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Offidist Westher Repor$-Pair.
Goin at a Gallop I
Great Purchase of
ONYX (Led & TaylW)
Pu Silk-Accorion
Knited Scarf.
(Omly 3 to a Cmasnmr)
to(5-) MN'
STATE B MIm N(G PEOPOSED. .hip of nearly 500 and to hou.s exhibts
of West Virginia manufactures and re
West Virginians Would Buil Home Iourcea. The following ofloers were
0 elected at a recent meeting:
In Washingtou. Henry S. Baker, president; Gen. W. W.
A State Building in Washington is the Soott. Brst vice president; RaPymond B.
latest project of the West Virginia So Dickey, second vice president; ]Mono T.
clety. The building will be used -a a Morgsn, third vice president; Henry F.
home for the club which has a member- Dolan, fourth vice president: Capt. Henry
C. Duncan. ftfth vice president: Dr. J.
Ward Mankin, sixth vice president; Clar
ence H. MIcGinniss, recording semetary;
Emmett T. Thornton, assistant recording
secretary: William T. George, correspond
ing secretary; Ieo B. Russell, financial
secretary; Col. J. William De Greag
treasurer, and William H. Wenta. his
Hu torian.
President Baker appointed the following
For Grip, Influenz, chairmen of committees: Col. J. William
L- Grange. entertainment; George T.
Kirkpatrick, recepton: John F. Green.
:auditing. and Col. C. Brooka Smith.
tih n ims wthe w-. emt i e ee ladlim DOeeCmbnws
be a sn5s er a er ddl esa tehec er
dirmess of the tlient. towa District.
A d6.o Sen e ath~ e u
of ae of th1"e , Philadelphia, Oct. &-The downtown p
if yes sat uzimw Mkeo bieto 5e a.lice have started a round-up of dope
.70 r a tes e na y~ bor lar teow, uaers.
pTtt and re Itkait b.1 take leapo; the -No were held In bail this afternoon by
roc wtll "M in iter. but *dev-a1m te T%
ha sto rne ckis that hang as and do not Magitrate Baker, and four others were
%..touaaet'.t. taken to St. Agnes Hospital. Those 1r
ScmtY* nothiin tl at ab rested were Eilio Darano, of IM South
oss ad leer A so bed aftme fsctim
& maian l Of . o s Carlisle street, and Joaeph Cardwell. of
Vo*"~t ndkt rny eay to tat.. me at an dogFifteentheand Wharton streets.
staes n Amer. They wre captured by Policeman Ram
ee", of the Fifteenth and Snyder avenue
TONICpolice station after ch . The police
TONI TAB ETS man had to fire his revolver and accident
(HUMPHREYS') ally shot Angelo Patadosi, of 1709 South
Far the couvalesit. fo tbe wnk and . weao Tenth etreet, who was with the others. in
P~im. 81.." alml dewIog i m et 0. 0. D. the right leg. He was taken to St. Agnes
Hamphreys' Hme Medldn. Co.. in wil- Hospital.
liam Street, New York. The others taken to the hospital were
arrested In different neighborhoods down
Chevy Chase cars pass main entrance
Zoo and Country Clubs--connect at WETH CONDITIONS.
Lake with Kensin'ton line.
Don't of rya ad -ary-t-Mir
r -tinued -arm Monday. Tuaday fair. coeba: patie
Do tSend Allee to moderate widsiftimicto nortliwent.
Troubles to fair olet mod si able odsda, hemming
The Anderson uO:AL
Printer a .. Is10 a.M, 74; 12 notat. 30: 1 V. M.. 91;
Printery P. P. u.. ?3; 1 P. i.,
1de N. Y. Ave. PeK; lowest
'' _ onlhuiiditr-4 au. m. .25; 1 u. n.. ; a
RiflISP. m. to I t. mi. 8; bmeu of om
Aftne 11.5; li? End of posstble muslmiee. 100.
Temtoe sems dale last yesr-Ngea V:
-11711 ..1. m
V.ghed last hate
_n , 111i ;1,iodaY. misht. A P. i. fall.
IAtianta, Goa..............1 S @8 ? 0.12
Uathmeel d*............a N T2 ...
limdlat~aolm, nd ..... 9 6 s ..
Phi,ldvhia. Pa. .......N a
HORNING The annual value or the farm
PZLSU (seeth of Hiha 3dJ woltpout o h ntdSae
Phlaelhi, ctp8-Te owtw p.
W CE TTRPEFAgitraE Baker an oroteswr
UA IT ake toS.* ges HOia.OSe r
ThyweecptrdmyPlicea Rm
.the'-ighS e.H a.aknt t ge
tinue war Monday . -ayft. Coe;gnl
Preuident of Board Would Includeuish
Schools in Approprisioo
"The Board of Zducation, betbsb which
theproposal bee bee Penditng, favog*
free textbooks for high school pupils,"
em Rev. John Van soba."1 ps1ident of
the beard, yesterday. commenting on the
disoussion of this subjeot at Saturday
night's meeting of the Federation of
CItisens' Asociations. "
"Tezt books used by the grad6d schools
are being supplied free, and it would be
well to extend this policy to include the
high schools. The question ;s definitely
before the board - and will be favorably
reported to tie District copmtan ieZs,
who in turn must address themselves to
Qpngress. The misioners' estimate.
will be prepared wfthin a week or two
and will then go to the Treasury.
"T'he proposal has been made that free
text books be provided for the poorer
pupils attending high school, but such a
distinction between the students would
be undemocratic. Undoubtedly many par
ents who now find the outlay for text
books overburdensome would keep their
children in high school longer in the
event that the books were provided by
the government.
Stephen Elliott Kramer, assistant su
perintendent of schools, suggested that,
should it be found Impractical to supply
free text books, an arrangement might
be made through which pupils,would be
permitted to buy them at wholesale
rates. This might be done if the school
authorities entered into a contract with
a third party for the volumes in quanti
ties and retailed them without profit to
the students,
This practice Is followed in supplying
the High School Cadet Corps with uni
"The shortage of paper has not result
ed In an increase in the price of text
books," said Mr. Kramer. "The publish
ers maintain a price list, from which
the purchasing agency of the schools gets
' discount of from 15 to 30 per cent on
books for the graded schools, It would
be feasible. perhaps, to arrange to give
high school pupils individually the bene
fit of a similar liscount."
Nutshell News
An alliance of secularism and religion,
divested of theology, was advocated by
Benjamin F. Lindas before the Secular
League meeting in Pythian Temple yes
terday afternoon. He spoke of death as
a sign of progress and voiced a con
fidence in a better life to come. The
league will meet next Sunday afterioon
at the Pythian Temple to hear a lecture
by Dr. Paul Bornsen on "Radium in the
Light of Recent Discovery."
Byndey IJoyd Wrightson, founder of
the Washington Oratorio Society and
musical director since its organisation
five years ago, has resigned as musical
director, but will continue as a director
of the society. He will be sdcceeded by
Hamlin E. Cogswell. director of music in
the public schools. The society will meet
October 16 in the chapel of the Church of
the Covenant, Eighteenth and N streets
northwest, at 3 o'clock.
lirs. Frank H. Warren. who was for
merly Mrs. Georgie Rogers. is visiting
Washington with her husband, having
traveled here from Boston in an automo
bile. Their guests on the trip were Mr.
and Mrs. John Dow. of Melrose, Mass.
Mr. and Mrs. Warren are visiting Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Wenger, 200 First
street northwest.
While being switched at Eleventh street
to E street. toward Tenth, the rear truck
of a Washington Railway and Eectric
Company special car yesterday after
noon was thrown onto the track running
toward Twelfth street and derailed. There
were no passengers aboard. Collision
with a passing automobile was barely
Dr. Simon P. W. Drew, pastor of the
Co opolitan' Baptist Church. N street
nort est, between Ninth and Tenth
streets, yesterday preached the second of
a series of sermons on the subject "Cast
Me Not Off in the Timqpof Old Age; For
sake Me Not When My Strength Faileth."
He laid stress upon the need for care of
the aged by young people.
The annual rally of Calvary Baptist I
Sunday School yesterday motring took
the place of the regular church service.
The auditorium was decorated with a
profusion of autumn foliage, with roses
and other flowers, and a beautiful white
lattice screen, prettily decorated, extend
ed partly across the platform,
Speakers from the League of Repub
lican State Clubs will soon start visiting
the government departments at the noon
hour to deliver campaign speeches. There
are said to be 20,000 employes of the gov
ernment who still retain votes In their
States and they will be urged to vote at
the coming election for Hughes.
The team of District representatives to
the national rifle match will leave for
Jacksonville this afternoon, where the
match will be held from October U to 26.
Members of the Washington contingent
are: C. E. Groome, G. B. Cornwell, H. D.
Ruddiman, G. E, Cook, S. M. Angelo, A.
Winter, Edward Strachan, J. W, Gard
ner, C. F. Hummler, S. B. Wetherald, S.
H. Weeder, L F. Hand, L. A. Stein
koenig, R. T. J. Barber, J. C. Bunn, R.
B. Dayton, E. G. Speakman, H. Y. At
well, R. G. Stedman. E. F. Gude, A. E.
Funeral services for James Percy
Evans, the gentleman jockey who died
as the result of injuries received while
riding at Belmont 1arx.. New York.
will be held this afternoon from the
home of his wife's parents, 913 Cam
eron -etreet, Alexandria, Horsemen
and those interested in hunting and
steeplechasingp will attend the ser
vices. he pallbearers will cotoprise
rtders ho have, competed with Mr.
Evans during his fifteen years' of ac
tivity .in the racing field.
Funeral services fsr Mrn. Mary Bar
rett will take place at 10 a. m. today
from the residenice, .208 G street
northwest. A high mass will be cele
brated at fit. Aloysius' Church at 10:30
Funeral eervicee for Wills .Land
sum will he h4ld from his residenice,
75 Fenton street northeast, today at
2:30 . m.
The funeral of Charles F. Stanley
Melklejohn will take place at 2:30 p.
m. today, from his residence, 910
Bleventh street southeast.
Funeral services for the 1tev. 1. An
derson Taylor, former pastor of. Trin
ity Baptist Church, wrin be held to-~
day at 1 p. .m., from the Vermont
Avenue Baptist Church.
Final arrangements for the Holy
Name parade at Baltlipre, on Sunday,
October. 15. in which 1.000 Washing
ton members of the society will par
ticipate, were made at smeetings held
In the Catholic churches throughout
the 4iocese .yesterday.
Dprsey. Collins, .1*. yeers old, .has bees
"min from his hofne at Bethesda, Md.,
sie ls-ed iday.
A colered -maa man eda @nth c
With Rose barden, Juk Nry ad Eleven Ol
In a Powerful Comedy Drama. Praent Tasr Low
rh Joly "Jumping Jack" Comi- Dainty Boy and Gi Entertainers.
MT & JEFF (Bd Fow) Special Matinee Feature-Tuesday to
Cartoen Comedy Fims. "ANITA STEWART"' im "
Vitaavaph's mest peplar star to soe ed
E-mergency Hospital yesterday morning street northeast, was ston from in front
uffering from gas poisoning. Doctors at of his house yesterday afternoon.
he hospital pronounced his condition
ierlous. Berl Starr. of Jacksonvlle, Mis.. who
has been stopping In this city for the past
A diamond brooch was lost by Ifre. few months, met two affable strangers
iondrick. of the Cumberland apartments, yesterday. After a few remarks the
while attending church yesterday morn- three men engaged. It is sid, In a coin
ng. matching game. When they parted the
strangers had SW0 of Starr's money, he
Four-ymr-old Daniel Whisrnan fell complained to the police.
rom a ladder in the rear of his home,
,1 D street northwest, yesterday after- The new Mdunt Pleasant M. E. Church
iooan. He was removed to Emergency at Sixteenth and Lemont streets was
I.spital suffering from cuts on his head. dedicated yestsrday morning, the dedica
tory sermon being delivered by Bishop
A brown fur neckplece was ist by E. M. How. ON Nashville, Tenn.
drs. Eagan. of the Grafton niartments,
while driving yesterday. Dr. UeweLlyn Jordan. of the Treasury
Departinent,ls urging concerted action
A five-passenger Pjisk tnobile, the by the President and members of the
roperty of Charl- .1. AX ~ F Cabinet In advocacy of pension and re
Here's the Prescri
So You Know'
Takinga Whe
Thee :1wMuTIPesn ..Cuc
20 Steth Ce Imntretwa
toreha a y Liero ein delivere yBo
E. E. HosBdetlNashPile Te W
~Dr.Llwefy oran o heTrasr
byara tePeietan ebr of te.
Here' the LiteCri
iers. Special Seenery, Music and Nevelties
SComedy Mymhey, The 3 Ras. Rutic Siging and Comedy
.D CABINET." Eartaies.
Am Exta Geer Casi.e Ofrig. Casy Sin* and Cmd.
Satrday-12:30 ad5P.M.O L a-et Animated m
the meet powerful steries ver fl ath. ad SgeTr.i
tirement legislation which he declares U DERTAKR SU O
can be secured during the coming eson
of Congress by united efforts. Herbert D.
Brown, chief of the bureau or eflciency, DROP IN DEATH RATE
is compiling statistics showing the cost of
the proposed legislation.
LA* Angeles. CaL.. Oct. S.-Cornplaining
The month of November will mark of the low death rate in the '1enit' of
the opening of the social season of the Pomona. Cal., Harry Hanson, n under
Universlty and Army and Navy clubs. taker. has brought suit &gin-t 3 T. lat.
Each will renew its eerIes of winter din- ierson. fromebom he purchased a haif
ner-dances, held on esdays at the Uni- er I n undertaking business in
versity Club and [email protected] at the Army September. 1903.
andPatterson told him. Hanson alleges in
andNav Clb.his complaint, that the undertaking bust-,
-neas handled between U6d and in adunt
The rabies epidemic which is car- came a year and that thi had beer the
ried by infected coyotes is spreading average business for six or eight yesr
eastward in Utah. Rabid coyotes are SinI& that time. alleges Hanso the
common in the entire western part of bua~es bea amounted to about forty
the State, and one has been killed cases a year. The auit IS brought on the
within thirty mles of Salt Laoke City, grouned of fntd.
What You Are
n You Take all
Conerageon Busou ness foH i h eartbur
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