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The Herald Is The Merchants Who
PrepareI Are Prepared
--to give its readers the best and -te take advantage of the trend of
most reliable news and most relia- - advertising from the evening to the
ble shopping news in Washington. mornin field, re increaing their
Former President Says Nation
Has Utterly Disregarded
Washington's Advice.
Speaker at G. U. Graduation
Says Country Failed to Steer
Clear of Entanglements.
William Howard Taft came back to
Washington yesterday, went to the mat
with the Democratic administration on
the Georgetown University campus, and
won three quick falls.
The former President came back to the I
National Capital to deliver a commence
tment address to the students of George
town University based, by request. on
preparedness. He did not diverge. Never
theless. he managed thoroughly to ex
pres his opinion of Messrs. Woodrow
Wilson. W. J. Bryan, et al. Incidentally.
he shattered the hopes of the suffragists
as to their prospects if a Republican i
President is elected next November. 11
"If I read the Republican platform cor- h
reetly," he said. "the plank relating to d
votes for women is a barren ideality." E
Wilim Jennings Bryan was likened N
unto Thomas Jefferson by the former 1
President. but not to the credit of either. g
Jefereen a Half-Pactuat. C
"Jefferson was a sort of half pacifist
a thing I can't tolerate,' said Mr. Taft. '
"He wasn't either one thing or the other.
His Idea of a navy was to build a lot of v
little fiat-bottomed boats and stick some 9
little guns on them. He was going to ir
keep the boats pulled up on the shore. 1
Then in case of war he was going to rely a
on the public spirit of the citizenry to
push them off the bank. paddle them out c
in the ocean, and give battle to Nelson's V
fleet. Bryan is Jefferson's logical suc
Wilson and his foreign policies were for
the most part treated with mild ridicule.
"I will not express my opinion of the U
present policy in the Philippines." het
said. "I will not because there are ladles bl
presset* Then the larmer President 0
veered to the European situation, and Al
hinted at the President's leaning toward
England. a
"Wilsen Has Disregarded Advice."
"George Washington gave this nation
two wonderful messages of advice and
warning." he said. "He urged an ade
quate preparation for war in order to
secure peace, and he warned us not to
enter into entangling alliances with Eu
ropean countries.
"We have religiously failed to observe
the former, and have Just as religiously C
done the latter."
The Mexican situation was described
by Taft as an "international nuisance."
In case of war with that nation he de
clared he.had been informed, when Presi
dent, by his chief of staff, that conquest
of that country would require at least
four years and 25000 men. Then he said:
"After we have subdued it. it may be
necessary to take it. What are we going
.o do with it? It's all wrong!"
Sufficient defense to withstand an at
tempted invasion by Germany was the
final plea of the former President.
Nation Needs to Prepare.
"The other countries of Europe-Eng- p
land, for instance-are not much stronger
than we are, normally." he said, "Ger
many alone would be able to raise in A
army of invasion numbering 500.000 men d
in three or four weeks. Consequently.
it is to be on a footing better than, or at
least equal to Germany, that we must b
prepare. h
"It's all very easy to sit back, throw
out our chests, and say we can get ready
overnight." he concluded, "but that's a
ridiculous. It can't be done. Some of
the pacifists like to talk about the Span
ish-American war-which we wound up
gloriously in a few months. But they A
forget to mention the fact that the good C
God which seems to be always looking
out for us. picked out the one ountry in
the world for us to lick tha was less
prepared even than we were."
"As the farmers say when they see rain t
coming during harvest time. 'we've got
a lot of hay out.' Our hay consists of
valuable territorial possessions. We want t
to keep those possessions. I've found ri
that the best way to remove temptation t
!s to make it both difficult and dangerous
for other parties not to keep their hands F
lo themselves." r
For Heral d
Puzzle Contest for HERALD readers
HERAILD Puzzle Contest will not be
your hardest competition is elnmnat
one of the featuret of
NEXT sur
Five Prizes from 1
Americans Reported
Killed in Chihuahua
(my Internatiemmi News service.)
El Paso, Tex., June i3.-A
rumor that several Americans
had been killed in an uprising
of natives at Chihuahua City
gained wide circulation here
this afternoon.
The rumor was credited to
a dispatch coming over the
wires of the Mexican North
western Railroad, but officials
of that company denied that
any such message had been
hirty-five Others Seriously
Injured When Baltimore
Grain Elevator Burns.
(Bly the 5.. News Service.)
Baltimor, Md.. June 13.-Ten men were
illed. thirty-five more or less severely
'fured by burns and falls, from a great
eight, about V2,000.000. In property was
estreyed, and the grain industry of
altimore given a severe blow when,
'0. 3 elevator of the Northern Central
alway, the superstructure of the vest
rain driers, and the b~g ore pier at
anton. were burned this afternoon, and
vo steamships and several schooners
ere Partially destroyed.
Estimates of the actual loss of life
Lry. From best posted authorities It
emed assured that ten men died by fire
, the grain elevator Itself, or died In
ape of from 150 to 160 feet to the pier
Id water, while many sailors were in
tred. The side walls of the elevator
'ushed upon the Dutch steamer Wilhelm
an Driel. sr.. smashing the super
:ructure of the ship.
The cause of the fire can only be con
ctured. The officials charge it to
>ontaneous combustion. Men at work in
to neighborhood Insist it was a bomb
at caused the trouble as the explosion
ew out a side of the wall on the fourth
er, an& Immediately after tM flames
tot out of the upper story windows.
Most of the hospitals in the central
id eastern section of the city have their
iota of Injured. As far as known thiry
ve were more or less Injured and some
them are expected to die.
3rawl in Saloon
Angers Mexicans
lash Between U. S. Soldiers
and Natives Causes Tense
(By the Sun News Service.)
El Paso, Texas. June 13.-A fight in a
Lloon between Casas Grandes and Chi
uiahua. participated In by American ar
llerymen and Mexicans. resulted In fur
ter prejjdicing the natives against the
mericans, it is said tonight. Several
tots were fired and It Is understood the
stols that the American soldiers drop
Ad In their haste to get away are in the
mssession of Col. Samuel Gonzales. who
Ill protest against the action of the
mericans to local army authorities. pro
,icing tne revolvers as evidence.
News of the affair was brought to the
3rder by an American mining man who
Ls been operating in the state of Sonora.
"I understand one Mexican was killed
id two shot during the affray." he said.
hn artilleryman told me of the fight
vd said that the pistols dropped by the
merican soldiers were in the hands of
ol. Gonzales.
Greek King Fears Revolt.
Rome. June 13.-The correspondent of
ke Sun News Service Is informed through
plomatic channels that King Constan
ne. of Greece, has left Athens for La
sso, as a precaution. because he fears
at there may be a revolution in Greece.
rom Larissa he will he able to seek
fuge in Monastir.
rculation Manager, has another
Winners of Mr. Colburn's last
permitted to participate. Then
ed. This Puzzle Contest will be
00 to $40.OP Each
Citizens Led
day March
Perfect Parade Day,
Says Weather Wizard
Come out, "ome out, kind gea
tiemen, sad fair ladies, nor need
you fear to we'ar year best bib
and tucker.
For the Weather Buresa man
chartered a dream aeroplame,
and took a trip to Medicine Hat.
the place where they make
weather, early this morning.
and foned the employes of the
weather factory were all in fa
vor of preparedness.
As a result, they promised
faithfuiLy to furnish plenty of
sunshine, some nice gentle
breeses-ead absolutely an rai.
In other words, they agreed to
put out a "perfect day7.-aee
built to order especially for pa
i Pennsylvania avenue to Eighteenth
reet, south to New York avenue, east
> Seventeenth street, and thence south
> the Monument. where the Flag Day
cercises will be held.
Maj. Pullman, superintendent of po
ce, gathered the 400 members of
Is public order committee in the
nall ballroom of the Willard last
ight and swore them in as special
Ticers for the parade. In addition
> this committee, the police will be
seisted by 100 troopers from Fort
yer and fifty marines from the bar
Hustle at Headquarters.
Although the entry list formally
osed Monday night, there was no
t-up in the hustle-bustle at parade
!adquarters in the Star Building
tsterday. The candy merchants of
e city, through George J. Mueller.
ade application for a place in the
ne. They probably will be placed
tale 'DepartmanT Calls At
tention to Carranza Officer
Killed in Raid.
Representations were sent yesterday by
e State Department to Gen. Car
.nza, calling his attention to the fact
tat the body of one of the Mexican
.iders killed by American troopers. fol
wing the raid on Coleman's ranch r, ar
aredo, Tex., has been positively ,.-1
Ded as that of Col. Villareal. an
r in Carranza's army.
The representations were sent as a sort
prelude to the American reply to Car
tnza's note demanding an immediate
Ithdrawal of the Pershing expedition
om Mexico. Carranza's attention was
0o callkd in yesterday's communication
the fact that at the time of the raid
Illareal was clothed in a Carranzista
iform and carried papers which clearly
tablished his identity.
The formal reply to the Carranza note.
was learned yesterday afternoon, will
>t be followed to Mexico City before
tturday night or Monday
Before it goes there will be further
mnferences between the President and
!cretary of State Lansing.
A tentative draft of the note has been
impleted. It is extremely lengthy.
The advisability of calling out addi
mna National Guard organizations in
.e event of further trouble is being seri
isly discussed in official quarters.
raches Over During Church Serv
ice and Bangs "Anti.
Watertown. N. Y., June 13.-Asembly
an Henry E. Machold, right-hand man
Speaker Sweet, was the victim of a
>und punch from the flat of Mrs. M. 3.
ennypacker. of Ellisburg, where he
ves, Sunday.
Both were attending church and the
affragette sat back of him. It was the
-at time she had seen him since he voted
rainst the suffrage bill. She drew back
r hand and landed a hard one.
Austriani Airmen Make Raid.
Vienna, June 13.-Damage was done to
llways and military establishments
iring a raid by Austrian aeroplanes
rer Venice and vicinity on Sunday night,
was officially announced today.
Honor Paid Kitchener's Memory.
London, Juno 13.-Enormous crowds
>cked to SL Paul's Church today, whlere
emorial ase.ees were held in honor of
ord Kitchenedr, the secretary of state
.r war. Wvho lost his life when the Brit
h cruiser Hampshire struck a mine in
es North Sea. King George. Queen
ary and Queen Alexandra attended the
WOO to Harpere Ferry, $1.25 Martin
burg, $1.50 Berkeley Springs, $2.00
Cumaberland and Return.
Baltimore and Ohio. 1:25 a. mn.. Sun
Ly, Juno 13, including principal Sta
one Metropolitan Braanh.A T,
War Cry
I by Wilson
rhrough City
Practically Every Resident o
Washington Either in Lin
of March or Lending Mora
Support from Sidewalks.
in the merchants' or the detache
The first glimpse the thousands alon
the avenue will get of the parade will b
Maj. Pullman on his snow-white mour
and a platoon of mounted police, the:
horse. prancing to the airs of the Marin
Band behind them. Behind the police wi
come the honorary grand marshal. Get
S. M. B. Young; the grand marshal. Me
vin 0. Hazen, and their aids.
Then will come President Wilson, mak
Ing history as he walks. accompanied b
his secretary Joseph P. Tumulty; Co
W. W. Harts. U. S. A., his military aid
and a corps of Secret Service men. The
will walk the small band of men wh
conceived and tarried out the whol
demonstration in two weeks-the exect
tive parade committee. W1lliam F. Gude
chairman. WIll lead the committee.
The remainder of the first division wi
he made up of members of Congres
and the clerical force of the Senate an
House office buildings. It is practicall
certain that every Senator and Repre
sentative-harring the pacifists-who I
in Washington today will follow the Pres
ident in line.
Then will follow column after colum:
of just plain American citizers of a
creeds and clasecs, and all carrying th
Stars and Stipes. Never before was
more democratic body of men and womer
assembled in Washington. Physician;
and machinists, lawyers and mechanics
actors and stage hands, architects an
artists, all will rub shoulders in line.
A final appeal to all division com
manders to have their respective unit
at the points assigned them on time wa
Germans Renew
Verdun Attacks
Fresh Troops Hurled Agains
French Following Ter
rific Bombardment.
(By the International News Service.
London. June 13-Once more the Ger
man pendulum has swung in the battle
of Verdun and assaults in force are being
delivered on the French positions eas
of the Meuse.
With Fort Vaux in their hands, th
German infantry rested for a week. Las
night's attack all along the Thiaumon
front-west of Verdun-showed. however
that fresh German effectives had beei
brought up and the artillery batterie
All Sunday and Monday the Frenct
advanced lines were buried under Ger
man shells. On Monday night the Ger
man masses began their series of as
qBy the %U1 News Service.)
Columbus. Ohio, June 13-Charles i
Hughes. Republican nominee for Pres
dent. may make his initial public appeal
ance June 21 in an address before the Re
publican State convention.
It is possible that Theodore Rooseve
and Charles W. Fairbanks. Republica
nominee for Vice President. may spea
from the same platform.
Fairbanks was invited today by Georg
A. Stauffer. member of the committee o
arrangements, and Stauffer believes h
will accept. Chairman B. B. Buckley to
day said invitations would be extende
to Hughes and Roosevelt. Buckley be
Heves if this arrangement could be per
fected all the Progressives in Ohio woul
return to the Republican fold.
Bandit Leaders Reported Taken.
El Paso, Texas. June 13.-Gen. Jacint.
Trevino has informed Gen. Franciacc
Gonzales, commander of the garrison a
Juarez, that Carranizistas under Gen. Jos
Elisondo, yesterday captured the bandi
leader Gern. Domonguez and the outlai
officer, Col. Cruze Vasquez, nea
Turks' Captive leaches New York
New York, June 13.-Miss Mary Sitli
man, the American teacher held a captiv
In Turkey for a number of months el
the charge of espionage, reached Nei
York today on board the Holland-Amern
cant liner Ryndam.
More Mails Are Seized.
Berlin thy wirless), June 13.-The Dutcl
steamer Roepat. from Amsterdam to th
Dutch East Indies. was compelled to p~u
Into Faimouth and leave her mails, say
the Overseas News Agency.
German Ship Torpedoed.
Copenhagen. June la.-A big Germai
merchant ship was torpedoed off Carl
krone on Monday by a Russian sub
marine, according to information ne
celved in shipping circles here today.
S.8O Seashore Exeursions.
Baltimore and Ohio every Friday ant
5aigmeam.rmuoa S tom Sata
Bryan, Properly Chastened, Declines to Start
Row, and Cut-and-Dried Program Will
Be Closely Adhered to.
<Secretarv Baker Arrives with Planks 0. K.'d by
President and Prepares to See That Steam
Roller Works Properly.
4international Nes %ertee.o
St. Louis. Mo.. June 13.-The national Democratic convention which is
to name Woodrow Wilson for President and Thomas Riley Marshall for Vice
President will meet in its first session at 10 o'clock tomorrow.
Secretary of War Newton D. Baker arrived in St. Louis tonight, bring
ing with him the convention platform. He also brought the intimate opinions
of the President. Baker announced definitely that the President did not want
any plank denouncing Hughes for deserting the Supreme Court to enter into
the campaign. He also surprised the delegates by announcing that he was.
for suffrage.
The situation tonight, if it may be called a situation:
First-William J. Bryan has arrived and promised not to start anything.
He will take the stump for the ticket this fall, and promises he will let Mr.
Wilson make his own platform without any suggestion or opposition.
Second-Led by A. Mitchell Palmer. of Pennsylvania, an aggressive
fight has been started against the proposed platform attack on Justice Hughes
for deserting his post on the Supreme Court bench at the call of high political
ambition. Palmer will carry the fight to the floor of the convention if neces
sary. Senator Stone. its spohsor. gave up his fight for it this afternoon.
Proates to Be X&ade.
Third -As an answer to the chargas
Important Features -hkh cthe, beleve wv:l he Made against
lefr candidatc. the Wilson spokeston
of Democratic Platform -1 prone Tat the administratn in.
trnds to make a more aggressive attitude
(By the Sun News Servie aatmt (reat Britain. to keep the U'nited
St. Louis, Mo. June 13.-The Stes troops in Mexico sll the gummer
Democratic platform will con- aid to favor man, of the -socal t
tain: plank in the Progresitv platfor-.
Praise of Wilpon's adminiatra- Fourth-Pre.rit Wtlson has soti
tion as one of great achieve- one of his folower ire' the long
mert dstanc^ tetephoti, that ke wae nite
StronK defense of President'. shRaE as Vi'e President. Thisi Iotu.
foreign policy predicated on de- Idisposes of opposition NTir. P'estier
SireS to maintain a strict n tu- troo. mr Wilson is r.n.thr.e u. e
trality t for thim country to us'tion
remain at peace. The inr Sth :Ier n ar.j:i- ltfr
Approval of the President's Ftak r d ls -
Plan for a peace league among peated tla pn the person M
the nations efnsheeo of Dn- erw is d-e
Reaffirmnatlon of tariff for rev- i ard I. ,!%e e.,i -,
enui ony Ith recommendation tht -k
for a tariff tonihrion. and an rer.1,hrn '., tek '
anti-dumping measure. I tal- I, C -
Indorseent of uffraged but
leaving it to the States. ly in !h- -,raim
Pledging the party to poer- -77ffstags Want mtr.na rt,~.
edness and as an earnest of this. v- n
poitlyg to the military and na- thd RrP la-rl rta
va just passed and-rat.. an, -. s!'n'
Indorsement of the admibtt- frnze rlank as opr,"el the
tratlon hip purchase bill as a d asart -Pdent.. Ret.
step in building up our tnercan- The ha'. -.1 the gae t'.a
tie marinepes of pp Statei. -en Vh Pjirt--e
Advocating closer relations That th . '] b. he waic -~ --~ tr.
and greater co-operation with 'rats If' thc. -an. get a ra !i-n,::~i
South American countries and rianin Prr.- nt ! n 11caII!nn are -' T
rigid Insistence up-on the Mon- ." a
roe doctrine l ivas n drr!!I Iodsv by
Approval of the rural credit i eao Stone. ahI il 11 1-hairman of
bill agreed upon in Congress. theared odion renmntte
and pointing to recent achieve. W rl mR e -teetnna
merits of the Departmenthes of DInve r.hoa who ri te wo me-,a
Agricuture taey i in campag
, dStrong approval of the Prepi- afteo.
White tingfto thhatilitary aad ne
, dnt's course In Mexico. pursued the counts- rut 9, war w'.ll he the cairo
vath the idea of securing there
representative and democratic
Is Demoratn cldertnon out uf war i
goermnbet ma intinor
v agdistinctly rgrtted by all the Democrats
ader girn St Louis.
Approval of the sending of state delegatlors as-risilng noisily, kept
he American expedition into the street and hotel corridors alnly this
idexico. afternoon. But real leadrs spent most
Apoov The time in rest and recreation
KUMCKA. N WRECK. Murphy Goes Golfing.
b Thre uro few Conferenceso Cnerle
Owenboro, K , June 1 -Kentucky's Francis Murphy findino n no cal for his
delegates to the Democratic national rsices am a Statesman, went to the
convention at St oul were badly golf lIrk
dhaken up early toda % hen a paren- The Kentuckans stirrer p a lttle en
ger train on the ouisville. Henderson thuiasm by nominating Ollie Jame for
and St. Louis road a derailed near, Preident This caused a flurry of hope
here n that something at last wa to be strar-L
In the party were Governor A. 0. until It was discovered that Governor'
Stanley and former Governor McCreery.
No one was seriously Injured. TN'17 ON PACE
Babrfel re Whik skerpse- hemd
St. Louis. Mo.,yunevl t -Thehhisute tnt arb.tu
charcterstic of he Rpublcan ick tes' A. Hter. rta niaer o the arerst
nomnatd t Cicgo ay e oodmee- n tha these n bie wnd p+ poed he
ly orhapy est i te nwapes a~ts lwing thesc-a.utl anate::n:
the babert f St.Louisevidetl lalok nWhresth eidcatia l andr ir
uponwhisersas te rtistoiitt it:i Chrricaie nominees ofrrted tepblab
whih soul b stweduih aarndr- att"e uiltd, and hel beenhguwomen a
ing he omig capain. toe- time of waig l adon u hrn
Last' niWhtlmorehthanctetbarberssof hhiskers
thi ciy mt n Cntrl Tads ad t.ahr.theore, heut wrsol e thae tam
ferset addess y Jams C hnnr aignt th ogan thie *aimin that the saa idp
Intrnaionl oganzetof he irig-a hemorsatic aconiverint of ar-s
tionl Jorneyen arhes Unon. i fstcl regrsttd oy the nted Detatsi
shave of Wshinton ad linoln n d.St~ Lois.ehi e fS oi n
j vewe wih aarmthetedeny o later 'iit th eeattrishe arrib r-so, ept
jawa~ina e~~4 t3h streets adhote corior liel hs1
"We Want P
Of 60,000
Who To
Republican Nominet Hughes
Wires Regretfufy That He
Cannot Get Here in Time
to Join Paraders.
At dawn this morning workmen had
finished roping off Pennsylvania ave
nue, the stage upon which 60,000 men.
women, and children today will en
act the biggest community demon.
stration in the history of the National
Capital-a parade for preparedness.
When the curtain rises at 9:30
o'clock sharp the waiting throngs
along the line of march will see
Woodrow Wilson, playing the leading
role in American politics this week.
walking on foot like the humblest
American citizen in line.
A final boost was given the parade
last night when the sergeant-at-arms
of the United State Senate notiflell
the parade committee that the mem- 4
bers of Congress who desire to 'narch ir
in the parade will meet in their re- Is
spective chambers at the Capitol at t,
9 o'clock and march in a body across t,
the lawn to Peace Monument. where
they will fall in line directly behind
the President. Among the members
of Congress in line will be Repub- h
licans as well as Democrats. s1
In a telegram to Chairman William F.
Qude last night, former Justice Charles o
9. Hughes, Republican candidate for t<
President. stated that he was "heartily in aL
sympathy with" the idea which prompt- N
ed the parade, but would be unable to re- r,
turn from New York in time to march.
Mr. Hughes emphasized his belief in
the need for adequately preparing the
nation. and expressed keen regret at
being unable to take part in the demon- h
stration. h
The parade will start from Pe'ace Mon- y
ment at 9:30 o'clock. proceed up Pennsyl- t,
vania avenue to Fifteenth street. thence In
north to New York avenue. thence west 11
Russ Threaten I
Galician Capital'
Armies on Three Sides Make S
Fall of Lemberg Probabil
ity of Near Future.
(BY the Sua News Service.) F
London, June 13.-Lemberg, capital of
Galicia. is threatened from three sides
by the Russian armies under Gen. Brusi
loff, whose smashing advance in Vol
hynla. Galicia and the Bukowina con- It
tinued without substantial check during r
the last twenty-four hous, despite thelti
German aid rushed from the north. Field ra
Marshal von Hindenburg-a apparent t
hauling out for a general offensive on L
the Riga-Dvinsk front has thus far ti
failed to exert any influence upon the c4
Russian drive in the south.
Czernowitz, capital of the Bukowina, is, o
being masked by tfie extreme left wing ri
of the Muscovite armies, and its fall is w
only a matter of hours. fr
Russian cavalry already is on Snaity' al
twenty miles northeast of Czernowitz,'
according to official admission by Vienna. V
The Austrian war office also reports the u
presence of Cossacks in Sadagora, only e,
three miles northeast of Czernowitz.
(By the Sun News Service.) S<
New York, June 13.-Col. Roosevelt is in
town for a conference with Progressive c<
political leaders. One of his conferees
tonight was George W. Perkins, chair-: ti
man of th- executive committee of the' t
Progressive National Committee, who, foi- I.
lowing his talk with the Colonel, issued
a statement urging Progressives all over
the country to take no action until the
national committee meets on June 25.
It is at this meeting that Col. Roose
velt's conditional refusal of the Bull I
Moose will be reported on. and Mr. Per- n
kin&' statement is taken to mean that the o1
Progressives will keep their party intact a<
for a short time at least. P
Rockefeller Foundation to Establish
Innovation at Hopkinu.a
New York, June 13.-The Rockefeller hi
Foundation has decided to establish in
Baltimore as an integral part of Johns
Htopkine University. a school of hygiene
and public health, which will 'oe devoted
to training students in preventive medi- di
cine and public health work.
It is expected that the schod~ will be
opened in October. 1917. The work of
organization will be undertaken by Dr.
William H. Welch, now professor of pa
thology, and Dr. William H. Howell. pro
fessor of physiology, of Johns Hopkins.
Dr. Welch has been selected as director L
of the new school.
Lincoln Held for Forgery.i
London, June 13.-Ignatius T. T1. Lin- ti
coin, the self-confessed German spy, who &
recently was extradited from the United
States, was again arraigned today in Bows
Street Court anid remanded until June
15 on a charge of forgery. S1
Quiekest Segyiee te Baltismer.
Baltimore and Ohio "Every hour on the
houir." 81.50 Saturdays and Sundays, di
ether days. 31.75 .e..a trip-g,

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