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Debutantes Laun
ITH the return of the sumr
for the debutante season ai
is far from complete and r
of the official world, which annually
debutantes to -Washington society. I
tative plans crystallize, as the personi
ful, even under most sanguine exp
often remain at home if the official sesi
The fashion for double debuts
ceded by a formal bow in some otl
favor than in any previous season.
debutantes were presented to sociel
Miss Margaret Fahnestock, daughter
made her formal bow 'at a large fur
fashionable Rhode Island summer
daughter of Mrs. J. Borden Harrim;
Clambake Club. Both young wom
tributed much toward the brilliance
the younger set.
Miss Fahnestock was educated a
presentation at court before 'her4
debut at the Capital, had not the
war intervened. Miss Harriman is
as beautiful as she is vivacious, and
won great admiration for her daring
flights over Newport in an aeroplane
last summer. The date of Miss
' Fahnestock's Washington debut is
9 not set, but the handsome Fahne
stock residence in Massachusetts ave
nue will be the scene of the fes
tivity. The announcement of Miss
Harriman's presentation also waits
upon the return of Mrs. Harriman
and her daughter to town.
The third of the little group of
buds to make her formal, bow out
of town is Miss Louise Hoar, daugh
ter of Mrs. Frederick Gillette,
whose debut is scheduled for Novem
ber in Boston, and will be followed
by a presentation to Capital society
after the convening of Congress.
The romantic old city of New Or
leans has been chosen for the debut
of Miss Agnes Messick, daughter of
Mrs. Chartes C. Marbury. No great
er distinction can be wished for a
bud than to make her bow in the
distinguished and exclusive society ot
the Crescent City, where the gayety
is as formal as a court function and
the cotillions are famed the country
One of the first of the buds to be
presented at the Capital is Miss
Emily Kutz, daughter of Col. and
Mrs. Charles W. Kutz, who will
make hier debut at a tea at the Of
ficers Club at Washington Barracks
Deceiber December 6 Mr. and
Mrs. Paul Evarts Johnson will pre
sent their daughter, Miss Nellie
John.on, at an afternoon tea to be
follow'd bv a large dance later in
the s-ason. Miss Helen Claxton,
dauzhter of the Commissioner of
EducaI&ti, and Mrs. Claxton, isl
numbe-ed aTmong the season's
debutantes, and Miss Margaret Clark,
daughter of Mrs. Churchill Clark,
is included in the list, though it is
probable that Miss Clark will not
have a formal coming-out party,
but will take an active part in the
debutante festivities.
Miss Ake Hopkins, who returned
to Washington a day or so ago
with her mother, Mrs. Nevil Mon
roe Hopkins, will be the first bud
Right Nowe
G u d e 's Chrysanthe
mums and American
Beauties are their pret
tiest. Order some to
day and make some
one happy.
The most attractive
weddings are deco.
rated by Gude. Cal]
for estimates or sug
Gude B:
Members flori
Delivery As
ch Social Season.
ter sojourners to the Capital, 'lano
e growing apace. The list of buds
iust be reckoned without knowledge
contributes a number of charming
lot until after election day will ten.
el of official society is always doubt
ctations, and families of statesmen
ion promises to be brief.
-one to occur at the Capital, pre
ter city-is finding more widespread
7wo of the Capital's most promineni
y at Newport during the summer
f Mr. and Mrs. Gibson Fahnestock
ction in the Fahenstock villa at the
colony, and Miss Ethel Harriman
n, was presented at a dance at the
n were instant successes and con'
tnd gayety of the summer season it
>road and would likely have had o
of the season, making her debtr
at a tea on the afternoon of Thanks.
giving Day. Miss Camilla Lippin
cott, and Miss Anna Montgomery
complete the list of buds to date
Both will probably be presented al
large receptions followed by dancei
later in the winter. Balls foi
debutantes, a pretty custom, bul
one which rather lost vogue foi
several years, gives promise of be
ing revived this season with un
usual brilliance.
Diplomatic Corps.
Members of the staff of the French
Embassy have all returned to Washing
ton with the exception of the counselor
and Mme. Clausse. who are In France,
and M. de Sartiges, M. Jules C. F. Blon
del. attache, the newest addition to the
staff, has taken an apartment in the
Wyoming for the winter.
The French Ambassador and Mme. Jus
serand have been in town almost all sum
Commander Martin. naval attache of
the French Embassy for some time, has
been succeeded by Commander Emman
uel Aubin de Blanpre, and the former
with Mme. Martin, will leave shortly
for their home in France. Commander
Martin will go at once to take an active
part in the war. Commander de Blanpre
I. not a stranger to Washington society,
as he was attached to the embassy a
few years ago, and has many friends
here. ie is accompanied by Mme. de
Blanpre. who is an accomplished musi
clan and singer.
The Ambassador of Russia and Mine.
Bakhmeteff will return to the Embassy
this afternoon. Members of the Embassy
staff have arrived from Newport, comins
direct from the summer Embassy, while
the Ambassador and Mme. Bakhmeteft
visited in New York.
The British Ambassador, Sir Cecil Ar
thur Spring-Rice. has arrived at the Em
bassy. Lady Spring-Rico and their chil
dren did not accompany him.
Senor Don Manuel Castro Quesada,
Minister from Costa Rica, who, with his
mother, Mrs. Castro, and his sisters, the
Misses Castro. have occupied a cottage
at Allenhurst during the summer, have
returned and opened the Legation in Six
teenth street.
Mrs. Yung Kwai, wife of the counselor
of the Chinese Embassy, has returned
to Washington after a trip to New Eng
land. She placed her daughter, Miss
Elizabeth Yung Kwal. in Wellesley Col
lege and later visited her family in Con
Mr. Manuel de Freyre y Santander,
charge daffaires of Peru, has left Rac
os. Co.,
s' Telegraph
E, 4278, A27g
MW. RITER, wife of theMisterof Switerland ha rmed to
th egatin at Wshington after spending the summer at Lake Placid.
-Ph'oto by B..eebrad
. uette Lake, N. Y., where he spent the Ing fo,,r an extended wedding trip. The
summer, and has returned to WashIng- bride' traveling cobtume was a tailbred
ton- Isuit of blue broadcloth worn with a be
Icoming ht of blue velvet. They will be
Baroness Akerheilm, wife of the new, at home after Novembter 11 at 12a6 Hertle
counselor of the Swedish Legation, willlavenue, Buffalo, N. Y.
mail from Japan for San Francisco today,-.
and will coeto Washington to Join
Baron Akrerheilm. They have taken an
apartment at 1725 H street. Cabinet Families
senor Don Rober Ancisar, first sc
r etary of the Colombian Legation, 9;nd Mrs. Gregory, wife of the Attorney
his daughter, Senorita MathIlde" Ancizar, General, who has recently '-eturned to
%will leave shortly for Argentina, where Washington from Monterey, will make a
Senor Ancizar will be minister from Co- visit to New York before Thanksgiving,
lombia to that country. ,but will not go South this fall. Miss
--Greory, who had expectedl to go to
Texas for the weddingx of some friends.
changed her Plans and will remain here
Miss Dewey Weds !for the autumn season.
Miss Sidney Burlesn, daughter of the
The Gunton Temple Memorial was thelPoctmaster General and Mrs. Burleson,
scene of a beautiful wedding last evening Ireturned to town Yesterday from Texas,
Dewey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lyster ter, Mrs. Richard Van Wyck Neigley, in 1
H. Dewey, was married to Dr. Car, G. .order to resume her studies at GeorgeI
Frost, of Buffalo. N. Y. The Rev. Dr. Washington University.
Granger, pastor of the church, officiated. Miss Lucy Burleson will remain with
Palms. white rose. and white dahlias Mrs. Negley until the end of October.
formed the decorations, banking the Miss Lucy Seeligson, of San Antonio,
chancel and marking the pews reserved arrived with Mims Sidney Burleson, toI
for the members of the families, be her guest for a few days.
The bride, who was given in marriage 1r.Jspu
by, her father, was attended by her M.JoehsDaels, who returned
mother. Mrs. Lyster Dewey, an matron of Ito Washington last Sunday from North
honor. Miss Pauline Front, sister of the Carolina, was accompanied by her cousin.
bridegroom, and Miss Dorothy Dashiell. Miss Cora Bagley, and Miss Mary Eliza-1
as maids of honor. and Mrs. Nalda beth Alford. Miss Bagley is in Washing
Wood ofLyncbur. Va, Mss Oiveton for the winter and -Miss Alford for
Frost. of Buffalo, another sister of the ol e as
bridegroom: Miss Lillian Everson, of this The Secretary of the Navy was in New
city, and Miss Ete a unr fport last week on the United States
Pittsburgh, am bridesmaids. Mr. Allen crule DoIhn whc a I the1
Frost, of Springfleld, Ohio, brother of the cutomary salute from the naval train
briegromactd a bet mn, nd heIng station as it entered the bay. The
bridegroom, ~ ~ ~ ., ace.m etma.a. h
ushers were Mr. Carlos Bushnell, of Buf- w isit of Mr. Daniels was In connection 1
falo; Mr. Her ifr.o e ok ith the suggested removal of the aub
D.J HneShr, ofPiladelphfaandYr.; marine base from New London to New
DJames Pier oPiaelha and Mr. Pu .Rsel port. several sites In Narragan sett Bay
of this city. Little Miss Ada Katherinehangbecosdrdspssleit,
Works and Miss Lorraine Frost, sister of IIf 1t Is desired to make the change.
the bridegroom, were the flower girls. M.FakiX neJrhsond
The bridal gown was a very girlish and Mr. Fereaann s. Lane r. h anie
becoming model of white crepe florette, (-te Seretary a an Msor Lanei Atatich
simply trimmed with pearl embroidery, Nety Herey wiresot arshortn vil atte
A court train of satin brocade hung from mnwitJerse reortars. alne wal rhe
a deep girdle of pearls. The tulle veil Ameain- Mhteia Secretr aosiong as the
was caught with orange blossoms and the Aeria-eia on omssionisn
bridal bouquet was a shower of Bride Messon yLnwosettesm
roses and lilies of the valley. The matron miss anc LasxNe, wehopent taheinu
of honor wore her own wedding gown of mn r a nt EexeN. , redaned thin T
shte, oadd hsatnmed to Whi r t a ee, acome by terigov
Baronte ss Aghlae of the carried hoes after Dioven, and hasenterthe
Brunelo ros Mtse ashellaone ,sl avetne A , Scoo. Y
sil from apn fwitha opaleisc tmmin
and will Foetwor Wpintaffeto aon
siavrnAehm TheyBo h arred tankren .
Thebrdesa 'owsLeretonf white Mrs GregrSwifea of h
Sor dsri Robto jacts , ofgrseet
fetar and ther Clombern weretamnbou
qutso Sunburtass Thitle Anciwer GeMr.ame who hadworet, rune tom
gil.e adint.y foroc Aretia wherneto Washington roasotweeywl acmpaneda
Snor carr wi base ofnieerfrom Cbyistt herwmalk daughtre Thanksheihin,
obA reetonolda thatreunrdence wille ot he ot thms faiol Miss
of he rid's arets her th drw- adsorth, who hald epetrn tomoo to
ingrom ws deoratd wih whtexer hoe t Mount Morriso fried.wl
dai sragdaantabcrod chanebc her plashandto wilorteainther1
of l s adensan red hs fom ftr the autmio sn.
The yon Teuple emoriate wan the Pon-Rerentativ and Mrs. J.uWllard,
scee o a atiflwddigasteveingrourne taolia hoav yestry fro teas
at O'lok wenMisGaceMagueit where ine aue pbee the oust of hers. 1
Deeo dIuhtrofe Mrxadres.o Lyste t A. r. Logard whan thy Nlee int
Arsto Buelo. as Compexiev. Dr''''*" n niesiy
Grag patorof hechuchoffciaed Mis. Thu BuW.o iln rmin waih
Pal ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ms, whierssanift hiSM ee nti dauher dof Ocepr.na
formed th . decrall tis banin t hc e M im sc w ei on. ofur n tonhe tore idenc
pciancyefli and rket f xrs-psing the pesrsre rieihssmmey theome tn
The bettd, whoh wsgn'c thn marrae
or hae fther was ry atene by hery Mrs. Josephu aniEl. wfof rene
motr. Mr.ftr De y.t as t ron ft ore s in t o a ste Sundea , from Nothi
full imrovs an co o tChrirna have accomrnedb her Washino
honor. peeing Pauline rtn sse of urthe Msmmora Bandeyre nd Mihe Raryeigh.Mr
sn midrs o honor an Mspot-d Ethl Aloretur Mistol i Washing- ei
Wood. copofLnhburgcate Mtis Olveto ormbe ne n Mis fr o
Fot.fl Eryo aohs is oftha nl; fwdas
bisdegomor Mis nillan Eonof nehd- Trh. Secretary of tohenvyg wasifewo
Frst, and shieed, o. brother ld t eprsnaieRdneg fIlni,
bekegroom, ated asbstmn and the saiona c itentaerethred bay Ther
Wralo dr. HnyMotod of e w= Ytheit the sugrgsteroa of the sub- al
DxrJon. NShor oPhdephiaum a tdM*mriebs fromNewi Lkdo Paro Nr.w
ame Pierc and Mrthem- Rssl portdeeral sitews ith Narragamset Bayt
a oof thiset.Ltl i AaKteieI itheie hto make toh chngen
Works aMs Lorain rst, asste ofaIlniweeh wl ea utlatr
Th ria gw wasver rlish 5Jld the Sec*'ar" an 9Mrs.n Lan W hinAtani
8p~o ZLEVENTn 37ezkr.
Our annual Fur Sale at summer prices Is now
going on. Because of re-building, we were unable
to hold it at the usual time. Savings of 20% to
36% on coats, muffs and neckpieces.
The New Autumn Fashions
For Women and Misses
A review of our display reveals the authentic in
Autumn modes. Every model shown is marked by
its smartness, its perfect taste and by a certain air
of distinction that you recognize as being essentially
Philipsborn's. The style tendencies reflect the varied
moods of Paris.
Women's Tailored Suits
Developed in favored fabrics, richly trimmed with fur; coat lengths
4 to suit individual tastes are featured; fancy linings mark
the dressier models; sport suits suggest golf.
$25.00 $29.50 $35.00 $50.00 and upward.
Women's Autumn Coats of Distinction
Offer suggestions in the new flare, deep fur trimmed collars, cuffs
and pockets; semi-fitted and plain tailored effects; favored trim
mings are Mole, Seal, Kolinsky, Australian Opossum and Wolf.
$20.00 $25.00 $35.00 $50.00 and upward.
SWomen's Dainty Blouses
The new collar, cuff and shoulder effects are shown in Georgette
Crepe, Crepe de Chine and Satin; beads, hand embroidery and
braid trimmings add further to the prettf-iess of the models.
$5.50 $8.50 $12.50 $ 15.00 and upwarf.
Women's and Misses' Cloth Dresses
Smartly tailored Dresses, chosen with infinite taste, fashioned of
Serge, Jersey Cloth and Broadcloth, featuring Fur and
Oriental Worsted trimmings.
$19.75 $25.00 $29.50 $35.00 ard upwavd.
ter of Mr. Walter B. Bigeow. Like her .r.uze, Mr. Harry Cunningham, wore a
ianceu she has a wde circle or f:;, nds g:-An of whlt net oser crepe de chine
A * in Washington. nd velvet. and her tule veil was wreath
--_ _d with orange bosoms
The wedding of Mrs. Olive Gale Hill At the First Reformed in rh, ;n Miss Mary Louise Frney. the maid r~
nd4 Capt. Ridley Mcean. 8. N. will Brooklyn, Wednesday evening MIs honor. wore a ewn of canary-colored
e a ycry small one in the home of the Marion Plummer Burr. dasghter of Mrs. tail. trimmed with tulle, and a large
>ride's parents on November 8. The Charles Sumner Burr. was rarried to p1 tre hat.
IfredX~altn Atins. ,'. SN , Mr Wiliam B F-nyxder. of Phepherds.
eremony will be performed at 4:30 o'clock Lieut Alfred Walton Aikin. '. A N
yThe Re,. Dr. S. Parkes Cadman. chap- town W \ a as 'est man.
n the Rev. U. r. B. Pierce of All Soul lain of the Twenty-third Infantry. who F'lewing the wedding, a reception was
nitarian Church, and wilbe folldis back from Pharr. Tex., on a month's he. in th. pa-.ors of the church. whih
y a very small and informal reception. furlough. officiated. A rrcetion was were ef eir-r decorated for the occ
mall daughter. Beatrice, who will act as held at the home of the brid-: s parents., Pen Mr ,ri Mrs Snyder wilt he st
aflower girl. Commander wli Pitt 12 Carroll street. home to ti ir friends. after November 1.
fll ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ a wer Ail ComndrWilamPtt18 F~t southeast.
cott. U. S. N., will be the beat man, and An interesting wedding of Wednesday
'aymaster Gen. Samuel McGowan. U. 8- afternoon was that of Miss Ruth Hen
and Lieut. Commander Adolphus Sta- shaw Freeman. daughter of the late John
on, U. S. N., will act as groomsmen. Thomas Freeman, and Mr. Peter Fred- Freemire-Lecki
T erick Snyder. of Kelso, Wash.
The Hon. Thom Spring-Rice, third i The ceremony was performed at 5
ecretar of tusheBritishthe marriage o'clock at the Metropolitan Presbyterian An Interesting wedding took place last
dlas Anne Middleton Means, daughter of Church. the Res. Paul Robinson Hickok evening at t o'clock at the residence
Ala Ane iddeto Mans dagher f!officiating. NIrm. Harry Cunningham, of Mr A.r L Leekie. when his uster
drs. Arthur Little, of New York. to Mr played the wedding music. A. L
Talentlne Thomas Worthington, als fpae h edn
Zew York, which will be solemnzd Ino The bride. who was given away by her CfnNTINrED 01 PAGE F
it. John's Church, Beverly. Mass . Oc
ober 1. Miss Jessie K. Means will be
Ser sister's only attendant. Mr. Harold
Vorthington will be best man for his
irother and the other ushers will be
desars. LeRoy King, E. Pennington
'earson, A. Nicholas Regill and Henry
V. Thomas. The Rev. Nelson Poe Carey.
'ector of St. John's, a cousin of the
oridegroom, will officiate, and the cere- 4 * -a.....
nony will be followed by a reception At
1ollo House, the summer home of Mr.
md Mrs. Little, at Beverly.
Miss Lorena Rouse, daughter of Mrs.
kda A. Rouse, and Mr. George J. Schoe
leman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles
;choeneman. of Newport, R. I., were
narried Wednesday at 11 o'clock at the
iome of the bride's sister, Mrs. Ernest
.we, on B street northeast.
The ceremony was followed by a
>reakfast. The bride, who was uniat- J UII
ended, wore a gown of brown broad
loth and a hat of cream velvet, fur., o biain
old lace and tin', rosebuds, with a cor
age bouquet of yellow roses. Mr.
harles Schoeneman was best man for * 1'SINB.
his brother. Mr. and Mrs. Schoeneman * PLNCO R
aft for a wedding trip to New York and
lewport, and upon their return will re
ide at 1346 Park road. They will en- BTO
ertin t ai'cepiTnonOctberne
Invitaions ave+raCombWashittons
orth mrrag o is Gethe Bg AN*H
~ewreant a'eton ndy October 17. *
Invtaeptionv rathe 7:ash'clckgt
hr thoe ofMarrigeo . in WGreter. Big- i. t A
Mr., dahmothe so offr L aurn Gr.ibbon~a~I. N.
L.ienowtonM.Pu oe Thomson, ofSumtPi, *
ew. Oans, bothensay coer ofM.Jms5,~Ul I(j~~
hoedn wh arieona Miss Gncvick atm~ I
lark. Miss Bigelow Is the grnddaugh- *
Such Pretty, Fluf fy N W ST M DL
Curia-In Three Hours! *F L OT
Have you tied flsin liquid silmerine * h RBDECSATNINOTKNWU N 4
efore roiling- the Si'in curlers? If
ot, by all m e do o. When you let * TUNADF l.OTW R THY OS S *
our hair down, Wib.three hour.. you ALTELTL OCE FDSICIN
rill have just t~eloveliest curls and MDRTL RC)
raves! Tiney Wl appea~r so perfectly *_
atyra land you'llhe srprie how longf
uti will be beutiful fluffy. wih
lean tooth brush, passin this through
lie hair froin the roots downward. It * ti* 4
~a he used before retiring, it preferred.

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