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T I . E "'Ca 'Ipr
"Attacks in Force" Last
Desperate Hope of Ger
mans, It Is Thought.
A series of important conferences are
going on here and in London and
Paris to 1:nd a method of combatting
the latest development of German
suhmarine warfare-attacks in force.'
Secretary of the Navy Daniela said
yesterday that lengthy dispatches had
been received from Vice Admiral Wil
liam S. Sims. commander of the
American fatilla in l-uropean waters.
concercing his discussions of polley
with allied naval chiefs. These com
unrcations were, of course. confiden
tial, and ro hint of the nature of the
dkeussions could be given.
That the attacks in force recently
resorted to by Germany are in reality
a defensive measure is the view of
officials here.
Fear Big Reases.
The reasons the Tirpitz-vont Capelle
combination have been forced to ac
cept this situation are these:
Practically 10A per cent of American
merchant vessels in trans-Atlantic
ser. ice have been heavily armed with
gur.s manned by expert naval crews.
Increase in the number of armed p
British ships and increased efficiency'
on the part of their gunners.
Introduction of air-ticht system of.3
convoving merchant vessels in fleets b
through the German war zone to.
Briish and Frenici ports. -
A tri-ling of the numiber of Ameri
can warhips since the war began-ti
the in.rnase heinz mostly in the num- f
her of sm-11i ves-els especially effec
tive rninst Fubmarines. In line with
this vat crowth of numbers and!
tonnez. the Navy has an enlistediV
pernennel of 1V,!' almost four times
as many as when twr was declared.
At that time the total strength was
'o-operation with the French andit
British the American naval forces 3
abroad have inausurated the most
complete and effective convoying
system in Naval history. Official fig- a
urca received hv the Navy Depart
ment show less than one half of one,
ner cent of the vesSels under convoy
h.ve been destroed by U-boats.
Acording to information at hand;
not one Amerisan shin has been sunk
l": a suhmarine while being eon
Nature Helps Alies.
Weath-r conditions and the sea
son now favor the allies. Subma
rines are probably fifty per cent
I ts effective in winter than in sum
m e;.
Information of the great Increase
in men and ships in the American'
ravy was given today by Secre
tury Daniel at Annapolis to 192 t
young men, conir.iisisioned as tem
porary ensigns in the navy. The
vraduates included sons of two
Cabinet officers :nd a scion of one
o thle wealthiert families in the
A or -ITavid Franklin Houston.
eon of the Secretary of Agriculture; a
Firtncis Huger Me.\dno. son of the
S- - etary of the Treasury, and
Jurius ISpencer Msrgan. son of J.
ITM. Mijan. head of the famous in
ternamiinal banking house.
To m'et the sortage of officers
in the navy a new class of -00
will he o'zanize-l immediately. to
he fo!lowed by oiher classes as long'
is the shortage cortnues. The men
are s :- ted fr i ti naval re
.,:r,- di. -ricts in pi :Ortion to the
enhicted strength in each district.
'h. are chosen through competi
tiv, fxamiinations in their home dis
tict .
-- F
Allege Soldier Refused to Admit I
Injured Man to Hospital. n
That he did not think the case
ur. nt encugh to admit entrance to
the hospital is the explanation of his
conduct that has been matte by Sergt.
1 uis Z. Fauhaux. who was on duty
at the W.alter R.ed Army General
I s ital early Wednesday morning 1'
V h-n the mangled person of G. W.
Da mude. a., gatekeeper of the Balti
Tno.e and Ohio railroad at ISilver
p:ing. Md.. was brought to the insti-!
tui:on. in an effort to restore life, all
few m.nutes after having been struck a
by a fast BAltimao.e and Ohio mail
tiin. Daymude d ed at the Emer- f
g ncy Htesp tal yesteiday morning at
:':Zc0 , (lock.
Col. Charh-s F. Mason, commanding
the Walter Reed Host ital. in an inter
view last night, said that he was
a t nished at Fauthaux's attitude.
That Fauthaux had admitted to him
tiat he was aware of the fact that
:iv.iiins. when the case warranted,
were always taken in at the hospital,
was also dclarei by Col. Mason.
The iou t-mrnial of Fauthaux will
he held withi' few days, according
to Col. Ma211 Charges of neglect I
of duty will to forwarded to Brig. i
,;en. ElI Hoyle. commanding the D- P
partment of the East. sometime today.
Whether the tribunal will sit at Fort, e
Mlyer or Washington Barracks, could r
not he ascertained by Col. Mason last c
The body of the former gatekeeper r
was claimed yesterday by his farmly. n
Bank i West Robbed
Six Timues in Six Years:
Ardmore, Okla., Sept. 14-For the 1
lixth time in as many years the Bankc
if Elmore, Okla.. was robbed today .
iiix masked bandits drove people of1
the town indoors by flourishing guns. t
rhen some of their number held the)
people from attempting a reseue while
Sthers wrecked the safe.
i n
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-a . a Fe '-Ca
Subs Fire on Victims
As They Leave Ships,
Laughing as They Die
London, Sept. 14.-Two cases of
German submarines tiring on the
crews of sunken vessels after they
had taken to the boats were made
public today.
A submarine sank the schooner
Jane Williams, of Arklow, off the
coast of Cornw.all, Monday, by
shell fIre. The'gun was then turn
ed on a boat dontaining the crew
of six. Three of the men were
killed and the remainder badly
wounded. The Germans lau:;hed
as the boat sank and the men died.
The following day, the schooner
William, of Dublin. was sunk- by
a sutmarine. The open boat in
which the crew left the vessel was
shelled with shrapnel. One man
was wounded.
;arfield Will Not Permit
Dealers to Advance
If your coal dealer has boosted the
rice of coal this month, don't buy it
f him. If you have already bought
oil may get some of your money
This was the advice of men who
ilked yesterday to Henry A. (;artleld.
ie coal administrator. He is rapidly
wrmulating plans tu prevent protiteer
ig by retail coal dealcrs, and will
take an announcement in this respect
ithin a few days.
Mr. (arlield will reach the retail
>al dealer through local fuel admin
trations, co-ordinated with the cen
-al administration at Washington.
[any of tlese ot al administrations
ave already been named and others
re now being formed. Iaild work
ill be required of all as soon as the
reanization is perfected.
Mr. Gartield, in further effort to con
,ot the coal situation. last night re
uested the Exports Administrative
oard to retiuire licenses for all coal
Kported from the United States. The
rimary object of this rertuest. Mr.
arileld stated, was to control exprrs
Ito Canada and protect the north
eat section 0f the United States front
coal famine.
Much Coal Goes to camada.
Investigation revealed that a larger
roportion of lake coal this year went
Ito Canada than was shipped across
ne border in other years. It is not
le intention of the Administration
Ir. (arlield stated, to cut off Canad
La shipments, but to so control them
iat the distribution will be fair.
Up to a late bo oemuening the
xports Administrative Board had not
et'd on Mr. (at lie'd's request. This
Nquest wIll be tied up with the pro
osed a tion of the exports board in
>nt:olling bunker and other ecal for
te Souh American and Scandinavian
eutrals in order to command their
ood si.lpnents to northern Europe
nd the Adiministtative BUard wIt
robably not rach its decision ont
.tier matier before today or Mon
flots Made to Prevent Walk-out
on Pacific Coast.
The Shilping Board, the Navy De
irtment and the Department of
abor are co-operating in ar effort
) avert a big shipbuilding strike on
ie Pacific Coast. it %as learned last
The Shipping Board has wired to
thor leaders all along the coast.
sking them to hold off any action
rtil an adjustment can be reached.
: is hored they will acree to settle
te matter under the mediation plan,
ith any adjusted wage scales re
-oactive to August 1.
Mediators from the Department of
abor will be called in and Asistant
ecretary of the Navy Roosevelt is
nding what aid he can to prevent
tie-up of building optrations.
atican Will "Consider Carefully"
Before Sending Answer.
In qiarters familiar with the posi
ott of the Vatican on peace it was
redicted here last night that no im
ediate word may be expected from
ape Benedict following the trans
ission to him of the central pow
s' reply to his peace note. This
py was reported to have been re
rived in Rome yesterday.
The outstanding feature of the Ger
an position as outlined here-that
I country must be permitted to in
*rfere the internal affairs of an
ther-.s no surprise to diplomats
ho have been watching the corre
lundtence. This was expected to be
-t forth as rather a sharp reply to
te Presideitts demand for the demo
atization of Germany.
It can hie further stated that such
position wilt not be wholly in dis
ecord wivith the stand of the Pope.
[e has already been reported as
stonished that President Wilson
btould demand. a reform of German
iternal affairs.
It is generally believed that the,
ope will carefully consider the Ger
ian reply. perhaps for several weeks.
efore renewing the appeal for peace
rom his own viewpoint. This delay
'fll give him the advantage of gath
ring the opinion of the world on the
erani note and framing his new
Ppeal in better accord with that.
.rty-Three Perish
Whem Limer Is Sunk
New York. Sept. 14.-The sinking of
te Atlantic transport liner Minnehaha
as conairmed today when the Inter
ational Meroantile Mariune receIved a
hieo saying that forty-three msmbers.
the crew perished and 110 wer
Awed when the vessel ws sunk byi
Chief Odcer Albany, Purser 0. A.
rillis. Surg. Dr. J. F. Barrett. three
bher ocers and three enginesers were
horng those whb perised-e- Capt
renk Claret. commsuander- of the ship.
Ha me..qeaem..mij
La Follette Offers Amend
ment Making This
Subscribers to the new liberty loaf
Iray be nble to buy Londs as low at
!A The first liberty loan bonds begar
at "50. Yesterday, however, La Fol
lette, of Wisconsin put an amendmeni
mn the senate making the bond issui
in "denominations of $20 or somi
mu;ltiple of that sum ."
The Senate adIjourned without tak
ing any action upon the matter. Ila(
it had not been for the La Follett,
amendments, the $11,000,0(lx,0 bon
bill would no doubt have beet
passed before nightfall. But Senator
agreed that tho suggestion of lowe
priced bonds was too Important to b
dismissed In a few minutes.
Another amendment by La Follett,
makes the bonds redeemable afte
five years and payable in twent
years. lie also desires to limit the wm
savings certificates and certificates o
indebtedness to 4 Per cent. One moa
amendment he offered deducts ac
crued interest up to but not more thar
1 per rent of the principal of sic
war savings certificates as are pre
seinted for redemption before maturity
Would Compensate Newspapers.
The main dAbate upon the b
hinged on an amendment by Brady
of Idaho, which would have pa<
newspapers about $5.,000 for ad
vertising the forthconing issue. Thii
Iirst issue by the uy will to
between $3.00) 0 and $1a.00s
of bonds and war :iavings certificate.
so said Senator Smoot, of Utah.
A section of the hill now providei
for Ilotation of the bonds at one-quar
ter of 1 per cent of their value. Brad3
vished to stipulate that the Secretai
should use one-fourth of this one
fourth of 1 per cent for newspater a.
v rtising. Immediately insinuationm
that the Secretary of the Treasor
Igtht "use this advertisin ;
political purposes" were advanied.
Brady replied that never in the his
tory of the wirld was therie so mucl
ftee advertising and free atsistune,
asi accompanied the first tu. an,
that the newsracers were -ntitled I<
sore compensatin this tim..
-Bankers would use i %wpapej
space to advertiee the issue. he corn
This brought heated remarks fron
P ,nmerene, of Ohio, who said:
'The only clash in this IIII is th
newspaper lobby which has been fre
queniting the nr ble roomi for weeks.'
Brady hotly denied he had beet
"loblied with."
"I have heard atout pork barrels,
continued P oiner ie. ' want to 5a3
that the best newspapers of the oun
try are against this sch. me. The issuq
will be sold withcut newspaper adver
VardaaU Giees Views.
"I thInk,' said Senator Vardemai
of 1iNsissippi. 'that the Sec:etary o
the Treasury is given authirity unde
the provisions in the bill to use new
paper advertising if he wants to.
don't see why newspapers, which, av
we know, are business enterprises. ar,
not entitled to compensation as muel
as any Lne. I do not see why the:
should give their space free, any mor
than any other individuals.' Urady'
amendment was d'feated.
Senator Hoke Smith, of Georgia
said that the "c,500 ,ij "eitizen
aid" was an .stituate by the Serretar
of the Treasury of the patriotic hel
lent by hundreds of people throughou
the country. The pulicity' consiste
ef posters, buttons, etc.
It is expected the bill will bt,e passe
today before noon.
Corporal Bigelow, Lafayette Esca
drille, Cited for Bravery.
Paris, Sept. 14.-Corporal Stephel
Digelow. of Boston, member of the La
fayette Escadrille. was officially cite
in army orders today. which meant
he will shortly be decorated with th
War Cros.
Afessaes fron the headquarters o
the Lafayette Escadrille today sai
the eseadrille itself was fornalIl
awarded the War Cross in recognitior
of the remarkable record it ha!
achieved in recent weeks.
Some hint of the extraordinar,
aniount of figtliing by this unit 0
Americans was contained in an arm
report today, showing that durinw
August the four es-adrilles conipos
ing the group to-which the Lafarett
fliers are attached fought 33l aeria
engagements, 119 of which were ovel
Cerman-held territory.
Accidental Breaking of Case Re
veals New Pro-Gertnan Scheml.
S;ecial to The Washington Umid.
New York. Sept. 14.-When a mo
tor truck, backing up to unload al
the New York Dock Company's piel
at Pioneer street, Brooklyn, today
struck and broke open a woodet
case standing on the pier, a plat
for shipping lead to Sweden. whicla
may have proved successful in otheu
cases, was revealed.
The ease, which had been stand
ing on the pier for almost threr
weeks, had been said to contair
wire nails. When it was broker
open wire nails spilled out onto the
pier. A customs official standing
near picked one of them up in hi.
hand and saw that it was capped
with almost two ounces of lead. HC
reached into the case and drew out
a handful of the nails.
Every one of them carried a lead
cap, which could easily be knocker
off and melted down without spoil
ing the nails. The cases bad beer
held up pending permission foi
shipment to a SWedish port ant
there is no explanation given fo:
the lead caps.
District Attorney France was In
formed at once antd has started ar
Legislators to Qemd
Vardaman's Reuignati..
MisanppI IAgislators will deman.
the resignation- of Senster Vardaman
at a special session *f their legisaa
turle for' being "disl to the natiog
an entrue to paty" It was lern
-sr las ala
Lack of Rifle
And Supplie
Of RaisingI
Arsenals Throughout
Work to Turn Ot
the Gov
There are no rifles for the d
Thousands of the men will ha
None of the troops can be mc
because of lack of field and heavy
These things were admitted y4
who, at the same time, refused to
program would not be complete f
seeretary Baker's Statements.
Against these admissions. Mr. Bak
er made the following statements:
The rifle shortage will be filled b3
Christmas, according to present in
The uniform shortage is purel)
temporary, lack of transportatiOr
facilities being principally responsl
There nill he no more delays-froa
presenit prospects-in the Inobilizatiot
f the drafted men.
There will be suffielent ficld artil
lery lor training purposes at the
Imobilization camps, but not for field
service. When this difficulty will be
overcome he could not say.
Arsenais Work Overtime.
Both Rock Island and Springfield
arsenals ar- m-orking day and night
pr~roduin Springfield rifles for the
regular army and National Guard.
Iut less than two weeks have elapsed
since vork was begun on rifies for the
niational aroy. There will be no
'pringtields for the drafted men. The
rilt's with which they are to be
equipped will all ie Enfilelds, re
chaitbred to fire Springfield ammuni
Mr. Baker declared that within a
short time great numbers of rifles
would ibe produced every day. The
figures are held secret :s military in
formation. ht the predictilon wal
vouchsafed that by Christmas the
draft forces would be completely
equipped with rifles.
M, anhile, m."me of the Enflelds now
being produced, toigether with ante
dated Krags and a few Springliilds,
will he proportioned among the
mobilization camps for training pur
Justice Offici
7ieken Rein
Murder c
tBy Internation
New York, Sept. 14.-Agents
from the office of District Attorr
late today in the apartment of Ga
The further discovery was made
wire with a transmitter in the apar
was shot to death at Concord.
sister. This enabled some one in
versations in the other apartments
German Evidence Femad.
It was stated at the district at
torney's offices that during thi
rigid and minute search of th,
Means' apartment. which followe<
the discovery of the dictaphone
documents and other material tend
ing to show association by M1eanl
with "some distinguished Germans
were found.
District Attorney Swann receive(
information, earlier in the day
concerning a secret cabinet. Hi:
detectives found the cabinet a hid
ing place and, upon opening it. dis
covered a chest of papers. These
were turned over to the govern
ment agents who are working witi
the district attorney's office.
The cabinet also contained a lont
barreled revolver, of the target va
riety, together with 350 rounds o:
ammunition. sonme of the smokeles:
and noiseless variety.
The fact disclosed that telephon
wires had been tapped enablini
some one in the Mleans' apartmet1
to maintain the closest espionagf
upoti all telephone conversatibn!
held by Mrs. King. 'Mrs. Robinson
her mother, and Mrs. Mazie Melvin
her sister.
Not the least important of the
day's discoveries, according to Dis
trict Attorney Swann, was s
letter penned in Concord three dayf
prior to the shooting of Mrs. King
This letter contains warning ad
monitions an,] says: "A crisis Il
coming shortly." it bore the signifl
cant word, "destroy." The prosecu
tor says the letter was written by
"some one who was in Concord tber
and who is still in Concord."
Hus' Engaged Famed Lawyer.
Afton leans. it was stated thi
*evening, has engaged a noted New
York lawyer to represent him. This
attorney, it was said. will also repie
sent Henry Deitsch, Afton Means
The grand jury investigation now In
progress here and inl Chicago will not
be either interrupted or abandoned
by reason of the announced opening of
a new coroner's inquest next Monday
at Concord. N. C.. into the death of
Mrs. King. Judge Swann announced
tonight. The district attorney denied
a repor't that be had been regiksted
by the North Carolina authorities to
send a representative to Concord.
A statement was issued during then
day by Attorney Carl L. Schura ex
plain ing how he had been approached
by Means to induce hIm to handle the
probating of the alleged second will
of the late James A. King and how
Secretary McAdoo Says Measure Is
"Triumph for Humanity."
"A d'etinct triumph for justice and
humanity,'' ia the way Secretary Mc
Adog ch cteirised tho passage of the
w ~ ace bill ye*stprday.
iipassed the House unanl
It is the most conspicuous anad ad
vanced step ever taken by any natonm
IIfor the protetloon of its soldiers and
slrs and thseir depeindenats., The
prompt - assags of this bii by the
enate willti f-the beat, asgt con
af upl % hO n
w, Uniforms
s Halts Work
Vational Arm3
Country Do Overtim
it Guns Needed by
raft army.
re to go for weeks without uniform
ved to France for more than a yea
sterday by Secretary of War Bake
discuss statements that the air flei
)r two years.
poses. Only a comparatively few men
those most advanced in training c
who have had previous military e
perience-will be equipped with ther
The Enlields take the same calib
ammunition as the service Sprin
Ile'd. In all respects they are ti
same. They will tire only the servi
type of ammunition, however. In Ca
of shortage at the front, neither tI
I'ritish nor French supplies could I
drawn upon, as they will not fit tI
new rifles.
Private firms operating under go
ernment contract are manufactutir
the Enfields. Owing to the changes
tools and mahinery necessary for iI
rechatnbering. however, it is unde
stood that prodution for the Unite
States army will be hampered.
No less than iU7.00) men must eac
have one of the se rifles. In adeliti<
ge it riscrves will be neessary.
The Umlform Situation.
The situation respecting uniforn
)'as resolved itself into a question c
''There is a large shortage of unl
forms for the selected men; that
true, said Secretary Baker. -B1
the production is equally large. Tlei
have been transportation difficultit
which are now being orercome.
may be some time before all the me
are uniformed, but there are plen1
of uniforms."
Indications are that there will no
be sufficient uniforms to go arour
even for the increment of 40 Ier cel
whicth is scheduled to mobilize oni S.i
tembter 19,. less than a week hrence.
Every effort is being made to e:
pedite the production of artillery, hi
the character of the work wil r
quire at least a year before any al
preciable supply can be obtained.
als Have
s in Heinous
if Maude King
NI News Service.)
from the Department of Justice at
cey Swann discovered a dictaphor
ton B. Means at 1155 Park avenu
hat the machine was connected b
tments of Mrs. Maude A. King. wh
1. C., and Mrs. King's mother at
Means' apartment to overhear co
he hr:d previously transacted 104
business for Mrs. King. A short tir
prior to issuing his statement, M
Schurz had turned over to Assista
District Attorney Dooling whit pu
ports to be the original of this aileg
second will.
Mr. Dooling submitted the documi
to a typewriting expert for analys
It was considered that the cxpt
soon afterward asked for the tylr
wuiter found in Gaston B. Mear
apartmen. The district attorney's c
fice admitted that the exet disco
cred certain peculiarities that will
revealed later.
Receives Isportant Afridavita.
District Attorney Swann has receivc
affidavits which he considers of gre
importance, ftom State's Attorn
ioyne. of Chicago. lie also receive
what is said to be a pdhotogrtarh
tile second King will, for purpos
of comparison with the original do
ment hitherto In the piorwssessin
Lawyer Schurz. Two of the Chicat
prosecutor's assistants were cl.si
with Judge Swann for hours toda
studying the letters and docunien
found in New York and conparii
them with others from Chicago.
Ilenry Dietseh, Afton Meanss s
retary, was questioned closely todi
following the discoverv of the dii
phone in -Gaston Means"' apartmre,
-1He admitted knowing of the i -tr
-ment. Dietsch admitted tihat he h;
been sent by Gaston Mi-ans to get.t1
District Attorney Swarn said. "ti
revolver found in a seciet catinet
a formidable weapon, which shoots
.=: long cartridge. We have foui
seven boxes of cartridges, or :70
all. Some are the smokeless kind.
"Now, boys don't question me clus
ly about the rapers and documen
we found in that secret cabinet. L
it rest with my assurance that the
are of great interest to the Depar
ment of Justice which immediate
took them.
Korunilof's Aide Seeks
Death Rather Than Trit
Petrograd., Sept. 14.-After being ro
ceived by the premier. M. Kerensk
at the Winter Palace and informi
of the fate which awaited him. Ge
Krymoff, commander of the Kornile
troop. which were sent againt Petr<
grad, returned to his lodgings tonigi
(Thursday) and shot himself.
His wounds were not fatal.
Delegation of Fifty Will Hand
Payroll of Soldiers.
Within a month, fifty to sixty fir
class clerks from the Treasury w:
be sent to France. This becan
known yesterday. The clerk1 w
be seleted from volunteers now
the oflee of the Comptroller of ti
Treasury, and the auditor's olfleeI
the War Department.
Six will be lettal experts. Othe'
will be high-grade men with log e:
perience in expert accounting. The
werk will be ins connection with thu
==e=a= t th ska duw. om '=.hh
Hun Commanders Expect
New Offensive in Flan
ders, Says-Report.
(By the InternsatIemI News erviee.)
London. Sept. 14.-A resumption of
the British offensive in Flanders is
expected by the German high cor
mand. as is evident from todays Ber
liat ar offMee statement. The report
rstates that the shelling on the Flan
der front, reached drum fire inten
sity, but "no English attacks devel-!
oped." Sir Douglas Iaig. reported
only a successful bombing raid.
- Berlin asserted that Wednesday
night German troop's drove the British
from the wooded section to the north
r of Langemark, and "took numerous
prlsoners." On the Aisne front, it is
c assertcd, ;,rnan shock trools penle
-I trat--d to the second Fr. nIh line. and
e iIted heavy losses on the deft-n
eders. Paris offcially disputes this.!
saying the attack was repulsed afteri
e hand to hand fighting. The French
conimunique reports successful trench
g On the AistIr-Italian front heavy
rains are inieding operations accord
ing to the Rome war office.
d French tpulae Attack.
h I Paris. Sept. i. --Violent hand-to
a hand titir mt, tarked a French re
i pulFe of a formidablle blow by the
errmiris at daybreak around the
Casemiates Plateau (f hemin des
I naml.) north of the Aine, the war
f office annouirned today.
The (e,rman assault camte after a
- parIt lular: h e :1 y homibailtment.
8 Freniclh tr o op met the enl - st oril
It ing fores andl drove them back, in
e illeting hr v eastaltics.
': In the 'hamnpawnc. to the west of
t i Nanqrin. French tiops had entered
I Grian trenh-lies and took somtte pris
y onerF.
Ther Is a lively artillery duel ii
t both han s ,f the Mieuse.
ttena Make Gail.
S ern v ndon). S.-pt. 14
sI-eial (':Aman stormit ng Iroo;11
- for* -d their way throuih to l'iench
t i c-nd line I.;atiions west of
11Gigni-orit. in I i Aisne sector, to
day's official statt-nt says. Heavy
casualties w -re inflicted on the
French and a number were
a ptureI.
On the British front numerous
prisoners were taken in attacks
rimith of Langemarck on Wednes
flay night as a result of which the
British were ejected from a section
of woodland.
"Front the raltic to the Black
Sea there has been no fighting of
Fr importance." was today's statement
of the war office on the situation
on the. Saern front
Man's Skull Fractured Near "Death
d Curve" Believed from Bermuda.
12rlstery surrounds the identity of
- a while mran. about i %tars of age.
w ho was ctru.k last nisht by a Wash
ington Iailiway and h-ectric street
ear. on Ni- York avinue between
Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets
northw st. a! %'- o'clock, and who
dierd one hour lat-r at the Emergency,
In arn interview at the hos,:ital 1a.1t
night. IDr. I avis declir d th-it the
inan died from a fractured skull. lie
it -aid his jaw and nose also w-re
I roken, arid that his fa, - was badly
The dcccsed 'Ror a coat hearing
the nanI of a hebrdAaher on Queen i
t r etr. Hamilton. It, inud-(--eorge C.
-- Another lie to the min's identity
was an fye rlass s,. in which
w,11 a fair of oIIe classes and a'
p -ir of specta.l-s. batina fite namel
d "f F. A. Lr-ee.alocal optician. No
t succe11 had 1m1-I with th,- -'frts of.
Y'he plice toi,'t in t.. rb iIth Mr.
d L eese 1p to antratii hour itlius mrnr-,
If in.'
. n1 - I' 1 - w e the laun
Sdr W iis -1 . m t1a d.ad man's,
f ilir- 1ito - n%.re ia toba-co
0 -ii a ti: . 1le wore n licht
I brown uit i d a strawi hti, t-.
weigh- 1 .0h 1" , '- ds an1d h1 d ,1
he(:b: mo hh" Ii- tel with
S. . T 1i. m i the r'otoirman. ant
G "i I b. the 'c - -Iicitor, of thei
'-r 'hich s'e Ilthe in wre ar-!
ii-sitd hi ithe po eo No. 1 f .'
cin't, hit i e I 1-t r reti-s id stol
)1:',,d in the a-tod" of Willisrm
SMersh'-ii,. claim ag-ri of the
R Washinrton Rlwa And Electri w
iStruet 'or ConTpanv.
c The mert will h ,e rmnned to ap
pear before -r-n. r's i, -iet. to i.e
a held at the listr I mtrgte at 2
d I'clack this afternoon.
Opening of Lubiano Road Trough
Consolidation Brings Cheer.
jThe Italian Embassy here yesterdiay
-characterIzed the iconsolidation of
-Monte San Glairiele as anO Italian posh
tion as the greatest victory of the
d wxar because it oprens the road to
Monte Ban Gabriele dominates the
mouth of the Chitapovano and Vipacco
t valley-s. Up these the Italians can
now advance across the main road
between Austria and Trieste. The cut
_! ting off of Trieste means more than
a sentimental victory for Gen.
ICadorna's troops. It will mean that,
Austrian submarine activity in the
Mediterranean is at an end.
s h may's dispatches confirmed
the reports that Auatrians spent in
vain a last desperate effort to capture
e San Gabriele. They were driven off,
and the whole dominating height is
now ready to be mounted writh the
it Italian guins which will dominate the
ii road to Lubiano for mites, and pos
e aibly also clear the northeasterly ap
pr'oach to the Hermada.
II It is not believed, however, that
n Gen. Cadorna wiil at this tirn waste -
e hia fortes in a direct attack ont the'
n defense, of Tiese It is believed
that he wilt press on-towarda Ltauano
5 cutting off Tries. Pa ang Fuuse.
Once at Lubiano the way hs iuto'
r the heart of Atda.m Is the!
e da4jae w or the 3..s... '...as
* we trhiep the ( .ae
: a asann a~
Bain Name Swanm
Fw Tremble Ariig
From Lerbwg Ntes
Berlin (Via London). Sept. It
Germany holds that the American
re.velations an to Count Luxbarg
make the matter Sweden's affair
The official attitude here In that
the telegrams cited by the Ameri
can State Department as to the
Argentine matter show that the
messages were not inspired by the
German government and were
merely private proposals. Indicat
Ing the initiative of a single Ger
man diplomat.
The further fact was pointed out
that the German government had
not followed the advice given in
the Luxburg messages, but on the
contrary had settled its differences
with Buenos Aires.
itate Department Expect
Country to Stop Ger
man Perfidy.
The great object of the IUnited State:
in rr'ealing tihe Luxturg and Vo:
Eckl'ardt dispatei s was to depriv
G trmany of sour-es of supply whic
have I n sustaining her armies it
the fle:d.
It was again emphaclzed at th
tate DIp a Irtmnt Yt'terday that lth
r.t1 "d Stat s is tt;ikig no diplomtrat
uarr I with Sweden.
Sweden has betn forced to show le
hand Through the reve'ation of th
ontmvane of certain Swedish offl-iat
In G-rnan schemes the State Depart
me'nt b-lieves that Sweden will n
- duly careful and that the Swed
sh avetue into , eirmany will hee
Ift- 1e d-idedly more narrow if no
en*irely c~osed.
Artentina has been turned 1-initvi
the siie of the t'rted 4tate-s nn,
he :ie. Ge4rman prestige in that r.
p[b-ic Is gon-. South Am1er-an stir
plils will no Ionizer 1tier into German;
thriugh the neutrals.
The same result is expected quickl:
lo follw in Mexin. This will prob
ably rtsult in the lihation of grea
il suppi-Ies for the allies. wil, h, it i
s-pected. (rman intrigue has ft
some time kept closed.
Amtl-German Sentiment.
Vlans were last night int dev.l, ;opm. n
nsoure the cffectiveness of the anti
it rnan sentiment already pet t<
A meeting of the Exports Admiris
tative Board last night was devisin;
, method whereby the control of th.
-unker coal supply of thi. hernispher
mill give the United States absolut
Iotninenee over every pound of fo.
.nd munitions that crosses the At
In this process the State Departmen
realises that Ar et fthd neutral
have been or wit be hurt.
It may' he stated that there is sin
,et re-ret in administration circle
-er t!,- !T, ntse taken i-y Swden an.
Swdes in this country.
Baron Akerhiem. Swedish charg
h1-re, was not even shown disiosur
with retlird to the Mexican letter
It was adm!nitt.d at the State Itepart
mrent 3-sterdayn t -t the sres altead
taken by Sweden to make amend
woud tbe trre-ab to the Unite
States if carried out to their fvl con
-lusion. This is takcn to mean tha
the State Department will -onsidrer it
>bjects attained if the Swtdish foreii
)fMee and diplonatic sei ice i. purcec
>f pro-Gertnntl persns atn ti nt
Swedem to Right I i.
'thlt the r t,tm of the manne
in whrith Sween uAs tIlped ujol
by the 1ierman it is exp-..ted tha
tweden h-rself will take the
n-essary to as.rI- thre
It Mn, tearned l:tt ntht that t,
ma intrigue in A-gentina had Iee
sipontsible :or a -rtain unwiiro
ness on the tart of that repilre t
yie-l to the wisies of the, .
in the disti n i.-: of iitl Smrt,
ooI fro Atrmina its a tuall:
n.i utrais a- I t ta t i nt - Ger
' htttt w .-irels r Ii ar, r I
**F ei y . .Tre i syth-itall\ kIloIA I
d nonei ,f them, wood I.,apbl
nnof ii coo a i tlng wih all of Ilh
tItman star-, The only A\,
onnecl tti h. t .n- Mi. , nd 1:i
lope t'te ' liiug h thte t'nrt. - Staite
Zecretary Werlof Dismissed as Re
suit of Pro-German Disclosures.
Stotkholm. Sept. 14-Oscar Wer
1-1. fIlrst secretaly of lth, f-relig
f:ri. e. was dismissed front the sprv
ice today.
Buenos Aires. Sept. 14-Protect
inig cordons of police ser ved toda
Is buffers between anti-Germa
Jemonstrators and the German le
zation. where Coint Luxburg hur
tiedly made preparations to use th
passport Argentina handed him yes
President Irigoven has ordered
rigorous investigation of the riot
ing during the past two nights, an<
Itnnoutced thtat ringleaders of tih
mob which burned German build
ings antd even threatened the Ger
man legation itself would be se
rerely dealt witth.
Ltuxhutry made an inglorious re
turn lhre. The dote of htis depart
ment has not yet been set.
FOR ..................
aECTIONc NO.......
NOT3-This "Tote Creet1
let unicated above for
in hn sreev
Generalissimo and Si14
Commander thckers
with Deaih.
(3 sk Ieerisatilial Sews 5y.
Petrogra. Sept i.-I. G Korei
lof. genseralisemo for a month and
rebel commander for two days, if
still dicker'ng with death. His army
of Caucasiar. teibesmen has, for the
greater part. 4'ibanded. mont of its
officers are under arrest. His cork
mander in the field. Gen. Krymo,
tried toda: to kill himself as an al
ternative f r being Phet as a trai
tor He ha4 t.!.-&ded vainly with
Kerensky The pr.-mi.r, unmoved,
announced that the days of blug
and bargain are over. "Blood and
iron' w ill hericfo:t be more than
a threat.
Deserted by l.is army, facing the
death ienalt'., wI,'h he himiself
was the first t advocate at the
Moscow onfer, r.r-. F:rniloff is
trying to trent for pardon. He re
fu.,es to -urrendier untconditi-nally,
which Kere ns-k) has annjnced, he
must. Ot the wa it chief head
quarters to persuade the tebet ren
.-ral to Ct render i ;,n Alexif,.
firmtr and presct.t <tief ! staff.
Upon the outcone if the confer
- ence betw-en the- t-.o tmen hines
:imore than tIe fate of Korniloff.
Alexieff. the rebel chlarla .uppotter
in the first pha.e -f th oun.te
revt-i , is n wer~r. ky' n-.litary
ight hnd. 1-t he i- ao tne of
the main pill rs of the rn- at.*
mIvemnent of Ith. r ti-st tilonajl
democrats. The,' li er 1i1, azain ht
i li'r'h-nd- tah the ,- e!te Thel
toialistp. 1,-wy,. are ie mrin
ptrtit if K R . t :. , p-'. r
IReaire frtn 4 ahinet.
Ker -ls is- ,0 m..ua' end,-nterr
Ing It btinti ht-t a -factory re
0 canizatin of ti. rmm.
Without It r . b oth tht
tituti l r , . ant t.
Sot-iatilnt it i. h--we, r. tiarkuly
crnc'd-d to ill mp-h- 'Ie A Vt.
ter contizo-er-y r-, i h: huv.!t-' ft
t puttisihm nt that 1, ii~ h n, --d ,it
to horril.-ff. K-er-ky r--t. ""
r d, ath. But i' h_ a 1 .t a r- w
o m is .1l t : for ri -
Iion l"e r : On" a : (:s v h:0
tIuned rhtbl tnly a. a I - t0-ert
to isate hit c-ur.tr. T V - amn mal
-11s .Wtuaton in w!;. lU I;, K- r- n
Sky reg:Tim f 1 ,4 i- , f I- t ,,T it
Korniloff 1s N :-t.w tIh 9-u netent.
to he to, -t nt,. int t it, him.
If lie I all' wet-i to I.,. t11 d And
itor at. a;:ain proved to h a
hhutf. If Il- i' -xild its alhe r s
who 1till ate legion. it i- feared.
will make new trouble
Changes in the c, btinet are so
rapid that no tentatixe state of the
new mintrty can he forese-n. For
th the mment the ee, of all ctus
sians are tited u:ton he, f h-ad
quarters :n the. f1 , -u here . hsk
hind th . - uth .: !I f :. !.sr
niloff, rehel or , n,t .- itI "" d or
ii t -, h< d, tI-c k- v c-t ef the
Three "**- Alliance Falls.
Th- oIce so to-': I aiiince of
'th j : 1 bre. K s-N r . . n"k, Rermlof
-sh l h. t- riecea.
Gclnf i- :mrr, c m der of
t . ha 1 en ; tr-n ted. it
was 1 -1 i tonightt. If true this
new :: - 2-. new Ianr:F. for
the Ack olize him with a fig.
1or .ir, t I'm th-t wliih i- .
the - .'.- ditiir.,-- follow, 1o01
1T s mi-n. A tribam.*
N, lei d todIy. via hed on Petra.
a-. chifly for two atons FISt.
h'. tho, 1't th- y a.- to Vizht the
r-n ; atcont th- ' had been
room-d that atter '--i ering" the
I the- wIouhl hi allowed to wor
h Allah mn the '. esqu hegun
tt- ago 'n Ptr,--a'I.
1aw and order ,aca i r-'ails here.
The 'i-her :. the nhole is one
of n n.ut there IS an' under
curtrnt of anxi..ty.
"Hands Off Germany's Pohcy, Ac
cording to Reply to Pope.
i , . ' -.-t It -Ger
m ani' -. . --., Pop- i:.nc--at~ v.d
no It It. r" r^ in the internal
a e :, ihr aion s. according to
th a it 1-i 31 ka lAnz. , "
The tnor :-n d re T ,f the relv )-ia
''1, 1- by the ,ade of i e
i 10Re q. cm i-t 1- ne t'd by
Ch!. , .1r MwheI
tsr. S , t I i n the ftt I .: the
rote a,-. ta ' rey oble the Amer tian
r-. pl--. m tht it ft y htlt n- one na
.1 'ha1ll tint mn the it 'rnal tatides
of a tI h., .
I t -me. ep 1S I I pl of the -ee -
e - :alno is'c-itl'ope iW,' .1,d , e-e
n ,ie was r, c. redIl by, the \ lcn e
%.. accordiNt: to % l-itiformed A
'1 w' s r.t.-.d the -cplv fa-,
a isol-t mnI e nden. -t ..!- 14,
m-nanding th it Ktn b \! rt Utu I
hbe independe- t of : ! nliU -ar an&Id
economic alliances '
Formal announm ,ntit of the i-'
formation iie to vi, he:-r -tM a* a
oint or .roup are.-. eas withheld
by the Vati- n
'ntemi latiing a trike. tt-itne
enne~tylvamia Trile-raphers. fror
lit t ni-.ht to airrn.:e deti.
" 1S gond for th gerntber
the eedidate wmi.namse I
i at the AII-Pias eome ~
I igialhntom 3SAL
msneinan an

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