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The Ms's- Store-- I" la" that whom t0 muir I -
off'i W her Report--Fiirt . b 1
3ERMIUKS MAY &a VS hv been vllttthe
ogtto be poeseuted."
D.a p J. Kaufman'Well
STaeIoees haven: delicacy he r
OLmentioning the standard *Oil Com
S0PnY."enator Hitchcock prteriuut
"Plot*.ha Standard Oil combintion
lixist s which controls the pries of OIL
Members oep Regular rield Ids an umbrella' over the fer
., ~. ~ Independents that exist. Under It they
Dayv wiffi 1jlaft Comff- follow the big company and quote the
&Lame Price: so, in effect. the Standard'
M 'as Target. I monopoly does fix the price for the
D. J. Kaufman's whole country.,
"Since the so-called Standard Oldn
FSUIoU Leadei! T=L ABOM GASOLIN solution five years ago." continued,
gregated $290.000.000. and In ..dddition
820 S eing uitsthereto, $169.000.000 in paid-up stock
Senate Directs Inquiry Into Rise in par, a total in cash and stock dvi
Day in the last five years-ince the
Prices and Probable Viola- so-called disolution-of $459.000.000
tions of Statutes. distributed to stockholders of the
TheStndr Stadar ComComanywasth
Senator Ashurst referred to the fact
Bettpr Than Ever. Th~e standard Oil Company was the that testimony taken by tims cormit
MoueY': Worth or Moiuey Back. J target of a combined attack by almost tee in the Osage oil lease investigation
the entire membership of the Senate yes- showed that Stan4ard Oil controlled
terday in connection with the high price the producers by representation o
D. I. Kaufman of gasoline. Senator Martine. of New their directorates and Insisted upon
(INCORPORATED) ~ Jersey, introduced a resolution directing the right to market the product and
the Attorney General to investigate by-product.
665-7 Pol. Ame. whether the "phenomenal increase in the "Every Senator here knows-not
price of gasoline is the result of any merely thinks-that consumers of gas
vlolation of the laws of the United oline are being robbed by some
States." thieves," said Senator Stone.
In the preamble to the resolution it
was stated "the high price of gasoline is
due to the monopoly control of the
Standard Oil combination and other in- The Cornell Club of Washington will
terests." The resolution itself was adopt- conduct a "house warming" tonight at
ted without objection, but tinaliction ts new quarter. 1504 H street north
on the preamble was deferred. It will west. The program calls for an informal
come up later. "get-together" gathering. Refreshments
"I have not the slightest doubt that will be served. Secretary H. W. Peaslee
the increase in the price of gasoline is wishes all Cornell men In the District to
without excuse," maid Senator Suther- be present.
"If It Is Made of Paper
You Can Get t At Andrews'."
Tomorrow (Saturday)
X At 12 o'Clock (Noon)
iFor the purpose of taking p f
If you have orders to place either wholesale or
retail please do so before that hour.
Vilu Open Again On Monday at the i
Usual Time
R PO Andrews Paper Company
72e7-29-31 Thirteenth Street Nt Wt
It Is the hhole of tli
Wheat Berryghtoa
No erlOdnayFoue re betnurobed Wysm
ItsNo WatYoEtdut Wat ousuarg toigt a
Ma etYo eqalt,14Hy sre nrh
OrdesFro Your rogrmcrnfra
13|ALM| RuaT
.izabt Baldwin Better. Accordiag to
Her Father's ltter to Ambassa
dot Sharpe in Paris.
Paris. Mareh 2.-Lieut. B. L. Smith.
one of the attaches of the American Em
baney. who was sent to Boulogne to in
vestigate the sinking of the Channel
steamer Sussex, returned tonlgt with
a report on the Sussex. and a pbrsonal
letter from Prof. J. Mark Baldwin, of
Washington. to Ambassador Sharpe, In
which Prof. Baldwin says that his
daughter. Elisabeth, is somewhat better.
and that he hopes that her life may be
saved. Lieut. Smith's report was cabled
to Washington immediately, the em
bassy refusing to disclose. Its contents.
The report of Capt. Muffet. of the Sus-'
sex, reached the embassy today from
the French ministry of war through the
ministry of foreign affairs. The embassy
was silent regarding its contents, which
were at once cabled to Washington, but
It Is known that the captain confirms the
Interviews he has given, and his state
ments to passengers, that he Is certain
the vessel was sunk by a torpedo.
The embassy has now taken the depo
sitions of all the available witnesses.
The loss of Enrique Granades. the
Spanish composer, who was returning
from New York, where he supervised the
production of his opera, 'Goyescas," is
John X. McCabe Declared Blameless
for Death of Woman.
A coroner's Jury yesterday exonerated
John M. McCabe, of Good Hope, D. C..
for the death of Mrs. Margaret P. Ever
ly, of 62 North Carolina avenue south
east, who was run down by McCabe
while he was driving in Pennsylvania
avenue near Seventh street southeast
Wednesday night. Attorney W. Gwynn
Gardiner appeared for McCabe.
ChOle w kite potatoes, se ph.; 10 lba.
buckwheat. 25c; white meal, 2e lb.; 3
Pen Mar syrup, 25c; 2%-Ib. cans Karo
syrup., Oc: peanut butter. 1oc lb. 5 lbs.
prunes. 25c; 5 lbs. evap. peaches. 25c;
4 lbs. fancy head rice. 25c: 4 lbs. lima
beans. 25c: 4 Golden Egg spaghetti,
25c; 4 Wisconsin peas, 25c: 4 sugar
corn, 25c; 6 E. J. peas, 25c; 5 sugar
corn. 25c; Jelly Mints, lic; walnuts.
l5c: 3 evap. milk. 0c; 5 sacks salt. 10c:
Pure pepper. 25c; 3 loaves bread, 10c;
Wonder coffee. 20c; best flour, $6.50
bbl.: 24 lbs. Old Time flour, 75c. 926
Pa. ave. and all the J. T. D. Pyles
A Screa--Chsplin Is "A Gentleman
of Nsrre," virgini. Theater today. T -mon . "The
Campbeils Are Coming." Stirring military dram.
My prices ae the lowest when qual
ity of work Is consid..red. of any In
the city. Dr. Viughan. 307 7th St. N. W.
Kick Fountain Peas Cred at Rich
erds' Fountain Pen and Gift Shop. 143 Pa. a.
Exclusive Local Representatives for
Sold on Easy Terms.
- -- Street at 13& .
D Sg send All Your
Don 't Wor" PRINTING
Troubles to
The Anderson
140y N. Y. Ave. Phone Main 654.
aLL~~~~~n.a .h 5 Wk~ ~a.
ith Bran
B~bezo e~rH
Mr. Dom L. eosie n wir tSk to the
N.tiobai society of the Keep-Walls
this evening in the-paris hall Of
St. John's Church. Sixteth street.
His subject will be "Indications for
Surgical Intervention."
The Washingtom Beard of Trade
will give an oyster toast tonight at
the Builders' and Manufacturers' Ex
change, 711 Thirteenth street. in con
nection with the monthly meeting.
Exereles In eelebratiem ef "Appe
mattox Day" will be held on the
evening of April 10 by Lincoln Camp,
No. 2, Maryland division. Sons of
Veteshns. A number of prominent
speakers will be on hand.
The Cleveland Park Seheel and
Community Association will meet at
8 O'clock tonight at the John Eaton
School. Thirty-fourth and Lowell
streets. Maj. D. E. Aultoman, U. S.
A.. will speak.
Debating teams frem Geerge Wash
ington University and the Catholic
University of America W.ll meet in
joint debate on April 28 It the latter
institution. The subject will be
"Should Immigration Be Restricted
to a Literacy Test."
The Ladies' Benefeent Seciety of
the Fiskit. Presbyterian Church will
hold a calendar social and sale at the
church next Tuesday evening.
The Juiler League of the Adath
Israel Congregation is arranging to
hold a bazaar in the near fture to
promote the welfare of the syna
President Wilsen is expected to go
to Princethn April 23 to vote in the
New Jersey Presidential primaries.
The Phi Alpha Delta Law Frater
nity will hold its alumni smoker at
the chapter house. 1914 - Sixteenth
street northwest. Monday night. All
honorary, alumni, and active mem
bers are to be present. The commit
tee in charge is Charles E. Morgan
ston, Jr., chairman; Raymond L. Me
Weeney. and Gregory J. Kessenich.
Lewis K. Brown, of Chicage, exeem
tive secretary of the Tariff Commis
sion League, and organizer of the
Nation-wide Tariff Commission cam
paign. will introduce Representative
Henry T. Rainey at the comnunity
forum meeting at the Public Library
next Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Mr. Brown in introducing Congress
man Rainey. who is to speak on the
tariff commission plan, will make a
brief address on the importance of
taking the tariff out of politics by
means of the passage of the Rainey
The Soldiers' Home Band Orehestra
will give a concert at Stanley Hall at
6:45 p. m. today.
C. J. Blaehard will deliver a lec
ture illustrated with moving pictures
on "An Evening With Our National
Parks." at the Home Club at 8:15
o'clock this evening.
The Loyal Daughtera Class of the
Fifteenth Street Christian Church will
give an entertainment tonight at 8
o'clock at the residence of Mrs. Hohn.
Twenty-eighth street and Penneyl
vania avenue southeast, Randall
The Rifle Club of the Desartment
of Commerce will hold an indoor
target practice at Fifteenth and D
streets northwest this afternoon.
The Natieal Demeeratie Women of
America will meet tonight at 8 o'clock
at the Ebbitt.
The Columbia. Debating seety
of George Washington Univertsity
will hold its annual banquet tonight
at the Dewey Hotel.
Dr. John A. Ryan wilt deliver an
address on "Immigration egislation
and Restriction" in McMahon Hall.
'atholic University. at 8 p. m.
. Mrs. Wilbur F. Crafts will lecture
on "Gesta Christi" at the Public t0
brary at 2 o'clock this afternoon un
der the auspices of the Woman's In
terdenominational Missionary Union.
The Anal reud of the individual
chess championship will be played at
the Home Club at 8 o'clock tonight.
Dr. A. R. Weuts will deliver an ad
dress on "The Lutheran Church and
the Word of God" at the annual
Lutheran Sun-ay School Institute at
Zion Lutheran Church, Sixth and P
streets northwest, this evening at S
A pageant based on "The Conquest
of a Continent" will be given at
Epiphany Parish Hall. 1317 G street
northwest, at 8 o'clock this evening.
Loomis Given Farewell Dinner.
14. M. Loomis, chief of the food in
spection division of the Bureau of Chem
istry, was tendered a farewell dinner
by his fellow-workers last night at the
New Ebbitt House. Mr. Loomis will
leave Washington within a few days to
take charge of the inspection of the sar
line industry under the National Can
ners' Association. Dr. C. L. Alsburg.
chief of the Bureau of Chemistry, was
the principal speaker.
Editor Arrested for Libel.
Peoria, Ill.. March 30.-H 31. Pindell,
editor of the Peoria Journal, was taker,
Into custody this afternoon on a charge
of criminal libel. following the publica
tion in his paper of the proceedings of
L divorce case in Schuyler County.
For the District of Cotunthia and Manland-Fair
Friday and Saturday; sentle north to northeast
Fm Virinia-Fair 1'riday and Saturday; moderate
lierth to northiest winds.
The M'iddlle'eat disturbance has ractically dis
.ppearsd, bitt the barisseter is astill tow' in the ex
trane Suthwe'st. writht mairked high ressure and
Ion' tempetres immsediately to the northwsad.
As a onsaequence of this diatuirban- anon's and
raiins continued over the tPlas States ad the
Itbeky Mtountain regio. Ocer the remsainder ef the
:ountry the weather was fair. except along the Mid'
lie Atlantic rast., snd tempecratures are conasder
ibiy higher in the Central vallei e Tennessee. North
'arolina, and the Middle Atlantli' States.
Geneeally fair weather sill rveeail Friiday and
saturday east of the Misai,. i pi tRier. with~ moder
te tempetraturvs. as a nule, although it wiii he
lmecwhat older Saturday in the Lower Ohio Val
ey, Tennersee, and the interior of the East Gulf
itidnight........... 4 'on....... . ......... m6
2 a.m............. 44 2 p. m................ me
S . ............ 6 6 p. m................ 60
IL.m.......... 49 8 p.m..............S
Sighest. 6; loest, 43.
Relative humidity-8 a. tm.. 6; 2 p. mn., 52; 5 p.
a,. 52 Blours of aunshine, 4.4. Per cant of pos
ible aunshine. 3I.
Tsraperatura sme date last year-Hiigheat, 42;
lor-. R5
Highest ls ae
Asheville. N. 0........ 06 ~5
Atlata, G................. 66 48 6
Atlantic Caty. 34. J....... 48 06 4 .
Boston, Masi................ 50 I
Buffal,!N. Y............... 56 2 4
t.isnmi-n Ohio.........-16
Duluth. ) in.............. e
lndimnapls, lnd...... 64 '8 1
Kansas City. M s........... 58
LoG Angels. C at......... 7
Meipis, T hma........--- 7
New' .Orleans. La....... 40607
New York. N. Y........... 60 42 t
Philadelphia, Pa...........2
Pttsursh, Pa..........6 45
nishi. ..-a"p. m. fa.
.you Stylish Young
M en want that athletic
free-and-easy appearance,
Are we right? Of course we are and we are right when
we offer you
U74uppenheimer Clothes
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snug and a high waist line to set off his shoulders. That is why when
you wear a Kuppenheimer Suit you have a feeling of confidence and
righteousness in style that "bucks" you up.
Another thing---Kuppenheimer Styles are not obtained
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a Kuppenheimer Suit and make comparisons. We'll leave it entirely to
As an introductory special we feature for Fri
day and Saturday a regular $25.00 Kuppenheimer
Suit for
GROSN R'Sq a. Ave.
The Store Where 'Quality Counts
*the board of directors: Miss Sadie
MISCEALILLILLAInl o k Idios SadieAl-.Ms
PRESIDENT OF Y. W. H. Pearl 6chwar Miss Ro
_________ -Shefferman and Miss OAli. TH
Hebrew Women's Association Holds i nounced at th meetinr
Annualin the headquarters of the asso
ciation April 9 at 3 o'clock. It %as
Linen Shower. decided last night to orri-e co
Miss Bertha Clepatch was re-elected tillion club to co-operate ,itt he
president of the Young Women's He- Youn Men. 34bre I
brew Association at the annual elec
tion of officers last night at a meet
inhhed aet noth eadquarters. 130 Va0 l~aClbaeAnvray M i..,Mci.
cers were Miss Dora Weiss, vice presi-eba-dtetrtthan crofhir 'l t Ceen :;ra
detMrs L.Colan seretr Mr J ars atngt eaeeto
Madden, treasurer, and Miss Theresa regenb Har J sn nd touh ttecvlidwrd
Shefoernman sergeant-at-arms.Ms m rs no zaf eas
The folow g m mbes a re le te she d fdi the ra e soi dh
nie Bodsk.oMissnSadie Atlar. Mesl
Peardaptedaror allsuses. fricwhMch
Cebats.Srefprrmcriaed Miss'Ohave
* p pIteraousndisorderstiththmeetmag
thtaful forms. Thowere would bee
l~~~~c ecde El b~ ando-opeomoeetntnfeih
Toung Men' HebrewtAsociation
Van Fleeta Celerate Anniversar
MrIN . and Ms eph anFl AW NING
A M N AT. theNeDEbit.Muicl elcton
weregvenbHarr__._.nckso aM S1SL
~~ ~ULVILL Mis Am "LOrmsby Anoestra fur- e ~ig ii~.

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