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known rowe. beth local and os
Washington. an opp=tunity of exhibit
i th 4=13e 1is~~at another Wal USindEN O S
oentrtaimen he educational
adatg t natupt.1 tezwhe~ tibe.'om
Eibib" Of W k 16. Oil. Wamc.coo' ftedb ~kL1 flLl
and Pastel by Wel-known Artists nn0ruian n - WaM E nteraiae by Cov
Opens Weaesday. erMA JDE1 R1E L B .manmnt of UruGuay.
Lovers of paintings In oil, water color T he noVernment 9f Uruguay extended
and pastel will be given an opportunilty IL1SENATE UUUUIUI IE a reception to Secretary McAdoo and the
to view such works at the Home Club =r members of the United Statee Sea
r April o to April 1t inclusive. whom: tion of the Iru..'rnatonal lih Conts
the best works from Washington studios lBody Agrees to Recommend Cnfirm- Ron- who visited Montevideo en route to
and from out-of-town artists will be on Buenos Aires to attend the m Ing to
ez~bltion. Admission. b7 cards obtained I boa Strict Party Vote on Mat- Morrow Or the entire conmmlon ot
from members, w ill-be from 10 a. m. to, Posed of nine members from each republic
14 p. rn. each day until the close of the ter Occasions Surprise. F of the western hemisphere.
exhibition. Catalogues may be obtained T
at the desk. ITeUie ttsCusrTnese
at te dsk.The subcommittee of five members -of bearing the American party. was met by
This exhibition will be somewhat of i the Senate Judiciary Corittee yesterday a Uruguayan gunboat and escorted Into
an Innovation among the numerous pub- agreed to report favorably the nomination the harbor of Montdvidoo. The Ameri
lic entertainments given by the club, of Louis D- Brandeis to be an associate can* were *nthuslatleally welcomed, and
which was inaugurated two years ago Justice of the Supreme Court to the full the Capital city of Uruguay was brilliant
by secretary of Interior'Lane. How Mr. Judiclary committee and the report will IY Illuminated In their honor.
Lane arrived at the conclusion that such be made tomorrow. The report was reach- The President of Uruguay gave a
a club would be useful to the large ed by a strict party vote, which ocea- banquet ad ball to the commission, and
number of government employee residing,.'sioned surprise, as Senator Cummins had the minister of finance of Uruguay de
some of them temporarily. In Washing- been counted in 3r. Brandeis' favor. lvered an address on the question of
ton. is probably now well-known to the The three Senators voting for a report establishing stronger and closer flnsncls.l
pubile and the club has proven to be a favorable t thn nominee were Chairman and trade relations among the American
great success. Chilton and Senators Walsh and Fletcher. republics. The minister particularly
The Home Club is not an organisation h. two Renublicaus who voted "no pointed out the great need of transporta
of artists. but holds within its member- were Senators (ummlns and Works. tion facilities between the United States
ship men and women to, of almost all The full vpnuxlttee Is not expected t and Latin America.
professions and o, cupations. During the act upon the report tomorrow. The de- The government of Argentina sent a
life f the club some of the best talent liberations will require some time. it eruiser to Montevideo to escort the shiP
obtainable. including lecturers, musi- i. expected that much time will be con- bearing the commission to Buonos Aire.
cians and other entertainers of renown. Faumed In the consideration of the r thousand people gathered at the
hare appeared in its public hall. de case after it Is reported to the See - t Montevideo at midnight to bid
The present art exhibition is the firstlate. There are Senators who predi the visitors farewell and to wish success
of a series of slinviar affairs which It that he %ill never be confirmed, to the meeting in the Argentine republic.
Big Saleuof of Big Saleof
At Scenas Jalucar cCmlmtnytard
aareup to $3.ro. ao r ably up to $4.na.
Spedgi peil
$1.98'o ouTi D. Bd R HARI sCOa $2.98
ju2stie f th Supeeut. to theful
At Specially Reduced Prices
eder byoahstrc paryiot.chias occa-r
Chbeen counedin Mr Brnes favor.roy
ThethreSna or otingfor ao reporter
favorabthe teou thec nand wr hara
were Benatorsoaumr.inaland Works
The9 ful $1nn 0t . Ssntepecd to.$59
sumd n he onidrain fts thet Bran
of ~~~h aa serne ofai siCorafatswhch
hr tio re P. Ado and
. oy iet
Coer CotsChncil as Vealouseredit
ChcsanpsnSere Cordnturoselysloed n
ForeaPsecialel t of Covrta gv
Clohnel u ec b a ndt hecmiinn
Serge Coat d Valuddes up thoqetino
* 1 . S estalsin.srogr. nd5 lsr 9nnca
PoplinbCo s W he Cin-tr atcual
flrign e utaihrt cud ftra ora
ed. Vaue nu fcltoe bet1e 2.90.tdtae
Ch overnm W ien ofArnin en
chllead Veltouran pepCahek t h
modes.k strontevidot ofngh o
cotshvl e vupitor $1ewl an5oihucs
tha h wllevr ecied. torthed finri thgin rpulc
... ., i. sale...... ...9,i5.90.
$1.98H TOX DO T . ARI C.H2
4B2-Seventh St. N. W.-4S2*
Talbet Camp Addressed by Repre
eatetve Dewe) and Smith.
A. I. Talbot 'Camp. No. 119M2, Modem
Woodsmen of America, was host to a
larg number*' of Woodmen and their
friends Thursday evening. March 30. Dis
trict Deputy H. H. Millard. chairman
Of the entertainment committee, intro
duced State Deputy William A: McCaf
frey, who presented the camp with the
membership banner on behalf of Head
Consul A. R. Talbot and the executive
council. ChairmAn Millard received the.
banner and responded for the camp.
This banner Is presented each year to
the camp securing the largest number of
new members and has now been held by
Talbot Camp for seven consecutive year..
The "Woodmen trio," composed of J. A.
Trunnell. of Georgetown Camp. and A.
F. Dobrowolski and F. F. Mason, of
Talbot Camp, entertained with vocal
selections. The guests of honor were
Representative Addison T. Smith, of
Idaho. and Representative Cassius C
Dowell, of Iowa. Representative Smith
delivered an interesting address or. "The
Successful Man," and Representative
Dowell held the close attention of the
assembly with an enthusiastic address
on "The Merits of Woodcraft."
Members of Union Prepare for Elec
tion-Nominations Close Tomor
row-Meeting on Friday.
A great deal of excitement and interest
has existed during the last three days
in the government departments, on ac
count of the open nominations of candi
dates for election as officers and com
mitteemen of the Federal Enployes'
The nominations were opened Thurs
day and will close tomorrow at 6 1P. m.
The five persons receiving the largest
number of nominating votes for each of
fice will qualify as candidates for the
positions. As soon as the nominating
votes are counted, ballots containing the
names of- the candidates who have qualil
fled will be distributed and the voting for
the election will begin.
The polls for the election will be open
until midnight on Friday.
At the meeting on Friday night in the
National Rifles Armory the constitution
of the organization will be adopted and
the nominations and elections ratified
This meeting will be called to order at
7:30 p. m.
The union will be represented on Fri
day at a hearing before the House Com
mittee on Reform in the Civil Service,
having under consideration the Keating
bill providing for a civil service court
of appeals.
Rev. Dr. Samuel V. Leech Says He
Has No Recollection of Dying,
Despite G. W. U. Paper.
Rev. Dr. Samuel V. Leech, of the De
Suto apartments, for sixty years a
minister of the Methodist Episcopal
Church, says he is still alive, despite
the fact that the Hatchet, student pub
Ocation of George Washington t'ni
versity. has printed his obituary.
In a recent issue the Uatchet an
nounced that Dr. Leech, 79, a graduate of
Geoge Washington. had died at his
home here. Dr. Leech has written the
following note to the editors of the
'In a recent issue you announce my
death. I telebrated my seventy-ninth
birthday on March 17, but to be per
fectly frank with you, I have absolutely
no recollection of dying on that date. I
appreciate the kind obituary notice, but
trust that you will never have the op
portunity to reprint it. Please be kind
enough to say, at any rate. through your
columns, that it is alleged that I am
still living."
Annual Business Meeting. Election,
and Spread to Be Held Wednes
day Night--Organization Grows.
Men's Class of Calvary Episcopal
Church will hold its annuni business
meeting and election of officers in the
Sunday school room. on Wednesday even
ing. at 7 o'clock, followed by a banquet In
the social hall at S o'clock. An elaborate
menu has been prepared. The social
oommittee has arranged an excellent
program for the occasion. Representa
tive Frederick W. Rowe. of Brooklyn,
N. Y.; and Representative Addison T.
Smith, of Idaho, will address the class.
William Clabaugh will sing "I Hear You
Calling Me." The Men's Chorus also will
render musical selections. A good time
and lots of fun In assured all who at
The class Is closing the most success
ful year of its existence. the membership
now being nearly 200. Rev. John T. En
sor, pastor of the church, is teacher of
the class.
For Piles
Pyramid 1. Trea10nt Is Used At
Home and Has 8aved a Vast
Number from the Horror
of Operation.
Dhon't permit a dangerous operatIon
for piles until you ha vs seen what
Pyramid Pile Treatment can do for
you in the privacy of your own homa,
RSseme Prse --Ferset Pass.
No. case can be called hopeless un
less Pyramid Pile Treatment has been
tried and has Sailed. Letters by the
score from people who believed theIr
cases hopeless are in our files. They
fairly breathe the joy of the writers.
Test Pyrassid PIle Treatment your
self. Etither get a box--price 60c
from your druggist or mail the cou
nbelow gight away for a perfectly
m PyramId Bldg.. Marshall. Mioh.
Kindly ndmi ina Free inmple of
Pyramid iFe --dm 1n plain Wrapper.
Name ............................
trimmings for
and trimmed
Genuine Milan hemp
hats, Black, Citron,
Old Rose, Blue, and
White, $1.98 values
$1.98 FOR A PIC
horsehair with velvet
only, ready to wear, $,
$1.98 Large Leg- 2!
horn Flats; really ufac
worth $3.50; our .etu
price $1.5
716 7th St. N.W.
Concert to Be Held at Memorial
Continental Hall Under Direc
tion of Otto T. Simon.
The Motet Choral Society wll give
a concert at Memorial Continental
Hall on Wednesday evening at 8:15
oclock. The concert will be given
under direction of Otto Torney Simon.
The program will include five num
bers. Mrs. Otto Torney Simon and
George H. Wilson will be at the piano
and will be assisted by a piano and
ring trio. composed of lc'nore Baker,
pianist; Samuel Korman. violinist, and
Richard Lorleberg, cello
Seven chor.ses including: "The Land
of Amorea. The World is Too Mucn
With Us." "The Awakening of Spring."
lossoms Born of Spriltime.. "The
ounds of Evening." Th. Star of
the Evening," and "Hail, (I Moon" will
be rendered. The other numbers will
e a trio. allegro, elegia. and allegro.
non troppo and two Folos. "Adagio
autabile" and "lavotte."
The conceit will be given under the
patronage of Mrs. Larz .\iderson, Mrs.
Sidney Bellon. Mrs. Thimas Ewing,
Mrs. Franklin K. Lane. Miss Laura
Harlan. Mrs. Henry P1ech,101111. Mrs.
Buckner Randolph. Rev F. Ward
nys. Admiral Charles 11. Stockton.
retired, and Mrs. i alter )wight
New York Hotel Arrivals.
L ecial to The tashinsten Hran!
New York. April 1.- The following
\shingtonian have rigstered at ho
ls here:
Hermitage---O. Bloch. it r. Proctor
nd C. lDarniell.
reat Niorthern--W,. B- it wright.
b athami-Dr. G. E. tir.alm.
Park Avenuie-Milss Malmlry
Navarre-Mrs. I'. H4. IIo and C' II.
Aberdeen-Mrs. Hi. i-. Warren and Hi.
Wallck-G. A. Harrett.
ollingwood-Miss . It I 'arter.
3rand -W. 0. Gottwak-.
lnon Square--M. Note. Mir. .1. Wil
on, and J. W ilson.
Col. E A. O'Brien Dead.
'ol. Rir-hard A. O'Hr, 0C assist
nt pluminiig inispector for the iiis
tic, dIed y.esterday mor ning at the
ome of his daughtler. Mrs. C. A.
yolliflower. l105 Carroll street south
est. IHe had been iln for the past
fur months. Arrangements for the
neral will be announced today.
B' the United ate neidtm- Hlie
Bandi Oreti&, in Stanle, Hall, ionigh,,
begliing at 6; deiock. Johns S. 31.
Zimimemainn. director.
traud Mlarh"Thle Kiugs -u
Overture-"The Fm.e of D.'.tin."....Verdi
the. lorre del lie'tio)
Tio Rueadan Number
Ial "Song of the Bleation~ of the
V.. a.............................ad
(h) "A t,,mark's l.ui . ..... Jink
Granld Fantasia -"3 sekwskiaa.. .,aage)
illn thuemes i- Shleiwsk
ierepew "hong ildoi".......... .Alley
MSt cazra de ('oneert Belia...Wairteufel
Wa,.t Hlesitation--Henretta" ....hnnoni
"'11. ttar Spangled Banner.
1.-716 Seventh St.
1, startling barga
Monday. The
hats at sacrifice
TURE HAT made of
band, black
5.00 value $1,9
c for Flowers; man- 25c for
ttrer's samples. con
ntly a very large va- of Wheat;
Some worth up to
). While they last, title, only
25c 2%
The Ge
Ihree Hundred Capital Prembpte
rian. %isit faltimore.
A del-gation of ';00 Presbyterian.e
of Washington wsent to Baltimore ye
terday to attend the evening servie
at the "Billy" Sunday tabernac'e.
Nearly every Presyt crian minister in
the Dirtrict was in the delegation.
Leaders in the inosement to or
ganize the exc irsion. in addition to
members of the committee. Included
Rev. Dr. T. E7 Ilais. Weatminster
Presbyterian: lf e. IDr. Bernard G.
Brashamp. ur le M'norial: R.v. An
drew P. Bird. S.-nd Southern: Rev.
Ir. Charles E. Wood. Church of the
(:o "nant: Re%. I-r. James K. Taylor.
C.'nt ral l'rcrbyterian: Rev. 1'r. Jol n
B. Clark. First lresbyterian; Rev. W.
H. iates, Bethanv: Rev. Dr. Nuhert
Itex .oh.son. Chevy Chase; Rev. lenry
F. lbhundage. Eekington; Rev. Dr.
Joseph T. Kelly: Rev. Dr. (;eorge M.
Cummings. Gardl i) Memorial. Ana
costia: Rev. Dr. C. Everest Granger.
I ;nnton-Templc: tev. Dr. Pail II.
Hickok. MetropoIta n: Rev. W. I
Campbell, Sherwood Memorial; Re
Douglas Putnam irnie, Sixth: Rev.
W. W. Iogan. United Presbyterian:
Rs. .. Alvin Caiphell. Wallace Me
morial: I . Dr. John C. PIalmr.
Wasington Heighis,. and Rev. Dr. J
K. Dunham, Vestern.
Will Organize Here April 8 and 9.
Large Delegation from
New York.
Many prominent w.mn.i nih gallher at
thi' natimi al headqiuarters or the ion
gressional II nion *un ,lfayette iis are.
AprIl t and 9. to pci fert plans tir the
format ion .,f a woanii voters' tart y In
answer Io the cal ,ent out by Miss Alice
Paul. ntational elh :inan of the orgaiza
tion., tmembe'ra of the' union in Ne
York. Pennsylvania. I ielaware. Newv
Jersey. Marvland. rinnecticut, Viirginia,
Ohio. Massachuisetis. Tcnnessee and Cali
fornia atnnounce they will attend.
fine of the largest dlegationsi will conmc
from New York. Iliaded by Mra. ii I 10
P'. telnmoni. M.rs. liarriet Stanton Blat. h.
Mrs. Inez Milholland H..issevain. Mrs.
JIohnl Rogers. Mrs. lleuiry Biruera and
other,, the New Yor k larty will reach
Wanshington .arly saturday morning on
Mrs. Relioni's priat.' car.
Mrs. John Roige. of New York. suf
fragist and so'etyi leader, will preside
at the business sessions of the meeting.
Slpeeches ill tbIe mnade by M.1iss Alice Paul.
nationa Ila hairman: M iss I nie'y Burnsa.
Yise chaicrman: Miss Anne Martin. na
tiotnal legislative chairma.n: Mrs. William
Kent. of ICaliforia:t i <'nra Smith
King. Of WashinOn'i Stat.': Mrs. R. B.
M- Young. of' Montan., atnd Miss Maud
Younger. of California.
William M. Cushman Feted.
Mr. and Mrs. Arclin \*anntivar tuah
mnan, of Chevy Chase. ititertalined at din
ner last night for thir son,. William M.
Cushman, who is homeii front Phillipa
Andover for (lie rspring vacation. The
gu~ents included: Wilhelmus Bryan. a
student at P'hilltps-A\ndos'er; Teddy
Smith and Chnaries FlIanlgan, student.
at Phitlipa-Exeter; Mercer spriggs, Gnr
don Cooke. Ross Andrson, Richard
Cross, and Wi'llilam DelAcey.
-A new motor-driven surgleal drill is so
constructed that it cant be thoroughly
ins in up-to-date millinery and
newest ideas in ready-to-wear
prices. We always undersell.
About 100 different
shapes of hats in Black
and allcolors,in hemp,
grass, fish net hats,
$2.50 values
98c Genuine Panamas in man
nish shapes, a real $2 value for 08C
all colors 19c per yard for 25c for Curled
a 50c ar- Shoe Polish Ribbons Quills, black a n d
colors; 50c article
-black and colors. for
5C 19c yd. 25c
Lnss Co. 7167-hStN.W.
d 7,., vir< .
The "Zoo" Is Asked for Mr. Fox. and
Mr. Rose Is Popular on Botan- u.I 1
ical Garden Phone. M \t A
The o;en teason of All Fool Iay eAnm
and -e nrt 'esterday wih no 1 . ther
casualtie than the shaker dimtijeS "f o
unfortunate vic tims of the prai- al
jok.er Both the so-enlled hrctica:
Jster and the ,bject of his %Ii w r " Pinley to Lecture
'onoieuou, evidence. esipecially the o, N t
The da. f ind but few change in ihe 7
ret tor- of pat jokes. In spite (, 1
bing Apr'il 1.many a guiele V. 1sh
ingtonian would call freak tI l:,h' '
numbers, ik innocent-looking 1.at. on
the idewalki and eat the confctIon, f- er. h
fered by the practical one.
The offlee clerk-and there were mRan
Exclusive Represemtatives for Sonora Phonographs.
Decided Savings
On a Few Used
Of Noted Makes
WLE need the space these in
struments are taking up
therefore thc NACRIFICE
WASHIGTONAl these pianos and players
REPRSENTTIVE for hav.e been *restored in our
BEHNINGown workroomn. and are prac
Franci Baco, and ticaly equal to new Cal early
tomorrow, before the mn'trument
Cable-elsonyou would prefer havmng goes.
Pianos and Players TERMS ARRANGED.
$300 CECILIAN PIANO .................. 156
$325 PRESCOTT PIANO. .. .. .. .. .. .. . . . . 95
$325 NEEDIIAN PIANO .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .$225
$800 CHICKERING, 88-mote, PLAYER .......$356
$000 ARMSTRONG, 88-mote, PLAYER . $ ....395
$750 HOLMES, 88-mote, PLAYER. . $400
Grafeotoas p I~i N'5 o C CStee
and Records . at 13th

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