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Tfficiat Weather Report?Fair and
Lots of action
?at "6.16 17th St." on that
lig Fryer in Suit?. Looked
J like some of the big day?
down at the old store on Pa.
Every Sat -a
the Skf at
Suits that sold for
$25. $28.75 and $35.
Small lots make the big
bargain possible and you re
?Jm gainer.
Honey's Wortk or Money Back
616 17th St.
I 1005-7 Pa. Ave.
We Are
To Better
Twelflh St.
Partridge Inn
New Open.
Three blocks from famous
golf courses.
Modern equipment
75 private bathroom suites.
White service in kitchen
and dining-room.
Noted for homelike at
niosph?? e and exc*eilent
?Catering to clientele of
highest standard.
For booklet and rates ad
dress the management.
?21? lit* Arc
C ea trail?
I.ente?, a??
?, date ???
newly ferr
Oillir ? Oa;
?u? un, ?1.1?
?? I t b bath.
Table a"H.t?
Dinner, sue.
Crnb ni-akfaat. Me ?a? ?p.
a?'1 *?.'<- ????eb. Dinne- aa?
Write ?r Wire Tan?
Hotel St. Charle?
? ?? ?KPBOOP ?
Kntlrr Bloek ?. tbe ?trenn F rant
tfc C-nrlea Pine? I? ?. J. ???.
?Inavca cp?. lie. ?nd cold mm-mttm hatba.
?rrn parlors. Oterie.tr?. .?sn-4al wiater
?ama.. 1EV4I.H BAR?ES CO.
-r. S.i?in?)? A.ir.untf
?Jm ?
ft?? n m ? ? w
Jesse Crawford Criticises
Utility for Not Installing
Automatic Switchboards.
AiklnC why th. telephone company
failed to Install up-to-dat? automatic
I ! v.itchboard?. In place of alleged oh
sol.te equipment, to m??t war n??d?,
Jesae Crawford, representing the
Federation of Cltlsen? Association?
before th? PnWlc Utilltle? Comml?
slon. yesterday received from T. P.
Sylvan th. reply that "engineer? of
tua company" thought the plan "lm
Polntlns out that the company was
asking authorisation to ?pend nearly
Si.ooo.ooo to house operators, Mr
Crawford ?aid thl? would not be
1.1 iifif If th. company had In
stalled automatic switchboarda. with
ott? operator handling aa many call?
In an hoar a? aura handled now by
on? operator In a day.
Newark, N. J., wa? mentioned aa
a city with practically a? many
phone? ?a Waahlnston ha?, but use?
th? automatic system.
Mr. Crawford ?aid the amortisa
tion of tha expense of installing new
switchboard? would take approxi
mately four year?, aa 25 per cent of
Ot? operating expenses probably
would be ?aved each year. He quoted
flj-ures from a Chicago telephone
hearing ?ome years ?go to bear out
hi? ?tatemen-.
It waa contended during the hearing
yesterday that privately owned utility
comparile? had "fallen down" through
out the country at th? vary time when
they were moat needed, and "when a
crisis approached, th. companies bad
not prepared to meet K."
During the morning session Attor
ney George E. Sullivan, representing
tit? Washington Bar Association, at
tacked the valuation of the telephone
property allowed by the Publie ! un
ties Commission two yeans ?go.
Commisaloner Brownlow called sir.
Sullivan to account, saying that If
any fact? were to be presented the
commission would be glad to near
them. Mr. Sullivan denied he had In
tended to reflect on the commission
and declared h? had ?aid nothing for
which to apologise.
Robert V. Mayre. general counsel
?or th. company, objected to the lan
guage of Mr. Sullivan. Commissioner
Brownlow then outlined the manner
In which the valuation proceedings
were conducted.
The hearing probably will clo?e thl?
morning following an examination 01
company official, by K. E. Clement,
rerTreeehttng the Board of Trade.
A aaeetlag ef ?he ?literal? Street
Height? Citizen?' Association will
be held at the residence of B. E.
Scott. 7103 Alaska avenue, this even
ing at 8 o'clock. Albert F. Edmln
?ter. of the Department of Agrictil
,ture, will givo an address on "Com
munity Cold Storage Plants." The
annual election of officers will be
Ham. Pkllaadrr P. CI.atea. Valtrd
State? Commissioner of Education,
will ?ddresa th? member? of the
Ge-ge School Parent?'-Teachers' As
sociation at their meeting tonight
at th? ?chool.
ti.Mt. af h.aar at .. laatallatlnn
Of officers of the Italian Catholic
j Society for the present year, to be
; held thi? evening at 8 o'clock at
509 G ?tract northwest, will be
Right Rev. Alulgi Cessio, auditor to
the Apostolic Delegation, and Right
Rev. Mon?. Filippo Bernardini, pro
fessor of canon law at the Catholic
Aa laforav.l get-together meet
ing for old members and new was
held laat evening by th? Georgia
Society at the W. C. T. U hall, 522
j Sixth street- The society is com
posed of native Georgians who re
side In Washington. .
A a?eetl.?7 ut the Harriet T.kaaaa
Section, of the District of Columbia
Chapter, of the American Red Cross,
will b. held at 8 o'clock at ?29 ?
street northwest. Reports of the
chairman of committees will be pre
sented. ?
A Barella? ?f the Cadali R...
Cititene? Association will be held at
8 o'clock this evening at St. David's
Parish Hall.
rallaader P. rialto.. I alt ed
State? commissioner of education,
will address the members of the
Gag. School Parent-Teacher Asso
ciation at a meeting ?t the Gage
School at 7:4? o'clock thl? evening.
Dr. Ljavaa F. Kebler. ?f ?he De
partment of Agriculture, will lec
ture on "Food and Thrift" at a
meeting of the Wilson Normal
School Community Center at the
?chool thi* evening. Further meet
ing? are planned for evenings this
The aae.tklr aaeetia* ?f the Park
View Cltlsens' Association will be
held at 8 o'clock this evening at the
Park View School. F. Guderian,
?ecretary of the association, haa
requested a full attendance of mem
ber?, as community matter? will be
Mra. D.vM H. Klarhelee will be
ob. of th? principal entertainer? at
a meeting of the Florida Society
thl? evening at the clubrooms of the
American Institute of Banking, 1214
F street.
House members ?re looking forward
to possible comment on Lloyd George'
statement of war alma when the Ser
bian mission is received on the floor
today. Speaker Clark will reply to
the spokesman for the Serbians.
M la?, white pat.ter?. 713e! ? lb?.
onions, 25c; lima beans, 17c: navy
beans. 17c; black-eyed peas, lie: fat
mackerel. 15c; 12 ox?, ?ardine?. 15c:
4 mammoth herring, 25c; macaroni
nr spaghetti. 12Hc; buckwheat. 7%c;
20 osa baking powder, 15c; Star
cocoa. 25c; Wonder coffee, 20c; our
best tea. 59c: pure pepper, 40c: sugsr
corn, 12He Karo syrup, 18c 29c. 75c
can. 92S Pa. Ave. and all the J. T.
P. Pyles stores.
Tbe Capital Shoe Findings aad
Bootblack Supplv Co.
640 F St H. W, Waihinfton, D. C
The largeat an
moet complete lin
of ladle* anil
V men's shoe laces
VII length? and
i o 1 o r ? , tn an
inasti t y up tn
Il00.000 paira W.
'sell more ahi
la ce * than an
other ?uppl
houae In Waal
Ington. We ?ell from one pair t
100 gre,?.. Average annual ?ale
1,000.000 paira
Ulatrtavutrr. f.r
To TeU of Old Cities .
Under Stress of War
- ?
.Alice Hutch in? Drake, Instructor
ot th? Y. W. C. A. Hooklover'?'Eng
lish cl*?se?, will deliver the second
of a ?erlea of lecture? on "Ancient
Citte? Under the Stress of W?r."
before the cl?s? on Monday ?venins
at t o'clock.
The weekly progr?m for the
cl?sae? which are now opening is
aa follow?: Monday. Dee. T-S, His?,
tory, of English Literature; (?>,
Booklover? Hour, free to all T. W.
C. A. member?: Tuesday afternoon
at t o'clock. Rhetoric: Wednesday.
7-8. Grammar Review: 8-9. Shakes
pearean Tragedy; Friday, ?-6. Word
Analysis; 7-s. Art History, ?-9,
Idylls of th? King*.
Mia? Dorothy Copenhaver I? the
T. W. C. A. educational secretary.
j $40,000,000 TO 11. S.
|Trade Credit Arrangement Which
Will Save Americans Millions.
Argentina ha? arranged* for a credit
In favor of the United State? of WO.
000.O0O. It Is understood similar ar
rangement? will be made In favor ot
other alliea and that the ?um later
may he extended almost indefinitely.
On the present volume of trad? with
Argentine, th? arrangement will ?ave
to American merchant? almost 160,
000,000 a year In exchange. The value
of the dollar ha? fallen to at cents
In Bueno? Aires from a pre-war valu?
of ?07.
American business men owing Ar
gentin? merchant? can deposit the
amount of their accounts with the Ar
gentine Ambassador on the relative
gold value? of the two currende?, plus
a charge of S per cent? for shipping,
insurance and other charges. The Am
baaaador deposits the account with
the Federal Reserve Bank at New
York and the gold will not be shipped
until the peace treaty has been signed..
Completion of this agreement,
through Secretary McAdoo, the State
Department and Ambassador Romulo
8. Naon, marks a distinct concession
on the part of Argentina, whoa? mer
chant? were reaping heavy profit?. It
I? regarded a? an earnestness of Ar
gentina's sympathy with the I'nlted
State? In the war, despite her fail
ure to break with Germany.
Famous Did Scenery
Burns with Warehouse
New Tork. Jan. 7.?Scenery and
other paraphenalla of great plays of
past years, including Uncle Tom's
Cabin and East Lynne. were con
sumed today in a fire which destroy,-.1
a warehouse near the North River.
The ?cene? and props were all from
play? produced by Charles Frohman.
The building waa one of the oldest
in th? city and was the first carpet
factory In the United States.
George M. K?.Ibero?, of the Govern
ment Printing Office, is visiting hi?
parent? In Rochester, N. T.
Elmer H. Tregor, of Huntington,
Pa-, Is visiting friends in Georgetown.
Frank Campfleld, *?13 ? street
northwest, has gone to the Newport
Training Station as an a-pprentice In
the hospital ?ervlce of the navy.
Harry B. Jones, of the Agriculture
Department, has received a promo
Patina? Bailey has received an ap
pointment as clerk it? the War Depart
Eugene V. Baiser, of the Gcoliglcal
Survey, has resigned.
Marion G. Wynne ha? accepted a
stenographic 'position in the War De
Maj. Charle? Sweeney has returned
to Camp Lee after a brief stay in the
Eunice B. Sterling has been ap
pointed to a clerical position in the
Ordnance office.
Jessica Key expects to leave for At
lanta, Ga., shortly.
Norman T. Morsel! has taken up his
new clerical duties in the War De
Mabel E. Atwood has received an
appointment as stenographer and
typewriter in the Ordnance office.
J. E. Pog-ue, of the Bureau of Min
eral Technology of the Museum, ha?
returned to his desk after a visit to
friends in North Carolina.
Albert A. Smith has left Washing
ton on a visit to New Tork City. He
will return at the end of the week.
Robert Dougan ha? returned here
after a visit to the Pacific Coast.
Edwin Schulyer has resigned from
the state Department.
A. s. Homer has left Washington
on a visit to relatives in Cleveland,
Claude K. Foley has been appointed
an electrician to the staff of the Coun
cil bf National Defense.
Louis Rudolph, government cloth
ing inspector, who is now stationed
In Baltimore, spent Sunday with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Rudolph,
of 1719 U street.
Miss I,. H. Cadarr has been ap
pointed secretary to the Solicitor
of Internal Revenue.
D. H. Lyman, of the Treasury De
partment, was prevented by illness
from attending to his usual duties,
E. C. John.on has been promoted
to the position of traveling solicitor
for the Bureau of Internal Revenue.
Miss C. Dudley was absent from
her desk in the Treasury Depart
ment yesterday because of a slight
Corporal Joseph Brady, U. 8. ?. ?.,
recently attached to the recruiting
station at Eighth street and Penn
sylvania avenue northwest, yester
day received notification of his com
mission as a first lieutenant in the
United States National Guard.
Fred Froelich, maater-at-arms,
yesterday was detached from the
main recruiting station of the navy,
30? Ninth street northwest, and
transferred to the Naval Trultring
Station* at Newport, R. I., for instruc
tion in the comml??ary school.
Will Meet at Central High
School Today to Perfect
More than 800 grade ?chool teacher?
of Waahlngton schools yesterday re
ceived notices requesting them to at
tend a meeting thi? afternoon In Cen
tral High School, for the formation
of a Grade Teachers' union.
The object of the meeting is to ef
fect a temporary organi??tion, select
a committee on constitution and to
handle generally all preliminary or
ganizing work.
I. V. Lampson. national organiser
of the American Federation of Teach
er?, is handling details. He has dis
patched cards requesting the attend
ance of every grade school teacher in
Washington, with a statement of the
purpose of organization.
Had Alreatir Two , alena.
Tn the District there are already
two teachers' unions, the High School
Teachers' Union and the Grade
School Manual Training Teachers'
Union. These two"un!on* were form
ed with the approval of ?chool au
Graded school teachers In the Dis
trict are at present without such
an organisation.
The meeting this afternoon is ex
pected to be attended by ?everal hun
dred teachers. Active. participation
in the meeting will be limited Ii
those who algnify their Intention of
becoming member?.
The High School Teacher?' Union
of thi? city is fostering the organ
I Iring of the grade union. Aftex.com
. plete organization, it is expected that
the local will affiliate with the Amer
ican Federation of Teachers, and
thus automatically with the Amer
ican Federation of Labor.
It is pointed out that It wa? largely
through the efforts of organised la
bor that the Increases in salaries
were granted by Congress laat year,
and it is thought that one of the
silent reasons of organizing grade
school teachers In Washington Is
that they may make, through their
union, a united request for what they
consijer fair wages.
P??trict of C(?l.imUa-0..<it.r end rnerall.v
f~?ir today. ? vmofTirw fair; moderat? northwe-at
!?? north winde.
Miry Und?Colder and tenera..? fair today, ei
t't-r-t antvw tn the mounts ina. Tnni-orrow ?air;
moderate eorthweet to north wind?.
Vinh nia -Fair tM-v : colder In esst ani era-,
trai iM.etiona. Temorrtrm fair, wanner In thr
?mathweat portion: moderate northwr-tt to m*th
UiCAT, ???G?????!?_.?
Midnight. 30; _ a. ?.. 31 ; ?J a. m., X ; ? a ui.,
?; ? a. m.. 32: 10 a. m.. 32; 12 noon, 33: I
P. m., S3; 4 p. m . ?O; 8 p. m., 33: 8 p. m., 33;
10 p. aa.. 3). Hiihe-t, 34; lowest, 30.
Belati?? bn-nidity -3 a. m., IT; _ p. m . U: I
P. m., ?92. Rain/all (I p, m, to ? ? m.), 0 OS.
Honra of eun-hioe, 0; per cent of possible ?to
-hi?e, ?.
Departures? AMMftM nentat-acf of ternprr
ahire rince January I, 1*18. ?11*: dfrtrieney of
trmperatnre ???~? Jsnnary 1. 1*1*. It??. Aren
rciilated diflt-iencr of prrt?ipitstion sinoe Januar*
1. HW8. -03?: deflc.encT of precipitation ???t
January 1, 1918, ?0.99.
Tempt-ratnre atme date last year-Hiehra,. 53:
lo?(?t, 34.
Hiahest last Rain*
today, nicht. 8 G ni fai1
Rv^tAo Mm?.. 34 .4 34 ?.*??
?Hiicsfw, IU. c ao i? aVV
Denrer, Colo. 46 US 3?
Duluth, Minn. 12 4 4
Kfttuae City, Mo. ? 10 ?a ....
Loa Arwelea, f-1. ?2 H ?
New Or lean* La. *v> ? 4 12
New York. V. ?. -? * 31 0.38
Portland. Ore?. ? ?V? .14 0.?
Salt Laie City. Wah . ? 3Gf * ?,34
f Oen piled by the I'nited State* Coaat and
Geodetio Surrey.)
T"d.iT Low tide. 10-?4 ? m and UM p. rr
I i?'h tide. 3^0 a m. and 4:18 p. db.
Automolnle lamps mnst he lifhted by 5_i_ p. m.
The Great Essential.
??IIKAI.TH KIHST,** I? new 4-e
?.?? ron?lrleration of every
?houKhtfu, ludi? Muni. In thrar
day? of ?Ire??' and nnxletr.
???.4??G CITY atiera It tu
von In her wonderful Gnlf
?rrenm tempered ellmnte. laden
??Ith the ?cone of the neean, nnd
In her brond nvenne?, ?o free
from dirt nnd Mlunh.
Hi .,1*1? t ??I Amu.ement?. Brilliant
Hoardarnlk. Theater?, Pier?.
".?If All the Yrnr.
Wa ?h?? open ?ad will lurniab lull
iniormation, rale?, ?tc.
Gale? Hall Shelburne
Wiltshire Strand
Chelsea Dennis
Seaside Si. Charle?
Atlantic Cltj h only four hour. *t in 4Y?ah
in?on, ?ia llaltimore A ?'bio or I'enna.
R. It. Consult local ticket agent? for
further information.
Hotel Sneeeaa.
Joslah W.lti.aVS.n? C?????T. -
Open All Tew.
Staan aaatt, raaalaa ?tn. ?n.ati aatfia.
?'?/? SS ?<*>: 13.00 ???<???>. BmtHU
Ink. Cue?.
A. ???URRAV. P~a
SX ?
Buy a
Cafe?, Lunchrooms, J
Fnrit Stands,
Fountains, Grocers. \
! Arlington Bottling Co., Distributor.
r-aoae ?Vr.t 3??3tS3 l. Streut k. W.
?lo JAIS
o?t??i:to ? ao.
The National Ban ? of Washington
*t?i oirr?i?T or muimma. - ?
?OVl??MItlt DI. obito m ?
atarace ? ??-?mi?? ????? iti? n
nJJTsTrnTntye C*I?ITIU.* ???I?? $ I.700000.00 .^-?t?????
CHA?It* t l??llt
v. *-?u.a-ct naia.
V?A5HINGT0N,0C. yy
(mm^t^eueXJ eS+\\\+?m Wn+X. rx^r^*- t^?t^?ta+t** ?**? ~?**y
?J&s>-*i.e~*_^ (?++-PC, ?ZtZmem**??y **++ tC^L^-u^x e~?e><m\,
?2/ ?<ri a&?t*e-4*- 7d~*??*y -*^>
V S- ? -?? e?+* , J
wLt^O^?' *-^ /^mu^Le^<J e^mt^f/ \me^^?Cet%^*^?\e
/t*??C Y^^l^ ?*~---^?*+*Uy ~^y?x ^U*?L^
??S-*?' ??rt^f
c?try^~?~- *??<Z*rt~>>.
Usual Commission Allowed Your Broker
RELIABLE INSURANCE 414 Southern B-riMini?PboM M. 776
Xummon 'nd Le's Go Fishin'
WE all reniember reading those wotxaerfuJ (tone* of Marie T-a/aJn't, Tom Sawyer" and
**Hudde-Mrry Finn." Their funny way* and delightful humor have plafl ?re?yu?e
who hat read them. Renvetnbcr the time you fn-*t read Tom Sawyer," how yoa laughed over
Tom, Huck, Aunt Polly. Becky. Tom't girl, and aD the reaUy mtere-anif character? that have
bejeome f ?mo?t in Mark Twain't bcokt? Now they come in a different form. The Washington
Herald has contracted with Clare Victor Dwitjgin?, creator of the f tjnout "School Day*" for a
full page in four color*, on Sunday?, of fatata? from the life of Tom Sawyer'' and "Htickl?
b-ary lha', All tha nmmm tTicfc? and "-*iOn that made Tom Sawyer" and "??tckle
berry Finn" known the world over, will be repro?a?-ced in picture*. Don't fan to follow them in
A Page In Four Colors of
By Clare Victor Dwiggins
Creator of "School Days"
Every Sunday
Washington's leading home r^wj-PAPE???

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