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Ace lGa's Stere-Official Weather Report-Probably ahowers.
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OUSE APPLAUDS WHEN r of applause wich last for order but the rapping of the
iOUS APPAUDSWHE j~dfor eveal mnute inthe Housel only prov ided the signal for a more
HUGHES IS MENTIONED Iiembe n eda'e n energetic demonstration. Mr. Fess
the literacy test of the immigration himself tried to stem the tide of ap
. i. and in tracing the history of edu-; plause by waving his hands. but this
)utibu rst of Entir-siasm Occurs mn cat ion. mentioned noger Wilinams and was likewise Ineffectual.
Lowe; Chamber After Associate r "i"eitytheteStAblishment o: .Is the gentleman nominating Jus
Lo ,-;Cha berAftr Asocate whlich was the aesult or hi effolt I tice Hughes to r the Presidency?"
ustc Named. the distinguished graduates of shouted Representative Gallagher, o
Justie Is amed.instiution he numbered Js" lios
..nOon or :. name of Asso , Hughes. "who is so oftn spoken of. . 1l be better able to answe
u H;o e 11.2 t- Unitedl A burst of hard-clapping from the that when Justice Hughes is in the
a S" mr Represent- Repuhican aide greeted his remark. Presidents chair." replied the speak.
Ft_, f iho. prvided occasion, The presiding officer pounded the desk er.
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Administration Criticised at
Party Conference for Weak
ness Along Border.
Alarming Telegrams Convince Many
Senators of Both Parties 'That
War Lies Near.
Telegrams of such an alarming nature
from various points along the Mexican
boundary reached Republican Senators
yesterday that Minority Leader Gallinger.
of New Hampshire. issued a hurried call
for a party conference.
The conference wag attended by fully
one-half the Republican membership. The
whole Mexican question was discussed in
formally and an adjournment taken until
Monday pending definite information
from Senator Fall, now at El Paso. which
may enable the Republicans to adopt
some specific program.
The speeches were not of the firebrand
variety. Every purpose was expressed
to support the President in ma policy of
pursuing and capturing Villa. But it was
evident that unless information now
reaching Washington is proved untrust
worthy, a serious demand will be made
upon the administration for additional
protection of Americans along the bor
der, no matter at what cost.
The chief criticism of the administration
made by the Republican Senators was
that, now having sent a punitive expedi
tion after Villa. it appeared to be afraid
to take other steps to protect Americans
lest such astion should give offense to the
de facto govermnent of Mexico.
Watchful Waiting Disastrous.
This, the Republican Senators declared
to be another phase of "watchful wait
ing." which, if continued, would be far
more disastrous than the developments
growing out of the past three years of
that policy.
Doubt was expressed concerning the ac
curacy of some of the press dispatches
and criticism made of the "sterilized" in
formation given out by the War Depart
The discussion disclosed that not only
many Republicans, but a number of
Democratic members of the Senate were
convinced that war with Mexico was not
far distant.
Texas Representative Agrees to Blue
Pencil His Ulndelivcred Speech.
Cuts Out "Cesspool" Talk.
Representative "Cyclone" Dav is, of
Texas. who had fallen into the bad
graces of the House by printing in
the Congressional Record remarks
which resulted in the appointment of
a censorship committee, yesterday dim
posed of the incident by blue pencil
ing his undelivered address.
The observations of Mr. DaNis were
alliterative combinations of such
Words as "gutter snipe," "maggot,"
and even more striking terms. Rep
resentative Madden, of Illinois, pro
tested against making the Record a
"cesspool" and a committee wAs ap
pointed to censor the remarks.
fRepresentative Davis appeared be
fore the committee yesterday and
agreed to censor the remarks himself.
A cat, mascot of a battery of British
royal field artillery, after taxing part
in every engagement of his soldier
comrades. who carried him with them
when they left England in November.
1914. has still to lose the fnrst of his
nine lives.
Ons in
iuing for the next
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Mr. and Mrs EdwSrd Hull, of Newark,
1. J., are spending a few days sight
seeing in the city.
Mrs. Joseph Etter, of Sherman. Tex.,
who has been visiting Commander'and
Mrs. James C. Richardson in this city.
left for her home yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Y." Spear, of New
York. are stopping at the Willard en
route from the South.
Col. and Mrs. C. A. Stedman have re
turned to Washington after spending
several days in New York.
Ormi F. Ilibbard, of New York, Ia
spending a week at the Willard en route
to his home after spending the winter in
Clarence J. Gibbs i a recruit in Com
pany B, Third Infantry, District militia.
K. R. Keith, of Portland, Oreg., has
been appointed clerk in the Animal Bu
reau, Department of Agriculture.
Corp. George a. Crumbaugh. of Com
pany E. Third Infantry, District militia.,
has been promoted to the rank of ser
Mrs. May G. Walker has been placed
on the eligible list for government serv
ice by authority of the President with
out compliance with the civil service re
Miss Mary Alice Finney. religious work
secretary of the Y. W. C. A.. has re
signed her position-and shortly will re
turn to her home in Detroit.
Lieut. and Mrs. Roland Monroe Bral
nard and daughter Elizabeth. who have
been the guests of Mrs. Brainard's pa
rents, in New Orleans, have returned to
Col. Samuel Reber, who was badly in
jured Thursday by a fall in his home.
and who is confined in Walter R,.ed Gen
eral Hospital, is said to be improving.
Mrs. Baker. wife of the Secretary of
War, arrived here yesterday from Cleve
land for a short visit with her husband.
Mrs. Morgan R. Howe, of New York;
Miss Bettie Howe and hits. J. C. Enr
clay. of Hackensack. are members of a
party visiting in Washington, who are
stopping at the Shoreham,
Edward 0. Garrett has recen'ed an ap
pointment as a laboratory assistant in
the Bureau of Standards.
Miss V. A. Jones, a teacher in the Mott
Public School. has been transferred to
the Cook School.
Grant lange has been appointed a clerk
in the Bureau of Na'igation.
Katherine Morgan has been appointed a
teacher in Class Z of the Grant Public
Mro. .1. P. Morgan. mr.. with Mrs. . F.
loppin and Miss Blythe, of New York.
are in Washington for a short stay. and
are stopping at the Shorehan Hotel.
N. J. McCabe left yesterday for a short
business visit in Philadelphia.
Adrian McBiide has been appointed
temlrorari;y as a clerk in the Lighthouse
Mr. and Mrs. E. Twyffort. C. M. Twyf
fort, Miss Beatrice and Miss Lillian Twyf
fort, of New York. have arrived from the
South for a short visIt In Washington
land are at the Shoreham.
Arthur Tsrael. elerk in the office of the
Public Utilities Commission, was on leave
all week. lie is expected to return to
duty tomorrow.
E. V. Fisher. inspector for the Public
Utilitles Counislsion. was ill several days
lsqt week. te was back at work yester
Rev. Eugene De L. McDonnel. former
ipastor of St. Aloysius' Churth. North
Capitol and I sir eets nor thwet. who ar
rived in Washington several days ago on
a short visit. will return to his pastorate
in New Jersey within the next few days.
Mr. aid airs. Charles S. ilebard. of
Chestnut Hill. Pa., are spending some
time in Washington at the Shoreham.
Rear Admiral Austin M. Knight, of
Newport. R. I., is expected to arrive in
Washington today to attend the meeting
of the navy general boa:d.
J.. B. Parker. of Washington. has re
turned front a visit to Culpepter. Va.
Mrs. rAlexander G. Bent!y, of Washing
ton, was the honor guest at cards given
by Mrs. George C. Thorpe. at Newport,
R. I., yesterday.
Capt. Joseph P. MeCriik ie confined to
his home. 1115 New Iiamrrpshire avenue
northwest. by an injury received while at
work at the Washington Navy Yard.
Ru'dolph Spreckels. of San Francisco.
;s itn Wa.-hingt n for a few days and is
staying at the Shoreham.
I'or the District of (ohanmi a. Mtieland. and vir
ginia-Paruy cl auvy nday, ineitbly showerm
afternoon (r 'ight. %Ionday sho.ers and cooler;
modetste easery ind-. berming scriable.
Them will be showers and thunderatorms Sunday
in the lAe region. the Orio vale., Tennese,
and the East Gulf States. extendirg Sunday night
or onday into the Atlantic States. I''air eatrer
will remil Monrday onir the interior district cast
<f th Mssaippi River.
Midnight. a.; 25a. in.. 37; 4 a. mr.. Z6: 6 a. in. 35:
8 a..r.. si:7tr.sr.. 4S; 12ne.m.P5: 2p...:
p. mn.. 66; 6 pr. m.. 63; 8p. mi., 5a; 10 p. mn., S7.
Hiabesi 71; lowst. :4.
tRtatiie huir itylin-4 a. . . : p. am.. 3; a
In. mn.. 47. Rtainftail ( in. mr. to 8 t. mil. 0. Hors
of~ anmahine. 10.1: rer cent of peir'b su hine. i2.
Tesrretature barme daie las.t rest-Hiet, E;
Hrghest lat Rain
today. orebr t 8 .m fail.
Ashresille. N. C.. ....... 70 5 4 ..
Ar~ante, City. N. ....0 " 4 ..
Baltinore, Md........... .63 .' 6 ..
icston. 5ias.........5-.42 ..
BuffalN. Y............54 3 4 ..
Chicago. ill............... 72 Ii 64 ..
trnciinratl, Ohrio.......76 66 62 5.14
Detroit, Mich............l54 31 43 ..
Ih-leth,. Mian........... 36 3 2 36 0.11
Indliaaptolis, tnd.......66 56 62 6.76
Jancksainille. Fl.......... 82 61 ......
Miami, F1t ............... 76 72 746 ..
Newo Yrk. N. Y.....56 6 486 ..
Phriladelpia, Pa........ 28 54 ..
Pittusrgh,. Pa............. 76 42 66 ..
St. Louis, Mo.......... 66 62 62 0.3
Ta p , h0 ........... 2 68 74 ..
Mrs. Cornelia S. Baker Dead.
The funeral of Mrs. Cornella Stock
ham Baker. mother of Dr. Thomas
Stockham Baker, headmaster of the
Tome School, Port Deposit. Md., took
place yesterday afternoon. Services
were conducted by the Rev. FrancIs X.
Moore, pastor of Tome lMemorial
Church. and the Rev. Joseph L. Tur
ner, of the Presbyterian Church, Port
Deposit. The pallbearers, all of whom
are members of the faculty of the
Tome School. were Robert W. Tuna
tall. R. Charles Bates. Frederick S.
Hemry, Cecil A. Ewing, Joseph Mf.
Ai'thur and Chauncey L. Parsons. In
terment was made in St. George's
churchyard, Spesutis, inear Perry
LecturerSays U. S.Has Paved
Way for Vast Development
of Unoccupied Area.
Southern Society Members Hear In
teresting Account of Campaign
Against Mosquito.
The hlief that the work of Aneri
can s in clearing Cuba and the Canal
Zone of yellow and malaria fever heralds
the eventual development of the vast
unoccupied area of the tropics, was ex
pressed last night by Brig. Gen. Will
ini C. Gorgas. in an address on "San
itation," before the Southern Society of
Washington at the New Willard.
Always avoiding even by inference the
fact that he almost alone was the mov
ing factor in the campaign that made
these tropical countries inhabitable for
the People of the north. G;en. Gorgas
gave an interesting description of the
work that was done in eliminating the
mosI uito. This insect, he declared. is
the principal carrier of the disease. Con
tinuing he said:
'The healthy Panama of today will
demonstrate that the white man and
woman can live in the tropics, and the
protection against disease in the torrid
zone is not so expensIve as protection
against the cold in the temperate zone.
'As a result of the work of making
th: health conditions in Cuba and Pan
ama suitable for the white laboreis. I
believe that we are on the eve of oc
cupying the enormous unoccupied ind
fertile regions now lying useless In the
tropics. Possibly not in our Cay - but
it will come.
'The .Southern States should be the
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beefeiciaries of this ar The mest fer
iie of these unoccupied regions within
easy distance of the great Gulf of Mex
iSo and the tates bordering on this
water can take advantage of the enor
mous trade that will ensue."
Preceding the addreas of Brig. Gent
Gorgas there was a short business meet
Ing at which a large number of new
members were nominated and elected.
lnmediately after his speech the fleor
was cleared for dancing.
Daniel B. Henderson was appointed
chairman. and Mrs. J. L. Little. Mr. and
Mrs. Ashton Todd. Mrs. Henry Cook
Churchill. Miss Wilmuth Gray, Mrs.
Hammer. Miss Helen Hardin, Miss M.
0. Emory, Miss Mettle Masson. and
Harry Cary. a committee on extension
to conduct a campaign for new members.
Those elected to membership wese:
John L. Alverson. Maj. Samuel T. Ansell.
Paul S. Black. Miss Harriet McCeney
Bowie. Miss Hattie Bowie, W. E. Brock
man. Miss Annie Hawes Cunningham.
Josiah H. Dorth. Mrs. Josiah H. Dortch.
Miss Janie Dortch. Dr. Herbert C. Easter
day. Mrs. Herbert C. Easterday. Miss
Ruth Augusta Gray. Wade Hampton,
Robert E. Heater. Mrs. Robert E. Heater,
Miss Pickett Heth, Miss Virginia Heth.
Dr. W. B. Hicks, Miss Dorothy Huntt.
Miss Hildegrade Hurley. Mrs. James C.
Hurley. Harvey D. Jacob. Mrs. Harvey
D. Jacob. Miss Susie Keel. George Badger
King, Mrs. Helen Virginia McLeod. John
McPhaul. Miss Kate McShane. Benjamin
F. Mays. Otho H. Miller. Mrs. Samuel
Burleigh Milton. William H. Nichol. Miss
Ella Nichols. Maj. Robert U. Patterson.
Robert L. Plckett. Oscar A. Price. Mrs.
Oscar A. Price. Miss Corrinne Lee
Quarles. Mrs. Percy Quinn. William deC
Ravenal, James C. Robertson. Mrs. James
C. Robertson, John A. Robinson. Mrs.
John A. Robinson. Mrs. C. W. Sheriff. S
B. Slemlp. Miss .Tane Slemp. William
Wolff Smith. Mrs. William Wolff Smith.
Mrs. S. S. Spruce. William S. Stamper.
Mrs. Floyd .. Strawn. William I. Stepi
ers. Mrs. W lia.m Stephens, Hardy Todd.
MrS. Jessie Mlrroughs Van Brunt. Miss
Roberta Wandling. Mrs. Berkeley Ward.
Miss Grace Ward. Miss Jennie Q. Whelan
Miss Katherin. Winston. Miss Mattie St.
Clair WoNli.rn Mrs. Kate Wooten an(
Miss Kathe:re Wooten.
(helee Spria- F'M.wers.
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plants. All lime grown. Gudp, ':;I F
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venth Street Neai
Nernuacm Fot Dies.
Baltimore. March 2L-CoL. I. Ashland
Ransay. w'-o served on the Merrirre
during the civil war. died this urnening
fron peumonia, after an illoces cu one
S~eoieeaii V110 low Fisef eV.
Tial.. txly a I a and Ml .en R . - a
stirring milita drms ; aw Chapho -Is the IaA
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