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Canaia Derby Winer Capture the
I--- P .-ap a V I m a
Good Fiec.
Laurel. Md., Oct. L-The bargest crowd
that has ever graedi Larl race course
was On hand today to wtnss 0ne of
the boet cards eve ofered at say track
In the country. partiemasly so was it
nokaei.le than not only the Washington
and Baltimore patrons were on hand, but
one accustomed to the metropolitan
tracks recognised the babties of New
York and Philadelphia much In evidence.
A more paefect Indiam summer after
noon eeud out be 'ed'ed for the 8stur
day hbE day bheiday crowds, the scenery
aloM the railroad as weo as the motor
highways, charmed the most fastidious.
and during the early boor of the after
noes It quite reminoded one of a July day,
Instead at late fai.
The manaemenet of Laurel surpassed
all previous ofersngs in the cards that
were offered In the anmapolis Stakes and
the Balntore Handicap, for It Is safe to
say that never were maore representative
fields offered before this season. and
never did the outcomne appear more dif
flcult to fathom, yet have form prove
more consistent at the weights than the
results indicated.
In the -year-old feature event of the
day which was named the Annapolis
Stakes at six furlongs to which the as
sociation added 3,00, August Belmot's
royally bred imported son of Negofol
Hour Glass If was again returned an
easy winner. even much more than last
Saturday. when he accounted for the
Eastern Shore Hasdicap at Havre de
Grace, this good colt can lay claim to
the honors accorded by many to Camp
lire, while they have not met, there Is
a question in many minds as to which
Is the better of the two, not only as
Hiourless has shown himself to possess
the necessary burat of .peed, but can
come from behind and win from fast
company when he is "let down.' as was
the case today.
At the rise of the barrier, Tankee
Witch and Bonnie Witch took the track
and ran head and head to the first turn,
with Hourless in fourth place. Fairy
Wand from the Cochran stable laying
up comfortaby lose to the pace. and
h-ing rated nicely by Troxler, but In the
tuirn around the bend Butwell, awaited
the opening which he was sure would
come when the turn was made shook
up the winner, who hounded clear of
hi opposition apparently without an
effort to win practically pulled five
lengths in advance of Fairy Wand, who
gained the decision in as pretty a stretch
hattle for the place as one could wish
to see just keeping her nose in front of
Yankee Witch who gained third honors.
Following right on the heels of the
Annspolis ame the next big ra'e of the
day in the Baltimore handicap, which
brouzht together the best handicap
champions of the year, including such
sterling performers as Spur. Stromboli,
Roamer, Short Grass., Borrow, Fernrock
and Boots.
This race too presented a difficult pro
blem for the talent for the weights ap
pear- i to bring them al together at the
distan-, Roamer was fancied by many
wih the hope that he would redeem
himself for hi.s many defeats. Short Graas
was the 'hole for some based on his
last ra'e at lavre de Grace. but today
there was too much pace and early speed
that was taken up first by one and then
anothr, that did not allow of his usual
phenomenal stretch run to carry him
to victory,. Spur. a 3-year-old, was asked
to concede weight, to every horse In the
tace, and Boots. the winner of the
n'.andian Derby this year, who broke
tn. Fort Prie track record for a mile
ald a quarter, a freoh horse, was chosen
h, many and proved to be superior at
the weights. being returned the vi tor
,.r Spur, who tinished a length back,
and who in turn defeated the Belmont
,Andidate Stromboli. the time for the,
ra e being 1 : 2-~>ths. which lowers the
t -k record by 1-5 of a second.
When Starter Mars Cassidy sent away
11 illustriou s field to a good start, Fern
r'k was the first one to show In front,
and was quokIv joined by Roamer. with
rimper and Boots laving In successive
* der all tirouigh the beck stretch. At
the turn Stromboli loomed up in a threat
ning manne- accompanied by Boots.
and at this time many thought Stromboli
was the most Ilkely one, but Fairbrother,
on Boots, made . nice turn Into the
stretch and took command, which he held
t the ln!shing line to win by a length.
Sour. who had been shuffled back during
the early stages of the race, finally got
.'ear of his interference and set sail for
e leader. and was gaining ground at
every jump, but the distance was a little
too short, and his second was considered
a "ery -reditale performance, while
Stromboll w"I bear watching. Short Grass
had to be contented with fifth place and
Roamer next to last
FIlST RA A, te .eaita sI. furliogs.
K athryne esi. 1'3 T Pinw. 311.80 00 , .I. . 11 .1)
an; Napolen. Iii .. McTagprt. $2.30 I2..
econd; M1dding Misc. 199 Dishmon). 5.20, third.
Tne 14 25. Douglaa. Gtorine, Kmtucky Boy.
A me T Mira Cruces and Hanobela also ran.
srME.ND LACE--Steeplechsse; 3-year-olds and
-e ;I about two mie%. San King. 1Z6 (F.
'idamao 1511. out. wod: Ehlrly Light. 13 (Boyle),
Wees1 Q-wl Bnheur. 14, (Bultrke, out, third.
T-me. 4 ') Thre- stiters.
THiRD VrAI -Anrapoli' Stkes. 2var-olds: six
f'rlor-g Horle . 1L5 Butwell). 2.0. 1.50, V1).,
wo narr Wand, 107 (Trrxer), W.90, .0, seond;
Yankee Witch, 1S 1Davies. 3.5. third. Time,
1 12 34. "icket. BEoae Witch, 'bin McTasart.
Wistful. Friendlest $nd Woodtrap Alse ran.
MrRTH RACE-LtihnorE Handicap; 3-year
'ids and uwsrd: mile snd ,Osixteenth. Boots,
1t (ftirbrother). Is, 16. 83, won; Spur. 111 (Loftas).
s4 5% M, second; Stromboli. 10 IButwell1, $3.36
third. ime. 1-43&5. Rommer. Short Gram,
l,"rro. Crip. Flittersold and Ferrock aso ran.
Filr'H RAC-Sellinfg; 3-year-olds and upward;
s~s forleoge. Poet light. 114 (E. Heans). 3le,
1;!.0. 35, wen; Pulltri. 116 (Hleger), 3,3, $3,
second; Between Us. 1l1 tahmon), K4,5 thlsd.
Tnre. 1 .13 . Murphty, Mars Henry. 'lhe se
Stem, Eg=mmi.o Sherwood, Bwdsot, Fasour and
rscaramauch alao ran.
A111TH RACE'-Sefling; 5-yarelide and upward;
mile ad seventy yards. Old Bronm. 111 (Mink),
S3l0. 3,. second, Jew, 10 (Bell) , . tird.'
"ime, 2:0t 4-5. Ray a' Ight, Ting a-ling. Wood
Far. Ford Mi, Maccabe, Obolus end Humiliation
alse ran.
RSIVENTH RACE-Slling; 3..year-s end up
werd; stile and one-fourth. G. M., 1111,. 115
(Bittwen), 53. , 583, won: Ocidy. 110
iKeogh). 3.3 13.20. renmd; ('apt. Pearr 115 (Rolda
eon ,. 3.. third. 'Time, 2:S3-6 hnnbrer, Pea
cock, Prime Mtover snd Cliff Hasent also rae.
F1R5T RACE-Sllig; S-yeaesoid maidens; sd
fuarlenge. EI Garris, 114; Mofheghter (imp),
114: Batle Abbey, 114; Flasn. D1; Charminat 111;
Long Dia=== 111; Bright Star. 111; 'Qne Beet1
1: lerson fI (um$4. 114: databead. 114; therry
Rita. 114; RlIght, 111,
SE00ND RtACZ-Steeplehase; sejilng; 4-year
side and uptward; about two silee. New Haven.
153; *Pay Streek. 13; 010*oseeg 13; Otto Flota
197; Lady Boutrly. 13. Fit, peonde allona
clained em Pay Strek, on sacet of rider not
having won Ovaetleewhe-s or hardle rlaes
THIRD LACE---Selling; S-yemr-elh: d1mee; Ose
and eoehalfC fuangs. Mother Macheme, 110;
Glinb, 110; Etalwart Yas. m; Bsty Om, 155:
Sky. 13: Gksy Belie, 110; "SpeItr,. U; *Lmeea,
3: Gremt Doly, 103; Serna. 144, noise-., 140;
*Tletie. 3; Kathryn Grey, 116; *Kitts, IS; Tiee
total, 13.
IIOUTH RACir-Handicap; aD1 se; dx femw
Tbp o' the Mornig, U21 Yankee Nation., 113;
I atmoZt, Mos e O- T.-n.
Anet sting, 4f ANma. WoRn
the Woen's mUSmint gett O ban
pionship today. defeatig Kis Mil
dred Caverty, of PblladelAhia. 2 up
Lad I to pay.
Doing tdo Big Series
BU Seeim Very Litle
By K. C. a.
Braves' Field, Boston, Mass., Oct. 7.
rm writing this
In the press box
At Braves' Fild.
Damon Runyon
Has just told me
I'll have to have It ready
When the game is over.
And the number
Of my seat
Is 218.
Which means
That it's just
218 feet straight-up
From where the catcher stands.
I can't see anything
But the pasture
That runs back
From the diamond
To the railroad tracks.
And the river
Or Back Bay,
Or whatever it is.
And it's 1 o'clock
As I write this line.
And a second later
As I write this one.
And that makes four lines
About nothing.
But I've got to write something.
And I'm going to wait now
Till the game starts.
And I've waited.
And It's 2 o'clock now.
And I think
The game has started.
There comes a silence,
And a noisv engine
Puffa it away.
Outside the fence
And down below
I hear a rap,
And see a ball
Rise in the air
And fall again.
And then a roa.
And so I know
The first man up
Is out.
He hit a foul
And died
Just where he stood.
And ever since I wrote
"Just where he stood"
I've been sitting up here
On my porch
On the roof
Of the grandstand
Taking it for granted
That there's a catcher,
And a batter,
And it's 4:50
At this minute,
And George McManus
Is sitting behind me
Drawing a picture
Of "father"
At a ball game.
And all the time
He keeps talking.
And he's so short
He can't even see
The outfield,
And he's sore.
And everybody's going,
And the game must be over
And I've got to turn this In,
And I'm goine.
I thank you.
Kewesa. 106: Sprint. 1W; Plaudito. 5; Berilldon
(ipl. 119; Surprsing, I); Giat. 110; The M.as
querader. 113 Xvion (imp', 106; Back Bay. 1:
Murphv. 104.
FP1TH IACE--Pu-. -earold, and upward;
eme mile. Holiday, Ill; Celto. lg: Venetia, 10;
Lov'lale. 101; tkeer Face, 101: AmI,. II timp).
T; Sand Mark (imp). %; Half Rock. 1g; j. j.
Lillis. I%; Beneolent (imp , 104; Aratorium, 1I1;
Ting-a ing, 106; Violet's Brother. 9:.
SIXTH RAO'E1Selling. lyear-olds and upward;
mile sod teely yard. High Tide. 112; Royal In'
Terest. 111; Jliet, 109; Song of !aliTy. 197; Hand
ful, 104; *Ambeove. 107; 'Repton. g; *Fairbrother.
94; Maxim's Choice. 112: Mr. Mack, ill; Scorpii.
:07; Keha. 10;: Nigel. 10o; *Star Gase, 113;
*Griele. 96.
SEV'lNTI RA(' --Selling; 3year-old, and up
ward: mile nd one-sixteenth. Repblican., 11,
Sam Mcleekin. 109; Peep Slght. 1c; Vermont.
10; Sepoct, 2: cncess. 104; *Benjamin. 92; Ray
' Light. 10 Stalsart Helen. 109; DrJad, 16:
King's 'ak. M; Little Nearer, 197; *Buz
Around. 9.
*Apprmtice allowance claimed.
F1RST IACE-Selling: 2year-old.; maiden colts
and ge fivs ne and one-half furlon. *Robert
Rode 10 Ae rt. 109; Class A.. 100; Ben Hamipson.
10; Kenward. 112; Vagabond. 112; Apple Jack. 112;
*Rutland Arms, 112; Quinn. Io; James G.. W;
Woodthern. 112; PIto. 112; Markleand. i12
SFX'OND RACF-SeIllng; 3-yearolds and upward;
fiiim and mare:; ix furlongs. *Owsna, 104; *Busy
Joe. IT;. Rnnlng Queen, 19;; *'arrie Orme, 10.
Lady Jane Grey. 114: Helen Thompson. 109; Toy
Miss. 16: Blsnchita. 10; Lady Mexican. 111;
Martre. 110.
THIRD RACE-Selling; 2-year'olds; fi. ad one
half furlongs. *Highland Lead*, 1W; esig,
14G; Peachie. 104; Buckner. 15; Psens. Iff; Georga
(. Iove, 108: *Nettie Waleutt. 101; Jame. 15;
Honey Shuck, 105; Lytle, 106; Rhymer, Io; Bul
lion, 14.
FO'RTH 'RACF -Handicap: 3-year-oads and np.
ward, male -,J ore-eight. John W. Klein, 10);
Grumry. 10. Typhoo,. 10; McAdoo. 10g.
FIFTH RACF-Six furlonga; 3-yearolds and up
.ard. Milestone, 10; Am , 1t; J. J. Mur
dock. 1.12; Dr. Camn. 1; '1ligree. 111; Manager
Waite, 114.
SIXTH BAC-gelling; mrde; e mile and
seventy yard.. *Big To Do. It0; Miklfula. 15;
Thornwood. 105; *Dehra. 184: Wales, 111; Fair
Orient, 111; Lady Worthington, 111; 'Trappoid. 103;
Col. McNa1. 10; *Anthonjy's LIsa, 1: Old char
ter. 111; Margaret N.. 111; Chief Brown. 114; Brown
Velvet. 111
SEVENTH RACEZ-Mile and one-sieenth; 3-rear
oids andi upwrard. Ask Har, lit; Rifle Shoeter,
1S; Samuel It. Meyer, 114; *Blrka, 184; Orun
uauretta, 184.
*Apprenties allewanse claimed,
FIBW RACE-fielitng; pure., I810; 3-ar-ode
ad upeard; lnye and ahalf furtona. Ellen Smnyth,
105- (Claver). $16, 84.50, 2180, wem; Tale Bearer. 109
(Woletenhoil). i3.44. 12, s.econd; Roemary, 146
(Ptekena), $4.80. third. Time. 1:P. The Wolf, Madk
B. E esnks Tast, VIley, Ruth Strig*Iand, ad Ma
ter also ran.
5500OND EACB-Selling; purse, S; 5-ear-olds
and upward; aix farlongs. Mtedford Be', 10
(Dreyer),Si, $11.. 3e, .0 won; Bouvenir, 184
iWolstenholm), SLB, SB. second; QudNune, 169
(Pickenal. 84, third. Thee 1:i121-5.eue Moses,
Ethan Allen. Black F'ros, Jerry, Nellie B., 0tel
Iaia. and Shabsa asoi ra.
THIRD RACB-fleie; pause. $80; 3-year'olds
and upward; mne and twenty yarda. Pa'ugie leS
(Carll), 84L5 5.5 5.5, won; OSchoo for Sean.
dal. U (Shaner). MiS M, aeond; fame,, IS
lavar), 55, third. tsa. 1*2 3-6 Dsthy Car
lin, Glemmer, Kam. and Iondep ndr aso ran.
FOURTH RACU-Pufse; handleap; sO a'e etr
fuios.Eri Sht (ia er), g.W,
seond; Korfhage, 114 (Seal). RU,. third, Time.
1:121-6 Pce Grnf, Osileet. Bern 0tis, Swift Fog,
and Mis Ernter aso ras.
FIPPH RACU-"eadieP; pus, S; -esoids
and upward; mile and a daxteth, Star et Laes,
I15 (tesarme), 55. Nfl, 84M, wek; Gesmeed, U
ldeberer), IlLS, W.. cened: U~tie Stafng,
(Ceer), ISi tbd. Time, u 104. rtstophbe,
Chridie, Takmn. KIng Bum, and Memer=' as
and upward; nile and seesty iseds, nemes Put
V (Merimat, S.4 5.5 Is.A woa; Mad 35, ns
(Ctasers, 5e, 5.5 esad; Im1. 30S (Dsent,
515 third. Time, tea Puimeans 1 .-s Phee
Phmpse, Se- 'se and E.gbat hIe aims
SDIMiT BACE---hellng; psms, Ni 3pi-Ms
ad upward; sma. Marhe, lS (Pledmi,
84.3, 5.Jn em; 3ai osa, asi (Thesme), s
MW i; Cimaa Uaam'0sepa. r t.
thd- t 4,Manage Esse
Nelna, Pim Maser n3~6. ses Uaae
ama sa'
BROOkLYN-Myers up, Myers fouled
out to Cady. He swung at the Arst bell
pitched. Daubert up. Strike one, strike
two. swung. Daubert tanned on three
pitched balls. He swung hard at the last
two. Stengel up. Strike one. foul. Ball
one. Stengel out, Janvrin to Hoblitsel.
No runs, no hits, no snors.
Shore looked swfully good. He was
working easily, and had a wofId of speed.
Daubert was completely at sea before
his delivery.
BOSTON-Hooper up. Ban one, ball
two. strike one, called; strike two, foul;
foul back; strike three. He fanned. Jan
vrin up. Strike one, foul; strike two, foul;
strike three. Walker up. Strike one.
called. He tripled to the center field
fence. Hoblitzel up. Bejl one, ball two;
out second to first. No runs, one hit, no
Seeond lmming.
BROOKLYN-Wheat up. 'Ball one.
singles past first. Cutshaiw up. Ball
one, ball two, ball three. strike one, call
ed; double play. Wheat forced at sec
ond, second to short, and Cutshaw out,
short to first. Mowrey up. Ball one,
strike one, called; ball two, foul in right.
strike two; ball three, ball four; Mowrey
walks. Olson up. Shore trying to get
Mowrey at first. Strike one, called; an
other try for Mowrey'at first; ball one,
foul tip, strike two; strike three, called;
out. - No runs, one hit, no errors.
BOSTON-Lewis up. Ball one, foul.
strike one; ball two, ball three, strike
two, called; walked. Gardner up. Strike
one, called. Gardner was safe at first
and Lewis at second, when Meyers failed
to handle Gardner's bunt in front of plate.
Gardner was given a hit. Scott up. Ball
one. Scott sacrificed. Meyers to Cut
shaw, putting Lewis on third and Gard
ner on second. Cady up. Ball one, ball
two. hall three. Cady was purposely
walked, filling the bases. Shore up. Ball
one, strike one, called; strike two, swung;
Shore fanned. Hooper up. Ball one, ball
two; Hooper flied to Myers. Chief Mey
ers nearly spilled the beans for the
Dodgers. Mowrey was on top of Gard
ner's bunt, hut the chief got in his way.
end then failed to handle it. The chok
ing of the sacks followed, and Marquard
got out by a narrow squeak. No runs.
one hit; no errors.
Third Inning.
BROOKIYN-Meyers up. Strike one.
called; ball one, ball two; out, pitcher
to first. Marquard up. Foul, back:
strike one, strike two. foul: ball one, foul
tip; ball two, foul past third; out, strike
three called. Myers up. Strike one, foul;
ball one, ball two: singles to center.
Daubert up. Shore tried to get Myers at
first; strike one, called; strike two, foul;
strike three, swing. No runs, one hit,
no errors.
BOSTON-Janvrin up. Strike one, call
ed: foul past third, strike two; ball one,
strike three; Myers dropped it. out catch
er to, first. Walker up. Ball one; Con
nolly cautions Marquard about keeping
his foot on the rubber; ball two, foul
back. strike one; strike two. foul; out,
Htrike three called. Hoblitzell up. Ball
one, ball two, ball three, strike one, call.
; strike two, called; triples to right field
r,-nce. Lewis up. Doubles to left. scor
ig Hoblitzell. Gardner up. Strike one.
foul; ball one, strike two, foul; Lewis was
not at second, catcher to short. One run,
two hits, no errors.
Fourth Iming.
RROOKLYN-Stengel up. Singles to
left. Wheat up. Hits first ball to right
fence for a triple. scoring Stengel. Cut
shaw up. Out, flied to right. Wheat out
at the plate after the catch. Hooper to
Cady. Mowrey up. Strike one, called;
ball one; out, second to first. Hooper
made a remarkable catch and throw in,
erasing Wheat and Cutshaw. He fell as
he caught the ball, but quickly regained
his feet and made a terrific but perfect
peg to the plate as Wheat dashed in. One
run, two hits. no errors.
BOSTON-Gardner up. Strike one, call
ed; foul back, strike two; ball one: ball
two: out, strike three; fanned. Scott up.
Strike one, called; out, fly to left. Cady
up. Ball one; ball two: ball three; strike
one, called; bali four, Cady walks. Shore
up. Ball one: strike one, called; strike
two, foul: ball two; out; foul fly to catch
er. No runs. no hits. no errors.
Fifth Inning.
BROOKLYN-Olson up. Strike one, foul
out, third to first. Meyers up. Hits to
center field. Walker lost it in the sun
and it goes for a triple. 'Marquard up.
Out, second to first, Meyers held on third.
H. Myers up. Strike one, called; out. pop
fly to short. No runs, one hit, no errors.
BOSTON-Hooper up. Ball one; strike
one, called: ball two: strike two. called;
doubles to center. Janvrin up. Out.
sacrifice bunt, third to Cutshaw. who
covered first. Hooper on third. Walker
up. Ball one; strike one, foul; singles
to left, scoring Hooper. Hoblitsell up.
Marquard tries to get Walker at first;
Carrigan claims Marquard made a balk,
but the claim was not allowed. Another
try for Walker and another. Foul bunt.
strike one: Carrigan again claims a balk,
but Umpire Connolly won't allow it;
strike two, called; out at first, Daubert
unassisted. Walker took second. Lewis
up. Walker out to third, unassisted. Mow
rey tagging him on Lewis' tap. One run,
two hits, no errors.
Sixth Inning.
BROOKLYN-Daubert up. Ball one;
strike one, foul; out third to first. Sten
gel up. Strike one, foul; strike two, call
ed; ball one: ball two; out, strike three
fanned. Wheat up. Out second to first.
No runs, no hits. no errors.
BOSTON-Gardner up. Ball one; strike
one, called; bits to short; Olson fumbles,
Gardner on first on the error. Soott up.
Foul tip, strike one; foul, strike two;
forces Gardner, third to seeond. Scott on
first. Cady up. Ball one, it's a paused
ball, Scott went to second; ball two; ball
three: ball four; Cady walks for the third
time, Shore up. Strike one, called; foul
to left, strike two; ball one; out, pop fly
Headed by "Tii" Hustn, of t
Have Puchased the Dei
Brunswic, Ga., Said to I
A NUMBER OF baseball magnates
heeded by Capt. T. L. Huaton, vice presi
dent of the New York American League
Club, have purchased the Dover Hall
Club game preserve in Glynn County,
Georgia, and intend to spend the greater
part of the winter season there shooting
and fishing.
Dover Hall is situated on a tidewater
;eninula ten miles by water and four
teen miles by .land from Brunswick, Ga.,
and Is seventeen miles from Jekyl Island.
The preserve embraces 2,04 acres, all In
virgin woodland, heavily timbered, except
20 acres, which are under cultivation, It
Is stooked 'with deer, wild turkey, quall,
snipe, duck, rail and plover, and is con
sidered the finest game preserve in the
South. There are also four miles of
oyster beds, plenty of trout, bas, whft
lag, etc. There is also a safe harbor
for yachts. ..
On days when it will be hiesse to
sheet i the field, tr= bstigWIN hold
Ah i fast. tragshegtist.lin be se
to ArWt. Homper up. Out, fly to Olson
No runs, no hit, one error. S
SeTqath Iming.
BROOKLYN-Cutshaw up. Ball one
out. second to first. Mowrey up. Single,
to right. Olson up. Ball one; on a dou,
ble-play Mowrey was forced, Gardner tI
Janvrin, and Olson was out. Janvrin tc
Hobby. It/was a lightning-like doub,
up of the Brooklyn base runners. N4
runs, one hit, no errors. ,
BOBTON-Janvrtn up. Foul back
strike one; doubles to left. Walks,
up. Hit to short. Olson tumbles
Janvrin went to third, and Walker o
first on the error. Hoblitsel up. Striki
one, called; foul back, strike two; hit
to aecond. Cutshaw fumbles, Janvrih
scored, Walker on second and Hoblitse
safe at first on error. Lewis up. Out
sacrifice bunt, first to Cutabaw, wh<
covered first. Walker on third, Hoblitse
on second. Gardner up. Ball one; ba]
two; ball three; strike one, called; hit
to second. Cutshaw threw to plate to
late, and Walker scored. HobHItsel of
third. Gardner on first. It was a field
er's choice.
Scott up. Strike one; called; ball one
foul back, strike two; ball two; bal
three; out, fly to right, Hoblitsel score
after catch. Gardner held on first. Cada
up. Ball one; out, second to first. Thre,
runs, one hit, two errors.
Eighth Imning.
BROOKLYN-Meyers up, ball one, ou
to short.
Johnston bats for Marquard. Johnstoi
up. Ball one; ball two; strike one, called
singles to right.
H. Myers up. Foul to right, strik.
one; ball one; on a double play, Johns
ton was forced, Shore to Scott, an
Myers was out, Janvrin to first.
This play was probably one of th
most remarkable of any world's series
The ball struck Scott in the chest, bu
bounded squarely into Janvrin's hands
Pfeffer now pitching for Brooklyn. N4
runs, one hit, no errori.
BOSTON-Pfeffer now pitching fo
Brooklyn. Shore up; ball one; strik
one, called; strike two, called; out II
to left.
Hooper up. Ball one; strike one, call
ed; ball two; ball three; ball four; Hoop
er walks.
Janvrin up. Strike one, called; sinkle
to right and Hooper scored on Stengel'
bad throw to third.
Janvrin took second on the play.
Walker up. Ball ore; ball two; ba]
three; ball four; Walker walked.
Hoblitsel up. Out, fly to left; runner
held on bases.
Lewis up. Foul tip, strike one; strik
two, foul; ball one; forces Walker a
second, short to second. One run, on,
bit, one error.
Ninth 1Ininga.
BROOK LYN-Daubert up. Dauber
walks. Stengel up. Stengel singles
Wheat up, forces Daubert at third. Cut
shaw up. hit by pitched ball. Mowrea
up. Ball one; strike cne. called; strik<
two, called; hits to second; Janvrin fum
bles, and Stengel and Wheat scored. Olsoi
up. Olson singles. Meyers out, to Hob
litzel. Meyers up; out, foul fly to first
Merkle up. Merkle walks. Cutshav
scores. H. Meyers up. Shore taken out
Mays now pitching for Boston. Thoma
now catching for Boston. Myers singles
3Mowrey scoring. Daubert up; out, shor
to first. Four runs, three hits, one er
Local High School Eleven Trims Bal
timore Scholastic Champions
in Good Game, 7 to 0.
Baltimore. Md., Oct. 7.-The Centra
High School, of Washington, defeate<
Baltimore Polytechnic Institute footbal
eleven here this afternoon, 7 to 0. Th,
local high school champs could not over
come the wonderful work of Caplan an
Long. of the visitors. Caplan, late il
the last quarter, blocked a kick bac1
of Poly's goal. Up until that time h,
had also been playing a wonderful de
fensive game. Long kicked a goal.
Hugh Weedon. of the Polys eleven. wa.
badly injured early In the third quar
ter of the contest and the Poly defens
seemed to go to pieces immediately afte
his Injury. The line-up:
POLYTECH. PoItion. CNN. H. s
Ballard ..... .......... L. 1 ................. (liffor
Ti, I. or ................... L. T ................... Re m
Ne~tt .................L. (-................. W am
Gross ...................center..................... Na
H all ...................... . .................. Robert
Butler ............... T........... aber (caPL
Maison ................... .............. c apse
Pollard ............. . . 1...................... Gu;
Pflsterer ...............L. H R.................. Sbtoke
Weedon . ..............8. H .............. M cKenne
Brodie ..............F. B..............
Sultitutins-Hibbetts for Brodie. Thorningt.
for PollarcI, Sullivan for Ballard. Ballard to
Weedon, Stansfeld for Guy. Criswelil for Lons
7oucbdomrn-Caplan. Goal kicked br Iong. Refers
-Mr. Butler. Umpire-Mr. Turner. Head line=a
-Mr. Gross. 71me of quarters-Il minutes.
Baltimore, Md.. Oct. 7.-The Irvingtoi
Club will play its second game tomorroi
with the W., B. & A. team at Mount St
Joseph College grounds at 3 p. m. Th
railway team defeated Irvington in th,
first game after fourteen Innings. I
Irvington wins, a third game will b.
played. Vernstein or Kelly will pItch foi
W., B. & A., and Knelsch or Cotter foi
the home team. Irvington will play it
strongest line-up, with Capt. Lanmbeth
Stone and Citrano back in the game.
be New York Americans, Thle3
er Hall Game Preserve, Neai
le Finest in South.
Several club house, have been erecte.
and Individual bungalows have been con
structed for many of the member,.
Mr. Huston is president of the organi
ization and George T. Stalling., mnaee
of the Boston Braves, le vice president
A few of the others who will enjoy thy
pleesures of Dover Hall are John EI
Tener, president of the National League
B. B. Johnson, president of the Amerioai
League; Edward Barrow, president o
the International League; Jacob Rtupet
president of the New York AmerIcal
League club; Harry N. Hemipstead, presi
dent of the New York Giants; John J1
McGraw, mnanager of the Giants; Rober
Lee Hedges, formerly owner of the 81
Louis Browns; Charles Comeya, owns
of the Childego Americans: Harry Utev
ens, Frank Stevsns and John Conwa
Toole, director of the New York Nations
League club; Robert Davis and eNnral
Davis, formerly of the lersey City ,En
ternational League cub; .Are Karburi
ad isher, the caa se aNa
rCdobbk thame
Ntive Bons.
"SaY. boos, I hope all this world series
chatter ain't made ya forget them Native
Sons you was squealin' so much about last
Why, no. Lon! I ain't forgot 'em, an'
now that everything seems t' be baseball
I might as wall tell ya about a few D'
Washington's classy ball tossers.
0' course 'twould be rediculous t' try t'
jot down th' names of all th' city's great
amateurs, past an' present. but ya can
take it from me, there's been many a
good one, an' you'd be surprised t' know
how many of Our leadin' citizens first
quatified for th' World Serious on th'
diamonds of th' District.
They're scattered over th' town in every
profession an' business, Includin' such
names as Cocoran Thom, Clarence Wil
son. Frank Hagner. Al. Leet, Eddie
Walsh, th' King boys. Phil, Sam. an'
Harry; Sam Dalsell, Johnson Hellen, gob
Thornberg, "Cy" Cummings. Thornton
Chesley, Ralph Dascomb', Fred Klien
chmidt, John Heydler, "Tubby" icker
son, "Pat" Wells, Frank Daly, "Tubby"
Greer, Jimmie Green. Jim Sprigman. Ed
Roche, Al Babbington. "Buck" Shea.
"Irvy" Ray, "Reggie" an' "Shag" Raw
lins, "Happy" Chamberlain, "Country"
Morris. an' a mess o' others.
I Them boys was amateurs an' done it
for fun, but Washington produced a few
i professionals that knowed somethin' about
. th' game, too. of which I reckon th' most
t prominent was Charlie Snyder, Paul
. iines. Tom Brown. Gene Demontreville,
> Doctor Harry White, an' Arthur Devlin.
Charlie Snyder, when he played on th'
old Cincinnati team, was a grand catche-.
I an' If ya don't think he caught just take
a squint at his digits. Which is one
reason why he can't never play poker.
He's unable to hold a "straight" In hi'
hand. Lay down. Gigger!
Ya remember that well preserved mid
I Ole-aged man I pointed out t' ya in th'
I Powhatan th' other day? Well, that was
Paul Hines, who in his day was as good a
fielder. an' as hard a hitter as ever wore
I spangles. He was with th' old Provi
dence an' Washington clubs for years.
I An' ya talk about speed! Why, kid,
this Tom Brown boy didn't have t' take
I his hat off t' none o' 'em when he was
t with Boston, Ty Cobb included. A great
fielder an' hard hitter. One o' th' best
was Tom!
Gene Demontreville was a corkin' good
1ll' ball player, an' done great service for
his home town an' Chicago when In th'
big show.
0' course ya don't have t' he told about
Doctor Harry White, of th' White Sox.
cause you seen him play ya'self. One
of th' trickiest flingers that ever stepped
on th' rubber.
Which brings us down t' Arthur Devlin.
th' Giants great third sacker. Ya remem
ber last week askln' me what th' psycho
logical moment thing meant? Well. never
in my life have I saw a guy all packed
an' ready t' greet that III' moment as
this same Arthur Devlin. I was a Tam
any Hall voter in th' Big Burg th' year
he broke in. an' was at th' game when he
done th' breakin.' Johnny McGraw had
decided t' play Roger Bresnahan on third
on account of his hittin'. Billy Gilbert
was th' Giants regular second baseman,
hut owin' to a cramp, or somethin' like
that. he couldn't get in th' game, so Mac
i slipped Artie on second t' take Billy's
place. It was one o' th' first games of
th' year, an' along about th' seventn
innin' Bresnahan, who was roundin' third
on his way home, sprung a halt in one
of his propellers. 'Twas a strange kind o'
sprung. 'cause nobody was near him. he
didn't twist his ankle, nor was he runnin'
extra fast. It wasn't nothin' n earth
I but Artie Devlin's lil' phycholoi cal mo
I ment gettin' In it's tricky work. 'cause
I "Roge" hada quit, an' McGraw switched
Arthur over t' take care o' th' job. an'
believe me 'twas some kind of a switch.
I as he never left th' corner for th' next
ten years t' come, in which time he
played some grand baseball, an' never
would allow none of 'em t' sass him. Ta
- ee, lad. Artie knowed his big time ha-1
come, an' he was ready an' waltin' t
Hand it a welcome.
- However. them guys wasn't th' only
good prefessionals that come from this
burg, 'cause there wae Phil Baker. Billy
Wise. Bob Bar:. Ed. Tewell, Al Joy,
"Tights" Madigan. Tommy Evers (uncle
of th' Boston Firebrand), who was all
i number one ball tossers.
There there was Harry O'Hagan o'
"triple play" fame; Bert Meyers, who has
cashed; Tom McCreery. a great hitter;
old Joe Boucher, Harry Cauliflower, play
er an' numpire: Jakey Atz, Mike an'
Tom Cantwell, Jack Kerr, Sam Edmon
ston. Willie Keane. "Lefty" Downey.
"Buck" an' Martin Becker. Johnnie Heal.
"Dutch" Sterxer, "My poy Chop" Engel.
"Dutch" Munch. "Buck" Barton, "Buck"
Venable. Johnnnie Handlboe, Johnnie
Priest, Bernie Cleveland, Mike Moran.
Billy Martin, "Zeb" Frazier, "Katry"
Dean, an' a heap o' others I can't recall.
How's nt? No. I ain't gonna tell ya
nothin' about th' fighters t'night; I'm too
tired. Wait 'til next Sunday' Go on t'
Note-Lon says when a guy fails an'
then tries t' blame it on somebody else
it's a hundred t' one that he'll never
come back.
the ball back ten yards, Aggles were
penalised for tripping, Aggles held andi
Welch kicked to Coggins, who returnedi
the ball five yards. Welch plowed.
through the line for three yards, Agulesi
held for two downs, Welch punts and1
-Coggins brought the ball hack four yards.
Brewer hit the line for eight yards,
Smith hit through right tackle for five
'yards and first down,
Brewer hit through left tackle for five
yards, ending the game with ball in mid
field, The line-up:
Oeds n ..,.........LOs .......... ... ean-e
C in .... ........... ..L T............. Yo n
Tarbuttos en .........L. .......... Moew
Coeta er ie e ............ er.......... Ged r, eening -
Mco ad oe.....~ .... , D. ............. Reede
Cosg-i s ............ a U. H................ e.c
W hic e . . g '............. U................. iodsp
10sd5titutos,de eMeal orl o
nUtNCTHnED for Wni.AR, o ure
BroestefrOt 7s.-Jnsl for Reeer nofh
doesBradle oae r to chdoerwni--hmth
and Cter gaefind e-MreDug oncsaa. Uo
pi-Mr fyer. gopki da. He rietaneMr.
-i Ca Mll, ca o Rochse fith ah
Smiash# gomberse treag a
Captures First Leg on Sheridan Cap"
in Women's Tourney at
Columbia Club.
Mrs. Alpheus Winter, who captured the
last trophy put up at the Columbia
C ountry Club for its women players.
yesterday won a leg on the "Shertdan"
.up In the regular Saturday event played
m the putting course. Mrs. T. W. Brah
any, Mrs. William E. Shannon and Mrs,
Myer Cohen are the previous winners
of the event and all three of them were
in yesterdays event, Mrs. Brahany be
ing the runner-up and losing, 4 up and 3.
The consolations were to Mrs. A. Y.
Laech, Jr., who won from Mrs. C. A.
Bieder In the finals, 6 up and 4. Sum
Pirst round-Mra. Arthur B. Sheho. dde"ted Mn.
I. C. MdAustbli, 3 up and 1: Mrs. Arb--- WIN
ter defeated Mrs. William E. Shannon, 2 up and 1;
Mrs. Myer Cohen defeted Mn. Eugene C. Gott. I
Up at n1 boIN; Mr. H. C. Sbendan defeated Mnm
A. T. IAS&h. 1. 4 UP and 5, Mrs. H. A. Rmase
1deeted Mr. C. A. Bieder., 1 up at 21 hols; Mr.
T. W. BMhany dfeated MrM A W. Eans. 4 UP
Lad 1; G. W. Simpson defeated Mrs. Carter N.
Kauen. 4 up and 2; Mr. L E. 11nd5r defad
Mr. Cotad H, Doyle. 4 up and 3.
Smend round -Mr. Alpheus Winter defeaed Mn.
Arthur 8 Shehton, 2 up and I; Mrs H. C. Short
dan defested in. MYer Cohen. I up; Mrs. T. W.
Brahany ddested Mrm. S. A Reee. * up ad 4;
Mu. L E. Sinclair defeated MG.G. W. ainre.
I up and 2.
SmiG4aal round-Mrs. Alpheus Wint=, ddested
Mrs. B. C. Sheridan. I up; Mrs Thomas W. Brah.
May defeated Mr. L. E. Sinclair, 2 up and 1.
Final round-Mrs Alpheus Winter defeated Mr.
rheaa0s W. Brahany. 4 Up and 3.
First round-Mrs. . MeVaighih defsated Mft
William E. ShaInbO. I up at ZI boks, Mn. A. Y.
Lerch. jr., defeated Mr. .sa-e C. Gott. S up
and 2; Mrs. C. A. Bieder defeated MrS A W.
Eane, 4 up and 3; Mr. Carter B Keen defeated
Mrm Conrad B. Doyle. 5 up and 4
Semi-Inal round-Ms A Y. L-sek. jr., defeated
r. J. C. McIAulghlin. 4 op and .: Mt carter
B Krne defeated Mrs. ( A. Biede,. 5 up an 6
Final round-MrM A T Lech, J, defeated
Mrm Caner B. Keene. 6 up and 4.
Lewis bunted and was thrown out at
first by Daubert, who came in and got
the ball while Cutshaw covered the bas
behind him.
The other rnners advanced. Gardner hit
to Cutshaw. and with no possible chance
of getting the runner at the plate, while
he could easily have retired Gardner at
first, Cutshaw threw to Meyers. Walker
scored. No one was put out. Hoblitsel
reached third.
With the count 3 to 2 on him. Scott hit
a fly to Stengel, and Hoblitsel scored
after the catch. Casey threw to the
plate, but Hoblitsel was in long ahead
of the ball.
Cutshaw threw out Cady, closing the
After Meyers had been retired in the
Dodgers' half of the eighth. on an in
field roller. Jimmy Johnston, the fast
young outfielder from the Pacific coast.
batted in place of Marquard and singled
to right.
Hi Myers hit a slashing grounder to
Scott, who rnapped the ball up, flipped
it to Janvrin. and Janvrin shot It to
Hoblitzel for the fastest double-play ever
seen in a world series, or anywhere else
for that matter. That closed the inning
and Pfeffer mounted the mound for the
Shore hit a fly to W'heat and Hooper
walked. Janvrin singled to right, and
Stengel made a bad throw to third.
which permitted Hooper to s.ore
Janvrin took second. Walk'r walked.
Hoblitsel knocked a fly to Wheat. Lewis
forced him at second on a grounder to
Daubert got a base on balls in the
ninth. Stengel followed with a single to
right. The crowd was already walking
out. Wheat hit to Shore. who tossed
to Gardner at third for a forced play on
Cutshaw was hit by a pitched ball,
filling the bases Even this failed to rouse
the crowd from its lethargy. Mowrey
rolled to Janyrin, who booted. Wheat and
Stengel scoring and leaving two men on
the bases, Cutshaw being at second. Olson
smashed a hot roller at Gardner. who
fell as he reached the ball It went for a
hit, and again filled the bases, with Chief
Meyers up.
The crowd was buzzing now. as it
realized the possibilities of the situation.
A long drive would have tied the score. a
homer would have put the Dodgers in
front. Meyers took a couple ,f fierce
swings. fouling one, and then fouled an
other to liohlitzel.
Fred Merkle batted for Pfeffer The
count on him got down to 3 and ", when
he walked, forcing in Cutshaw. Merkle
took one vicious cut at the ball. knocking
a foul over third. The bases were still
Carrigan came out in his scarlet sweater
and motioned Shore away. Carl Mays.
the right-hander, went to the mound.
Chester Thomas went behind the bat in
place of Cady.
The first ball Mays put over on Hi
Myers was called a strike. The next ball
Myers hit a high bodnder past Maya to
.ianvrin. Myers slid feet foremost into
first base and O'Day motioned him sale
Mowrey scored. But for his slide. Myery
would not have made it.
This put it up to Daubert. The first ball
pitched by Mays was called a strike. The
next two were [email protected], and then Daubert
hit sharply to Scott and was thrown out
at first. Jake tried a feet-first slide, but
was late.
The game was over.
EtnR B AryE-Pous; masideas; Syer-olda; fln
sand a half furlangs. Latonio, 10Murpy),t $10
U.4, U.N, n; Penrod, 111 (~mmiy. p40, 3.
end; Snow Drift. 111 It. Geairy) 5.2,. third
Timne, 1:S? 2-. Pilm, Paddy Dear. Sister Biler
Velvat, Bell Cow, Blue Pilu.. and Polly Anna
alsao 55n.
SECON(D RACE-Selling; Li1hea and mar.s; 3
year-olds.and upwrard :sin furlong. onning Toawr
114 (H. Rhillings. 1411. 1% 5140. won; mbed. lb
(Murphuyi. $1.60. Ii 3. 'esond; tsot Heart. 16t
(Hianovr),i 3.2, third. 'lime. 1:12 44 KInney
Rice, Goose, Min.strel, and Dr. Larid alas ran
THIRD RACE--For 2-year-olds; fie and a hal'
frkmcsg'. Cudge~l, 1% t(Coney. $i U, 3.0, $12
won; AurIga, 112 (Gentry. 5171. 230. secnd; Bet
Tihse Stoee 105 (Impaeillel, 1.,0 third. Time
1:13. Mary Bell and Barnes Shanon, also ran.
FOUrwT RACE-Hsandscap. 3-er-olda and up
v-nd; smil, and one-elghth. Dodge, 320 (Buxtoni
1.50, 12.40, pte. wan; Rancerw. 13 (Oannolly)
St13.0 55, eenud:; Hodge, 125 (Giooel, 53, third
Time, 1:ss 2-6. Vogue. King (lorin, Psarx (ol, Ed
Crump, Bayherry C'adle, and FrankBa eas ran.
FtFTH RCAUE-Handkap; all ages; olx forl'ng
Hank O'Day. 124 (iBxtonl, 5, $2.2, win: Brng
horat, 121 (oose), 340 $1. 0. second; Bob Henslar
106 (Shillng). 1.10, third. Time. 1:12. Jane Straitt
and Rhrymer ale ran.
SIXTH RACE-Selinog; 2-3-aid and upward
mile and a sixteenth. Ries.eth, IC(oose) 5.3, $1
13.40, won: Bteauty shot.. S (Brown:. h12.n. 540
seaond Jack Heeves. 55 ('numpl, W2E. third. Time.
1-15. Tengbew, Gtodle iPat, Solid Rodt, AWadir
and Lahme asse ran.
SEVENTH RACE-One sile and resty yards.
Jeisie Lause, 15 (Buxton, $13.15. mi., n.m, won
Syrian, 114 (Ferti, 5.3. 122., mcound: Reno, IN
itGonsel. 3.0, third. Tin.. 1:014-6 Jawboene.
Egmont, Thornaood, Wate-rrof, Wole., and Triad
als ran.
Chicago, Oct. 7-Alfred Thompson,.
star pitcher with the Boston. Nrw YorI
and Pittsburgh clubs of the Natlanal
League fifteen years ago, was found
dead of heart diasee ia a eap wo
lme hae bnme amant
We a Mmest
it i O . Tht'swhy we eai
Fall Suit
Talen Ordw
iltnd of $25 er $3.
Cam is at Om
-take your pick from our ftmous
u a r a nI e e d fast-color fabric.
lacks. ]ius&, Grays. Browns. and
all the other new novelty weaves.
L Ow Dsiger
-take yo0ur measure and then you
select the style that will become you
most: leave the rest to our foree to
wlerts and you will get a suit that
pleas ioun every respect.
It Takes a MasAr TalAr be Bad
Peirfed-Fiinfg OGsbea.
Only the foremost master union
tailors make our garments here
unDder rig d sanitary conditions In
our Big Dayight Workrooms.
Te. wils " ever get a meat from
All our omits meet lit ad plesei
ye or ye don't take them.
Cr. Sth and G Sts.
Omray Bulding.
Carroll Institute defeated Eatern High
School yesterday in a closely contested
game at Rosedale Playgrounds The Car
roll t-am took the measure of the high
school boys by the &core of 12 to 0
In the first quarter Walton reco-ered a
fumble and ran ten yards for a touch
down, while in the third quarter Blumer
broke away for a 60-yard run for a
The high .chonl boys were slghtly
outweighed but put up a game fight Thte
Carroll lIne-up is as follows
Ends. Walton. Cahill. guards, Lyons.
Coleman; tackles Franklin. Hess. Fonddu
RoY; center. FoIger. quarterback. Blum
er: backa. Buchholz. Pluggee. Kenn.
Hughe" JeanaW sad hi dashige Jnesien h.e
disevw.d that th. Red Am ae hi swd.
Raise Your Averages
10 Per Cent.
By joining the A. A. T. A.
Records of hundreds of medal
wnners prove that our system
of trapshooting positively in
creases averages from 5, to
15% within a few months. and
makes dependable high scores
out of unsteady shooters. The
1916 G. A. H.. the Preliminary
and the Amateur Championship
were all won by A. A T A.
Medal Shooters.
Why rock along as an 80 per
center when you can get and
stay in the 90% class?
Wte fot r Rec~t
American Amateur
Maryiand Tr"it Bodig,
Baltimore, Md.
October Meeting
2nd to 31st Ince
FIRST R ACE, 1:45 P. M.
LADIEs. *106 DOlES sma,
P 5Cl2AL O.?. ItIWS
t sees.
~#~OV~I I

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