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F~~~llI the U . Aneesity of Imposing direct tax"S 515550 eM Usta
lfllj l35t lIIJUpon the people at the United Sttus fot
Rep resn The ker ale said that the prHpoued
Ntdufipng legilation and the r lU __n
in t decision of the admin Iration to
uphfto tarid t c remionn tarifu British May Request Release from
pToblem until after the campa n. The Agremet with This Counpr. Fps
Tels House Empty Treas- snto a revision of the tariff. ee
ira nth News of the arrival at New York of
ur sD eto M aue M DE rL I d W IJthe French liner Vulcaine with Suae
d ae mounted on board created widespread
E MInterest in offcal circles last night. That
aeit may require the United State to an
DENnES WAR IS CAUSE MIS1"Son defensive
armament on merchant ships is regarded
Declares Imports Have Been Coming Canary Found Dead in Gas-Filled as ir
Into U. S. in Greater Volume Room with Body of Mrs. Inasmuch to France for the first time
hsbgnto arm her merchant ships.
Than Before Conlict- Katie Waite. Great Britain may at any time demand
__________to be released from her agreement with
The fight over the tariff issue In the " cannot stand this trouble any l the United States not to atm her mer
campalvi ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ngr wa oehdwdadIho ilfrv hant shi1ps entering American Ports.
fortheoming campaign was foreshadowedconfirmation I lacking t
in the House yesterday In a speech by bye. With my last love, all that is left the State Department concerning the re
Representative Humphrey. of Washing- of mine, and all I have in yours." Ported arrival of the Vulcaine. officials
ton, who confronted the chamber with With this brief note by her side, Mrs. have realized for some time that France
an array of imposing charts to showmight feel herself forced to adopt a p
of a imosn chrs solhtKte1Wie io fafre enitcy of arming her merchantment In view
the empty Treasury was due to the Un- of this city, was found dead with a gas of the resumption of German subma
derwood act and not to the war. tube In her mouth in the Parlor at 93 rine warfare. It a thoughtsto be sure
M1r. Humphrey read a series of revenue e on m a
statistics showirg that, despite the war.
imprtshae ben omng ntoth Unte after 7 o'clock last night, view of the fact that the German sub
Imports have been coming Into the United
States In greater volurve than ever be- coroner Nevilt issued a certificate of marine declaration of March I exempted
fore and that, at the same time, the suicide,
revenue derived from them is less than A canary bird was found dead In Its warning. Recent events, however, in the
that provided by the Payne-Aldrich law cage In the room. wy of submarine attacks In the North
on smaller inmportations. The note was addressed to Mabel Sea and English Cjtannel have tended
one mllrtsfrJna h Baba, of 1309 Ninth street northwest, to show that Germanys new campaign
The imports for January. 1913. wher
*e Payne act was in force, were, he said, who to said to be a friend of the dead is limited in no such Way.
16L0560; in January. 1916, they were woman. I
109.000.006. The revenues for the two . Waitea husband was Dr. Frank Fomer Gov. mth Dead.
monls show a decrease from .000,0 Waite. a atie of Frederick, Md.,
to S16,500.008. The seme figures who died in Noember. 1914. Baltimore. Md.e April .-Charles A.
ary. 1913. and 1916. show an increase of The body was discovered by Ivan Rich- Smith. former g
imports of $49.000,001 and a loss in rev- man and Human Frickson, roomers in governor of South Carolina, president of
isue of S8,000. the house, who called Crtoeing Policeman four banks in Timmonoville and Lynch
"These figures make it perfectly clear Napier from Ninth street and New York burg, died here today. The body was
what is the matter with our revenue." avenue. shipped to Timmonaviile thia afternoon.
said Mr. Humphrey. "It is not the war
in Europe. It Is the free trade tariff Indorse Killer and Chase. Denmark to Protest
law that you have put on the statute Attorney Robert 1. Miller, candidate Berlin. April 1.-A dispatch from Co
books. If the old Payne tariff law hadfor delegate to the Republican national penhagen announces that Denmark will
been in force for the past eleven months convention In Chicago, June 7. was in- protest to England against the seizure
you would have collected $106,000,000 more dorsed at a double rally by the Regular of mail on the Danish liner Hellig Olaf.
In revenue." Republican Clubs, of Washington. as was which is declared to be In direct contra
The benefit of $91.000,000 In revenue, also his running mate. Calvin Chase. venton to theeIrague convention.
bye oftWOMEN
Toey're here-never mind the low
wrth thin brethe quality first and
ttun you re y er b o u tonin he a at
Hirsh's values. Just think
Ifere's the much-wanted
aRIN G hampagne Kid High-cut
Boot, with tw-inch Louis
leuhricide.ie nl
All White, Patent Colt
Vam As with White d
Tops, Gray Kid,
Champagne, 9 mart Women's Pat
ent Colt Hightcut poot
With white tops and two
Inch Ious leather t al.
and Other Novelties r n
the ous, wh caled rosing oliema
Napir frm Nnth tree an NewYor
convnt4o inCiaoCue7 a n
The benent oThisis0,00einnrevenue
rtwich Mayi leqat e n fo
Al sze, llshpsal wdts. Neew o Pri e ly la NwYoko
1ow shoeumodelsnonodidplryanowwtoo.p$ead
0 5* lh t interet -nofca icesls ih.Ta
itmyrqieteUieIttst n
German Goesmaset WiW Apply
Ticket System to Diatribution.
Berlin, March 0 (via London. April U.
The government haa announced stringent
regulations for the control of Germany's
meat supply during the war. The sai
and slaughter of cattle, begs atd sheep.
and sale, distribution and consumption of
meat In all forms are put under a es
tral board appointed by the imperial
It will have complete power to make
rules. as well aa to start proceedings
for confiscation where it is needed to
equalise distribution and secure supplies
in cities that otherwise would be insuf
ficiently served. The new organisation
will take control at once. It is planned
to issue tickets such as are in use for
Appeal for Help Accompanies Descrip
tion of Suffering-Society Sends
$10.000 for Relief.
The American Red Cross yesterday re
ceived the following message by cable
from Its representatives in Constantino
"Turkish government now welcomes
I help and through Mipister of Interior au
thorizes American Red Cross. co-operat
Ing with Red Crescent, to conduct relief
work for civilians of all races. Great
suffering throughout country. particular
ly at Constantinople and suburbs along
shores of Marmora. at Adrianople. Bruss
and Smyrna. These regions five hun
dred thousand, not comprising Arme
nian refugees. need help for bread.
"Hundreds dying of starvation. No re
lief in sight. Sugar, petroleum oil at
famine prices. Typhus is spreading. High
mortality. For immediate relief fifty dol
lars estimated required for Constantino
ple Chapter administration before May
first to procure foodstuffs. For more per
manent relief suggest importation of sup
plies by sea from Roumania and Amer
This message apparently marks an im
portant change of policy on the part
of the Turkish government. Heretofore,
since the outbreak of the war, that gov
ernment has declined to permit any for
eign agency to undertake the distribu
tion of relief within Turkish territory.
Red Cross and many other American
organizations have sought without suc
cess for permission to carry help to the
civilian population of Turkey, composed
as it Is of many races and religions. in4
cluding Turks, Syrians, Armenians, Jews.
Greeks. and others.
In order to expedite the work, the
Red Cross yesterday appropriated $10.
000, which will go forward at once.
Admitted Prisoner Will Be Arraigned
for First Degree Murder To
morrow Morning.
Special to 1%* Wshinston Herald.
New York. April .-District Attorney
Swann Is determined to take to court
at the ealiIiest date possible, which will
be May 1. probably, the case of Arthur
Warren Waite, indicted for poisoning
his father-in-law. John E. Peck.
Judge Swanu,,aj tpday that the evi.
dence against Dr. Waite is so complete,
even aside from Waite's own confession
of guilt, that no reason whatever exists
for dragging out preliminary inquiries.
The investigation turned today toward
an effort to locate $1.200 that appears to
be missing from the roll of bills dug up
on Friday on Long Island by Eugene
Oliver Kane. the embalmer to whom
Waite paid $9.000, he says. Kane and his
employer, John 8. Potter. were ques
tioned today In the district attorney's
office. Kane repeated his story that
he never counted the money. Potter de
nied all knowledge that money had
passed between Waite and Kane.
The $7.800 recovered from Kane's cache
was deposited in a safe deposit vault to
day in the name of Judge Swann. to be
used as evidence against Waite. Eventu
ally, it was said, the money will be re
stored to Miss Catherine Peck. from
whom Walte obtained it.
At Bellevue Hospital It was said that
Waite Is improving rapidly In physical
condition, and that he will be in shape
for arraignment Monday morning.
What Sweetheart
Tried for Pimples
Stuart's Calcium Wafers Proved
Magic-They're the Most Ef
fective, Quick Blood Cleasser
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The difference in the appearance of the
ekin. after a few days' use of Stuart's
Calilum Wafers, is startling. They are
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fiers in existence, and the most effective
eradicators of blood impurities known to
"I Tell Ye Stuart's Calcium Waters
Are Weuderfal Beauty Makera!"
science. Everybody ' knows or ought to
know that impurities in the blood cause
most of the poor complexions, the pim
plea, the red spots, the muddy skins, the
boils and akin eruptions. Once the blood
Is purified, all these beauty destroyers
disappear, and a complexion resulta
which no face treatment can ever pro
Stuart's Calcium Wafers are wonderful
for this purpose. One of their Ingredients.
c~Icum sulphide, Is in itself the quickest
and most effective blood cleanser ever
known. Start taking Stuart's Calcium
Wafers today and your mirror in a few
days will show you that your "dream of
a fair and beauteous face" is coming
true, Buy a box of them from your drug
gist today. 10 cents. If you want to try
them first, mail coupon below for free
trial package.
Free TrJaI Coupon
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atone, byreturn mai., a free trial
package of Stuart's C aleium Waters.
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cte. ..............Utata............
E. C. Grahan, Local Merchant,
Says Demand for Supplies
Shows Big Increase.
Declares Country is in Midst of Ab
normal Building Development.
Quotes Figures.
That there has been a large Increase in
the demand for electrical supplies and
that the country is in the midst of what
has ' been termned an abnormal - building
development. is the opinion of E. C.
Graham, president of the National Elec
trical Supply Co., who returned yester
day from New York, where he partici
pated in a conference of electrical sup
ply jobbers of the Atlantic Coast States.
The conference was for the purpose of
getting first hand Information on the
business conditions prevailing in the sev
eral sections of the Atlantic Coast reach
Inv as far West as Buffalo and Pitts
"The conference demonstrated that job
bers have bought far above their normal
demand." said Mr. Graham. "enticipating
the prevailing high prices and looking to
the increased demand of spring trade.
Behind in Orders.
"investigation shows, however, that
factories are behind in their orders and
their output is insufficient to meet cur
rent demands. It is believed that any
surplus stocks in jobbers' hands are being
rapidly depleted and should the abnormal
conditions continue, the demand above
the capacity of the factories will crtate
a shortage of supplies within three or
four months' time.
"Authentic statistics were presented
showing that building operations under
way for the months of December. 1915,
and January and February. 1I16, as com
pared with the same months one year ago.
total $187,12,I.00. against S115,0.43,0 an
increase of $72.063,0t The Iragest gain
that of residences, 37.42.00, or 9 per cent.
"There are under construction in ship
yards 37 merchant vessels and 68 gov
erment vessels. the largest tonnage
ever under way.
Shortage of are.
"There were 32,290 idle cars March,
1915; there is now a shortage of 20.,,1.
a, net difference of 32.SUl cars.
"There is an increase of 638 per cent
in the orders for cars, and an increase of
66 per cent in orders for rails.
"The output of steel mills is sold up
to January 1, 1917, and in some cases for
the first quarter of 1917. Much work is
being delayed owing to the inability to
get certain iron and steel products. No
lower prices can be expected for many
months the general opinion being that
there will be much higher prices during
this year, owing to pressing needs in the
"The production of crude copper, while
larger than ever before, has not reached
its possible maximum. However, before
copper can be used in the arts, it must
go through the refineries. The refining
capacity of the country is limited. All
are now working twenty-four hours a
day. The great consumers have bought
for deliveries six months ahead.
- fig Demand fer' Brass.
"It Is In brass products that the most'
difficulty is experienced in material.
Large quantities of brass are being used
in war munitions in factories within the'
United States, and larger amounts are
being shipped abroad at higher prices
than prevail in this country. All brass
mills are running at full capacity. It
is next to impossible to get anything like
prompt deliveries on standard shapes
and stock and no orders will be accepted
for special shapes.
"Domestic consumers are held down in
their allotments from the mills to within
a reasonable increase on their former
regular purchases, usually within 20 per
cent. With a demand for finished prod
ucts requiring brass stock. ranging from
33 1-3 per cent to 100 per cent above nor
mal.- and knowing the attitude of the
brass mills in holding down allotments
to about normal. it can be appreciated
that goods requiring brass will be hard
to procure in the near future.
"The electrical industry, being so close
ly allied to the general business activities
of the country, the electrical jobbers,
manufacturers, and contractors antici
pate a larger business for 1916 than the
industry has ever known."
Maryland State Senator Condemns
Site of Washington Light Plant.
The Maryland 'legislature. now In
session at Annapolis, has been asked
to go on record as being opposed to
the location of the central heating
and lighting plant on the site at the
foot of Fourteenth street. It also
has been asked to exert its Influence
in Congress for the adoption of the
Newlands amendment.
State Senator Jones. of Montgom
ery County, yesterday at the request
of Mrs. Austin Gallagher, of the
Woman's Civic League of Baltimore,
introduced a reqolution which pro
vides that the legislature condemn
the location and requests the Mary
land members of Congress -to vote
for the amendment.
Stationary Engineers Second Labor
Body to Indorse Jndge.
Reappointment of Judge James L, Pugh
to another term on the bench of the
police court was urged in resolutions
adopted Friday night by Local No. 99,
International Steam and Operating Sta
tionary Engineers of North America.
The union directed the secretary to send
a copy of the resolutions to the attor
ney general.
ThIs is the second labor organizatIon
of the city to indorse Judge Pugh in
a formal manner. The Central Labor
Union recently adopted similar resolu
tions lauding Judge Pugh and urging
that he be glven another term.
Hogan and Williston Endorsed.
A capacity audience gathered at 7gl I
street southwest at the meeting of the
River Hide Republican Club of the
Eighteenth district, and the Hogna-WiI
liston ticket was inidorsed. The meeting
was addressed by R. C. Brooks, B. Lm
Gaskins, S. J. Jones, C. 8. Hill. W. H.
Walker and Jerry Barnes. John Rail
storke, the president of the club, pre
Bradshaw-Xarshall Ticket Indorsed.
The Bradshaw-Marshali ticket for dele
gates, and the Early-King ticket for al
ternates, to the Republican national
convention were indorsed at a mnase meet
in~g last night, presided over by Will
iam H. Matthews at Irving Hall, in D3
street between Fourth and FIfth streets
Mnerey Dock Strike Ends.
Liverpool. April 1.-All the striking la
borer. on the Mersey river docks re
turned to work this afternoon. Thorn
o. t4e tl.,renea side teat.ej to ...ui.e
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den, of the United States Coast borne I. Beltm-11 ti sufeprig f
SGutrd, haE- been ordered to the NavyW Pleuro-pe.iie , but hope Is
er2 fAviation School at Pensacola. FiMe to held out for L
They study the art of flying. g
I PT-Icol. F T V!.., i . the llatws
Jaes . West. of the Assoelated tiot Acre,. Ind , is: dcs~rtment. Is is
Miss Nancy Pendleton. ot Lexing- Press, who In convalescing from a se- the city on a. Isitta tt
ton. Va.. is the guest of Capt. and rious attack of pneumo.i'. is expect
Mrs. Samuel IS. GleaveN. ed to leave tonight for his former' ---e' W ..* -!Pttirrlle. ts.Ire
home at Newport News. Va.. to r-al airi f 1e Miand lisaturs
Mrs. Dempsey. wife of Represent&- Icuperate. Mr. West will be a ieeon- and - ho"e , - .~ Fe.- -n Preiniziet ,
ive Wallace S. Dempsey. left yester- panted by Mrs. West and dauighter. I nition~d in I- .revctt with the den"..
day for Lockport. N. Y. Marion Virginia. malffc tiorr-,hi ct, , n rress trom
the godill C"Twr* .Otli: filled at of War'.
Vr.Allire th Lni.i:.t tee nrhws
totins ity caftravi tofsn.lis Mc. si asigo~o
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Atl the 1ew Wilt.o '.. a ~radt
Mr. ad Mr. Maion mith of thousandsn of&.'i'.'.rtthaeeem.si
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rav. Damet. Ihavs.be tae to lteav Comiongh foaifre Roet W.m Wu'son Hattbuille tow
---ravi~tin hoeyt epoScre.tortarmryr fth M Dadan-satr
ies. Depewfeoierset-cprae.Cie ra. Waneil betcco- and whose run hand ten probamient
.ve Walck. S. D.mpsng, C.f yeser panniersary ofrs birta ad dauhther, tioned wia rtesttedm
Valntne W C Sebin. . .1 y-evut anierar-o- hs- , thent a:r son, itw of eora -
Mrsltn. Andr Br es. hand reur. Martein to thCir artm fGrn Rp oan o seis ~iclar isprment a
:oyr thil oft atertown.sit of. eea Ids ih.i nWsigogo the of te. :.-us istriet orthwes
among thn get restrk ng a Mo te Isi Jo Hsevesurattaysn ofregisteredirdytht he
~~~~~~atteNew Wilard.ysedy sySratadls uv~ro h Dai~r biP. M ,c e as tred toh'
alltedo saratisved erenilthinIcitate uyeosterdadeytito
T.hN., Lretird whoe i. spen the uto ih h saalasf ao naedmn feig
winter at. nnales Uda4 uest of setUcea Ia~l 5e

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