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The New
Around i
Safely~n-with a box
A. Lisner Hours
At the Theat
Belaaeeo-'The Little Shepherd of
I Kiagdom Come."
A powerful and dramatic story Is ex
pected when Eugene Walter's new play.
"The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come."
is produced at the Belasco for the first
time, next Monday evening.
The premiere will be a benefit perform
ance for the Pierce Guild and a record
crowd will welcome this drama founded
on John Fox's much read and much loved
novel. Thousands have been drawn to
that manly and loving characterization.
Ctad. the ".Little Shepherd of Kingdom
Come." whose love of Jack, the dog, al
most precipitates a feud between the
Dillon and Turner Clano.
The play has been staged by Edward
J. MacGregor. Rehearsals have been in
progress for several weeks under the
personal supervision of the author, who
has been helping to se:ect a cast able
to portray the many and various types
found among the pioneers in the Cum
berland Moutains, Just before the civil
War. The company will include Jack
Davis, Robert Forrest, Mona Hunger
ford. Wallace Owen. S. James. R. H.
Barrett, Frank Gerback, George Dunn.
David Ross. Louise Mackintosh. Crosby
Little, James Mace. Claf Skoolan. Robert
Rogers, C. D. Woods, Mark Price, Joseph
Mann. and Jack, the dog.
Natioeal-Zegfeld Follies."
The "Ziegfeld Follies" is to be pre
sented at the New National Theater next
week. The revue this season is being
offered in two acts and eighteen scenes
afI of whlch have been desigid and
painted by Joseph Urban, the noted
Viennese seenic artist. Channing Pol
lock. Rennold Wolf and Gene Buck sup
plied the lines and lyrics. The score is by
LouIse Hirsch and Dave Stamper. Julian
MAchell and Leon Errol staged the mas
sive work. The cast is made up of 150
players which inc:udes Ina Claire, Anna
Pennington. Lucille. Cavanagh. Emma
Mabel Haig. Kay Laurell, Vivian Oak
land. Mae Hennessey, Dagmar Oakland,
Ethel De:mar, Grace Jones. Dorothy
Godfrey. Bert William.e Leon Errol, W.
C, Fields. ED Wynn. Will West. Charles
Purcell. Carl Randall. George White,
Phil Dwyer, Gladys Loftus. Eleanor
Dell, Arthur Rose, Addison Young, and
many others.
National Today-Elmeadorf
Sicily will be the theme of Dwight El
mendorfs travel talk to be presented
at the New National Theater this after
noon at 4:3n.
The tour will *tart at Naples, and con
tinue through Pompeii. Pozzuoli. Ravello,
Amalfi. Sorrento and Capri. and thence
to Palermo the picturesque capital city
of Sicily, with its Norman Cathedral. its
palaces, churches. museums, and orange
groves. Other places to be visited will
be Syracuse, with its Greek theaters and
temples. Taormina. with its views of
Mount Etna and its world-famous Greco
Roman theater, and Castrogiovanni. The
illustrations for this lecture have all
been made and colored by the lecturer
Pot's Theater will next week offer not
only a very attractive but a seasonable
play in "Clothes," the society comedy
drama in which Grace George found suc
"Clothes" is the work of Avery Hop
wood and Channing. In it the authors
have Injected the dramatic elements of
social life. Playgoers well remember
the character of Olivia Sherwood. a girl
who I& living in an atmosphere of social
display. She loves dress and goes into
debt for the sake of finery. Her income
has become reduced. Her many shares
of stock are really valueless, hut the
lawyer who attends to her affairs con
coals the facts from her and supplies
her with money. He Is not yet divorced
from a wife whom he does not love, but
he plans to win the girl, though she is
about *to marry a rich lover.
Adele Rowland. late of "Nobody
Home.' and "Katinks," will next week
make her debut here in Keith vaude
ville, when shte will offer "Story-Songs"
Four well-.known song writers contrib
uted her repertoire, and one of them.
Dave Stamper accompanies her on the
piano. Anothd vaudiGille debut will be
that of Frank Mcintyre, of '"The Trav
eling Salesman" fame, who, with his
own company, wIll offer "The Hat
Salemman." Amelia Stone and Armuand
Kalis,, in their new operetta. "Mans
selle Caprice;" Will Oakland and com
pany In "At the Club;" Charles Howard
and comp~ny in "A Happy Comxblna
tin;" D~olorhs Vallecita and her Indian
leeperd pets; Mae Doily and Charles
Mack; Myrt and Dlelmar; the organ re
estals, apsd the Pathe pictorial, are other
Next Sunday the bill will comprise the
features of the curreat week.*
Mexice le the sees of a beagitiful leve
story. "The neart of Paula.i starring
Lesore -,Urieh, which will be '~nat
Lowe's Coluabla next week. beginning
muiday and estinolng until Wednesday.
In sappert of Miss Ulich e Velna
Lafier, Jack Livingston. Ferreet. taley,
Newarj Davies, HeurhetSai and
otherS. Yh dy, Fr'ids', ebt ~tur
day, an omisne picture. "The Race.'- In
wMe Vites' Meer. ad Anita MK
he World
of "Holeproof" Hoe
-The Fame.s "Hel.preef"
Silk Lisle at $2.00 and Maco
Yarm at $1.50 per box of six
pairs, or $2.00 for three pairs
of Silk "Holeproof."
Uink up this New Men's
Shop with "Holeproof" Hose
with most central location and
always a full supply.
9 to 6 G Street
.rs Next Week
the stars, will be shown. Miss King re
cently made a trip across the American
continent in an automobile unaccom
Panied and the story of the picture is
based on this trip. The auto is demol
ished but Miss King escapes with but
slight injuries. The romance of this
picture is said to be also Interesting.
"The Kissing Girls." Sam Howe's bur
lesque company, makes its first appear
ance at the Gayety next. week with its
''Live Wire Shqw." This organization is
headed by Sam Howe. Margaret Flavin,
and Eva Mull. and carries with it an
elaborate scenic equipment. A two-act
musical comedy. "The Kissing MaId." is
the piece-de-resistanee. During the ac
tion of the burlesque a number of vaude
ville specialties are introduced as well as
several novelty features.
A troupe of trained dogs, monkeys and
cats will present an animal play at the
Cosmos Theater the last half of this
week, beginning with today's matinees,
when Wood's Animal Actors will be seen
In 'A Romance of Dogville." The Three
Norris Sisters, singers and dancers. will
present a musical feature; F'redo and
Bell. a comedy of the sidewalk. Cla,
ence Wilbur will ofter a new type of
laughmaker, and Lew Fits Lewis. a mu
Sical novelty.
Harry Sauber and his company in 'rhe
Fortune Hunters" will continue as the
leading ttia 7% newsagrre
i ractionS, and An
tonio Moreno. featured in "Kennedy
Square," will be the photoplay.
The Sunday concerts will feature an
orchestral program with new specialties.
Garden-Freature PM=s.
Francis X- Bushman will head the
double feature program at Moore's
Garden Theater from Sunday to Wednes
day inclusive in "The Wall Between."
The added attraction will be Frank
Daniels, in "Mr. Jack Dunks. the All
money." On Wednesday and Thursday
the added attraction will be the seventh
episode of "The Strange Case of Mary
Page." On Thursday, for one day only
the program will be further augmented
by Charles Richman and Arline Pretty
in "The Surprises of an Empty Hotel."
On Friday and Saturday Virginia Pear
son wfil headline the bill in "The Hunted
Woman." The comedy attraction on
these days will be "Copping a Bachelor."
Ste'aim..p eature Filt's.
"The Flying Torpedo." featuring John
Emerson and Bessie Love will occupy
the headline position at Moore's Strand
Theater on Sunday, Monday and Tues
day. "The Village Blacksmith," a trav
esty upon Longfellow's ballad, will con.
stiute the auxiliary attraction on these
On Wednesday and Thursday Norma
Talmadge. Ralph Lewis, Seena Owen
and Tully Marshall will be featured in
"Martha's Vindication. The supplemen
tary feature will be "Gypsy Joe." For
the remainder of the week the program
will be headed by Mabel Taliaferro in
"Her Great Price." The comedy por
tion of the bill will be "From Altar to
"Just Out of College," George Ade's
Coedy, is the pbtoplay feature at
h Frohor Sunday. It was produced
in the Frohman Amusement Company's
studios and the cast Includes Eugene
O'Bren. Amelia Summerville Mrie
Edith Wells. Ben Hendricks and Jck
Sherrill.. Alice Brady is to be seen on
Monday and Tuesday in a ndw World
Film feature entitjed "Then I'll Come
Back to You." John Mason, supported by
Clara. Whipple will be seen in the
Equitable release, "The Reapers." for
Wednesday and Thursday. F1-iday and
Saturday's feature is -another Equitable
subject. "The Struggle.'e
Hippodronse--Feature Sunms.
The Hippodrome Theater is- offering
three exceptional dramatic features for
the last three days of this week be
sinning fbday with "The Crimson Stain''
a story of the Canadian NJorthwest which
tells of a fallen woman's lov'e for a memI
ber of the famndus mounted police force,
anding in her sacrifice for his happiness.
The "Crimson Stain.' like many of the
stories emanating from life in -the great
Northwest, is full of action and s -said
to have a wonderful natural setting also.
Friday the feature will be "Secret Foe,"
telling of a young woman's struggle tn
free herself from the terrible grip of the
lirug habitt
"turd ioffered' a European drama
TeBnsof Passion." the story ofa
woman disappointed in love,
Several Ger'mgif chemists are 'endi r
log to find etouoiniam prcesses for the
recovery of cogihati. mterial from
teal aaheq
or 4ypsa su~~O
William A. Schwgr dreger
Fails in JsAlBatde Waged
Apinst D. C. Heads.
justice.Rules Applicant Had Epilepy
Before Becoming a Membr of
Fire Deartoment.
William A. fchwerdtfeger yesterday
lost his suit to compel the District Com
missioners to place his name on the pen
sion roll of Bremen. Justice Stafford
ruled in the District Supreme Court that
the evidence presented by the defend
ants showed that Mr. Schwerdtfoger had
had epilepsy before becoming a member
of th4 Fire Department and that*aa in
jury In a fire here had aggravated this
nervous disorder, making him unfit for
future service.
Mr. Schwerdtfeger brought suit on Oc
tober 4. 1911. for the mandamus writ to
force the Commissions to pay him $5C
a month for the remainder of his life.
He was injured - during the Are at the
American fAve and ten cent stores, in
Seventh street. on Christmas Eve of
1913. laying for four hours in a mass of
debris in an almost unconscious condi
After his rescue he-was taken to a hos
pital. and when he was released from
there he claimed to have been injured
so that it was impossible for him to
work again In the fire department.
He applied for a pension. The exam
ining board of the Police and Fire De
partmenta decided that his trouble was
epilepsy and that he could have returned
to work had he not suffered from this
disease. The Commissioners therefore
refused him the pension and he was dis
charged from the department on Janu
ary 27. 1915. on account of disability.
Justice Staffor4 dismissed the petition
of the plaintiff. who noted an appeal
through Attorney Robert H. McNeil. As
sistant Corporation Counsel Stephens ap
pears for the Commissioners. The costs
of the suit were assessed against Mr.
Frank Bell. C. S., Will Address Audi
ence at Poli's Theater on Sunday.
Last of Series of Talks.
The last of the series of lectures on
Christian Science to be given this season
under auspices of the local Christian Sci
ence churches. will be delivered at Poli's
Theater Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
The lecturer will be Frank Bell. C. S., a
member of the board of lectureship of
the FIrst Church of Christ. Scientist, in
Boston, Mass.
All authorized lecturers on the subject
of Christian Science are members of this
board of lectureship and are appointed
with special reference to their qualflea
tion as speakers and their understanding
of the subject upon which they speak.
The object of this is that strangers to
the subject and those seeking Informa
tion may feel assured that they will hear
only the truth about Christian Science,
Its discoverer and its text book.
Mr. Bell is among the newly appointed
members of the board of lectureship and
has not been heard in Washington be
fore, although his writings in the various
periodicals are familiar to all students
of Christian Science. Arrangements for
seating all who may desire to hear the
lecture have been made, so that strangers
need have no fear of being obliged to
WAahington Centennial Lodge No.
14 Plans Ladies' Night.
As compensation for the many lonely
nights at home while 'hubby, daddy,
brother. or sweetheart" cavorted at the
lodge, the wives. mothers, sisters, and
sweethearts of the members of Washing.
ton Centennial Lodge. No. 14, F. A. A.
M.. %ill be the honor guests at an en
tertainment to be given at the Raleigh,
April 27.
According' to the announcement of
Worshipful Master James S. McCarthy,
the feminine contingent of the lodge
will be shown the appreciation the
masculine members feel for their civiliz
ing influence. Therefore. "the band will
play, the singers will sing. the joke
tellers will crack their latest, %upper will
be served, and then we will on with the
dance. The dance will be lead by our
handsome baby past master, Paul Edgar
Lesh, with Mrs. Lesh."
To aid in teaching the touch system of
typewriting or piano playing there has
been invented a horisontal shield that
is worn on the nose and supported from
the ears like spectacles.
Don't you need a chai
Wouldn't you Eke to d
and take a little ei
Ask your wife about il
Ask her if she wealda
Aiready the great boal
ike appearace.
That bracing se airi
And the sun beams be
-- Leaves Waskigle 13:40
Ddhng Rher br~go-e
See T A Lipestt, District
Cor. lsth and'G Streets,
The Shhndmad Rn
Puiman aunches Cgasip
Against Rwirlen Driving
of Hospital Vehicles.
Emerseney Drivgr Escapes Fu Be
capio Run Was Ursent-Pie.
Captain Urged to Keep Vil
A campaign against the reckless kriv.
Ing of aMbUlaaeee was launched by 3W.
Pullman y, followine the ar
rest o1 Cari th, colored. chauffeur
of the Emergeney Wespital machine, for
speeding Tuesday night.
While the captains of the eleven po
lice precinets were assembled at the
District Building yesterday afternoon to
organize a revolver and rile club, the
Major instructed them to see that am.
bulances were not driven recklessly
through their precincts. He wamed them,
however, not to stop an ambulance while
on a call, but merely to summon the
chauffeur to court.
'Superintendent Lawis, of the Emerg
ency Hospital." said Maj. Pullman; "has
told me that he is with us In our efforts
to stop reckless operation of the ambu
The Milaor said that numerous com.
plaints have been made to the police dur
ing the past few months by persons who
said they narrowly escaped being
knocked down by the ambulance.
In Police Court yesterday morning
Judge Mullowny did not fine Smith. The
ambulance doctor testified that the case
on which they were arrested was an
urgent one. a man bleeding profusely.
Judge Mullowny ruled that in such an
urgent case the chauffeur's personal
bonds be taken.
Maj. Pullman and Detective J. E. Hur
ney trailed the ambulance in the police
headquarters car Tuesday night. Hur
ney told the court that the speedometer
on the police car registered twenty-eight
miles an hour.
Assistant Corporation Counsel Taggart
informed the court that the lives of pe
destrians are frequently endangered by
the reckless speed of the Emergency
ambulance. Judge Mullowny said he was
concerned only with the present case.
which, he said, was undoubtedly an
emergency case.
Ends Life Fearing Tuannity
Philadelphia. March 5.-Philip
Sternberg. real estate promoter, former
manufacturer of knit goods, and pro
prietor of a chAin of motion picture
establishments In this city, ended his
life by gas early today in the batht
room of his home: Finanolal reverses
and a fear of insanity are said to have
been the reasons.
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Iw. You mc be thankful s long as you lie that
You d4 it.
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raE "Slee car RamS.."
Passenger. Soliciter, N.-EK
Washington, or telephone
~read of America
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