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Otto Kahn, Charles H. Sabin
and Bernard Baruch Before
' Heuse Rules Committee.
'Anthe of Scandal Refuses to Answer
But Promises Revelations Before
Anothr Iaquiy.
A lesso in stock market speculation.
oeveral denials and sone more "prom
Jos" were the net results of yesterday's
peAIiminary peace lea~k investigation be
,f the Haase Rules Committee.
Dernard M. Baruch. "investor andi
sPecutor." furnished the instructions on
how to operate In Wall street. as he out
NOed the Co1r1 of his trading in the
peace "bar waid." Charles H1. Sabin,
president of the Guaranty Trust Com
pany of New York, aId Otto H. Kahn.
of Kuhn Loeb & Co.. furnished the de
alasl. asserting that they had nothin.
to do with either peace leak oc peace
Thoras W. Lawson supplied the prom
lSes, declaring that if the committee or
dered a formal investigation of the leak
charges he would name a cabinet minis
ter. another high government official;
and a big banker who were mentioned
to him as making "millions" out of the
No Trace of Leak.
There were no traces of the real leak
in the testimony. and Baruch. Kahn and,.
Sabin all entered flat contradictions of1
the rumors whi,-h connected then withi1
any advanee information on President
Wilson's move for peace.
Their testimony followed a rer 'wal of1
Lawson's verbal battle with the ommit
tee. The Boston broker kept tt hear-'
Iag nc a turmoil with his cons ant re
fusal to name the high officia ls who
PrOfited by the leak. Finally. after half
4 doMn motions to refer Lawson's con
duet to the House with the rerommen- I
dation that he be held in contempt, he!
ted Chairman Henry that he would di
vulge the names before a ''real" Inves
tiavang committee if one was created.
"1 shall disclose." he said. "that a num
bee of *ongMssmen mentioned to me the
name the banker. a Cabinet member
and anAther one whom I will refer to
as a great official. I will mention the
alsmunt of money, more than a S1.0o,00."
' la wll you disclone that the Cab
furnisbe eg tu 2ddrt~ a*)ed an
ater mwan 14et aseks sbort at tiswes
and to bay at ether times, and that large
sums of money were divided among the
41ff rent ' partien.'
Law.o. IN Excused.
The examination of Lawson was con
eluded. but the contempt motions are still
before the committe, for consideration.
Bernard Baruch puzzled the committee
sadly. lie ex lained that he war buying
stock all thro igh the bear raid and they
cou!dn , unde lstand for some time,. that
he was baying is -atoek that he was al
ready shart in. He revlewed his peace
ato-k dealings at length. but declared
that they were based entirely on the
Peace noe of Germany. and the reply of
Great Britain. rather than on Presidnt
Wiltor's speech.
The European develolinrite, ie -aid.
Attorney Says Sensational Eposure
e Will Follow Police Chief's Arrest.
IMy She -termstteal ews Servile.)
Citliago.. Jan. .PrOmiss of arrests
which will disclooe the existcnce of a
grat "vice trust" were made today by
Macle:' loyne, State's attorne. Already
nine ne, and four women are either mn
der forraatarrest or detained in jail, and
("iet of Pol'c Cherles C. Healey Ix n
der bonds Of $100MJ on chargee of '-x
tOrtion. eonSpiracy to obstruct justice,
Ld accepting briber.
Hoyne. charges that the "trust. whieb
lnvolvcs pollee and city offeals. as weil
as as&,nts of reforn organizations, has
mohected 31.0W a neek from the under
"omsd in bribes and thousands of dol
lars fruni other sources.
A aid on the oMce of Thomas Cos
tello. alleged to be a profes'onal *nxe-."
netted s-veral parcels of bills. marked
by agents of the State and circulated in
the underworld. loyne said.
Horne's detectives hold warrants for
the arrest of two police lieutenants and
two under Delice fejal.. Already un
der arrest are Lieut. A. M. White. Thom
as Costello. William Skidmore, saloonist;
ond-'iike -eldler. known as the "West
Slde 5.over."
Easlish Poet andi Prnceton Professor
Fofesee Prolonged Strugsle
DBy the EateemattemaS News Servtee.)
New Tor-k, Jan. .-"Recently I was on
the' omme front, snd it looks to me as
though the war could go on for ten yaars.,
without, vitory for either side."
This deciarationt was made today by
Alfred Noyes. English poet and professor
of Engitsh at Princeton, foil his ar
rival today upon the lner Pa~uL.
"The Englisb and French are pushing
.sieiy but certainly teward the Rhtma
had the Germasa are as gradually fanl
tag hack. But there is doubt if the
Rhine ever will he reaehnd. Ne u
'en tell how long the war will last."
Prof. Moyes declared that England will
aot eonsentt to am ae mference 'tts
times. He added wht,~ hlil then se
hadyan Eng~sb-' that Be. et
su'twd . a e. the, is 3o babsel
Greek Womem AP6ed
Serving as Guards
London. Jan. .--Armed women
are being put into the field by the
Greek government to act as guards,
says a press dispatch fron Athens
today. These women are supplant
inc the Greek regulars that have
been withdrawn from Thewsaly at
the demand of the allies.
They are being used to watch
bridges and railroads.
Czar's Troops Aim to "Roli
Up" Entire Teuton Left in
Great Offensive.
By the Iaternatieaal News Service.)
New York, Jan. 9.-In a titanic eleventh
tour effort to saie her steadily crumbling
louthern lire and parry the threatening
rive on Odessa, Russia is hurling vol
anoes of shells into the northernmost
reuton front and sending the pick of the
duscovite soldiery into unceasing at
acks on a sector of 10 rnlues. between
he Baltic coast ard Dwinsk.
A "rolling up" of the entire Teuton left
a the aim. East Prussia i the goal.
'he great Russian drive. which early in
he war forced the German legions to
weep backward from the gates of Paris
ind led to the battle of the Marne. is to
le repeated if the apparent plans of the
Jussian high command materialize.
There plans. It seems. have been under
way for months. Vast stores of am
nunition have been accumulated behind
he front between Riga and Dwinask; the
>ulk of Russia's reserves are concen
rated there. The Rurnanian defeats
ailed to divert either. The psychological
noment was patiently waited for. It
sme when Falkenhayn's armies moved
ip against the Sereth line.
Unlike the Austrians, who on June 1 of
his year, were completely taken by our
wise when Brusiloff launched his power
ul offensive in the Bukowina, the Ge.'
nans in the north, probably through
Lerial reconnaisance work and constant
'feelers" by raiding detachments, were
Lware of the Russian aim and anticipated
he offensive.
On January 3. evidently just before the
sar's forces were to usher in the "big
iush." the Teutas took the initiative.
yhey crossed the ice of the Dwina with
strong forces and captured an island
iorthwest of Dwtpsk. This utrwtacall
state's Attorney Makes Closing Argu
ments Against Roy Hindertiter.
By The taternatteas News service.)
Olney. IlW.. Jan. 9.-Roy Hinderliter was
>randed a the slayer of pretty 17-year
yid ElizAbeth Ratcliffe by state's Attor
rIe John Lynch in closin arguments
today in the trial of the young farmer
n the sensational "air bubble" murder
Lynch told the jury of Hinderliter's
ove tryots with the girl in the orchard
rhere she met her death. He told how
Ellzabeth. learning she was to become
i mother, had turned in fright to Hinder
iter. how he had taken her aay on a
mlggy ride. and how he had come dash
n; into Olney with her corpse in his
"When Roy Hinderliter came to Olney
n take thot fatal ride with Elizabeth.
te brought with him fojr means by
rhich human nature might be over
'ome." said the State's attorney. "He
lad a revolver; he ad a slungshotl he
tail a hottle of carbolic acid, and he
tad an instrument."
.ooked Like Disciple of John Barley
' corn-Police Are Foiled.
Special to The Washington Herald.
Philadelphia. Jan. 9.-Polleeman Ocker,
>f the Fifteenth and Vine streets station.
was making his rounds in this mornin's
imaller si darker hours when he saw
what he tught was a very red and in
rentieht drimakeni man lying agaist the
:urbitone at Fifteenth and Filbert streets.
Investigation showed that the thing
was too light for a sodden "drunk"-that
is. it didn't have enough life; that it
muld hardly be detected breathing. With
these cluee in hand the policeman started
Dut to ind just what the thing was, A
little snappy work discloied the fact that
it was a large piece of dressed beef, city
damped and in good condition.
The beef was arrested and taken to the
F'ifteenth and Vine streets etaion. A
elative of the prisoner was found to be
he Conaentidated Beef Company, It had
iropped oft a wagon of the company, In
omnnting upon the incident. gergt.
D'icklnson, who attended to the wants of
he sectieon of "moo," said:
"A lrst-daame )arn, boys; plenty of ac
ice. Or you might say meat in it, ehy'
Philadelphia. JAn, 3.-Before Jobn Mae
leeki, of Lanadale, set out to colleet a
lebt from John Turk at IUnneld be wrote
Mark a leIr giving the hour be planned
it eau mad asking that he "be ready for
Turk wasn reedy. According to Main
c*1 Turk me~t hinm with a club and
fras. Turk with a rolling pin.h col
metor' went beck to LanaeM applied
lnimast to his lbes for a day and
~obtained warrants for Mir. and Mrs.
The Park View Aorciation. at its
inenthl meeting in the Park Vise Sebool
las night heard a Iscture by *. 0. Mr
b I "!ba Semange e(th Tg s
Twelve Sufragists Will Go on
Guard Following Futile
Call on President.
Chief Executive to Be Reminded Daily
by Means of Banners, that
Femininity Would Vote.
Twelve suffragettes, who wilt be known
as ".silent sentinels," will go on guard
duty at the White House this morning
at 9 o'clock. so that hereafter President
Wilson will not be able to leave the ex
ecutive mansion without being reminded
of the demand of women for political
Thee guards will carry banners with
such inscriptions as: "Mr. President,
how long must women wait?"
Squads will be stationed about the
White House daily, includIng Sundays.
from today on until March 4, from 9
O'clock in the morning until 6 in the
This is generally regarded as the most
militant move ever made by the suffra
lists of this country.
Yesterday prominent suffrage workers
said that means must be adopted to
"move the President," even to the ex
treme of the'sacrifice of life "and this
country can ill spare its womanhood."
After a large delegation of women from
the Congressional Union for Woman Suf
frage had visited the White House yes
terday afternoon to present memorial
resolutions on the death of Ines Milhol
land Boiseevain and had been told by
the President that be was bound as a
leader of his party and could, therefore,
to nothing for national woman suffrage.
the women returned to the national head
quarters of the Congressional Union and
decided to station "silent sentinels."
Mroe Thag 3,6000 Pledged.
The women pledged more than $,000 to
carry on the new work. Mrs. Harriot
Stanton Blatch told them the time for pa
rades and deputations had passed and
that other means must therefore be
Mrs. Blatch sugeated the "silent sen.
tinals of liberty and self-government."
Mrs. Sara Hard Field.,of San Francisco.
tadorsed the proposaL.
Mis 5 Baraba~ et Phisa hpa.,
Mk. at pih
Telegraph Tips
Oseipee, N. H.. Jan. .-Frederick L.
Small, the BOMW broker found-guilty
of murdering hiS wife, was today sen
tenced by Judge John Kivel to imprison
ment in the State prison at Concord un
il January 15, 19nt. "On that day." reads
the sentence, "you shall be hanged by
the neck until you are dead."
New York, Jan. 9.-The horrors of war
came home to the family of 17-year-old
Marion Lwis today. when the body of
the girl was found In the bath room of
the home with a bullet woun4. through
her temple. Mourning for a soldier lover
killed on the front. "somewbere in
France," Is given as the cause of tho
girl's act.
London, Jan. 9.-A dispatch from Am
sterdarn today quotes the HarSdelsblad
as saying that German dealers will
shortly send 25.M Worth of cut dia
mends to the United States In a sub
marine. Underwriters have agreed to
insure the shipment at 11 per cent
against capture.
New York, Ja V.-"Cans. is not fight
ing for peace, but for human liberty."
This was the assertion of G3en. Sir Sam
Hughes, Canada's former minister of mi
litia. recently ousted from his position.
in an address to the Canadian Club here.
"The price which the Hohensollerns must
pay for peace is an assured guarantee of
peace," Sir Sam sad.
Port au Prince, Haiti, Jan. 9.-United
States naval offmcers will superidad the
national election in Haiti n*xt Monday
to Insure an honest count. The people
express satisfaction with this supervislop,
declaring that they feel sure it'will re
sult in an absence of political dimension.
l4%lC8 inches.
Lithfhraphed in
Six Colors.
With Every Copy of
Next Sunday's
-- I C --
Fear of Tea S laidr
Delays Sag of Crnarde
New York. Ja, &-Wear of German
submarines and a QGrien sea raider
that is rported to be hrking 11 miles
east of Sandr Hook 10 asribed in ship
pig circles as the reaso for .the Ind1e
-ite potponment of the sailing of the
Cunard liner Andii, which was to have
departed today.
Seventy-fve persons had booked pias
age on the liner. It Is believed In ma
rine circle. that the Andla is awaiting
the arrival of a ooa-uoy of warshipe of
this port before leaving.
Indicted for Alleged Kidnap
ping of, and Assault On,
Boy "Friend:'
(my the Iaternatienal News mervice.)
New York. Jan. 9.-HaAy K. Thaw.
acquitted of the murder of Stanford
White on the ground of Insanity. was
Indicted for kidnaping and assault In
the second degree by the grand jbry
of New York County today.
Frederick Gump, Jr., of Kansas City,
a good-looking boy about 1 years of
age, Is alleged to be the victim of
Thaw's attack in a suite of rooms on
the eighteenth foor of the Hotel Mc
Alpin. on Christmas night.
George F. OByrne, alleged to be the
bodyguard of Thaw and to have aided
in the kidnaping and forcible detention
of the boy in the McAlpin. also was
indicted. A man arrested as O'Byrne
In Philadelphia late in the anernoon
by Detective Bernard Flood dedIles that
he had anything to do with Thaw. and
said that he is J. A. Brauer, a travel
ing salesman.
Beach Warrant Issued.
Judge Mulqueen. when the indict
ments were filed. issued a bench war
rant for Thaw, and Detective Cuniff, of
the district attorney's staff, was sent
to Washington because of a report re
celved in the district attorney's ofitce
that Thaw had been seen in that city.
No trace of the movements of Thaw
were found since he won a guest of
the Hotel Belgravia, Philadelphia. on
Monday. Some one called District At
torney Swann on the telephone and
said he was Harry Thaw and would re
Port at once at the district attorney's
omce to answer 'any charge against
Young Gump is the son of Fred"I
Gurap, a trow* WOnNatee ins Wilmo
. The boy
-- eywho
pesente the case to the grand jury,
Tbaw's first Ineeting with the boy was
at Long Beach. Cal.. In Decenber, 191_
In an ice cream perior.
Thaw talked to the boy about his pros
Pects sn& semed to be deeply interested
In his welfare. The boy wa with his
parents at LOng Beach. They hearn
Of Thaw and believed in comnon with
many others in the Far West that Thaw
was in the martyr class. Thaw. after
returning East. sent several letters and
Christmas cards to Gump. Thaw, in his
letters to 4lump, cautioned him to keep
secret what he 'bad written, but the
Said to Have Stolen Auto in Order
to Follow Her.
Saisa n Toi Wahington Heald.
New York. Jap. 9.-Infatuation for a
cabaret r'-rformer whom he followed to
'ew York from Rochester. was the rea
Son given by a young man who described
bimself as Jemes G. Whalen. :4.
Rochester, for his appropriajfon of an
expensive Cadillas touring car. which he
sought Ireffectually to sell to loyal deal
ers for ?1.00. according to the police.
Detective Toner made the arrest at
Broadway aid Fifty-third street after
lie had received several telephonle calic
from d.alers in the'vicinity saying tht
young man was trying to sell an ex
ensive car for a fraction of its value.
Whalen at fIrst declared the car his
own, accoilng to Detective Toner, hlt
when shown that the number plates wer
not taken out in his name lie admitted
having stolen it t order to follow tli
zabaret ainger.
Principal Facts Al
Making Nal
Prohibition bill introduced by S1
pansed the Senate, 55 to 3s. An a
to the residents of the District of C
43. its second tie during this ecse
The bill is now before the Hou
referred to the Committee on the A
Tremendous pressure is be'ig a
before the adjouroment of Congifta
the effort will be successful and obc
it will pass by a big majority. Li
strength for the referendum is ant
The bill goes into effect Nov-m
The Sheppard bill prohibits the
ing liquors of any kind within t'x
importation for any of those pun
drinking of alcoholic liquors or go
Penalties for violating the pro
to $x~ooo fine and from thirty days
Penalties are also provided for
holic liquors or price lists.
The bill permits the importatios
of the District if the shipments are
alties on shippers who disregard th:
Sacramental wines and alcohol
exempted. I
Patent medicines containing a
classed as beverages.
Neutrals Expected to Renew
Call for Parley.
A vigorous co-operative renewal of
peace negotiations by the neutral natons
which have joined President Wilson's
movemeat ,rW peN was appreant Jn
% rn. g s Ls M i n i
muSa mft q::.r iengthy a t
t peace itUation was reviewed at.
length. . I
Switzerland was the first neutral na-1
tion to Inderse the President's demand I
on the belligerent nations for a state
rnen of peace terms. and it, indorsinci
note expressed a dedire to take any part
"however modest" in the negotiauons
that rihght end the war.
Neither the White Rouse nor the Swiss
le.gation would discuss yesterday's con- 1
fernce beyond saying that the President
once tore expressed his appreciation for:
the prompt and strong indorbe ment of t
his course by Switserland.
It was stated n diplomatic circles lst:r
night. however. that the conference was'(
the beginning of a Eeries of talks which li
the Presidenit expects to have with the a
representatives.of the neutral nations in
Washington regarding the peace Fitua
The President feels that all of the in- L
suence at the command of the neutrbi
world should be brought to bear on !"
belligerents to bring them to make clear
the terms upon which they are willin tolt
halt the slaughter In Europe.
He is known to desire that his errort
to end the war rhould be accepted as
the expressiop of the neutral world's
longing for peace.
Kentucky Governor Leads Ba-d ofl
"Trusties" in Rescuing Prisoners.
(y the Inervatlesnt News Servlce.)
Frankfort. K4.. Jan. 9.-Leading a
be.nd of fire-t.ghting convicts. Gov.
Stanley. of Kentucky. e.arl today rsved
ithe lives of more than forty convicts.
trepped in their cells wh-n fire broke 1
'out in the State penitentiary.
Two prisoner, were burned to death I
and thirty-nine others are in the pris
on hospital. The fire destroyed one
cell-house and badly damaged another.
The key to the cell-houss was broken I
when the fire was discovered. and It I
was impossible to relesee the prison
Gov. Stanley, aided by a band of con
victs. scaled the walls of a burninghi
building, r-a-4ed over a tane-ewept
roof, slid down chains to th- burning
cell-house. apid liberated the impris- I
oned nmien by bettering down the doors
with pickaxea and crowbarr.
Then the nen' were carried to tle
prlon wallt and let down in rope
slings to rescuiers below.
' New To-k. .tan,~ i- uspected of being
on her way to, the Azores to be armed
an4 converted igo a submarine Lbhaser,
the big steam raeht Alvin. today la
anchored at Quarantine whl'e United I
Statea offic'as Investigate. Members oft
her crew are satt to havc aprend ther
port that she was to become a e ar vesseli
Thie yacht Is isated as belonzing to1
Thoas F. Cole. of Duluth. hut Is re- 1
perted to have been sold to 'lhe alles
Membera at the crew said ahe was to rue
treeftrred to Russian registry.
Lys Mn.. Jan. 94I-C osity Qen the I
patt Jb~ Colbert. 14 years old, of I
tsee what was inside a 1
1af hell remutted In the hay going to a1
hapial la Brightesn, where specialists
today, said he probably would lose the:.
light of both eyes
Ani expleslen followed when the boy ~
emtag eovering of the hail and be was
ismeeds uncemaccious. His head and face
We Severely burael. ata lest physi
d is atmable' to 46'oneh to ale
>out Bill
idn's- Capital Dry
atMor Morris Sheppard, of Texas,
maeadnet referring the questio
Ahmbia fail by a tit vote, 43 to
a of the Congress.
me of Representatives and wiM be
fairs of the District of Columbia.
gerted to bring the b to a vote
on March 4. It is predicted that
uld the bill get before the House
tle or no hope of a showing f
1pated in the House.
ber 1, 1gr7.
sale, gift or barter of intoxicat
District of Columbia and their
oses. It 4oes not prohibit the
trict the personal importation of
lsions of the bill are from $30o
t,o one year's imprisonment.
any persons who advertise alco
of beverage liquors to residents
July registered and provides pen
provisions of the law.
for science, art and medicine are
high percentage of alcohol are
ttorneys Flay Brotherhoc I
Men as 'Iighwaymen."
Compulsory arbitratio is te proper
elmedy which Congreas should have pro
cribed for tte railroad controvecray, at
hAteys for the rsalts yesMy told
be h Ceart i awsmlg "aij
Mall.it*'tvgVty of tMe Aisamn
diht-hee.~r-a w.
The railroad attorniey. John C. John
on and Wasiker D. HiLce. concluded
ir argument. and Special Atstaant
0 the Attorney Ge'neral Frank Hager
is. began the final speech for the rov
rnment in support of the law.
Attorney Johtnaoa. ditur.sing the ma -
-r avid method by wht-ht the Adams. -1
kw van put throughk tongr-oe. compar j
be ra!!road emrployes' brotherhoods o'
organzed range of h;huwarymen."
"iiae M- rearnal a perind in our him
Iry." hn denanded, ' hen the mer, n ho
Ireatl:i a strik-v ho th1resen a re
ierI. i calarmi - ar, to be reararde-1 b'
ongress" If congress IF to do thit for
ten who threatcn to ruin the commerce
r the country. thr-, o(nnpress must pa..
'it 1s taking the iarrier' rnontey for a
Lbte usU. ar 1 ' no ta- ih c .arriers.
uppose th-.r- kOorM Men in the rairoal
rctherhocda I ,,. 'give uS hb pay or
+ Ptrile. A:" ac to -ield it b" ause
.n flar what they may do'
The riiiroad attorne declard that tlhe
,n- had cm- -hrn the rublic 'ou ld1
tacti its vutho-rity oicr bollh parti' e tu
iustrial di ut . e t I -Aker.
Voman W Ies Phiadelphia Authod
ties She Knows Details of Murder.
By the lateraiqaual Newa !ersler.i
Philadelphia. Pa, .:n. !. --enard W
,e'Is did no, kill Mrie A. Colbert. iand
ap Tate of the detective, krows it.
Thia ttemen. rtteo o a corre -
pondence card. signetd "Mayme R. At
ns." ws". r-erietd tev a prominent
ont- of iAl thli aft-'mon. gave th
aurii c; r1" I- rv of a lober:r, or
dasse Cobriamoeprplexig angle
hen at an- tme sinc, the crime
''I stood in the hall. crouched in a
ontra, talt the tim that the inrrthte
fai^s A . tobrt .n:rder wre akmn,
lee." the U riter of th I.:-tcrious ms
ae said. She addvd rhe would not give
*stimony, for she would ncNer mix
ith mich Teople" again. but s-aid he
kotild discloe rverything to the news
lareers inl i few days.
The meeep, written ci, n eri with an
mboesed "A in the <orne, wa.; nitled
n Brooklyn yesterday.
New Tork'. Jan. 9.-Eleven thou' and
-otte of clectricits i-hot through the
edy of Herbeit Langworthy. en engine
'rlver on th- N'ev' flanen Railroad. it
a lied to hill1 him, but Langwot -th v-ase
aken in a seriou's condition to ih- St -i
or'd HospItal. titamiford. ('nip
Langworthy had his enamie mi th"
stamford yardl and took a poker to tiea:;
ire the water in the engine tub. Some
snw the pokter touched the high tenrtion
tire. There "as an explosve so'und Ike
he discharge of a cannon. The only ef
ect s of the shoc-k s isible are ont ti h n;i
yeer's hand end foot. lie wan irson
iclous when p ekad up.
Butler. Pa , Jan. s.-When phi st ar
tarted to perform an auatopay ntle-day
a the body of Mrsa. Wary Ahmse, ,dovm&
ound Stma' afternsoo, n mudered it he~r
owe on the Three D~egree read near
ireaville. they diacowsd a rikl hand
:archief atutd down the woman-v throat.
he had been strangled.
The 8tste poile- took int'n ejsi4v
homsaa Ahmee. a brethefr of the woarn.
nd aro 4etaieting Hni In the s'unt-- jai
ere as & mteriet witbeas. Th' tare
earching far'Charles Ahbme.. another
eether, who ha, been abnet from hie
|- ses Ieamrr 4
55 TO 32;
Absence of Vice Preaic..
Held Accountable for Lou
of Amendment.
elheved Lower Body WEi
Folow Action of Senate
in Voting.
The Senate. by voting 55 to 32 y.
-erday on the Sheppoad prebbitim
,ill, put the District 9teb e
the "water wagon." From and ahw
November I the salo mds of d D
Atr will be closed if the Sheppard b
s adopted by the House. -ai..
:onddently expected if use bill is w
>orted from the Committee on Afa
>f the District of Coalumbia, to which
t will be referred today.
The Sheppard bill was the stbial
>f a stormy deba in the SeatL k
ulmiated when. for the seced 1tM
be amendment of Senator Oscar W.
ierwood providing for a refegendum of
he question to the sesidents of Va&
mgton. lost by a tic vote. Y
dr. Underwood's proposal received 4
fotes with 43 opposed to it.
One sote changed either way wesid
tave been a deGisive defeat or victosy
for the proposal.
e -at the obee f vwe
[ias R. Mariwu. vise. ineh e*en~
sf a tie. would have had a right to
vote. It is generafly belueved that Mr.
Varha ;aeould have voted for the
referendum. though it is likely that is
sersonal sympathy was for the prolsii
Lion bill.
The Sheppard bill as passed pro.
rides for closing Washington saloema
>n November 1. It does not preves
bringing liquor into Washingtina for
personal use, but the sale or gift of
sny liquor is liable to punishascat by
a lne of from $300 to $10000 and
imprisonment of not less than thirty
days or more than one year.
Can Ship Liquer I.
ir made for shirrent of
nicholl, beverages Into. the utllet.
providir.g the conrign+o duiv registeen
Ued receipts for th- ame 'lith a rAs
tri-t functionar, .
Although the bill prol INit= the maa
.facture of alcohol iI Washington, m
-ffort by Senator Reed to detrog the
'mIness of the Corby Baking Lbmpmv
led. This comparny man-tfacturea 0s
a b"-product a yeast-grr-in aleobol.
lThls s. refined and exported from the
[lMstrict for pharmaeuticaj. purposes
Mfr. Reed sought to prevent the er
portation of this product and t' co
i"quenlt closing o, the Corby pIst He
failed. however. on a 1vin voce vote.
The Senate divided on the referee
dum vote as follow,
For the an rIl-t - Bankhead.
Brandeg.e. Brou sid. Br. an. (lark.
'o. ubrn. !illneam. DuPont.
F'all. Harding. Hard- ick. Hitricock.
(oN1riurD ns rta. T-rfr..
as Game of "Hagh Five" While Sands
of Life Slip Away.
edaT;I Weaingre Werstd.
[D. ni i . COl . Jan i. - Iufralo E i e ie
joni abIl iPirnft I. II.-r 11nte.4 - hem be
a&F told b?" hip attenr;nt. rhysicra, .
1. H4. lajt. t oat hi passing must come
*ithtn a rel&.tIely" r h-urs
Shortly afterward the vetern plaagN
nan called tc his a t-r. Mrr Way Doeeb-i
croad sein
"Strinig the earl. 1' ;l pLe:- a game
cf high five. '.ou andt I'
t.hen DToctor Iast nad entered his room
emon't Cod. said
"sait'ocn do'tte see ismethng I1
a nnt to ask -. i. What Aie my' chances'"
Dio-tor East tur ed to the scout. 'These
atime. rain'iel. -said he. When eed
ton-s' ph' s rian muset commend I
atient to a htghser pow-er
flon long' arked Colonel C'-d aim.
I can ars-"er that. said She phy-dean,
r'nly, b' ie!'ine ou yocur life is like the
'nor glass. The sand is rt!pri'.g: gcad
ais. skealy--bt soon the scend itl atl
te gone. The end ao not far awa
I.er"' n ter 'a.. Jan 5 -Lackcae-ats
Counst: and partf e( Loterne, are threat
ped with a he.. fasmine as a raui t .
Ihe .r~' of We brew-try workere be aa
insOeJFar in, Ofer
Bre? cirv workers in the distriet betwM
Carbo-dste and Pittston are 155. abe..
hotelmen s Uha'have Saly eum beer '
to 'nat theast for three ays. Rteprms
U "e of the strikers aid beewery v- ga
held a confrence. but eeulj am ed
pa amanmenuw

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