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hsirman of A. A. A. Good
R=m& Board &eb
Anaual Meetin.
"unquestoaly the fth ba.rsted
for & geat national a ecgrm to
be held ones a year in eNatnal Capi
tal under Federal governt directien,."
aerts Goewe C. Diehi, cbairman Of the
A,- A.. goed roads board. -
"Ths gathering would be under as
piue of the United state. o6es of Fab
lie Aoads and Rural Eineering of the
Departmeat of Agriculture,." conthiUe
Mr. Diehl, *and the event could be de
most Gomprehenstve In its s-ops; there
could be a complete exhibit of road me
chinery and road materials; there couM
be sample construction of various kinds
of highways; road schools could be can
ducted for State, county. and town en
gineers; and various technical phases of
the work could be set forth by trained
experts who would gladly attend such a
great good roads event,
"Thsa there would come e iater-rk
lated pases of road travel and road
transportation. Undoubtedly the Depart
ment of the Interior, because of its na
tional parks, would set forth the scouc
attractions which are under government
supervision. Various Stated would ' be
given opportunity of advertising their at
tractions. All around, an assemblast
could be brought about which would
prove exceedingly effective.
"The good roads board believes in State
highway conventions which are generally
called for a specific purpose In the en
deavor to concentrate the efforts of road
enthusiasts for definite ends. These
State meetings are of incalculable value.
for the State Is the political subdivision
which must carry on by far the greatest
burden of future road construction and
Setentime Management.
"With the vast amount of funds being
expended throughout the country, the
government of the highway departments
is becoming largely a question of seien
tific management, and It is believed that
If the county were the smAllest unit of
administration that greater effciency
would result. The numerous State good
roads meetings converged into a great
national congress once a year, held in
the National Capital. it 1o believed would
be the best way of handling the changed
highway situation, and the government
could properly assume the obligation re
suiting from the management of this
great national event.
"The time has Arrived when highway
conventions should have more of an of
fNOWal character. There should be a good
roads meeting in every township in the
United States 4t least once a year. held
under the charge of the chief highway
offioal of the township. There should be
at least one county meeting held every
year In each ocunty. under the charge of
the county engineer or the chief highway
offefaL There should be one State meet
ing i each State each year. under the
charge of the State highway cmnnission.
"Then the local automobile clubs, the
good roads associations and others could
co-operate in these conventions as their
Interest and location warranted. The
township, ecounty and State meetings
should be held before the national meet
ing, so that at each of the smaller gath
erings delegates could be named to go to
the national convention, which in reality
would be a great good roads school, last
ing for one or two weeks, in the city
of Washington. under the charge af the
most Important highway edetial of the
country. namly. the Federal authority in
charge of governmental expenditure,"
Chamber of Commerce Votes in Favor
of Laws Permitting Standard
Resale Rate,
Business men of the country, repre
sented in the Chamber of Commerce of
the United States, have voted In favor
of legislation establishing the right of a
manufacturer to control the re-sale re
tall price of his product, along the lines
of the Stephens bill at present before
C6ngress. The referendum on this ques
tion was divided into two parts, compris
ing two recommendations, as follows:
(1) That there should be Federal leg
Islatlon permitting the reaintenance of
resale prices, under proper restrictions.
on Identifned merchandise for voluntart
purchase. made and sold under competi
tive conditions.
,2) Federal legislation should take the
form of an amendment to the Trade
Commission Act, defining the conditions
under which price-cutting is an unfair
method of competition and authorizing
the Federal Trade Commission to prevent
such price cutting in interstate and for
eign commerce. .
The result of the vote was u in favor
of the first recommendation. and 237
against It. The second proposition was
The result of the voting is hailed as a
decided victory for the Aneftean Fair
Trade League, which has carried on a
vigorous campaign In favor of such leg
islation, and many speakers have been
sert oy the league throughout the coun
try to imprere the business men of the
United States with the importance of
regulating the resale price of standard
articles, and the insidious Influences of
unrestricted price cutting. In comment
ing on the result of the vote of the
Chamber of Commerce, the Fair Trade
League declares that it presage. the pass
ing of the Stephens-Ashurst bill by Con
A suggestion has been reeived fram
the president general of the National So
ciety Sons of. the American Revolution,
that an attempt he madd to have every
automnobile display the America flag on
hune 14
To some sght extent this cadtem has
been followed in this city. but every ad.
itioa!l lag thus displayed will not only
have a -sleadid efiect, but greatly add
to the hateeet of our people hi Flag Day,
s60ials of the body say.
wease sit has a disintegrating es0t,
sat only en rubber. but on cottea and
2 a'cs well, care should be take to
thtthe wiring for electric l~hing
sad engin startiag system i well iro
insted. If 041 4e permitted to remain en
Ei wiring the inelatiom wil hi tbne
L. esftkse tht the -ngma -heeng
O smes -the bare eagpe to be en
E' aissdada shrt sitea ekee e
usr t J onaee t.
h m a e he W ha the
tamaese atr 7
Construction of Gdod H
wamsic Swamp Woul
tional Visitors to C
-Is Claim p
To the Fund Committee. A. A. A.
a DIstriat of Columbia Club. RigS
Washington, D. C.
Gentlemen: Herewith in vey ch4
applied to the fund for the construct
awamaeic Swamp.
Name ....
Tomorew morning the first batch of
letters asking merchants and motorists
of Washington to assist in raising a fund
for the construction of a road through
the Chopawamolo Swamp in Prince Will
lam County, Va.. will be sent out by the
A. A. A. District of- Columbia Club, which
has taken active charge of the campaign
to build the highway and which started
the fund with a contribution of $100.
The sum needed In Washington to build
the roadway Is 84.g"0. and Washingtonians
are asked to subscribe this amount upon
a basis of actual return in trade to com
mercial Washington. and a return in
pleasure to motoring Washington. The
club's committee in charge of the rais
log of the fund In composed of Dr. C.
Hart Merriam. chairman; J. Harry Cun
ninham and Fred S. Hardesty.
Would Ineresse Tourists.
The building of a highway through the
Chopawamwic Swamp, which Is notori
ous throughout the United States as'the
worst piece of roadway In the country,
means. In its national scope, the opening
of a fine highway from Quebec to Miami.
This would, according to figures fur
nished by the touring bureau of the
American Automobile Association, bring
20.0O additional visitors to the National
Capital during the 1916 touring, season.
and more each succeeding year as motor
travel increases. This phase of the sit
uation is expected to appeal to Washing
ton merchants particularly.
Support in raising the fund is expected
from local mototsta, because the regen
eration of the Virginia swampland would
open to them an alluring several days'
tour to Asheville. N. C.. or a shorter
trip of 15 miles to Richmond. an intense
ly interesting city which has never been
easily accessible fror Washington be
cause of the bog in question.
Relative to what the construction of
this road means to Washingtonians. J.
Harry Cunningham. active member of
the District club, prominent business
man, and an ardent motorist, said:
"The efforts of the District club to
raise funds to assist in the construction
of a good road through the Chopawamsic
Swamp are to be commended by all
Washingtonians. The completion of this
road will mean a delightful run through
the historio battlefields of Virginia to
Richmond and thence Into the beautiful
mountain country of Nqgth Carolina.
Emm.es Ave Lenadable.
"It will also be of immeasurable
benefit to the botals and commercial
houses of Washington. bringing to the
city thousands of tourists who now pur
posely avoid the Capital City because of
the bad stretch. The project Is worthy
of the immediate support of every auto
mobile owner and every business house
in Washington."
Local funda to be turned Inte the gen
eral fund necessary for the work are
being solicited with sucoess in several
other cities along the route. Richmond.
which gave nearly 50,000 to the original
project for a Richmond-Washington
highway. upon which MW5.000 has been
spent, has already secured nearly $4,000
sTOT 1+
at $7
The Only Car With
Starter at
ThIs new and attractive v
looks, power and carrying spao
now on tbe market.
We invite the closest scruti
body and chassis, particiry a
top and supports, flare and tail
parts of the Car that mark this 4
in every way to any other light1
DNnostron 4
Win. P. Bani
ViurgiiA Road
4 Bringa Addi
apital BVeryrYea
f Experts. --
i Building.
ick in the'um of ... .. to be.
Ion of a roadway through the Chop
of an additional O0LM aske at its Citi
sens for the ChapawamslC Swamp fund.
Nearly 400 Subseptbe4.
While an organized campaign for the
local fund will not be put in action
until tomorrow morning, nearly S0 has
already been sbscribed in this city. With
the exception of the $100 contributed by
the District club, this sum was subscrib
ed largely by motorists who bad at
tempted to tour from Washington to
Richmond via Fredericksburg. and who
In due time found themselves floundering
in the Chopawamsto swamp calling for
Dr. C. Hart Merriam, chairman of the
club's fund committee, referring ipa re
cent meeting of the committee, id:
"During our recent meeting, at which
final plains for the fund campaign werE
made, emphasis was laid on the mate
rial advantage Washington automobilists
will enjoy In the completion of an addi
tional route for Sunday outings. Most
of the drives available from the Capital
have been traversed so many times that
they are somewhat threadbare. The high
way to Richmond, which the District club
has undertaken to assist in completing,
offers unusual attractions, whether the
tourist wishes to avail himself of the
entire drive of 135 miles or to make a
shorter run. visiting places of interest
along the way.
Repairs te, Start at Omee.
"The road is now in good condition to
a point twenty-one miles below Wash
irgton, where repairs are to be begun
The New York City touring bureau of
the American Automobile Association re
ports that during the month of May 11
out of 215 touring parties seeking infor
mation concerning road conditions, pre
paratory to a Southern trip. concluded
to travel via Philadelphia. Gettysburg.
Hagerstown. Winchester, and thence
down the Shenandoah Valley pike. rather
than travel via Washington. which they
expressed a desire to visit, and risk the
loss of their cars. and possibly their
lives, in the treacherous bog that is gain
ing Washington. Richmond. and Prince
William County questionable renown.
Persons desiring to aid in the construc.
tion of the road through the swamp. and
the completion of the Richmond-Wash
ington highway. may send contributions
to the. A. A. A. District of Columbia Club.
Riggs Building. This money in turn will
be passed over th State Highway Com
missioner Coleman, of Virginia, under
whose supervision the building of the
road will be carried on.
Racers Use Dixon's GMahite.
When the auto racer enters a contest.
he is out to break records. A fraction
of a second clipped off the previous rec
ord makes him as happy as a kid with a
new toy. Faulty lubrication kills the
phancei of surpassing past performances.
The fact that the big majority of the
racers of the country use the one line of
lubricants-Dixon's graphite Automobile
lubricants-shows the value they place on
a second of time.
cing the
Electric Lights and
This Price.
ragon will be found superior in
to any other delivery machine
ny of the new Pullman delivery
a to the strength of the springs,
boardis and other construetiOnal
Ielivery wagon as being superior
wagon now on the market.
Ceerfully Giveni.
iresrt c&siertoe
P.u fa. . . 1.
...A{ U!
These ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 Pa. g'ensma se tthEate
Tet-t6110108406$ meauto"
r;api growt .the A;-&, A. CDistt seaso Is sit Wi ad tbe ilatomea
,ngof Ohm CidyS r or
Tet te .e yento pt a sa ew"er. IPtso s or
sustnta 1y tprvde 8 esempre- oither -av weekli-eat sofg or at leWas I
bDve-touring sWrives, and to provide -unday trip. Ma ed their vaca
ranised; :e reo n ' aotorists is I tiods IA this 201a31120 e et e 'Utr s BY
lryshown h4 the s s.attedig' so detag they esa Still MOeP tn touch with
the National &8it4' roth ndAeir busines interests and alse enJOY
geoing tnotoring organisation. At- the plawsre af - setring.
though still t ed- How many owns, thugh. have had
alind Clothes, the new club s hundreds thee wfka nd or day eutings marred by
ahead of its predecesor . an accident on the road due to -rel
Proof of the stability odthe club is f i fai ing g r achite
"ean In the wide soe of. Its member- po e atnd tio efore thr A
Blhp and its adtivtjei. Comparative- tos a 1181 of machir. Lk
IY .few of the members are actively o oing th e mntouch wit
Ingentine1d with, the trade. It is a@- mnspoe urcto.Ay'ido
tentially an owner's organiation and lhei b s net N d 151ejo
sirecting Its energies solely to increaseU " 4 y ilo
his plesuntres and to minimize his l pg- .
tlative and rod trials. -ua badn Ho an owly t ug hv ha
Motbet from very walk of life r m a an all uts marre
are enrolled n its work. Man high ide iton e ad one to kee
In the council of the federal Govern- o f tentl a b e ta the oiA
ment have Joi d. The distinctive is a th eoe of t.chtny IkI
emblem denoting membership in the a t kep the o e cr fe
A. A. A. 'an4 the trad c t is t ats proper lebib tn ny nd ofen.
from the radiators of thousands of epcal ihmsr ae h l
eara. Generals and majors of our s be dain t thcna
army; have inotoring traternity withaft and t oilu heig
the a4mirials and captains of our navy.spe moroftdyusupil uc
The pudieary, too. to fonimobe prom
iently identired with it. while, those buyi o and tis iin
from social and professional ranli
number thousands.
The past week saw the addition W. desc n o i It a. Rn Ho tke
of twenty-one new members, as ti- ac If tis Comand A. a l il
lows: R.L X. Boyd. Edward C. Fin- ad .aX.Ags .Wrhntn
ney. Jsn Paul Muller. J. H. Hanna. keep the oi roir Rl
Dr. William J. C. Thomas. [email protected]. ikaT W oisn
barp . . .SoUthgate, E. E. William- r. J.pro e e.btn and Hen.
omn, A. G. r n. A. A. Richards, Stirs o
na eese ad mjr for ssl bn dfained romgv ther machinae
aM ih a ro ent eore ptin. Anhl
2 Can ir nauoemotor of a es il mce
n r B to perh s t ma mrde
froa nAl d s rop0r ubrIion.Anyindof
Hureto is 7 3um 1%;nt.
T LO we Mnumber tithesan
ea e, itn 13 Dandte fci t suincMitt.
E1er tathen hass fo Comanuer A. so
yJean Pu Ble is n fedesrick hen btd oane ol ke
h. Wila entere C.Thom.a J t hae of t.e h.gan s t teno i
for ~i 3p yer edtetp o t o tha e prpe level Nit onlyrs i
so.an efi. ec e~mng .A icrdmithr. liemecr GM
Midear to the Moodle ee
M rcorl. B noatesd thi
$5,00,00 lant. e hs espgeals arly wit oer asteg 11
Mitchll mdels An hoeuad bes ra frome e7ran which
hav woke ou inthscr oe tan fresh il ort in.T hg
W00ith AlleHist700sImpr.
Anye motehsar M tay shel up of
the esut i doig hmsef aiste hhu e pehasnteany mort,
dthantne13y tar e s, tor ane rtis n
Morusa Th. Econon, Comanstdrivn A.aL.
rd.i U. or. N. uis . Wtngon.
Don' tis of ffiey abmesre meh srir nrs. o er
to econmyIteed ns ore. th has The igh. sring
fo r 0yersld sehe tols lc s &~its raeorns
Mrn eBatce engicuteer infachiry, lifetis iar IM
twoHe has dotrd eas T the nrsho uad nY
$5,000,00 plant h htas dsige mde1l siadyaatn
Mit-ear od el. Ahe art wi
hav e re rult In thisca morthans frng 1,r miaep.
W00 ioveeht s l H 7 peer
Atny t2otl nthusas whfils thser Temgis ofiays
thearsltmis doinghierfy an Ameusic s Th Ns atM
could ~ ~~ ad ofv Chrouhme-Vtt urprce
ThitMid-Yearsithell beariow
' doe, i 13 ears his car aloneo
Dn't in aof erie sgere fopereig. Nn o
wov econyteansorme athat the ih srnth
inar 0byearsield thetopea ipaem
Mr ae engineer infmacnry sr asM
tw.He hasbul anotd equied thea ~ e3
ofMtodm. Onecreatedthis idea
$5,000,00 pt reti h matcless ru17,34mls
cars oit. Nou oth fcryi mria '~a swa
coul giv yo suc a ar a ourprie. hould___be. _
But the cr itselfreveals r.sBate'
genius ina far mordappealinstay.g$i3
veloped a carhere0whichweighswhidh
in powergandsperrosmamcc
1405 improemet. . stee IN
the balliearings7
OeB ~Mre Tane Sg, edgEconomy iesietdrivie car.i
317 DBLUS* n~e MTis cr apli
toV.D rey, t econoy. Itmasmrita ht Tes e.-ic sprttaing
two eie. He hasbitand. equippe here Mmete C.. 3
45ace latwhchstnd s hemoe
for Accidente THE mU
ie Before Venturing an Long
are Ti to Blow Out Brailey Giuh Points Out There
:nmly. Never Will Be Seriss
- Shortage.
tat use of the oil destroyusits le. Net
e= a should the oil reervoir be kept I m....s in the opinion of Etwee
the trsmi=="' ad dIfferentIal. 1b Harnes. of the am. AeAteeme Cosl
of theSe part. must run in an ol bath pany. and the man who built the AMe
If they are to be kept in shape. Ameiom saselme drIve. a...-aga in
watei spark plus. the et probable sbdtu.ts e .
Spark Plugs get sooted now and then I-" -11 DrsibY G. heed at the
d require cleaning, or perhaps the ge Hapsne Motor Company. ot Watem.
between the points are a little too far -if 0"0 ware ta, to reola the ba.
apart to produce good results. It Is only so1 which g041 to waste each ree in the
a minute's work to take out a plug. clean dry distillation of coal for aske. this fed
It and examine the spark gap. Again, a could be placed in the arket at a pulo.
wire may be worn. that would make it w econombl for the
Tire will wear out and to keep an old automobile opner as gasoline. Haynes
shoe on a wheel simply in the hope of d te a part of the worl .
getting a couple of hundred miles out of
It before it blows out is poor economy. play of tisol fog use in her dye Indue. f
True, you may get the additional mile- ties. In the United States the redue
age. but at the expense of an inner tube. coining bensol. which has accounted
A new tube will cost more than the two In good eham for Teuton eammerei
3r three hundred additional miles of maerv- P Is Past yeas has bas peamt,
les are worth. Besides there is always ted to go to we,
an element of danger in running on an - American production of heneol.
0ld casing. It lo apt to go on a bad curve during this year. will amount to 3.eN.
and there is danger of being ditched. gallo. most of which will he used for
Do not be a tinkerer, always going the Production of dyee. chemleas and ex
Dver the machines to try and and trouble plosves. BY Wider appilmsiom at the
Dr make some Improvement on it. As method@ In preeent use this prouc
long as it Is running alright let the me- could easily be raised to GKeM galn
chanical features alone, and when it be- yearly.
gins to give trouble take it to a man who 'ho redistion of oa t ges to
understands motor cars. But treat your wasts through arebejo mining metboe
ear as you would a good horse and would swell thee 91guree to even greatsr
buggy. Do the same for the automobile. amots If hensol eamee into cornon
It is not an animated being, but it is we hve no shortage to fear
lust as sensitive and requires attention. "The entente allies ar using bemmol is
___________________their military motors without changing
the design Of either the motor or car.
The first monument in America to Adam buretor.' -
was erected In Gardenville. 'Md. The
memorial to be claimed first of the species To ls the -Oke and 8" in tpnnlm,
is a square of concrete with a sun dial luts ralroa are equ g r
on top and the inscription on one of its mids t e loee
faces: 'To the Memory of Adam. the a tunnel is entered, steam being exhaust. I
thrt Man." ed beneath the e tgines.
$1325 f. o. b. Racine
With 26 Extra Features
7toh Model
soments-His 26 Extras
v Touches
s aul that John W. Bate has
car itself. It is the final result
And every man should see i e r
tge 50 per cent over means to a man who buys a car to kee.a
requirements. What it also means is shown by the
deem to prove it a fact that great engineers buy the Mitchell
Bate says that it when they buy cars for themselves.
Your Mitchell dealer has a list of them
licity itself. There -men noted the country over. These
it. Instead, there experts find in the MitceU car me
are made of drop chanical perfection.
d from toughened
are oversize, and In the Mid-Year Mitchell you sd r
nadium steel. Yet find 26 features which in other cars cost
2 it Make this the extra. Things lie a power tire pump
reversible headlights, light in the ton
as Bate cantilever neau, an exra-prie carburetor, a handy
has ever broken, gasoline primer, etc. Your Mitchell
's make rough roads dealer will show you 26 such features
which we pay for by factory savings.
And every one is something you want.
tear Recordsmilita trsw
itchell has already73N w B a te
Six of them have This Mid-Year Mitchell was completed
iles each-over 30 after the New York Shows, where all -
rvice. this year's new models were shown.
r. Bate's efficiency Our experts and designers examinied
there 257 new-style cars. And they have
embodied in this Mid-Year Mitchell all
Fo c the best ideas from all of them e So
13 Rain you will find here the most'complete
!r T urin Car car on the market.
r Todtrin .ao see this model. You will find e u
Lert -a. edienem ath th anengines
$1325e Wf., o. . Acin
vements-His 26 Extrst
Ss. al htJ h W. Bte ha
uicar itsef. Atnis the inal resul
An evr a hol e t
ig 0prcn vr mast a h usac r t ep
reuiemnt. ht t ls man s hon y h

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