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One Cent1 One ERent
Second Section WE .R1GTN,1111 SeNAARLec**o6
(N %f urITTLE
Valiant Young Hero of the
Cumberlands Comes With
Bursting Buds of April
The springtime production of new plays has its commencement this
w eek at the Belasco Theater with the premiere tomorrow evening of
"The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come," a story with which we are al
ready familiar through the 'pages of the book of the same title by John
Fox, jr. The dramatization is by Eugene Walter, the Aincrican play
wright who has given to the stage a group of dramas permeated with the
good red blood of life. There w as "Paid in Full" produced in rgo7; "The
Wolf," in 1)o8; "The Easiest Way" and "Just a Wife," in i9io; "Fine
Feather , and "The Trail of the Lonesome Pine" in x9t, and "The Better
Way" which last season had its premiere in this city, was removed from
the boards for reconstruction, and is now running in New York under the
title of "Just a- Woman" with Josephine Victor visualizing the role orig
inally created by Ch-ailotte Walker.
Such a summary is in itself sufficient commentary upon the prolific
creative ability of Mr. Walter, and no one who saw any one of this group
of c eren play s needs to be told of their virile quality. Mr. Walter is
American to the core, and has gained his equipment as a playwright in
his study of hie as he has found it through a career of journalistic and
theatrical connection .
In the course of a delightful morning I spent with him just prior to
the preriire cof "Ju-t a Woau" under its original title Mr. Walter ex
pre-cd to tie his unswcerving faith in American life as the most fertile field
for the playwright as wcll as Iis belief in the power and appeal of force
ful relodramia, reminding me that we, as a nation, are first and foremost
nielodramatic and that no pla')wright could be faithful to American type
without ringing in plenty of blood and thunder business.
I kno,. and you know and Mr. Walter knows that such a statement
ic quite hikely to turn up rore than one highbrow nose in a sniff, but we
ao know that n folk out of ten (if they would but admit the truth)
inply re in the thrills of melodrama. The record of a dozen such
pjiece, as '\\thin the Law," and "The Trail of the Lonesome Pine" is
proof conchlrire of this. \Vhy, Mr. Walter's dramatization of Mr. Fox's
The Tr.il of the Lynesone Pine" alone bulged the pockets of those con
cerned in it, production to the extent of $5oo,o0o!
So, if wc can't be honcst in the matter for honesty's sake let's be hon
't ri the sake of the esidence against us, and admit our pleasure in a
rip snorting fles: and blood melodrama!
"The Trail of the Lonesome Pine" was a beautiful story beautifully
told. In his dramatization of the book Mr. Walter transferred the crude
p- ssionate- folk of the Cuiberlands to the stage with admirable faithful
o ss to type. All the roiance; all the scenic beauty; all the charm, and
all the pathos that pervaded the pages of the book were in the play, and
Charlotte Walker's visualization of "June" was as clear cut and lovely as
a cameo.
If, in the transierence of the story of "Tire Little Shepherd of King
domr Cone" to the stage, the playwright has accomplished a work as fine
and appealing the success of the new play is already assured.
The Messrs. Shubert have selected Mona Ilungerford, whom last we
saw as the Fairy Queen in "Rackety Packety hlouse," for the visualization
of Melirsa the wild mountain waif, while Jack Davis, the former Tytyl in
"The Blue Bird," will portray Chad, "The Little Shepherd of Kingdom
Come," with Robert Rogers, the well remembered "Old Pop Rogers" of the
Lafayette Stock Company days, in the role of Maj. Burford.
The premiere will entice from the metropolis a group of celebrated
folk, amiong them Mr. Walters with his wife, Charlotte Walker; and John
Fox, jr., the playwright attending the first production of his play under
circumstances unprecedented in my knowledgg of the stage. Wiring his
intention to be present for the opening Mr. Walter was invited by the
ladies in charge of the benefit performance tomorrow evening to buy a
box to see his own picc.
Hlowever much he may have smiled to himself over the unique experience
there was nothing to suggest his amusement in the telegraphed expression of
pleasure in thus helping the unfortunate kiddies which Mr. Walters sent back in
reply to the invitation,
The latest vintage of thre "Ziegfeld Follies" appearing this week at the
National Theater is the usual carnival of comedy, girls, dancing, and scen
ery which this aggregation of entertainers brings us yearly, with the scheme
upon which the hodge-podge is built much embellished.
Cities visited by the "Follies" en route to us claim that never has
the -sponsor for this forms of entertainment compiled so extravagant and
elaborate an evening of fun, giving chief credit to the multitude of scenes
furnished by Joseph Urban, the Viennese artist who has made us many
times familiar with his riot of beautiful and bizarre scenic effects in com..
bination with his wealth of fantastic costumes.
This year's east brings us a large company who may be relied upon
for top-notching in the matter of travesty, song, terpsichorean art, and all
manner and means of tomfoolery. Among the comedy purveyors there are
as usual Leon Errol and Bert Williams, with Ed Wynn, W. C. Fields and
Will WVest assisting in the fun, while of the feminine contingent we are
perhaps the most inter'ested in the snongs and imitations of winsome - Ia
Claire, the clever dancing of Anna Pennington, Mae Murray, and Lucille
Cav=a=agh.u and the rae-. a o .- Ka -nue
Mooms:t AtC
AricrA 64(NG we
In Eugene Walter's new play, "The1
Little Shepherd of Kingdomn Come,"
the dog, Jack, in almost as important
a role as the Little Shepherd himself.
Indeed few dogs, or even humans, have
been .o muc h the center of Interest as
Jack w ill be at t he openin g perform
anice at thle Belasco Theater tomorrow
]in casting about for a dog worthy of
JOhin Fox's novel, Eugene Walter
hearl thVat "Young Ameriea" was clox
Ifig and seized the opportunity to get
Jas par, Fu recently noted a5 one of
America's greatest dog stars, though
essentially a city bred pup.
It then happened that at about the
stamile time Williami Hodge decided to
close his run in "The Road to Hlappi
ness." This released another equally
famous dog, Jack. a remarkable collie
trained since puppyhood to appear in
public, first as at vaudeville artist, and
now as a real actor at $150 a week.
(U'nion members please take notice!)
Of course Jack was chosen as an
Ideal. type of sheep dog, being a Scotch
collie with exceptional beauty and in
That intelligence is needed for his
role in "The Little Shepherd of King
dom Come" is due to the fact that Eui
gene Walter has built the entire plot
about the flerce love of a boy for his
dlog, and the equally faithful devotion
of the dog for his master.
Belasco--"The Little Shepherd of
Kingdom Come."
Tdmorrow evening "The Little Shep
herd of Kingdom Come" will be seen
for the first time on any stage at the
Belasco Theater. It Is a new play by
Eugene Walter, founded on the famous
novel by John Fox, jr. It hen every op
portunity for beautiful and effective
scenery, filled as It Is with the atmnos
phere of the mountans. All but two
of the characters are mountaineer types.
There are many thrilling themes and
many moments of suspense when the
rival clans are fare to face In their al
tercations an to the fate of the boy,
Chad, and the dog, Jack.
Chad is "The Little Shepherd" who
has God's own gift to win love from all
but his enerhies, and nothing but re
spiect and fear from them. In the
language of the primitive frontiersman,
he is a "woodscolt" without a "pappy
or a mammny," but he is a sturdy self
reliant little chap who has wandered
since early childhood. seeking shelter
wihknl monaneswohv
glady fahere an mohrdthsw'
abou who thre i suc mytery4 Hi
galln ees fhsdg ak i
metn ihMeisaohe af n
ta ikeA deep, witheoinN n
enFimen thaltrs pewing. T
The dgraa has beenstas importard
arego und the lShperda supser-.
Indeed ofe douthoree andmans, hee
bene her muhe the entrectioneres the
Thek llge at careful openn peformth
portraa fpne typcoTeate omorrowth
eumenand nan rort h ii
w atingde auDavor, dober orhyst,
Jona Hungerovl, Waugace OWaer
harpe R.a H.un BAettrcank Gerbck,
Skogland sedteoprtunitysC to Woedt
JaMar.s Prcentlyp anote ad onek the
dog. ' gets dgsastog
eential.aitygbred pup.e,
Then happneld Fothat" atie ot el
toa- e timeend Wilat tloe ecdedtoa
closer his week. "The Roadtoami
troindctinc puppad to epnnuerens
publicy fithes vwelkowiegfrtild and
lde'a. typ**=e of e hg einy mpotant
Thunat Inelignce.Is needed.. for hi
What The Plays Are Like
Belasc o- "The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come." Premtiere
tomtorrowe cz-eniny of ne-,e play ' c-hich Eugene Walter has made
fromt the .graphic story' of the Cumberland Mountains as told by
John Fox,. jr., in his book of the vnme title.
Xational-Ziegfeld Follics." Carniv-al of comzedy. dancing,
femininityv, and Urban secuery.
Poli's-"Clothes." Society comedy -achich formierly serv-ed
Grace George- as a vchicle.
Kcith's-l'aude-zile bill headed by'Adele Ro-eland -who -aeas
seent here this season in "Nobody ]Iomec."
Lor--.c's Columibia-Paramnount Picturs.
Gayety --urlesque. Cosmos-Vatifleville.
Garden, Strand and Crandall's-Featuire Filmns.
which has been designed and painted by po iet n"lte, hswe' t
Joseph Urban, the noted Viennese scenic tato tPisTetr
artist. Mr. Urban has supplied eighteen "lte"i o eyi hc ad
scenes. The most elaborate Is entitled Glet h e'ngwmn ilapa
Jr. -\ .1
"UdrteSe. hsmrvlu tg
seting owng o ts assvenssca
onl b ehiitd o dvntgeinth
opnn c ofte ly I satee
foesggsedb temaaemn ta
those who itend witnesing the per
formnce f te "Fllis'' e s a
shWnh8:5prmty The PlayskrehLis
teason, wc is eng offere in la twnhLueeiatrhsmd
Jcohas beeni stage by hianooo M tche~ ite
anfeoiniErro. annrbn Polcken
no'd Wlfsan CGenesuc furnie teo~e~ hc omrvsr
Granes Gend lyr ass, whieh cre.ih
conribthof LoudHilc bill hDaedb ld/Roanwhwa
stme. her. Ztghdis asn inn tNooym.
this city a companyofaovern150ipersons
Th Git fae rnlesue. n Coaire, VawieziIe
AnaPnGdn, Lucrlne Caanandal'-,atrehems
Whakl as e itiesnE Hag, pane y poieLaiu-Cohe hi ek' t
roeph Uan tHenesotert Vilnas Ien conaPl'sTet.
arist . r. Ura Fieas SlEd eWynn,. Willote"i oeyi hc ad
scWes, hres Purcelaborli Ranid lbetl, edn wmn lapa
"Ger the, Pe. his mayrv el stae- oco lva hrod h hr
Onryce Joesbie toly adanen tey one uces eutigi w
stturin, owingla itse mAssiss, YoungatrI hc rc eremd
apni othen In adton toay t pris.e-yasruathe antanhee.
mtonuged y the manag houseet tat ew- o
tsebwed ontany stgesing thmied.r lvai ig na topeeo
Thrae oi fthbe olloie" and ate soildipaem- ayshrso
earl, a th scne n stin wlleprockinei "Calotheesths, buek' te
shownat 815prmptl. Theworkthi aratio atteols Toheaerafiscn
seaso, whch i bein offred n t losthes''cs afcome nd hichMaud
actshas een tage y Juian itGhlert thmoey HeadIng otan, ivorpear
nldWolfendGeneBuckfurishe t n bt he rolan o in hewood, thouchr
contibuionof ouisHirch nd aern md ichl leae heoregte lawera
Stamer. r. Zegfed isbrining onounls ced ses, oingtingr im be-w
thi ciy acomanyofove esonyas rhe wats this Monnhatta Theaue
Thelis ofplaersincude maClare.shelveas him.ingr is lnatyofseetof
Ann Pennton Luill Caanah. heoentand dscenes Her mmn, powereo
reli Ma Hetiesy. ertWiliam, tock "Cote relyvaulss u the wr fAeyH
ErrlW. . ~edS.Ed Wyn, Wl oand whattendg tolhelafaison
West, CharlectsPurcellheCaaldRsudall,
Orse Joes.Eveyn oererBety eeit Rowlny. Her fnoetudred a
'I'uaie. lelaLesie Ad~sn oug fr"om a wiewome doe noth usica
and thes. n aditon o te p~n butl hode ps. t wi en her, this ugh a
mentone, th lagestchous er sheihs. abou to mrry alv Srych oer."H
aesiledon ay sageIs pomied. Inmmedratery leavsume then the awyr
tllg ehclushely gn for hrrm bein -v
P.W-"[email protected]"Sthe.ves m Theis p5~lnt of. Keni
mn n Scyeen, of. Soetapoer and
The ~~~~~~~~comicfbeofsceyedadmminte farc 'a.e.eieii
U~ttttouof sart PP~lt -comedeiesan willybe aen he this eekat
* .S
Kay Laurell, k T as "Ame. rna,
lovelest Woman." a-rts that beauty
is an enornous han ;d-. I.s Laurell.
who is a mentmber tf the ca t of *Zieg
feld's Ftiliea.'' hit coes to the
National Theater is v. eek, ,a, .r to
speak. drivlen to ti stag,. Seli wa
born and reside> in I:1 1e. 1a . and i
serts thint on a,'n f hl' tier so-cal
beauty she wva, f.r , d to a-pt a ith.
atricat etngagemtent t Producing mts,
fgers last winter t I 'tipped tf
about the lisoe ung .re so
ciety helle .\ mIneer . . f thtem ;p
proalted . t, t.ure! imt let motther.
but i ere unable ti lindue th young
%N om11aT to ttr ft' a taZe ca rr F.
Z:egfetld. jr w h- at that timc we ar
rangin for the st f tie new edI
tion of tile a"oldis.' mde up his n1n1i
to engage ier fr he how regatdle
of' what salary ehe riht ask. tl,
journeyed to tO" ad tnic Mi-s l.u
rel such a flattermT offer that she
could not see her way i tlear to refuse
to accept it.
Poli's Baltimore Co.
The personnel of the Poti Stock <om
pany if 1aliore. t whh inaugurates a
spring and siimmer siason of dtamtati
productions tonotrrow evening in the
Atademy of Music. contains the namne
of several players lho hae won the
warm personal inI professional reetrd
of W ahington during the history of
Mr. Pol's Theater in thia city.
Richard 1,uihler and Florerce Ritten
house are scheduled for the leads, while
Russell Fillm..iore will play the juvenile
roles. Mr. Bulier han tbi-n devting his
talents all winter t, moving pitures
while Mr. Fillmore his been tourmng in
the "Some Baby" farce until recently.
when he played a special engagemient
with the Poli Playrs of Hartford pre
liminary to filling his contract with Mr.
Thatcher for the Baltimore season.
Salesman" fame is another vaudeville
addition. who will be seen here this week
for the first time. ie will offer a new
one-aet comedyv by (orge Hobart ealld
"The Hat Salesman." Third in the
alignment of features will be Amelia
Stone and Armand Katisz. home again
after a long ablenee in London. giving
"MamzeUe Caprico," with story by 10t
gar Allan Woolf, and lytis and music
by Mr. Kalisz.
Will Oakland will present himself and
a singing company in "At the Club."
by Jean Haves and George L. Botsford.
Charles Howard, aseisted by Kernan
Crippx and Margaret Taylor; Mae Dolly
and Charles Mack; Miyrle anti Dlmuar
in "Over the Garden Gate"; thte organ
reeitals and the Pathe ictorial are other
Today the bill will disclose Joan
Sawyer and Signor Rudolph. William
Gaxton company: Beatrice Morrelle's
grand opera sextet; Tony Hunting and
Corinne Francis. the Kaufman brothers.
and all the other features of the past
week'. bill.
Loew's Coiunsbia--araaaouut
Beginning today and %ontinuing until
Wednesday the picture at Loew-s Co
lumbia will be Lenore U'lrich in "The
Heart of Paula." The scenes of this
picture are laid in Mexico. It is the
story of the unequenchable love of a
Spanish maid for a handaome young
Anmerican. The action and many scene.
of daily life in this exotic country with
its ever present blend of romance and
squalpr are rsaid to give this picture a
charm that is unusual. It is perhaps
the first time In photoplay history that
one picture has two endings. T'his one
has an-ending which is tragic and also
an ending that is happy. It is optional.
[howevger, with thme theater manager
which ending to use, so the picture will
be shown t the Columbia with the
bappn and Thersday, Friday and
Maude Gilbert Says A. H.
Van Buren Is Tenderest
Stage Lover In Captivity
Maude Gilbert is tickled to death to be back - \ - -r
"That sound, stereotyped." she told me in ael we had
la't week, "bit you'll know it is true when I te' -. I.'iou'hed a
mighty g'od ni-ng picture salary Just becau'e I I, i ovel'
city in the springtime "
That was mli cue. of course. to a-k the r- n -n n
1IoIIest-to-g'xodnce- pinion of films.
And I grt it '
"I hIve ha enigh. shye c niided I har ha - the sea
,on in William A Itradys production of "Sinner- and, a
r two mnnith- In the Chicago company. AIout 1we
1-:.ritig to merge i, tw I companies into onc. I lad! % m g1 Ifl pic
tiire offer that I %,I enticed to once again pose bc'
"Things went along without a request for an . - mintil I was
flung bdiy mer the Palisades into a life-saviin :W it I de
cided that I was an actress and not an acrobat. an i . id 'ust about
enough of the 'muies.'
"S.. when it was decided that Miss Rittenh,- c f'r Mtr
!1h new Baltimore aggregati'T i to k. I al . - Wah
:ngt,,n. and it made me very happ\ to come "
li- Gilbert-s lip, sniled: her grcat blue- r-, l e!
fact wa, -o r.,diant with tih- sentiment she e.p-- ound to
doubt it, sinierits
We tAlke! . more I Itg, thm I ec spacc i- 't there
.rc two opinim w hich thc Ipop.,r leading u-- 1 1 lit
t ee I.. i
1- 1 , i:i Mi-. Gilhcr : (esarcs t! t ousi
ne.' 7etm married
"Eith ;.c unrige interferes with the pric -nter
;crc, with t e riarr.,ce. and either I c one or tile aeto
tilk C c I .wtr.,rtin, :rc c-ndume of estrangcrt-.- Ii;' tie
Mnil and i:, \, I , m c 'an-ic pr."luction. or %w.:' The
can he ii 1-me :ic . n.'C . ld me-ticiiy, for the ar tile acto -ted
to a ctcro
1iMi I e:t w ii lute;,in the player, son - E - ath
that etACIi a t U w 'sins... or did I ust imai.
A wy., I i cert,;n that the big tc c lookc.. er as
Mi- <Ihcrl i.ked
1h:they ,mile i aga;n at my next question.
T .I I me - \ .w d' , oL consider the st.,e r of all
tIe ac trs ituIh w% hm \ - l hase played ?" I wanted .
"I shill havc t-1 Take it tw." laughed Miss C- - deab.
crationi-- II. Van Bhuren and Frederick Truesel
'"But if I had to deide between those two I r - Van
3uren," she wcnt on. There is no one whose stagw .et "
tender. carnmt. and sitiere There is a gentlenes, - ct
miss. You kit I pla' ed 'Get-Rich-Quick Walling it from
Home' wiih him just prior to Izetta Jewel's return I- r. -, South
America. WeVl', just after that I joined the Poli C.-*. 7 And %oon
was ca-t in i t e rame two plays with another leaI r scenes
became in hi hap ds like dcad sea fruit. The very :-c pthr
"Yes," added liss Gilbert, as though she had rc-' e : -nlusien
through her own analysis. "'-l decide right now alb. ii -,e aho
caii handle a love scene with such perfect realism and ' -t"' is Mr
Van Bauren."
Umtiph-bunuph We had onserved as much!
Satorlday Victor Mtoore jll be neen ini Silari Li~ad-- - -- ft5
"The Raice.- viih Anil& K It, the tattle .r wtit 1. i, *Th Bir'th
Psi-aniount Girl.- -ho teast.-d aeroas day Parts,* h.- h, a,~ 5tlo a t
th. A !,"ricall '-Oiitinent ill an automobile t ~ ~ T-~- -"-k hc
wb.ottl alonc. The story- of tile Pic- will be prerl.ni - fCi~
ture. i', based oi this trip. Many of the saoers.o
incidents of the trip were filmed in the Bid and R of neCt Dl.
exact locality where the happened.Se
Dturing the Phiotogcap~hing ef the pi-ture bense unp I~s I-,, ,' Tc TwhisBur
Niiis Kinig wass injurei swerea times. Pwil Inclu1 16, I I- C air.
Tho Burton Holmes Pdc~ures taken with w in Iclur aNd ,i,-...i . mure
his new "Speedo" '-amera will 8ho hoveia aw ing- 2d -ioUn sa
Van ho i uren." t Iana
fast people really move in San Frnn
"io. there Gill also Ie a Bray ca- dacro am an -
tool A e ca contnen in an at oi
aul a nc T nestoryro-t'tnt in -.1 of tehde
Guei ae nis tlrip.eMny o th gteaddsls " h
Thcientssigoafi the tefile on the:"r akti-.-.. -uhlE( -
exactwloacalty bu ere wheyhSa hped. tm n o' s et
hasurithen phortghing of ths picture h poojs. dCSsa
Mity ting wea.s'h Kinein aer" times. n- ..si ~eteen
The urtn Hlmefswpichure taencriedtheIa t n i -t'lngt
fast beupfl, noealy moveat sang thFran- rds-in
acisco Theele alo bEg aBal Pl car-.r, ~ tlU i'1
The isin rmisd' asothe titereofn therbia'a ibe
sne I twohe brelsqu whfch Sae oweoeet.'h-s'i .ele i.
has ri en bovrd Mhus owe histlni Kissing. "' Di
Gas arChm ebre who hams marred Ga- tB~~e ~ ts"'h l
ieeesec all treswh ho carescribed 1e'f~ t 5 Otl o h
ase heifu mnotably h arishowing rs theleteafaue ti.'ee
walah forte kwherotEyp ejat lySa nae*e' 's Nw
tse al thertsic of rouble n thaeJewtsaot ~ fohrMg
newrchiactouerd. Mr.e isw mappers awi ie ,..~t
tat Is rch Mule ssbreto a marrd Ma-.,...ir u
feeate French actresiwho care. onl
Torhs mnte oany her varous affaierilhedste~ obl
cmrkey aFllieos of the ubles. Inf pathl inSI~.a or ~r~ ha
pae Inchrcer r spci owena sesai to edg 'ei''inh5eIsa .
thner thant today, ex sidn onth of- tin- f r'lt'~iitld
turest of Ela weeuwll o ebreead. Dewe.. aar- rm h De
garet Flalin.1A.larainehorhe is alie
bThe ente company of Bgare Ger- asth lloe
rard' Fles Eof thesay" flee partici- nt Turd
Mand Mels. ETgaarl Ea &
ruw.Ire. bekipresenta :w .PaU. r- f ih

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