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Men's Stylish I
-Positively the 1
off ered in this
money. 'Way ab
average in mater
finish. Choice of
men and young ni
-Get your new s
New Fall Ha
Outfitters to
Hub City Is W
Teams Lin
Dodgers reached the Grand Central
today, and they took that one by mis
They mistook It for one of the
ground eaters. It Is practically Im
possible to distinguish a slow trail
from a fast one on the New Yorl
New Haven and Hartford when the:
are lying dormant at the station. be
cause both kinds wear locomootives
with wheels.
The big waiting room of the Grand Cen
tral Station was packed with people when
the Dodgers reached there after a parade
in Brooklyn. Every player had his
private crowd at his heels wherever h<
moved. Your Uncle Wilbert Robinson
who was a crowd within himself, o
course, had a hard time working his way
through an aisle of folks and past bar
riers of outstretched hands to the train
The fat manager of the National League
champions is ever a genial soul, and him
broad face was engulfed in one gigantic
grin as he listene(i to the congratulations
and good wishes. After getting aboard
the train, Robby hunted up an extra wide
seat and buried himself in peaceful slum
Richard W. De Marquis. alias Rube
Ma rquard. stalked about the Grand Cen
tral with majestic mien before the trait
left, and a crowd of pop-eyed admirers
hovered in his august wake. After getting
en the train, however, the Reuben cas
asidc his imperial manner, and fell for
such humble pursuits as "rummy" and
Left-Hander One of Heroes. -
The lean, wry-necked left-hander was
one of the heroes of the mob today and
plenty of good luck was shrieked after
him in divers keys as he took his de
parture. Mrs. Richard De Marquis, other
wise Blossom Seely. Is hastening on frorm
C'leveland, where she has been in vaude
vIlle, to be present at the opening of the
series in Brooklyn.
It's no cinch I'm going to start Mar
quard tomorrow," said Your Uncle Wil
bert Robinson, between naps today. -'ve
got a couple of other pitchers in great
condition right now, besides the Rube
Say, you fellows have been talking a lot
about Marquard and Coombs, but I'm
willing to make a bet that Pfeffer pitches
as well as any of them in the series."
This remark leads to the suspicior
that Your Uncle Wilbert is thinking some
of tossing in the big right-hander for the
Pfeffer has always been one of Robby's
favorites. The manager of the Brooklyns
believes that the lord of all pitchers o1
all time was Sadie McMahon, the old
Baltimore Oriole, and it is said thai
Pfeffer has much of McMahon's general
When he was coach of the Giants'
I itche , Your Inele Wilbert was always
seeing something in some youngster that
r-minded him if Sadie, but in Pfeffer's
case it is not imagination, and Robby is
the man who developed Pfeffer and made
him a good hurler.
Praise for Pfefer.
New York followers of baseball wil
never forget how Robby worked with
Pfeffcr the first time he took the blankel
off the youngster itt a game against the
'o:? the solicitious, paternal care wit
which Robby patted and coddled the
right-hander through to victory. He sait
then, and has often said since, that Pfef.
for is sure to be one of the greatest pitch,
ers the game has ever known.
Marquard and Coombs are generally
Tizked by the guessers to open for the
Dodgers tomorrow. however, and if Robh
starts Pfeffer. it will be a tremendous
n.rprise. "Colby Jack" had a quiet but
T-resrous journey to Boston as he als<
found diversion with the newspaper mer
at their eimilar pursuits.
When the train stopped at New Lon
don, as it stopped at all other new, and
- - old. ports along the road, a travel
inz salesman got aboard and entered one
of the Dodgers' private cars. Some were
for ejScting him forthwith, but finall,
Fr-i MXrkle, who had noted something
familiar about the fellow from the be
w'nning. recognized him as none othe1
than "Handsome Harold" McCormick. the
gr-at old pinch poker of the Giants.
Handsome Harold is not a whit less
handsome than formerly, and not a
whit less better dressed. whatever a
whit is. He is now traveling for a
.t.el concern, selling steel. and had
"made" New London in his pursuit ci
October Meeting
2nd to 31st Inc.
iIR ST R ACE, 1:45 P. lM.
LADWES. gl~s; DOZES, gaIM.
Regar 2 e'C'leek Train ltes, at
earse. Leave I. mise, Statis 11.45 and
I P. ii. Returning Immsiately After'
ii aces.
3M P. M.
-Better Clothes for Less
val Suits,$
est Suits ever
city for the
ove the usual
ials, workmanship and
all the new models for
1en-iri plain and fancy
uit here today!
ts, $1.45 & $1.90
0., 7th and E Sts.
Men and Boys
'dd as the
5 Up for Action
business. He did not know the Dodg
ers were on that train until he climb
ed aboard. McCormick became a sales
man for a steel outfit when he with
drew from baseball some years ago,
dropping steel when he returned to
the game for McGraw. Now he i
back at it again.
Special Cars Arranged.
The Dodgers had a couple of special
cars strapped to the head of the train
on their journey today and the party
numbered about sixty persons. Many
of the ball players were accompanied
by their wives and other members of
their families.
When the Dodgers' train finally reached
Boston this evening the lads marched to
the Hotel Brunswick, some blocks distant
from the station. For years and years
ball clubs have patronized the old Copely
Square here, only one outfit having the
hardihood to go elsewhere. That was the
Pittsburgh Pirates, who always put up at
the Brunswick. Not long ago the Copely
I Square hurled a bomb into the big leagues
by announcing that it could not accom
modate the pastimers further and most
of the clubs now attend the Lenox or
the Brunswick.
Most of the Dodgers went tobed early
tonight. This was not a difficult task.
They acquired the habit in Brooklyn.
They will be early to rise tomorrow, and
it is a lead-pipe cinch that they will not
meet any of the prominent people of the
great national pastime, judging from the
scenes around the Boston hotels this
There is some betting here, and it fa
vors the Red Sox. at a rat of about 10
to 7 1-2. No real big wages have been re
New Haven, Conn.. Oct. &-Yale and
This contest will be the headliner
among football games tomorrow. Noth
ing would give Yale's supporters greater
Joy In the early season than to prove
that their team has come back by smit
ing the eleven which started the Elis
down the greased incline last fall.
If. as appearances indicate, the 1916
team at New Haven is of the calibre of
Yale's bright years. a demonstration of
that faot against the Old Dominion
team will be sweet indeed to Yale men.
Not.that they like Virginia less. but that
they lwe Yale more. They cannot get
I the taste of last year out of their mouths
up at New Haven. and they cannot for
get that Virginia rose to the height which
she occupied last season by treading on
the prostrate figure of Yale's prestige.
They want a victory and a big one. too.
It will be a hard battle. The Virginia
coaches and men are awake to the exist
ing conditions. They know that Yale will
use everything in the bag to wipe out the
915 stain. They expect to have to fight
every inch of the way and they are
primed to do that very thing.
Chicago. Oct. 6.-Prendergast was the
target for some healthy slugging by the
White Sox this afternoon, and the attack
netted the American Leaguers three runs,
while Claude Williams held the Cubs
scoreless. Jackson led the Plugging for
the Box with three two-baggers, and
Weaver assisted with a triple: The Na
tional Leaguers wer outplayed through
out the contest. Score:
Nationals.......... o oooo --o 6 2
Americans.......... ollooloox-3 S 9
Batterie--Prendergast, McConnell and
Wilson; C. Williams and Schalk. Urn
pires--Hldebrand, at plate; Byron, on
baees; Evans, right field; Orth. left field.
The following figures show wha
Boston Red Box and Brooklyn Dod
pionship season in the American an
Piayer. AB R H B
Haoblitmen...416 57 109 12
Janvrta...... 0381 65 6
Gardner...4 43 152 12
Seott.........361 84 80 8
Gainer......134 12 31 4
Barry......129 29 66 9
MoNally...130 23 22 10
Totals..,119 23 55 61
Player. ABl R H SB.
Daubert...467 73 150 19
Cutahaw...571 56 146 26
Mowrey....42 55 117 16
Olson.........341 30 97 14
Merkle......466 52 111 16
O'Mara...15 19 39 7
Gets..........96 9 20 9
Totasc.. 2.618 293 107
Player. ABl R H1 B
Haooper......671 74 19,6 1?
Walkar.... 7 68 12 14
Lewia......544 16 149 16
Sherte.... 13 11 21 3
Henrikson.911 12 21 3
Totals....1.91 22 471 68
Plaer AB R H B
Samtdi..-....8 64 127 16
Myers...... 08 163 12
Whet,.......Em 74 -116 18
Johasont..415 55 16 3
Dorcris, Arnold and Star Gaze Are
Returned Winners at Mary
land Course.
First race-Glory Delle. Hano
bala. Napoleon.
Second race-Sun King, Early
ight, Quel Bonheur.
Tihrd rae-Bbont entry. Wist
ful, Ticket.
S Fourth raos-Short Grass, Roam
er. Stromboli.
Fifth race-Port Light. Pullux.
King Worth.
Sixth race-Virile, Jem, Sam Mc
Seventh race-Miff Haven. G. M.
Miller, Capt. Parr. I
I '
Laurel, lId., Oct. 6.-It was a typical In
dian Summer day at Laurel Park. and as
a result the largest gathering of the
meeting was present. Favorites did not
fare well, as only three out of seven man
aged to get home in front. Dorerls. Ar
nold and Star Gaze were the lucky ones
to get the verdicts.
The afternoon's sport was opened by
Storm Nymph gaining the decision by a
nose over Sea Wave. the popular choice.
The latter dashed into a long lead in the
first quarter, but tired badly at the end.
Sea Wave was slow to get going, but fin
ished with a rush, and with better racing
luck she would have been returned the
winner. Polly J. was third.
Mr. Earle captured the following race
with his Peep o' Day colt Arnold. who
beat Jock Scot home a length, who, In
turn, was a neck in front of Whirling
Dun. This makes three itraight victories
for Arnold and he has come to be a very
consistent horse.
The feature number, the fourth race, a
handicap at one mile, was annexed by
the Marisol stable, with Runes, who ne
gotiated the mile In 1:39 1-5, the fastest
time of the season; Fenmouse, the favor
ite was second, a nose behind the winner,
while J. J. Lillis was four lengths In the
rear and the rest of the field well-stretch
ed out.
Blue Cap, who has been knocking at the
door In his previous starts. galloped home
a winner over Broomvale and Theseries
in the fifth race.
Eddie Taplin beat the barrier in the
sixth race, with Eddie T., and held
this lead until well into the stretch. In
the meantime, Robinson, on Illuminator.
was laying in second position, and when
the furlong pole was reached moved up
stoutly and was going away at the end.
He beat Eddie T. by a length, while Rep
iton was third.
Star Gaze, who was played for a real
good thing, won the last race from Jack
let. He had to be much the best to win.
as Burlingame was forced to take up with
him right after the break and was In last
position for the first three-quarters. He
moved up with a rush at the furlong pole
and won going away.
The Baltimore Hamndicap, the feature
number on the card for Saturday, with
an added value of $2,000. will bring to
gether the best card of horses so far en
gaged In a contest at this track. It Is an
affair at a mile and a sixteenth, and such
celebrities of the turf as Roamer, Strom
boli. Short Grass. Spur. Crimper and other
good ones will face the barrier.
FIRST RACE-Maiden Allies; 2-year-olde: ae and
one-half frlonsa. Storm Nymph, 112 (Bryne. *.70.
810. 10, wen: Sea Wave, 112 (Robinson). 12..
.31, seond; Polly J., 112 (Burliname). $330, third.
Time, 1&f3-5. Black Engis, Felnets, Beoom, MjI;1e
B., Palisade, Bright Star, Flora Finch, and Affinity
alas ra.
SECOND RAOE-Three-year-olds and upward;
selling; steeplease; about two miles. Dorrri, 13
(W. Allen), 130. $.40, 1 . won: Sman B., 132
(1. Bush). $10.0, $3.80, second; Golden Vale, 143
(W. Brown). 12.70, third. lime, 347U2-. Cynosure
and Aberfeldy also ran.
THIRD RACE-Two-year-old.; six ferions. Ar
nold, 115 (Butwell), S2. SIM, S,32. won; Jock
Scot. 114 (Trmoler), , Ws.10, secod; Whiring Don,
112 (Robinson). 2-. third. Time, :11 Kildue.
Hussy, Ed Roche, Sargeon I, Captain Ray, and
Battle Abhey %Iso ran.
FOURTH RACFR-Hndicap: all ages; one mile.
Runeo, 10; (T. Parrington), I1.30, $10.35. $5.70. won;
Fenmouse, 106' (Ambroec). $4. 34, second: J. J.
Lillis, 106 (Robinson), $10.10. third. Time. 1:31..
Capra, Trial by Jury, Be, Daddy's Choice, Wood
ward, and lady Teresa also ran.
FIFTH RACE-Tbree-year-olds and upward: sell.
lng: ix furiangs. Blue Cap. 10 (Warscher). $10.50,
960, I&M. won; Broomvale. 113 (IMetcalf). $10.90,
5.70. second; Thewries, I2 (Taplini. $4.10, third.
Time. 1:14. Sand Hill, Plumose. Tinkle Bell, Dis
turber, Ash Can. Chesterton, Pharoah, Sureget.
Sinai, Infidel, and Casco also ran.
SIXTH RACF,-Selling; 3-yearolds: one mile and
twenty yards. Illuminator, 111 (Robinson), 8190,
1.3. "~n, won; Eddie T.. 115 ('aplin), 8230, ".n
second; Repton. 106 (A. Ammann), 5.30, third.
Time, L. Politician. Poactionairre, Navigator.
Greetina, and Col. Outelius also ran.
SEVENTH RACE-Three-year-olds and upward;
ne and one-sixteenth miles Star Gase. 110 (Bur
linosme). 16.3, $4.40. 1L70. won: Jacklet, 11 (Doyle),
1a,, $.. second: Altamaha. 113 (Metcalf). a3
third. Time, 1:49. Blackford, Typography. Scorpii,
Mary Warren, Chevron, Friar Naught, Lady Edwina,
Patty Began. and Voluspa also ran.
It wan plain to see that baseball seribblers woed
go to it when Johnny ]Ders was compelled to have
an operation on his jaw.
t the infielders and outfielders of the
rers accolnplished during the charn
d National leagues:
itttIng Fielding
av G PO A E Av
.26 127 1,199 10 15 .988
.215 111 210 23 29 .933
.305 144 146 280 23 .951
.223 120 211 327 16 .972
.231 54 327 20 1 .97
.201 94 136 274 12 .175
.169 79 62 100 8 .156
.243 '731 2,361 1,323 102 .W35
Ltting Fielding
av G P0 A E Av
.32 124 1,049 63 9 .992
.256 151 347 450 37 .96
.237 142 143 271 17 .961
.25-> 105 233 283 45 .920
.232 133 1,285 72 20 .985
.205 69 115 147 26 .910
.211 39 52 42 6 .940
.256 73 3,226 1,328 lo) .97
tting Fielding
av G PO A E Av
.263 143 263 18 10 .96
.287 125 270 8 14 .152
.367 149 218 15 14 .960
.287 51 42 1 0 1.000
.38 66 3 1 0 1.000
.254 539 32 43 28 .3
*ting Fielding
Lv G PO A , E AT
.16 15 155 14 7 .963
-M60 166 20 10 6 .336
.215 141 327 11 9 .374
.55 115 217 15 7 .171
.31 m 922 80 .
Catholic University vs. malbmaon Col
lege, at University FeN, at 3 P. Me
Georgetown University vs. Navy, at
Annapolis, Md., at 2:20 p. M.
Maryland State College vs. Dickinson
College. at College Park, at 2:* P. m.
George Washington University vs. St.
John's College. at Annapolis. Md., at 30
a. mL
Yale vs. Virginia, at New Haven.
Harvard vs. Tufts, at Cambridge.
Hopkins vs. Mount St. Mary's, at Home
wood. -
Western Maryland vs. Fordham. at New
Baltimore Polytechnic vs. Central High
School of Washington, at Walbrook.
Amherst vs. Bowdoin, at Amherst.
Brown vs. Trinity. at Providence.
Colby vs. New Hampshire State, at
Colgate vs. University of Maine, at
Columbia vs. Hamilton, at New York
Cornell vs. Gettysburg. at Ithaca.
Dartmouth vs. Lebanon Valley, at Han
Georgia Tech vs. Cumberland, at At
Haverford vs. Stevens Institute, at Hav
Holy Cross vs. Bates, at Doroester.
Lafayette vs. Swarthmore. at Easton.
Lehigh vs. Albright, at South Bethle
New York Univecsity vs. Rensselaer
Polytechnic, at New York.
Ohio State vs. Ohio Wesleyan, at Co
Pennsylvania Military College vs. Dela
ware, at Chester.
Penn State vs. Bucknell, at State Col
Phillips Exeter vs. Penn. Freshmen, at
Princeton vs. North Carolina, at Prince
Syracuse vs. Ohio University, at Syra
United States Military Academy vs.
Washington and Lee, at West Point.
University of Chicago vs. Carleton, at
University of Michigan vs. Case, at Ann
University of Minnesota vs. South Da
kota State, at Minneapolis.
University of Mississippi vs. Arkansas
Aggies. at Oxford.
University of Missouri vs. Central, at
I'niversity of Nebraska vs. Drake, at
University of Pennsylvania vs. Franklin
and Marshall. at Philadelphia.
University of Pittsburgh vs. Westmin
ster. at Pittsburgh.
Ursinua vs. Washington College, at Col
Vanderbilt vs. Transylvania, at Nash
Washington and Jefferson vs. West Vir
ginia Wesleyan, at Washington.
Lon Dopes Th' Series.
Dear Folks-As Lon is a great stickler
for figures he set up th' whole night
handicappin' th' two teams that are t'
start scrappin' t'day, an' when I goes for
my "ham an' " this mornin' he slips me
this list.
Note-Th' team what has th' greatest
total is th' outstandin' choice. Every 0
points Is equal V a length.
Note 2-Where there's more'n one guy
to a position they're clustered.
Note 3-*Means he runs well in th' mud.
DMeans he goes better with blinkers.
*'arrigan.f Myers.
Cady.................. 0. wll.
Ruth. tMarquard.
Leonard. (boba
Sh e . P eff e.
Poster .............5 Cherr..............13
M ~ M O. Del.
Greig. tee.
Tst Eaefern.
H'.hliMtzel. Dwobeit ...........Jo
S hn.iner................... i
Seeofd .mr.
SRarr ................P w ..z .t ............. B
Third Basemen.
Gardner .............. 9 Merkl.
iW1.101. I .a .............. g
seat ................. ':s .
McNally . ...... i ftriqua
Wight a.lde
FRoper.............UN gteo..
Johnat ............
Cehtr Ftdss.
Walk"e . .............5 Mye. ............ I
Ift Felder
Loew .............. 9 weat.
lM N (drift)..... 100 tRolins (.o.ly..... Is
Pre etous wed serIs expeience.
Baon ...............18 BroTl.n ............ I
Total, 1.097. Total, 937.
Accordtn' t' th' kid's calculations th'
Red Box oughta gallop, but don't gamble
th' kitchen utensils on what way he fig
ures. DOPEY DAN.
eto-Lon says when a race horse plsy
er tries t' kid himself by switchin' th'
old sayin' into, "It's better to have played
an' lost than never to have played at all,"
it's high time t' call th' wagon.
"I will wrestle Joe Turner anywhere In
the United States at any time, If he will
make 156 pound5 mat-side with any other
offcial refereeing excepting O'Connor."'
These were the remarks made by George
T. ("Happy") Parker last night when the
Turner-Parker match, which was the
maini one of the wrestling tournament, at
the Lyceum Theater, ended In a near
Turner had gained the first fall In one
hour and thirty-two minutes. and when
the grapplers returned for the second
match both became rough. O'Connor was
forced to break quite a few holds which
appeared to be strangles that Parker had
on Turner, and the New Englander be
lieved that O'Connor and Turner were
rubbing it In on him and he refused to
finish out the contest.
"Bumps" Turner defeated Wilbur Mur
ray in a handicap affair in eleven min
utes while Tony Massimo lost to Frank
Zerega, the local heavy-weight, when he
attempted to throw him once In a halt
hour. Jack Cunningham put up a great
exhibition with "Billy." the wrestling
bear, in the opening attraction.
Ticket 8peoulator Arrested.
Boston, Oct. 6.-The first arrest for
ticket speculating in the world's series
was made today, when the police took
in custody a man who was selling the
To Play Eastern.
The Carrol Institute football eleven
which has been recently organised, will
he given its first work-out today when
they meet Coach Bill McCafferys East
een ighbehol alssa at the Dasedale
Georgetown Plays Navy--C. U. Meets
Richmond-State Opposes Dickinam
and G. W. U., St. Johns.
The local South Atlantic representative
football elevens will get their first chance
at the real game today, when four of
the give local colleges take to the field for
their opening clashes. Although there
are four games booked. only one of the
quartette will have any hearing on the
championship of this division, this being
the Georgetown-Navy battle scheduled in
While this game Is rated as the only
one of Importance the other games will
be more than Interesting. as the local col
lege elevens are booked to meet com
paratively strong teams and ones which
beyond doubt will prove worthy oppo
nents. Catholic University. opposed by
the Richmond College eleven, from the
Virginia town, will be the only local at
traction, the other contests being held on
foreign fields.
Coach Sullivan and his Hatchetites, who
are to blast open football for the first
time since 19Y. will be the morning at
traction in Annapolis. having the St.
St. John's College team as their rivals.
Sullivan has gathered together an able
bunch of gridironers, and the outcome of
this battle will be watched with interest.
The Maryland State and Agriculture
College under the leadership of "Curley''
Byrd will also start its season's schedule
facing the Dickint-on College team on
the College Park field. The fact that the
State team has scrimmaged with the
Geergetown eleven this week has added
much confidence to the College Park boys.
but It is thought from Dickinson's per
formance against Navy last Saturday
that it will take more than confidence
to land the verdict for the Marylanders.
Any team that can hold the Navy eleven
to a draw is worthy of mention, and as
this was the record turned in by the lit
tle team from Carlisle. Pa.. the work of
the, State team is already cut out.
Forty-four players, together with the
coaches of the Georgetown team, will
entrain this morning shortly after 9
o'clock for Anapolls. where their first
game of the season t scheduled to be
played against Uncle Sam's Midshipmen.
Georgetown has a green line. one whIch
little Is known as to the driving powers,
while the navy team could not have per
formed according to expectations last
Saturday against Dickinson or else the
same line-up would start the game, with
out the large number of changes which
have been made in the past few days.
Cassck .............L F.........Von Hehnberg
VeCarthy ...............L. T................... Gibuns
Showalter .... ....L (.................... Per
Anderson ...........Center.................. .Jone"
P. Gree.............. w. . P. o. Clark
O'Gorm n ........... ... T .... Ca ldwel
1'. Greene....... .......... E. fers) War
Maloney ...........Q. I.................. ..Or
Wall ............. . H. .................. Da..s.
Gilr ............ L H. ................. Robert.
L ighte . ............ a .......... Westphal
Referss-Mr. Mspffin. Midigan. rmpire-Mr.
Maxwell. faztmore. Head lineeman-Mr. 'TMorpe.
While the Georgetown and George Wash
Ington elevens are fighting in Annapolis
and the Maryland State College will be
entertaining the Dickinson eleven at Col
lege Park, the remaining members of
Washington's football following will haveI
a game to witness, the Catholic Uni
versity and Richmond College teams af
fording this opportunity. As this is the
only game to be played within the city
limits. one of the largest crowds of the
season will be on hand.
Fred Neilson's charges have not given
much opportunity for the dopestera this
season, though much is expected from
the Brooklanders because of the number
of veterans on hand for the team.
The probable line-up for the locals is
as follows: Left end. Ohern; left tackle,
McKinney; left guard. Green; center,
Murphy (captain); right guard. O'Brien:
right tackle. Neville: right end. Manning
or Rummey: quarter back, Shortley: left
half back, Rogers or Williams: right half
back, Munhall; full back. J. Butler. This
game will start promptly at 3 o'clock
with the following officials: Referee, New
berry, Lafayette: umpire, McQuire, Har
vard; head linesman, Hegarty, George
George Washington Univereity's fol
lowing is looking forward to a victory
in their opening encounter with the St.
Johns College of Annapolis this morning
in that place though there is hardly a,
doubt but that the Annapolis team will
furnish plenty of opposition. In the past
the St. Johns team has been famous for
its open play, forcing every one of the
Maryland championship to fathom this
style of the game. If George Washing
ton can stop this style of football then it
is certain of having litle trouble in run
ning up a fairly good score. The local I
line-up: I
George Washington, left end, Neider
hauser; left tackle. Kerr; left guard. Gil
lespie; center, Genesse; right guard.
Jones: right tackle. Harmon; right end.
Eckendorf: quarter back. Pepper: right t
half. Burke: left half, King or Sutton;
full back, Hillis.
That Dickinson, which held the navy.
eleven to a draw last Saturday, Is going
to' have a hard time in their game with
the Maryland State eleven goes without
saying and notwithstanding their creat
performance against Uncle Sam's i
proteges one week ago, little is hoped for,
at College Park but a victory. Fyrd's
eleven of this season is without a doubt
one of the best he has had In years and
the fact that they have worked out
against the Hilitoppers during the past
two weeks. the team will be ready to
carry the fight to the visiting eleven.
Owing to the arrangement by the man
ogement at College Park that no aidmis
sion will he charged for the game today
and with Dickinson as the attraction, the
Marylanders will draw more than their
share of the football followirig here. The
game will start at 3 o'clock. The line
up follows:
P..a................ .... ............ Oerln
Young ................!T................. Into
Mtn ...................G..............r'arltton
Greeneing...........Otr................... Cse
Masiand .............t. ti......Kishpagh~
Morford..............R.7................. PoS
Pises............... KB..............urrell
Myers ................ B.............. . mith
Reeder..........R. B.B............ Macoald
Swop ............... H. B......... gin
welsh................' B.............. Michaei
Rteferee-Mr. Dugan. Gensaga. Ump Mr.e Say
lor. Hopkrn. Head linesa-Heaggarty. Georg
Belmont, Mass., Oct. 6.-Miss Alexa Stir
ling, of Atlanta, and Miss Mildred Caver
ly, of Philadelphia, will meet tomorrow
in the finals for the woman's national golf
championship, Both won their matches
today, Miss Stirling defeating Mrs.
Charles Auchincloss, of New York. two
up, and Miss Caverly winning from Mrs.
Thomas Bucknall, Newark, N. J., seven
up and six to play.
Eufnex to Have Team.
Rufnex A. C. loses three of its best men
.y the departing of the National Guard
i~r the border, These men were the stars
of the Ruafnex in former years. Beckert,
half back; Cunningham, quarter back.
and Biggins, center. -Holohan, half back.
Is also expectiag to leave for Mount St.
Joseph College,
The Rufnex will have an eleven on the
fieldfths year and would like to meet all
teast averaging n10 pounds. Address F.
L. Murtaughs, 1205 Wisconsin avenue,
northwest, Lest year's players and can
Parker, Bridget & Co.
Take this down and put a carbox
copy in your niesory fe
"The maximqm of Economy
for men is found in these two
P-B Suits and Overcoats"
15 2>0
-extra value fifteen -a better twenty
That hunidreds of men have received real satisfac
tion from these Suits and Overcoats m-.= that they ate
superior is STYLE, FIT, FABRIC and FINISH, and a
little more-they are. sold with the P-B GCarantee of
absolute satisfaction, with HUNDREDS to select fro.
Striagly diferent styles Styles im TECK Show at
in Rame $2 and Omar 3 $4 and 5. Good wear and
Hats. cmfosrt are not frgotten.
Shbir-Necwer-Undrgarmenb--alf Hose. The largest
men's fur-ismhs departent in this neck of the weeds.
The P-B guarantee of absolute satisfacties is the best buying
insurance in the werld.
The Avenue at Ninth
How Records of the Dodger
And Red Sox Pitchers Compare
shut. -Nat M
r . W L. outa T. SA. BD Hite 0 1 1 4 S A
Pfefer fDodgma........... C1 414: 0 r 0 0 1 1 .
Marquard Dodgerat. 3 3 0 te3 ! 1-1 0 0: 10 '4
Ducker (Dadgse,.......... 9 2 1 0 0 14 3 5 0 0 0 0 .
Ruth (Red Box,............ 44 23 1: 9 0 10 1)6 2 4 0 1 3 1 4 .
Mhore Mied b i........... @ 1- 2 1 02 0 2G 0 0 1 1 0 2 Ad
Foster (Red S ) .......... 3 14 a 5 4 & 4 1 5 1 0 0 0 0 0 .
Vhenoy iDodgel.......... 41 41 5 14 3 1 I 0 1 . I'
Leard (Red 8a)......... 46 1i 11 6 . I . 2 10 1 a 1 A
Oomba Dodge-).......... 2 3 1 46 1 0 1 0 1 1 1 .A
Mayo (Red soal........... 44 13 '2 1 -i 79 IV 0 0 1 0 .W
Amith (Dodal)........... U 1 10 4 , , 1 0 : 0 0 0 3
Dell (Dovgr)......... 9 0 75 43142 0 0 0 1 1 .
lfreg (Red Se .. ....... .'.. 3 0 40 5 "2 0 0 0 0 0 0 .
Wyeko (Red ox). 15 1 3 0 3 00 00 0
J . 0 2 t .. 1. 5 1.200 4 .m
Appleton rDogeril........ 12 0 2 4 4 13 14 4 0 0 0 1 3 o.
Maila (Dodger0. .......... U 0 1 00 13 1.5 0 0 0 0 m
Columbia Country Club
Middle Atlantic Champs
For the second consecutive year the lawe ad PoUer. Cer Ca demad CLpp and
olumbia Country Club golf team s the Dooing. Wahlngton, 6 up and t
hampion one of the Middle Atlantic Golf FINAL BOUND.
4association, as it defeated representativesolwab Coontay Club 4 Dmt6
'rom Chevy Chase in the final round of f1t7 Mss clt. . poits
he title event on the latter'o course yes- r" t L Iar I olobk. df.td R_
*rday afternoon. after having beaten I~ii. (he- 'h , , p .ne, 4 Adiemtesoe F..'
he Bannockburn Gulf Club In the qemi- b
C rad .I -C.r.Id1 t a l, d'Ia
inal round In the morning. Chevy Chase hwiuol I I'd h. yi %.ba r*.p
-cached the ultimate round by winning .. Col djfino Ai L-4 lb- C-b..
rom the Washington Golf and Country up aud 4 tr-jz h h-a. (ol-bi. desed
'lub. The Baltimore Country Club won l~i lue, - p ad 1, J..
>ut in the consolations. I " AlbeCtdReM
SEMI-FINAL ROUNt. o-r v Ho, -D
Columbia Coitry r1, . 4 poin. N . I- -: 1 1 ,,, Obss 1
Bannockluirn Golf (lub. 3. ioite. Vttd.~l si in~t ... $.
Ge.org. T. Cimningham. R.nnockburn. defeated a 1.] o and I.
_dward H Einen. jr L olmintoa. 3 up and 2 lir -.ii a i t rr:rr r . W Jef.atd Ch
L. Ha . Coulub. dteat,) RB M.Maul- mar . ed 'I,rhr oluma dt -
iarmocdbun. . and I :tkasald 5de. aC- ( A eSemLe PONu
ounbia. defeated 2. D). Willseseion. B~ssnuekt ivi eni his ,e de.-te HT a- Dolf and Couite
up and 6; T-ni C. Deespos'.. oo a. e or d I. Columbia. . . d.
. Cradall, It.. Bsaiookomian. 4 upm ald e; Nt R.it . :o.rn -tlE. 4 point.
'in D"' . Columi~bia, ilettated ee. T. C.olu - 1:r Virginia Lr p %xCh1 .
t- ,t. ,- k im,. T ,ip and 6: For. B4or 7 H L. F , 3rd H. r ara . dolm ia. d Atd
SB.nolt- defted Albert R. NI-r Has, Viretni. Chue and 5. d' . F Aert KMc
ir ien, 3 1.e izdie. l:u a. II. Hi I blichoti. ninn,.
P rnand Manl-. DrnnoK W. SL S- r. r.. r .!the r .dT et.Ced lu
*hdnedefetled Etnoaod H 3 . 2 uip nA T J Ntai.
d d ew d a' defead.N I .pS B ti: Bantla. .ef
rated Williamon and Criaadell. lit.vnu oN. c T a nd .H S Joner r'inia . de eated , P Bar
p anod : Nrbrt aDemtey siad WoK rdne. Co- :,Z Balti-. 11u at 3 S ( i Str
umbiat defeated B.o. ad Tao. Banod tit Baitimore. dfatrnd . T () .r run.i., 5 r
up and 4. and 4.
Chevy Cho Cll b. Ba int . 4 -d up.iand t 3;i . N.
Alarling"toe flotry flub. 2 tittintsI fisted hia" aid \. .0 1 v~e. 4 &0. !od
saninert D se. Chev ii a, def tstd Dr. T o HJ W yniii.eFr e -1 t i lt-i
,citrtod. Matinoun. 5 up .n d : Al . rum d liit aL d .,,*. ,
1-yo r . danofeated T. l er. R. Mne
n 1i 4 3-ut and W ...n I- - i
p aid Juro n C. ta nido ahni. ieranted 0k .. i iip. t 2
len. Ef. e. Wae E andr John 3L b, l.. I INA1 B0IND
.e e Wod aed Tut1 .. - e. Weae a the altimor Country itt. A pmitis
in t nne "'d Laroyrntb the 'cored ; up ad 4; Hlermaitagi. Vo.,uv (l0t 74% tirlnts
btshy Mlaconanod, Cl de t atr d fated E. K. H. . Bond rd ftalttn detested W W
t-11 ad . WobetDe. m up and . acenee T a. WalCo- . up amd ! B Ptlt'tt
1eY fumb ite defeate d Jo n H. CTapr. Waourtn, ta.S'ale. Romlt&4. I tir
up and 3; .hied F hey Ch. deted
Samue~el D taiel a Che vy Chasa def a e . Ro - H . L .Ieni tlu oe al m F.I el
ted kt rd anin ti. Wpan ii it. A and , lrd . si - . d1--14 R R SUL H mit
iey sh ase, defeated n . L_ F. htnet11 . 4alt imi fp . T_ L
amip and WeJohn C. avdonb WaeunCt. defetipe d ees eait' u a
-e.E -i ae an/Jh ( Lar mbfjr.
ev (ae paydTh b-ese ew Dobrebre ste
S itstnieArdeacobFhevorditespan 4
innsbyYMc'ammnn.eCheeenChase. defeatedsE.d
suvall, jr..Wdehingtonaveupiand s:weele.TItraa
'hevywondere.llefeatedfJohnineslthat arehsmart
up and 3ant hnapdeFaidr.yeterefChade, defsay.
FoursomeB--DainelplandIardfChery phatende
Oxe Pford and PrHeate Mdingt.es;u with sikyk;dsevs
Theid.oad Duhatl Washetn dfartd Me-uttewegt....
Mak ros loesinth:poeminhna. Pori-Herstg Golfa ntr
begin t.................ub.dre ...a..bAa
-' ~r -2 fVrii. 0 rta
. . . . . .L.. .. ..e 3rBlioe.. fae

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