miss Dorot:y Wyeth, who will he a
bridesmaid at th marriage of Mi
1).orothy (;ray Brooks and Lieut Wil
hnt Henry Holcombe. U. S. A., Wed
nesday, March ::2 entertained at iuncbeon
yesterday in honor of Miss Brooks,
The guests included MIss Dorothy
Taylor, Miss Dorothy Adams, Misses
Marie Peary, Miss Eugenla Holcombe,
MIiss Helen McCuimber, Miss Frances
Emffnger. Miss Mary Irwin, and Miss
Antoinette Ray, all members of the
bridal parts.
The marriage of Miss Htannra Taylor,
dic rhier of Mr. and Mrs. Hianrnis Taylor.
and Mrt. I'harle5 I lay Bayly will take
placs Mas- N. at the residence of the
bride's parents irr 0 street. "Mrs. Reid
HuInt will he her sister's matron of
honor andi Miss Elerna Calderon will be
the mail of honor.
Little Miss Marion Taylor. niece of
Mics Taylor and daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles tL~aron Taylor. of Mobile,
Alm wn. ill serve as tIower girl.
Mrs. Gleaves and Miss Evalirna Gleaves,
wvif. and daugshter of Capt. Albert
Gleaves, lU. S. N.. who have been spend
ing the winter at the Dupont. have given
op their apiartmrent there sod are visiting
Admiral and Mrs. Reginald F. NIcholson
at 1828 Jefferson place.
Mrs. Pritchett, wife of Lieut. Edwin
E. Pritchett. U. S. A.. having returned
from the Phnilippines, is visiting her
pv rents. Col. and Mrs. John A. Lundeen,
at 3816 Woodley road.
Miss Mary Holmes. daughter of Com
mander Urban T. Holmes. 1'. 8. N., has
ceturned to Washington after a short
visit to West Point.
Mr. Harry Hlardman, will sing some
trishn songs at the St. Patrick's benefit
jmnce at be given this evening at 8:30
.zock by the lDixie Chapter. U. D. C.,
ithe Confederate Memorial Home.
Mrs. Maud Howell Smith. presIdent
of the District Division, U. D. C., who
Cancel Dinner
to Senator Shively
is a member of the Dixie Chapter, heads
the committee, on arrangements, Mvss
Mav XK. Little has charge of the decora
tions and favors. whIch will carry out
the "pi rit of St. Patrick's Diay, and Milos
Mary Willis Coleman Is chairman of
the refreshment committee.
The marriage of Miss Doris liraint and
Mr. E~dwafd N. H ay w illI take place Mo n
day,* April 24, at St. Thomas' Church.
Miss Katherine Drain will he h er .SIX
ter's maid of honor. The c-eremiony will
he performed by the Rev. Dr. C. Ernest
Smith, rec tor of the ,church, andl will be
followed by a -mail reception at the
apartment of Mir. and Mrs. James A,
Drain at the Wyoming.
The Congressional Club will entertain
Mims Reeside ini a costume son g recital
at; the guest of honor on Fridaly, March
17. at 4 o'clock at ::0(1 New Hfampshire
avenue, folIlowed by tea at , o'clock.
An interesting olction of eanIVases,
the work of Mr.-. Wallace Bryant, of Bos
ton. who recently completed a po)rtratit
of the Rev. D~r. Roland Cotton Smith.
will be on vIew Thursday, Friday an d
Saturday of this, werk at the residlenc
of Mrs. Gillett-Hill,. 2133 Rt street. Mary
representatives of Washington soctoryv
have viewed Mfr. Bryant's portraits at a
local gallery, whiere they have been on
exhibition for a fortnight. Mrs. GHiett
Hill's house will afford them an attrac
tIVe setting. anid from 11:30 till 4:70 on
the last three days of the week will be
the rendezvous of many friends of Mrs.
Gillett-fill], as well as of the artist.
Maj. Gen. J. R Alepshire. U. S. A.. has
left for Hot Springs, Ark., for a period
of recuperation.
Registering at the Hotel McAlpin. New
York, fromo Washington during the past
week, have been:
MNr. 0. H. Keen'. Mr. If. A. Rcomn
Mr. John Brewler. Mr. and Mrs. F. 1)
Black. Miss J. M. S-cotld. Mr. Trhomas
H. Ckmmmins. Mr. Edwin P. Wendt, Mr
A. Ht. Smith. Mfr. F. W. Swene, M.NIrs
M. M. IA Bille. Mfrs. S. Pepper, M r. and
Mrs. Ge orge Murray, Mr. and Mrs. Ad
W. Williams, Mr. Edwin C. Jones, Mr.
J. Glenman, Mr. Milton E. Kaufman, Mqr.
John W. Glennon, Mrs. E. B. Carrier.
Mr. Teador Freziers, Mr. Juan F. Bruns,
Nfr. and Mrs. r. P. Bicknell Mr. C. o.
Simmons, Mr. andi Mrs. Ernest MIll~s.
.Mr. and Mr1S. W. A. Kenyon, Mr. C. A.
Hammett. Mfr. T. Ostrander. Mr. George
Rublee. Mr. J. C. Bowrery, Mr. J. Spang
ler. Mr. 1, I Cmandell. Mr. H. D).
Browne, Mr. and Mrs. E. 0. Brown,
Mr. W. P. Bowie, Mr. Charles E. Rior
dan, Mr. J. Reuben Clark, Jr., Mr.
Thomas E. Eggleston, Miss M. M. Bra
man. M*r. A. C. P1. Shoemaker, Mr. P.
R. Cuadra, Mr. L. L. Crandell, Mr. s.
G. S4pitzer. Mr. J. F. Tilley, Miss L. L.
O'Brien, Mr. H. la Breuninger, Mr.
George H. Baston, Mfr. IF. H. PItzer. Mr.
and Mrs L on, Mr ,Wilia A Sc lo
bon MisFutnV saatM.O
ais at thbr te ii CMr.te. he ad
ten, jr., oforton.iN. J.,an Mr.Hryt
the Piritorte'5rsby and MissPerofBfa,
ar Willig theotera arias chre of
Ewarri ard Urgeis Cori Ito Sup
prt Bill N.haywil ak PubiScol
day penri for Use t ToAny Time.
tesmaid' of htorhe ashinony Secill
heofomdb the JeihRoev.'Dr Couc. ere
add.retd ofli chuwrdcJ. Wand, ofl the
lnoted bytatesBral rfEduionaton t
aphimegulafr.onl Meetn Jaester
dain ateroni the ectriromg.
Th. Wanr'slotal Club devote entirelyn
tos commuityii cete otu, an hrea
asthe prest o honreo theridafluencih
sonatmmuoityockrat b~il nw befoshre
aCengre. loiad byhich atvie thatothe
publintestingl shliebeiopn o the pub-,
the atr ofM allatmswe ant, cof lct
oft the regur scol duttonsmih
Heura ofi thiekat thebu oeseu
to ofs iethewold's,23I strbeet.an taty
reprseucatIon, nof shingyon h scoolt
teaeg towe Mrac rt chilreri .abt to
lorkl gallrughetheuy ebner.
Dr.l' hosep w .iWll whman antr
tispettig, and er orey: le 4:veran
thelatin onhhe ayso.h wee. Adlph
Man. nrsen.tB nethe, n.unen. hmas
Spend for the House.
Not long ago a letter truly full of
rood for thought came under the writer's
eye. It was -from a young wife who
complained that. althovIh her husband
loved her and was de-, ted to her. he
would not give her n I ney enough to
buy anything for their house. Even de
cent table linen was lacking, she said.
He thought that a growing bank account
ought to take the place of a well furnish
ed house, In her mind as it did in his.
There are two ways of spending money
for one's house: one is extravagant, the
other is economical. In - the best sense.
And the husband who thinks that a bank
account can take the place of sufficient
and attractive furnishings is mistaken.
Most women have to live most of their
time in 'their houses. For most women
do the bulk of their own household's
work. Therefore, tbey are entitled to
a oleasant place to work, a pleasant
place to entertain. The young house
keegter who does not even have enouhg
spending money for decent table linen
Is most decidedly under a disadvantage.
The wise housekeeper is the one who
makes a budget for household expenses.
This should be founded on experience and
on budgets of professional budget makers
-such as one can get hold of through
various woman's magazines and clubs.
The man of the house, too, should un
derstand the value of such a budget
and should agree to try one out for a
year. Of course, any given budget will
need slight variation according to any
given familv's wants.
With a budget as a basis, the house
keeper will know how much she can
afford to spend on each department of
housekeeping-wages for service, heat.
fuel, light, food, clothing. etc. And part
of the monev she spends will go for
equipment. This includes things bought
for the upkeep of the house. It is her
interesting task to apportion this given
sum into certain amounts for each room
in the house.
True economy consists in never lettin,:
the house get run down. Buy when .vou
can get good values, and then you will
never have to pay the price for quick
shopping. The woman who has a linen
closet always sufficiently stocked will
not. when two trained nurses come in
to take charge of an unexpected illness.
have to rush to the telephone to order
half a dozen sheets and some new towels
at whatever tprice the shopkeeper hap.
Pens t, be asking that day.
W.iight. 1916,
"The stars incline, but do not compet
Wednesday. March 15, 1910.
int1 Is not a fortunatir day. aceard
Ing to astrology, Neptune. Venus. the
'un and Mars are all adverse, while
Jupiter and Saturn are slightly bes.
efic ink their power.
There is an exceedingly threaten
ing sign for shipping and disasters are
indicated. Hritish war vessels have a
sinister rule today.
Venus gives warning that women
should guard against all forms of
melancholy. Owing to the war the
seers believe that the feminine mind
is exceedingly susceptible to sadden
iig influences which will affect Amer
irans as well as Europeans.
This is a forbidding sway for love
affairs and romance, y-t both nen and
women will be particularly susceptible
to sentiment, it is believed.
Both army and navy have a plan
etary government today that appears
to forecast dissatisfaction and criticism.
There is trouble for the head of a na
tional organization.
The direction of the stars is minit
(al :o advancement among army and
raval officers It is prognosticated
that those who are in authority will
make serious mistakes in handling
The figure is reasinably encouragIng
for speculation. esieiially for stocks In
mines or railways.
Theaters ehouil miake the hest of
sinister conditions today. Early plans
for next season will succeed best.
New Mexico comes under a guidance
of the stars that is Promising for its
rapid k-owth in the next few years.
South America has a guidance that
Is most encouraging. Some sort of an
alliance that will benefit the United
States is foreshadowed. but this will
n.t be in the line of regular trade.
Italy has the prognostication of mis
fortune and the violation or destruc
tion of a famous church or cathedral
is prophesied.
Saturn is in a place in the horoscope
of President Wilson. which gives
warning of new burdens. and he may
be the target for severe criticism from
onetime friends.
Persons whose birthsdate it is should
avoid all disputes and quarreling. They
may have many anxieties in business
Children born on this day will be
fond of pleasure and company, but
they are likely to be exceedingly lucky.
(C m ih.1916.)
J. Henri Wagner Will Address Fib
Lovers' Societ y Tomorrow.
The Aquarium Society of Washington,
will hold a public meeting on tomorrow
night at 8 o'clock in the auditorium of
the central building of the Public
Library. The secri tary. J. Henri Wag
ner, will plac on exhibition a
"balanced" aquarium, stocked with local
aquatic plants atnd tadpoles, as well as
different varieties oif snails and species
of the carp family.
Searching parties of the socIety have
been active during the past few weeks.
word having been received that sala
manders and other batrachians have been
found and wilt be exhibited here at the
meeting by Dre. Rt. W. Shufeldt, Dr. Ws.
0. Emery,and others.
Would Enlarge Trade Board.
R-eturtn post cards withs blanks for
names and addresses ate being mailed to
members of the tmembership committee
of the Washington Board of Trade In a
campiaign .to enlarge thc organization.
The members of the committee are, re
quested to propose the names of two
candidates eligibile for admission to the
tIl the Uniited Statse Soldiers' Hoine
Banid Orchaetra, in Stanley Hall. toaight.
beginnliig at 6:45 o'cock. Jilim 8. M.,
Zimmmermiann, dhirectoir.
SiMnh-"Geman iideliity ....lnkenberg
Oetuir- "Peter Schiril"...on Webier
aS "Arsalan Serenade"..........Langey
A y.img Arnh sinigitig a serenade ta hiii
ladydoive is iinitted by the soundsato a
Tuirish band in the distancie.' He5 resumse,.:
Ihis adored one occasionally joins the mong.
The banid passes the house. 'iii sounds die
awas. aini also the serenade in the evening
bi "Medition"i '................Dumm
Sselion- rnan5i" ..........vn
"Chinese ree-illections"....Zimmrmans
vsa- Hesitation-"Annsette".....axter
Slow, F.' lTui---Tnermsath the 5sura"
.. . .........ener
Finale--"Sisa' Gigglen".............Hoae
"The Star Spangled Basset."
g 1
High Gra&e-A
most ad
know w
Visit our Millinery
our chic, stylish hats
at . .P
1210 F
Aunt Chatty's
Coaducted by Mr
The Study <
T HIS is a real Mothers' Club, fo
who are struggling with ques
tion. clothing. for the children.
which are vexing you, and she will a
them. Write to her, too, of your ov
found successful in smoothing the to
childish feet. that through the Mothe
benefit to other mothers who are still
have so happily unraveled.
Co-operation is the secret of suc
the business of motherhood, that higi
has been and always will be woman
other avenues of usefulness may be o
Brush. care of this paper.
As I went up the brisk walk leading
to the house door on my way to visit
one of our mothers not long ago I passed
her little 4-year-old son stooping over
somethIng and crooning softly to him
elf. Hearing my footstep he looked Up
agerly and said:
"Oh, come se these little antics'
They're dragging a dreat, bid leaf home
and they can't hardly tarry it. Is It
or a cover for their little babies?'
I stooped down li side the little fel
low and together w- watched the strug
gle of the insects to convey the leaf to.
the little puie of sand that marked the I
entrance to their home. Once or twice
he gave it a gentle push with his fat
little forefinger over a particularly dif
flult passage
"Aren't the aunts funry people?" he.
uue.tioned as we atooped over the ant
hilt. Mother telled mne all about them.
They keep cows-little green bugs called
"Aphies?' I sugg'st'd.
"Yes, that's it, apides. and they get
milk for their littl" babies from them.
Do the bees keep cows, too?"
"What in the world are you two doing
down there?' the laughing voice of the
mother called to us from the veranda.
"I have been waiting to see if you were
coming In to see mre or intended your
isit for Harry out there on the walk."
Harry and I rose at that and he ran
efore me to tell his mother about the
aunts and the big leaf. As I came up to
them I said: "He has an astonishing
amount of information about the ants.
is it because he is just naturally Inter
ested in such things or have you tried
to cultivate a loe of natural history in
"I suppose 1 have iiultivated it." she
replied. "I do not believe children
ever take iAn interest in things un
less their attention is called that
way, do you.' At any rate, 1 know T
owe all my interest in nature studies
to my dear father, who was an en
thusiast on the subject himself. He
would take us on long walks and
drives with lini ad call us to look
it the birds and insects of all kinds
that lie could find. Naturally, when
this dear little boy came to ite. I
-nited him to know about such
things, too, and so he and I have ob
served all we could together. I think
it has a good influence on him in
teaching him not to be cruel to any of
Go's creatures, besides cultivating
powers of observation.'
I heartily agreed with her. Only a
short time before. I had seen two boys
playing with some of the beetles
nown as "tumble bugs," andI
topped to remonstrate with them
bout it. Each one had captured an
nfortunate bug and had tied a string
o a hind leg to use as a rein for
riving the two in a race-or rather
n pulling and jerking them about if
hey did not "race" as their tormentors
esired, It was wanton boyish cruelty.
f course, done with no thought of
he possible sufferings of the poor
nsects. but when I saw the other
small boy trying to help the ants
th theIr loaf of l,'af, I could not
elp but contrast the two kinds of
Don't you thinik. dear mothers, that
hIs is another responsibity added
o the nmounotain toad you already
ear, that you will want to assume
ttentIon to the hahits of insects and
irds will lead to such interest and
also such love for them that instead
f finding -amusenment in capturinag
pecimens merely to pit them against
ach other, or robbing the birds' nests
f the eggs for the pleasure solely
f destroying them, your boys will
earn kindness to every creature
hrough very curiosity about Its hab
its of life? The aunimnals and the peo
ie we love, you know, are those we
watch arid tend, and are interested In,
and T know no more civilizing in
luence upon the average small boy
hat the rousIng of his humanitarian
nstincts in this way.
There aro so many valuable books you
can obtain for your boy to read on this
ubject that it need take comparatively
ittle of your own personal attention to
interest him, once he has begtun to read
and observe for himself. Maeterlinck's
'Life of the flee'' is one of the most
ascInating nature hooks it baa evcr been
y pleasure to read. No boy who reads
that can fail to succumb to an intense
desire to study and know the bee for
ot High Priced
Like the Graceful
es of These Smart
ring Suits,
5, $29.75,
Spring Suits embody the
anced ideas in all the latest
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e can please you with the
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Mothers' Club
s. Charity Brush j
)f Insects.
the benefit of mothers everywhere
tions of discipline, training, educa
Write to Aunt Chatty of problems
dvise and help you to a solution of
'n discoveries, of methods you have
ugh paths of life for the tender.
rs' Club your experience may be of
tangled in the web of perplexity you
.esL in any business; so why not in
est and holiest calling which always
s crown of glory, no matter what
sened to ber) Address Mrs. Charity
Fabre. has published a study of the ants
that is equally gripping in its interest
There are, of course. countess other
books to be had. both in , hiidren's books
and in publications not espe'ially intended
fur th,* voang. but well within their com
prehension, that will give the informa
tion You need about insects and other
forms of animal life.
The mother who ruts such hooks into
the hands of her child is making use of
fie best means she could possiblv con
rive to cultivate. not only his intellect.
but those kindly and gentlemanly in
stincts without which he can never reach
to the best and highest in i ing.
Answers to Correspondents.
Mrs. D. V B. writes: ''Pleahse tell me
bome good hair tonic to use to keep my
little gir.s hair from falling ;t a fter
typhoid fever.
A Preparation of one ounce of -anthar
ides to a nuart of hay rum has been ied
in my family in such a case with marked
sees. Any druggist can pu: it up for
o Y.,u rust brush the hair. too,. twice
a day, at least a hundred strokes. with
a britle brush that Is kept scrupulously
Mrs G. J, G. writes: "I think my baby
is not getting enough breast milk. Do
you think it would hurt to feed him
partly and nurse him partly'
No. I should recommend your supple
menting the nursing if you have not
enough rather than weaning him and
Putting him on the bottle alone.
rCorprnght, Ms.
Heating the government out of but
ter is said to h a favorite sport of
the day in Berlin. where the precious
fat - dIid out to housewcve. at the
rate of a quarter pound a day The
women stand in line. according to the
New Rotterdaim Courant, and those
who have the patience and good luck
to repeat have ample basis for
B Economy is
-OF US. More important,i
customers, is the assurance
4JOur service is as satisfacto
We're as handy as your 'phio
the convenience of those prel
P. E. Sharpless'
stands im All Markets
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Fiv lAndred
5W-cnt Ale-i
Sauce Pans
Special Price, 23 cets
A handy cooking utensil that
should be in every home. The
-Woar-ever" trade mark in
sures a life-long service. Our
stock includes a complete as
sortment of these foremost
cooking utensils.
I 1215 F St. and 1214-18 G 3t
1 . Y. Ae. I . ial IL
W C. 'UTEET Prieapa
Washington School
of Accountancy.
'ew 70ree beg1in Feb. 4 P1ts a
C . A- d bu n a. Fre- Imliti.
T11- WA LT N
. bi. C, A.. fL G ST fw.
t."h*r- " "* EXPERT MEN
3rftang. 3.0M ont
Acount ay. contr.et TEACHERS.
i.er.amT., r.50 o tI Y. N. C. A.
binstel Couree 6.30 up : 1738 G .
13 Elevent Street Northeia. Phne Lire 1-X
Thursdar and Fodal, 251 Eightt Street N W.
"A little dinner long expected and ell
Is by no means givein. 1-t d -r. ,
-From the FrencL
Orns.. I e a
Gr~'.n(tenm. Cls
Grahatm Gm 'f
Naked Macar,
R" rtss and Mawpe 8''ep.
"lear Sou:
Cold Lamb Baked s-e" Poratoft
Horrai - saer
Lenan 'ia.
Omelet-To one cup of Uread crumbs
add two-thirds of a ,up of @-et rrli'
and a half teaspoon of salt Soak ten
minutes and stir until smooth. Then add
the yolka of two% eggs well behaen &nd
last fold in the stiffly beaten whites
Rice fritters-Mix two eggs well bea'en
with two cups of boiled r.c, one tab.
spoon of flour, a saitspoon of aa.t and
milk to make a stiff batter. Fry tr deep
Horseradish sauce-To four tablespoons
of horseradish use two teaspoons of vine
sar. tot stand onc-half hour. Then add
,ne teAspoon of salt, a half staltspoon
of pepper and a teaspoon of mustard and
one of sugar. Last add four tablespoons
of cream. Serve with the cold Lamb.
Shoe leather ha, becc-me so scarce in
Austria that the shoenakers demand V:
for soling an old pir of shoes Hun
dreds of children are unab4 to go to
s hoo e1 use the have r sho++ wbhh
ost any-were from S. to a pair
Deposit twenty-five cents with voe
Druggist for a box of Nature s Remedv
(NR Tablets). The first dose wil make
you feel better. Here's the reason---NR
acts mildly and pleasantl- on the dige.
tive and eliminative organe-the weom
ach, Liver. Kidnevs and Bowels. Trv r
to-night. Guaranteed. Your monev back
it you want it. Get a 25c box.
At all Fear Peopleft Dirag Stere:
7th & K Sts. N.W. 7th & E Sta. N.W.
14th & t Sts, N. W. 7th & M Sts. N.M.
But One of the Many
es of Buying YOUR
R direct
n the opinion of many of our
hey enjoy of always getting
-y as our products and prices.
ie. Stands in all markets for
erring to order in person.
Famous Cheeses
iad Pa. Ave.
Phem M. 482J
feetien .f imdlvIda Seeve.

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