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Cimaia IBM af mhe o o t
regem Opens - Who Wi
he 'hme Iasa .M s 00
reital wu A l-% :l m "ONe
Qrat essert e -Aw MW l
Tea m ess=-da hegia 'her ---e.
studes as have As At i great
artin wM the 6AMs . M
them - a stfenmt 6t sh -ham It
was n t sh was aiho-s
6w ma webs waii
overe am she begen to 1S3t
eeme ate a epOvraliu erees
serely a year later Gmeib Mslin
made her ope"a debut Italy an
-..'a -*ca-- Fema that me
most thin peniest et 'y esma's
eareer has be me of brNs'at sahi
eVvneat. ',
The greatest opera hemem of the
old world I Italy. Frame. and RW
land are familiar with the great gif
of the; lovely Made and it toef so
more than her opeasig sight ap
pearance as Toes. woederfufly spe
ported by her colleagues and frieuds
CarMe and leetti, to place Claudia
Mae In the drst rank of the Metre
peta Opera House stellar lghts.
Artist Seemis De-nd to Play Ral
of Making Otin1 s
If there in ay eatt an the stage
who sees deetined to play one type
of part. it is May Vokes of the "Good
Gracioes Annabeole," announced fo
presentation at the Betasco Thea
ter for the week of Monday, October
.=, Including matines Wednesday and
Saturday. Like the majority of plAy
ers who ar stamped by the type
stencti she has always had ambi
tions. but having the "comedy face'
and mere than that, the caedy sense
In highly developed degree, she lt
erally he been forced to take com
edy parts.
IThere Is always." says Min
Vokes, "a stimulating feeling making
other laugh that supersedes all
other sensations to me, But It Is a
serious business. this making of
others strip themselves of an tror
vencer of seriousness with whick
the ordinary American theater-goeS
coats himself or herself when the]
sit in front and in a manner dar4
the player to make them laugh."
Eugenie Blair. Playing at Poli's
Discusses Mooted Question.
"Do women want Battery and com
pllments as a tribute, or do they do
sire the finer tribute of honest, and
if need be. the bitter truth' asakA
Eugenie Blair. who will be seen &I
Poll's In "A Royal Divorce."
"On the attitude of the individual
woman on theme questions depends
whether she is to have true friendi
as she goes through life or whether
she can hope for nothing better than
acquaintances. The truth isn't al
ways pleasant. How can it be?" con
the*d Miss Blair.
"None of us stands off and gets him
true perspective. Ali of us have un
suspected weaknesses and pecullari
ties and little mental twists.
**ne of the qualities of the man
culine nature enables it to stand
more calmly than does the feminine
life's wear and tear. Man like flat
tery but they can stand the truth."
Nattoml-aude Adassm
Maude Adams appearance at the
National Theater a week Jrom Mon
day is being awaited with consider
able anticipation, one reason being
that the play In which she i to be
seen Is James Matthew Barrie's lat
est comedy. "A Kiss for Cinderella."
A new role for this favorite actress
and a new play from the gifted pec
of the Scotch dramatist are not every
day occurrences. Mr. Barrie calls bli
play a "fancy" and a most whimsical
one it is, dealing as it does with a
war-time version of the oldest of
fairy tales. This fantastic story deals
with a plain, over-worked housemaid,
or slavey, who, denied the luxurles.
and even the comforts of life, ham
real joy through the productiveness
of her imagination. One of her cher
ished ideas is that she is Cinderella
and that eventually will come to her
a grand transformation. like the one
that attended the kitchen maid it
the fairy tale.
The second act of the play is the
visualization of a dream in whict
she finds fleeting realization of her
fancies. In the scene of the dressa
ball Mr. Barrie lets loose his fancy
In the comic court with a cockney
king and queen. One of the prettiest
love scenes that Mr. V3larrie has ever
written brings the play to a close.
Some one has said of the play that
it was compounded of laughter and
rushed tears. In its bits of pathoe 11
is most appealing and Its humor ha
truly rich. Cinderella, as her bit. ii
caring for four orphans, and thougl
she tries to hide it, one o~ them is
named Grotchen, proving tht her
patriotism cannot interfere with het
huamanity. Miss Adama has ataged
the play with great care and artiatry.
The muale is appropriate and adds t
the humuors of Cinderella's fancies
The supporting company is made us
of well known players,
Beginning Monday, October Beth
at the Belmas Theater. Oliver Mor.
osco will present Maude Fulton's do
lightful comedy, 'The Brat,'' which
as local theatergoer, will no doubl
recall, wes give, its first Easterr
showing, before Its New York pre,
miee at the nBaa Theater last
eso. "The Bat" returns tc
Washington fresh fromn a season'i
rum at the Moresse Theater, Nieu
York, where 4~ was one of the big
gest hits of the theatrical year jugt
past, and comes here direst fne
partienlarly deoceui run of shi
weeks at the ISFrie Theater, Phila.
Mis rtlen wi- no doubt be re.
caflsi a a member et the fasses
dancing teenm of W~llia Rok and
Maue Fultoui. who for eight year.
were partans, heafNming uggdgegh
shows ad co-starving intaes
coedies, wdm-a Lowe win pas
-psmt Miss Fatos, while etheri
Ia the east Include 'Percival T.
Meee,, Mla Etewart, Ruth Mali
*eknnt Bade Andra, Vraed
gingimes -a. Jois Phndley, who wil
be see in ems et his celsbrated cara
aeterhtieatte et a fan~y servant,
Fp' md~ Wek t. F, Xa The
ati the MU Wi ee LEndn
Cavagh, the Whnter Ossem. and
te~M 4am.s galh lkau Mu
sud 4s Ds F "*A whasum at
Dassa, Oster b0 al at
.m h aie ~ae
pictures of a very pretty tt
girl who is now with the big new CON
tury Show waich opens October 0 1
New York. i[ttle Peggy Carter is
product of the West, having been bor
and brought up in Boise, Idaho. Sp
kant, Wpsh. and LUncon, Neb. She!
only 14 years old and has only bee I
the theatrical business a year and
halt. For the last year she baa bee
with Gus Edwards to "Behool Days,
tacle; Nomette. the iolistmte, w1
PIngs with a new repertoire; ti
three Jahns., and other recent BroSa
way succese suppleinented by th
ripe organ recitals and the HeVS1
Pathe news pictorial and war sect6
Pell's-A Dauhter el the 00.
"A Daughter of the Sun." will I
presented at Poll's Theater next wel
at popular prices.
No production that has been unde
lined for Poli's Theater thia seas
has ever received the endorsement 4
this play. "A Second Bird of Par
dime." it has been called by an el
thuslastlc reviewer, for the pIS
faithfully reproduces the atmosphet
of uncle sam's lovely Pacific POW&e
The story concerns Lea. DtugbtA
of the Sun, who has been under ti
fanatical guardianship of Io, hil
priest of the sacred temple, and b
romance with "American Man." I
many ways, is said to remind one 4
her sister, Luana. the famous cha
acter in the "Bird of Paradise."
The two acts are presented in sevf
scenes. the patio at Honolulu at da,
break, where the action opens, aI'
the patio at high noon, the lotus sa
den the cane brake and the cor
An attraction which always mee
with a hearty welcome from Wa41
Ington's dyed-in-the-wool burlesQ
fans is Dave Marion and His Os
Company, which orgailsaiom
scheduled to play the Gayety Theat4
next week on Its annual round i
the circuit. "A Trip to Elephants"
the name of the offering this yet
and It is up to the standard set t
Marion In years past.
Marion will, of course, present h
famous character. "Snuffy," in ne
comedy situations. His support w,
consist of S. H. Dudley. the not4
local colored comedian; Charles Ra:
mond. who returns to burleaque aft
an absence of two years: Hen
Plunkett- in character roles; Horn
& Burke. blackface comedians, ai
the Alpine Four. harmonists.
Celumbia-Marguerlte ClaSh.
Next Sunday and for the first ha
of the week Marguerite Clark wi
be the pictured star at Loew's C
lumbla in "Bab's Burglar." Mar
who have seen Miss Clark in her otho
"sub-deb" picture. "Bab's Diary,
will almost be sure to see her :
"Bab's Burglar." the- second Mai
Roberts Rhinehart story to be scree
ed. The story tells how she tral
a man she suspects of being a bu
glar. and finds that she has, Inste.
caught a pair of elopers, one of who;
is her sister.
Beginning Thursday and for the Ia
half of the week Ann Pennington
the star of the feature photopIA
"The Antics of Ann." the scenes
which Include a football game, a gir]
seminary, with the big dining hi
In which large numbers of extra
including a big part of the Zlegfe
Follies chorus were employed. The1
are bathing scenes and diving seen
that are said to be the most uniqi
of the kind cver shown in the film
"Solitaire." at once an exquisite nol
city and an appealing conceit. bae
upon the romance of a bachelor az
his efforts in reuniting the brek
chains of romance of others, will I
presented at the Cosmos Theater ne
week, and with "Yesterdays."
charming 4antasy of chidhoed day
presented by Rtawson and Claire. wi
constitute the sentinental side of
bill which also will have Its ble pi
triatie feature, "Tbe Dancers of tl
Natlona." a spectacular productki
similar In many reepects to the -I
moun Morgan Dancers which bas bei
tentatively engaged.
Other numbers of a bill constroett
along novel lines with the object
varying the usual vaudeville eimte
tainment will Include Conrad and' B
ganny. violinist and pianist, both<
the artistic clams; Frank Parron
"The Jester's Paradise;" Nora All,
and Jack Henry. In pretty soags wii
piano accompanimemt, and Kathles
De Vole, of Lanky dim fame. a
Jack Moralis in *'A Revue of ti
Show," together with the 'usual Ii
TheproramstMoore's Garden The
Trandt'' and Anta Kingin Tl
Girl Angle."
"The Whip," the bsha.. of ii
eebrated play of the same an
is acheduled to aSiear at Newt
Mssad Theter, for the entie WOe
et te --*e--- topresent a tI
stgin osaptmaesen with h.pitsg
the heres and thresdnuitems tae
the erigil stags psed eti
e8. Borg In the ~~
rates sgrm p e~ se
that agm t
wowandt wovehw
swtier im as.
steam 'I" the
upheaval inNw
The Play was tit
the bowerfum
low T"Icket"
at the Unendaes I
notable, east
.Rearing that uettes' I
on a new play, Woods
Playwright asking for 411u1
being first to mee At. M
his Asset, and & ffty-W4
00d& famoanny isoo
To Justify his ft Is I
Damer Mr. Woods has
tostrongest carapay1
engaged for a single
etudes amen others
Olson Ruban, Winl... I
Dean, E9dward Abele
B rker a jam " s patte
G. W. U. NW
e am
Lyle Alverson, of the
Law School, recently M
Weeks in Cuba On low b
"Jack" Me~rrbnan has
the Law ehool after sp
Is the b1n t in Now York City, w
k- onds R, at C Ila United States passort
is where dhe attrmatd the attention of The seniors at the Do
a6 Messrs. Wayburn, Zegnatel and Du- ar arranging for a mn
n inmhben Who so-mrall bar for' the now week or two.
I- Century production, Although Kima Seniors at the Veteril
10 Carter is a Younger and oly been have been attending di
" In New Yo-k - abort thus, an account ast two Sunday mon
" of her clav-rnm,; she stp.,4% out et!Twelfth Field Artilleorl
" the chorus at the Martinique and took Mount Ida, Va.
leading part to two numbers. Billy Wilbur, Fred Re
Burton furnished the a
" and relatives, especially thlae who I npromptu dance given
" hav the power or inuence to confer t
bensfits. eleks Binbn lAwon
eThose who ask for promotions or sit were Mines Yohe, 8t
recognition would proit by the aspnct, Or, Densmore and Lloyd,
- which Is enouraging for An who sa K ler, Sadely and E
personal favors. , The senior clah of
During thin Coniguration it s Well Sehool ha elected the
to take account of fe as It o ehang- cren: Prsident, Jack
a Ing during what the ore call the DaY President L. A Mason;
of Jud ment. The strs are believed C. Ruiz; treasurer, Ed
to hencurage effort toward the real- editor, Toma Cajgs.
-isation Of high and holy ideals. Poindexter, or' the Me
neSaturn t in a place believed to ke Is studying this year a
for depression and tancholy and Univernity.
th0 Importance of cultivating cheer- La Done, Of the cli
- fune Is emphasised by the -fer the Medical School Is t
SMinisters askll who conduct pb University of Tennessee
anthropi work have the foremast of Abe Ochwarts, Medical
extraordinary desmands that wiln re. now a pharmacist In the
o form relief methods, astrologers d e Dr. Collas han
esre. -rbrarian of the Medical
et The President comes under a away ceeding Dr. Craag, who I
I likely to bring new probleml that he Huddle, '1, In Dr. Colliu
r must solve alon e ar ae should safe- Russ Pole has returned
guard his health, especially the first fel School after a year
pf Part of next month which will bring Herbert Romey, of
- tremendous burdens. School, recently visited
Both army and o vingers have Is The members of the a"
Splanetary goverpient that presages at the Medical School will
SMany rivalries and much diuatifte. On Hallowfn.
l ton with new conditions, but they are Henry 'Latch. Medical
r assured of onal Justice, i herstar has returned to the uni
ar read rIght. serving for six mont
There is a sign read a foreshadow. at a large hopita In
Ing changes In the sentiment of Con- decks,
gren and manty exciting debates when Hirst HamYs, Of the M
-the regular session Soeetl. retly entertain the I
During the next few months Planets dents on him s houseboat:
that ar believed to encourage asta th , eCaltoo Kb
maty of opinion and exetabl sot V- Mn n B, w an
will have great power, it Is announced. fith and lack Zerbe.
tfPersons whoe birthdate it Is shoar The senior class of
be very careful not to waste sory School has elected the I
during the coming year As they eill crs: President, E. W.
need all they can get. Employes are president. T. R. Lanaha
likely to be promoted. treasurer, L. L. Criswell
im Children born on this day Ma y be L. .Hines,
Iy extravagant In their habits, but thejy Delta Tau Delta has ai
.l will be fortunote In AntcIal affair. pledging of Albert PI
(orriht ti White, Paul FriselL Do
r- Edward Pennebaker, Jam
rMSIC; a MSIIAS ke '='-="d oher
a Sigma Chi has pedt
d Childs, Columbian Colleg,
William Stansnteld announes the L. Nielson, Columbian C
second of the series of ave twilight @ern D. Burton, Colum
1organ recitals will be played on Mon-presid M. Lo Frnas
11 day at 4: p. m. In the First Congre- l.
gational Church, Tenth and 0 streets dn.othseircei
will e Avsgat ishein his, b. P o Delta T u Delta has
[n gram: First Sonato In F, Mandela- large rquarters at 142n I
sohn; "Claire de Lune," Karg-Elert; Iavenue northwest.
overture. "Fintandia Libellu;' so- Russell Du Va of Deli
oprano solo, "My Redeemr and MY has successfully passed
-Lord," Buck; Peer Gynt Suite, GrIeg; tion for entrance to
soprano solt "When the Heart IsFCorps.
Young," Buck; Gavotte, Martino; -Alpha Nu Chapter of I
March from "Taunhauser." Wagner. recently held Its ort m
it --Aseason at the new chapt.
The musical numbers for Sunday at Kalorama road northwes
the First Congregational Church, were made by Dr. Ch
Tenth and G streets northwest, will be Swisher, head of the e6
a. as follows: 11 a. m., organ prelude, history at the universit
Contemplation ("The Holy City"), Boat, and Frank Myers.
Gaul; anthem, "The Lord Is MY Kapp Alpha has an
Id Light," Parker; offertory, quartet; pledging of Chariton I
6 organ Postlude. Grand Chorus In E Medical School,
10 flat, Guilmant; 7:30 p. im., organm Pro- KAPPA Pat recently 1
y lude, overture to "Samson," Handel. dance at the Potogee.
Nocturne in B minor, Foote; choir* Paul Vestal, of the M
"He Watching Over Lrae" r(Eljah' will leave soon for the
Mendelssohn; soprano and tenor uet" an offer of the District
"Love Divine." Stainer, Mrs. B. H- unit.
Smart and H Pert F. Aldridge.
Eight o'clock service, anthem, '"I'be A. T. Schwart who is
Lost Sheep," Posters offertary, quar- cial work at the Medic
0 tet, "Still, Still With Thee," Speaks; stationed at the United
h organ Postude, Finrae Fifth Syopnh Hospital b chief a
f ny Bethnoven. nohH. e. Griiith, of the X
a William Stans.eld, organist and has returned to the un
', Gaul; dnteo. Q"aTet Lod chrs of Kpain Alha uas at
M Ligt." Parer;ofertry urttpedgin ofta aratJohntI
Phra otud.GadCorsi icalpShool.erit
& lude, overture to "Sa uadls a nek at the otom tc
e octurnea ininor ote; cthir Paul V ertal, of M
'"HetWachingOver Courten O(tlberh). twill leav mnforsthf
SMenssohn;a sranoian, enown dutin fierof he istricthi
anSmat and wHerer P A echrdet.ui irsas st
atG lsockB servie an the 'neste Ad hwBrbl.'wht tis
ost thee. PFis oioteosertCop. uA- chla, worat the Medi
'ne "Stight oStil Wih aes' his e-k, 5ttOO ash nted
e rgayetde iale Fiannfh e ymh s itla che an
ompoBeton. amn thH-Peue. ME jrfih o h
Nail2iam "Ptansa.ld "o"ran t aond," rtredt te
Sandao nbr dor. Quatetrndchru of sng thesumragd at
hi b't M on aharaftni
"'it Mthe Shua BOlr egan plaetre serflser at the he
Stdi itann Beely Cour, toong Otoer the tore, prttendengets bf
le is peulafbs '"2s ellgknown in- prnoved Sh e is tshief.
ans: sand wo ohis oeahen. usict ee nam 15 to'
tns Tonhe l O1t"and an nthusianhe.be a
i"se brought out puase of hiMr. - d
berg, plwed typca seloton e fromthis
1r Ows tom ojo amongeia te "rlde AEeini-J
'f aud at numberroh othe nnt n u r u~yo
h Boast S tyevesbi ftherl ientifhied .* amageo btii
Swith te Chrale St Plaed, thre ,*An 'a Prtse.. fone
~ i~nei pselciMr. Wrahtong ace astoe pire nig o
0 preld and Misse Mary acob sei bat prvet hed a thief,
"ogsus "Ther Seph ard, anotre" M thode.l w
is l ys .d... irs.. l- "' .
Tbern --b sot ofthe eeninghua-t "And ypu aw argied
that "ert algerm
- t sthesispcieMesintetd.Rich t eejWstsssl~ stre
oesemun~en ersir. tha wasd. Bi"
- lastdidy peinig theeentsahiqh 'I am
e m i umee a piue, n d tus ag, forno
in e.PiqS r. rlht~a cte a Na i m ar,"
br~WedMs ay301 eg~Yuhv hna Mart
"5~ ene Sewet.w~Me" i1Wtl teOat w
With, '11~fI
he N aths
nhisf mmaf r te
06 h20 d labh just at 0tie ther
on~ 0" t -o hmkUZ we I
ths ~ o Ift. . SsserO ft Q"- tu
eing t ft s g g f
'k wish I 'to ae u to W assero vw
During an of In year 10 - 0
meabl ed lef them in want had b
S t - at to the bhr of 0ocrimsial -50i
etea -Co0rt and given the altersatte oet nOre
$ ges1*rie. 9ing to Jal or moprd Itheir wives. Nasa
L -' m b Ave of these u4sd to do aidd
O- With ae what they vowed to de day they and
mblet were married. .seg
Thesme. five went to Jonl for 'Nead Amer!
Of ro 10 three to eight months. and
all but ONe learned a bom. toer,
orria. Jula so far this year thirty men have Jg to
I Cotan5 bess indicted by a grand jury, and he me
w.o later Placed .n probe. to. = as
their wives or meiner children.s Chane
u are DtWI nearly m0 Ses whem the of th
pole department are ver anxiowu a res
clais et J& t beo acquainted with. fti
pst several Many cfete the governaest has had
otnem to pend perfectly god money to hunt
rtn up and bring back a m"n who was
not worth a hill of beans to his
ading a yr family. Men have bees brought from
e =the w the Pacific coast at a cost Of 811.
on g Even to bring a ma. from Balti- -
*tlCl5MOre costs a UO bill. ~ i
Iot within a Recently the gand Jury indicted
twenty-two mon for this ofense.
Ieafry te Thi Is the largest number or re
ics for the creant husbands ever indicted at one
ags at thune. in Awenty years.
Camp at Many men desert their wives be- To
caumL they are not equal to the taskw
I and Larry of supporting them The high cost we
ustleoran of living has scared quite a few of vents
reoeAtly an the spineless variety away. "AMni- ves"t
Ie Art-s ad toe.- have .o .all part in thee
Sthoe Pire.- deertions. Marrying the wreag kind .a.
and Messm
the Mtedical AMSEMMMfs
illowlng 01
Lyons; vice
secretary, It.A gij
L"w|s; an" R'
,e , School. IIOPKWIS
t Hannaman t
s of 'n at
ttending the
this year.
School. '2 isE
appointed i
School, suo
mse resigned.
r assistant.
to the Med
of law.
the moemal m
homere class
give a dance *
SchooL *1.
verslty after r
a as intern
the Adro.
dical. School,
onowing stu
Russell Bel.
mg Rt. seh.e'kK''"
or. I. Grit
the Medical
)le*ing o.
Price; vice
3; secretary
; and editor,
Inounced the I
hillips, Rose
nald Herron.
we Penneba
and Messr. NEXT WEEK--Si
'd 1Ialph . Over Meemee Greatest Laughing R
ft n George
ollege; Cam
0, Columbian
elected pres
Lt the Dental FU RHSRL W Y
e s -t ,....,.,, ,. NEW Y4
moved into Xay. 28-Jan. Sit WALTER
lamehusetta FPeb. &-A ie &P
a oAt 41n5 o-Cleek 1.1 istm-Pef
his examine- Tekeot--o.e. @se, seeS, gAs., ge,.
he Aviation
Cappa Alpha
moker of the
Nt house. ISM %AL
ties Clinton0
ertynent of AI gAY Zg MAih., 2i;
DgnigTomsorrow matinee god FA
ing of the EV A T A
'are a rush EVTA
mat Club. loD3 BOMBSHELL
dica School. Bombarding w ith hRe Aud
Balkans as MAY TULLY Present."
leld Hospital "THE WORLD DANCERS" I I
With Lester theehia pearl a,.P- e
taking spe- guy ad Ce. ithe Danesr of
Ll School. is Ages frm the Cave ReV. Crawi
States Naval te the Shim-ne-sha-webble. C
leatSchoo F ren A JOE ET
.e,.it, afto, . N-A..d I....mgh...y b.-A
the n~bia DREW & WAL I A " 40
l ,Mu " ,."s '..'"'"... FABIA
the Russian T* Pi. ls eltas. Einent ainmiom
of 'ren."" S s".."'.1NOR ABA
hing naology And AD Las Wek CMwd-E
folto Ar _________________
!a judg T1EW 1PT
rbad ntered 1A. M.
a customer.
Licemrer 11P.M.ST R
Ith a t -TODAY, MON.,
i the pe-l- tJANE GH
the calmer - "HER FIGHTING
deal of trou- Pts d - E ~ A
-ev" e. -e. Jan. Cowl In
id that you- IAO C
moug money
~esae T DA, MON.,
Ey. aP sndry '
ahost meA
-. - " r -A
Ps to am A e.
A E at 4:30
mea who& the whiT of
pave hn a 1
?bahowb " uatlaa embT
7110 -wah
Ditt .emm C a o.ter.J b E
Gr , J..eh.y a eit.
*T. A nmath, .Gt.
nly a"a pammaeft =~m I"
ES to ft Iftl . am2b
Crat Dmmaie an te go"
PrCY AWL & C-. If Cnfod
le.g for the~m Fi th aT
a a.t Wpaslfa. Us1e4I k
bow la Lpi asi 16d . AU
P.epy, D"HEaRTB EA..
I....... ..... .ef. s
-. n- st- -urs. eI J
mA Pron a P4m
i.. P ei a Wa .eion
"m a"t;"* b"
-Eminh"..'"i A.te,.l
DANOSCK. Codctor.
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Eugenie Blair
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Seats on Sale Tuesday
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