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Tonth inc
Griffith Sends
To Inter
Clyde's Young Brother Goes
Back for More Seasoning.
Considered Fine Prospect.
Nationals Put on Finishing Touches of
Training Season-Much Work
Mapped Out.
Itorace Milan. brother of the Nationals'
center fielder and regarded as one of
the best prospects Grifhth has piked up
ince he has been at the helm in 'Wash
ington, was yesterday farmed out to the
Newark clut, of the fLnternational League.
ft was apparent while the liob spring
trained in Charlottesville that young
MIlan needed about one more year withi
a first-class minor league club before he
would be ready for the big show, and
in sending Horace to N-erk. the Old
Fox places him in a good ieague. also
under the care of a %,tran baseball
piayer. Fred Tenner. the od B oton Na
tionals first sacker, who I, part owner
of the New ark club.
Milan goes under optional agreement
and is to be reualled next fall.
Of the youngsters who wore in Char
lottesville for a trial thic Ii rin- -very
body, with the exceLption, of Pitheis Git
tings and Sloan, has been disposed* of.
Griff will try and ptace both of these
tte d,1,luring the next few days.
WIth Ray Morgan in the line-up yes
terday. the Nationals might have won
that ball game from the Brooklyn Del
gers. Young Schwah, on the keystone
sack. is joexperien ed and should not he
blamed for what he does not know alout
hildin : down second base.
Morgan e';ld have played. bit he hurt
himsef w hile slido1i last Fl-nida an't
rather than take any chaice., Griff ek
cided it bet tI lay him off. The III
vir s o ht : ind Morgon will ie
back in in tomorrow.
The prn n Put 1.n the I i.ishini
tuc~hes and pr, ti all, wiwi u ti
traising season ir, this Week, playing
twice a day,. wather pormitLiig. The
morning ganes are intirtean affairs.
Georgetown 1hows at tbe park timr.
rmv in Tuesday the iar iu - f Pri: t
ing and EnCravi: g team is q, heduled.
Wednesday and Thurhely the Rostoin
Bra-s are booked and for a week-end
visit the Natiotnal Ieagu. camupions. Pat
Morar. , Phillie. remaining ie until
Manager Rrbirson. of the Brooklyn
rigers, esterdav hail planri to pit, h
a re.:ruit named Mails ;gainst the Na
tionals durin. 'lhe closin.; ,hapter, but
noting t" flo k if goose ew;s on the
score boa-il nd anis to wn. the
game. R..hh- ddeid to take no chances.
ho he ordered Ig Wheezer- Dell to the
mneu: d.
Walter Johason's speed had the Iindg.
era guessing fr6m the stait. The -hig
frl1o1 Mo Pf xceptionly good andi
inle4i 'all SliP fail he I sure to hae
a acessful season
Henry Rordeaui got credit for a pell,
l ntle second inn::;; -rcerriav. fir
- d-- king awr%. froI a f- ball m
sid. Rondeau' ,h <a e in 'rnt.s t
withb the bat! am onl Oi 0 inrin: tc wa-d
ihorrso ('Maxa Ro-dv pi ked hrim-If
Iut Ift 11 rr hed vorlirs base, and
as 'a-1v ose as the hill tr-k a I-id
hot u'-Il .-u l r .,t he linll.- properlv
hy th e iting shortstop.
0nly a i11-k thro- ti tie t,1ie by
Shwah raved Br-klyn from ii nin a
run in the even' h a or i in..
-:dentally enit the crimbat into extra
innings The pl. i w i werd or.
Two were dow n. JoIhnstion on thir'L. when
Mi'r ranme a hot rne ' t Mcrile.
The halt hit cBride' ,; e and boundied
over it, ieid int t' c wn,;I haiatla of
conina S-hwab. John stin rouinle third
ardi dIisd for the rlat. but was nailed
by a step
The nearest Eddie Foster came to miak
log a base hIt haippened in the sxth
inning. wen he smashed a line iriv, at
Getz. the hall literiy kniking the third
sacker off his pint.
After taking an s-n-4 heating at the
hand, -f the New York Yankees Frida.
Manager ier' of the cine-nai Reds,
pays the New Yorkers the followmglnh com
p!lmernit Yours got a great team.
'Bill. he Paid to Donovan. "If the
Yanks play up to t:e formn they showed
agai:ist the leds after the big race
-tarts thc will give the miLch touted
Red Sox. White Sox and JeniigS club
a hard fight for th- flag. I have sel
dom seen a better team at this season
of the year. You sire have the goods
and I am not a hit ashamed to lose to
a club of the caliber of the Yanks."
All of whih w: a pleasing to the ears
of one William ionnovan.
Harry Hellman has the inside track for
the Georgie Byrns job at first base on
the Detroit Tigers
The transfer of Burns to tle second
team In favor of Hellman is more sig
nificant than aprears on the stirfa'e.
Jennings muore than wants to look over
Harry more carefuilly. if the recruIt only
continoes to hit at the pace he has been
setting, the job will be his and Burns
wIll be utility man. Burns has been play
ing a good game. but not soi specta-ular
as Hilaman-s.
In discussing ths third hasemen, of
the major leagues. Joe Vita, of the
New York 1-evening Sun. has the fol
lowing to say: "H-einte Groh, of the
Reds, stands at the head when com
paring the third basemen in the big
leagues. Groh not only can pickle
the ball, but also can handle all kinds
of hot shot. He is a great thrower
and as fast as a bullet. Larry Gard
ner. of the Red Sox. is Groh's most
formidable rival with Foster. of the
Washingtons, and Zimmerman, of the
Cuba. rating high in the list.. Weaver.
of the White Sox, who may cover
third base for the first time in the
American League this year. ought to
make a splendid record, as he is a
first-clasa thrower and covers plenty
of ground. Red Smith. of the Braves,
is not far behind and is a better
fielder than "Home Run" Baker. of
the Yankees. Vitt, of the Tigers.
saight? he ranked ahead of Smith. with
Austin, of the Browns, In the same
class with Lobert, of the Gliants;
gtock, of the Phillies; Gets, of the
Brooklyns; Beck, of the Cardinals, and
Baird. of the Pirates. Howard. of the
Clevelande, is an ordinary fielder, and
Pick, of the Athletics, is a minor
league gandidate for major league
honors. . 55
Judge and Rondeau have not batted
up to the form shown in Chauiotteevile,
but this pair will come with a rush all
right, end be there when base hits Gount
the mest diurng the ch-mpems--htp gamne.
wmee aman nmel. ....a~ a.
ing Rally
H. Milan
kational League
Hilltop Collegians Trim the
Moneymakers in Interest
ing Game, 5 to 1.
Although the Georgetown I'niversity
nine had an easy time in defeating the
Bureau team on the Hilltop yesterday.
to 1. the victory was a costly one as
Jack Maloney. crack second baseman
antI star quarter back on the football
el-ven sustained a broken leg and will
i out of the game for at least six
In the fifth inning with McCarthy on
first hae. Malonr iIngled to left ield,
McCarthy taking third on the play. On
the play at third'Maloney attempted to
reach second but in sliding hooked his
right leg in 'the sack and broke it just
above the ankle.
Pr. William i wynn. who attended the
injured athlete, stated that the leg was
hroken antl if . aloney gets back to the
sqiual within. 'ix weeks he will be lucky.
After the examination at the college.
lalene, wa- taken to the (eorgetown
1-riveraity Iloi' ital.
When tIh. Ililltoppers took the hats in
the first inning Verntein, who was doing
the twirlinz for Bureau. was wild and
they so.n started the game on its way
by -hoving a tally aiross the pan. Again
in the third thev took advantage of Vern
stein's wildness and through a timely
hit Gilroy sent another marker home.
iro the first to the last the Ililltop
peri nver had to extend themselves.
and considering that yesterday was
the Fo' inId tirr o ut for the government
nine ts performance was more than
c riditable'.
Hureaua ont marker i'ame in the
fourth, when Isvis sinled to left. Roche
ad% anced himo to second with a near
sacrifl i. Mortiner nalked and lFaleon
er was hit by a pitched ball, filling the
sacks Gorden forced Davis at the plate.
hut in an attemnopt to make a double
play at first. Mortimer came home.
The Money Makors had a golden op
portunity in the seventh, but because
Gordon ventured too far off first base,
the Ipportunitv was not taken. Gordon
reached first while (Hilroy was throw
Ing out Falconer at second. A moment
later Breslin threw to first, catching the
little right field "flat footed."
Immediately after that play. Flannery
tripled to the center field stand and Wil
Jams. who followed him, was unable to
bring him home. This was the last time
during the game that a Bureau player
reached third base.
Taking into consideration the amount
of practieq the bureau team has had.
its showing was as much as could
he-.expected and uttless the depe runs
wrong- wilt make a more favorahle im
pression Against ('lark Grifflth's Wash
oigton team #han the Georgetown team.
pressIon against Clark Griffiffith's Wash
LRI E.%T AB. Rt. I. PI, .
Li- c ............... . 3 f 0 1 o
. .................... 2
Re . .......... .... 3 0 2 2
Ml..rtimer, w .................. . ... .- .g .
F'ar ~c, ............. . 0 0 1 g
d ta .............. . 4 0 0 2 0
i f . .............. . 3 o 1 1 0 0
.imi e ............. . 3 5 a s I
r . . ................. 2 0 0 2 1
S k .l .............. . 1 t 0 0 1 0
Tt Js . ..... .......... 4 10
G;Teinr"%wN. AB. R. H. PO. A. k
.i .......... .... . 2 1 12 0 U
1 mp r 1 .................. 3 3 1 1
If''rm 0 .................. 4 ' 0 1
MaC~ iin .. cf. ... ........ -
Si t . ........
.. ..3................... e o :
i~isak. 5, ...I 0 0 10
BP r 'r ; . rf ..................4 0
I 'ff, e.. .. ....... . 2 i 0 4 1
Hae ... . .. ......
H. ll, p . ........ . 2 0 t 5 4
, . .... . ..... 0
rray. J,................ . . 0 0 i
T A al- . . ..................: 5 'r 27 6
S........ . ........ 2 1 a 0 X-5
If a -1 . ...... .. i . . i (0 0 0 a-I
teft on hair. is'ergetown 5. 1ureau. ' . I ' st
base 'n be'la--Off H. kelhi. .. e Breji. 2; i'ff
Ven . :of Y. Kel, I ti is pit thedi-B
H. ~ ~ ~ ~ %I" Kbys 5; b. Brh, b rry ;b e
Cein. 3: h V KeI. ' Hits iad Off H. Kelly.
2- E Bruin. i: -ff 0urrav, I: o lVernein. 56
ff l' K 11.2. . rIck out It, H1. Kelly. 3; bt
ua y1. 1 b N verstein. 4; hV '. Kell , 2L T re'
base hit - Flanner. T-sase hi Mortimer. Hain
ne. hite- Ii-mpsey. Itche. Si'arifrc f ly- iroy.
Se n teAw,--iilroY (2. Denmpey, Dais. Mortimer.
Lmer-e 21 Hit 1-1 titehar-By H. Kelly (F'al
cnerl. "il" pItched -Ve ('!ei . ( Pased ball
Cuff. ieir. Colifliwe. Time f game
Showurs and 5 minutes.
Schedule Rearranged.
The officials of the Sunday School
Basket-ball League at a meeting last
night rearranged the schedule so as
to complete the season. The follow
ing is the list of games named:
March 29-Covenant vs. Fourth,
Mount Pleasant vs. Keller.
April 3-Mount Pleasant vs. Epiph
any. Christ Lutheran vs. Fourth.
April 5-Covenant vs. Keller.
Fourth vs. Epiphany.
April 10--Epiphany vs. Covenant.
Christ Ltutheran vs. Mount Pleasant.
April 12--Christ Lutheran vs.
Keller, Covenant vs. Peck.
April 17-Peck vs. Mount Pleasant.
Princeton Trins Villa Nova.
Princeton. N. J., April 1.--PrInceton
yesterday defeated the VIlla Nova
College team here today by a count
of 2 to 1. Molineaux showed good
form, letting Villa Nova dawn with
three hits. The score by InnIngs:
Princeton ..000000011-2 8 1
VillaNova ...000100000--1 8 2
Batteris-Molineaux and Ragan;
.Link snd Douglas. U'mpires---Messrs.
Freeman and Monahan.
Tinker's Cubs.
Albany. Ga.. April 1.-JIramy I1*ven
der tried to show the homefolka here
something, hut Jack Hlendricks" Indian
apolis club spilled the beans by wallopIng
the Cub pitchers slanla for twelve hits.
enough to win.
string 'catch In the tenth Inning yester
day. Stenger shot a low liner to left
field and the .Frenchman just mnanaged
to get hIs hands on tha hall before It hit
the ground. O'Mara, who was on third
at the time neglected the formalIty of
waIting before the catch ws rngae tb
leave the bag. and efter rossIng the
plate was later declared out at the bell
was returned to Foster at third baae.
Najlln, unpiring behind the plate. el's
lawee the 'r*un'.-to count until Klem,. the
zleidi umpire, called attention to the fact
that the ball was caught en the *1 and
not trapped.
WELLrAa som
Wins For
ICuban Stars NN
i . A-si s-,0lg
This quartet of ball tossers, three
by (Cubs. They have already shown tha,
arcsans and P'almero have worn big Ie
has also seen hir leagne service, but ha!
I% making his first bid for fame in the 1
Fair Helen Firsi
In the H
J. McTaggart Pilots Mount
Home Ahead of Field in
Inaugural Feature.
Bowi., Md., April 1.-The E'astern rac
ing seanson was ushered in this afternoon
t the Prince George's county track under
excellent conditions. The course was in
good shape; the fields well balanced. and
the attendane large. Not only was
ociety folk from Baltimore and l'hiladel
phia and Richmond well represented. but
New York sent a large delegation down
and a thoroughly good afternoon's sport
was had. The grandstand was crowed
and every available inch of space was
The card. while not a high class one
furnished some real thrill., and in several
f the numbers the finishes were ex
tremely close, especially so in the feature
number of the card, the fourth race, the
naugural handicap at seven furlongs.
when Fair Helen just managed to nose
out Redland.
Johnny McTaggart was the bright star
of the afternoon, riding two winners.
and each nnumber he put up by a clever
pie e of riding.
There was seven races on the card, the
feature event being the Inagural Handi
-ap at seven furlongs. This number
brought six horses to face Starter Dade,
but the race was marred by the running
away of Republican, a mile and six fur
longs, after having been led to the
"chute." The moment he was released
he broke and after that whatever chance
he had of winning was ruined.
Republican Bad Actor.
It will be remembered last year on
the opening day, this old rogue after hav
ln; a race at a similar distance at his
mercy. elected to go in the outside of
the track in the run home and finished
iutside of the money. ife seems to be a
hard luck horfe. as he has gone practical
ly nothing since he changed hands last
After a delay of ten minutes Republi
can was taken back to the starting post.
The tield was away well and Fair Helen
moved into an easy lead for the first
half a mile, but tired badly In the last
sixteenth. Redland. who was in second
position when the stretch was reached,
came with a rush at the end and was
wearing the winner down at every stride.
He finished full of courage and had the
riders been reversed the latter would
surely have won. It was only Johnny
MTaggart's rattling finish that saved
Palr Helen from defeat.
The surprise in this race was the bad
third finished by F'littergold, who was
beaten four lengths for the second
money. He was heavily supported by
the public and carrierd the majority of
money in the mutuels.
Follow Flittergold,
After the running away of Republican
the race looked to be at the mercy of
llittergold, and those who had wagered
on the Muller horse rushed into the
nutuel machines to support Flittergold
In an effort to get even, but they were
badly fooled when F'air Helen led all
the way and won by a scant head.
Redland's race was a thoroughly good
one, and wil* probably be heard from
in his next start.
The opening race for maiden two-year
olds at four furlongs was won by Great
Dolly, who defeated the "hot tip" Dr.
Nelson by a half a length, while Wan
keag was third, a head away.
That Dr. Nelson was best was evident
as he hadl a good ,command at the
stretch turn for home, but ran to the
middle of the track, where Great Dolly
saved ground and won going away.
Waukeag, who finished third, ran a good
race and closed on leaders. She was
away badly, and might have been up
much closer had It not been for this fact.
Ueeeud to Bletween Us.
The second number on the card, a five
an4 a half furlong aff air, brought a
larger feld. to the poet. Ina- Kt *raw
fnclile while Martin Oasca anid Be.
tween U. also were well supported,
Martin Casca wold probably have won
this nugnbU ba~d .he nlot mt Weith in.
terfeebe at the start, and also being
caried wide turning for home,
Between Us cloesd with a rue .In the
Mng Good with Big
of whom are members ,f New York fte
t thIey are ableI t o holdti thir -wn i ith
.gu uniform is in f ormoer ears nad given
n noIt yet had a fair chance to demonstrat
I sh ow.
3ndicap For I
Brooklanders Trim Maryland
Collegians in Twelve
Inning Battle.
Rock itil ..olg rodasurprise
for Catholic U'niversity yester-day n
forced the Ried anti Black team Into an
extra inning fray to win with an eleventh
hour batting rally by 4 to 3.
Shmidizer, thle twirler for Rock H~ill,
was a st umbling block to the Catholic
1'nilversity batters. ' ie h ad good con
trol and showed a curvedi bell that was
mighty puzzling to the heavy Brookland
hitters. 1i1 wo rked thle full game andi
dieserved to win an ho kept the hits;
well scattered through the, twelve In
Charles ('raoker, who tolled for the
Isrooklanders, w-as a trifle wild but in
the pinches was effective. It was Croak
er's hit'In thle eleventh Inning that tied
the oIld ball gamle up.
Lt ihlrM uewsthe demo
sluggertof thle fray foIr he had four hits
out of six trips to the plate. Both teamns
score in the first Inning. Rock Hill
scored In the secondl but ('. ' '. could not
work it mare around to tle Plate Until
the third whlen the ball game as tier
up. It wa nip an tuckt ti e eleventh
when Rock 1Hill hroke the tie by Putting
over at runner withouIt A hit. Catholic
I'niversity alsp scored in this session.
In) the twelfth Johnson held Rock 11111
bafe anld hi1s. teamsmates came through
Wit l thI hits and won the game. Score:
RwK HILL. Al R. L . OS . A. F
B 1arel , 3. .. .................. 4 1 0 6
Be Yrry e.... ............ 5 0 0 2
R n. 1 ........... .......... 4 0 1 16 0 V
Schmidiger. p......... . .. . 0
(*okaneT Trim Marylan
C' n . . . . ......... ...... 5 0 2
od le rf ......... T 1 0
Pa r t 1................. 4 0 0 -
Skrotney, ss......... 5 0 2 1 i
ony,11111 b oll... pio4ed t0 1 3 0
Toals ......................... 40 3 5 *35 16 4
". 17. A H. It. H. PO0. A. )
SCahill. 3b ................ 4 1 0 1
Moue, tin rf............. by 0 to 13
Sf hmier, rf.................. 3 o0 k 1 1 0 1.
troland h............ 6uve bi th2 was
hitters, li worked......... t2 f0l gam and
Care roker, .......... wh tole fo the
lJo kndt. ....a............. 0 ild hu in
"rsht n nthe elhminth tconigd. t
sluit, f Bary f mnh a orht
out o a trip trort-hec l. Rot team, 2
Lced n thses-Rc ist 11;n. U.. 1 k Firsbas
or insOf thmise.4; hut Cro 6. ouldnno
up.fI roae.4 nip anon tuk.il te eoutiti
wchmedior, 1:1 byroke theti by pneng To
baiverityM~e Slacrfe ithises irot.
1acrifhe tfletonson bei ok,11
samid (2i. tmfe, Mcie ( ani. thgrouble
pilayahH trt ande ton Kli.n. gameb Sicer
--Byf Croake (Cli Al). Um0h-Mr. A.odward
'hl.e ofga...ou .an.4mnu.
Annaolis , Md...pi 1Nv 0 won a.
harrd-fught game....here. todyfo the
Amert. Cllg team....... Cby 1 to0 1Bt
Blogetttand Goodr.ig pche good
balitoi the.former... wa ge the bet
C.ppot in hepnhe .h H.coreA by
Navry ................... 0 00 tP- 4 3
mest I................6...00010 0 033
Btere-Goodr.dg an Caco Bl0d
Eagluut.e. unior Challenge.
BTie.gl Juniors...... hav reorgnise
toarrang game.. wit al st7 tm
averag..ng..w..v..year.. C a tl o
nsm.iaiost A.......0 I C0 0R Tet
C. ... .h..i.1L0 001
Over Nat
League Teams
kms. are- amng the best ever prodiuced
hle la ; ierintebgeague.
goo d ,1nt of thmelvem. Aragon
e II wor;th to atam, wh'Il. R.odriguez
i Are Ready
Big Tournament
Pin Knights Are Anxiously
Awaiting Start of A. C.
B. A. Tournament.
Wihen.tlw- lead-off mien onl the twehe
howbugti teamns schediuled to open the At
lan 11, 1 owiing Association's tour
nam*n at 'amp *:miry. First and B
.rts~ noth,west. toe the foul line toj
mooriaow nih' 1 n 0 se nd ,pinning down
the alle 8 the1 ol-ening hall, Washing
tonl fhlst na"tionail howling tournament
I e oiAlly inaugurated.
Evermthing is in complete readiness for
the a' isir. T ixteei new alleys, espe
illy constructe. for the affair. and
never haing1 bleer rolled upon. were
comle ted era es terday morning.
Work on the derations in the building,
which wa;iFs star ,te-d yesterday afternoon,
will be , omtpletsi this afternoon. All of
th" diffrent Fideshow features In the
two ig halls are in Place, including the
relaning o the big dancing pavilion.
ThBis latt.r feture Is expected to be
ne c of th .- hat attractions of the tour
nament . The halroom loor is one of the
bg et in the Sout, and the conces- i
sionaries h aving the dance in charge are
P lanning many novelties for their pa
Th mirs osw tslsis end 0 f the District,
Maj. Pull mI n sever.aIl ank presidents
and other notb i avesnilete the honor
otf, ling the tfst hal edown the alleys,
there being no nther teremonies planned,
Fave this unoal cuistomary Inaugural
Washe aing a lin ve every reason to
be proud the tiwork the local bowlers
hav done in connection with this
tournaenit. llromn the tln lat spring.
%henl lresidn (;ude, of the A. C'. B.
A. , vited the atsortation to the Na
tnalnt ('atal, 1mtil last night, there has
bien .inost tincessan work done by
1iv of thle h cal pin anits in connec
tiolnwith th affair. . T. Moran, prei -
dent of the t'iournent co any; th . r.
Gide. Toi Grant,. a palles. IH. T.
Rod ter.*C. 1. Crinler. Ernest Dulin,. P. B.
Fletcher, IlarVv Rogers, Harry Krauiss,
.ohn T. eaneye and others tave on
tributei free of thli t he. and that
there has been little ert undone that
will make for the comfort and enjoyment
of .the visitors. will l a l testified to
by the thousands who will take In the
tournament rolling starting tomorrow
Every nieht soil be a feature ing
the tournament. Ton orrow nht prI
ankiesnt ine sssatso the ysfnan
tielSaitaseshI reprsent, th ths
bsagerst te andt twor donrtentby
day wiltibe hseall un ight ihn Clarkec
Gift all is afllow T bors, wei-a
thes ataci o the tl'isse it tle maples X.
edsday.C.I harsbee.nst stits Pouth
leta lst ht.es ilrr ~rssss
theeonsrblet liteltio tinbeing that
byilol holerst the frladeow-n
In thasto will mad by evond Gto
by teghou-ands Pauls wielr te ilather
thernest tt l ing stllring tomorrownd
Ever narly every bne an feashing
thnede toamet thero niest ir.
Saertar Dniovnn of the cA.y C.B.A.,
wilhouas being rerstnte, ofth theio
thaterPoehlr team gni two aepgrtetsu
uein tlin ealypatq the econdys Tweek
dayetorae.Gt will robsbalngte larten
rfTh tandmi fomelon tbrowl wIll a
thmenatck uat thclck lTtle mouresf
startnga tha dbferent evente asteruth
ferst nightwl eanucdltr l
byhocal bolerprobabte that allaive-show
evntha will be roaea byi Hur on Ga
3.tl enrleran w auith e the sadinlater
ithe betftenollrin.wEgad
cocde hakes Issue Desti. e
Searetr Doo..Mlu of the o.A.
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Griff's Yannigai
Defeat Ric
Nationals' "Almosts" Capture
First Exhibition Game from
Smith's Internationals.
Richmond, Va. April 1.-The Wash
ington Americans. with Boehling and
Ayers doing the mound work. defeated
the Richmond Internationals at Broad
Btreet Park this afternoon by the
score of 5 to S. More than 3,000 wit
nessed this, the first exhibition game
of the season. and they were impress
ed with the manner in which both
team, have rounded into practically
mid--eason form.
Tli hGriffith men put their first run
acr: in the third inning. Moeller.
awe" r and Jamieson singling in suc
cession after Boehling had grounded
out to Elbel at first Williams flied
out to center and Shanks popped out
to I= at secon d.
J ny Verbout, the former Vir
glnia Leaguer, pitched the first five
innings against the Washingtonians,
While Ross. a port-sider, finished the
wo runs were made by the visi
tors in the fourth frame. Milan and
Gharrity aingled to left. Parks ad
vaiced them with a sacrifice, pitcher
to first, and both men scored when
Boehling rapped out a hard one over
Parks made the first extra base hit
for the visitors in the sixth inning.
when he tripled to tight center, and
Ayers tripled in the eighth to deep
center. scoring Parks, who bad sin
gled ahead of him.
The Internationals made two runs in
the fourth inning. FBankstot beat out
a iive to short. Arragon lit to decl,
,enter for three hase. scoring Hanks
ton. libel singled to right. e oring Ar
ragon. wn et to second on Mila'is errnr.
and ,as caught off second by a peg from
In the fifth Mct)ermott singled to le't.
went to third on lendryx's drive to cen
ter. *Bankston drew a pass. fViling the
bases. Arragon singled to left. scoring
MIlertnott. Hendryx being thrown out
at the plate on a pretty peg by Jamis
son Ethel and Nye 'aere easy outs.
Featuring the game was Ross' hand
ling of (Gharrity's grounder down the first
base line in the eighth Inning shen
he scooped the ball to EIbel in the nick
of time to make the out. Score.
RiLrHMOND. AR. R. 14. P. A U.
Clenents,, if ..........5 0 2 0 i
M.cternwst, ............. 5 1 1 2 6
He. f.. .. .5 . 1 r . ,
Barkstt . rt...... .... .... 3 1 1 1 I
Aras m, ft. ................... 4 2 3 :
EiM. h.....................t 2 ' i
........................4 5 I 3 0
Rem-1m, e.................... 1 :
Rerl-w. p................. 1 I d 0
0Onell e... ........ 2 1 1 2 A (
t s.,. p ........................ 2 0 0 0 0
'rlais . ................... , 3 1 ! 3 :.
WtASItNGH ITON. Alt it. H. POt A- J.,
\lo Ine . Of.................... 4 1 J 0 0 -
Sawe.-. se..................~ e t 1 a (
Ja.rne'.. if.............. 4 3 0 1 v
Willimso. 1b.......... 5 0 : a 0
Shansi. 3b. .. .. . 0 2 3
Mila,. rf........ ...... 4 1 1 1
loharnty. c..... ..... . 4 i ; 2 t
larks. 2h.. ........ .... . 2 2 1 n
Kch1ng, p. ........2 0 1 2 5
e.Otrc.k ............... ... 0 0 0 0 A
A 'er., p ................ . 1 0 0 2 U
Totas ....... .. 37 6 13 X ji,
*Batteet is Boehhag in iath.
R cr t . ...0 0 it 1 0 A 0 it
t. 0 1 2 1 i 0 1 0
Tw-base hit hhe" Te i hit. -Arr.
Parks, Aivers. flotk. Past ifde fhr
-Altr Ok. Stlen haes-Jamts n. Mlan, 111
plya-Bankston to EAbel. Hits madl- It Ve:bt
a in s ing off Hoeting. 9 in 5 tning. Ia
na halla- Be Rehlin.g, 4. b Verhot. 2 str1
eut-By Rtoehling. 3; by Ar4. by Hois 3 %%11
pitch-. R.s. Ift n ha -hm onid. 9. %,,a,
ington. e. trirte- Mri. westervlt. lume of game
--2 heurs and 5 Minutes
Minnesota Heavy-weight Will Tackle
Reich. Coffey and Moran
for $50.000.
Minneapolis. ilinn, April 1 -Fred
Fulton, linnesota's heavy-weight
fighter, has signed a contract with a
tyndicate of five New York promoters.
including Tex Rickard and "Billy"
2tbson. to meet three fighters in New
York for $50.000. according to an an
nouncement here today by Mike Col
lins. Fulton's manager, on his return
from New York.
The first fight will he with, At
Reich. April 29. or May 6; the second
with Jim Coffey. or Frank Moran. at
a date yet to be selected, and the
third on Labor Day with a man to
he picked by the promoters, accord
ing to Collins, who also declared that
the syndicate had put up $10.0n0 to
bind the contract, and that Fulton
had deposited $1.000 forfeit money.
The Mohawks and Westovers will pay
on the Mohawks' fieldt. Steventeenth and
D) streets southeast, today at 2 o'clock.
The 'Hawks' are getting ready to carry
out a hard scheduile and expect to give
all the independent teams a tough battle
for the title. Manager McClure has ar
ranged a good Sunday schedule for the
next four montha:
April 9. Bolkau A. C.; April 16, St
Peters: April 23, Cleveland A. C.; April
30, Napro A. C.: May 7. Htillbrook; May
14, Lincoln; May 21, Cardinal A. C.; May
28. Vigilant; June 4. Palais Royal: June
11. Lincoln: June lt. Rex A. C.: June 25.
Vigilant: July 2, Hlillbrook; July 9. Rex
A. C.: July 16. open: July 23. Vigilant:
July 30, opehi. For games address C. R.
McClure. 1530 Pennsylvania avenlue south
east, in care Mohawk A. C.
ickard Denies Rumor.
New York. April 1.--Tex Rickard today
denied that he was interested in any
way in a syndicate in Minneapolis to
have signed a contract under which Fred
Fultoni would meet three heavy-weight
fighters in the Western city for a purse
of $50,000. Rickard said he expected to
sail in a few weeks for South America.
where he has biusiness interests.
Peieuas Easy for Cubs.
New OrleanS. La., April 1.--The Chicago
Nationals and the Pelica.ns engaged in
their first exhibition game this afternoon,
the Cuba winning by a score of S to 2.
gcore by innings:
Cubs .......... ...........00 0 200-3 5 3
New Orleans............000 10C00-! 1
Batteritea-McConnell, Seatont and Arch
er; Wat**t. N aw WaZtml DB.
lowie Tra
hmond i Bel
Ferguson Holds atimaceCol
legians Safe and Kend"
Greeners Win, 6 to 1.
Falurlie to connect with Ferguson. hi-I
Ing for Gailaudet College. in the pinches,
and eight fielding errors gave Mount St.
Joseph'a the. short end of a (-to-I seore
at Kendall Green yetterday afternoon.
The Baltimore collegians threatened in
almost every inning but Ferguson. aided
by clever fi;ding at critical mo.ments.
pulled himself out of the hole nicely each
In the third frame with Wright on
second and one ,ut Rockwell made a
sensational stop of a hard-hit ground oli
too late to catph the runner, and Wright
scored the one tally for Ft Joseph's.
Rockwell crmItributed fIle as4ists and two
put-outs besides three running p ik-ups
that left him out of position for a throw.
without a sign of a fumble. Four hits In
five trips to the plate was the beat he
could do at hat.
Nolan, at third base, for Miin St
Jose"r. was th, only men r rif iaat
3oar's team in the line-up and they did
t.nt look much like the string teams
turned out at the Mount the I-t few
years Martin. at short, pt. eia clever
fielding game and kno'ked d wn one
Pop fly with his bare hand in pretty
.T1 1T JiSEPHS. At R 11 ti t,
l'"iuips. it ....... . . 4 i, *
JN. N Lar. . ........... I
Mathiiea. 11............... .. . . . . .
arit .. .... -
L lan, t....... . .i
na c . ...... ................ 3
wngtt d..................... ... a
Kitte p.. .. ............ 3 a -
*thnena...................r t i I 0 t
iAt~lAt'IDET Au li. H~ I'' 4 1
'oe. it............ . 1 1 i
ekwell. ................ 50 4 C S
e................ r S 1
klar l b.. ...................... 22
Feil..n,. rp..........0
Ta T A 13 M, 5
NIT S Jospl 0 a 0 oe A 0
Gal1aude . 0 0 1
E r e i h ., c a a
1. te , n h Vw - i . 3. h 5 - -*
F1th- t n , al c e -r . is1, -
Mees i i ' . \I:-.. 'f- . a .
te p Ite B V .Tr -Kti -A I! K lu.1 *
rer Ic . M- M- I'- ie 4 an
Gridiron Club of the University Ath
letic Association to Banquet
Camp's Football Stars.
:n e .\ipr:I I ---For the first
trIme i, football histo y an All
America esen will gaRther when or
Apr- I-. the ienmbers of the 1911
mnyt hic team , Iected by W VaIter
Caml wi bIe the guests of the Syra
Cuse Univercity Athletic Association.
at the ainu;t al atletic dinner in the
John I) Archbold gymnasium
Invitations to the eleven members
of the firet team were sent out Iti's
week and already acceptances hav
tien receive'd from a majority of the
ncn Not one has said it would b
Initiossible to attend. There is 8vei
ti'ac.n to exiaet al; the tplayers wili
be present, at the same table with
Walter Cam p. who has agreed to le
the prIncipal speaker
In the past the men sele Led for
these teams have been pleased to ac
cept tire honor bestowed upon them
Seldoirn has further action been
taken Because Syracus.. was more
prominent in the football world last
season than ever before the authori
ties w I h to celehrate In this manrer
The baiquet is the occasion when
alt athliti trophies won during the
year aie presented the successful
me,. There are facilities for ac
comoloduling 1.00 persons on the
main floor of the gymnasium and
there Is reason to expect every bit of
available space will be utilized
Invitations have been sent to the
followinig members of Camp's team:
Haston. Minnesota; GIliman. King and
Mtahan. Hsrvard; Rarrett and Shel
ton. Cornell; Abell. Colgate: Spear.
Datrtmnouth: Peck. Pittsburgh; Ol
phant. Army, and Behlachter, of Sy
New Haven. Cotnn. April 1.-A swim
mring meet to deterninoe the national
interrollegiate championshit will bie held
at Chlcagci on April 22. betwreen Yale.
1Fastern champion, and 1University of
Chicago. Middle Western champIon.
The Blue swIminers will also participate
In other meets, the tentative schedule as
follows: April 30. Buffalo Athletic Club.
at Buffalo. or Pittsburgh Athletic Asso
ciatIon, at Pittsburgh; April 21. Clncin.
natl Gymnasium and Athletic' Cub. at
iCincinna I; April 24, ChIcago Athletic
Club. at Chicago: April 25, Detrolt Ath
latic Club. at Dletroit.
Local Diplomatic
To Exhibit
Dog fanciers are eager to show their
pets as the time draws near for the fifth
annual dog show of the Washington
Kennel Club. to be held in the Riin
and Hunt Club. April 12, 14 andi I. Thi.
wilt be about usix hundred daags and ever
a thousand entries, which 5'urpaans any
show ever held by the lomi club.
Members of the diplomnatic corps have
antered many' dogs aid many one e-i
mais belonging to ,poal Washlt.e iB,
be seen on the bench and will ceateut in
the ting for honora.
The elldren are enthumlasie.
hon af bin Bmima
o~k Open:1
k @lows Up,
mitley Is Beaten
Brooklyn Wins from Nationals
by Rally in Tenth Inning.
Score, 2 to 0.
Run, I .. 1 I t% Im -
'A" i n at n. > r.0 errors
to the f th, tnth Inning
vesterds, t,.h' k 1 g-s sm-h
ed the go, k- an-& itin.d m ,0
victors -. Ung see: re
Gr b out b, the
An er .h.b due po'.
gibly t1"o - IN , ',,
the Bro Aah hed down
second b.- -'-. - h,rt h', Ig
In bsudmrK.'f I
to ghe. 1 . a das A-t
Bro~nk;1 .. .
were hA '- fm 11 .
so fe' b n.e. .- 7. -
NCOr " sh
in fiA A
the aanw h.
inlcat.. rto
the C-u t A
Walter J.,
nings fr' 'i ,
Lesaguer, -.er.. ' >
In ftiut pct+
Ingke t t e -a. .r
log -ut . . -
The . -
inr PA- n
had ji - -
ig a ru
Irn II. - e- . *
it n.-n
hit, tw
rflnA --- ,I io'
e- I A.s
furre -r - A
a it t )
Judg' .
Userz V 1. -gh
run, bu -A
n'"t - :
%A i"1 ' - .'' A 0
'Afli.r rA .
A A , A A
J.LAJ N: FI 91 a
A - .
\il j --
.I b. . -
B~t.A-gA BR R. . . . .
-d -
SM - -i
\G s- \I, g n 1 h u
W A... - I-r re pl
m Ah - mr' - . m
-mk - a t Mo-.
. e A . ' . - . the ~ IeIr
for .;. mmAry -d
M A .. -- t1AZAsrAo
Mis 0 - A TA -Aor fW
Mas 1 -- A Te'mAIAI
Tim A-. . . h o
'IhA . - -.~p SaA',AAs
Hi.- - ' " Irso Eran
a. A 'Act - , t s
Ma r H . i Ha.n wi., ll
's..eet" n' AA'*
prlact i w .~ A' 'I5
the ! .n I. - e A
A. . . e Avn and.,.
-,' ' A, at 4:3 t o
therge T A . . ~ O h
Stecher Thow Roler.a
Prn, s A . ' ' Fre n
ftalts in ' a ahr
"1 --Je hteh.
the p. A ~ h . in straaighto
the ~3A1A A"' 'AhA-A flast ih t.
Stecer hrTrw olr
Corps Anxious
Pets at Dog Show
for the a b. r et
Tfhe ilDA A ' I'OWn. rtI
Am.''. ..'AA nutI Europa. 1thes
the. ho ,,AA "me oftm b'
.The IIAA A'n', . harger them a .
fee. IAomeA~ 'A' moat pq o
Spaaldtng. MI, I'net coCmmg. Gen
e 'A lite- R- H.
Carter ita 'p IdlA. M
that L . l 1 rn. E4 M u s
aka I" Evani, An~dewC
wet M. Jean G.

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