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Ftam a. us
Rdlisf Th0Smaim&
C irging that Sm, was extrted.
bsm be Amertea People by the 81001
seempely last year, the lissate Agricul
to Cmnitteg yesterday reminmeded
that the State Departmnt open negotia
_Uas with the Mexicas da facto govern
to obtain relief for farmers In the
States who have bpen enaUpelled
pay excessive prinem for binder twine.
The connitt e abe arged the Depart
ent of Justice to "tate Such wation a.
(UD-TIME 1.0
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Ureast Tea. e as the German folke
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datak a teacup full at any time. It Is
the mest effective way to break a cold
and cure grip, as it opens the pores.
yelieving congestion. Also loosens tne
bowel, thus breaking a cold at onee.
It is Inexpensive and entirely vege
inft therefere harmless.-Adv.
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c seof funi
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thi Vw" ad the fo UAW' warrat
4o," -= euing the 0mopd.
Subinittbig its rert to she senate.
the canmittee. after Jong ionrigation,
"'be cowunittee ugw the rne.rs of
the oountry to make oesvw efert to ntd
a suitable substitute for siwte bk ean
be grown *ithin the United States at rea
sonable cost in order that they may no
i8g be t8 the Power of a foreign mo
nopoly for so essential a product as
binder twine. The report is referred to
the Department of Agrkmlture with the
roisuan aItiro tS' It aOe a speeiai
investigation toward this end."
The investigation was started last
spring. The proe developed a series of
sensational revelations of the competi
tion between the tnternatiea Harmster
Company and the Comision Regulatora.
an agency created by the Mexican ge.
ertment. to control the Sla output of
The committee offered no criticism of
the International Harvester Company.
William H. Woodcock. proprietor of a
lunch room at (.2 Pennsylvania avenue
northwest, was arrested by the police
of the Sixth precinct last night accused
of assault. The police say that dbring
a fight between Nathaniel R. Allen, 30
years old, of Good Hope road moutheast,
and Woodcock. the former was thrown
through a glass door. He recetved' cuts
on the face and was removed to the
Emergency hospital.
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his aninial mama1 taet umasib P8
the Heuse yaeiaa without a rem
vote. it passed the aesate Iafst lden,
ad after eenaideation in enference, ii
likely to be the ftat legislation in th4
PresideUt's prsram to reesive .eecutivo
approval thin session.
The bill carries apropriations for vo
cational training. inerensing on a slidini
scale from .700.000 for the next aca:
year to aNMetbing more than $7.000000 ir
12~.-5. and annually thereafter.
This money In to be expended througt
the several states Under the control of a
I Federal boayi of voeational educational
consisting of five member.
When the scheme is in full operatior
after 19M the annuaI appropriation wil
be $3,=.D0.
stripped of a apaalal provision provid.
Ing a salaried position for Representatlv4
('ullop. of Indiana. by continuing him as
a member, the House today passed I
resolution continuing until next Decem
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~0 asse:_Igt
Okiest Attorney in Ofice of SolAto,
for DputmpMi of hairidr.
JOseph lt. Webster, eldest of the attor
neys In the aisce of the solicitor for the
Department of the Interior, died at Ms
home, 3M Harvard street northwost. yes
terday afternoon at 19:4 eeck. fea
eral Rnnths ago he lad sugered a physt
cal b .eebewa, but partilay ree..ered.
and. althoUgh past T7 years of age, re
toned to his duties. Sunday afternoon.
WNie Ou his way to visit a friend. he
eees'iesed a severe attack of sicknes.
"Oneafl" Webeter, as he was known
to hil friends, was bet in Dombay.
&AMi., in lam Iis parents wern mission
arese. They returned to the United tate"
during thejr son's boyhood and settled
in La Granowe County. Iama.
The outbreak of the civil war found
Webster a student in Wabash (olege
at Crawfordsville, and. together with
most of his class, he enlisted in a eom
pany Of infantry organised by Capt.
(later General) Law Walliao. author of
"Ben Hur." Webster participated in fve
great battles. lie rose to the rank of
lleutenant-colonel, and at Chickamauga
commanded the fragments of his regi
meent remaining after the ght of the
first day. He completed a law course at
the Iowa State University, and in 1871
he was elected attorney general of the
State. and was later county judge of
Lancaster County. He occupied the chair
of Instructor in equity jurisprudence in
the Nebraska State University for a
In t1 he was appointed assistant
United States attorney in the office of
the Assistant Attorney (Jeneral for the
Iepartment of the Interior. which posi
tion he held until his death, being from
time to time promoted In grade.
Judge Webster Is survived by his
widow, Mrs. Lenore P. Webster. and a
daughter. Miss Joy L. Webster. The
funeral under auspices of Burnside Post,
G. A. R.. will be held at the family real
dence at 4 o'clock this afternoon. Is
terment will be at Lincoln, Neb.
The Salesmanship Club of Washington.
formed to educate its members in funda
mental principles of scientitli salesman
ship. held its first meeting in the rooms
of the Chamber of Commerce la.t night.
E. E. Perrine, president of the Denver.
1aleamanship Club. made the chief ad
dress of the evening, discussing "Crea
tive Imagination. tbe Magic LIght of
Modern Business."
Officers elected are: President. 4_. G.
Reiniger; first Nice president, P. W. H.
Snyder: second %lee president, McCarthy
lianger; treasurer. John Poole: secre
tary. C. E. Harrington; executive com
Piittee. W. F. Gude. H. L. Mooney, W.
K. Evans. J. C. )e Villibls. Max Fischer.
Morris W. Sheldon, E. C. Rodgers, F. C.
Stewart, George C. Jordon. John M.
The next mreeting will be held in the
Chanmber of Commerce rooms January
23. when Robert G. WalH will speak on
scientific salesmanship.
"Mirm. Brown.' of this city. has n t S7,
to The Washington Herald to be fop.
warded to T. W. Gibson. a former Wash
Ingtonifn, who Is now In a sanatorium
at Ap_4querque. N. Met.. receiving treat
mem for tuberculosis.
This swells the fund to more than s100
and Mr. Gibson needs $:3 more to pay his
expenses to the end of this month. by
which time he says he will be cured.
Many have responded to his appeal for
financial assistance. Mr. Gibson at
tributes his improved health to this aid
and promises to repsy all his benefactors
with Interest when he Is again able to
'c Amer..tn Tolish Club nill hd I
Rnnual convention in cOnnte ti.a v. ih '
Washington Poultry Show. Chiih will Ie
held in the Union Buildim;t at Sixi it aid
G streets, January L to 1.
The annual club exhibit will be ied in
conne tion with the poultry show.
John Lack. of Baltimor, secietary of
the Polish Club and a mem.er of the
1local association. informed Secretary Lil
lie tiit tihre would be about 31' birds of
tht Polish variety on exitbit.
I Among prominent breeders of this va
rity who 1ill exhibit hrre at, : A. R.
Hamilton. Auburn. N. Y'.; charlit, E.
Smith. Fall River. Mass.; R. I,. Knauus5,
Altoona. Pa.: Hill Top 'oultry F.-rm.
Gettysburg, Pa.; Mr. IAck: W. J. Nelly.
Cambridge s4prings, Pa-; Chars I.. 5ee
1v. Afton. N. Y.: T. L. Andrew. Boion;
Edward 4' Pentalow. Ilartford. Coi.;
Edward Sten. Buckland. Conn : .t. E:
twiale. lochester. N. V.: R. E. Te. Kn
sington. Md.. and lRafeel Rod'ikeu..
Havana. Cuba.
Senator Luncan 1'. teher presided
last night at the Friiia tute Pnriety's
ioreting in the Logan lntel. After a brief
business seselon thesce officers were
Fresident. Senator Flct, her: filst vice
president, Maj. W. C. 1a:e; second ite
president, Mrs. Kilcougi: treasurer, W.
W. Pollock: secretary. 71r.. Fowler.
A musaleal and literary program con
cluded th meeting.
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bes lots, but not all colors in each lot.
Unlined Robes, at Lined Robes, a
$3.95 values... e $5.00 values.. $ 2 .9 5
Quilted Robes A Shrt Qited
Long robes, In navy.
Copenhagen and black
with contrasting or same
color lining. finished -in Ch5~ twiat
with lay-down collar ar a
turn-ba ck cuffs andna Okt.aP n
pockete, also cord endcoarndttbh
tassel. $5.50 value, at cuffs $6.9e Valu. at
$4.75 $3e9:w
beautifully hand-embroidered, striped and
I15n Japanse Crep KI monos checked patterns.
White grounds with embroidered designs in Copenhagen, light blue, pink.
salmon, lavender and gray. $3.95 value, at .................... $ 3 .4 8
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flounce or flounce 6n- flouace; nished with finished with two
ished with two small four small ruffles; in pleated ruffles, cotton
ped ruffe in pu- tan, Russian green, underpiece; in put
- mrald, navy. red. pA. reseda. batedup
pi, reseda. black, old duck and king blue; gray. emerald, navy
rose. emerald and black, white, pink, and blue and changeables.
navy. a few chamgeables. Kann's-Second Flow.
at $2.95 i at $5.50 at $5.50
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V" neck; collar or co'larless styles; in white with pink. blue or
gray stripes; prettily trimmed with wash braids.
frogs. etc. At.................... ........ $1.00
B~etter qalities at $1.50 to $200.
KNIT PETTICOATS, in w1hite. natural and gray
with colored borders. At........................... UC
KNIT PETTICOATS, in g ay and natural with color
ed borders; also plain white, natural, gray and black. At 1.
Better qalities at $1.50 and $2.N.
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