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Senator Stone Among Speak
ers Who Laud State
and Its People.
Representatives Adamson and Edwards
Speak-President Harris Relates
Georgia's Achievements.
Near. ' Georgians and their friends
gathered arui I the banquet table last
night :n the ballroom of the Hotel
Rale:gh it the tlrst annual banquet of the
Georgia Society of the District and
heard dis:ht:gjihed streakers laud their
home State and its people.
Wd l.am J. Harris, president of the so
ciet. acted a, toastmaster, and related
the achievemenL of the State. telling of
the part its statesmen had played in
framing Amerlan history and what
Georg a's sons had done in times of war.
The othr 'leakes were Senator Charles
S. Stone. Representative William C.
Adamsofn. Representative Char!es G. Ed
wards, W. G. Brantley and Claud Ben
The folowmng misical program was
rendered. Viol.n solo. E. W. Ladovitch;
vocal soloa, Mrs J. C. Kester. accom
panied by Mr. Kester; reading. Mrs. Wal
lace Streater; vocal solos. Frank Goebel.
accompanied by Mi.s Eva L. slater. The
orchestra was comP. sed of Misa Annie
M. Sweeney. Mrs Eva Hoffman and
Thomas Sweeney.
Among the guests were: E. G. Mitch
ell, William Gutcher. Mr. and Mrs. W.
M. Hairston. Miss Emma J. Scott, Mrs.
John H. Emerson. Mrs. H. E. Hutchins.
Mr. John J. McCann, Emily C. Davis.
Thomas M. Cuarles. Julius C. Bradley.
Mrs. M. J. Houston. Mrs. A. D. White,
Miss J. Houston, Miss M. Reagle. Miss
E. J. O'Neil. Mrs. R. 0. Jones. Miss Mary
Lee Kiddoo, Miss Arabel Horne Mrs.
E. i. Home, George C. Stewart. Mrs.
G. C. Stewart Mr. and Mrs. A. M.
Hartsneld. Mrs. Cox. J. E. Mercer, Mr.
and Mrs. J. F. Little, Mrs Wallace, Mrs.
Franklin. T. A. Hodgson. Reginald Hodg
son. Mr. and Mrs. Morcock. Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas J. Echols, E. W. Ladovitch. Mr.
and Mrs. C. M. Young. Mr. and Mrs.
Nell McGhee, J. M. Webb. Pierce Bealer,
Mrs. Pierce M. Bealer. Dr. Emma Reba
Bailey, Mrs. Wallace Steator. Miss Jessie
Dell. Mrs. Edgar Watkins. Mr. and Mrs.
P. R. Mays, S. A. Moreland. Mr. and
Mrs. J. M. Fendley. John B. Gross. Will
lam T. Parrott. Miss Sarah P. Grogan.
John Corrigan. Tr., Miss Laura M. Ber
rian, R. C. Edwards. L. E. Johnson, F.
Hunter Creech, W. D. Ferguson. L. B.
Mann, Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Cheatham,
T. S. Winn. Dr. A. B. Verdery. Mrs. S.
M. Grogan. J. King Pickett. Mr. and
Mrs. W. I. Denning. J. D. Matheson. Jr..
Miss P. Davis, Willie Howard, Miss
Fanny Washington. Mr. and Mrs. W. B.
Johnson. Miss Laura J. Graddick. Miss
Lucy L. White, Ann Griffith. Miss Helen
Norris. Frederick F. Shrader. W. E.
Stevens. M. H. Bunn, J. G. Eubanks. D.
E. Mon rief. jr . Charles W. Jackson. E.
L. Tribble, Alex Koplin. Mrs. 0. G. Rus
sell. Capt. D. B. Mull. Mr. and Mrs. Gove
Porter. Miss Elizabeth Watkins, Louis
D. Pace. Mrs. N. C. Napier. Mr. and Mrs.
J. T. Newtor. Representative 6isson,
former Representative Anderson. W. J.
Harris, Mrs. Eugenie P. Bennett. Mr.
and Mrs. W. G. Brantley. Mr. and Mrs.
Claude M. Bennett, H. E. Iutchens and
H. L. B. Atkinson.
Organization Holds Regular Monthly
Entertainment in Perpetual
The regular monthly meeting and
entertainment of the Pennsylvania
Society of the District was held last
night in the Perpetual Building. Elev
enth and E streets northwest, musical
and lit-srary numbers featuring the
evening s program. Dancing followed.
The program started with an over
ture by the Boorman Orchestra, fol
lowed by Miss Frances G. Pyle and
Laurence F:tzgerald in Spanish
dances: Mrs Joseph Koons. vocal
solo: Miss Ethel Garvey, piano solo;
Mrs Marie Willis. recitation; Mrs. G.
B. Stambaugh. vocal solo: Miss Gloria
Sparies. vocal solo; E A. Lang, vocal
soln, Mi:ss Pyle and Master Fitzgerald.
minnet danc: Miss Ruth Ayler, vocal
elo. drumm-r boys of Emery School;
Miss '1 W. Baurman, recitation:
Walter .ewis. piano solo, and Will
iam I Power, vocal solo.
I- John S. Arnold presided at the
gather:ng in the absence of the so
-ietys prenident. Samuel R. Stratton.
A r --'ution of sympathy was ex
tr.c!l to Mr. Stratton regarding the
recert death of his wife A. A.
Re.;ly 'i elected a member of the
Commerce Chamber Plans Meeting
Anrnunteernt was made yesterday
that Senator Chamberlain and Repre
sentative Meeker will speak at the
meeting of the Wahington Chamber
of Commerce on April 11. The board
of !rectors of the organization will
meet Wedne'day
Socialist Organizer to Talk.
Agnes Theckia Fair. of California.
Socialist 'citurer and organizer, will
speax before the Socialist meetIng at 911
Et sweet northwest, this evening, on
"Women of Tomorrow
Cigar-Cutter Called
Public Health Menace
The United Stairs Public
Health Service has issued these
health hints:
Do you know that
Sags in roof-gutters may act
as mosquito breeding places?
America's most valuable crop
is babies ?
The public cigar cutter is a
health menace?
The United States Public
Health Service maintains a loan
library of stereopticon slides?
The typhoid rate meiasures
accurately community- intelli
Whooping cough annually
kills over Io,ooo Americans?
Bad housing produces bad
Rocky Mountain spotted fever
is spread by a wood-tick?
The local branch of the Locon
gratified in the recent delivery of oni
burgh, of the pioneer firm of Washing
Mir. Lansburgh decided on the I
most thorough investigation of the
offered for sale in this city; and v
strength and great factor of safety ;
Federation Appoints Commit
tee to Seek Affiliation
with Associations.
Organization Avoids Taking Part in
Controversy Concerning Speed
of Ambulances.
The Federation of Citizens' Associa
tions. at a meeting In the rooms of the
Chamber of Commerce last night. declin
ed to act on the ambulance speed con
Delegate Garrett. from the Pinehurst
Citizens' Association, brought up the
question, ehpesming the belief that the
police department made a serious mistake
in endeavoring to restrict the speed of
Mr. Garrett was informed by Chairman
Edward F. Colladay that It would require
unanimous consent to bring the ques
tion before the meeting, since it was
not previously acted on by one of the
constituent bodies.
Dr. E. A. Bryant. delegate from the
Connecticut Avenue Association, object
ed. which killed the question for the
The North Capitol and Eckingham Cit
izens' Association was admitted to the
federation, and W. G, Henderson was
seated as delegate.
The Tinkham bill to establish a civil
service system in the municipal gov
ernment of the District was brought be
fore the federation by Delegate William
McK. Clayton, of Brigbtwood Park. It
was referred to the committee on law
and legislation.
A special committee-Herman A.
Phillips. W. E. Shannon and William
McK. Clayton-was appointed to consider
ways and means of bringing into the
federation the dozen associations still
outside the central body.
Delegate Clayton also introduced a
resolution indorsing the Johnson bill to
make crossing policemen members of the
Metropolitan Department. The resolution
was referred to the committee on police
and fire protection.
The Brightwood Association sent to the
Relates How "Dreco" Restored
Her. Has No More Gas or Sour
Stomach. Is Stronger and
Sleeps We.
"Twenty-five per cent of our educated
people die from Ignorance" Is the recent
Statement of a noted scientist. "Al
though paradoxical, the truth of this
statement is significant, especially with
respect to those who live in the cities."
Washington may he taken as an apt
illustration that will apply to American
cities in general, where there is a
constant bustle and strife to earn a liv
ing, to make a fortune, or excel in any
nme of endeavor. The grind whether of
physical labor, mental toil, or the ex
actions of society. tells upon the nerves
of the human structure. The pace is
too fast and far astray from the sim-.
pie plan of nature. -After a wide search
Dreco was discovered, which is a com
bination of plants, from the juices of
which Is extracted a tonic which has
proven to be the greatest of all known
remedies for the stomach, liver, kidneys
and blood. This is now widely known
on account of Its reviving and recon
structing powers, which is so noticeable
that the user finds himself infused with
new lfe and enefgy. as if -by magic.
Daily. Dreco is obtaining converts in
Washington, which is attested by the
signed statements of people who have
given it a fair trial. For instance the
testimonial of Mrs. Mary Oman of 39
P street. Georgetown. a well known and
popular lady, stated, "For a long tlpne
I have suffered with gas forrming in mny
stomach, belching and sourness, I was
losing my strength and could not sleep
well, I suffered a great deal and dreaded
to sit do~n to the table. Three bottles
of Dreco have made a different persos
of me. I am much stronger. sleep well.
and the gas does not bother me an.y
inure. I heartily receanusend Dreec."
Dreco Is sold at all the O'Donnsef Drug
Stores. Also in Anaesti by BUry's In
Alsaaadai by Ale's a Im atteIh bY
obile Company of America is much pany's product, that he unhesitatingly placed his order for that car. Numer
of its touring cars to Mr. Sol. Lans- ous friends owning Locomobiles-in some cases, five and six years old
ton merchants, unhesitatingly recommended the car as the one best suited to Mr. Lans
,ocomobile only after having made a burgh's usage.
'elative merits of all high-grade cars The car, a "48" horsepower, seven-passenger model, has been painted
as so impressed with the enormous to meet Mr. Lansburgh's specifications, and is attracting much attention
,s embodied in the Locomobile Com- for its unusual beauty and general expression of elegance and dignity.
federation for indorseent a resoluto B ARD OF TRADE SHAD MISS RICHARDS TALKS
urging that the Botanical Gardens be'O R FIIILS AD m ~ K~l W A K
transferred from their present location BII ~ B
near the Peace Monument to Rock Creek BAKE WILL BE MAY 20 ON WAR FOR D. A. I.
SEPaRrUYDk.RES Annual Outing of Organization to Be Outlines Causes of European Conflict.'
SEYMOURHeld at Chesapeake Progeny of Peter and Fred
Mistrial in Case of Actress Charged rick. She Says.
with Shoottig Bellby. The annual shad bake o the Washing- The militaristic spirit of Europe today
A Jury in Criminal Court No. 1, yes- ton Board of Trade will be held at Ches- is but the progeny of Peter the Great
terday disagreed in the case of Lucille peaks Beach on May 20, the shad bake d Frederick the Great, asserted Mine
Seymour, young actress, accused of committee of the board decided la
shooting Lawrence Hartgrove, a colored night. Arrangements will be made for Janet Richards in an address at Rau
hellboy, in the Dumbarton Hotel, on the caring for 700 persons on the trip. E J. arher's last night. The address was de
night-of February 12. Murphy is chairman of the committee. livered under the auspicies of Mary
The jury stood six for acquittal and Eight subcommittees have been organ- Washington Chapter, 1. A. R. The pro
six for conviction, it is understood. Ac- ized to arrange the affadr. Preiiminary ce(15 will be devoted to the patriotic
cording to the testimony, the Seymour reports made last night indicate the work and relief work of the chapter.
woman and her husband were quarreling will be completed shortly. Peter the treat and Frederick the
when Hartgrove interfered. Great-the Progenitors of Militarism in
The accused woman Pleaded she shot Would Push Excise Europe.- was the subject of The address
in self defense. Miss Richards gave a resume of the life
An atemt t f~ee onsideration In history of the great monarchs and show
executive sessions of the Senate of ed that from Infan," they were imbued
the nomination to the Uxeise Board of with the militaristic spirit.
Ask $5,000 for Injuries. Gen. Robert . Smith Is probably by Relating the history of Peter the Great,
Winfield Bernhardt and Charles E. those who oppose the nomination, the speaker said:
'Phoebus yesterday filed suits to recover An unfavorable report from the Sen- "We are told that at the age of 10
$5.000 each from the City and Suburban ate District Committee about two he organized his boy Playmates Into a
Railway Company, alleging an automo- weeks ago has been passed over on company and drilled in imitation of the
bile truck in which they were riding was the request of one Senator or an- regular soldiers. A year later he was
struck by a car of the defendant com- other at every executive session, and conducting charges on battlements and
pany, throwing them to the street and those behind the report are anxious In every way enrrying out the principies
permanently Injuring them. for final action. of warfare"
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Senator Gore Offers Amend
ment to Army Reorgani
zation Measure.
Declares Plan Would Turn Out
100,000 Young Soldiers Yearly.
Lewis Answers Opponents.
The dc bate in the Senate yesterdav
on the army reorganization bill turned
upon Federal control of the National
Senators Pomerene. Borah. and Iewis
were the Fpeakers. The hill was laid
before the Senate when it net at noon.
Senator Gore. of Oklahoma. introduced
an amendment to the bill providing mil
tary Instruction in schools and colleges
E-xplaining his bill. Senator Gore -id:
"There are now 14.000 high schools in
the United States with an attendance
of 800000 boys. My proposal Is that
whenever any high school has an en
rollment of more than 50 boys above 14,
years of age and has as a member 'f
its faculty an Instructor qualified in the
judgment of the Secretary of %ar I,
impart military instruction and training.
tige general government shall pay not
exceeding two-fths of the salary of
such military instructor.
''This is. of course, to be done with I
the consent of the State and the school I
hoard involved, under rules and regula
tions to be prescribed by the Secretary
of War. Under this plan 10.0 or more
boys trained to arms would issue from
these schools annually. They would be
easIly converted into soldiers. At the
same time they would be immersed in
tie civil population and would nnt be af
fected or infected with the spirit of mili
tarism. They would not become irnpress
ed with the military caste. They would
he citizens first and soldiers afterward.
but they would be available in case of
national emergency."
Answers Opponents.
Senator 1ewis' argument was directed
toward meeting th argument advancedl
by Senators Nelson and Borah that the
Federal government could not exercise
control over the state militIa under the
Federal constitution. He declared that
the power was co-ordinate and the Fed
eral government exercised it in co-ordina
tion With the states
Fertator Borah mad- a long constitu
tional argument on the sulje t.
"The fathers nowhere disccsed greater
wisdom." said Mir Borah. "than in those
provisions wherein they prepared the
country for defense This was natural
in a sense. for they had just come from
the battlefield, and such men as Wash
ington and Iamilton sat in the conten
tion. They set about to concentrate the
power of government so that those
powers could he used efTetivelv and effi
ciently and successfully in all military
"They had ne illusions about a republi
remaining at all times in a state Of
peace because of the fact that it was a
republic. They understood very thorough
ly Indeed that. regardless of the form
W . N.W.
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'uits S uios, Gabarines
O14A AVE. N. W. a
Of sevenment and of the purpe of the
I~vermnt or of the people and of their I
oeUvtion to pieae. there would be times
when all the powers of the peopie must
>4 coneenrated into an effective means -
'or the protection of the government and
of the people. This convention was per
rectly familiar with the weakness of
ormr republian governments wherein th h M t Says Nlation Ha
here was dilvided authority and reopen
grbilty In military affairs.'' Not Yet Eded o tainiry of
Tou CO eT rOw. Netherld Minister. yesterday denied a
,olie ts~l iis(iePo report that the Dutch govertonenrt to on
ZombnedMuscalClus Gve ro-the point of war as a resul t of:n
gram at Port Deposit. M -Ed offneial Iavesitlentlon of the .inking .f the
Tour Hiere Tomorrow. Duclie oat.
Port Deposit. Md.. April I -The Amn
herst College Combined Musical Clubs. houses of the Dutch Parliament had been
which are now on their annual spring summoned by telegraph to meet n
[our, ending in Washington tomorrow. special seenlon tomorrow to consder the
gave a concert night at the Tome i
Amherst has long been knowur o I have heard nothin about this from
of the leaders of New England s ty golernment. and It seems to me to be
colleges, and very fittingl) oper.ed the verv improbable said Minister Van
program with her famous "Lord Jeffrey Rappard So far as I know the Nether
Amherst.' This was followed byt polis lands Parliament has never be Called In
quartets, sextets, and numbers by the gether on Sundas It is possibl. hot I do
full personnel of the Glee and Mandolir not twhe it although I have received no
Clubs combined. The most popular a I n the sueet
smong those were "Old !lan Noah."
Cavalier Songs.' in whieb Mr Stin- b-it 8 IC the dLspat h IF Ptupid The
son, barytone, took the lead, and "Aloha Netherlands government will lake no
Oe." by Queen I luokalani. aion on the inking of the Tubantia
This was the first isit of the Amher-s until It Ils received the rert Of I'S
I'lubs to Tom' and a great many people investigators and I have poative knewi
fronicarby pipces attended Erie H edge that th inv-stivatlon hanot Mn
Marks of New I ork Is the manager of completed It would not b, necosrI for
the Amherst 'olege Musical Assaciation Parament to be called together to deal
Harold 1. Gillie. of Nack. N . i, with the Tisbantia mattel
leader of the ge club Robert F Gillett. I !ill the reouirern-in of The (or
of Hartford. 4 nn., i. leader of the man- rit tution of the I ot States It coUl I
dolin lul,. anid Prof. Charles W. Cobb he necessar fur the *ethriands gerT.
is director of the glee Iuh ment to octaiu tie ent of the Parts
Thp tiext ti, rtainm~nt at Tome awill Milent even tn declare war All the
take place on F-riday evening. when Heri- re~uIsit authority for dealing int Inlet
hert 1) ard. instructor of public ipeak- 'national aftatrs is vent"D in the Tbn-t
Inc at Tome, and Thomas Move, dtrector the It is Improbable, therefor, tht
of tue- at Tame will give a per- Parliament hould be called tog.ther fr
forman-, of a Oscar Wildes '*Selfsh the purpose of rsteleing inform etio nrom
Glant," with a musical setting by Upa th government on the Tubnt a cse -
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