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Secretary Advocates Limited
Policy of Government Own
ership of War Factories.
Witness Before House Committee De
fends "Navy Schools-Says He
Censored Recruting Posters.
Secretary of the Navy Daniels at
tached to the administration'a pro
paredneso policy a limited policy of
government ownership and operation
of plants for the manufacture of mu
nitions of war when he appeared. be
fore the House Naval Affairs Com
mittee yesterday to explain his esti
mates for the naval establishment for
the forthcoming year.
"Every dollar spent for prepared
ness shall be spent for preparedness
at a fair profit." was the principle the
Secretary laid down. "When compe
tition i.s destroyed." he added. *the
governnent should be in a position
to manufacture all or a part of the
supply of a necessary product in or
der to control the price."
In line with this policy Mr. Daniels
not only urged the passage of the
pending bil authorizing the construe
t!on of a government armor plant.
but ainue-aled, to the com mittee to ap
propriate A~"'.6t1 for the construction
of a project:le plant and recommended
smailer items to enable the govern
ment to manufacture torpedoes and
mine s.
Mfr. Daniels did not have an oppor
tunity yesterday to give the members
of the House committee Information
thry are seeking regarding the flive
xear naal building program nor the
motives by which he was actuated in
nodifying the recommendations of the
general board. This subject will be
tkletn up today when the committee I
resumssc the hearing.
Defends "Nasy Schools."
He did. owl-ver. in the preserta
tion of hi ipening statement. defend
at 1,o ng th his "nav schools' for
tho eni-t.d on the battleships of the
1fet. a nd in the same connection
urged the committee to make adequate
pros -ion for obtaining a teacher of
Enghsh at . Annapolis "as good as anyl
at liarsard' ti train the future of
liers of the navy in correct expres
son, and a professor of modern ]an
gis;Z "f to I ame standing.
HL aiso told the conmittee of the
di ficulti-A nountered in securing
msen o th nay and of the censor
h- had rii d (ser the distri
bution ot recruitig literature. He
-aid thait he had burned a bushel of
iut1 .ueJ fold-rs slowing men "go
Rub Pain Away with a Small Trial
Bottle of Old "St. Jacob's
Stp 'i'rii.; Rheumatism.
It psi' only. iot one case in fifty
r [Itres m na: treatment. Rub sooth
nz. netrting "t. Jacobs Oil" right
an the "tender spot." and by the time
-1 say Ja- k Robinson-out comes the
rheumahic pain and distress. ''St. Ja
coh.s Oil" is a harmless rheumatism lint
meit which never disappoints and doesn't
b'.;rn1 the skin. It takes pain. soreness,
and stiffness from aching joints, muscles,
:nd bon's; stops sciatica, lumbago, back
che and nsuralgia.
Limber up' Get a small trial bottle of
&d-tim honest St. Jacob's Oil" from
any drg store, and in a moment you'll
be free from pains, aches and stiffness.
Don t suffer: Rub rheumatism away.
Real Estate
No Commissions Charged
You can take 12 years to
pay off your loan without the
expense of renewing. $1,000
for $10 per month, including in
terest and principal, half of
which is applied to reduction of
debt. Larger or smaller loans J
at proportional rates.
Largest in W--w--t...
Assets over $4,OO0,O0o.
Cor. 11th and E N. W.
Strictly Pure,
Frutt and Sugag
Sweet 9097th St.
lag to the toies pad. asseetattagw~tlh
half4 seed women because he re
tarded them as Indecent. .
to his recital of the needs of the
navy the .seretary was mest emphatid
in his appeal for plants to give the
government the whip hand over the
munitions makers who destroy compe
"it is a wine policy "for the govern
medt in obtaining *kost munitions sup
plies." he said. "to go into the open
market. But when private concerns
drop competitipn the government must
step in and do the manufacturing in
its own defense. To obtain armor.
torpedoes, projectiles. mines, and such
munitions. the government ought to
have its own plants. In which the re
sults of its experiments could be kept
ag ret and by which it could regulate
the price if necessary."
Urges Praweetile Plant.
The necessity for the erection of a
projectile plant was described by Sec
retary Daniels as urgent "if the ships
of the fleet are to -be bept supplied
with fourteen-inch armor piercing
sbells." The manufacturers had to be
constantly increasing their prices for
shells of all kinds, he said, and have
finally arrived at the point at which
they refuse to bid at all upon the.
specifications laid down by the depart
ment calling for shells of high quality.
Specifications were sent out to more'
than 100 concerns for smaller shells.
he added, and only two responded with
The Secretary was almost as urgent In
recommending the passage-of the bill to
establish a government armor-plate
plant. The proffer of the armor makers
to supply the navy with all It needs at a.
price to be fixed by the Federal Trade
Commission he did not regard as advan
Cites Reactions.
As a further illustration of the advan
tages of government manufacture, Mr.
Laniels cited the reductions that had
been brought about in the price of
powder as soon as the government plant
had been established. The private manu
facturer at first demanded S1 a pound.
he said. This was reduced to So cents
when the government began to manu-,
facture it. Now, he added, enough is
manufactured by the navy for its needs!
in time of peace at a cost of 21 cents a
pound, 34 cents with the overhead
charges, interest and such items, and
the price in the open market is 53.
"The difference between 53 and 34 cents
in a program of preparedness," he ob
served, 'is well worth saving."
College Singers and Mandolin Players
Will Appear at Raleigh
Monday Night.
For the first time in many years the
Glee and Mandolin clubs of Amherst Col
lege will appear in Washington. They
will give a concert in the ballroom of the
Raleigh on Monday night at 8:15 o'clock.
The clubs are now on their annual spring:
tour, which has included a joint concerti
with the union college clubs in Schenec
tady, N. Y.: a novel entertainment at!
Sing Sing Prison, N. Y.; a joint concert
with Columbia University at the Hotel
Plaza, in New York. and a "sing' before
the students at the Erasmus Hall High
School, in Brooklyn, N. Y.
The Amherst boys will reach Wash
ington on Sunday afternoon. On their
return their program inclUdes concerts!
at the Tome Sabool, Port Deposit, Md.;
the Hotel Mllevl-Stratforif, 'in Phila
delphia. and a concert In Brooklyn, N. Y.
According to time-honored tradition.
which has governed the opening of ev
ery Amherst concert in the past, the!
first number on the program will bet
'Lord Jeffery Amherst," presented hy
the combined clubs. and said by Owen
Worcester to be "the best college song
ever written.'
Charles Wellington Furlong to Tell
Geographic Society of the Land
of the Southern Cross.
"Brazil. the Land of the Southern
"ross. with Glimpses of Uruguay." will
be the subject of Charles Wellington
Furlong In lecturet before the members
if the National Geographic Society at
New Mlasonic Temple Auditorium today
Motion pictures and vivid descriptions
are to take the members of the society
,n a visit to the vast rubber country of
the Amazonas and the great rubber port
Df the Amazon delta-Para. The color
tinted. red-roofed cities of the Brazilian
coast-Pernambuco. the Braziliint Ven
ce; Bahia. during carnival: Santos. the
world's greatest coffee port. and Sao
Pautlo, with its classic museum on the
pot where Brazilian independence was
declared and its great municipal opera
house will be toured in fancy.
Rio de Janeiro. the most beautiful city
n the world. will be enjoyed. and the
lecturer's audience will be taken on an
maginary automobile tour through the
vonderland of mountain and valley back
>f Rio and up the Corcovado by rack
-oad, where standing on this peak they
-nay look down upon the city far below.
City'@ Relief Committee Send. Ap
peal for iHelp Broadcast.
An appeal for aid has been received
in this city from Augusta. Ga., as a re
sult of the disastrous fire of Wedes
day night a week ago, which wiped out
many business blocks of the city and
devastated the homes of thousands be
sides laying in ruins many historic
Hundreds of families were rendered
t'enniless as well as homeless. Resi
dents of the city not affected by the holo
raust. rendered all the aid possible and
It wa~s thought that the outside world
would not have to, be called upon, but
the needs were greater than were at
first anticipated, and it has now deveiop-.
ed that the 350.00 which was at firstI
thought to be sufficient to meet the
detnands, will not sufrice.
PhIlip S. North, secretary of the Rte
lef Committee has sent out a request
to the general public for donations in
essh. bed clothes, clothing and shoes
which may be sent to him at the court
house. Augusta. Especially are shoes
and cash desired, the chIldren of the
sufferers being In great need.
nr the United States Soldiers' Hems
Band Orebatra, in 8tanler Hall tonight,
besining at 6-6 o'clock. John S. ii.
Z~eims, diretor.
Manh-"Last Days of PompeW"......
Mm'a-"Mmnnet Op. 3 No. f...,...
(Sequel to Dohia Bood)
l mI n "B lle"-------.......Mi~
marseeistl-"Hshsa" ....Chabrier
walta Ueita-"Oer GiriS" ........i
VFls-'?sks Me is Zhat Mhbie
bill to provide ftad~~frh~
the SenateBiadfroele.tdeeHus
N~U Em - l~~on both noosiospen w e Wty
terys sdtting seotheChabee
Iniuntil nrut Thurcalin whn the a ns
teal ta amnd enden podetenn ti
will be taken vW I
Dt am afraid we *111 be fnable to
: e Believes Howet t Chamberlain b. dl.tion oqt
:r st Bict fo e nat this seslon enath. Homeu
oreat y eleatinsaid ybstyeao. Put I hope to
Will Be Reported Out. passed I believe majority of the
DttC t subcommittee at le.t favor the plan
y to have an elected delegate from the
District the Houes of Riprosent
Tho sidetracking of the Chamber- tives.
&in resolution calling for a consti- ereonal . T favor having a prm
utional arnendm ent franoing the ,arly chosen delegate In the tente.
District, and a favorable report on I can see no cod reason why the
he Poindexter bill, providing a Di"- same reasons which urge a delegate
nict delegate In the. House. were In the House would not obtain with
orecast yesterday by Senator Porn- respect to the Senate. Much Import
-re",ye of Ohio. chaliman of the sub- ant legislation aftecting the District
!ouimittep on Judiciary of the Senate originates in the Senate. and the com
)istrict Committee. mitt ee work affecting District legis
An attempt will be made by Sona- latlon Is quite as heavy in the Sen
or Pomerene to amend the Poindexter &te as in the House.
You'll Find
the Shoes
In Russian Tan Calf, Patent Leather, Gun
Metal, Vici Kidskin; button, Blucher and lace;
English last; spring models, of course.
Plenty of sizes and widths.
These shoes are exceptionally well made of
good leathers. They look as good and will wear
as well as many a $5 model.
Wonderful values when you consider that shoes
are going up.
Plenty of Salesmen,
813 Per
"' 4 not roatt rl
ommlttey wtill - o am thepI
00 to 0ua
ty i l be then
whea 60solde ration of the "eaetr 3 U KEiU
Thy as ge~ Pr p..als Rucived by Government
ite th e rCl rder
to evade action on prohibition and 10 to 1,000 Per ot,
suffrage a=ednot to Loonuidier furth-- -
or const inal amealments at thjs In c is -the in , 0r
sasion. a. d the government raglng from 10 to
1..W pk cent. an being disclosed to the
Steamer elie. Norta general supplies mittee. nw en
fteamgaged to opening the Proposeals for 6UP
After undergoing repairs and beobg - plies for the government for the nezt
painted In the Newport News dry docks. year.
the steamer Newport News, of the While It was expected that Owr would
Washington and Norfolk line, has r- be increases in prioe compared to the
lieved the steamer Northland at Nor- prices on the same articles a year ago.
folk. The Northland has been sent to the ofcials of the committee are being
thershlpyard to be cleaned and painted. startled day by day at the amount of
The Southland and Northumberland will the increases.
be treated likewise. The committee was created by an act
lere's Another V
0# .00
But Get Here Early an
W.bhte.'s L.ars..t m.d Med Ir.gr..~a .he sM.. ..-EaM~d 1868.
6 Store 'Main
na. Ave. 1116-22
'in Soft Emr a S W Wil be plaedi .d
mgmn~tv. t - atLbSatthe onernorial a
11-0 i Position for ow
poet.a aw lien s e r e th e p rartle t t
PeeTATU 03 00 Ai4 euTreat . Prof. r . an Wrg Cook De
eaWneat eamw 9 sa k has. = 0 to Cevslro regiment matga
ia G le.. Ulyes Joni$=* 4 1e1d of bate It w s a o
The Fteeam @ki ast t the Roenn of th P.
are noted in 0bm0o 1. pTeteiI ftekIM N T, nd wboh t ios
supplies. ate. jocefem from is Per, cent In a tank ob great dtseeut.It
Upward am 9e 4 hardw&Me 400d the It WWl be put to1. J
am tlem typewrter ulbm., l MPbic inspection the
and xtattoeery of a&U kinhe. Sa ek
RTAMU GOM AIRXVU - Prof. W. V Ceo0ke Dgsd.
Prof. Wells W Coke, sk
a.o~. Cavair Vi~i.gee, uotert UMet",e In the BolngiceJ Surye" off the
A'tcultural Deprmt-. ded ea Ta
MIseia Ah e1res. ulty froou pfouosonia. HW kne ti
With the wl a te Iemeous eit iay Funra wcos
catv e group. anher se. W beot be niade folio-Ing r.-eelpt of weed 1Mm
tatin e a the liit er now Bemude.
chra e n singl o re. na ok ie a1z-Finotsr
the Flrst street end w the otaml t or
price the etecton of whid CO.gr-0 Tb. whole Orient now callrearabfl
apdroprted SUON in 1111. The Aevwoi tdM CitY without odors
Is the result of our foresight. We knewN that
there would be a tremendous increase in the cost
of leather and shoes. We bought before the rise
in prices and plunged the limit.
Thousands of dollars worth of shoes were pur

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