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NO. 3452. WEATME-FAIL WASHII!OT fl D. -C. FREW.~Y. MAUCA 31. 1916.ON
Young Teuton Stowaway
Holds Up Crew of Fifty-six
at Revolver Point.
Singlehanded Pirate Rules
Vessel, Threatening to Blow
Up Ship if Men Resist.
Orders Vessel to Delaware Breakwater,
Where Pilot an' Coast Guard
Men Efect Capture.
apedal to The Wasbigto Hmid.
Lewes. Del., March -,.-A tall blond
haired young German giving his name
as Ernest Schiller is in the lockup here
tonight charged with piracy for having
captured a British ship with a crew of
fifty-six men single-handed on the high
Schiller stowed away on the British
steamship Matopho in Hoboken and
crawled out of the lifeboat at b o'clock
last night after the steamship had
cleared Sandy Hook lightship. With two
ugly looking revolver". Schiller made his
way to the cabin of Capt. Richard Berg
ner and took charge of the vessel, n hih
was bound for Vladivostock, Siberia,
with barbed wire and railroad materials.
lie kept the British captain a prisoner
in his cabin whis lie proceeded to the
wireless station and rounded up the two
wireless operators. smashing the wire
less outrit. Schiller then marched the
two operators to the captain's quarters.
and sent for the second engineer, to
whom lie issued instructions to keep the
vessel on its course during the night.
That he fnnally was captured and his
plans w-re frustrated. Schiller blames on
"four pals in Hoboken who backed out
and left me alone to go ahead without
'Wftt the 'ileond engine~er, 5.chill r
also sent out word tr- fie other offi
cera and the crewr not to attempt to
rescue the captain under penalty of
certain geath for his prisoners and
all hands on board. Schiller told See
ond LUn;ieer Harris to notify the en
tire crew that their life depended cin
Schller's good humor, because lie had
mined the vessel and loaded its cargo
w ith bombs, which lie could explode
at any moment he saw fit.
Crew Obeys His Orders.
"The life of every man of thi ship
depends on absolute obedience to my
orders, Schiller told his captives.
"See that they are carried out to the
letter if you value your life. If you
do as I tell you I shall endeavor to
save you all, and destroy the ship
without loss of life."
Ouring the whole night the British
crew obeyed Schiller blindly, and
headed the vessel down the coast as
their captor commanded, after he
had ransacked the boat 'for papers.
money, and guns. He cooly confis
cated three revolvers he found among
the English officers. and also discov
ered ten pounds in English money
and $12 in American currency.
In the morning Schiller went on
the bridge with the captain and or
dered the ship headed for the Dela
ware Breakwater. He claimed that
lie had assured himself that the cargo,
after all, was not such bad contra
band as he had suspected when he
smuggled himself on board, and that
the captain's story during the night
about his wife and children in Eng- I
land had greatly impressed him. For
these reasons, Schiller announced that
he would spare everybody on board.
and give them a chance to take to
the boats and land before the vessel
blew up. Nobody, however, was to
Fair Women Turn
the Tables
The Hunters No w
the Hunted
Female Social Pirates wreak
justified vengeance on Male
Wolves, who heretofore have
dhern the lambs.
It's intensely interesting
this reversal of the~usual order
of thingp-and it's told com
pletely in the series now run
ning eiclively in the Maga
zme Section of the Sunday
Herad-"lhe Seeial Pirates."
Each story is complete-nz
Sunday's s "The Coucn &s
Villa Executes 172
After Taking Tom
laternational News Service.
San Antonio. Te., areh 3&.
News reached Gen. Fnmaton to
night that within the last two
days Villa has invested the town
of Guerrere and taken the ar
rison of 172 mea out, lined them
up and shot them.
Reliable information plates
Villa dealitely oa the Sn Gem.
Imo rech, at the headwaters of
the Santa Maria River.
Neveral detachments of Ame,
Ilean troops. believed to be Col
Dalla's Command, are in that lw
cnlity, known as the Guerrr
Bandit Said to Have Been
Shot in Skirmish Near
lsemnaltictal News Seeraci
El Paso, Tex., March 3-In the news
from Mexico and along the border today
these facts stand out.
Gen. Gabriel Gavira. the Carranza com
niander. received a telegram from Gen.
IHrtani. at Madera, which said Fran
cisco Villa was wounded near Guerrero,
in a skirmish with Carranzistas on Wed
nesday afternoon.
Mexican onsul Andres Garcia and
(;en. Garcira claim they have had no
iotifikation from the tirst chief of xr
mission hat ing been granted to Ehip
iupplies to Anierican troops over the
Mexican Northwcsteirn.
iilia -ear Guerrero.
After a secret conference with Gen.
Bell this morning. Gavira sent a mes
sage to Minister of War Alvaro Obre
gon asking for instructions, but has not
yet had a reply.
Carranza has ordered Gavira to seize
for military purposes the only epgine a
dgaasg to oadith'. to haul freight
The Carranistas say Villa is near Guer
rere tonight. This is 300 miles south
or the border at Columbu4 and 100 miles
wsest of Chihqahua City.
The nearest American troop to Villa
are twcnty nile. north of Provideia.
O)ther detachments are at Tepehiuanes.
Co s, Colonia Chulchupa, San Miguel
ranrh. and Colonia Dublan.
A inmber of bridges between Madera
and La Junta on the Northnestern were
1.urncd esterd, presumably by Vil
istas under Col. i'ervontes.
Wireless Interference.
Colimius repoits uireless interference
has increased to sIch a degree that it
was almost impossible for Gen. Pershing
to transmit a code message to Gen.
Funston, at tl San Antonio headquar
terr. The itlerference is of such power,
and it is so near, that it can come only
from Juarez, according to secert service
men, who are making an Investigation.
Meager Details of Fight.
The details of the lighting between
Vi:la and Carranistas in the Guerrero
district are meagre. Due to previous
misinformation from the same source
they would not he credited if not borne
out in part by officlal communication to
have come from Gen. Pcrslilng today.
Gen. Pershing reports the fight, but
makes no mention of the bandit chief
tain having been wounded. Bertani's tel
egram said Villa had been shot in the
left leg, and was clinging to his mount
with difficulty when last seen.
Alberto Rodriguez. of Ojinaga, Killed
Wednesday--Town Across
Rio Grande.
;ea: to The E ashinetoI Hm10,.
El Paso, Tex., March 30.-Alberto E.
Rodriguez, mayor of Ojinaga, Chihua
hua. was assassinated Wednesday,
presumably by Villa sympathizers.
Andres Garcia. Carranza consul here,
was notified today by J. M. Cepeda.
his representative there. The mes
sage read: "We do not know who
did the act."
Ojinaga is across the river from
PresIdio. Tex.
Former Plunger Claims Wife Bonght
Thirty.4ve Palra at Once.
New York. March 30-AllegatIons that
his wife would buy fifty pairs of silk
stockings and thirty-five pairs of shoes at
a time, while drinking, and counter
Aarges that, although a teetotaler at
marriage, her husband commanded her
to drink because his associates all did,
are contained in the suit for separation
brought by Edward Croker, once a prom
inent race-track plunger, against Wini
fred Rt. Croker.
Mrs. Croker said that the papers in the
separation suit were served on her in a
sanitarium, where she had gone at the
request of her husband and brother, to
recover from the effects of overindul
gence in liquor. She alleged she had
agreed to ;o there for one magtf. but
discovered she had been enmaIstad h
Justice Laeaung ftg a w
Eugene Kane, Surrendering
Self, Tells How Waite's
Money Dazzled Him.
Undertaker Explains He Did
Not Think Deception
Would Bring Trouble.
Declares Dentist Was Wild with Ex
citement When Bargain Over
Fluid Was Struck.
5Wciau to The washlast= eril.
New York- March 30-The frightful ner
vous strain induced by having 39.000 in
large bills suddenly and unexpected
thrust into one's unwilling fingers, was
described to District Attorney Sawn to
night by Eugene Oliver Kane, expert em
This happened, Kane admits, on March
N. when Arthur Warren Waite. know
ing that detectives were trailing him.
and seeing visions in sleepless nights of
the electric chair, was imploring Kane
to supply the district attorney with a
sample of embalming fluid containing
arsenic, and so deceive theauthorities
as to the cause of John 1. Peck's
It was Waite alone, Kane mid, who
formulated a plot to deceive JustUes
Waite still driven by the bad man of
Egypt. Every suggest in to falsify the
embalming fluid came from Waite.
Kane merely listened. saying neither no
nor yes to any of the dentist's argu
ments, or pleas, but sure in his own
mind, lie told Judge Swann, that he
would never get himself into trouble by
such a stupid trick. -
Gave Him Roll of Ills.
He led Waite along, so Lo pgeWfr.
ious to "e how far his frightemed ma.
would go, and finalty agreed, at WsSWa
insistence, to meet Waite at a cigar stofe
in Fifty-ninth street near Ninth avenue.
And then Waite appeared, out of breath.
hair on end, eyes wild with excitement.
thrusting at Kane a roll of bills.
"For God's sake get that stuff in the
embalming fluid and get a sample
down to the district attorney," Waite
"And I'll tell you, judge," Kane con
tinued. "I was so flustered, and so
scared, that I didn't know what I was
doing. Im not used to having young
fortunes crammed into my finger-. It
flustered me, and before I could shove
the money back at Waite lie was out
and gone."
There was much more of the sarre
purport-all revealing Kane as a stu
dent of psychology, and entirely inno
cent of wrongdoing, or even thought
of wrongdoing. The whole story, in
Judge Swann's opinion, will bear
heavily against Waite when the den
tist goes on trial for the murder by
poison of his father-in-law, Mr.
The cash received from Dr. Waits
will be surrendered to the district at
torney tomorrow by Kane. After the
emblamer had finished his direct
statement tonight he was permitted to
go home on the assurartce.of his law
yer that he would return to the Crim
inal Courts Building tomorrow for
further questioning.
says He Buried Cash.
Tomorrow morning he promises to
lead Assistant District Attorney John
T. Doeling to the spot where he hid
the cash. He hinted today that he
had buried the $11,000 roll near Grecn
port, Long Island. where he was on
Tuesday and Wednesday nights. but
Mr. Dooling was inclind to thiik that
the money was not far from Kane's
home in West Fifty-seventh ctreet.
Kane's appearance at the district
attorney's office this afternoon was
unexpecteld. While no order for his ar
rest had been issued, he was, never
theless, being diligently sought on
the general theory formed by Judge
Swann, that a material witness ruam
ing loose with $9,000 in his pocket
ought to be pretty carefully tabbed.
Kane managed to keep out of the
sight of the detectives on Wednes
day night, and tis morninsr, ob
taining. meanwhile, the advice of coun
sel, and this afterncon he showeed usp
at Judge Swann's ollice a'vl said that
he was ready to tell all that he knew
about Waite's plot. He W~s ques
tioned by Assistant Distrier. Attorney
Dooling, with several assistants
standing by.
New York, March 30-Hans Winkler
anid JoEgn Roudin, two German stow
aways, who were taken off the Hollagd
Anterican liner Costerdyk .on March 2.
got, tired of waiting at Ellis Island for
the end of the war to bring them free
doni. Today they riAade a break for the
Jersey shore, swimming about dive iun
Ldfred yards through the Icy water to. the
Cefitral Railroad of Npw Jesey ys~,
where they were arrested. They egesped
by tearing blanikets and sheets into~tqp
ame nusnne a= thiss staie t m am
Heiress Ward oj
Will WedE
While House Formally C
Preside hra'ha
Formal announcement was made yes
terday afternoon at the White House
that Miss Alice Gertrude Gordon, former
ward of the pr-sent Mrs. Wi!son, had an
noun-ed in New York her engagement to
Dr. Cary C. Grayon. United States navy
surgeon, and personal friend, aide and
family physician to the President.
Miss Gordon's acquaintance with Dr.
Grayson ted to the meeting of President
Wilson and Mrs Gait. now his wife, in
Washington. Ir. Gia.son introduced
Miss Gordon to Miss Margaret Wilson.
The President was later preserted to
Mes Gordon, and through her met Mrs.
Norman Galt, who at that time was Miss
Gordon's guardian.
MIss Gordon was born in Mechlinburg
County. Virgi ia. twenty-five years ago.
Her parents moved to Washington when
she was a few years old, and she has
German Assaults in Douau
mont Region Checked with
Heavy Teuton Losses.
Secial Cable to The W.llingtn Herald.
Paris, March 3A.-After twelve days of
comparative quiet in the Douaumont
region, the Germans renewed their infan
try attacks in this sector this morning.
There had been heavy artillery bombard
ments of the trench lines here for some
days in preparation for the attact. and
the assault was accompanied by the
throwing of burning liquids
The attack %an completely repulsed.
Shortly afterward a second attack was
lautiched.' and again the effort resulted
in entire fai!ure. The German losses in
both attacks were considerable.
Last night the Germans made several
ccunter-attacks against the French posi
tions in the Avo-ourt wood. All the at
tacks were repulsed by the French fire
curtain with heavy losses. Piles of Ger
man dead were left in front of the Axo
court redoubt. Today there was only
artIllery activity on. the western bank.
Thte French aviation corps has been
very active in the past twenty-four hours.
All told, seven Germatn aeroplanes were
brought down by French avIators and
anti-aircraft guns, while all the French
aviators returned unharmed. Five of the
German machines were brought down in
the region of Verdun.
Londoa. March 30.--The Russians have
at last halted their onslaughts against
the German lines between Dvinsk and
Vilna, according to today's German war
office statement, This is the first lull
since the new Russian offensive in thi,
mector began, the last two weeks having
been marked by continuous violent fight
ing west of Lake Narotch.
While semi-cifical Berlin advices assert
that the battle at the Gorizia bridgehead,
In which large Austrian and Italian
forces have been engaged since Sunday,
Ia stilin progress, today's Austrian war
ofice atajenment says Italian infyntry at
tacks, both on this front, an-d in the
Ddberdo sector, have ceased. Artillery
dtunla are stil ragIng on both fronts,
'Mrs. Wilson 1
Ir. Cary Grayson|
onfirnm Report of Coming
oo rarude Gord5n o.
clan and Friend.
resided here since. Nfi-. Wilson becam
Miss Gordon's guardian a few years ago
when IMiss Gordon's parents d-i4.
The coming event is another romance
horn in the White House. Miss Gordon
was a house guest of Miss Margaret
Wilson at Cornish. N. If.. last summer,
at the same tirne lrs Wilson. then Mirs.
Norman Galt, was a guest at the summer
home of the Prepident. Dr. Grayson was
there also and his attentions to Miss
Gordon were as marked as these of
President Wilson to irs. Galt.
Miss Gordon is : years old and in
herited nearly a million dollars upon the
death of her father. Nothwithstanding
her wealth she is not extravagently in
clined. and is regarded as a most
sensible, lovable young woman. She is
domestic in tier tasts and posesses a fond
ness for outdoor sports.
Immigration Measure Pre
scribing Literacy Test Adopt
ed by Vote of 308 to 87.
By a vote of 308 to 87 the House
yesterday passed the Bu;nett immi
gration bill prescribing a I.teracy test
for immigrants applying fir admis
sion into the United States.
The vote indicated that he meas
ure. which has twice been vt toed after
passing both houses of Congress.
would have the necessarN 'onstitu
tionat two-thirds majority to pass it
over the expected veto of President
Many members declared the vote
indicated almost exactly what the
vote would be if President Wilson fol
lows his former course and disap
proves the measure. The vote on the
literacy test itself was shown by a
roll call forced by Representative
Sabath, of Illinois. who presented a
motion to recommit the bill to the
immigration committee with instruc
tions to strike out the literacy teet
provision. On this vote the literacy
test was susained, 107 to 284.
The literacy test included in the
bill as passed would exclude from
admission to the United States three
months after the approval of the act:
"All aliens, over 16 years of age.
physically capable of reading, who
cannot read thse English language, or
some other language or dialect, in
cluding Hebrew or Yiddish."
The provision would direct the Sec
retary of Labor to prepare slips con
taining from thirty to forty words in
the various languages used by. immi
grants as a means of niaking tife
test. Each Immigrant would be al
lowed to select the language or dia
lect in which the test should be made.
In addition an admissible alien or
a legalized cItIzen would be author
ized to send for hisa father or grand
father over 55 years old, his wife.
mother. grandmother, or his unmar
ried . or widowe~e daughter, whether
the relatIve coelda the reading
test or not. --
Mme. Cadski's Companion
Arrested in Connection with
Welland Canal Attempt.
Capt. Tauscher Admits, How
ever, that He Acted Under
Orders from Von Papen.
Most Important Stroke Made So Far
by Department of Justice Agents.
Office Is Searched.
New York. March _0. -apt. Hans
Tausche-. husband of Mme. Gadaki,
the noted prima donna, was arrested,
today by Department of Justice
agents on the charge of "setting on
foot in this country a military expe
dition to Canada for the purpose of
destroying the Welland Canal." His
arrest is the most important )et made
in connection with the bomb and ar
son plots charged to German propa
Federal oficials say that Capt.
Tauscher was the imperial govern
ment's expert on ordnance in this
country The prisoner' admitted that
he acted under secret orders issued
by Capt. Franz von rapen. the re
called military attache of the German
Embassy at Washington.
After Capt. Tauscher rubmitted to
arrest a search of the omce was
made. Federal ometls would iot
sby whether aiy incriminating evi
dence was found.
Held I ader $25.001 Bond.
Capt Tauscher was hurried to the
Government Building and arraigned be
fore United States Commissioner Cla
enee S. Houghton. Ie was represented
by Attorney George Frankenthaler. On
motion of Assistant Distri-t Attorney
rfogei's Woods. Capt. Tauscher was held
under $T;A hail. ]i- denical hi. guilt.
Capt. Tauscher was released aftei the
National e-urity ('ompany had fir
nished the bond. 1, hur1ied to hi iihom
in West Seventy-seventh street ant de
clined to make any statement
Six Men i Pl..
Six men were implicated in the plot.
Capt. Tausdher and Von der Goltz wcre
two of them. A third, named in the nar
rant upon ahich the former was arres
ed. is Alfred A. Fritzen. He ha3 dimp
reared. The arrest of the three remain
ing men is predicted at any time.
Details of the plot acre planned "ith
infinite care. Its failure was attributed
by the government to a plain care of
"cold feet- on the part of those to wh'm
was entrusted the work of planting the
explosives. According to Von der Goltz.
the dynamiters failed to appear in Buffalo
at the appointed time.
The riot i. Detail.
United States District Attorney it
Snowden Marshall told of the ramif:ca
tion of the plot- lie said the dynamite
was purchased from one of the largest
manufacturers of explosives !n this coun
try. It was brought to New York on a
vessel said to be the Magdeburg
Late at night several of the conspira
tors procured a motor boat and Flipped
alongside the \essel. The explosives were
quickly transferred and the occupants
of the smaller boat set off at high speed.
The dynamite was landed and taken to
the boarding house of one of the plot
ters. It was then packed in six ,uit
cases and in this manner conveyed to
Because of the miscarriage of plans
District Attorney Marshall said the ex
plosives were not taken acrosA the bor
Bandit Said to Have Killed German
Subject and Two Other For
eigners at Minaca.
El Paso. Tex.. March :.-Further evi
dences of Villa's activities in the Guer
rero district were received late tonight
in a telegram via Chihuahua City. It
said that Herman Blankenberg, a Ger
muan subject. and two other foreigners
a-cre murdered at Minnea yesterday.
Blankenber; left El Paso only a- few
weeks ago to look after the mining in
terests of his employers. agalnst the ad
tice of friends and the authorities.
The other foreigners known to be in
Minaca are A. J. Locke. an American
merchant; B. Heimspel. a miner, and
Benjamin Snell. a cattle dealer.
U-Boat Victims in Sea Seven Hours.
Queenstown tviat L.ondon). March
s0.-Joseph Gleason. of Boston. a fire
man on the British steamship Eagle
point, sunk by a submarine, says that
he was in an open boat with twenty
one other survivors for seven hours in
a freesing northeaster, and a heavy
sea. The survivors were sitting in
water thigh-deep, and had no chance
to save theIr belongings. The Ameri
can consul has taken Gleasons testi
Main Commitee of C1
Through U-Boa
All Possil
Captain of Vessel Reports H
Tried to Avoid Projet
Examine Bits o
"No enemy merchantman is
unless the presence of armament
Pledge to United States governrm
"The order issued by his inajec
of Gerrnan submarines ha, becn
rence of incidents similar to the
the question."-Ambassador von E
tober r, 1915.
Since February 2o. a total of f
mate tonnage of 8-.348, has e been
cross-channel liner Sussrx was att
werc lost. Several Americans wer
sunk all but six were mcrchantmen
Special Cable to Tue
Londo-n. March 3.-Ani agrt
Reichstag main committee that
carried through by all incan- most
fil ii-uc of tle war", according
During an exhaustis e discu-,
Chancellor von Bethmiann-Hollweg,
the admiralty, and Dr. Sulf. the
It was e-pecially emphasized i
that any interft rence with tile aut
the purpose of the mov ers of the r
of tubmarine wtarfare. and the clu
thc mnoties of the nrs
The agreement rcached
Eight More Aeros
For Villa Pursuit
War Department Orders New
Machines for Border
Eight additional acroplanes were
ordered yesterdiy b" the War repart
ment for use in connretion with th,
purast of Villa Four of these will be
Curtiss machines. and four %III be of
the Sturtevant type. They will coat about
5.x cash., exlusi-e of extra parts. but
though somne nill be deliered on the
border in about two weeks. the last of
thern liijl rot be avaAable for more
than a nionth
Acoirdiig t Secretary of War Baken.
who announcPel th;e purchase, the aero
planes wi I be the most powerful ever
acquired by the army. The types were
decided upon on the basis of their
guaranteed efficleny. the rapidity at
w hleh thiey can attain a given altitude
and their carrying capacity.
They will be equipped with engines of
15o htorsepower. as against the S,-horse
power engines now used in army aircraft.
Each will be equirped to carry a pnot
and ai observer and sufficlent gasoline
tor a four-hour sustained flight.
Caialry called Out to #ASeiI
Specal cable to The Washigt ra
Rome. tiarch 3-It is reported from
Athens that policing opertions conducted
by the entente fores in several ports of
the Greek Ialands have aroused excite
ment in Athens.
A stormiy meeting took place in the
Chamber of Depuatles, the president beimg
oblIged on several ocsaions to suspn
the sitting. Premier Skouloudie was
grosty Insulted, his declarations. partie
ularly hIs refusal to give fuller explane..
tion. being greeted with hisses sad
shouts. Demonatio.s which tSk plnes
were broken up by the casalry.
Pacifist Ejected' as Wood Ta~a
New York. March 30.-Some ecite
ment attended Maj. Gen. Wood's ap.
peaance at the College of the City of
New York today, when he spoke oi1
"Preparedmess." One student. wh6 tried
to rally the forces opposed to pe
paredness. was bustled unceremontees
ty okt of the halt.
Gen. Wood said. In the course ai
his address:
"All soldiers, whether afilest es
asuhore. are believers in arbitgasa
Eorts for peace are .as old as the
world itself, but there Is no evidenma
which will warrant as in sayling tM
tre wRi be sme ease?
amber Agrees to Cary
Lt Crusade With
)1e Energy.
e Saw Wake of Torpedo and
tile-U. S. Experts to
Bronze Metal.
to be torpedoed without waring
on board such vessel 15 moved."
nt by Berlin February 4 1916.
ty the Emperor to the commanders
made so 'trmngcrt tI at the recur
Arabic case " consde-ed out of
ernstorff to scretary Lansing Oc.
orty-eiglit xeseh. w'; anr approi
sunk, with a ln- of 106 Ti (. The
acked. bnt -: sunk, and nfty lives
e seriou'ly injured (f the veselts
and thirteen wncr those of neutral
Washima-t Herald.
ement ha' bcen rcached by the
Gernany sea warfare should be
inStruleital i securng a sucre
to a 1tirelc-. dispatch todav from
41 of the -ub "cc! sa' s the drapatch
Admiral %-n Capelk, secretary for
coknial ceta'-. agai de
11 the di.. nii'.ni, ttc diM atch add
hotritic in >'" %nd was fa
CCelt m11ot1n re n the C iuct
meclk'r de, l a ce el
Siarea E apfal'. Herrl.
Parip. marib , i - , - 't"
port Of It-e ralts- ta
nel 2,t-amn:),P r n t ou .
ltancr, unde ,a de a e
b an han
net taSt Frida h h bout
firty liveF. th f-o" In I ' 0,
'T Pr Icl:r d , th
"ake or a 10 ;,n01,-f.
- Immediately o-c:ej the 'tin thipty
degrees to the ':g't. and r crdee t
accelerate the '-ai. er, ori- tt,
stoppage o! tt, . t'rboard e-gtne.
w hich %as ato ,a 'e done . % .I .
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State iepartmen' , ,
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Capt. Moiffl: h t. Su' .'lho &am
be artuals m- the .-c aprrreaching
his ahip. A cabl from -asador Page
i London transtmtt- a . ert from the
ritish admiralty i -- a Britiph de.
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submarine whil er-a . - to rescue
Dpamenger fronm the- sa i. The Britett
mIat3j I'tatemenfT 'v-'s that this miay
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Until houra later
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Minma or the Mar belter Enginer
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A~dt Am=ador GerCard at Dartm
em the steamer Eagle Point. s detalte
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Gneks Locate Subwma hsses.
Loniom. March 30 - A Roem.wne
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