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Believes Brooklyn Club Will Trim Car
rigan's Red Sox in the Com
ing Classic.
New York, Oct. 5.-We cannot desert
the old rubber plant.
Brooklyn, forever!
It your uncle Wilbert Robinson's noble
flatbush fusileers fail to wallop the Bos
ton Red sox in the impending world
series. the present speaker is going to
be vastly astonished, not to say humill
ated, and chagrined.
We expect the Dodgers to win by that
main strength and awkwardness which
carried them tigrough to a flag In the
National League race.
The Brooklyn Dodgers are a good deal
transtubeine district, Mr. Al McCoy. the
like another very notable product of the
middle-weight champion of the world.
They are often a most distressing spec
tacle in their battles, but who knocks
em out?
They meet handsomer, and cleverer, and
morA graceful opponents, and everybody
prepares to weep over their sad finish. but
at the close of the contest these Al
McCoy- of baseball are still in there,
uprleht and whanging away.
Folks say they are joke champions;
that thev do not constitute the best club
In the National League. Folks say the
same thing, in a general way, about Al
McCoy. None the less Al McCoy Is the
middle-weight title bearer. and he won
the title by a knock-out. None the less.
the Dodgers are the champions of their
class. and they gathered their victory by
slapping all their opponents unconscious.
As the Monday afternoon, In Brooklyn.
with the championship at stake, the
Dodgers stepped out and licked the most
sensational baseball club of all time, in
eluding a lad who was then being called
the greatest left-hander in America.
They beat the New York Giants, fresh
from their run of twenty-six consecutive
lictories-or stale from it, as you please
-and they heat Frdinand Schupp. with
Fix straight wins behind him. and one of
the greatest cueve balls that ever left the
paw of a side wheeler.
The Dodgers just naturally had to win.
and they won. Throw out the succeeding
;;ame if you wish. but don't overlook that
opener. That was a test. True, Schupp
gave them only a brace of hits, and they
won on errors-hut they won.
All along the line they won when they
had to win.
A singular outfit. often playjng half
esd-and-half-alive baseball, always
giving the impression that it was fearful
of losing rather than carrying the spirit
o! ontderce that is characteristic of
chamnionship clubs-but always winning.
Lacking in what baseball people all
aRgressivences. but carrying a danger
o.s. knock-out punch that came crashing
out at the most unexpected moments, the
lodgers plodded stolidly along to a
-hanionship while everybody was saying
that they woildr't do: that they had no
lees or baseball courage.
We have some shivers of trepidation
w ;en we think of those two ball murder
*rs. Har. y Hooper and Duffy Lewis, of
the Sox outtield section. but the Brooklyn
- i.h also has its pill pounders.
A -o it has the crafty old Jack Coombs,
and the not-so-crafty Rube Marquard to
oppose Ruth. Shore, Leonard and the
other star hurlers of the Carrigan corps.
Marquard holis two world series decisions
over a more powerful Red Sox club than
the one the Dodgers face Saturday, and
the memory is bound to hearten the
wry-necked Reuben.
As a whole, the Red Sox pitching staff
may be better than Your Uncle Wilbert's
band of moundamen; individually there
is not a lot to choose. The Red Sox has
the best outfield-as a whole-but no in
dividual outfielder as good as Zack
The infields are about a stand-off. If
Jack Barry plays second for the Red Sox,
that may give them the individual star
of the irner works, but Robinson has
Jake Daubert. one of the great first base
ii"n of his time.
Chicago. Oct -harley White, who
r- ent:y fought Freddie Welsh for the
light-weight chanipionship, and his man
aipr. Natt It wis, have severed relations.'
In short. White fired the man who had
guided his puglistic affairs for the last
five years.
"Nate's a had manager, not only for
me. But for himself." said White. He
can't handle his own affairs, much less
,nd I had to make a shift."
W ORM drive delivers
great power, but de
velops excessive friction
unless properly lubri
cated. Use
Dixon's 675 Gear Oil is the
perfected lubricant for this
type of drive. It keeps the
gears happy and healthy.
A.k year dealer for the
Dixon L.briaeting Chart
J"Cy. J.,j2
October Meeting
2nd to 31st Inc.
FIR ST R ACE, 1:45 P. 1.
LADIES, PSee 3013g, 155
esgler 2 e'Cleek Tumib 5at
'earse. Leave Umlem glae..12. mid
IPM. Letmening Ieaeime' Aggg
Brooklyn, . Y.. Oct. L-Wilbert
Robinson har realized one of his
ambitions In leading the Robins to
victory. He hopes to crown his
victory in the National Lague by
whipping thRetd Box, and Is con
fident of It, Robbip said
"We are going out to win, and I
think we can do It. Our team has
played good ball all season, and 'we
held the lead almost all the way
through, except for a day or two
here and there. We measure up to
the Red Sox, and with our team
playing its best ball right now
there is no reason why it can't
win. We'll show the fans some
real playing. Marquard, Coombs,
Cheney, Pfeffer and Smith will
show them some pitching, and we
are not worrying."
Shake-up in Hilitoppers' Line Greatly
Encourages Coaches-Will
Stop Navy.
Georgetown will be ready for Navy.
That the Hilltoppers will prove worthy
>pponents for the Midshipmen goes with
:ut saying, but many of its followers dur
ing the past few days were given the
mpression that the forwards of the Blue a
and Gray were weaklings and that the -
last Navy backs would cut this line to
The safest bet is to awat the result,
but from an opinion of an old-timer who
witnessed the Hilltoppers at work yes
terday on the varsity field, Navy or any
>ther eleven on the Georgetown ached
ule will be compelled to put "al they
lot on the ball" to penetrate the defense
shown by these first-string players in
the scrimmage drill held yesterday.
Although the showing of the George
town forwards made against the
daryland State College eleven on
Wednesday, In a practice drill, was
nything but impressive to the followers
tnd coaches, this one day's performance t
resterday has reversed the appearance I
)f things. c
The hardest scrimmage ever witnessed '
)n the Hilltop field was held yesterday I
Lnd with two shake-ups made In thisJ
'eretofore weak line, the Blue and Gray c
:an now present a stonewall forward. r
For two hours Coach Albert Exendine a
cept these Hilltop warriors plugging at rI
>ne another until he had corrected all
:he faults that were shown on Wednes- I
lay, and when the squad finished off Its 2
work - shortly before sundown, "Exie" e
teemed satisfied that Navy would have v
:o hustle all the way to land the ver- g
lict. 0
The Hilltoppers are prepared to halt b
FRoberts. the star half hack of the Mid
lies, while Jackie Maloney and Gliroy
will test their toes against Perry, Navy's t
tensational kicker. Nothing but a light 0
lignal drill will be held today. Tomor
ow morning the Hilltop squad, forty- h
Ive strong, will board the 9 o'clock train 1
or the little Maryland town. The stu
lent body will leave on the 12 o'clocklb
:rain, as the 1 o'clock train does not ar
'Ive at the grounds In time for the
itarting of the contest
.on a True American Leaguer.
Dear Folks-For several years Lon has
ranted to get a certain bunch o' root-t
rx In town who always start t' shout S
or th' National League just as soon as
h world series Is t' be staged. He o
nade a killin' at Laurel yesterday, an' !i
think that acocunts for th' followin', r.
vhich- he throwed at me an' then fled: tl
Twas a chilly October evenin', an' a I
bunch o' fans was there, Ir
Vhich well nigh packed Joe's barroom jt
at th' corner of th' square. !J
kn' as baseball talk an' phony bets kept
Increasin' more an' more,
L wall-eyed gink all laden with "kale" d
slipped In through th' open door, p
thy. look who's here! a tinhorn shrieked,
I wonder who shoved It in! tl
Vbat'll ya have! another cried. A lemon- I
ade lined with gin? t,
debbe it's lost an' can't locate! a third g
one bellowed gut.
'll be one o' six t' make up a purse and' n
show th' poor stanger about! t<
Phis bandlage th' live one took with staid C'
an' goodly grace. Y
Ie smiled In fact, as though he knowed
he'd struck th' proper place. P
lere, kiddo! You, behind th' bar! Deal t
out this bunch a drink! t
dy time is short, an' I'm here t' bet. I
Not t' fidle around an' think!
.hen sizein' up th' assembled group with
th' cuuln' of a foM.
is tossed his wad down on th' bar, an' A
said, I like th' Box!
ain't particular about th' odds. I'll
leave that part t' you,
lut to show there's no hard feelin' here,
I'll lay ya five to two! . e
P'h' silence that followed 'was sicknin'.
then th' excitement was somethin' t
worse, t
La th' hot-air crew maneuvered about t
endeavorin' to raise a purse.,'
hut th' live one sipped his cooln' drink I
with sips both long an' loud, a
Cause he knowed In his heart when he g
throwed th' bluff
'here wasn't two ''bucks" In th' erowd.,t
Note-Lon says If th' bankin' folks
could show as much speed in makin' you 'I
loan as they do when they take in yourn
,ccount they'd have t' employ trained
thletes to attend to their business,
Philadelphia, Oct. 5-Walter F. Wal-e
larman, 17 years old, of Vineland, N. J., a
a in a critical condition at the University
iospital today, suffering from a displacedI
re*tebrae sustained while practicing with
he University of Pennsylvania freshman
'ootball team, Physicians today fear he
rill die-football's first victim before the
leason has hardly started. Welderman
ras Injured ten days ago while tackling b
he "dummy" on Franklin Field. Physi- p
lisns and special nurses are in constant o
ttsieue, but acknowledge all they can I
Io is relieve his pain,S
The 'Wetover A. C. will meet the strong
'ark !&. C. eleven Sunday at 2,3 en the
held at leventeenth and B streeta north
vest. The W'esto'yers have an apen date
lctober 22and would like to arrange a
sin with any team avtgn 25
ounds. Addres all cnme.amtqsym to ~
', . G lliega ee n sqSe..aw
trong man and grappler, who is slatet
a meet Frank Zeraga. the local heavy
rei ht champion, in a finished'mate
e semi-windup at the Lyceum The
tr tonight.
Happy" Parker to Meet Joe Turnei
in Main Bout of All-Star
Affair Tonight.
Local followers of the mat game ar
1 be given a real treat tonight wher
tilly Hagen stages his all-star wrestling
arnival at the Lyceum Theater. Georg4
'Happy" Parker, the speedy Nev
:ngland grappler, who was beaten b:
oe Turner. the world middle-weigh
hampion, last week, is to meet the loca
iat king in a return bout which will b
finished affair. This bout is the stai
iatch of a well-balanced card.
Tony Massimo. the light-heavy-weigh
talian champion, will meet Fran]
eraga. the local light-heavy-weigh
hampion. in the semi-windup of the car
rhich will be a finished bout. Them
rapplers have been camping on one an
thers trail for a long while and th!
out is expected to prove equally as geo<
i the main card.
"Bumps" Turner, the athletic instrue
'r of the Mohawk Club. and a brothel
f the middle-weight king, is bookel t<
ampete with Louis Zeraga. the to-a
eavy-weight, in a grudge bout whicl
rill be an hour affair. As a side at
raction 'Billy," the famous wrestlins
ear, will be present and will meet al
The Turner-Parker bout has been hang
.g fire for the past ten days, hu
'romotor Hagen finally signed thesa
ranplers for this match. In the recen
out between these athletes Parke
laims that he was given a raw de
talon when called down by Refere
VConnor and claims that he will shov
he local wrestling fans tonight that h<
i a master of the local champ.
Parker agreed to allow P. F. O'Connol
3 officiate in this bout tonight and th4
et all-star-mat carnival of the seasoi
r1l be presented to the fans tonight. Th<
o officiate in this bout and thi
Boston, Oct. 5.-All is in readiness foi
ie opening game of the ,world series or
aturday at Braves' Field.
The champion Red Sox are being kep1
n edge by Manager Carrigan, who be
eYes in a little work each day for the
wgularu. This they will continue up t
ie day of the contest. A team of Re
ox went to Worcester today to take par
i an exhibition game for the benefit o
ie old-time National League umpire,
ohn H. Gaffney.
The ramarkable weather of the presen
eek makes it look favorable for a fino
sy Saturday, when Braves' Field is ex
.cted to hold the largest crowd ever a,
world series game.
Babe Ruth will be the pitcher to oper
ie battle for the Red Sox, while Rub
tarquard, it is believed here, will do th(
wirling for Brooklyn in the getawa3
Betting so far is light. Odds toda3
iake the Red Sox a 10-to-7 favorite. to'
1' proprietors say they have received ap
lications for reservations which far ex
aed any that they have made in previoui
ears when the series was held here.
Fans made an early rush to Fenwa3
ark today to get grandstand seats foi
ie opening game Saturday. Notificationi
)successful applicants went out on the
ret mail carrier deliveries.
Before noon a great crowd was in line
aiting for tickets.
A good showing was made by the pei
andidates for the Vigilant football tear
ilast night's practice. The old candi
ates will have to hustle to beat some o
aege youngsters out for they seem de
armnined to oust more than a few fror
leir regular positions of last seasos
he work of Bitterbender, Turner an<
ussell in the back field, and Gandella
nd Zarega in the line, was exceptionalla
The team Is working under the instruc
n.n of Buck Oliver and Acting Capt
urns, in the absence of Coach Deitz
'ho has not yet arrived from the South'
eMar, Began and Carroll are usin,
lore "pep" than ever before.
When the eleven from Waiter Bee<
[ospital meet the Big V's in their open
sg game Sunday, at Union League Park
'ifteenth and H streets northeast, th<
ulns of Washington should see a muel
etter ,amne than is usually played I
peners, as both teams are in pretta
ood condition and have been practicing
very evening this week, Game start
t 00 o'clock sharp.
New York, Oct. 5.-The first bli
et on the world's series was re,
orted today when E. E. mitheri
wner of Dan Patch, bet $20,000 t<
i4,000 the Red Sox will clean uI
mithers also is reperted to have be
10,000 against $50,000 the Gianti
on't win the National lag next year
A second world's series bet todal
ras one of $5,000 laid by John A
rake, prominent horseman, agains
3,500 that the lox would beat th<
lee Js~sm. thuud .saal the Aascn Leman
itta sensgs is 3s ahead af Hl Chs
h aIpa e
By G1ORGE X. 0831 .
First Race - Lynett, Storm
Nymph. Mae Murray.
Second Race-Golden Vale. CY
nosure, Susan B.
Third Race-Arnold. Yeliowotone,
Fourth Race-Capra, Da4dy's
Choice, Ninety Simplex.
Fifth Race-Tinkle Bell. Thesi
eres. Disturber.
Sixth Race-Eddie T., Greetings,
Seventh Race-Star Gase, Peep
Sight, Mary Warren.
Country Clubmen Have Best Record
in Landing "Clui Match from
Hermitage of Richmond.
Washington clubs featured in the Mid
dle Atlantic Golf AssocIation team cham
pionship matches played over the Chevy
Chase course yesterday when Bannock
burn, Columbia. Chevy Chase and Wash
ington won their matchew and fight It
out in the finals today-the semi-finals
to be played In, the morning with the
finals on the afternoon's card.
The matches held this year were played
under an entirely different scoring sys
tem from that followed in the past. Each
team was composed of six men. The
number one and two men of each ltflm
played as a foursome, while at the same
time individual matches we-e played,
making a total of 9 points for each team
Drawings were made as to how the
teams lined up and those who were de
feated qualified for the consolations.
which will also be played today the same
time that the semi-finals and finals in the
main event are being decided.
Columbia Country Club had the best
record of yesterday's play and every
thing points to this team as the ultimate
winner. Columbia was pitted against the
Hermitage Golf and Country Club of
Richmond and made a clean-up, scoring
9 points by winning every singles match
and then taking the three when playing
as fourkmes. E. B. Eynon. the District
champion, beat W. W. Wallace 2 up and
1 in the feature of this match. Eynon
was never down, although at no stage
of the game did he ever have a big enough
advantage to "loaf."
The aumaies:
Washington Golf and Country Club. 5% points,
Baltimoe Country Club. 3% point.
H. t. Bd. 3d. Baltimore Country Club, defeat
t ed Roy i. Pbickford. Washington Golf and Country
c lub, 4 up and 2; 8. t. Pries. Washington Golf
and thuntry Club. won by defalt; W. S. Syming
tIn. Baltimore Country Club. Te. John C. Dcaid.
.. Washinmt (;,-f and'Coontry Club, all-elea
I. . Pouell. Baltinues Contry Club, defeated
E. . tDual, Ir, Wahingtn(; Golf and Country
1 Iluh. - up and 1; John H. Clatpp Washingtm
i olf and Country Club. defeated E D. Bartlett.
ltimor Contry Club, I up; C. H. DoIng. Jr..
Washington Golf and Country Club, defeated IL.
- H. Pritdwott. Baltumre Country Club. I up.
Foutrea -d ckford and Prim, Washington Golf
and Country Club. defated %.d. B.ltie Coun
try ('tub, 3 up and 2; Syonington and Purnell. Bal
fTmore Country Club. defeated Davidao and Duval,
Washington Golf nod Country Club. 2 up; 'lapp
and toAong. Washington Golf and Country Club.
I defeated Bartlett and Pritchett, Baltimore Country
I Club, 2 up and 1.
('hery Chase Club, 7 points,
(..untry Club, of Virgnia, 2 points.
Samueal DaLzell. Chevy Chase. defeated A. L
aWes. Country ('lub of VirginIa, I up; Allan Iard.
l'hery Chase, defeated G. F. Wood, Country Club
t ,f Virginia. 6 "p and 4; Gen. FA NL Weaner.
Sheny Chase. defeated . D. Hotkeniss, Jr.. Coun
. try Club of Virginia. 7 up and S; F. J. D. Mackay,
Country Club of Virginia. defeated Ormaby Mo
am.an, Chery Chase. 3 up and 1; Reere LArN.
Chevy Chas. defeated K. T. Orgain. Country Club
I of Virginia, 3 up and 1; Ashmead Fuller. Chevy
Chass, defeated H. F. Jas. Country Club of Vir
.ginia, 5 up and 4.
Frarnee-Dalsell and Iard, Chey Chase. de
feated Hawen and Wood. Country Ciub of Vir
gaina. 4 up and 3; Hotebkiss and Mackay. Country
('lub of Virginia. defeated MicCamumn and Weaner.
Chevy Chse., 2 up: Iewis and Fuller. Cbevy Cbase.
defeted Jones and Orgain. Country Club of Vir
ginia, 4 up and 3.
Columbia Country Club. 9 -ints.
Hermitage Golf Club. 0 points.
Edward R. Kynon, Jr.. Columbia, deeated W. W.
Wallace. Hermitage Country Club. up and 1:
Donald Woodward. Columbia. defeated W. W.
Neale, Hermitage Country Club. 6 up and 5: Dr.
L. Harban, Columbia. defeated Dr. T. H. Sale.
Henmitage. 3 up and 2: Thm Demey, Colunhia.
defeated . R. King. Hermitage Country (lub. 4
up and 2; Norbert Dempsey. 'Columbia., deated
Ai. Peck. Hermitage Country Club, 6 up and 7;
Albert It. MacKernie. Columbia. defeated J. La
Anderson. Hermitage Country Club, 6 up and 4.
Foursomes--Eyon and Harb,. Columbia. defeet
ed Wallas and Scales, Hermitage Country Cub.
2 p; Woodward aid T. Demey. contrbia.. de
fesad Neale and King, Hermitag Country Club.
5 "p and 4: N. - Dempsey and McrKn.ie, Colombia,
defeated Peek and Anderson. Hermitage Country
Club. " up and 6.
Baeneburn Golf Clnb. 9 points
Nrfolk Country Club. 0 points Default.
Bannockburn ad Oolnmbia and Chevy Chase and
Washington Country Club mteet in the armi-final
round this morning. the two winoes to play for
the dtampionship in the afternnon.
In the conseiations, the Country Club of Vtr
gnaa. and the Baltimore Country Club team. will
meet, the winner, to play the Hermitage Golf Club,
which wins frot Norfolk by default, in the finals.
Philadelphia, Pa., Oct. 5.-In a farcical
game iT which the members of the teams
played out of positions. the season ended
here today, the Phillies losing to Bos
ton, 4 to 1. Score by Innings:
Boston ...............0 0 0 2 0 1'0 0 1-4 7 1
Philadelphia ........0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0-1 10 1
Batteries-Nehf and '1Tagressor; For
tune and Baumgartner and Adams. Um
pires-O'Day and Emslie.
Brooklyn, 7; New York, 5.
Gisnts. AB H OA Dodgers. ABRHO AD
Blurnaflf...4Z2 00O0Myers~d..4 3 11
Heog.,. 4 132 L.Millerd... 0 0000
Rtobertsonrf. 4 22 0 ODabert1b. 4t190 0
- oer,... 0 4 Mekel...1 04 0
I Dtooln.u.. 4 2I13 Stenelrf..3 220 0
.Kauflef.. I 01 Johnstonrf. 1t 10 0
Kelly,ct...2 010 0 wheat,1f..40 1 00
Holke,1b...2110 1 te Rickmnan.lf.... 1 0 1 00
Mctarty.o... 3 1050 0Cutahaw.2b... 4 220
Rodigus.. 0 0 0 0 olOmara.2b..2 0 S 2 0
Koche.c...1 0 t 0 O|\fnwrry.3b. 2 0 2 5 0
- 'Tsreaup... 2 0 0 2 0|Gerta,3b.....00 0 1 0
.1 Rariden..... 2 0 032Olsom ....3 03 40
, Adersonop. 0 0 0 0 0 Farilue.a. 0 0 0 1 0
.ISmith~p...... 0 0 00 OMeyer-...... 1 010 0
Stafford...1 0 0 5 0;O.Mtiler.c.0 0 0 1 0
SIAppleton~p.... 4 0 0 1 0
Totals... 34 10 2412 t - -
New York Giant......... . 10 0 0 l2 0
Brookirn Dodgers.......0 03 0 1 0 3x-l
Rtodrigues ran for McCarthy in seventh.
Stafford batted for Smith in ninth.
R1C ubert., Heriog. Doolan (2). Holke. Myers
.Dabr.Wheat. Teo-bnae hits-.-Mysrs (21.
Three-base hita--Herog. Mlyer,. Cutshas. Home
run-Doolan. Sacrifice hit-Mowrsy. Baeridos fly
I-Lbert. Left on bases-New York. 4; Brooklyn, 9.
IBases on balls-f Teerean. 3; of Anderson. 2; ofl
Sadth. 1; og Appeta, . L ts made-Off
'eesau, 5 1n6 innings; ogf Andmro. 3 in 1-3
pinning. Strek oat-By Tmeaa. 4; by Smnith. 1:
by Appletoa, t. Umopdree-Mems Quigley and
Digler. Time of gam- hour and M4 minuta
Brooklyn. 7; New York, 5.
Boeton, 4; Phillies, 1.
Wop. Lost. Pct
Brooklyn................... 94 IS .611
Phbillies..........................391 62 .506
Boston......................50 63 .586
New York................., 86 06.- .568S
Chicago.................... 67 86 .3
Pittsburgh..................U U .419
at Ionm- __.... __....... - e a a
Tommy McTaggart Puts Powers' Geld
ing Fist Across in the High
weight Handicap.
Laurel, Md., Oct. .-With an impost of
140 pounds, Top o' the morning, cleverly
ridden by Tommy McTaggart, was an!
easy winner of the feature number, the
fourth race, a high-weight handicap at
six furlongs at the Laurel course today.
Top o' the Morning outran his field
from the start, and shook off The
Masquerader at the furlong pole, and
had plenty of speed left to stall off
Wiseman's rush. That Top o' the Morn
Ing is a high-class handicap horse, there
can be no doubt. His performance today
was a creditable one, and it will take 1
a sprinter of considerabie class to beat
the Powers gelding in the future.
Tommy McTaggart gave an exhibition
of his old-time skill in the pigskin, and
it seems a pity that such a clever rider
should be kept out of the saddle, owing
to his increasing weight. Tommy has a
shade on al the boys when it comes
down to riding, And his masterful pilot
ing of ToO o' the Morning shows that
he is still a master of the game. The
winner covered the six furlongs in 1:12
2-5, or within two seconds of the track
record, held by James Butler's Pebbles.
who negotiated the six furlongs in 1:12,
flat in 1915.
Reprobate was the winner of the open
ing number on the program, easily de
feating Ponce de Leon and Scylla- The
winner drew away into a long lead and
was only galloping at the end, while
Ponce de Leon and Scylla were driving
to save the place.
Racebrook annexed the lumping race
by a scant margin from %fareh Court
and Promoter. The winner outgamed
March Court right at the end. The
balance of the field were strung out.
That Racebrook has come back to be,
a real good jumper was demonstrated in
his race today.
James Butler. the New York million
aire, won two races, the first with Bally,
at a nice price, and the second with
Gnat. The former took the measure of
a good field, defeating Straight Forward.
who was looked upon as the best bet of
the day, while Ticket was third, and
lastly "Wizard" Bedwell's Manokin.
Gnat was an easy winner of the fifth
race, when he forced the pace for the
entire journey and was only galloping at
the end.
Richard Carman. the Washington and
New York horseman, annexed the sixth
race by a head with his Hastings filly,
Queen of Paradise, who lasted long
enough to win from Buzz Around, the
favorite. Robinson. the Canadian "Whirl
wind." who rode Buzz Around. took his'
mount wide at the first turn, thereby los
ing several lengths and dropped out of
it for the first sixteenth.
Imil Hers kept up his daily winning
streak when his Peep o' Day gelding beat
Soldier by a neck in the last number
on the card. Nigil was third The lat
ter was a forward contender all the way,
And will prohably win before this'neeting
is over.
FIRST RACE- T-,ear-,lds; fie and ne-half
furlongs. Reprobate. 3 Dare. 14.3. $3.30, V-0,
-on; Ponce de iron 113 Trzl-rer, $12.10, 86.2.
eovnd; Sc11a. l0 (J. Mc'ragart. SIM. thirO.
Time 101? 1 I iuchanan Blrad. Pedtano, Bur
hank, lady Inrna, Haty iota Cautaj Prie ,
Stalwart Van. Itg lilstance. and Precse also ran.
4EMND RACE-Seipcam; se ling; 4 -arold"
aAi ipward: ahnt two meiles. Rare Bnk, 1461
N C. 1j0 54.4. 42.90. -w; Marh (ourt. 135
,Smootl, $6.10 $L40 seord; P-roter. lM 'H.
Crawford1. V5 V ,tird . Tim,. 3:47. King Pin,
Otto Floto, Aberfeldy, Frt.lre, Emerald Gem, and
PV Streak aIm ran.
THIRD RACE-Hamndia: 0 v'ar-is; sin fur
tnng.. Rally. 113 (Schittinger. 515)0 . 3. won;
Straight Formard, 115 IJ McTatart', t 0. 2.3.
-e onl: Tiket, 126 Brne. r-40. thirt. Tune,
13. Mianokin, Bondag and ItII F. a, ran.
Ft'RTH RACE-Hig'h-ight Handicap: al
age: sit furlongs. Top o' The Mnrning. '40 IT.
MteTaanrt). 5. $4.40. V3''V. -n: Wise n, 110'
(1). 5oi0mani. 150. $4.3D. sennd; Ths Msqarlen .r.
1D (Buroe'. M50. third. Time, 1:1235. Xylon
Ke-easa. Biden Star. Bonnie Tesa. Fatnur, and'
Startling also ran.
FT'H RACE-High-weight handicar: at an;
,ix furloig,. Gnat., Il1 (Schuttinger). e. $.
1.'9. won; Pan Maid. 12 (Byrnel, .0. 13.3, 1 ee
S--anson. 13 (Derieel, V1.90, third. Tie,
1:122-5 Sir Edgar. Hauberk, Ries. Sir William
J . L.d) Hillington, and Madam Herman
SIXTH RACF-Selling: 3-year.-old. and towart:
ne mile ad tmenty yarda. Queen of Paradise. IN
(J. McTaggart), 21.20, $7.10, 33.0. wn: B.
Around. 110 (Robinson, 13.2., r-40. seon; Dnlina.
110 (Haynes), $.0. third. Time. 1:4. Quien Zabo.
SKeriah, Ana Keuna, Septet, and Juliet al- ran.
SEVENTH RACE-Sellling; 3-year-oids and u
ard noe, and noe-dxteenth miles. Flag D.,. 10
rKe"ohI. 14.8D,. V.70. 2.1"0. Won; Sildier. 110 .D.ie'
Z.90, S2.40. sened: Nigel. 10 EttweVl. s third.
Time, 1:4'. Zodiae. MIlo Par, Fair Wrath,
Damietta. and Shepherdeas also ran.
FIRST RACE-Miden 2-year-oId fillies; P. and
one-half furimma. Lynette, 112; Affinity. 112: Sa
Wae, 112: Black Eagle (imp), 112: Sweeter Tyn
Sugar, 112: Mar Mutrr. 112; Fieucca. 11: He~.
112: Veura, 112; Millie B., 112; Paliade,. 121
Bright Star. 112: Storm Nymph timp), 112; Flora
Finch. 112: Polly J.. 112.
SFCONID RA'E-Steepledhae; 3-year.olda and
upward: aelling: about Io miles. Doroads, 1;
Cynnsure. 145; "Golden Vale. 143; 'Suian B., 132:
Aberfeld , 11,
THIRD IACE-Purse: -year-old: W. fitons.
Arnold, 11: Yellow Stone. 116: Jo'k Si-t. 126:
Kildee. 116: Pickwicf. 113: Ratt1., Ahbler. 110;
Dixie It (imp), 110: Hu". 110; A It-he,. 113: Sar
geon Ii imp), 110; Captain tay. 113; Whirling
Dun. 1t3.
FOURTH RACE-Hanidicap; all agas; ane mile.
'apra, 116; Trial by Jury, 109; J. J. 11111, 10;
Fenmousi. 16: Runes. Is; Bac. 102: Daddy's
Choice. 1M: Woodwari, 102: Ninety Simple. 0;
Lady Teresa. 1: Golden Rod, 90. Ninety Simplex
and lAdy Teresa. C. N. Moore entry.
FIF'H RACE-Selling; 3-year-olds; six furlongs.
Sand Hill, 127: Theere 121: Plumose, 116: TInkle
Bell. 116; Disturbe, 113; Broomvale (imp) 113:
Ash Can, 112; Chesterton. 1II; Pharoahi, 112; Bore
get. 112; Banal, 109; InftdeI II, 10i; *Pes Lynn.
115; *Blue Cap,. 140; *Casc. 40,
SIXTH RACE-Selling; 3-yesr-olds; one mile and
twenty yards. Eddie T., 115; 4. Gutelius, 111;
Illuminator, 111; Politidan, 140: 'Repton, 104:
*Ftionairs (imb). 104; *Navigaor 12; *Greet
lns, 1*3,
SEVEN'TH RACE-Pse; 3-year-old and usrard;
ons and one-siteenth miles. Altaeah. 113; Seorpil,
110; Mary Warren, 110; Jaclet, 110; Friar Nogtt
145: Lady Edwin., 164; "Patty Resan, 111; *Vol55pa.
95; Blackftord, 113; 8tar Gase, 110; Cheeron, 110;
Peep Sight, 140; Typagraphy, 13; *Prime Mover.
111; *Gedale,31L
* ve ponds elabned on acnusnlt o ridler' not
having won flee steepiechvase or hurdtle racts. Five
pounda apprentles allowtance claimed.
FIRST RACE-Selling; psurse, 310; all aen: six
thrope, 10; Otero. 1I6; Sir Arthur. 106: Dor'othiy
Catiin, 10; Kathleen H4., 110 ; Mues Fox. 117; Ramp
toni Damne, 114.
SEKOND RACE-Purse $4i: 2-year-olds; fire far
lonimga Saisora, 40; Misa Tipperary. I6; *Gailife,
10I *S Dave Campblel., 10; Mad Tour, 101; Sleetit
Sam, 114; Little Witnder 114; Fruit Cake. 114;
Night Osp, lif; *Campbell entry.
THIRD RAC40-Blling; purne 340; 3-year-olds anid
opwrnt fve and a half frlnong. *Tonm Caro. 40;
*Belle Bird, 109; Paulson, 1*3; Mtanieet, 1as;
Tlama* C7allway, 1*3; Mack B. Eubhanks, 109;
Yel)oe Eyges, 145; Rusty Coat. 10; Min, 140; The
Wof, 110,
FOURTH RACU-fening; 3-year-olda and upl
ws4; pers Sl; 50 and a half furlongs. *E. .
Albee, U; Gentle Wmaa, 1*3; *Indy Powers. 143;
Kims Jean, US; mase Bey, l1S; Sir Fretful, 145;
Palm Leaf, 105; Maxsas 1I; Birdman, 112;
Inossty Fae, II
FIFTH RACU--4elling; 3-yearodds and supwaid;
eirse 3m; lae and a half fuianmgs. Test. 103:
Glomr, 1; Leia, 1*3; After Night. 1*3: Ruth
Strieland, M; Vilt-i42! Rtina. 1; Dkota,
Die G v i teata
adwil met strssare,
Beleves ie 1 t as
?ateal 10*t if$1 er hKbottl U,'
I ETMS msnoitii,
Men, See these
-They are top
quality and styl(
like suits that usi
a great deal mor
fall models, inch
Patch Pockets-i
fancy fabrics.
--Get in early fo
New Fall Hai
Outfitters to I
0; Two Royal., 1; *Rio Braoas, 111; King Tu
-,s 111.
SIXTH RACFY-Slling; 3-year-olds uanpward;
Wre SO; six furlongs. *Ioadon G ir. i; Eady
.Lght, 9; Shaban, 100; Hyd0ro5Aan. 191: 8tar Re,
Al; Anxiety. 103: Fairy Lgemnd. 1I4 Al 'Ol.
04; Big Lomax. W; Jerry. 10: Danh. 110: Rbodes
[lL Also engIbl: Dengro. 1;5. *%lado. 96;
.ol1 Ashma d. 101
ML FATHf RACE---elling: 3-Sear-olds and -
.ard ; pu.e VM; one and a quarter mile. 1obo
ink. 14; *ts:eBigger, : *Naone McD., 101;
Dik'* Pet, 11; W'r Iad. 104. Peg. 10%; Ai.
,0; Reer King, 11
FIRST RACF-Af!,ng tr-.ar- fIl. .nn
-ialf furlonga. Mab. log (Drayer), S136. S6.P. 13.,
on; Wishaway. 9' Thurber,. 13, $4:1. -e i.
;,bil. 110 (Alexander, $3.1% e, Tii..3m. 1
Alan. % _at. May Bk and Ben Oni. a1. ra
SEAN ND RACF, -.elling,; 3ear--olds and .ar.
0i furlong. Quid Nn. o Pick i. 070, 64W
-; P-, won Bo 1r - is. 1'4 (Merimeel,$1 50.
1~.5. -eond; lnogr, I'M Grnas. 5214. third.
TIme. 1 1 Q.aIad" Q-n. IEban Allen. Ro
\lary, er'gna Fa.- . I11. (apt Bra e, Ka-,.
Tarleton '. and Fran,, also ran.
THIRD RACE-S.l:ng; all age: fl~e and n
half mlong.a Reie 111 (A.ander-. 04.
430, $3. son: VIles. 112 (Gourle 53.50, $120.
.eod; Sal Var t 1:. 3 roes. $2r. third. Ti0e.
1635. Magicise JaMs. Kmg T&acan, S:eepy
Sinn and Prem, Vera al ' n ra
FOURTH RACE- Hiandicapn.ll~ng; all ages,
ix furlangs. Ranul, Inn -I oorh- $ 0, 13.10.
M. won; Nelh Ii .2 -tsearnj. 9L4, . 0.
acend; Ale G;et !i3 -, . $450. third. Time.
:I_ 3-S. Paymater, I (onmes.a and Imprsio
also ran.
FIFTH RAOF--eIbng 3-year-elds and eamrd;
alle and twenty yards Gan.. 10 ((Oaerl. V.! 13.
r5. M $ .-wo. H1rb1r Temple. ,10 (Bedell.
r'.8), V.70. .o, ' Schol for Sca-al. 9 'Bar
ret). $W., th:rd., Time, 1:*43. 1.uthe, e by
l.). Zudora A,4-1te and Hardo.od a.lo
SIXTH RA(E-.M:I and twenty Yards T=Una
I0 1Steam.). $:3. . S15.0. S -0 wo I: in Money.
106 ilerimee.. S12%. 969D, 8od; N11. Boot,
IN fTburber. =E 50. ttard. Time, 1:43 4-5. Regulr.
Eec-trie. W W. Clark. Tatiana, tAdy Powers and
Cutt Hunk alio ran
SEVENTH RA'E- Selling; puna. MOW: mile and
twenty 'arda Mit" 'ater. 104 (Merine. v W.
64.40. 1r.40. won; Alda. 100 (Moseworth,. SkaP
V"0. FO nd;: Galeenawtlh. 1 Searn. ' 50 thrd
TIme. 1 421. Katl.leen a.. Huda's brother.
York Lad. Clara Morgan and Mimima al, ran
FTIRT RACE-M.alden anl agm; mil. Badlin.
1IM 10nnollyl, 5010. 00. SZOD. -on Plrm. 115
, hannon . 14. 50,1 wrend irsimaster. .12
uton. $290,'-hird. Tune, 1"! Hesrte Smith
and Melie al, ron
SECOND RACE-Advanne mney velling stakes:
year-oalds and upward Ix f-g. To.b Toah
102 'Bro-n. S7. r3 'n S 3t won - Bla
Beauty. 8 Hng ''1. S7 3. erd: Frmray,
1I Gonel. 3D, t. hri Time. 1:11, Malabar and
rinr" also ran
THIRD RACE.-hslbng. year-olds and up st
furlong. E-ms Cone, 114 (Go , 936. $27D.
9240, won: unde Hart. 114 'Connelly, L20. $146.
eemnd; Hawthone. 14 (nag, . 310. 'bid. Tome.
1:132-5. Bair, and Bar. and Star- also ran.
F"URTH RACE-Th-ree- ear-di and uprard:
tFo mi4 and a quar-er Dne4dr. 113 %Mur.
ph -, 3.5. $:10. mnt. wrn: Killanna, 10 'Ipaille).
-210. out. seed: Hta-a, 4 .Ruxt n . !(F
third. T:me 3-k56.5 're7, - tarters
FIr'T' RACE-Handia. all age. . io , urlon
aber Ctad]-. 11 H.rner- 0 1470. $1.40.
000 n 116 ' ', j'171 e~
won; V , A 'An-e . V-_T S':." -end,
Ima Frank. 110 ;I1hilng r- ", rd. 'Ime.
1:122-5. onerse, Fa- Col. J. J. Murdo and
Atnaron al.o ran.
SIXTH RACF-Se-!ing: VAr-ldo: sit furing
Joclar. 100 .lAram 5 . 5440. 131. wm;
Tstle. In6 IBuston. s $44 3o. janrd Dr Tut.
i 'Ientr,. $5 10. third Tim- 1 :4 Pru. S-tng
Wh-at Signrnt Kag',ra. Neule, Wal-ott Oak.
. -1or alan ran
'-1tENTH4 RACF-tnen m tie and eeenty yard?
samuel R. Mkeer 110 W-rneh .44. 3.5
nr: T'onmauretta 1 'T. Hunt. 34.5. 53.. vre
-d : Surpasaing. 1% (J. Br-o', $3.40. third. TI...
1:45. I4silluson, Louise Paul. and Alberta Tri
alas ran.
The Southern Rallway Clerks* Duckpin
[Lagu held a meetingr last week at
ahich arrargements were made for the
'oming season. Schedule as follows for
'rst serjes:
lctober 9-Pasenger TrSe _n Treanrers... 3-4
Audiitor vS. IA . 1 -2
Managers n. 'Ie and Timber... 1 -4
16-L s. Managee. ....3-4
Pasenger TraMts vs.. Adne-... .-4
Treasurers ra. Tie and Tim,' 1-2
25-Managers vs. Paisenger Tfe ... 1
T and Tmber tno Law . 4
Auditoran. Treasurers . 3 4
as. Treasurer . .. : 2
Managers rs. Anditon . -4
Paeger Traffc n. T ani T ..... -4
November 13-Tie and Tnier ns. Auditor... ... 1-2
Treasurer" ra. Managers............6-4
law a Passenger Traffe.........--4
/ Fa
gray, brown, peen, and all mir
"Haven't got time ? Wet
than you'D make in-Why, we
any suit you pick out at $12.50
"Yes, it's a fact-Better d
"Right Now
901-9 St1
tter Clothes for Les.
Suits at 1
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!-they 1001:
ially sell for
! money. All the new
iding Pinch-Back and
n the best plain and
r best choice.
's, $1.45 & $1.90
), 7th and E Sts.
den and Boys
Pfeffer. Cheney and Marquard Out
rank Ruth. Shore and Foster
in Percentage Table.
The surprising fact that the Todgers'
I-rlers outaerage those of the Red
Sox is rev-aled in today's perusa; of
the pitchin averages
1ok at it from any angle that you
wish and you will find that the three
I Sdzer stars-Pfeffer. Cheney and Mar
quard-outr nk In the percentage table.
the luth. Shor,. Foster or lrong.rd ro"
lination ' Ioston. AMs the five Todger
re.1nlars-'feffer. IArquard. Chene *
iIth and Coomhs---re pit-htng nre
point.= hyond the grand average of RutEh
Shore. Foster, Ionard and Mays.
Ranking the pit-hers in the order r'
games uwon and lost, Pfeffer with 4
tots the entries from both ao.iads. Ia
quard is a nose behind, with .4. Ruth is
third with G.7. Shore fourth with .4
and "heney fifth with C-4 So. the
Dodgers in addition to having the two
beat average mourdsmen aIco have three
In the first five.
The chances are that three pitchers on
each team will carry the deferiev
burden in the world series hatt'ng
will he PfefTer. Marquard and hecny
for the Dod,ers with a grrand pi'chn.
average of ."7 against Ruth. Shore ard
Foster (or Leonard) with a grand pilt
Ing average of .649-or less. If Lsonard
works instead of Foster.
In the point of effectiveness the tn
squads-fIgu-inx five men each-are fi, 1
with an average yield of E 2 hit, per
game. Of the entire group. Cheney !ri,
done the modt consistent low-h' ;!ter
Ig. lie has permitted only 4.3 hi e I-r
game. agaist 4f4 for Mas-;ard, who is
second, and 4.9 for Maya, the low-h't
titcher for the Sox.
In the matter of base" on hals. Ruth
Is the wildest of the lot He has wa.ked
116 men in 44 games Cheney. the wildest
of the Dodgers' pitchers, walked 1f" men
in 4 games. The steadieSt hurler in 1 a
group of ten was-strange a, It rn
seem-the ao-siled eccentc" Ma -
quard. In game, he only y
passes. The next best In I '
line of steadiness. .as turned in
Shore. who walked C man in 38 game
Cheney. with 14 victims In 40 game*.
leads in the matter of strikeouts. Ruth
also struck out 165 men but he worked in
44 Fames. Ionard struck out 114 men
In 44 games and PfeFler, with 17" fan
credits In 4? games. ranks fourth.
Here are the record, of the five regn'a-v
on each team. ecowirig rame titch- .
won. lost. perce-tage and average hIs x
yielded per Fame
Gear,. Won. LWer P- sa
Pfeffer ....... . 4 3
Cheney 1
Fmith ........ 1
Combs . 1
Avera e ..... . 5 CF r
Ruth44 r 13
Mai .. 1 4
Averaze 5hT 63 C E
Charleny gan. the singing pugllts'.
has shown before the ora: 1si9 c , -c
wIll take up his fall and vinter cmpa n
in the roped arena tomcrrw ngh wIn
he clishes w1h V'att'ing Ke. the f-St
and hard-h1''e we .n ig5 ofa
mlore. at the it Va he' Iae- 'n
that city.
Egan is also bNd t. appear in Ph'&
delphia nnd mw y- \\ . ! '.
'Pig City i e v'i b' under the manage
ment of Dan Morgan
ht's Bieber-Kaufmian Co. eia the
ire. You know! Bieber-Kaufman
-down by the Navy Yard. Just
jled up to give you som cloth
g news right of thewre. Our
dL Suits are in, and Some Suits,
"Sure we've got Pinch-backs.'
"WeD, we have them in blue,
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fl save you a five-doflar bill on'
$20 er $25.
rop in." "When?"
',While the
a Good."
SSt.S. E.
e -

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