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AlliN111 NNAY
Complete Itinery of Tour Announced
by Caondrate.
(NY the EtterammIbmal News service.)
k, -Charlee E. Hughes
w=B cns..eece his third Western cam
F d tou in behalf of his candMacy
Mr Presieit on the Republican ticket
UM, Monday, with a noonday meeting
at Newask. N. J. He will return to New
TYk City to register for the elsetion
an at 4 p. m. will leave for Philadephia,
arrtvbg there at 2 o'clock.
eaaving Philadelphia at 10 o'clock the
fillowing morning. October 10, the
"Hughes Special" will go directly to
ageerstown, Md.. where he will speak
that afternoon at the Interstate Fair.
The same evening Mr. Hughes will speak
in Baltimore, in the State Armory.
The rest of the schedule follows:
October 11. brief speeches In West Vir
91tia townS. including Clarksburg.
Parkersburg. Huntington. and Charles
October 12, a trip through the Kentucky
mountain district. including Pikeeville.
Presteiburg, Paintsville, Loulms and
AMbiand. and winding up at Louisville.
October 13. trip through Southern Mis
sovmi. Including Springfield and Joplin.
October 14, five speeches in Nebraska.
at Pal City, Beatrice. Fairbury, York,
and Lincoln.
October 15. all day at Lincoln, Neb.
October K, more speeches in Nebraska.
at Hastings, Grand Island. Columbus.
Freemont, and Ornahe
October 17, speeches In South Dakota,
at Mitchell. Sioux Falls, and Yankton,
and in Sioux City. lowa.
October 18. train will pass through Chi
cago. Brief speeches at Niles, Kalama
500, Michigan, and Grand Rapids.
October 19. Speeches at Bay City, Sag
inaw. and Flint, all in Michigan, and at
Toungstown, Ohlo.
The party will arrive in New York on
October 2X Mrs. Hughes. Lawrence H
Green. secretary to the governor, and
Charle W. L, Farnham will accompany
the candidate.
More Than 10,000 Persons Attend
Anniversary Kermes.
Vigorous defense of the loyalty and
patriotism of American citizens of
German extraction was voiced at the
barbecue and kermes, marking 233
years of German achievements in
America at the Loeffler estate. Rock
Creek Church road and Georgia
When the ticket oftces were closed
at the end of the two-day celebrationi
last night, more than 10.000 people
had passed the gates. The fund for
Austro-German war sufferers will be
enriched by over $3.000.
Attorney Simon Woir was the prin
eipal speaker in the open-air forum.
He recited the history of the German
pinoneers who landed on the soil of
Pennsylvania under the leadership of
Pastorius in 1683.
"The spirit of manhood. sobriety
and self-government has spread from
that isolated spot in Pennsylvania to
every portion of the United States.
strengthening the ties of kinship, ele
vating the standard of ldeals, and
preaching. not the gospel of hate, of
caste or of creed, but that of hu
manity. fatherhood of God, and broth
erhood of man," he said
Referring to the criticism of so
called hyphenism, he added:
"We are not fighting shadows; we
deal with facts. And if ever the time
should come, even if against the land,
of our forefathers. we will be found
In the ranks, ready to shed every
drop of our life's blood to uphold the
starry flag. and with our (lying breath
exclaim: 'Long live the Republic."
Rev. R. Schmidt spoke wittily in
German and received round after
round of applause.
The roast ox sizzlinc on the grid
die was entire]y devn!ured before the
white coated chefs extincuished the
fire.. Weinerwurst and frankfurters
were then given the place of promi
nen.. on the bill of fare.
The Kallipolis band and the Ger
man singers furnished the musical
program. the closing event of which
was the ingirg of 'Thr. Star Span
gled Banner "
The barbecue wa under the direc
tion of Martin Wiegand It will he
repeated next year.
Spea! (.bje Tto Wsin g'm Herald.
Cairo. Oct. - -Darfur. a territory
extending 166.10 square miles, has
been conrquered Iy an aeroplane. The
once troublesim.e ratives are now pa-,
cific. having n n an "engine of de-'
struction" s9aring high above the
haze, preparing to swoop down and.
carry off refractory men.
Only a short time has elapsed since
the overthrow of the revolting suzerin
of Darfur. All Dinar, by Anglo-Egyp
tian troops, yet a traveler who was,
in that country at that time would
see in it no resemblance to the Darfur
of today.
The whole province has reen thor
oughly organized and brought under
a British administration.
All Dinar seized the occasion of the
outbreak of the war between Great
Britain and Turkey to renounce his
allegiance to the Souden government
and subsequently declared his adhe
sion to the enemy.
Finally, at the instigation of enemy:
agents, he made preparations for of-1
fensive action against the loyal
tibeamen. He publicly declared a:
religious war, and announced his in-I
tention of invading Soudan territory1
after the rains.
The Sultan's force, which was esti
wasted at 3.500 rifles, comprising the
Sower of his army, had 1,200 casual
ties and the majority of the leaders
were killed or wounded. The British'
casualties were five killed and twenty
two wounded. All Dinar himself fled
to Jebel Marra, accompanied by some
1.500 followers. On the approach of
am aeroplane, however. -a stamupede
ws caused by the explosion of bombs:
and the majority of the Sultan's escort
seattered and later surrendered.
SArcadian Swee
Contains nothing butI
apples. Look fd
At the U
1'h..N is
SM irws TADE
Dficial Figures Show Complete Slump
in Commerce.
How the allie.' blockade has gradu
ally .shut off uupplie from Germany
and Austro-Hungary until these coun
tries receive absolutely nothing from
the United States in demonstrated in
figures published yesterday by the
Department of Commerce.
In August. 1915, despite the war,
America sent $38,743 worth of goods
to Germany. This August. according
to the official figures, we sent nothing.
In the first eight months of 1915, we
sent $11,683,510 in merchandise to
Germany. This year in the same pe
riod we sent just 11,008.233. The bulk
of these supplies, however, were sent
early in the year.
To Austria we sent In August, 1915,
96.698. This August we sent nothing.
Our exports to the dual monarchy from
January to August, 1916. exceed those
of the same time last year. The fig
ures are, respectively, 1916, $68,385;
1915. $43,334.
Our export to the United Kingdom
leaped from $93.190,955 in August.
1915. to $159,438.564 in August, 1916.
Exports for January-August, 1915, to
the United Kingdom were $753,470,395;
this yeat, $1,207,751.939.
Russia, too, took an enormnus ad
vance in our goods. In August. 1915.
we sent to Russia (European and
Asiatic). $12.485.431, in August, 1916.
961.553,560: January-August. 1915, $81,
295,833. This year in the same time
we sent $300.362,626.
Exports to Italy and Japan doubled
from one August to the other, in
creased one and a half times for
France, and quadrupled to Belgium.
The Pennsylvanla Society held its first
social of the winter last night in the
Perpetual Building. President Samuel R.
Stratton delivered the address of wel
come. Milo Atkinson. a pianist, played a
,lassical selection and Fred Barber gave
Edward F. Arnold was appointed
rhairman of the refreshment committee.
and this committee on membership was
appointed: 0 P. Parthemore. chairman;
Mr. and Mrs. F. I, Crilley. Mrs. W. -.
Hemler. Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Landerson.
Middleton Smith. Mrs. C. M. Gury, Mrs.
J. F. Bixler. Paul Del-Tart, William Ross
er. T. Lincoln Townsend, Dr. J. B. Ruth
erford, J. J. Fosselman. , . W. Broomall,
George P. Wolfe. Mrs. K. C. Rahn. Mrs.
M. E. Sakeld, Mrs. Joseph Michaud, Miss
Mary Kaufman. 'Mrs. J. S. Manning, Miss
Florence Smith and J. D. Garman.
Illuminating gas Is being extracted
from a mixture of peat and coal by a
municipal gas plant in a Dutch city.
Serious Operation Failed to Help.
Her Case Pronounced Tuberculosis.
Was Almost a Living Skeleton.
Says She Is Now Strong
and Well.
Several years ago I lost my health
and have been sick ever since.' said
Mrs. H'Irst. wife of C. T. Hurst, who,
for a long t me has been a member
of the Washington Fire Department.
I had a chronic stomach trouble of
the worst kind, and seemed to go into
a general decline. Nobody but people
who have had this awful trouble know
how I have suffered.
"I tried doctors. I tried mdilcine.
and I triod everything, tut no.thing
seormed to help me a particle I tried
dieting and lived on liquid foods,. raw
eggs, and things like that till I nearly
starved, but even that failed to relieve
my trouble.
"I loIt all the strength I had and
was a nervous wreck. I never knew
what It was to get a good night's
sleep. and was nervous. feverish, and
restless most of the time. I also suf
fered dreadfully from constipation
and biliousness and was never free
from pain, day or night.
"I was taken to a hospital and oper
Ved on, anl when I left the hospital
I was nothing more than a living skel
eton, and only weighed 127 pounds.
That is the truth and every one who
knows me will tell you tt is a fact.
The operation didn't do me any good
as far as restoring my health was con
cerned. If anything I got worse and
it looked as if I were going to die.
"Finally I was told my trouble was
tuberculosis and I had better stay out
In the open air as much as possible,
as nothing else could t'e done for me.
"About that time I began to hear s,
much talk about the new medicine,
Dreco. and read a great deal in the
papers about what people had to say
about it. Something just seemed to
tell me it was what I needed, although
the doctor didn't think so. but I told
him I was going to try It any way,
Is they had already said they couldn't
,o any more for me.
"The first bottle didn't do much good
as far as I could tell, but that didn't
udishearten me. for I knew it would
take tIme in my case, so I got the
second bottle and began Improving
right away.
"After this I commenced eating and
my appetIte improved every day. By
the time I had taken three bottles I
was able to eat whatever I liked, and
gained flesh and strength right along.
My nerves got settled and I could
dleep a whole night through. The oth
er day I actually weighed 149 pounds.
Yes, sir; I went from 137 to 149
pounds. that's what Dreco did for me.
'My constipation is a thing of~ the
past. and I never h''ave a headache nor
reel dIzzy any more. I feel so much
better and stronger that I am doing
all my house work. Honestly this
Dreco beats anything I ever saw in my
life, and I wouldn't give one bottle of
it for all the other medIcine in Wash
' Dreco Is now sold and recommended
by all the O'Donnell Drug Stores,
Bury's Drug Store in Anacostia, Alien's
Drug Store in Alexandria.-Adv.
t Apple Juice
Daily in Our Show Window
he fresh, sweet juice of sound. ripe
r the little red jug on label.
Ig of the CIier Mill.
1137 FerteenuhSt.
U'w hsamu -2fr desleL We a
MIU Of 51U141.s.' .Me,1wl~r Anti 't!ts nmb11t. whe
one of the swi~UiW -staff end W111oA
Hughes Campaigners Fear Effect of iobticl."
Reports of Their Wealth. TAVEU G PA NE R
apieda to '7% Waadigtia Beram.
Detroit. Oct. -The regular "war AGENS DIE An DANE
councel" In the observation car of the
special train of the women campaigners Ive hundred members of the American
for the election of Charles Evans Hughea Association of Traveling Passenger
had under dim.usaion today a topic Ui' Agents, with their families ed friends.
-noe serious than any po'.itical thqory. t were guests at the Ebbitt last night Of
was the qiesjdou of I tw the fair oratorsa
sh rld dreas whin apellbindint. Jmee aud dan. T angr agen
The wome, h avc lound precedin: them s yestrda iataeng I
a rrort that t.t. speial trsin is filled ington after three days' conventionin
will costly gpowns r.r!l hundred dolir Philadelphia. They will leave today fop
.f. IndignIt denials have not been Gettysburg, Wilmington, Del.; Atlanic
effective, and it is probable, that 1he City and Philadelphia, where they Will
se,,kers, partit Jia'ly at the street meet- disband Sunday.
Ing' will ado,>t costumes of exieme The Ebbitt ballroom was attractiy
Ptherness. decorated with foliage and flowsr
of course. th, aspn:erq will wear more The officers of the association a"'
t,.borate gowns nnd hats at re -eptions President. C. W. Westbury: vice Presi
an:! indoor meetings dent, If. M. Fletcher. and secretary
ir a speech at Toledo Miss Fran' eD treasurer, Elliott T. Monnett. Mr. West
ke"er, standinr in a motor car in fnt bury, a Washingtonian is agent of the
c an auton'oz.'e factory, declared to a Southern Railway.
er'wd of workhngwr.rr. that "there wasn't
a woman on board the special who was
worth more thai 1A,0,0." She said the Ordered to Border.
w' moen who were paying the expenses Following Its polcy. announced Tuea
of the train We wealthy, but that some day, of sending to the border all militia
ef the staff of speakers were working organizations that have not been in
VCen service along the line, the War Depart
'There is a mald on board the traL'. ment yesterday afternoon Issued orders
as a matter of course." she said, "but for Immediate transportation of the
we eon't speijn our time being manicured troops.
Our N
3608 Fourteenth S
Will Of
Week-End Sale of "Good
Fancy Smoked Smoked h rl
H A M S icins." .
Fresh A
Lean H
hose, LB. 20 Gel~ LAA
Steak Specials! Roast
Lb ................24c Lb....
Lb ........... 2c NEWPoR
ROUND, Lb....
Lb ..........2 c CHUCK.
BOSTON, 24 C Lb...
Lb. and.dnce. T p BONELE
Lb .............121/2C ROAST, I
Lb ............,...16C Lb....
FRESeCA F'SeIVE , C.WWetuyvisre
FR S PR R b, aWshngonan isa 5ncfh
Selected forBordee
FancySaltiazauernsthat have.ot ben i
Trot, bmerntO Stea Teno lb sued. order
Blfora Ymedlate Ornspraions h
-:Btont s ketrtm en mance tro pks. 2
New Quarter in Eleventh Street Is
Ready for Business.
With "stamped Paper stock" to the
value of MO0 0o the penny, the new
downtown postadioe on Eleventh street.
between E and F streets, will open Mes
doors at I o'clock-even though It is
The finishing touches were made yes
terday and the last bundle of stock wae
in place last night.While the men were
working yesterday. many came in and
deposited letters.
Postmaster Merritt 0. Chance, who has
been working incessantly for several
years to get a downtown office. has an
nounced his intention of being on hand
this morning when the door is opened.
to Purchase the first Money order. and
one of the clerks last night said he
intended, it possible, to get poetal sa
[email protected] account No. 1. Business will be
started with a clean slate. No boxes have
been rented. although many have written
in an endeavor to get certain numbers
reserved. The 283 boxes are all of the
combination type, no keys being neces
sary. They are the only boxes of this
type in the city and there are few in the
The following force will be stationed
at the new office:
Superintendent. Howard Beall; as
sistant superintendent. Charles . Max
ew Market, Lo<
t. N. N7. (
>en for Busines
Things To Er
lers, LB. 15c
4S, LB. 21c
PS, LB. 22C
IB, LB. 20c
ng Beef Specials!
T . .. . .. 2 2 c
. . .... . . . 1 6 c
....... .....15C
N, 6c
1 Pound23
Print ....
Lb. 12%/C
3 Lbs. 25C
Steak Pollock, lb. . 12%#2
Rockfish, lb.......18#
York State Quinces
Large siz 8c
weal: .aud. 3ams. K Weaks amil IL -wk et no vrliamese tram the rte
Kmtbif. "-IQ x K. mm' T~i. vettestby on a ten-amn. afteteh of
Harris. Tbomas IL Mak an 30= ~c.T ge~~rgv
af" "n.ibl eC aet thre, cigars and *up
Cigars Piled them with watsrMeiaaS& For
Cipn QT Covifteach lay the convicts do .estiacttory
Jefferson City., No., Oct W-40over' work on the ran~ds they will he &I.
nor MaJor of Missouri directed the towed twentY days off their eesteoe".
:%ated at
Near Perry Place)
s Today
it" at All of Our Markets
SUGAR, Lb. . . 7c
California Asparags can. 17c
Rolled Oats . . . 2 9C 19
New Crop Hominy l3 'ase 1c
Small Meaty Prunes Ma8c
Blue Label Catsup, Ibwtl . . 1c
Domestic Sardines . 3 Cans 10Oc
Red Alaskan Salmon,. ul11 . 17 c
H ei~n 7 z a ed B a n s , N *o . . 9 c_
Sl UGc Ake, b...7
Califrni Aspaagus ar. 1a7
le Oant. s . 1-LB.Buckwet
Ble Labe Cas ' our Ch1Oc
Domstc Sarinsc 3 125c
HNorfolkeSpts lbe as, Cra Met . .930
ldDtch k, Lbb ....1 Ose, **. t. 1 735
Branish Onion Grmsoldeale
Gls Labe O -P.3 s

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