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ftalt36 A. I.
- t a11
-Is ' with say Wpring celore
5=Y-in4Wg the Tei
fits. and Noveltims for Easter gifts.
eIpreads, stamped for patch.
work, or for coaching and
French knot embroidery, als<
for applique work and cross
stitch embroidery.
At Sa-5 to %,.Is.
Bolsters Md CmpaNs. 20o6d
Sets to match, including car
tame# as wel.
Al-Iinen Staiped Deis. Cea
trpieces. Scars, Lmen. Sets
Lmcbso- Cloth-,etc. Prvced ac
cordinLto sire and quality al
Sc to
AD-lom Stamped Towela, staap'
ed in rtty degs. Priced,
a~c to xr.oo.
Turkish Towels, stamped; ta3 to
sensesnows ro"
fairi dear to the heart ot a b ewit
En1 A
lastructons ' the ant gro
rkils in or Arl Nasseek So
9 A. I. Un 12 KL-401d I 1P, 0
Kans's-Te Fiow.
Mrs. .Neh 3 Kendhrea 'eted by
(eugr*emnemai I ases
Mrs John t Kend-lcik a =fe h
-nocrat-e gos-rT of Wy-onir~s. was
the honor gu- a. a tea gre-n .es
*rday afternoon at the na a head
Salts. Calomel. Pills Act on Bowels
Like Pepper Acts in
Enjoy Life! Don't Stay Bilious.
Sick. Headachy and
G- a t1-ent box now.
Not old people must give to the
howelssom- r-ular help. *lse they auf
fer lm const at:on. The condition is
e '. * nati,-al. It I4 just as natural
for ld people to walk slowly.
e s neve- so active as vouth. The
m1% i ae 1. s eiastic. And the bowels
ar m .scle
So 1 oll P-Pl, need 4'ascarep. One
Might as well refuse to a1 weak eyes
Wth glasses as to neglect this gentle aid
to weak bowels The bowels must be
kept active. This is important at all ages,
but never so rmuc-h as at fifty.
Ae is not a time for harsh physics.
Touth may occasionallv" whIp the bowela
Into activity But a lash can't be usea
every dar. What the bowels of the old
need is a gentle and natural tonic One
that can be constantly used without
har. The only such tonic is 'ascarets,
and they cost only tn , ents per box at
any drug store. They work while you
Other Stores Ask
Of th<
see on th<
And there
make it a
Each hat
in fact the
equal to t
at least a
- with flare
with roll in back, little Pokes, E
bons, wings, birds and imitatic
light and dark gray, sand, tete
green, purple, black, etc.
An immense line of Fine Quali
and aHl the other popular mnateris,
all colors.
At 98c and $1.96 we are sho
hats fer the children you'd see anywl
tmwerare equaled and surra--~d by e
coe. 5:4 P. 1
-and displiays the NEWEST IN ART
r popular Patchwork Boudoir Out
Wash Cloths, to match; zac to
stam Combing jackets, four
Styr, to choose from; 3gc to
In the popular flesh and white;
for embroidery and crocheted oke.
Oowns........sc to J175
Envelope Chemise Soc to .0oo
Drawers ...............-- .ow
Petticoats .........g to S1s5
Corset Covers.....sC to $1.o
cbO do9'e Stamped fllB's. 4 mo.
t I-vTr ines. At we te e.se.
Chidren' Pique Coats, S.0oo to
Chilaisn's Hats, Soc to $z.5o.
Stamped Pllowcases, day and
style; Soc pair.
Eavelop Cases .......- soc each
wew h art shapes: very pretty 390
rho loves handmades........
ap"ela, dainty little af
e*vlg women 2j..........
FREE to those who purchase ma
fe. Expert in attendance from
.UsIE 5 P. M.
q'arters of the Congressional Union,
Lafayette place. It was announced
after the tea that Mrs. Kendrick had
joined the advisory council of the
union and would take a leading parl
in her home State in the plan to forn
a Woman Voters' Party.
She was accompanied to Washingtori
by her young schoolgirl daughter.
Miss Rosa Mae Kendrick, who is at
t-nding an Eastern college. They ex
pect to be here until April 7. when
Mrs. Kendrick will leave for her home
in Cheyenne. Yesterday she announc
ed that she would give a reception at
the executive mansion in Cheyenne
upon the arrival of the Eastern envoys
on the "Suffrage Special." April 15.
Appointed Chairman of Jenior sec
tien of National service School.
Mrs. Benjamin Reeves Russell. wife
of Col. Russell. U. S. M. C.. retired, has
been made chairman of the junior section
committee of the National Service School
of the Woman's Section of the Navy
League. to be hold at Chevy Chase in
Mrs. Russell has been serving as na
tional chairman of the junior section of
the Navy League with marked success.
Associated with Mrs. Russell on the
committee are Mrs. Henry T. Rainey,
wife of Representative Rainey. of 1111
nois; Mrs. Giles Scott wfafter. Mrs. Will
lam Morton Grinnell. Miss Eloise Sar
geant. Miss Natalie S. Lincoln, and Mrs.
Vylla Poe Wilson.
A meeting of this committee will be
held this afternoon, when plans for the
junior feature of the National Service
School will be outlined.
Thirty-one debutantes and members of
the younger set in Baltimore enrolled
yesterday in the National Service School.
More than fifty new enrollments were re
ceived during the day.
Oyster Roast Tomorrow.
The membership committee of the
Washington Board of Trade will give an
Oyster roast in the Manufacturers' &
Builders' Exchange tomorrow night. The
function is to be a 'get-together" social
In lieu of the monthly business session.
harles F. Crane, chairman of the coin
mittee, will act as master of -erenonies.
About forty-five persons probably will
kTS ... .K
$8.00 to $12.00
hundreds of $5 Hats you will
tables there are no two alike.
will be no duplicate because we
on habs to sell at this price and
policy point not to duplicate.
s made from the best materials,
materials in most instances are
lose used in the hats selling for
'hird more. Every new shape is
trt Turbans, little Walking Hats
on side, Straight Sailors, Sailors
tc.;- trimmed with flowers, rib
n goura. Colors include rose,
de negre, dark and light blue,
HATS, 98c
y Untrimmed Hats, of Milan hemp
m all the latest shapes, in blad and
HATS, 98c
atn the cle..rest and .mststlh
iere. The $3 and $3.50 hatsabt
uar line at $1.9Q.
Alexandria Concern Refutes
Complaints of Users
Against Its Service.
Twenty-seventh and Thirtieth Degrees
in Masonry Are Conferred on
Large Class of Candidates.
R. KKnih &Ue,
Tx A Suest
Alexandria, Va.. March 23.-Charles X.
Broun, of Roanoke. has been designated
by the State Corporation Commission to
come to Alexandria, on April 6. for the
purpose of taking the testimony of the
water consumers who complain of the
service furnished by the Alexandria
Water Company.
Through its attorney, Gardner L.
Boothe, who is associated with Col. F.
L Smith, th Alexandria Water Com
pany in its answer to the petitions filed
by the consumers, makes a sweeping de
nial of the charges made. The consum.
er. want better service and cheaper
The company cites that its charter was
granted by an act of the legisLgture in
180, and denies that the commisiTon has
any power to exercise jurisdiction and
regulation of the water company. It de
nies that It has a monoply of supplying
water to the people of Alexandria. and
declares that the same can be and is be
ing furnished by other parties.
In reference to the purity of the water
the company states that since June, 1914.
is has established a chlorine plant for the
purpose of destroying any bacteria that
might be in the water.
Reference Is made to the new reser
voir and dam, built at a cost of 3200000,
as an answer to the statement that there
is not a sufficient supply of water. This
new work gives a storage capacity of
60.0,00 gallons, sufficient to supply the
sity of Alexandria with one year's con
sumption, and the company says that as
soon as its financial condition will per
mit, this reservior will be connected with
the city supply.
The claim in reference to the high por
tion of the city not being supplied with
water because they are higher than the
reservoir is met by the announcement
that the company has purchased the
high service system of the Rosemont
Development Company, on King street
e, ended, from which it proposes to sup
ply the consumers of Rosemont and
George Washington Park as desired.
The company makes a complete denial
of the statement that sufficient water is
not furnished, for fire protection, owing
to the size of the Mhains. It declares that
the mains are of sufficient site but if
there is a lack of watlr it is caused by
the small openings from the main to
the fire hydrants.. The company declares
its intention to construct a new 12-inoh
main on Madison street from Washing
ton to Fairfax street which will augment
the supply of water available for fire
use. but it is unable to do so because
of the failure of the city to grade Mad
ison street.
The company declares that it is un
able to make any plans, for furnishing
water for the annexed territory-until the
city has designated the streets to be
laid off and the grades established.
A denial is made of the right of the
rorporation Commission to change the
regulation of the company in reference
to the collection of water rents in ad
The same position is taken in refe'
ence to the rates charged hv the com
pany, but a statement is attached show
ing the rates in 37, cities of the rnited
States in which it is claimed that the
rates of the Alexandria Water Company
are as low if not lower than te average
rate charged by all the private owned
companies in the United States.
In reference to the charge that the
earnings of the company are beyond a
fair return upon the investment, the com
pany answers that while it is true the
affairs have been managed in an eco
nomical manner and that 'the company
i prosperous. that no dividends were
declared for many years after its incor
poration. The company ha- on hand a
cash halance of iss than Slw and has
a floating debt of 1225", hearing inter
est at the rate of 5 per cent.
In answer to the charge that the com
pany has purchased real estate in ex
cess of the amount to which it is en
titled by the charter, it is stated that the
only land purchased has been reservoirs.
storage sheds, etc.
The will of the late Julian T. Burke
was admitted to probate today In the
Circuit Court. The testator lraves his
estate to his wife, Mrs Esther D. Burke,
who qualified as executrix.
R. E. Lee Camp. Confederate Veter
lan,. wilt hold its monthly meeting Mon
dav night. when offi-ers will he elected
for the year. Arrangements will he made
for the annual memori3l day exercises,
May 24.
Members of Post F. Travelers Pro
te-tive Association have indorsed Daniel
V. Sale, of Lynchburg. for the position
of national president of the Travelers'
Protective Association,
The funeral of George H. Travers took
place this afternoon from the home of
his mother. Mrs. Margaret Travers. at
l2 North Patrick street. Services wer-e
conducted by Rev. Edgar Carpenter, rec
tor of Grace P. E. Church.
Miss Katherine Wright delivered an
address today before the local branch
of the Virginia War Relief Association
in the rooms of the Chamber of Com
The twenty-seventh and thirtieth de
gtess of Masony were conferred tonight
on a large class of candidates at the
Masonic Temple.
IFuneral services for Mrs. Edward H.
Patterson, who died Ttuesday, will be held
at the residence, 710 Eighth street north
east, at 2o'clock this afternoon. Inter
Fment will be private.
Funeral services for George T. Wells,
ar., of River road, who died Tuesday, w'ill
be held this morning at St. Ann's Church
Tennallytown, where requlem mass will
be celebrated.
Funeral services for John H. Dripps,
who died Tuesday, will be held today at
2:30 O'clock at the residence of C. H.
Korts, 13C Kenyon street northwest.
Funeral services- for Mrs. Laura
Thomnae, who died Monday, will be held
at her late residence, 94 Twenty-seventh
street northwest, today at 2 o'clock.,
Funes'al sIvtes for Thomas E1
Mudgeone, wh died Monday, will be held
at his late residence, ete Pourth staet
southesat at 2 o'clock this afternoon,
iWahngs Lodge of Elks .will odfielate
at the services and at the Intersment in
Artiastosm etn
3111:1111tIT!ST ENKII'pp GM ML .FAST
ia.r.... cotkii amoumi
Jrdieion Over Aquedc Nefty 130 Merchast. Have Joined
e ."..a*. eoxt|er| k - c... ..tio Al.a,-N- er
info ed the Se.t and HouNe ie-t are r .
trift COMMittee that he concurred in E ae oE = W
the adverse report of the chief of_____
efineqri on the bill providing I"w With entrants enkrolling by the
the transfer Of control over Weahinif wooree each day. contestants in the
aqueduct from the War iDewatmeilt window display competition to be
to the Comi"s.loners., The n- conductG by the Chamber of Comn -
trol at _present iU divided, and a- mere next week will have reached
restary B er doe" not eustain the the 00 mark by the close of the en
cOnt~htIom of the Commisuiion that try list tomorrow, the chamber be
divided control Invites friction. lievee. Nearly at$ merchants have
etrolled so far. The Prises are of
Ameeting of thq Judiciary subeom- fted" by . the international Corres
mittee Of the Senate District M- peadeto school In the form of echol
mitt.. has been called for 10:20 arehipe.
o'clock this morning by senator Pew- New atranta are: tarles M. Stief.
*rane. of Ohio. The bills Provid g Weke-Goseard store. A. Ebry's
for the election of a District delegate sons. J. 0. VoCrory Company. Henry
to Congress and. the Joidt resolution S. Alder & non. United 5 and 10
proposing a constitutional ameondjmet Cent store, the Louvre. Huyler's
enfranchlaing the District both will Candy, the Mode Whelan's, Shaw &
be considered. It io considered poe. Brown Co.. the "ac Shop. Courtlqr'si
ethic that the subcommittee will be Cafe, W. B. Moses & lions. Schmedtie
ready th act on either or boh of the Bros., Charles Schwartz & Sops. the
measures today. rBoot Shop, Sol Louis, the Loeh Comn
panly. J. Schiosbey & Bros.. M. Eim
It is reported that oil fields have been enman & Bro.. O'Donnel's, Blaclcistone,
discovered in the Vacuifa Mountains of Pfeiffer Piano Company, Columbia
Bolivia. Oraphophone Comparty, . Caa&?dy's.
rte fit Fewe alteraIIII
de inhaf-an uar
c?,zey ht ihorhlfszs u
position , rst ts thr ssaclamn
eslu. llury. lv%
ten"11-o Karry opie 9"7 bp
Dn t H p t iwm f ties
Shop. Alain maaloEitt Company. this be
Boaton Sho k store. ra Wldhi & DLB Enn l I wlt"
"onc the Hub suriture Company. fi foe haewflEty.
RUPPrt. . F Drop C.. Hrs.iy of thins will appear for the
RuppAttoney A. A. Dtroopl nei M.n Co. Mea.n.ncti
the Tailor; Great Atlantic & Peels De m cn L.He and Police- on p ti A i.
Tea. Company. Nttinl fturiture glin r*preeet Detective EEeet. wfIe
Company, Hoskins rnriture Comn- WIll Be Placed on Trial Albout Assistant Corporatien CommneeRburt 1.
Pany. Hopkins Furbiture Company, W iam has bum. detailed by Corpora.
Bedell & Co., Kneessles Bone. Wbitea's April 12 for Unlawful Eatry. ties Coan"eats tom leook after~ the him
(Inc.). W. 8. Jenks & Soins Young tees of Poli"emAta Elliott Attortes
& Co., Max Needle & Co.. sea 0gm.l a eotv ao oe n oie Jobs C. lpote. who Is Uhe peum coim
Drug Store. n th c v* warPlat
men J. R. WlIotI. of the Police *" eel" for Mirs, Kensoett. will alid Mr. Give.
liqoid wll be placed on trial abtout I r go ietacacts for her ade of the
GEN. WAM TO hrAX April 12 before a jury sitting in Judge caAps
MuloWnw's divisaon of Police Court
Civil W .r vteran . "Appemos They are chrged with having unlawfully to be Ched uLine.
a in entered the home of Mrs. Kenett
mat 32 Delaware avenue northeast. at 3 Amy V . C. A. Will tranisoh tram
Gen. Whitaker, who wath chief of stir o'clock 0 the morning o March .
to Gen. Custer during the civil war, and They appeared In court yeseday morn. Riding and Ilout Club avent.
who bore the la of truce at Appomndte in and pleaded not guilty to the charge. Plane have been completed for t.
tox at the time of the surrender. April Both deand ed a trial by jury big society circus to be held at the
9. 1Ap, wilt attend the celebration of
"Appomnattox .Day.', to be held under Assistant United States District Attor- Riding and Hunt Club the might or
auspices of Lincoln Camp No. 2. Sons of ney Ralph 0lo si. Who Will bo in charge
Veteriann. at the meeting place of the of the prosecution, aseerted last evening
camp. 2101 E street northwest. Monday that he had mapped out his oce work . . C. A. Every feature of the big
evening, April '. so that thie cas would be called about globe-trotting circuses will be repro.
The camp has elected George Alpha e April 12. though he has not st reached duced on a email scale. including a
Howe, F. S. Greene. and J. Miltion Jeeter a final decision upon this point. parade and side phowe.
am delegates to the Maryland Division The jadges in police court exchange On the floor under the big tent
ncioment. to be held at Baltimore. y courtrooms evern year on April 1. Judge will be the side shows, with room for
May 23 and 24. It has also Indorsed thePugho who heard their Ps yesterday dancing. The side show, willcontain
,asididty of Past Commander Charles morning, will go in the 'istrict branch rat men bearded ome Punch and
M. Overaiter for the office of diision of poll e court on Sturda. Judy. and other wonders The exha on
commander. Following their pleas of not guilty the seat wit, b opened next Tuesday.
yefarpp enheimer
Je . otre twG
Cn presenting theheacsofor heruspdehofmth
esi upnemrClte- elcneinc n e. t Om vnt
dons. Shoeslhathglovesecollaslhavedlong bee
'orwad ode fr en hocarythehed nd holdrs i a for d th-eei fteAm
utcai e itedtoa icty Tlktoth K ppnhferde Ye. Pic .eryfaurfth i
onbetrttrgeqcueuest.e epo
tors ofde andossjdSnaes in Men'ncCudtngna
spring productihs ofotheuHOUSEOFhKUbPENHEeME
he eaccusi.eTWashidetohowepwisentottaen
fen at Amen . addwmn uc n
TiTT1~1TIJ~lthf~l1T1II1II1folowing theIr lealf notgul t thef set wil opnex Tueday
e o 7uppeneune
Caifh 91.TeHus fKpehunr~"~~

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