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Nam& A
Capitol Chapter, No. U, R. A. M., will
Confer the royal arch degree at its next
convocation. Friday. on two teaems. Du
Ing the absence of High Priest Evans,
who leaves for a trip in the West. Com
panion Charles &. 'oodin, king of the
chapter. will 0f I.
The Sertte.
Kallipolls Grotto has held many cre
monelsd in the past, and there will be
Vtany in the future, but it is the aim of
Monarch George H. Emmons, Jr., to
make the fail ceremonial at Odd Fel
lows' Hall. October 19 the most novel and
pleasing of any heretofore attempted.
This will be the first ceremonial since-4be
adopUon of the slogan, "Kallipolls Grotto
two thousand members," which was
prompted by the selection of Washington
for the place of holding the annual su
preme council convention next June. Pe
titions have been placed in the hands of
every member with an earnest request
to obtain a candidate for the fothcom
Ing ceremonial, at which the full ritual
istic ceremony will be conferred. There
will be enough added features to remind
the neophytes that they have made a
journey and beheld scenes they never
dreamed existed, and to afford amuse
ment to the prophets who themselves
have made the same journey in quest of
the hidden mysteries of the order and
emerged full-fleged prophets of the En
chanted Realm, adorned with the Grotto
smile and inoculated with the germ of
goodfellowship. There will be a generous
supply of good things to eat and good
cigars to smoke and as many other en
tertaining features as time will permit.
The meeting will be called to order at
7130 o'clock.
Capt. P. V. Keating and other mem
bers of the drill corps are arranging
for the Ha~loween dance and entertain
ment to be given at the New Willard
Hotel the evening of October 31. NoveI
entertainment features will be introduced,
In addition to the dance.
Order Eastern Star.
The next meeting of St. John's Lodge
Chapter No. 18. 0 E. S.. will be held
on October 13, at 7:30 o'clock. The offi
cers of the grand chapter will make
their annual visitation on this estning.
The Odd Felows.
Moeda-la'goo No '3N degree: Beacon. No.
I5 tnesen. and Unwn. No 11. t0inese.
Tuesay,- Amiy. No. 7. degree: Washigtm. NO.
6 iad volden Ital. N , -o.mns.
Wedneuia5r-atero. No 7. grand isitatio Ped
oral iv. N. 2t degree. Harmory. N-1 9. businessS.
rTor1dy-eei1or, No 17. degree- ralem. No.
d lgr.'. (Ctnbisa. No 10. buaness; Covenant.
Na 13. b'nnes
4,d-',enral. No 1. 1dgre': Metropolis, No.
16. degree. l'hora . N . . .
T'eday-F'red r' Mar. No 7. grand veiitation.
Wednesda--C,.mbta. No. 1, degree.
Saturday-Cantrn Wash:ngton. No. 1, drill and
Petardartrlr-tog of the Beora Awnda
ten w'21 be held at the Home, 3233 N strest north
wret. In the eening at a ocod.
Grand Patriarch Henry F. Allwine,
accompanied by the officers and the
grand encampment, will open the fall
series of the grand visitations by vis
itIng Fred D. Stuart Encampment. No.
7, in the Encampment Room of 1. 0.
0. F. Hall at 8:30 o'clock. All mem
ers. of the Patriarchal Branch of the
order are requested to be present.
This will be the first visit of Grand
Patriarch Allwine since his inaugura
tion. The entertainment cominittee of
Fred D Stuart Encampment as made
arrangements to give Grand Patriarch
Allwine and his corps a grand recep
Grand Master W. J. Hope. accompa
nIed by the officers of the Grand Lodge.
officially visited Langdun Lodge. Yo.
26. last Monday evening. Noble Grand
T C. M-ttler and Vice Grand A. M.
Laster were examined in the work os
the degreoe by Grand Representatives
Millan and Bradford. at the close of
which they reported the officers pro
ficient In the work and congratulated
the lodge upon having ofiers so well
qualified to perform the work of the
lodge and degrees,. The reports of the
lodge showed a large rain hid been
made in membership and 'n finances.
During the past year many new Im
provements had been made on the hall.
Inc'luding a club room and repainting
the lodge room. The aidrest of the
evening was delivered by Grand Rep
resentative W. W. Millan. Past Grand
Masters J. H. Wood. R. H Sorrell,
John T. Brown and W. J. Rich deliv
ered short addresses.
Grand Master W. J. Hope, president
of the general degree staff. announces
the staff is ready to cotmfer any of
the degrees for the subordinate lodgcs
and requests all lodges desiring the
services of the staff to give ample
notice. so that all members may be
Amity Lodge, No. 27. will confer the
third degree at its next meeting and also
at every meeting of the lodge during the
remainder of the term. Degree work will
be the leading feature. The second degree
was conferred at the last meeting by a
degree team consisting of members of
the general degree staff, under the direc
tion of Past Grand J. H. Broderick.
Among the members of the staff present
were Grand Master W. J. Hope, Grand
Chs~plaln H. S. Petty, Past Grand Charles
Garrella and W. G. Ieang, of Federal
CIty, No. 20; Noble Grand Southworth, of
Central. No. I. and Past Grand I. E. King,
of Langdon, No. 26. Many visitors were
present from other jurisdictions, and at
the close of the degree congratulated the
teem upon the impressive manner in
which the work was rendered. Past
Grand George Cummings. recording sec
retary, a special committee to obtain
funds for Odd Fellows' Home. submitted
his report and turned over to the repre
sentative of the home from Amity Lodge
a large sum.
Eastern Lodge conferred the initiatory
degree upon a candidate Wednesday
nIght. October 11 will be the annual
visit night of the Grand Lodge. at which
time a roil call of Eastern Lodge will
be made. Degree work will be postponed
until October 13, erhen the- second degree
will be conferred. The noble grand. R. La
Sartain, appoInted G. Holland Williams
representative on the Bowling League
Rebetrab Ledges.
ltoeday-Ether. No. 5, degree.
Wednesa-Mount Pl"==t. No. 5. bosea
Fridy-btarths wadshisten. No. i. grasd neit
ties; Doems No. 4, bs"a""
Predident Belle M. Carter will comn
mecnce the fail series of grand visitatons
to the subordinate Rebekab lodges on
Friday evening, October 13, when, accom
palied by the officers of the Rebekah As
semnbly, she will visit Martha Washing
tem. No. 3, in the lodgeroom of thek
lodge, 1. 0. 0. F. Hall, 4::3 Seventh street
northwst. The visitations to Martha
Was-ington Lodg6 have in the pest begin
ef great Interest.
Esther med Lodge, No. 5, will cnm
far the dgre on a -large ess of carn
didates at. its regalar mieeting iomorrow
etntng. The degree darectog has added
which will be eiroduced at the me~n
tomorrow embt. At the last 0s10tng
seven auple--es for memberstap were
received and a large number will be re
osived at the meting tomorrow evening.
Ruth Lodge. No. S. ealebratid Its thIal
tieth anniversary Monday with an ven
ing devoted to the Odd Pellows' SOe
and established what will be hereafter
known In that lodge as Odd Fellows
Home night and which will be apro
priately celebrated each year. "Y
donations of linen were received and
other articles necessary for the home's
use. The chairman of the homs com
mited. Mrs. Maiid Old. reported that 4
large number of the penny strips were
received, which netted the lodge a large
sum to purchase furnishings for Ruth
Lodge Room at the home. President
Belle M. Carter and Past Preoident Annie
E. Grigsby, of the Rebekah Assembly,
delivered addresses. President Carter
holds membership in Ruth Lodge and
Past President Grigsby was initiated and
served as noble grand of Ruth Lodge,
taking part in the degree team which
won first prise at Toronto. but later
withdrew to become a charter member
of Miriam Lodge. No. 6. Past Noble
Grand Nannie E. Pearson, one of the
charter members of the lodge. gave an
interesting account of its history. De
gree work will be one of the leading
features at the next meeting and it is
the intention of Noble Grand Leah
Pumphrey to continue degree work dur
ing the remainder of the term.
Miriam Lodge. No. 6, meeting on Friday
evening, was attended by members from
every lodge in the jurisdiction and by
the officers of the several lodges. After
the regular lodge business had been con
cluded. President Belle M. Carter opened
the first session of the school of instruc
tions which she established for the bene
fit of all members desiring to become
familiar with the work of the degrees,
and particularly for the officers of the
several Rebekah lodges. Past President
Anne E. Grigsby gave a demonstration of
the work of the degrees. President Car
ter proposes to hold pchools of instruc
tions in the sevetal lodge rooms and will
provide n qualified instructress for the
purpose of exemplifying the work of the
Dorcas Rebekah Lodge. No. 4, will cele
brate its seventeenth anniversary Friday
evening, October 13, in its lodge room.
Northeast Temple. Twelfth and H streets
northeast. Noble Grand Margurete Ison
Invites all members of the Rebeksh de
gree to be present. Dorcas Lodge was in
stituted October 12. 1899. by Grand Master
W. W. Millan, now grand representative
to the Sovereign Grand Lodge.
Knights of Pythias.
Monda-Decatu,. No . businem; Calanthe. NoC
Il. buines.
Tuda-Wbster No. 7, businese; Etmlsim. No
1. esquare rank; (tapit.l. No- 21. grand vtstathm;
Mte,tif No. 25 busines
Wednesday-Mount Vernon. No. 1. beAs;
Un. No. 22 busine..:; Combi No. X, bsiem.
Friday-Syracuians. No. 1o. eMsui rank; Rath
bo-Suprior, grand isitatiom.
Wedneda--Washington Corpany., No. 1. meath
ly assmbly.
Wedsuday-Fri-dship, No . 9mptiOn.
Friday-Rathbone. No. II initiation.
The grand visitations of the current
week will be to two of the largest lodged
in this jurisdiction. and well attended and
successful visitations are expected by
Grand Chancellor Dickman and his corps
of grand lodge officers.
Tuesday night, Capital Lodge. No. 24,
will be visited at 8:15 o'clock; and a good
report is expected from this progressive
lodge. The program will be of an in
formal character, which will Include short
talks by grand lodge officers and others,
followed by a smoker and a social hour.
This lodge is the "home" lodge of Grand
Outer Guard J. F. Skidmore, an active
and enthusiastic members of the order.
Rathbone-Superior Lodge, No. 29, will
receive Grand Chancellor Dickman and
other officers of the grand lodge. Fri
day night. A committee on visitation,
appointed at the last convention of the
lodge, is preparing entertainment, to con
sist of Interesting short talks by two
widely-traveled Pythians, music. recita
tions and other features. A smoker will
close the evening's entertainment. Grand
Lecturer Roger Y. Whiteford is a mem
ber of this lodge and felicitations will
be extended to him on that occasion.
Work in the rank of knight. and other
affairs of the ledge, originally schedul
ed for this date, have been deferred un
til the foilowing convention, in orde.
that the entire evening may be givet
to the routine work of the visitation and
the entertainment incident thereto.
Excelsior Lodge. No. 14, is experiencing
considerable activity in the work of the
ranks. The esquire rank is schedulec
for Tuesday night, and the page rani
may also be conferred. At the last con
vention. in the presence of a large am
semblage,-with Past Supreme Represen.
tative Conner as chancelfor commandel
and Supreme Representative Kahlert aj
master-at-arms, there was work in th4
page rank. On a future date the knigh
rank will be given to a large class, nov
receiving the other ranks from time U
Syracuslans Lodge, No. it, will hav
the esquire rank Friday night, and Chan
cellor Commander Nicholson extends a
cordial invitation to the fraternity to at
The Rev. Charles C. McLean, pastai
of the Douglas Memorial M. E. Church
was the principal speaker at the gran
visitation to Amaranth Lodge, No. 28
Monday night, and delivered an eloquen
and impressive address on fraternity
Short talks were made by the grant
lodge officers and others. A large nm
ber of members of Amaranth Lodge anc
visitors from local and outside lodges
were In attendance. The relports of the
officers showed the lodge to be in gooc
condition. The lodge room in the North
east Masonic Temple was tastefully deo
orated with flowers and palms.
Equal Lodge, No. 17. in the Pythiar
Temple. was visited Wednesday nighi
by Grand Chanoellor Dickinan and as.
soclate grand lodge officers. Followin
the routine business of the visitatfior
short talks were made by Past Bnpreme
Chancellor Edward Dunn. Supreme Rep
resentative Albert Kcahlert, Past Grand
Chancellors Vandervort and Kimmnel
Grand Prelate Charles W. Henderson and
Past Chancellor E. J, Newoomb, of Equs:
Lodge. Mark L Burns, of Onwarc
Lodge. No. 106, of Oak Park, Saeramnto
Calif., gave an interesting description oa
Pythian aflfairs and other subjects of in.
terest on the Paifflc Coast.
Century Lodge, No, 20, at its con.
vention Monday night, conferred the
page and esquire ranks. In rssh
to the announeemaent of - th roll cal:
meeting, there was a large tarnout
of members of the lodge. Speme
Representative Mark Utearmnan refer
red to legislation of the reseat ea.
vention of the sraplodge .and
told of incients of his trp ts Pert
land. Oreg., where the seesseon wai
held. The knight rank will be gIve.
Washingten Cemapeny, Bu 1, etth
Uniterm Ran wil ss Sinrega
asseanbly lW ande se~ .i- a
torM rank expected to be considered. ir
Raports from the visit of the con- 8
tingent of Rathbone Temple, NO. I. n
onsisting of representatives, degree A
team. staff and others, as wall ats the T
presence of grand officers and repro- 11
sentatives from Friendship Temple. '
No. S-to the number of about forty r
-indicate that they were received L
with great enthusiasm and won ex- b
tended praise 'from the grand, temple. I
1Pythian Sisters, and the grand lodge., b
Knights of Pythias of Virginia. Fol
lowing the rendition of the work and n
drill before the grand temple Wed- d
nesday night, the team and staff of F
Rathbone Temple %rere presented with '
a handsome American flag. By spe- I
cial invitation the drill was given be- i
fore the Pythian Grand Lodge, also
in session at Petersburg at the same f
time as the grand Temple, Thursday n
afternoon, where it wast. received
with the same favor as when given 0
before lodges of the order in this ta
The degreeeam was composed of Mrs.
Minnie Wolfsheimer. past chief; Mrs.
Elisabeth Turner. most excellent chief;
Mrs. Marion Geiman. excellent senior; 0
Mrs. Florence David. excellent junior; C
Mrs. Emma Motyka, manager; Mrs. Sadie
Barkman. protector, and Mrs. Martha
Jarboe. outer guard. The staff included 10
Mrs. Roberta Prescott, Mrs. Mary Mitch- a
ell, Mrs. Blanch Sommers. Mrs. Kate a
Smith. Mrs. Della Nichols, Miss Cathier
ins Emmons. Mrs. W. C. Johns. Mrs.
Mattie Hooper, Mrs. Lola Marks. Mrs. a
Bertha Williams, Mrs. Lillie Armstrong, C
Miss Demarest Simpson, Miss Pearlie a
Leese. Miss Elizabeth Prescott. Miss IJ
Daisy Weightman and Mrs. Sara Dar- 9
ling. Miss Josephine Parboe was the pi- h
anist; H. Elkton Sijith. director, and the I
electrical and mechanical effects were in
charge of John Prescott. George Bark
man, Israel Sommers and Siuel Welf- e
sheimer. The Washington p y return- r
ed on Friday. 'r
-.- t
At the election of grand temple officers a
Thursday the following were chosen: 0
Ida M. Crown, Washington. D. C., grand I
chief; Mrs. Della Cherry, Norfolk, grand t
senior; Mrs. Mary E. Mitchell, Washing- r
ton. D. C., grand junior; Mrs. Elizabeth
Crowder. Petersburg, grand manager;
Mrs. Virginia Youqg. Fredericksburg.
grand mistress of records and correspond
ence (re-elected); Mrs. JulIa Hill. Rich- I
mond, grand mistress of finance; Mrs.
Margaret Sacrey. Fredericksburg. grand
protector. and Mrs. C. Ritter, grand
outer guard.
Friendship Temple. No. 9, has completed I
arrangements for the reception to be I
given in honor of Mrs. Ida M. 'rown, who :
at the convention of the grand temple in t
Petersburg was elected grand chief. The I
drill staff of Rathbone Temple. No. 8. has
accepted an invitation to be present and
give an exhibition drill on this occasion.
After the transaction of business last
Wednesday night an interesting talk and
a recitation were given by Past Grand
Chancellor John Philip Meakin. of Utah.
and Miss Harriet Dyer also recited. Most
Excellent Chief Odah Kimmel extends a
cordial invitation to all members of the
order to be present at the meeting of the
temple the current week.
The Maccabees.
National Tent. No. 1. had two admis
sions Monday evening, with seven ap
plications on file. The entertainment
committee served coffee and sandwiches.
The ways and means tommittee wil
provide some form of amusement eer'
meeting. The orchestra was orgamz 1
and rendered several numbers, and so.
:eral new members will assist on next'
Monday evening.
A. J. Schippert is at the Emergenc,
iHospital, following a serious operation,
land will be glad to have the members
Deputy Supreme Commander Philips
paid a visit to National last Monday!
evening, and spoke on several of the
many features to be introduced.
Woman's Beneit Asseciation of the
On Tuesday night, October 3. Vic
tory Review. No. 12. had a public in
stallation of oimcers. Mrs. Mabel T.
LaRue. deputy supreme cosnmander.
acted as installing officer. The hall
was decorated with palms and the
national and Maccabee colors. There
was a large attendance, with many
Sir Knights from National Tent and
guests from Liberty-Union Review.,
The following officers were Installed: I
Mrs. E. V. Huntington, commander; :
Mrs. Koons, lieutenant commander;'
Mrs. Theresa Foster. record keeper;,
Mrs. Elsie Batch, finance auditor; Mrs.
Katherine E. Cartner. past comman
der; Mrs. Eberhardt, chaplain; Mrs.
Rebecca Sissemore. lady-at-arms; Mrs.
Diffenbaugh, picket; Mrs. Rock. senti
[ nel; Mrs. Rosenberg, sergeant; Mrs.
- J. Frailey. musician.
- The guards, under their captain,
- Mrs. Radcliff, gave a drill, all being
* dressed in white with the black, red
I and white colors of the Maccabees.
t An entertaining program of vocal aend
t instrumental music was arranged by
I Mrs. Frailey. Refreshments were
) served and there was dancing.
Mrs. Cartner. past commander, was
presented with a beautiful gold wrist
watch by the members of the Review.
- and the installing offIcer, Mrs. La
Rue, was presented with a pair of
- gloves.
Friday. September 29, the D. C. of
fleers' Club members were guests or
Georgetown Review at a business
session. Many plans for the fall cam
paign were sketched. The committee
named for an old-fashioned dance and
.supper October 26 comprises Mrs. A.
N. Welch,'chairman, and the past com
manders. The committee for the rally
of December 7 will be the same as last
year. the commanders. The comman
,ders' ball will be in F.ebruary, and the
record keepers are the committee for
the annual banquet to be held in Eas
ter week.
Mrs. Mary C. Adamson was appoint
ed chairman of the sick committe-.
The membership list of the club will
be opein during October and Novem
ber for the reception of all new offi
cers of the reviews.
Applications for new membership
were received from Mrs. Lashorn, Miss
Schieged, Miss Nockela, Miss Mont
gomery, Mrs. Shrove, Mrs. Idae,
Mrs. Baker . Miss Montgome Mrs.
Mattingly, Mrs. Lyle. and Mrs. Chap
Election of officers resulted as fol
lows; Mrs. Mabel T. LsRue, president;
Mrs. Estelle V. Huntington. vice pres
ident; Mrs. Virginia Metcalf, secre
tary; Mrs. Behaefer, treasurer.
Columbia Review, No. 3, will hold a
business meeting at Pythian Temple
Tuesday evening. Fell works will be
planned and comqttteps ppointed.
Knights of Cehmbass
Diovery Day will be celebrated Thurs
day evening. October 11, in Knights of
Columbus afll, with Rev. Dr Abram
Urhmn, paster of the Wasenton ge
.rer s mme s primelpal spesker.
- me i rgaan hae beas apraed.
The matwsese D..ac..g Asmbly held
ks first aseotig of t. year this mosraing
g, at Ranacher's. The following cen
ittee is in Charga: A. W. Brand, chair
an: W. C. Hammett, vice chairman;.j.
. Tabler. secretary and treasurer; W. A.
areve. George A. DaIdy. Joseph J. De.
Ln. A. F. Myers. Arthur J. Tholl, F.
arvin. S. Leao McCarthy. W. M. Smith.
bomas J. Gaffney, Jamee W. McLaugh
n. J. W. Hammett, James P. Pegan,
harles P. L. Moran. John F. Victory.
avid B. Barry. Thomas M. Gallagher.
awrenoe E. Dolan. Paul F. Moore, John
[. McGraw. Irwin Cosgrove. James M.
assett, A. M. McCreight. John J. Camp
ell. L. T. Atherton.
Next Tuesday evening at the regular
teeting of Washington Council, immne
lately after the business session, Dr.
J. Lennox, of the Catholic Uqiversity.
ill deliver a lecture on Dean itt, the
lah, patriot. Members of all councils
this jurisdiction are invited.
An oyster Abast will be held in the near
iture at the Columbus Country Club for
iembers of the club and their friends.
The Intercouncil Bowling League was
pened last Tuesday evening under favor
ble auspices.
Woodmen of the World.
The monument erected to the memory
r the late Sovereign Harry Hand. of
ak Camp. No. 4. Woodmen of the World,
'as unveiled at Mount Olivet Cemetery
eAt Sunday. Services were conducted by
Scers of Oak. Elm, Fraser. Old Glory
nd Companies A, C and D. One Hundred
nd Third RegIment.
A series of monthly dances has been
nnounced by the central committee for
ompanie, A. D. B and C, One Hundred
nd Third Regirr.ent. Uniform Rank, to
e held at Odd Fellows' Hall. 423 Seventh
treet northwest. The first dance will be
eld October 2. to be followed by a dance
lovember 29.
The cammittee of the Woodmen Boost
rs' Club. composed of consul commanders.
ast consul commanders and the State
isnager in charge of organilation for
ie District of Columbia, have announced
rrangements completed for the third
nnual class initiation to be held at Odd
'ellows' Hall on Monday evening, Octo
er 30. The degree work will be exegi
lified by officers of Alpha. No. l;Old
lory. No. 3; Oak. No. 4; Mount Vernon.
o. 5; Elm. No. 8. and Fraser, No. 14.
asisted by Companies A. C and D. of the
ne Hundred and Third Regiment. Uni
arm Rank.
dodern Woodmen of America
Consul H. C. Long. recently returned
rom a trip to the Panama Canal Zone.
resided at the meeting of Central Camp,
so. 16015, Friday night Two applica
lons for admisilon were received. George
WI'tiams was added to the rol. by
ransfer from Camp No. 11912 and Corne
ius McKensey by transfer from the
amp at Royersford. Pa.
Will M. Follett is at Hot Springs. Va..
or his health. G. A. Gardner has re
noved to Philadelphia. Henry H. Bacon
will return to Washipgton from Toledo,
)bio. C. H. Campei and A. C. Scar
iorough, of the Woodman Camp at
taleigh, N. C., were welcomed as guests.
Consul Long gave an interesting talk on
xperience In the Canal Zone. as did
red W. Carrington and William H.
'avansugh. both of whom were with
he United States military forces there
n the early stages of construction. Past
>nsul James A. Moody. on behalf of the
ntertainment committee, Introduced Na
Here's t
The 20
Dyspepsia Lazy
Insomnia Bac
100 .
tional Lecturer George W. Reilly, of
Danville. 11. The Woodman quartet,
A. F. Dobrowoiski, r. F. Mason, W. F.
Black and J. Arthur Trunel. gave sev
eral selections. State Deputy Wi11iam
McCaffery and District Deputy Henry
H. Millard also spoke.
L P. 0.E.
Washington Lodge, No. 16, held its first
meeting of the winter season last Wed
nesday night.
Secretary Shelby presented his semi
annual report. showing the lodge to be
in splendid financial condition. The av
erage attendance at lodge meetings was
given as 1OL
Chairman E. J. Murphy, of the Boston
Reunion Association, reported that the
association was meeting with gratifying
success In its work of enrolling mem
bers. It has been voted to hold regular
mcetings of the association on the first
Monciay of each month.
Next Wednesday will be initiation night.
Subseuent initiations will be held the
first meeting night in each month.
The members were suprised at receiv
ing a contribution of 350 from the Ladles'
Tuesday Evening Club.
Brother Fred Whitehead gave notice
that he had about completed the or
ganization of a pool club.
Daughters of Scotia.
Lady MacLennan Lodge, No. 75. held
its meeting on Tuesday evening, Septem
ber 26. Chief Daughter Sister Rae pre
sided and with her on the platform was
Sister Carnahan, of the Bonnie Doon
Lodge, Newark. N. J. After the busi
ness of the evening the chief daughter
gave an interesting account of her visit
to the grand lodge convention, which
was held In Philadej&a. September 19-20.
The next meeting Wil be hete Tuesday'
evening, October 14.
Order of Scotish Clans.
Clan MacLeannan, No. 20, and Lady
MacLennan Lodge. No. 75. will hold a
Halloween concert and dance in Masonic
Hall. Eighth and F streets northeast, on
Friday evening, October 27.
Order of Eagles.
The Iadies' Auxiliary of the Eagles
met last Monday night.
A meeting will be held next Saturday
at 9 p. m. at Eagles' Hall. Sixth and E
streets northwest.
Civic Study Club.
The Takoma Park Civic Study rlub
held its first monthly meeting for 1916-17
in the clubroom in the Public Branch
Library, Takoma Park, last Tuesday aft
Miss Annie M. Wilson was the speaker.
Her subject was 'Vision." The meet
ing adjourned to meet November 7. The
speakers will be Mrs. Court F. Wood
and Mrs. G. V. Chandler.
Women as Insurance Risks.
Port Huron. Mich., Oct. 7.-"Old line
companies may not have a sufficient
number of insured lives among wo
men to deteamine an average upon
which a correct estimate can be
made." says Miss Bina M. West. "The
twenty years' mortality experience of
the Woman's Benefit Association of
the Maccabees Is considerably less
ze Prescrij
ou Know
ing Whe
th. .Centur
Liver Headache
Blood Piles
Little Choc<
WELL'S. 94
than the National Fraternal Cougrees
mortality table. made up on the lives
of men, and including both fraternal
societies and old line companies. It
varies at ditforent ages, but the aver
age holds true throughout the entire
"The experience of my own &sso
elation, which has now become &
standard for fraternal insurance for
women, has been carefully tabulated
for twenty-four years and covers the
widest range of insured women's lives
known in the insurance world, a total
of 1.718.686 exposures up to the close
of 1913."
"The stars incline, hut do not compel."
Sunday, Oeteber 6, 191.
Kindly stars rule today. Jupiter, the
Sun and Mercury are all in benelle as
pect. Saturn is mildly adverse.
Good influences attend association With
friends and relatives and it should be
an auspicious time to ask for money on
favors of any sort
The sway is conductive to concentra
tion and study. Lawyers. clergymen
and all who bespeak public approvel
should benefit during the configuration.
It is a favorable time for writing let
ter, unless they be love missives.
ifeENEW NrMo BA(
ft Resfs 3
rrvine s at ultra
%-A fashio. Flattens '
bck. expands chest,
helps cntrac abdo
men. Induces erect
bearing, healthful
irritated nerves; gives
restful comfort.
PR all iguree, fma
t6e SHiP of a girt to
the substantial matron.
Ne. 33-for din
lightly bomd s Ir
Ne. Se9-Or full figures; "umeble a
e close invesetatie.se by -=r a
What You
n You 'l
y Family
Constipation Bilios
orans Sour Stonmac
[f not relieved or cured by
.Z Tablet., your money :
>late Tablets
)4 F Strei
Authere eon ander a belpta rul
lag for soneios and peeti. 4
Ased Persons abouM be eareM
tam pigmetary goersent, s msibU
An aceendom of interest to
every Ga Umean. Is
for the winter. owing to a
awahening which will be strongly
eant with the new year.
The Mars which encourage iety
are believed to direct teachers be
to a seerst brotherhood that will
in the United states and win folio
These teachers are hed to be heraml
the new rder of things, estabished
the war.
A sudden protest against m
In this country is predicted This
follkw the realization that the nation
profting by the tragedy of the w
war, which will be produced by a SeOW
tional incident.
Jerusalem and the Holy Iand are 1
concentrate attention within the year
the tide of tourIst travel wl lnow n
their direction at the close of the wash
the seers declare.
Honors and preferment /or a Ccongre
man from the West are prophesied.
Montana and the Dakotan come under
a fortunate planetary influence wtie
will extend to Canada.
Persons whose birthdate It is have the
augury of a fairly *uccessful year. but
they should guard the healfh of the fam
Children born on this day have kindly
stars to lead them. They probably wilt
be helped over all hard places by friend*
who will make their paths rnooth. Girin
have the forecast of happy rnarriare.
WT-3ERV7= is ordif
Sd"" boo, am %a
ake II
.one 5-entacag
T.WV 25c* .
0tN W

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