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Billy Sunday, in Three Sermon?, Begin? Smashing Drive on Sin in Washington, Taking Text from Luke and
Searing Soul? of Liar? of Every Sort---'Christianity Can No More Fail Than God Can Fail," Declare? Evan
gelist?Preaching Topic? Range from "Booze Gang" and Assassination Threat? to Bishops and Faith in
Creator?Declare? Christ Didn't Put Standard of Living Too High for Human Being? to Attain.
Hat Shots from
Evening Sermon
r.ar aelgk
lf.- Th? w??U
? I. Ik?? I, 4ke?
?alT !4.lrtt??l m??!?
tee dlvoree la adultery. When
?? cernea ta th? dlveree ?aeatl??.
laaa Roman Calkalle frana Ik?
?a? ut a?r beni ta the salea ef
na t fe?*?.
????I?? ?re ?o darne?
I?at tbey never stare
away tea ?cai, tkat ther ?on*?
Amt? -Gai he with. you. till we
anaet asala."
. I hn.e aaet people ?o roate?p
?JhtT atlaiT th?* they ??Ike?
amtrum?b their no?e ta keep Iron
???arlns aat their fat?? teeth.
They'd aleal a fir fra?? a hilad
Th? II??wr traete, thnak Cod.
?s foMla. It? teat? aad la pre
parlas tu errer lata hell? aat ?f
which tt wriggled It? earea??.
Any aaan with ??od. rieh, red
e*ae?d la hia ?jaira dae?at cara
?a piar aeeand Bald?a tu ? how
le?_red ban-das.
Girl?. If I were raa. I'd rather
?tarry a aun who la nann eaaash
?? wear a pair af ?a-eeat arer
al??? thaa ?o haak ap ta ???>
Calkkert ?ho ran piar the a??
.alia ar the nkelele. ?aioke cig
arette? aad lire oC tke aid aaan'?
I hare aa ?aarrel with ?aeletr
??anty with the alafal wan? af
rd rather a daashter of mine
weald klaa a blind ?ok ?hraash
B h?rhed wire feaee ?a Friday
alsht the 13th af the aaoath thaa
la eh? ? ?e part aera tkree stakt?
? weak with the Ilshta taraed
Tn th? ?Ixth c-'?pter of Luke, in the
forty-?lxth Ter???"Why c?ll y? mo
I?rd. Lord, ?nd ?? not the things I
Why call yourself a Democrat and
then rote the Republican ticket?
Why call yourself honest and th?n
Why ?ay that yon ar? pur? and
then Uve in ?In
"Why call ye me Lord. Lord, and
?a not the thins? which I say?"
What did Jesus mean? Do you be
Bave he meant the things th?t are re
corded that he said, or do you believe
that ha said one thing and meant an
other? Do you believe that he, ut
tered thlngr that were impractical
and Impossible for us to carry Into
?ffect and then told us he'd damn us
If we did not live up to it? I don't
believe you ?re fool enough to charge
Him with that, and If you are that
?toeen't justify the fact th?t you are
? tool it you do it.
Did he put the ?tandard too high
for human attainment and then tell
nee he'd damn us If we didn't reach
It? No!
Ideala aa. Living.
I read where a bishop of the Eng
Bah church said that the teachings
of Jesus Christ should be regarded as
Ideal and were never Intended to be
can-led into effect or lived.
I knew of a Y. M. C. ?. that had a
debating' society, and. it just decided
that under social, political, econom
ical conditions, that the teachings of
Jesu? should be regarded as ideal and
ware not Intended to be lived, yet
they both had the audacity to call
them?elves Christians.
Another man sail Christianity had
failed. He lied! Christianity can ao
more fail than God can fall or that
tha sun can fail. The church can fall
but there la no failure in Christianity
for that la of God. One man said it's
?erar been tried. It hasn't been with
? good many.
I will admit that Christianity has
?MfMgg way beneath love as the ori
PWsNatandard. Love is the domt
.ihnt principle of the world; love
esa never be defeated. Love may
fee checked; love may be prevented
for the time being. In accomplisr.
lnK it? aim. but love will drill a
tunnel through all'the mountain? of
opposition and reach the goal for
s touchdown. Love? It'3 the
mightiest thing In the world! And
th? world Is starving today for the
manifestation of the love of God
IB tha heart? of men and women.
?[??*?lag aa. Paahaadtlns
1 hava alwnys ha? a good de?l
of sympathy with a hob,? that went
up to th? back door of a professing
Christian woman's home and pan
handled* her for a eup of coffee and
mooched her for a flapjacK and af
ter much persuasion sr.o c?me
a?ro?? with a tract on the bread of
life, and he began to tear the tracts
up and cu; se ani mitt ?r. I have
ro sympathy with hia 'latha but 1
have a good deal of sympathy with
the feelings that possessed him.
urhat that fallow reeded then wa?
a plec? of meat v. it ? two place? of
bread under !t. Tiie ?hortest route
Istu that fellow*, heart was by way
rf hi? stomach. It was tha quick
ae: way to land ' .n 'here.
I believe that there ia no preju
dice existing between man and
?ter?, between masses and cJasses.
between capital and labor, that
can't be driven from the world by
th? principi?? of J.sus Chris? man
ifested In tho lives ot men, masses
h?d claaac?. capital and labor.
I read of a Scotchman who
l??rned just enough of the French
tanguas? to ?ay, "God love* you."
sad he walked the street? of say,
?intu? Paria with the tears tric
kling down hi? cheeks and his arms
outstretched, crying the words in
***r?noh. It ?truck conviction to
t?? hearts of the people until out
af that the great All Mission work
la Paris wa? ?tarted.
HI? IaMel Br.ther.
I heard of a profeaaor who wa? a
Christian. He had a brother-tn-law,
? doctor, who waa an Infidel and thi?
factor said the reason that all Chris
tians didn't sin waa because they
?reren't sufficiently tempted. Some
body challenged th? statement, and
"What*? th? matter with
brother-in-law. the professor?"
Be said, ?F? Jih. IM mt b? i^
bench, and I'll b?t yoa ten bucks
that I can maka him mad."
Th? waa*?r was mad?. The?? two
-rcn had a business transaction and
th? doctor purposely falsifi?d th? ac
count In order to test th? religion
of hi? brother-in-law, tha professor,
i ?nd In response to ?om? gueatlou
? that the doctor knew waa a 11? (for
?he wa? trying to ?trine him and put
Ion. over on him, and tbe professor
?knew he was) th? profe??or Jumped
I to hla feet and ?aid,
I "Tour* a liar. Get out of my
| ??. ! he drove him out And his
I brothcr-ln-law. the doctor, took up
hla hat and went, ?mealut crest
fallen to think that so ?Treat aad ?rood
a man had sidestepped, but highly,
elated- to think he had Tightly in
terpreted human natura and waa a
ten-apot ??head.
So the) went to their home? and
-?tired, fc-oon the old doc wa? reel
ing her of* like a Twin Six, ?nd th?
old professor was rolling and toss
ing with a troubled Insomnia, and
ho arose at 2 o'clock In th? morn
ing and dressed, walked four mile?
, across the city and as the sun came
I tripping o'er the bank? of myrrh, he
rapped on the door. HI? brother-in
law opened it and he said,
"Yesterday I called you a liar. I
am sorry I did It I hay? com? to
ask you to forgive me."
And he drew him in and aald, "If
that'? religion, that'? the brand I'm
looking for. and I think I'd better
take a good old hypodermic injec
tion of the good old-time, worth-dy
ing-for religion."
"Forai re ?..G Debtaia.?
What did Jesus Christ say? I
haven't time if you had the disposi
tion to hear all taht he had to say,
but listen!
Jesus Christ ?aid. "Forglva your
And the world ?ays. "Sue them for
their dough.'*
Jesus Christ said, "It's more
blessed to give than to receive."
The world says, "Get all yon can
and then can all you get."
Jesus said, "Give to him that ask
eth of thee, him that would borrow
of thee turn not away."
Tbe world ?ay?. "Go to the Asso
ciated Charit?s. I subscribe."
Jesus Christ said, "Ton can't
serve God and mammon.'
The world says. "God on Sunday,
mammon through the rest of the
Jesus said, "Love your neighbor
as yourself.""
The world ?ay?, "First com? I,
then I. then I come ?g?ln."
Jesus Christ ?aid. "Him that ?mit
Cth thee on one check, turn to him
the other also."
The world says. "Call a cop."
Jesu? Christ ??id. "Let him that 1?
among you without sin cast the first
The world ?ay?. "Chooae Judge?
, that know the law and will give a
deeUloa tn year favor If 70a put
them there."
J??n? Chrl?t aald. "Who?o?v?r
would b? great among yon, i?t him
b? ?ervant of all."
Th? world aay?. If you want to
be ?om? pumpkin?, you molt keep
a TaUt.**
I.lT.rre ?ad Tawacity.
Jean? Christ ?aid, "What God
hath Joined together let not man
put ?sunder."
The world aay?. **I will divorce
you and marry another woman and
that will not b? ?in."
You lie!
The only Scriptural grounds for
divorce la adultery. When it comea
ito the divorce question I am a Ro
man Catholic from th? top of my
held to the bottom of my feet I
believe the Bible teaches that you
have a right, my friend, to get a
divorce on Scriptural ground?, but
you never have a right to remarry
a? long aa th? on? from whom you
?re divorced 1? ?Uve.
I am an ordained minister of the
gospel, so help me God I ?hall never
prostitute my manhood and high
and honorable calling to unit? In
marriage any roan or woman that
ha? ever been divorced for any rea
son. ?? long a? th? man or woman
from whom h? or she Is divorced 1?
One day In Chicago a fellow came
up and rang th? doorbell, and oh,
he was dressed fit to kill! Had on a
silk lid; he had a diamond in hi?
shirt front a? big a? a hickory nut
patent leather ?hoe?, a Prince Al
bert coat, ?ilk lined, hung below
hi? knee?; ?nd there was a girl
about IS year* ot age?a peach of
a girl?one of the?? kind ot girls
you'd involuntarily turn and look
at twice If you ?aw her on the
street?standing by hi? aide.
Wkei BUI y Re* Igeai.
So he tipped hi? lid and ?aid,
"Does th? Rev. Mr. Sunday live
I ??id. "I am he."
He said. '"Will you ofic?ate at our
I ?aid. "Hav? you th? m?rriage
He said. "Sure Mike!"
I said. "I'm from Missouri, come
So he pulled It out and I looked
at it and I aald, "That look? good
to me."
I said, "Have either of yon been
married before?"
He said. "Not the young lady; I
I ?aid, "Tour wif? living or
He ?aid. "She"? allve."
I ?aid, "Beat It?twenty-three for
you. you lobster."
He ?aid. "What do yon mean?*?
I ?aid, "I mean according to my in
terpretation of the Bible I haven't any
right to hook you up to that girl.'?
Sunday Gets Decision In
First Round with Devil
Evangelist in Opening Sermon Flays Sin and
Sinners, Raps Critics and Tells of
His Finances.
In his opening sermon yesterday
morning Billy Sunday preached en.
"Have Ye the Holy Ghost?" His text
was from the nineteenth chapter of
Acts, .second verse: "Hav. ye re
ceived the Holy Ghoit since ye be
Mr. Sunday pictured the coming of
the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and
again over the River Jordan when
Jesus was baptized. He emphasized
that there have been but two such
manifestations and that the probabili
ties are tnere will never be any other?
"this side of the grave."
He spoke of "grieving" the Spirit
by the wrong use of our lips, and de
Rapa Petty Offeadere.
"There Is many a man who wouldn't
keep somebody on the side, who
wouldn't stagger and reel home into
the arm? of hi? wife, but he will
stoop to do the mean, contemptible,
I dirty, scurrilous, derogatory, under
1 handed, villifying. little things that
show that he is led by the flesh and
not by the Spirit, although he may
have been baptized, sprinkled and
immersed every fifteen minutes,
| knows the catechism from A to Z, and
has been confirmed every half hour!
There are multitude? of them!"
Billy declared there I? "no fog or
mist over the eyes and mind of the
Holy Spirit."" neither I? there any
"about eternal damnation for the im
penitent if he doe? not turn from his
?in and yield to Jesus Christ"
"Where there la no love you cannot
grieve," said th? evangelist "It i?
analogous to the feeling? of a mother
whose heart breaks because ber boy,
by some set. has put a atain upon the
family escutcheon that nothing can
ever erase?because that girl, by her
good-for-nothing, coquettish ways and
her Godless, wayward life, and the
miserable bunch she goes with, she will
soon present to the world the mute
evidence of illicit affection, and by her
you help to feed the red light of
some great city.
"Or the man who swore to be true to
you a? long aa the ?ky and wave?
were blue and has turned from that
marriage vow and broken It aa If It
were made of spider webs, until he
ha? made the name synonymous with
everything that is low down, grovelling
and Infamous in the world."
G*d Helped Joah.a.
| Bill? emphasised that he does not
find G? . comftig In physical contact
or working with Hla hands. That's
the work of tbe Holy Spirit, he pointed
out "Kking to woo and win you from
tbe path? of ?in."
When Joshua fought the battle."
?aid the evangelist "he saw that the
?un would go down and it would be
| dark before he could finish the con
[ filet He said: 'Lord, if? taking me
longer thon I figured out ?nd If you've
got ?ome way Juat to prolong this day
| and keep the ?un from behind the
western hill? III lick thia bunch to a
frazzle ?nd III send vour name ring
ing down th? ages/S
?_J And God reachej. vf and -frabbed
the sun and said : 'You stay there and
don't you move an inch until Joshua
gives you the high ball.' "
Mr. Sunday rapped "egotistical
self-contentment" and declared It to
be one of the curses of the world
and of the church. He rapped also,
"church organisation."
"We are organised to death," he
said. "We've got so much machin
ery In the average church you can
hear it speak when you start in. We
haven't got oil enough for the Holy
Ghost to grease one axle of God's
chariot?that's what's the matter
with us today, we've got the Y. M.
C. ?., and we've got the Y. W. C ?.,
we've got the Y. P. S. C. E., we've
got the B. Y. P. U., we've got the
C. E., we've got the W. F. ?. H..
we've got the J. E. L. and the
J. ?. 1.1. y. a. It gets a man bug
"Drop Into an average young peo
ple's meeting and the leader saya in
a weak, negative, falsetto, apolo
getic, sisslfled sort of mannerism,
"This Is a splendid topic this even
ing. I have been so busy I haven't
had time for preparation."
"It's superfluous to say that, it
wouldn't take the bunch long to
find he's all in. ? hope you will
feel free to take part.' Somebody
gets up and reads a poem from the
Christian Endeavor Herald and
then along comes someone and ?ay?,
T.et'3 ?ing No. 32,' and they sing.
Oh. to be Nothin?.?. Nothing; Only
to Sit at Hi? Feet.'
Mkc I ?known Qo.ntltr.
"Two-thirds of them are like ? In
Algebra. Someone says, 'LeVs sing
No. 84.' They all get up and sing.
Throw out the Life Line, Throw out
the Life Line.' when they haven't got
strength enough to put up s clothes
"Then a long pause and I hear the
organ pealing that prelude and then,
'Let us arise and repeat our benedic
tion and be adjourned.' 'The Lord
watch between me and the? when we
are absent, one from another.'
"Yes, and God'? got a hard job on
his hands!"
Billy here challenged the "forces of
evil" In Washington.
"And I ?ay to the forces of evil In
this city," he shouted, "that have fed
and fattened and gormandised, out
raged, ruined men and women
and children, impoverished, sent
them shrieking and ?creaming
down into hell; and all the
good-for-nothing. Godforsaken, In
iquitous, rapacious, mendacious, buf
foons, mountebanks, poltroons, sexual
and moral pervert? that have brought
them Into degeneration, that have
cursed and damned thi? whole earth,
'Com? on; come on'.'"
Tell? of Finance?.
Her? Billy took up hia finances.
"Now then, let me tell you some
thing." he said. "I oon't want your
money, I want you." They ?ay, 'Oh,
he work? for money.' ? haven't got
_ __OO.NIIJIC_D QS ?49- ___-&
H? ?aid. "I bava a llc?n?? h?r?
from th? county cleri-."
I said, "Som? thing? that ar? le
gally right are morally rotten. That'?
one of them."
"I ?aid. "i*erhap? the fellow that
engineer? the brick-cheese box around
the corner will ti? you up for a ten
?pot but not your Uncle Kuller."
A man comes to roe and says, "X
have be?i married and dlvorced-llv
Ing unhappily?what will I do?"
I ?aid, "I would go home and get
down on my knee? and ?ay. "Look
here, Lord, I've sinned against Tou,
transgressed Tour law?, forgive me.'
Get up and trot square and go decent
That'? the best advice I can give you
under the, circumstance?."
Now. listen! "Why call ye me Lord,
Lord, and do not the thing? I say."
?eleae? aa? Charity.
In th? work? of benevolence? How
much do you give away? I don't
want to do anything to despise scien
tific charity, I don't care to do any
thing of that sort, but listen! That
doesn't mean that If a fellow meet?
you on the street and asks you for
your clothe? that you've got to yank
them off and give them to him and go
home clothed in sunshine.
That doesn't mean if ?om? lazy wop
that never worked In hi? life asks you
to get out of your automobile that
you climb out and let him get In and
drive away and you hot-hoot It
That doesn't mean it you work and
save your money ?nd build your horn,
that you've got to move and give it to
somebody?no! Lutten!
A Jew wouldn't speak to a Samar
itan, a Samltsn wouldn't ?peak to
a Jew; a Jew wouldn't loan to a Sa
maritan, neither would a Samaritan
loan to a Jew. Not at all! Jesu?
Christ went Into Samaria There He
?at on the well-curb?hungry, duet
covered. Out came that woman and
He asked her for a drink of water.
She ?aid,
"Not on your life, you're a Jew.
I'm a Samaritan. We have no deal
ing? one with the other.'*
"Now," Jesu? ?aid, "look here; If
you become my disciple you've got
to loan to a Samaritan if he asks
you, the ?ame eu a Jew. Give to
him that asketh of you and him
that would borrow of you turn not
If a Samaritan cam? to borrow
from a Jew, he gave him the coki
?houlder, and vice-vera?, but Jesus
"Here. If you becom? my disciple
you've got to give to him that ask?
you. whether he'? a Jew or a Gen
It doesn't make any difference In
the world. That'? what Jesus w?s
trying to show?the spirit they ?hould
manifest, and live.
Better Thaa K.ae.
Now I don't want to ?ay anything
to daspise scientific chanty?It'? bet
ter than none?but what do you do
for a fellow when you t?ke down
the color of hi? hair and of hi?
eye? and the number of hi* teeth,
and you give him th? price of a sand
wich ?nd you keep the breath of
life In him, but'you don't ?av. him;
you ?end him out out to ?hovel ?now
off your sidewalk when you own a
comer lot, and you give him a cup
of coffee and a ?inker.
I'll tell you, you don't try to ?ave
him. Love will ?avo bim. Lote is
the divine philosphy. Some people
are so darned stingy that they never
give away ten cents that they don't
sing, "God be with you till we meet
I have met people ?o contemptibly
?tingy that they talked through their
nose to keep from wearing their false
teeth out. They'd ?teal a fly from a
blind spider.
Hear me! La?t year we spent In
thi? country $2.590,000,000 for drink;
we wasted grain enough In America
last year to make whisky that sent
600.000 men staggering and reeling and
screaming into drunkard's grave? and
drunkard's hell; if made into loaves
of bread it would pave a ?treet 300.000
mile? long. 100 feet wide, with every
losf weighing two pounds. We wasted
grain enough in the breweries. and
distilleries, my friends, to have fed
this country as much grain as we used
for hread. We wasted graia enough,
my friends, to make whisky, to have
fed England or France In tbe war.
This government is formed by State?,
to insure the domestic tranquillity
and to provide for the Publio safety,
and the security of blessings to In
dividuals, and today the saloon stands
with Its foot upon the neck of the
American people and aay? to the gov
"Walt, don't disturb ma. The wage
earner has t2.590.000 in his pocket Tou
wait until I get the swag and I'll di
vide it with you. I will give you 10
per cent."
And this government of our?, my
friends, receives about one-third of
it? revenue from a system that bar
ters and ?ells away the well-being and
the happiness of the American people
?the grog ?hops:
la the Groa; ?hops.
Ill my opinion it's against the Con
stitution of the United States, and
they have no right to let It exist and
damn and curse this old land tn which
we live. But the liquor traffic Is law
defying, rebellious, anarchistic, and
in lb achoolhouse? of infamy. It Is
educating the people tn disrespect of
law, and tt gathers around It a? It?
allie? In crime the gambling dens, the
brothels ?nd wherever men meet to
plan crime. Here the yegg come* to
divide his swag after he haa crack
ed the safe, and the liquor traffic
1? a political and It 1? a commercial
machine,?colossal, sagacious, rich,
powerful beyond any personal en
treaty or rebuke, or ostracism, and It
has dropped Into the Federal and In
municipal and the church plate hun
dreds of millions of dollar?, but the
liquor traffic, thank God! is'folding
Its tent? and preparing to creep Into
hell out of which it wriggled its car
cas?. ?
By the grace of God I'm going to
live long enough to preach Ita funeral
Oh, hold on, old bvrtl-neclt! Walt a
minute! Some day you'll meet your
customers when there will be no
counter < between you, when your
damnable, diabolic, dirty work on
earth I? done, and you enter the Just
reward of your usine?? which Is
eternal damnation, and than all the
souls of the men and th? women ana
the children that you have damned
will crowd around you and they will,
pour their bitter wall Into your ear?
?nd they will ?how you their wound?
and ?ay:
"Tou made them."
And they will point to their un
quenchable thirst and say:
"T-O Damo you, Tfitt UM?& IV*_
They will show their elan?Ing chain?
and ?ay:
"Damn you! You forged th.ro,
And than with their fiendish groan*
smiting your e?r?, and with the hand?
out of which you picked the nickels
and tho dimes and tb? hard-earneu
money, they will puah you to th?
verge of the yawning abyss of hell,
while rolling up from the Inferno of
eternal damnation their shrieks and
acrea-n? will break among the crags
and the peaks of death and ther will
cry, "Woo unto him that putteth the
bottle to hia neighbor's lip."
Lsat year we spent 81. ?M?, 000.000 for
tobacco. I am not a crank about to
bacco. ? man ?aid to me:
"Bill, can't a man be a Christian
and use tobacco?"
I said, "Yes. but he'd be s good
deal better on? if he didn't. I think,
and you have more respect for s man
that doesn't."
You have mor? respect for my
preaching because you know I don't
than you would hav? If I'd come here
with s brlarwood, or come In, my
friends, with the northwest corner of
a plug of Loiillard's Climax In my
cheek and then spit It out and take
a drink of water. You'd ?ay:
"If the Holy Spirit'* got to roost
I around In a man Ilk? that, I don't
| care to hear hlra."
I'm not a crank about It?no, no!
But here. Cigarette? that are con
sumed In thi? country. If lsld end to
end, they'd circle this globe IS times
around; they'd reach 3,OW,tlO milea:
there are about ?O.OOO.OOO.OOO consumed
annually. Thirty million men and
boy? amok?. Allowing It take? ten
minute? to consume a cigarette, it
would take an army of :,(OO.ooo men,
smoking ten hour? a day to consume
the annual output of the United
Can?? ?fall riau
I hav? heard keen, shrewd men ?ay
that they would about as soon their
boy would drink a? smoke cigarette?.
Oh, if you keep on smoking cigarettes
the way you are doing you'll wake up
?ome morning when your brain ha?
run out on the billow.
It'* almost certain to lead to drink,
they aay. It grind* a man* will Into
powder, racks hi? nerves, ruins his
heart, deadens his sensibilities. You
see him ?rolng up the ?treet with ?
hacking cough, a pal? face, yellow
fingered, anaemic It'? getting to be
one of the greatst obstacles and bar
riers to getting a job nowaday?. Every
young man applying In the great In
stitutions in Chicago?Marshall Fields.
Cudahy, Swifts. Nelson A Morii?, the
International Harve?ter Company and
other Institution?-- asked three ques
Do you drink? Do you ?moke cigar
ette?? Do you gamble?
Therefore a fellow's got to be pass
ably decent ta hold a gtM job down.
There was ? One when the traveling
man that could put away the most
booze and had the biggest stock of
dirty, smutty ?torte? could get the
biggest orders. Today that fellow Is
wearing out ?hoe leather looking for a
job. I haven't seen a traveling man
drunk In ten ye ira
Last year we spent ????.???,??? for
amusements. Well, we all enjoy a
good laugh. You can't go around with
a gloomy face all the time. (I am just
showing you the wealth we've get my
Like? ?? See Jewelry.
Last y*e?r we spent t-00.000.00o
for doga. Well, I like a good dog
My favorite 1* an Airedale. But I
don't like to see a fool woman hug
ging and kiislng s pug-nosed dog.
? woman must lo*ve something but
I don't call a pug dog something.
Terliaps that's one reason why your
husband isn't more affectionate.
Any man with good rich, red blood
In his veins don't care to play sec
ond fiddle to a bow-legged bull dog.
Last year we spent (800.000.000
for jewelry. All right! I love to
see nice jewelry if you can afford
it. I love to see it.
Lost year we spent 1600,000,000
for autos. I wish everybody could
afford an auto. I think it Is one
of the greatest Invention? for the
comfort, the happiness, 'of the
Amercan people. It makes a man
forget. He spin? out In the country
In the motor and forgets his cares.
I wish we all could afford It.
We spent 1300.(100.000 last year for
candy: 836,000,000 for ?oda-water:
826,000.000 for chewing gum; we
spent more money for gum thnn we
give for missions of all churches of
all denominations. Why? "Why
call ye me Lord, Lord, and do not
the things I say?"
So we have the motley. Nlneteen
twentieths - of the wealth of the
United States ts In the hands of
professing Christian?. Catholic and
Protestant That ought to mean
that God baa It, that It's at the dis
posal of God's -cause and God's
"Why call ye me Lord, Lord, and
do not the things I say?" in your
personal conduct? I believe the law
of Moses was the best, law ever
given. The law of Moses said, "An
eye for an eye and a tooth for a
tooth; limb for limb; the man that
sheds blood, by man shall his blood
be shed."
Jesua Christ In his teaching? did
not' abrogate the law of Mose?. He
said, "Love your neighbor a? your
self," and If you did there'd be no
"eye for eye, tooth for tooth, or
limb for limb."
In God'? Service.
If everybody loved God and served
Him. what s happy place this-old
world would be, and if everybody
could do the will of God! Every
body, my friend*, has some vers?
In the Bible that's hard for you.
Here's the hardest verse In the Bible
for me to live up to?honest confes
sion Is good for the soul?"Resist
not evil. If s man smite thee on
one cheek, turn to him the other
alto." I don't know whether I have
gotten down to that one-cheek basi?
or not. If a fellow would ?wat me
on one cheek, I think I'd clear for
action like a battleship.
"Love your enemies. Blesa them
that cur*? you and do good to them
that hate you and pray for them
that deipltefully tue and persecute
If you think that'? easy, try It
out I'm trying my level be*t to
live up to It I'v? got a combative
nature. I've got a temper like a
sheet-iron stove?a bunch of shav
ings and a bundle of paper and a
match will make it red hot In two
minute?. <
I want to think I'm making a lit
?*? ??____* ^k ?_, Bvydjy
she'? lived with ma nearly thirty
year?, aad ?a? if I'v? changed. If
I ?hould happen to get on a *W
pound prewur? ?ad head out of th?
y?rd without order? and run by every
danger algnal and blow out a cylin
der head, break a ?ide-rod and throw
a tir? and go Into th? ditch. I'd feel
worae ?bout it than yon do, but It
you think It'? eaay, you get out and
talk and pray for ?ome old weacel
eyed, hatcbed-faced, grlm-viaaged,
cadaverous, lantern-Jawed neighbor
hood gossiper that's assassinating
your character and peddling a lot of
lie? up and down the neighborhood;
get down on your knees and aay?
"Now Lord-"
??watt,, ?? ould Heirat.
Suppose you did turn the right
cheek. Ther. isn't on? fellow in a
thousand that would awat you, but
suppose he would. Suppose he knock
ed you down; s?pose h? loosened a
molar. Jesus Christ could have had
twelve legions of angels to come and
fight for Him, but lie didn't call.
I waa preaching in a town la
Iowa and I waa atopping at a ho
tel, and th? phone rang?wanted
me to com. to the phone. I went,
and found a woman'? vole? at the
othc- end. She said,
"Mr. Sunday?"
"Tes. mom."
"Will you plea?? com? up to my
houae? I want to ?ee you."
"No. mom. I'll not I'v. been
preaching for twenty year? and
G?? never yet croased the threshold
of any man's home alone."
I'm not afraid of any skirt on
Goda dirt, or anybody elae. No,
sir! Rut I want to serve notice on
you and the dirty, stinking, black
hearted degenerate, whiskey gang,
if I don't live what I preach I'll
leave th? platform and I have
never allowed a woman to come
and see me alone.
A woman ?aid, "Mr. Sunday, I
want to ?ee you alone."
"I don't ?ee anybody hut Mr?.
Sunday alone. If you've got any
thing you want to talk to me about
?is, you do It right out here."
I said, "? will come up," ahe
begged so h?rd, "hjt I will bring
somebody with me." ?
I turned to a friend ?nd ?aid
"Let's go up and ae? what ? th?
So we went up ?nd ?h? had no
phone. Her neighbor bad a phone.
We went In and found a woman
bruised, mutilated, print of a man's
hand upon her check, hair dis
heveled, clothing torn, and I ?aid,
"What's the trouble?"
She ?aid. "Mv husband did It"
I said. "What forr
Dropped loir Caadr.
"Bec?use I went to church.*?
S?y. you've got a right to esy
how much that wife will pay for
that dress If you earn th? money,
hut you have no right to tell her
whether she can go to church or
pray. Tou keep your hand? off or
God Almighty will (tump your eld '
carcas? full of ?mbalmlng fluid .
when do yon run thl? world |
u>? you'v? got whuikcra and '
And ?h? aald to me, "Well, what
wlU I do? Will I l??v? him ?
? ?aid. "No. Tou oughn't to h?ve
married th? old hog In th? f.r,t
place." I ?aid, Ther? whera you
dropped your candy."
And her little boy about I?oh. he
wasn't quite 2 years old, came bound
ing into the room with hi? cheek all
i bruised and bloodshot my friends.
where a man had atruck him. She
?aid. "Won't you go down and ?ee
I ?aald. "What for? I'd get Into a
fight with him. If you wer? my daugh
ter, so help me God. I'd lick him."
He was working for th? American
Express Company, so I went down to
see him.
I ?trolled tn with ?11 my Chesterfield
impoliteness, with my ?uav? manner- ?
ism, and I ?aid, aa I leaned over the
"How do you doT* and called him
by his given name. "I've Just been
up in the neighborhood and seen your
wife. Everybody's talking about what
yon did and they are thinking about
having you pinched, but I have been
stalling them off." I aaid, "They
asked me to come down and ?ee you.
so I did. Tou oughtn't to treet her
that way. She wants to go to church;
>Vpu ought to be encouraging her."
And he ripped out a string of right
angular. triangular. hair-splitting,
blister-mouthed, blood-curdling oaths.
He called me everything he could lay
hi? vile tongue to, and if all the en
mity in his heart, rankling against
me and against religion had been in
jected Into his stomach, he'd have
died of black vomit in three minutes.
Baila??? Beh lad th? < Hat?,
I was graduated from fve gymna
siums; I can go so fast for five
rounds you can't see me for dust. 1
put my hand on the counter and 1
went over there like a shell out of a
mortar, and he Jumped baakward to
grab a .33-caliber gun that wa? lying
there. I Jumped between him and the
gun and I ?aid:
"Don't you move to touch that. If
you do they will take you up with a
dust f-sn and a whiskbroom.
He said to me, "You have no busi
ness behind the counter."
I said, "Tou are right. Neither have
you any business to call me th? in
famous names that you have. ?ir. '
and I said, "and you go ?head and
I'd ?dviae you to get your photograph
taken because your wife won't know
you when you go home in the Red
Cross ambulance." I ?aid. "You get
out from behind th?t counter and
come out here on the sidewalk and I'll
show you the finest demonstration or
muscular Christianity you ever looked
And If that gink had com? out I'd
have backsltd long enough to have
licked him. But if ? had. I'd have
gone up against that verse?see"
"Holy Spirit's Grenadiers"
Title of Church Members
Billy Sunday Compares Modern Christians to
Heroic Soldiers of Napoleon; Explains
Meaning of An Oath.
"God's Grenadiers" wa? the subject
of Billy Sunday's afternoon sermon.
He spoke from the text: "Terry ye In
the City of Jerusalem, until ye b? en
dued with th? power from on high."
He compared the ?tat?? of God s sol
diera In the long ago with those who
are on the firing line today, and
tracci back the orign of the hand
{grenade now In use overseas to
"Christ's ancient army." Then he pic
tured the modern church member aa
the "Holy Spirit's Grenadier' by and
through whom God hopo? to convert
"thia sin-cursed world."
"Did you ever realise." asked Billy
Sunday, "that Jesus had to get out
and deliver the goods, express chargea
prepaid? He worked Hi? miracle?,
which were His divine credentials, to
show the world that He was what He
claimed to be?the Son of God. And
He gave power to His disciples to work
I miracles to prove that the church of
God waa of divine origin."
Deaerine? Sal???? nance.
The evangelist pictured scene? In
the "olden time?." He took up old
Herod. He said:
"Herod had a bunch of high roller?
that had come to ?ee him and they
wer all soused up ?nd were lolling
around, my friends. When tho enter
tainment was at ita height Herodiaa
shoved Salome out Into the room to do
her little stunt. He said to her: 'Now
go like a twin-six'.? She had anklets
and bracelet? on, but she didn't have
clothes enough on her to flag a hand
car. And ?he spun around on her to?
and stuck her foot out at a quarter of
"The king let out a guffaw of ap
proval aa concatenations of spproval
rolled down the streets and out
through the banqueting hall like a
simoon on a desert and he said: 'Sis.
you are a peach. You're the limit You
can have anything you want to the
half of my kingdom.'
Emphasising the value of an oath,
the evangelist made this comparison:
"Now, what a man pupbllcly prom
isee he Invariably tries to fulfill If
he Is decent. If he isn't a fourflush
er, excess baggage or a false alarm.
If a young girl ia gay. frivolous,
coquettish, she will go down the line
with any Tom. Dick or Harry that
will come across with the price of
a joy ride or a cabaret ?how, a
porterhouse steak, coffee with whip
ped cream, apple pie with cheese
good night! But when she centei
her affection upon some young fel
low and he asks her hand In mar
riage and ahe gives her consent snd
the ceremony la perforfned, ?he feel?
th? frail robe? ot maternity thrown
around her shoulders. Now she Uvea
for one, now she seeks to please one.
the mi?i whose name ahe bears and
whose Image Is woven Into the fibers
of her heart and she will be true
as long as sky and wavea are blue,
for the oath'? salee, th? public, un
relenting, binding oath."
Billy d?c,ar?d ha 1* aorry "ii the
Holy Spirit'? army is not what it
should be."
"I know ther? ?re some people in
the church." he said, "that are un
worthy, but we've got a right to
one in twelve. Jesus had twelve dis
ciple?, and one of them waa a devil
sometimes. We've got a right to
one In twelve. Somebody said if you
want to Introduce one person to an
other you must stand mighty close
to the person you desire to Intro
duce. I am mighty sorry If there
Isn't ?ny man In church thst hasn't
lived sufficiently close to Jesus Christ
by their life and conversation to be
able to introduce you to the Son of
God who take? away the sins of the
Work af ?he Ch.reb.
"But if you ever come into the
light of the Gospel; if yoa ever know
what It is to have the peace of God
that passeth all understanding: if you
ever wslk the streets cf heaven: if
you ever sit down at the marriage
feast of the Lamb; if you ever wave
the palms of victory in that trium
phant throng. It will be because of
the prayers and the tears and the
groans of the church: and I abso
lutely havent one symptom of re
spect for any man or woman thst
links themselves with the opposition
and sneer? and derides and mocks
at the church. If you don't like
th? church of Jesu? Christ you are
living on the wrong side, and we will
give you your passport any time
you want it and you can beat Wc
believe in Jesus Christ.
"I'd have as much respect for you
if you pointed a finger of scorn at
your mother a? I would the man
who meets and spit? out iti? venom
at the church of Jesus Christ."
Billy recalled several storie? of
Incident? in the Revolutionary,
Civil and Spanish-American war? to
emphasize the bravery and fear
1-sanes? of "Our Country'a Grena
??pale..'? Draaaater Bay.
He wound up with this state
"I frei, my friends, in this con
flict for God a good deal like the
drummer-boy In Napoleon's army.
He said to him, 'Beat .he retreat'
He made no reply, and Napoleon
said, 'Boy, I command you, oeat a
retreat? No answer. The third
time, ? command you, voy. beat a
retreat,' and the boy looked up and
said, ? don't know how, sir. Mon
sieur Dessaix never taught me lhat
I can beat a charge that will make
the dead waken into life. I beat
it at Marengo. I beat it at Auater
litx. I beat it at Tabou r; may I beat
It here?* And he did.? Over the
dead, over the dying, throug ? th:
trenches, over tha puns, over the
horses, bareheaded, hair ?treaminr
in the wind, blood coursing down
hi? cheek? and dyeing hi? hi? gar
ment?, he led the way to victory.
"I aay to the forcea of evil, I ?ay
to the enemlea of God, we don't
know how to beat a retreat,
Gems horn B?y's
Talk in Afti
Ia ?early e-?r? city I
am Mkf. ??? ? ??? ?
till?! tb? ? atbehe?. ? -alll tell
ya. We have t*? n?rl? dirt asd
rebbi?* ta tbe rretc*taet ?*aw
yard?It ber?? wmr bee. abeat
Th* Rom?? ? all??,,?- < herrh
b?? hU Hi?h Mam ?ver tb? re
maiaa?ma er tb? retira remale?
?mi L'altari??!?.? ?? ??? ages ??
tbe wwWi bl?.-*.?:-.
I ???'! pr?pees t? atea? ?G???4
aad let ?ay ??? ?????> ? batti? ??
?Ireaa t brlai.
Taab ?eme af tb? groeas a?*
eeaalmtse. eat ef year prayer?!
abaT? la eeme acclamai le?a mt
Tbla city la a ?aad?y ?eheel
eeaaparcd ta aacieat Bat?? I??.
Faltb will ?at tb? ball ??er tb?
fear? la tbe laat half af tbe alalb
ftealag, with tb? acore St??
agalaat 70e, be??? fall? rar? aa?*
?at aad tara atrlhea aad tbre?
ba)U railed aa yam.
If ??? bear aie aay aaythlac
gee* aboil tbe 1 ark wblle I am
here ye* will fcaaw I aa_ bas
baeae ar a ata.
Tbere are Jaat aa geed 1 hrim
tlaea la tbe Preteataat rbereb
aa tbere are la tbe < athellc, aad
Ibere arc Jaat a? g ?ad byp>c-rltea?
If yaa take ? brlatftaaity eat ef
Ibe werld yea will eeaad tbe
death bac?i et mc.r-.lit?.
I believe a peer ebereb me-e
ber la better tbaa aaae at all.
aad a aaldier wbe break? every
re* elation ?f the. mil.tar* ?ewe-r
aaJ wbe will se ee tbe trleg llae
la ? better an, be to aaere leral
tbaa tbe -..ed-foraakea asatt wbe
will aaeer aad will aet eallat
aad keep? ether people tram ea
1 Ut I eg.
"Pray for them that desj-itefully wa?
you and persecute >ou."
It'a ? hard }ob. ira tn ine ".-**
level beet
> Iriae'i Arid Teat.
Tour virtue? are best _ir??:rrr.od
when subjected to ?>,,_ waamram uta!.
The hammer dirpla.s th*? ? x<-t'.l-n??
of the diamond and the furnace ascer
tains the purity of the told. Meek
ness is a dormant ouahty until In
juri?e call It out. ** let your chai
acter be blasted; . let your Intci
csts be ruined; then it a ill appear
how far these qualities govern ?nd
control you. Remember Christian?'--'
la a croas aa well aa a croan, it ?
martyrdom as well aa coronation: H
Is exile aa well as home: il ts tears
?and partings aa well as rr union?.
"Why call >e me l_ord. l_ord and
do not the thjnps I say"?my friend?-.
In your home and in your family Mb?
What motive animated >our mu
riti?? Was it the basis of mutual
attraction? Why did you marry thst
girl? Because ahe was a rood looker
and could ?_et herself up attractive'?. ?
Why did you marry that young fel
low? Because you thought That when
the old man kicks off nnd th?? ?HI ia
probated that he'd ?;et something that.
he hasn't the ability io earn" Why
did you marry htm"
Now, whenever a pirl gets to?
proud to marry a younc fellow ?ith
ltO acres of land and .<?> red bogs and
a lot of cows, because he can't tell a
tango from a load of hay?say. >?".
put It down, mil: you. aa a lead-pine
cinch thru she'll either die an old
maid or atar ?I marry some felloe- on
ten per with one pair of ? o le-?topi.?
Hill?, "t.eed De-pe."
Girts, if I were you I'd rather marry
a man who Is man enough to wear a
pair of IS-cent overalls than to hook
up to some Cutnbert who can play ine
mandolin or the ukelele and smoke
Turkish cigarettes and live off the old
man's pension. That'a pood dop?1.
If I had the power to Beassi my con
victions Into law I would require and
copipel that the prospectiva) huaband,
be able to show something best? thaa
the mere price of a marriage license.
He'd have to show an ability and a
disposition to maintain a home: he d
have to show himself sound In mind,
sound in body and sound in mor.il.?1
I want to tell you generation? yet
unborn have the inherent r_ght to be
well ?born.
There are multitudes of neo pi* net
so much born into the wor'.d aa tbcv
are damned into tbe world, and then
fate is sealed a generation bcf?r?
their mothers kiss them, and If their
'old prand-daddy or grcat-grsnd-dsddy
had been hanged for stealing horse?
he wouldn't be in Sing ?imp
The three plague? of modern tiovs
arc tuberculosis, alcoholism and **cu
erea, disease. The first ia .?uhje- t b?
?ome sa nttation ? tuberculosis. Tho
aecond. the saloon, alcoholism, ia sup
poeed to Ih? restricted hy tbe lav.
while the third haa no control other
than the whims and lande*, th? di -
talions and the passiona and the Justs
of lustful men and of women.
Like produces like?in horses.
cats, dogs, canary birds and Ua
j beine?. These are the day? ?hen the
fermera of this country are spendin.,
millions of dollars to develop the high
est, purest strain of blood in animal*
all over our land. They have learned,
my friend, that blood tella. Blood
Carpeta aad Kiddle*.
Somebody haa said the hand thst
rocks the cradle moves the world.
The child ceta hia notion of God or
the devil largely from hia mother, and
the devil finds no fault with the mother
who senda her children to play In the
streets for fear they will wear out the
oarpet if they stay kn the house, and
by trying to shine In society, and by
spinning society yarns many a mother
helps to make th? rope that hangs her
own boy.
They say that Phidias, erecting a
statue of Minerva, co inwrought his
image In her shield that It waa for
ever impossible to teraove the image
without effacing the statue.?ao the
mother tneffaceably . m prints her
characteristics upon her child.
Tbey aay of Sir Walter Scott that
his mother was passionately fond of
literature, and in Sir Walter -acott
'---. oo-trurcM) oic Ta\Q% mra

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