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There Are Many Uses For The
Valuable Tonic-Stimulant Duffy's
COUGHS AND COLDS weaken the system
and open the way for more serious U n
lected. The pupt treatment of a c o r
cold with Duy's re Malt Whiskey as -
ed, usually brings relief and may often forestall
grip and pneumonia.
BRAIN FAG is usually the result of overwork,
ca mental and physical epression. The
a mild tonic-timulant sh as Dufy's
Pure Malt Whiskey stirs the vital organs to ac
tivity and help. -the system to throw off the
poisons accumulated in all parts of the body.
EMERGENCIES frequently arise (usually in
the night when least expected) requiring im
mediate relief, and when a physician is not avail
able. The use of Dufy's Pure Malt Whiskey in
an emergency assures prompt relief as it is a
stimulant made for medicinal use only. It is de
pendable-it is pure.
CONVALESCENCE or the period of recovery
from illness is usually a trying experience. The
system being in a run-down condition does not
always respond with the desired effect. The use
of Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey as directed, assists
in strengthening the system by its stimulating
action and may be retained by the most sensitive
Old AGE does not necessarily mean a state of
feebleness. Nature's machine merely slows up in
its work and the use of the mild tonic-stimulant
Dufy's Pure Malt Whiskey, as directed, accele
rates the vital functions to a healthy action.
thereby assisting the stomach in its important
4 duties.
TRAVELING is a easure to many, but the
changes of climate, dr 'ig water and food,
sometimes affect the digestive organs and cause
slight indispositions. Prompt relief is obtained
by the mild stimulating action of Dufy's Pure
Malt Whiskey, if taken as directed. The travel
er's bag should contain Dufy's.
"Get Duffy's and Keep Well"
Sold in SEALED BOTTLES ONLY. Beware of imitations.
NOT E ce ":rd . $1.00 pr 'otle'it '.'an'
sn 3.upis ly rite us. %4ed i aeful
The Duffy Malt Whiskey Cu. Rochester, N. Y.
203 NORTH SEA SHIPS Y""rin which they were destroyed '
A total of Z(o shi:,s were sent to the
SM SNCEWAR EGA botom.as folloas: Norwegian, 47
SUNK SINCE WAR BEGAN hibotom".' aos' ,4Do"E t''se* '" o'
Swedish. :1, Danish. 2;: Dutch. 2.Total.
*3. sunk by su bmarines. 136. Sunk by
Senator Nelson Presents List of Neu- mines. %6 Sunk by warships. 1. Total.
3. The tonnage of these ships was as
tral Vessels that Have Been Vic- follow Norwegian h Swedish
tims of German Attack. 1: Dutch. 37.7. Danish. 7.7,31. Total.
Senator Nelson, of Minnesota. yester
day submitted to the Senate a memoran- Crosh with Bond Company
dum containing a list of all the ships of George L. Cross. who for more thar
the neutral North Sea countries that ten Years has been associated with the
have been "sunk by German submarines. editorial start of the Commercial and
mines or warships between .tugust 1. i Financial Chronicle and In charge of tht
1914. and Nlarch :, 191-.. nunicipal bond department, is now af
The name of the ships. their nation- IVtated with the municipal bond depart
alIty . tonna. iAte of destruction and nment h of an. W. Halsey & Co.
JasEPmm GOLOENBERG,Propritr.
You cannot buy a better carriage or cart than the Sturgis or
Bloch-and we are showing full lines. See these by all means.
This handsome. large Reed Car
riage; all high-grade construction
throughout; new and attractive de
sign; you'll see such carriages else
where at $25; our pnice
Strongly made Sturgis Go-Carts;
folding hood; continuous pattern
all-metal p u s h e r ; rubber-tire
wheels; very substantially made,
. W The price regularly is $6.98. Fri
day and Saturday, $4.98.
(Witheut Heed)'
This new pattern Sturgis fod.
ing Sulky Cart-just the thing tar
the baby's outieg.~Very strong con
struction. Seame Carst with Ir od,_
Solution of Mystery Bafinmg
Problem, Says One Letter
One Pleasant Feature of This Contest
Is that One Needs to Do No
'Believe me, that 'Diamond Mystery'
Is some pussle. said a caller at The
Herald office yesterday afternoon. "But,
believe me again. I'll keep at it until I
get at the bottom of it if it takes until
midnight on May 3," she continued. And,
armed with several books of charts. the
woman departed to delve into the mys
teries of the illusive but by no means
impossible problem.
Another. who sends a solution and a
subscription, concludes his letter with the
remark: "This represents hours of pa
tient labor, for the puzzle has proved
baffling in the extreme:" Yet so sure is
this contestant of his solution that he
plays the limit on his subscription. While
no one yet knows the correct solution,
not even the author of the problem. it is
safe to assume that this contestant will
verify his figures before resting his case
No Limit to Solutions.
A number of people are sending in an
awers without fully acquainting them
selves with the general conditions which
all should know before submitting their
solutions. None that is not accompanied
by a remittance will be registered. This
remittance. which will be applied on sub
scription. may range from ninety cents
to $7.Y.
As many different solutions may be
registered as a contestant desires, pro
vided each one In accompanied by a re
mittance to be applied on subscription.
Full page circulars explaining all the de
tails of the contest will be mailed on
application to The Herald.
One of the pleasant features of The
Herald's new contest is that it involves
no solicitation from others. Each does
his own work irrespective of any rival.
and with the assurance that if he does it
just a little better he'll win, and, if just
as well, that he will have an equal show
In the final. However. if there should
be no ties in the "diamond puzzle." there
will. of course. be no necessity for a
further show-down. Now is the best time
to get busy on the diamonds. You will
have plenty of time to send in another
solution later if the early one should not
prove right.
Interesting Parts of Southern Italy and
Sicily Shown on Screen at New
National Theater.
Dwight L. Elinendorf, the traveloguer,
gave the last of his 191c series of travel
talks at the New National Theater yes
terday afternoon, when his sujhect was
"Southern Italy and Sicily." The scenic
beauty and grandeur of "Sunny Italy."
the land of tourists, was shown in a line
assortment of colored slides and moving
The journey began at Naples, a metro
politan city not unlike a metropolis of
our own ountry, tut the glimpses of
Pozzuoli. Ravello. Amalfi and Sorrento
contained elements peculiarly descriptive
of Ita.ly and Italians. The pictures of
Vesuvius, of Pompeii, and of the tlreek
temples at Paestum, composed the inter
esting, archaeolog:cal portion of the lec
Palermo and S'rscuse were the prin.
cipal cities of Sicily visited, but the
many pictures of the byways throughout
the beautiful island were easily onvinc.
ing that it is one of the most beautiful
places in the world.
"Pape's Diapepsin" Ends All Stom
ach Distress in Five
You don t want a slow remedy when
your stomach is had-or an uncertain
one-or a harmful one-your stoma h
is too valuabl: you mustn't injure it
with drastic drugs.
Pape s Diapepsin is noted for its
speed in giving relief; its harmless.
ness; its certain unfailing action in
regulating sick, sour, gassy stomachs.
Its millions of cures in indigestion,
dyspepsia, gastritis and other stomach
trouble has made it famous the world
Keep this perfect stomach doctor in
your home-keep it handy-get a large
fifty-cent case from any drug store and
then if anyone should eat uomethina
which doesn't argree with them; if
what they eat lays like lead, ferments
and sours and forms gas; causes head
ache. dizziness and nausea; eructa
lions of acid and undigested food
remember as soon as Pape's Diapepain
.omes in contact with the stomach all
such distress vanishes. Its promptness,
certainty and ease in overcoming the
worst stomach disorders is a revelation
to those who try it.-Adv.
Phon ..98S
Braeh 714 th Sbt- N W. K77
New I e, Is spendias a few days at
the W Millard on route from Flor
Mrs. L V. Dale, a wealthy resident
of Ma1eeCbusetts. is at the Metropoli
tan Hotel In roufe south.
Mrs. J. W. T. Pattie. of' New York,
Is stopping at the Willard for a few
daysi after speding the winter at
Southern health 'resorts.
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Cohen. well
known Bostonians, are spending a
week in this city at the Metropolitan
Mrs. George A. Converse and Miss
Converse are visiting New York CIty.
Representative Mays. of Utah. re
turned to his desk In the House yes
terday after a visit to New York.
Mrs. White, wife of Commander
William W. White. Is spending the
week-end in Atlantic City.
Miss Louise Sheiry has returned to
her home ' here afteit a visit a't the
home of Mrs. M. Frank Hutchison. of
Hernidon. Va.
Mrs. William Blum, of Chevy
Chase, Md., Is recuperating in Atlan
tic City from an illness which oon
fined her to a Washington hospital
for many weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Austin have
been spending the past week at the
Traymore Hotel at Atlantic City.
MIss Phoebe Gentsendanner has re
turned to her home at Charles Town,
W. Va., after a visit with her brother,
Frank Getzendanner, in this city.
Miss Mattie Baker. of Winchester.
Va., is visiting friends in the Capital.
Miss Caroline Bradford has return
ed to her home in Culpeper. Va., after
a visit with friends In the Capital.
Thomas W. Green has returned to
his home in Washington after a visit
of several days with friends and rela
tives in Lynchburg, Va.
Everett Beatty has returned to this
city from Connellsville. Md.. where
he visited his father. George Beatty.
Mr. and Mrs. Adolf Hirsch. Mr. and
Mrs. Albert Tehun, Mr. and Mrs. P. H.
Burnett and W. B. Richards, were among
the guests registering at the New Willard
Mrs. Benjamin H. Warder has left for
Camden. S. C.. where she will spend a
week as the guest of her daughter. Mrs.
Ralph E-llis.
Miss Otie R. Nelson and Miss C. Louise
Hurlbutl. have returned from an ex
tended trip to New Orleans and the
Gulf resorts of Mississippi and Ala
Richard A. Feiss. of Cleveland. Ohio,
Is a guest at the New Willard.
Mrs. M. J. West, of Neport News, Va..
who has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
James L. West. during the illness of the
tormer, has returned to her home.
Mrs. Newton Baker. wife of the Secre
tary of War. has returned to her home
in Cleveland, Ohio.
Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Gordon. of Cin
cinnatt. are in Washington for a short
visit and are registered at the New Wil
Rev. Charles C. Cady, former pastor
of the Presbyterian Church at Spar
rows Point. Md.. has accepted the
pastorate of Warner Memorial Presby
terian C-hurch at Ksnsington, Md.. suc
ceeding Dr. Henry Humer.
The temporary appointment of Fran
cis liggins as a clerk in the Bureau of
Foreign and Domestic Commerce, has
been terminated.
Thomas D. Davidsor. employed in the
Bureau of Standards, has been pro
Guy Eirhelherger is receiving congrat
ulations upon his selection to be cashier
of the new organized Northeast Sav
ligs Bank.
Frank T. Griffin. employed In the
Coast and Goedetic Survey, has been
Julius I. Peyser. attorney. is in Atlantic
tie City on a short pleasure trip.
Judge Milton Strasburger is ill at his
Harry K. Gray, of the Capitol police.
left yesterday to spend a six-weeks va
cation in Greenville. S. C.
Rev. Albert Osborne. missionary to the
Tuharculosls i'ospital. is conflned to his
home on accout of illness.
E. W. Schmidt. of the Capitol police,
left vesterday to spend a six-weeks va
cation at his home in Helena. Mont.
'Girls of Fifteen Schools in Third Di
vision Give Exhibition at
Normal School.
IThe program of special gymnasium
work for girls, conducted tinder auspices
of the Parents' League of the public
schools, terminated yesterday with an ex
hibition in the Wilson Normal Schooil.
Pupils in grades from the third to the
eighth in the third division, comprising
fifteen schools, took the gymnasium
The Parents' League, three years ago.
with gsymnasium apparatus the physical
culture work in the schools, there being
butt one "gym" in the third divIsion.
The work was a sart of the so-called
community center activities of the league.
of which Mrs. Ida E. Kebier Is president.
.About eighty pupils enrolled in the pay.
classes of the league, the work beIng,
begun last November. The classes were'
conducted by Miss Bell Myers and Miss
Anelta Saunders, physIcal culture In
structors in the public schools, under
supervielon of a committee from the
league-Mrs. E. E. Eilett, chairman; Mrs.
G. W. Cooper, Mrs. J. F. Drew and Mrs.
The work will be resumed in October
at the following schools: Henry D.
Cooke. Morgan. Rose. Hubbard. Wilson
normal. Monroe. Petworth. Brightwood,
Brightwood Park, Woodburn, Takoma,
Park View. West. Johnson and Powell.
inaugurated the Drogram to supplement
Grotto to Meet Monday.
IKallipolis Grotto. No. 15, wIll hold a
special business meeting Monday' night
in the rooms of the Chamber of Cosm
mere. Twelfth and P streets northwest.
All members are urged to attend and to
bring a candidate with them. Arrange
ments for the trip to Detroit to attend
the supreme council convention, June 19,
20 and 21, will be outlined.
Thle coneuaptin of eee in FPrance haa
ahaus dasi ~en set atn ..a...
Methodists WiR Hear Execu
tive's Speech Tonight on
Bishop Ashbury's life.
rwo New District Superintendets and
Delegates to Gene'al Conference
Will Be Selected Todai.
President Woodrow Wilson tonight will
address the Baltimore Annual Conference
of the Methodist Episcopal Church. The
occasion will be the centennial of Bishop
Ashbury. The other speakers will be
Bishop Theodore S. Henderson and
Bishop Earl Cranston. The service will
be held in the Foundry M. E. Church,
Iilxteenth and Church streets northwest.
Admission to the church will be by
card only. It was announced yesterday
that practically every seat in the hurch
would be occupied by the member, of
the conference, their families, and nem
bers of the Foundry Cnurch. The cards
were distributed among the members at
the servic. last night.
The anniversary of the Woman's
ioreign Missionary Society, the Board of
Education and the Board of Sunday
Schools, were the principal occasions
celebrated yesterday following the busi
ness session of the second day of the
formal conference.
Rev. a. Franklin Ream delivered the
principal address at the celebration ot
the anniversary of the Board of Educa
tion. Rev. Edgar Blake delivered the
oration for the anniversary of the Board
of Sunday Schools. In addition to the
usual reception in the study r-oms '-f
Foundry Church last night to the iem
hers of the conference, their families and
members of the church, several alumni
associations of the various colleges and
universities represented held banquets.
The principal of these was the Dicken
men College Alumni at the New Ebbett
House and the Boston University -chool
of Theology Alumni at Hamline ... .
Secretary Daniels. of the Navy De
yartment. was unable to be present to
leliver hip scheduled address yesterday
ifternoon at the opening session of the
wentieth annual meeting of the Lay
1ien's Association. Representative Fess.
)f Ohio. substituted, but instead of using
he subject "Left With the Speaker,
hosen for the secretary. Dr. Fees de
*eloped the theme of a masterly address
)n "Renalsnnce of Revivalism." by Rev.
Rufus J. Wycoff. pastor of the Madison
%. E. Church. The speaker made an
analysis of Billy Sunday's power to en
thrall large audiences.
At the business meeting yesterday
morning Dr. Thomas M. Hare, superin
tendent of the Maryland Anti-Saloon
League, pleaded for support in the Mary
land prohibition campaign. Rev. W. W.
Davis. secretary of the Lord's Day Alli
ance. pleaded for the co-operation of the
members of the conference in forcing bet
ter conditions in Maryland. He spoke
ulso on the open defiance of the Sunday
closing law in Maryland.
Land& Local lantitutieas.
Dr. W. L. McDowell. District 8uper
intendeat. in his annual report, told of
progres being made along all lines. He
gave a detailed account of the increased
activities of the American University in
all branches of its work, and pleaded for
financial support.
The speaker stated that the Home for
the Aged has had a wonderful year. and
also sprke encouragingly of the Lucy
Webb Hays Training School for Deacon
esses and Missionaries. He said Sibley
Hospital was continuing its conmenda
hie work. He commended especially the
good work of the thirty-eight charges of
the Washington District. Eight hundred
ccnversions and 600 probationers were re
ported fro mthe thirty-eight churches.
The conference sent at telegram to the
president of the Maryland Senate, urg
ing the passage of the Hall race track
The conference adopted the "Methodist"
as its official organ, but without finan
cial support.
Two new district superintendents and
ten delegates to the general conference
to be held at Saratoga Springs next
month will be selected today.
The vacancies of the district super
intendents will occur in the Baltimore
east district and in the Federick dis
trict. In the Baltimore district. Rev.
J. St. Clair Neal will be retired on ac
count of the six-year occupancy limit.
Dr. Neal is scheduled for appointment
as successor to Rev. Charles W. Bald
win, as general secretary of the Balti
more City Mission and Church Exten
sion Society. Rev. George C. Bacon will
retire from the Frederick district onac
count of the age limit.
Rev. John R. Edwards. pastor of the
'eibrook Church. is prominently men
tioned as a successor to Dr. Neal, but
he is being .trongly opposed by Rev.
John T. Ensor, pastor of Mount Pleas
ent Church.
Get a 25-cent bottle of Danderine at
any drug store. pour a little into your
hand and rub well into the scalp with
the finger tips. By morning most. it
not all, of this awful scurf will have
disappeared. Two or three applications
will destroy every bit of dandruff, stop
scalp itching and failing hair--Adv,.
When Constipated or Bilious Give
"California Syrup
of Figs."
Look at the tongue, mother! If
coated, It is a sure sign that your little
one's stomich, liver and bowels need
a gentle, thorough cleansing at once.
When peevish, cross, listless, pale,
doesn't sleep, doesn't eat or act natu
rally or is feverish, stomach sour,
breath bad; has stomach ache, sore
throat, diarrhoea, full of cold. givs a
teaspoonful of 'California Syrup of
Figs." and in a few hours all the foul.
constipated waste, undigested food and
sour bile gently moves out of its little
bowels without griping, and you have
a well, playful child again.
You needn't coax sick children to
take this hamless "fruit laxative;"
they love its delicious taste, and it al'
ways makes them feel splendid.
Ask your druggist for a 50-cent bot
tle of "California Syrup of Figs," whicht
has drections for babies, children of all
ages and for grown-ups plainly on the
bottle. Beware of counterfeits sold
here. To be sure you got the genuine.
ask to see that it is made by "Califor
nia Fig Syrup Comipeny." Refuse any
otbea' kiad wsth coatammt.'-AdV.
01[ WORM FROM Secretary of War Refuses to Exhibit
UNDERNEATH DEBRIS, View of "The Colonel As I See Him"
Myscias Pss timlans t Enra ol.Roobevelt a caustic comment 1Other Cabin-et members ha~d cons
PhscasPass Stimulants toEnrp
Pionan Presdent Wilso 'a U emican Policy menit along the same line but would
pa Wrkr und orOn our dno escape the notice of either 'not be quoted
ped Worker Buried for One Hour ePesdn rhi aietys.r
Beneath Wrecked Wall. da There.a1 deep resentment over To lesse the smoke and gas in tunnels
the Colo nels choosing this particular Swiss rsi road& ate equipping their loan
time to attack the administration. motiv. statiks with lids to be closed when
A group of workmen bracing the but neither the President nor any a tunnel is entered steam being ex
foundation of a brick wall in the rear member at his Cabinet with the ex hausted beneath the engines
of 3484 Phillips court northwest at 3 ception of Secretary of War Baker,
o'clock yesterday afternoon narrowly would talk tor publication about the
escaped being crushed to death when the Colonel's remarks
wall fell. eretary Baker saw no reason why PM CILAX 4 140S
Harry Toliver, colored, of 2O% M41 street he should no speak his mind treely
northwest, was buried beneath two tons n response t a specific question re
of debris, from whieh he vas rescued by at og a the Colonela criticism of the
firemen of No. 2 Truck Company an War Departmen But in speaking Tells How to Open Clogged Noe
hour after the wall fell. h snnd he painied a picture of "Thi
He was hurried to Emergency Hos- Colan as I See Him, which Ur trils and End Head-Colds.
pital, and probably ill recover. The Bake later thought had better not I
other men fled and escaped the falling he placed on exhibition Consequent
bricks. The %aIl was six feet high and he asked the newspaper men not to Tou fol In a fe eta .
three -bricks thick. It was used to dike use he notes they had made at him - ou olurged nostrils will opea.
a dirt bank. descrption He confined himself to *'he a r paage* of your head will
Dr. A. W. Kenner, .n charge of the h statemen n rer'l' to Cal Roose- clear Ard )o can breathe freely No
first Emergency anmbulane to go to the e 5 crim of the start of the more dullness headache, no hawking,
scen. said that under the nea order of Meican campaign snffling mud a discharge, or dry
the police department to observe the He Co Rooseaclt) as. in nes no struggling for breath at night
e at the tyeahr i aiiis Tl our dugist you want a smasll
speed laws. it took him e even minutes, pa a ttle of El3 s Cr-am Balm Appl a
to reach the injured man farurate obseration ac ofthe little of this fragrant, antiseptic cream
While awaiting the arrival of the fire- ver bes in >our nostrils let It penetrate
men. Dra. Kenner and Magruder, of When another member of the Presi. through erery air passage of the boed.
Emergency passed stimulants down dent a abinet was sked if he had soothe and teal the swollen. inflamed
through a hqie in the debri to the en read Co Roosevelts comment. he mucous membrane, and relief comes
tombed colored man. They rev ved him, replied ist wc da
and he talked freely to the firemen while I read part of It I never read ad fferer needs. Don't stay stuffed up
they were digging himo out rtsments all the way throug i ad able-Adv.
Doyou knowwh
is the largest
the world?
Flavor and the
Sealed Package
are three big reasons. And the Vau it
gives in long-lasting, beneficial enjoyment
is a point that people appreciate. The
aiihtpcaig toe thoeltcimor and
hltyais d.heante adcue in "The
wodrulWloe factorSesi."wihM
WriteBfoerthater tgougytShadubetterinot
Gu-to oo fnl, heasethe newsapelentt
Addes th.irie Jtatement 160 epltnol.ooe
BMldex Cicago.main
Chew iCt ooeet wsi
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Whnmnteemmeaolh Pei

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