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The President, witJ
And Small Par
Mr. and Mrs. Larz Ander
son Entertained for Jap
anese Mission Last Even
ing-Mr. Sato Will Give
Dinner and Reception
Tonight for Viscount
Ishii-Senator Saulsbury
Also Issued Invitations to
Entertain the Visiting
The President and Mrs. Wilson.
with a small party, occupied a box
at Keith's Theater last evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Lars Anderson were
hosts for Viscount Ishil. head of the
Japanese mission' at their home In
Massachusetts avenue last evening,
first at a dinner party with thirty
gliests and later at a reception.
There were thirty guests present at
dinner to meet the Viscount. includ
ing Mr. Aimaro Sato. the Ambassador
of Japan; Mr. and Mrs. Roland S.
Morris. of Philadelphia. the former
recently appointed American Ambas
sador to Japan; members of both the
Japanese embassy staff and the suite
of the speuial Japanese Ambassador,
and others from re-ident and offeial
For the reception there were a num
ber of additional guests, both the
large drawing room suite and the
garmlen bein used for the entertain
ment. The garden, though small. is
particul rly beautiful under illumina
tion. and 1- arichiteiture of the
house makes it almost part of the
buildng Mr. and Mrs Anderson re
telved th.- zests for the reception
*ith their guests of honor.
Tonzht Visc unt ishii will meet all
the netail o, n Washington at the
reception whih Mr. Almaro Sato. the
Ambassador of JaPri. will give in his
honor The New Willard will be the
icene for both the large dinner com
any. numbering about eighty, and
he re ept:on. for which several hun
ired invi'ations have been issued. The
French Ambassador and Mine. Jiis
,erand. the Italian Ambassador, the
Minister of China and Mrs. Koo. and
the Belgian Minister are among the
*iplomats to dine.
Mme. Miira. the famous Japaneoe
Vrima donna, a-ho has been heard here
n several occasions. and who sang
$t the opening of the Svlvan Theater
Smid-summer, will give a program
ring the eveninI
'Senator W:llad Saulsbur,. of Del
Aware. will entertain Viscount Ishii
rnd menbers of the mission at din
aer a' tre Me'ropolitai C:b tomor
row viimg Theire will be adlitioj
al gu-s's to maia !he company en
tertam , d a l3rge on,.
Senator and Mrs. Newlands will en
tertain gxssts at dinner tonight in
honor of Mlr Andre Tardieu, head
of tn Fr-n-h high commission.
; Lieut. and Mrs. John Hfoward
Roover will entertan a company at
dinner tonignit in compliment to Miss
Marie Eugenia Srnith. and Lieut.
Commander Hollis Taylor Winston.
whose marriage will take place to
Mr and Mrs. James Leon Luxford.
of Virginia and Texas. have issued
invitations for the marriage of their
laughter, Mam.e Peyton. to Mr.
Thomas Elvin Didlake, of Virginia.
on WSdesdav. September .. at
a'clek i- the afternoon, in the
Read whatmE e
*emads of dollars to fam
7is ha been necessitated
M rk; Tis ceunterfeiting
bat agimt the growiNg I
Osateria bears the ignatu
of their nkdreS. Parent,
the Gasaeria advertimement
ambar that the wrapper
si ate of Cha. H.rleto
ostinouuly for over thrM
" ZYAte
1reyam [email protected]=
N~ar Mah
-ert orN-nco
I- ese Sra B
* CSWeWq.
cI .r m
i Mrs. Wilson
ly, Attends Theater
Church of the Ascension. the Rev. J.
Henning Nelms to oiciate. The bride
in well known in Washington, as she
has spent much of her time in the
city. The bridegroom has been as
sistant in economics in the University
of Virginia for the past eight years.
He has recently accepted the position
of professor of law in the University
of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, N.
C., where he will take his bride after
a short wedding trip.
Mrs. Charles G. Matthew, Miss
Helen Blodgett and Miss Mazie
Porcher. have gone to Atlanta, Ga..
where they were called by the Illness
of Miss Porcher's mother, who Is now
convalescing rapidly.
Senator and Mrs. Joseph T. Robin
tson. of Arkansas, have returned from
their home at Lonoke, accompanied by
Mrs. Robinson's brother, Mr. Grady
Miller, who has entered the second
training camp at Fort Myer. Senator
and Mrs. Robinson make their home
at Congress Hall.
Col. A. F. Flagler, 1. S. A., and
Mrs. Flagler. who returned to the
Capital a few days ago from Eagles
mere. Pa., where they spent some time.
will leave Washington today for Fort
Leavenworth, Kan.. where Col. Flag
ler has been assigned to duty. Col.
Flagler is recuperating from a long
illness which materially interfered with
an attractive diplomatic appointment
for which he was slated.
H'e was appointed military attache
at Rome. to succeed the Late Maj.
Elvin R. Heiberg. and when it became
evident that illness would prevent Col.
Flagler taking the post, Col. Mervyn
C. Buckey was appointed. Col. Buckey
who Is now at Rome. was formely
on duty at Fort Washington. Md.
Miss Roberta Fulton. daughter of
Dr. Robert B. Fulton. and Mr. R. N.
Latture, of Bristol. Tenn., were mar
ried Tuesday evening at the home of
the bride's brother and sister-in-law.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fulton. The Rev.
Dr. Charles Wood. of the Church of
the Covenant officiated, there being
present for the ceremony only a small
family party.
Pink and white asters and quanti
ties of green foliage furnished a pretty
house decoration. while a special bow
er was arranged for the bridal party
of palms and white asters. Mrs. Eu
gene Taylor sang Cadman's "At Dawn
ing." just before the entrance of the
bridal party, being accompanied on
the piano by Mrs. William Austit.
Mrs. Austin also played the wedding
Dr. Fulton escorted and gave his
daughter In marriage. while the bride
zroom had as best man, Mr. Carl Fish
The bride's costlune was of white
tulle over cloth of silver, the tulle
ruffles which reached the waist being
bound with narrow bands of white
satin. The veil of tulle. worn in cal
effect was arranged in ample folds to
form a train, and was finished on the
edc with tiny frills of satin. The
bodice of tulle was cut away from the
throat and both the bodice and the long
sleeves were flnshedi with frills or
tulle bound with satin. She carried a
sheaf of white roses.
A reception followed the ceremony.
Mrs. Harry Fulton. wearing when as
sisting in receiving, a gown of rin
satin under lace.
When Mr. and Mrs. Latture left
for their wedding journey, part of
which will be spent at Miller's School.
Va.. she wore a suit of tan Poiret
twill, with a brown velvet hat. Later
on the bridegroom will said for France
with the Y. H. C. A.
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Murphy. of
Chevy Chase, Md , announce the mar
riaae of their daughter. Estelle Irene.
to Mr. Eugene C. Ochsenreiter. also
of this city, in Allento.w Pa.. Mon
dRY. August 2. The groom is now
of ousteia have bee oamp
Eie the pubic with the si
by reason of pirates oountei
is a crime not only against
leneraton. All persons shi
re of Chas. . Fletcher, if th
and mothers in particular,,
i which have been appearin
of every bottle of genuine C
er, under whose supervision
I year.-Phadelphia Buh
Letters from Pro
addressed to CI
Conger Bros. of St. Paul, Minn., si
full ofmerit and worthy of recomme
C. 0. A. Loder, of Philadelphisa, P
Pletcher's Castoria and are pleased
The Ichoits Drug Co., of Denver,
surely became a houeshold word. E
are children uses it."
Hoaglend ? Meadeld, of Boston,
good to say about your Castoria ani
nquallaed emdor=emeat."
Riker's Drug Stores, of New York
of the oldest and ost popular pri
nothing but good to say about it."
Wolf-Wilma Drug Co., of St. Lot
past medicines far which we hay
them that we an aeeantiouuly ri
aladed in this few."
D, R. Dych. & Co., of Chicago, Ill
year Catoria shows that a discriul
eat a remedy of merit and once cc
miore than claimed they do not hesita
noe Owl Drug Co, of Baa Fran
bess a believes in the 'original mlan:
never to sell anything but the genuin
We have many caib every day for th
would not be without It In their harm
The Kind You Hev4
The Terrible Tempered
from the Neigi
servmng In the United States Ambu
lance Corps. The bride has been do
I ng volunteer Red Cross work.
Judge Ormsby% McGammnon also elf
the Corps and Lieut. Hass of the same
.services were present at the cere
Mr. :,,and Mrs. Fran~k E. Fergu-son
announce the marriage of their
daughter, Elizabeth, to Dr. Tho ma s
V. Mturto. 1'. q. N . at No rfolk , Va.,
August 27.
MIr. F. L.P w is. chief afttndanPe
offic er of District ,chools, who is
dmng F'veral weeks with M rs.
1)Carroll, at Ocean City, N. J.,
I s eeted to return tnher home on
l',atur street next WeVdnesdiay.
Lieut. and Mrs. Thomas A. Garvin,
M.G. Bryan Pittzz, Mr. and Mis. W.
T. Knight. Mr. Charles WV. Richardson
Ind Mr. William E. Fowe r mn
t he Washington people registeted at
the St. Charles. Atlantie Cit.
Mr Charle NM. Haimmett, Mir George
Winters and MIr Lo-ui1. Wmnter- are
sit the Ho~tel -not hwell, Atlanti- C:it,,.
Commatnder irrd Mrs . Hrris Laning
willI go to Annarne Su-rday to spendi
MS IN AEMA has to
died to spend hundreds of
;nature of Chas.. IL.Fletcher,
feiing the Castoria trade
the proprietors of Castoria,
,uld be careful to see that
)y would guard the health
mught to carefully examine
; in this paper, and to re
astoria hears th's fac-simile
it has been manuactured
minent Druggists
ias. H.s Fletcher.
Y: 'Tletcher's Castoria, in certainl
Lsy:"o/ 0yasw aesl
tosaeta tha ie nvra
Coosy:'.:thrsCsoi- a
eeigyeer aiywhr hr
0 deadteeae eyfwo
commnd nthned yot atres Amb
lay:e "or.Thereaingdea n do
aing pouteer Rd Cnots lwok
Judnced trhat Mtdosaml a o eve
tricoender prset tohe riere-.
tr.etn and Mrha bE paruar
and~ oigeina ariae ftheir
daurtcerom paetphe to sr. Thoma
paMtre ofS ~ tNoflV.
August B u h
user ofsa --titsholwoi
Mr. Bang Returns the
bor Who Owns the Tal
ight, 1917. by the Wheeler Syndicate.
the week-en.d with Capt. and Mr,. Ed
ward Lloyd.
irs. William J. Snow is making a
Phort isit to .-ils 3 n. '-II F stre, t,
before 1-xving for Fort Sill, Okla..
where she will tin Hrig G n. Snow,
L'. S. A., who is in command theie.
Rea-r .\dmirl H11. T. B. liaris. U.
i N r i rri, and l 1s 1 s . a Ifte
rasin-g the summer at Narragansett
Pier, have left fir New\ York. whre
they will make a shot t stay before
irturning to Washington.
The Ntinistr from Pottugasl. Vis
count d'Alte. h-i ' I-ft the summier 1
wation at Bar iHator for Polandl
Springs, 'Me.. whe re hi is making a
Mlrs R1. E tillr wsill go i the
Hoitil l'humnherim. ili i'.iint 'omifort .
to spend Ih - Iog wlek-ind.
She wil remain -ser L lhor Day.
Thursday. August 30, 1917.
Although this is , ounrted An unrer
t-ttn iay. cnus nnid Juriter ate in
henefic a.prc-t dI in: hisv hours.
Eary in the mining Ni-,tune and
Saturn are advetrs. Vtanus, alsn. ex
ereises sinister power.
The sea threat-nts 1iester continu
ously in these last days of summer,
hit there is a st-ophecy that the
United States will :ain in a strategic
move that will make fame for the
na vy.
Fnuisual storms are prognosticated I
for the next month. when tidal waves
will cause loss of life.
This should be a fairly fortunate
diy for commercial transactions. Man
ufacturers will he extremely lucky.
There is a sign tred as discourag
Ing to all who seek servants or em
ployes in any domestic capacity. By
winter a condition will nrise that will
bring about new methods of living
where economy must be considered.
In Ihis prophecy made About the
household it is declared that women
Copyright. 1917. by the McClure Nev
tioners Hall. London. All rights re
lotion. Publication of this arti
pressly prohibited except by
the McClure News
Doesn't it seem strange that a
girl should wish to be dead just
hecause-every one says she is pretty
but that is all? I have had so
many, many letters from girls who
said they were not pretty and who
would give everything just to he
heautiful. But here is a girl who
ient me her photograph, and who
is as pretty as a picture.
"I am so tired of people telling
me to be careful." she writes.
"Doesn't atny otne give a gitl with
a pretty face credit for any brains
tt all? I have been ,through high
uchool and normal college, but w-hen
[ tried for a position as teacher.
it was always the older plainer
girls who were chosen before me.
evetn tried for a little country
tchool, and the committee said It
wouldn't be advisable to trust me1
with the school."
"Then I tried for a position as
private teacher, but I am sure the
women thought I had designs on
ill the men in the family. I dress
'd as simply as I could, and kept
to my own room, but it was made
to unpleasant for me that I w-as
glad to leave.
"The worst of it all is. the way
hat other girls treat me just as
tthey were afraid I a-as going to
take all their swethearts away
~rom them. What can I do to hell)
.t? It makes me feel as If I
would like to try to look as home
y as I can."
I think frankly, that this young
woman Is just a little bit self
:onscious. If the pretty girl puts
telf out of her mind and really
gets down to work, there is always
alenty for her to do. I think
cindergarten work would be splen
lid for this girl. She would be a
lelight to the little kiddies. I re
nember When I went to school. I
tlways loved the pretty teachers.
iidn't you?
But the very last of her letter made
ne feel indignant. It said that if
he couldn't do any better sha sup
tosed she would have to go into mov
nig pictures, where anyone with a
tretty face was sure of recognition.
If she only knew the heartaches and -
lisappointmsents of hundreds of pretty
tirls who manage to get Into the
studios as extras, because of their ap
earance, and then fai to go ahead
I. rst laako pereptnn.. amala. ,Tb.
..eew s ==== C -a sa
Book He Borrowed
ative Parrot.
- -- 7:
'am %_
will adopt a new profession that wil
make home life possible.
This should be a happy wedding day
for the stars presage harmony and
long life.
It is a luvky rule for first produc.
tions at the-iters or first appearances
of actresses.
Theatrical managers have the fore
cast of rather a prosperous season in
which they will make strange ven
tures that will astonish the world.
The Southern States have a most
encouraging sway and will prosper
greatly. There may he envy aroused
but nothing will interfere with grea
Anxiety about government revenues
is foreshadowed for the early autumn
Persons whose birthdate it is wil
have a fortunate year if they are
careful. They should beware of false
friends. The young will court oi
m, ry.
Children born on this day will be
ntiimately successful after rather a
hard experiene. prohably. but they
are likely to he endowed with manv
tslr'tp that smooth the path of life
for them.
District Sues Terminal
For Back Lighting Bill
The Dirict of Columbia filed suit
terd*y, in the District Supreme
ourt. to recover $11.,7.5 alleged te
e de It from the Washington Term
nal Co.. for lighting certain streets.
ivenues. prvrkings and crossings
Ahich converge into the terminal for
periods of from September to Decem
he r. 1914 and from January to July of
:hii year.
Hubby Names Corespondeut.
Suit for absolute divorce was filed
yesterday in the District Supreme
'ourt by Bernard A. Bickerton
tgainst Susan E. Birkerton. The hus
and charges misconduct and names
L corespondent. Tbc Bickertons were
moarriei in November, a!7.
Epaper Syndicate. Entered at %to
served. Including right. of tranm
Cie to whole er in part Ia ex
special arrangement with
paper Syndicate.
the mountain region, and was like
'ome rare wildflower herself. I was
delighted with her, but mother ad
vised against her leaving her home.
"Child." she said, "you haven't any
Aducation to speak of. and you'll be
to homesick by the time you're away
a week, that you'll be wishing yot
were dead, and scolding me for en.
:ouraging you to leave home. Why
o you want to go away?"
Then the girl blushed, and drooped
i-c head.
"Jim and me had some words, and
[ broke my engagement."
"Well, you just go and smile al
tim, and mend it all up again.'
aughed Mother. "You can go inte
he pictures any time, but you'll only
hnd one Jim and that's here at
Wesaw them about sseven thai
light, strolling down the road front
he little town, happy as could be.
So I think, If you feel worried be
:ause you are too pretty for every
lay- work, you just ought to forget
ibout It, and try to see life from the
lain girl's point of view of efficiency.
itother has often said that the trouble
'ith most girls who are stage struck
a they all want to be Stars or' sou
Answers to Correpondents.
Alvera B.-The Essanay Company is
n Chicago and so is the Selig Studio.
Efave some good professional photo
prapha taken of your little Sister, and
xave her registered at the best atudlos.
think there Is always an opportunity
or a pretty and talented child.
Mary 8.-Indeed I do feel that I
tave the dearest mother in the world.
was so interested in your letter tell
ng me of your mother and your
Anna Me--The lIttle girl lives in
Thicago. I will send you her address
ty mall.
Louis J..-You can address Mr. Fair
anks, care Arteraft Studio, Holly
good. Cal. His last picture was
'Down to Earth."
Mrs. A. I. N.-I will send your name
nd address to the girl you speak of
nd hope that you will hear from her.
think it Is wonderfully kind of you
o offer her a home.
Flor'ence N. 3.-The poem wae beau
ltal. K thought, I'm suare wea could
pal = t ah~Iid inna yeanm
Mrs. Newton D. Baker Presides
Over Gathering of Cnnittees.
At a meeting of the joint committee
of consumers of the National Woman
Suffrage Association at the headquar
term of the association. I= Rhode
Island avenue, plans for co-operating
with Washington mnrchants to effect
further economies in store deliveries. I
were discussed. The meeting was pre
sided over by Mrs. Newton D. Bakler, 1
wife of Secretary Baker. who has been T
taking a leading part in the move
Numerous letters and suggestions
which she has received from all over
the country were presented by Mrs.
Baker as showing the great interest
of the public in the question.
Those attending the conference
included: Mrs. Newton 1). Baker y
chairman: lira. Frank 31. Roessing,
representing the National American
Woman Suffrage Association; Mrs.
Laurence Todd, of the Consumers'
League; Mrs. M. B. Willis. Miss
Mabel Birckhead. Miss Florence
Etheridge. of the Central Labor
Union; Miss Mary O'Toole. of the
District Suffrage Association; Mrs.
Harriett Beale, of the Woman's
Committee of the District Council
of National Defense; Mrs. L F.
Kebler. of the Parents' League of
the Wilson Normal School: Presi
dent H. M. lcLarin. of the Federal
Emplo. es Union; President Charles
S. Shr ve and Luther F. Witmer, of ;
the Federated Citisens' Associations,
and W. L. Stoddard. chaiman of the
community stores committee.
Cars Collid Wm Ses.
The Washington Railway and
Electric Company was made defend
ant in a suit fled yesterday in the
District Supreme Court by Agnes E.
Cady to recover $5.000 damages for
injuries alleged to have been received
when she attempted to board a car
on Columbia road May 21, last. The
car on which she Intended to ride.
the plaintiff states. mas collided with
by another car on the same line.
Yes, Swissco W
Grow Your Hair
Large Trial Bottle Free
At either of O'Doemell's Big Drug
Steres. 9"0 F St. and 12th and F
Sta. N. W
"Olessy sad Sor as 6l"k1
"awisace" removes dandruff. grow$
new hair, relieves ttcein scalp and
restere celer te gray or faded hair.
"Swlssee" stops baldrss, bald
spots, falling hair or sentbb scalp.
sore scalp. brittle hair, or any kind
of scalp trouble.
"Swise" She and $1.00 size hot
ties are on sale and recommended
iy leading driggists and depart
nnt stores.
Take methlag but -Swisace."
Good for ore :e bottle Swissco
only at either of O'Denell's MIA
Drug Storen. 904 F St. and 13th
sad F Sta. N. 1.. when name and F
address are propcrly ftlled in on
dotted lines 1-low.
These eutide of Wa-M ieNto
will get a frie hnitle by sendinr
Ine in stamps direct to Swiasco
Hair Treatment Co., 7CS P. 0.
Square. Cincinnati, (Ohi,. to help
cover expenses of packing. post
age. etc.
Nam e...........................
Street............ R. F. 7 ......
CitV............... State........
Give full address. Write plainly. e
This Offer Is Good for 10 Days
Continu s, 10,0 A. NI. to 11 P. M.
1Mr., Aft , lee. 15c. Nights. W. 15r, Z-"
"Little Miss Optimist"
EXTRA-Reseoe JFattyp Arbuckle
Tonight8:30 PATRIOTIC RA
The public is cordially invited
and British official motion lictires
and a:
Edward Everett Hale's ence-ption
If imelement Vleathem
Vnder the auspices of the Bare
Department ot Pub
Music by U'nited States
The Bureau of Commercial Fco
universities and agricultural colleg
throughout the world, engaged In
in co-operation with the
'nited States Government,
British Empire.
Republic of China.
Republic of Bolivia.
American Red Cros. -N
1440 Rhode Island
Avenue N. W._
1277 New Hampshire Ave.
1717 Tee St. N. W.
2505 Adam. Mill Rood
115-117 E St. S. E.
1eth and Q Sts. N. W.
The New Winston
Fist St. N. W., faring Cauitel Pak
Look for TI
INAs 4 Ti 90 0
=in ft's Nomissll 1111111~
The "Peter Paa" of the Filme
as, Awtenedd Waatean
With It& Regal Splendor and
Wondrous Child Players.
, 11 81, $s.1. 1liL. 116m, sk
lext Week-Seats Now
seebl RalSer Ea -s eafety.
ho Meet WoodertUE Play in Anaearm
ntire Original Company and
Pred aotn
argai Iatnee
[emdmy I Wednesday
SAT " 1M. At. 2:
Bf Dooth Tarkingt a ad Julien Strwet
A New Auerica Comely With
Next Week-Setb Now Selling.
And i7 Othe Fuumaker.
B. F. KEITil'S 7
"FM of Pep."--Post
Nine. Chiles- i Wilber Mack
Peeleme Prii 1---na, --AIP;. - I "
Fei Adler. 3foore & G.rd De
N 1t -Labor It i e ekI-h-Joan b a r,
I Cunngham. Er
3 S'--1%5 1 :15 A . p ia har ti,
te IsasUsaI Hy *a 'C.
%lt HT
% .1, r a T a I ~D A. M.
ext Week.. ..THE Sit.HTWEE1RC
DASINO 2:M" 7.4
Pealtively Last Three Days
I E X T WEEK cm'7.
in a P tre df Krm-n . --
hesapeake Beach
Ma~ a.. a**r - ' ment Re. n.
c2e rera'n rien ':-tal t ber :
imeroaz Amuaemeats for tosm&
And Old.
Ver-Li 'a' efm! . i'- - I:r - to be
.d at cmy :4.:
Pre ' e--r"i - r. rI
%unda.a and IIelda". %or remud
rip. tIther day. 2*-. ishject to
padition% en tiekets.1
Free shows afternoem ad ere
Ilags. This eek the Breokaway
anorlwI i. their Initabie com
edy serial act. This alne is
worth more thea rest of trip.
Pree Admission Annsement Park
Best Dance Paville South ot
w York.
to attend a display of French
d.-aling w;th the
of the Traiter and the siaeker.
-Frda Eventax.
IN of Comaereal Ecomemis.
lie Instruction.
Soldiers' Holme Band
iomics is cimposed of t1e S'at
es and ed'at onal institurc.
teaching with motion pictat
epult'ie of Fram *.
.ptihlic of Argentira.
epublic of (hi!le.
an Anr'ean Union.
ationatl Committe cf Vrince.
3. 4. rooms NI.
sod bath. ?'! tt
and 5 roms andGadr
bath. 7m
rooms snd bath. lte5*
sod bath. ittH
rooms sand bath; BrIe. A
front. 1tO H
roomsoad bath. | .'iO
f. ewapartmsents and
left. $ j9 1ll6 H
1 ionen. .ithout
bath,. I On P~
2 looms & ba5th, to I ir.
trm & bath. gg
Single looms E.I T. & P.
er mnsite. ad up'. Mar
us Directory Nei
?NDggm ou-an~, e
(se . .e -
NetUoe fe7mralhrea
York. Pkn a eyb. e
papers lease m J
CARTER-Oa Tuin .
In7. at 6. s
BETH CA TE. bim -
Arthur . Carer an 41= af
James and Martha Na
=uneral free the resideeMs et %
t4 . n 0 1 Ffth netee mmthwa,
today at 2 p.. O
COOPER-Departed this life e Tm
dayA M 1917, at h ars
dnc 7 mnt stret
COOPER. beloved wife et Annea
Cooper. dapiter ot Mrs. Mary A.
Day. a~ea of Mary A. a i
iece of Kre. l Dramem .ni
Mrs. Sarah wepard. and sea
of Philip, wnied.
Jachson and Louila weeds.
Funeral tomorrow at I eed.
First Baptist Church. oorgetews;
D. 4'. Relative& and friends in
EGE-On Tuesday. August 3, i7.
LO)UIS L. EGE. beloved budians
of Helen E. Ege rnee Johnson) an
beloved son of A. F. and Chris
tina Ege. aged 27 years.
Funeral from his late re=Mes..s
Furnace avenue. iarlda, Md. to.
morrow. August 31, at 2:3 o'clocL
Servlces at Cville M. E. Church.
Elkridge. Interment in entery
FAIRFAX-Departed this life Au
2. 1117. at Freedmen'a Ho~ll.
EMILY FAIRFAX. beloved wafe
of Joseph Fairfax.
Notce of funeral hereafter.
FESLER-Suddenly, on Wednesday,.
August :14, Y117. GEORGE W.. be
loved non of George W. and Mary
re ier.
Fnir-tal from Handle's undertaking g
pailors. tomorr-ow. Private.
GELSTON-Suddenly, on Monday. An
gust . :*7. HATTIE S., youngest
dauiht.-r of Samuel and Elizabeth
Funeral from her late reaidenr -e
East Capitol street. today,. at 2
p. m. Interment in Rock Creek
HI';BEE-On Arust 30 11917. at 4
a m.. MARY E. aged . beloved
daughter of Maurice B and Annie
'. Higbee 'nto Malli- at tn*
home of her grandpa rnts. GZ G
t ,It southwari.
F;naral -I n i-es will be onducted at
5tI'eter a ''hurch. Saturday
tmotrm Se; temler 1.
MILLER-IDeparted this liqe. after a
brief Oar.s on Tuesday. August
". L'17. at I t m. WILLIAM H.
MILLER. the lovnmg hubatind of
Mrs. Robinette Wuarles Miller. of
V.12 Eichth Street no:thaest the
1- sotid con of Map Ida Browuat
Edihltng.l.-y and the grandson of the
at' Ri-. and Mrs. George W.
Note of foneal hir after.
PIN, KNEY-(rn Tursday. August -,
1l. 7, it C I. m . at its e'rdence.
ee-ni street nI thse'st,
s-rn orf thn , ' Aaron and Eliza.
I-th Pitkr .
Notice r,f I .r al hereaft, r.
P1 TMAN -.n Tueprja%. Augast "I
1!.. at I ' r-er..w tce. 1.-; Penne I.
an,- a j - "r.heaT, 11ILLIAM
b I,-i-il hundand1 of Nellie -ut
Fu>r-e: a! so - ce t-o!! he held at his
late r. iden . tord , at .' . n
R'NE. - Tr7arda'. Augit 2s 11.:7.
at 1''.oin ; a h. -a .. Ma.
tARA A. RINES. aged _ ears.
Funeral priva. r it In Gi..n.
wnd tet
SM IT H -"n Tu i r-. A .gust . ,
t Twe:''n stret northwest.
N ' -' -!AN SMITH. t-.I,%d
e-orre. tert and Gter.
i-!,b 1rno rawler a rhape.
Pi n 'ama a'inj. Inter.
OTr ILEL-rn A...- '-- at in 's
t o . at h its Yeiciene. .. Four
tInth strlei southeast. FRANCIS
. ITElBtl. heleoed husband of
Anr't B St.lv mr,-e H^er. rur
.d I,, hi- atte end Ian daugh
r.'. A i. K-rbs and Mise
1 .r ra t.oo, ft- .m0 itir-e fl.
vl' roim e Valr t ;l rat-ta-e t r
T 1HENS( I\-'In Monday. August
1-:7 ,, I ! 0 . .t I rr -
-' Kate S' .hen
:X s Aile e-:den'e.
n - M7 today 1- a m.
Interment at Conrsinal 'em
TAI'I-ITT- I. t , f Tuese
dla 7 . jot . -~ at L ; m.
F s rvs I.. to a t, I. a I.
1 1h1 h-nc of his Ce Chiet.r
T.,:bott. - Fifternth s-reet re'th
e : It lo n7 . - at Christ iu', h
mterl . t A.-nrvIle. Arne Arn
-1 - --mty. Md! Haltmretre and I
Arinna ;0s p:;'sit please cop%'
TIRFI.N ;CR-en Tuisdav Aurust
-', . - ;1 ET -7 S. beloed huse
hrd- of Mnui I; Terdliger
I nil. 1it =111 he he'd at
P Z rhrst's Sons' funeral
pa-Io: - ta ,; at ; P. m. I e
mni it m i ongreasiofnal Cemetw.
W'IIITE-n Awust >-'. 117. at , I
m, at the hrrn of her riand
diuhter. Mrs Florence ,ir-ll
thle beioed rnther of Min.e
, Kidwsll. C sears of are
F n ra tod,%i at -' , . m. fragi
a;sahs chap.e1 l l 01tiFS1lt'. 1Id.
Friends and reltiis mvited Io
1t-1mint Irmati -
Wtl.IAM.-in Sunda,. Augursl K
17. at ir. a an . at Parsa'ant
Hoer-ital. Pitthu-gh. Pa . ER
TRItrtE7. le-lned dauhter of Mel
ina Trio anid grranddaughter of
the late Eliza Connas- Credte
F-nra ti . at ^ p. m.. from
'amphr.1- t undertaking parlor.c to
Four-and-a-half street southacest.
WIJ.IAMS-fin Tuesday. Augrust Z.
191. at M.sonle and Eastern Sttar
1oern,. M's. JANE E . beloved
aife of th- late Wash R. Williama,
ay-d 91 yars.
Frtmral feom Hines' chapel. '! 4
tFourt.enh sstreet northwest, to
day, at 2 :i '. m Interment at
-aat a. 4 ry tra'derni fresteof baui
St.. Dv . m.;
Ni-v apiartme. - er*sia.
& P.nt, ice.-l: Ia-g r ~ i t rev5l
at. sw. aridarod finris. e no libh..
Phelps I tinai. oreb: -S~t what lee
- vane' a masof eai'etr apart
St. ns. ,tr'est
,Tiapert. Muil hv se'v to hi
6L Dra. Ia teiiatt net Wib
st Dv. ,erful ruia.
~at.n. Yon~ru ahbuld see th
.i-e aeprof bestee!
h'.t ernter inaan sag M
Ilanira 1 ie~t apartiment toW
Ma. n lie.'rtu mir; M
furniished asarmani.
Larg igt ream; se &.
Prismaent mmi d: iator ee Isml
ernmt . sarellet .srete;
*05.ra did cutalae. Amsteasa M
IEmarpesan plan.

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