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thL 1ke11p 111Ma p"rospro al' can.
do ma ,"Mr"A
tei.s A'efPe al eeko. VELVET
E VERY day
more smokers
are learning how
greatly, natural
ageing improves
is teaching
F ll dI I N will be Prof E. 1 Thurston. super
Tw yntendnt of public schools of the District
o T yf. Thursto will drop his official ro
TU thousa BIn dand March assho plain citizen.
aith him will parad one hundre
bers of the District High Schoo
o u d STe chers' nion. while hundreds 01
toaded teachers, who have not anounc
hinde in advance their intentions, are ex
Spected to follow suit and join the demon
Twenty Thousand School Chil-l Dropping their books for a day. thoui
strethupon the eve of their graduatior
Into the world of business, some trce
dren Will March in Section score students from the Steward usinesi
College-to whom every moment is valu
of Toiday's P be In theIr race for thethe
aond bookkeeper's title-will give the
mite toward the cuse which inspired th
Twenty thousand school children. who demonstration and will be numbered i
ahe not contentious about the comPara-Ithe school unit.
tuve might of the. Pen and the sword, to- iFifty young men from the Army an(
day will offer themselves, body and spirit Navy Academy, who are being tutore
to the cause of preparedness. Twenty to handle those thIngs which the demon
thousand of them will follow an hour tr.tion seeks to secure, will be anothe
hind their President. being In division Integer of the student.-"' section. The:
four of the parade. Dressed in white, if will be headed by Michael Dowd. prin
they he girls, and in the modes and coI- cipal of the school.
ots adopted by school boys, they wili Ptty Girls to March.
stretch from the.Capitol to the White Dressed in white nd with dark lu4
House. the largest unit in the mighty ties, twenty-five pretty girls from th,
parade and perhaps the greatest gather- Holton Arms 19chooi will carry the Raj
Ing of public school students in the his-' from the Capitol to beyond the Whitr
tory of Washington. House. under the guidance of their prin
They will march io -edaately behind cipal Miss Sallie Ovenhitne.
their civilian protectors in war time# the One hundred student shorthand report
National Guard, Their pens will have been Iera and ledger accountants will represen
dropped In their appeal for the sword. Ithe Temple School In the parade. The:
TeceI Unionpat whlehudrdt
o eager were they to ph a dI will be in charge of Carolina B. Stephen
the stately &ad slow-moving wheels of Iprincipal. It is likely more from thx
phe public school system of the Nttional school will march,
C'apital will be halted for them to express' The section will be marshaled by Will
their sentiments. iam J . Fa. superintendent of the Dio
Equally fervid for preparedness though trict Home for the Aged and Infirm a
not so great In number, will be the ntu- Blue Plains. Va.o and John 0. heen. Th
dents of several private schools who will division will assemble at North Capito
mvtarah in the ranks of the public school and B streets northwest at 10:30 olock
pupils. an hour after the parade i scheduled b
Teachers Will i Masem. e led off by the President and his Ca i
Teachers In both private and public in
stitutions of learning will March with New Zealand produces wele AN
their pupils. Distinguished in the divi- worth of honey annually.
...~- .. ...
Breed theraino and tWt
folks et undrkte gc othepi
Holms' clk-ad.eis Bad ontinal
mon .1the ITariemps teoo in thprae.The
leve tepre.incipa ItRisliely aorefromth
(Teaerwhpe otin ol e Milk-aed.Wl
trhtatm fo teegeaanhIfim
Blue Plains . -. Va.adJonO hen h
Business Men i
In 7th Se
Department Store Clerh
Form One of the Mo
of Big Prepare
One of the most interesti portions of
todays preparedness paradewill be the
seventh division. composed almost entire
ly of business men and women. who are
desirous of expressing in & definite way
their Arm belief in adequate national de
And one of the most intensely inteest
ing sections of this extremely interesting
division will be the dephrtment store
branch, to be composed of more than
2.200 men and women. There will be hun
dreds of pretty girls, the Same girls that
you see smiling so pleasantly at you dur
ing the week days when you stand at the
oounter to Purchase lace and ribbon and
the myriad other things that the city's
modern department stores have to offer.
There will be bands to lend additional
interest to the section. and thee bands
will be distributed in such a manner that
every marcher will be within sound of
lively marching strains which will enable
him to keep step.
At the head of the division, which will
embrace more than ,000 marchers, will
be A. E. LAndvoight. of the Woodward
Building, and M. Sheets, of the Washing
ton Railway and Electric Company, the
grand marshals for the division. Mr.
Landvolght's personal aids will be George
Kraft, Lawrence Jones and Everett Beal.
The details of the formation of the dlvis
ion haVe been handled principally by Mr.
Landvoight. wno has worked unceasingly
to make his division one of the most Im
pressive !n the entire pageant.
March i Platoms.
All the marchers in the division, will
- pass up the Avenue in column of pla
toons formation, each platoon having a
front of eighteen files and being headed
by a lieutenant. At the head of each sec
tion of the division will be a captain, who,
in some cases will be mounted. The two
marshals and their aids are preparing
to enter the parade mounted. Nearly
all of the marchers will be dressed in
ordinary business clothes and most of
ithe men will wear straw hate. Every
man and woman In the division will carry
an American flag.
The division will form in Third street
northwest, with the head resting in B
street aqd will extend up Third street
for a number of blocks. The marchers
have been requested to assemble at 11
o'clock. but it is unlikely that the column
1will move before 12:30 o'clock. This di
vision will pass up B street to First
Istreet, south to the Peace Monument.
and thence westward along Pennsylvania
avenue. Along the Avenue the guide
will be on the left, that is. the marchers
will be required to look to the marcher
to his left in maintaining the alignment
along the route of march. This is be
cause of the fact that the marchers
wll1 be reviewed by President Wilson
from their left. 1Dvery marcher will sa
lute with his American Bag upon pass
Ing the reviewing stand.
The seventh division will be divided
into eight sections. The first section
will be composed of officials and employes
of local insurance companies and offices.
Approximately 200 marchers are expected
in this section. The section will not be
confined to representatives of any par
I ticular kind of insurance, such as Are,
life, or automobile insurance, but will in
r LI:FE!
de Brea(
twn, preparmng:
Ithy,-strong groli
th elements needed for
is clean, fresh and pure a
Brdoes not sweat th
to March
etion of Parade
:s, in Rich Colors, W ill
it Attractive Features
iness Pageant.
elude them all. There will be no-classi
Scation of the marchers according to the
type of insurance they represent.
Roberts te Mead Beeties.
The section will be headed by C. F.
Roberta. who has been designated
captain. Dark business clothes will be
worn by all. The committee in charge
of arrangements Is composed of Ralph
Lee. chairman; Orville B. Drown, secre
tary; Eugene G. Adams. T. P. Boland.
L. Pierce Boteler, John Dolph, D. Pul
ton Harrig IL B. Hodge. B. W. Huske,
E. K. IAgg. Jr.; C. K. Mount, . Burt
Nye, A. K. Phillips William C. Prentiss,
C. F. Roberts, W. If. West, and Horace
The second section will be composed
of officials and employes of banks, trust
companies, and real estate firms. W.
T. Galliher. president of the District
Bankers' Association, is in general
charge of arrangements for the bankers'
branch, and Joseph H. Kane ha. charge
of details for the realty men's branch.
The bankers estimate they will have 300
marchers. They will wear dark clothing
and straw hats. A large banner designat
ing the section has been prepared. Sol
Minster's band of thirty-five pieces has
been engaged. The realty men plan to
enter more than 100 persons. One of the
distinctive features of their branch will
be an elaborate float, representing one
phase of preparedness.
Another interesting part of the seventh
division will be the third section. This
will be the largest and most impressive
section in the division and perhaps in
the entire parade. It will be composed
of employes of Washington's leading de
partment stores. More than 2.200 em
ployes already have signified their inten
tion of marching. About one-half of
these a.e girls and women, some of them
the heads of big departments in their
respective stores.
Washington has ,long been noted for
having the prettiest department store
girls in the East and South. These girls
are sufficiently interested in national pre
paredness to give a day of their time for
their country. They are the same pretty
girls that you see day in and day out
standing behind the attractive store
counters. politely answering tedious ques
tions, cheerfully displaying goods, affably
chatting wit prospective buyers, and
happily going about the duties of their
Girls Will Be Pretty.
Not only are Washington department
store girls among the prettiest in this
section of the country, but they are also
known as the best dressed, for it is a
well-known fact that conditions sur
rounding the department store girls of
the National Capital are far better than
those in other cities. Consequently, it
would not be at all surprising if the
department store girls form what might
be termed a distinctive fashion unit of
the parade. If you are a young man,
with hot blood in your veins and an edu
cated sense of the artistio and aesthetic.
look out for the department store girls'
section. The girls will be worth seeing. ,
Hecht's department store will enter
approximately 200 employee. Woodward
& Lothrop plans to put into line more
than 700 persons, to be headed by John
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
the proper nourish
condition as when it
its paper wrapper.
e loaf. It is a cover
ai& mounted da a atbactiwe steed.
This buncm wil fwarih its m band
Goldenberg plans to march 48 employes,
and Lansburgh a Ures. department store
Will have about 20 in line. One of the
features of the Lansburgh branch will
be an immense America flag carried by
forty employes.
8. Kenn & 1on, will have W employee
in the parade. The Palals Royal has
already received pledgis from 1= em
ploye that they intend to enter the
Pageant, and the number probably will
be materially Increased. M. Philipsbo
& Co., the oleek and sunit arm, will We
about fifteen employee In the pageant.
House & Heruman. the furniture store.
will enter about thirty-elsi employe.
The fourth section will be headed by
the Holmes Bakery. which has announced
its intention of entering fully i0 persons
in the parade. This fourth section con
sequently will contain fully M0 march
are. The Builders' and Manufacturers'
Exchange plans to have 100 members in
the pageant, headed by-Charls L Welsh.
secretary of the exchange, The Carroll
Electric Company also has prepared to
send a quota of employee. Barber &
Ross Is only one of a large number of
hardware stores that will participate.
Practically every hardware store of any
size In the city will enter a group of em
ployes. The Goodyear Rubber and TIre
Company also will have a quota of em
ployes in this section.
Retail Greeaos to raae.
The fifth section will be composed of
wholesale and retail grocers and their
clerks. The committee in charge of ar
rangements for this section is composed
of N. H. Shea. chairman; N. L, Burchell,
ecretary, and G. G. Cornwell, treasurer.
Several hundred persons are expected
to take part In this section. The section
probably will be headed by Mr. Shea.
A band will add a touch of additional
Interest to the group. All of the large
supply houses of the grocery type, in
eluding the Old Dutch Market. the At
lantic and Pacific Tea Company, and the
Sanitary Grocery Company, as well as
many of the smaller indIvidual grocers.
both wholesale and retail, will close
their stores for the day. so that their
empoyes may participate in the pageant.
The sixth section will be an unusually
unique one. Arthur Burt, president of
the District Shoe Retailers' Assoolation.
is in general charge of arrangements
for participation and probably will head
the section. Nearly 00 persons will
march, these being patrons as well as
Dyspepsia L
Biliousness H
Piles W
Be Pr
So You Kni
If not reliet
6elye ef the firm. Mr. 1g1ICM '1amtne'r d otr wir q
lst -i*". that virtay - e ssy-e Msnty S411g_
in the ty. whether small er large, 4ff resented In this i m6
have representation. Many of those who the firm of Mai & 0i.. so.
are to take part ar not even aniliated torneys. Iidore Geener. ad
with the Shoe Retailers' Association. the popular en's formenaig 811 e
Berberich's big shoe stores, situated In the avenue, expects te have a lar19 1test
Seventh street between L and X streets Of employee.
and in Pennsylvania avenue beween
Eighth and Ninth streets, will have ll **'t WEI 3e a Wat.
emplWes and friende In the pageant. Brewood's, the 1ea1 printer. e0geerW
Hahn's Shoe stomse will have more than and statiener. will have a oonhgot I
forty employes in line. line, as will also the firm of Gat &
The seventh section will be beaded by Bros., j er, an thetand ot 3. N.
the Chesapeake and Potmme Telephone CalweiL batter, egg. and chems
Company Society, headed by Walter B. mercat to the Western s'boao o
Ward. chairman. Mr. Ward announced binder. repBreseng employs of the
last nilht that between M and M male Government Printing mps will oy f a
employee of the telephone company will G nan Prt,
march. An the telephone society limits Not only s the eventh dviie me
Its membership to male employes of the of the largeet in the parade. but US Pe
company, and as the society has charge sonnel is enh that it will be lohId tW
of the company's participation in the by all of the spectators along ihe fune
parade, none of the girl telephone opera- Of march.
tore will march in this unit, although
some of them have arranged to enter in
other sections. G0V. McDOZA FOR
Movie Men There, Tee.
The Moving Picture Operators' Pro- 3110eres Propnsedme P - 1
tective Association will have an interest- tewfeses hem pergn mee.
Ing group in this section. The Amateur Gov. William C. McDonA of Ife,
Radio Operators. of which there are Mexico, favors a national defense against
hundreds in this city, will turn out in
force. So enthusiastic are these young due i te en fol ayws:
operators that they have arranged to p e a i sa ten t o:
enter an elaborate float. Stretched be
tween poles towering from the float will parednes by the United States for 4.
be an aerial from which radio messages fending our rights as a nation agn any
will be dispatched by operators while undue Interfercoo or attempt at ags
the procession moves up the avenue. sion. While preparedness wil not pee
This float will demonstrate the ability t war altogether it means protectien
of the city's amateur operators to be of and under some circumstances might be
service to their country in the event of the cause of preventing war if we
conflict with a foreign foe. not In a Position to Protect ourselves
Williams & Allen. the photographers, 'I helie e that control by the federal
also will be entered in this section. The go ment would be mare effective and
Photo-Epgravers expect to enter fully that our foroes could be used to better
seventy-lve men in the parade. The advantage at any time they might be
Washington Railway and Electric Com- needed if they were completely aid ab
pany and the Potomac Electric Power solutely under the control of the federal
Company will be represented by scores of governmert I do not believe that a
marchers. The two campanies will not b+ Lare standing army Is really neeesarY,
offlcially represented as companies. hut but do believe in a laMe body of reserves
many of the employes have obtained per- that might be aaiable :n case of an
mission to march and will be on hand in emergency.
an Individual capacity. Since I have reached the conclusion
The eighth and final section of the that preparedness Io noessarv. I believe
division will be headed by local men's it is necessary now and that Immediate
furnishing firms. Sidney West will be steps should be taken for the purpose of
represented by a goodly group, and there putting this country In such a position
will be a large delegation from the firm that it would be able in case of neoselty
of Sidney H. Reizenstein. proprietor of to defend Itself egainst any nation of the
The Moden Mant other firms of aawond
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ipo Liver Headache Constipation.
eartburn Insomnia Bad Blood
orms Sour Stomach Bad Breath
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t the Prescription:
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