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News and Views of Interest to the Women Readers of The Herald
I/si Vasmi/v?gtoaj
* ?*
' , By E. C. DRUM-HUNT.
Tba President aad Mrs. Wllaon at
<*ra*?ed the performance at Keith's
Theater laat evening. With thera
??re Mra. WlUiam H. Bolline. Mia*
Berth? Bolline, Miss Helen Woodrow
"Tasse, and John Randolph Bolline.
eeaaaattmt and Mrs. Wllaon played
aa early round of lalf yesterdsy
The British Ambassador and
IJAdjr Heading, who went to New
Tork to attend the Pllerim Society's
banquet oa Tuesday evening, will
probably be- absent a week or ten
?laya They are beine continuously
? ?tad durine their atay in New
Tork. Sir Frederick and Lady
Black cava a reception for them
aad Thursday Lady Raadlns waa
tha honor eue?t at a luncheon civ*?
hy taady Lever. The Ambassador
attended a luncheon el van by tho
Merchants' Aaaoclation at tha Aator
Numerous hospitalities are beine
Planned for Lord and Lady Reading
te follow their return. Mr. and Mra
Edward B. McLean have carda out
for a dinner in their home on March
1?: on March XI Mra. Richard Town
send will have a diatlnculahed com
pany ta meet them and Mra Henry
e. Oimock will eiv?* a dinner for
them oa March it. On April s they
will be the honor guests at a dln
aer with Mr. and Mrs. Edson Brad
ley aa hosts.
Mme. Riano. wife of the Spanish
"onbaaaador. was amone the eueats
whom 4anator and Mra. Robert J..
/???a entertained in their box at
the concert yesterday afternoon at
the National Theater for the recital
given by the celebrated Russian
violtnisr. Heifetx. The other enasta
were Mrs. Perry Belmont. 111/.
Breckenrtde* Lone and Mra John
?lamer?n Hawkins. Mrs. Willard
aaulsbury occupied a box and en
tertained Mme. Vignai. Mme. Simon.
Mrs. Thomas F. Bayard and Mrs.
?'harlea Warren. With Mrs. Delos
Hlodeett in her box at the concert
were Mlaa Mona Blodeett, Mrs. J.
11. Turner. Mr?. Jamea Patten. Mra
1 ? Auatin, Miss Austin and Mis.?
Others at the concert were Mra
losepbus Daniels. Mr. and Mra
l.iwr.m??' Townsend. Mr?. Charles
Kuts, Mrs. Nicholas Loneworth,
Mrs. Frederic Harris, Clarence
Aspinwall. Henry Macfarland. Mr.
< nd Mrs. Arthur Brisbane. Mrs. T.
U- Donaldson and Mr?. Thoma.? Tal
Mrs. Champ ?'l.irk has r?-turned
to Washington from a short visit
in New York.
Ml?. Robert Mcl'ormlck entertained
a. distinguished ?-ompany of twenty
Airee at dinnet last evening.
Mrs. Marshall Kleid was hostess st
en informal luncheon yesterday after
Baron Knut Bontje. the new second
?tcretary of the Swedish L?sgattou..
'.n? Baroness Bonde have taken pos
session of the residence. 1225 Eigh
teenth streel. which they have leased
from Miss Sophie Siebert. Th?? house
?is occupied durine the early win
ter by Dr. Hjalmar I.unbolm. chief
of the Swedish Mission, who haa now
returned to Sweden, accompanied by
the members of his staff. ,
Mrs. *'-ii-s Bromwell will ?o to
New York next ??es *.o spen?! revirai
Mrs. Matthew T. Scott, accompanied
hy Miss Hunter, will go to Atlantic
?'(ty next week to pass several weeks.
She plans to go to her home In Bloom,
mgton, m., later In the season for a
Mr.?. Burnett Smith, of England, will
come to Waahlngton next week to visit
the Assistant Secretary' of Agriculture
and Mrs. l'ari Vrooman Mrs. Smith,
who waa in Waahlngton laat week and
stopped at the Fowhatan. left yester
day. She has been making a aeries
of addresses In Boston and other
cities in New England on the general
situation in Kngland.
Mary Finley, daughter of Col.
Jahn Finley. L. S. ?., stationed at
Governor's Island, waa tha guest of
Misa Maysue Donaldson, daughter of
Brig. Gen. and Mrs. T. Q. Donaldson.
for a short time. She left yesterday
for Miami, Fla., where she will be a
member of a large party which Com
modore Benedict ia entertaining
aboard his yacht.
Mra. Donaldson, aciompanied by
Mra Newcomb Barney, will go to
N'ew York Monday to remain a week
ur ten days.
Lieut, and Mra. Wilson Offutt are
visiting Lieut. Offutt's parents. Mr.
and Mrs. M. Wilson Offutt. at their
home near Betheada. .Md Lieut. Of
futt. who haa been ln training in
Tennesaee. was recently commissioned
in tbe aviation corps. At the expira
tion of his leave they will return to
Tenneaaee. where Lieut. Offutt will
act aa Instructor.
Mi.se Ferrar, who was the guest of
the Assistant Secretary of Stale and
Mrs. Breckenridge Long for aeveral
weeks, left Washington yesterday for
her home in St. Louis.
Mrs. John Cameron Hawkins, who
waa visiting Miss Alice O'Oorman in
? New York for a fortnight, haa re
urned to Waahlngton.
A group of the debutantes of tMs
season and last entertained at a sub
scription dance laat evening ln the
ballroom at 240? Sixteenth street, with
a number of the young officer? sta
tioned at Quantico, Camp Meade, and
other campa near Washington as the
guests of honor. The dance was ar
ranged by Mlaa Carter Mulllken and
Mis? Ruth Donaldson. Among tbe
ladles who chaperoned the party were
Mlaa Mulliken's mother, Mrs. Jamea
Nolan. Mrs. Richardson Gibson, Mra
John William Falls, snd Mrs. Arm
stead Dalla.
The Hat of girla who gave the dance
includes Mlaa Halite Davis. Misa Fran
res Wilkinson, the Miases Lester, the
? ? 1 *****************a************g
Losa Your Fat,
Keep Your Health
?esaaSuooa ttttr m not baskh?. neitk? i? II
keattl?? ts *?? or utrria? Me wuck let Ha
?<sae'?l. Th? naplntt aetMd ?aesii tor rasine?
isf i**? ??iifat hrrtj tao, ihrer, m bmt renati.
a awik ?? tit* Mamola Muknj. trie! aad ta
betani k? tk??u?an?li. Mane?la mamtamm*
restata, ermttmbvg ttaet Aram et th* lew??-?
.naannnHv aie ??M fee Wmsai.?? at *? ?eau
ttefa rtrrtt vate, or if j??j i#*f>r jwi raa oM?i?
<? k, ?*ixtias 'Hr<s I lo tk? Mais?!? C*aa
caJaj, rai Woadwaid aieaur. De-suit Mirti.
Tko ai? fc?n?te?s ?s?! ka.? so vitaste? ??
?ifeaiaii?. They are papular bnaaaa affect..?
Misses Tuttle, the Misses Stau, Misa
Jean Rayner. Mlaa Helen Blodgett,
Misa Cecilia McCaUum. Miss Margaret
Carry, Mlaa Gladys Kalme, Misa
Phoebe Walker. Mlaa Virginia Suth
erland, and bar guest. Mie? Ruth
Merritt. Mlaa Anna Handln. Mlaa Mar
garet Devereux. Mlaa Mary Duncan
i-.ibeon. Mlaa Elizabeth Hills, Mlaa
Davlette Plcklan, Misa Abigail Har
vey. Mlaa Eustacia Hardaaty. Miaa
virginia Minor, Mlaa Mary Cameron,
Miss Harriet Peckham, Miss Dorothy
Dunn, and Mlaa Claudia Johnaon.
Mrs. Thomas Sweeney will be hos
tess at a tea thla afternoon.
Rear Admiral and Mrs. Btrother
Smith have as their guest Mra.
Philip Dell Caasidy. of Jacksonville.
Pia. Mra. Smith will entertain at
an auction bridge party thia after
noon complimentary to Mrs. Cassi
dy. She will alao be hoateas at a tea
tomorrow In Mrs. Cassidy's honor.
Mlaa Belle Baruch, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Barnard Barueh. la vis
itine Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Bdey
in Palm Beach. Fla.
Mrs, Frank Kelloee wife of Sena
tor Kellogff. has returned from a
short ? lait in New York.
Paymaster J. Lyman Pratt. U. S
?., and Mrs. Prattt. who have been
living at the RasTaleh Hotel this
wintar, have taken ine apartment
of Mr. and Mrs. Ralplta Qulatsr. at
tha St. Regis. They moved Thurs
Mrs. Alston R Simpson. Mrs.
Pratt's slater, is living this winter
with her mother and father. Sena
tor and Mrs. Hoke Smith, at their
home in California street. Lieuten
ant Stmpaon. V ti. ?., who haa been
at sea for some time. Is now home
on leave. He is in the hospital hav
ing undergone a serious operation.
There will- be a meeting of the wom
an's committee for engineer soldiers
at Mrs. Dimock's. 13UI Sixteenth
street, thla afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Free wool will be distributed.
Maj. Gen. and Mrs. George Barnett
have as their guesta Mrs. Barnett'a
daughters, the Misses Lelia and Anne
Gordon, and the Minees Ferris, of
Philadelphia. The young people, who
will return to school today, came
to Washington to attend the enter
tainment given at Quantico Thursday
afternoon and evening by the officers
on duty thtwe. Mrs. I. Freeman
Rasln. of Baltimore, who has been
visiting Gen. and Mra Barnett for
several weeks, also went to Quan
tico with Mrs. Barnett and her daugh
Mrs. Barnett. accompanied by Mr?.
Kasin. will .? to Waketleld Manor,
her country place in Virginia, to
morrow, to remain until Tuesday.
? wedding of interest here will
?tuk.? place today in ? helsea. Atlantic
I City. N. J.. when Miss Anna Law
rence Mactier. daughter of Mr. and
? Mrs. Henry Mactier. of Chevy Chase.
| Md.. will be merried to Bryce Gray,
of New York. It waa expected thai
the wedding would be celebrated in
June, but war conditions have ?hang
ed the plans. .
Mr. Gray Is an aeronautical me
chanical engineer, and he expects
shortly to receive a commission in
the aviation section of the Signal
Corps. I*. 8. A. Miss Mactier la a
granddaughter of the late William
Lawrence Mactier, of Philadelphia,
and is related to James l,awrence
Br?ese, John A. Hadden and Alexan
der M. Hadden. of New York.
Owing to poor health the bride's
father haa been passing the winter
in Atlantic Cily. The marriage will
take place at his villa and the bride
will enter the room with her rela
tive, John A. Hadden. Mr. Gray is
the only son of the late Bryce Gray.
Jr.. and a grandson of the late Mr.
and Mrs. Nicholas Owynne. Hi?
mother la now Mrs. Cornelius H.
Mme. Slavko Grouitch will sp? :!.
this morning st Ihe Theodorus Baile.
Mtyers Mason House. 1?M Twentieth
street, for members of the Woman ?
Naval Service and their friend?. She
will tell of relier work In Serbia, and
in the course of her addreaw will lou. h
on the plight of the prison? ra of tl
allied armies Interned in Switxeilan.l.
with a view to rousing interest in th.
sale of articles made by the prisons*? -
which will be held at the legation <?r!
Sw'txerland on Tuesday. "A 'win? ata I
and Thursday of next week. Mm?,
sulxer. wife of the Swiss Minisi.r.
is patroneas for the sale.
Miss Elizabeth Beresford, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. J. Beresford, of New
York, was married to Lieut. J. San
ders O'Neale. l\ S ?. ?.. of Camp
l'pton. in the ehapel of St. Chrysj
stom, in New? York. Thursday, by tilo
Rev. Donald.Millar, rector.
Lieut. O'Neale is a nephew of Ihe
Secretary of the Treasury, Mr. Will
iam G. McAdoo. and la the son of
Mr. J. Sanders O'Neale, who former
ly resided at Knoxville, Tenn.
Mr. and Mrs. Audi -y Clarke have
?rsued invitations for the marriage af
their daughter. Catherine Fowler, to
I.ieut. Karl Russell Whltmarsh. U. S.
R. C. Saturday. March ??. ".t 4:30
o'clock, at the Church of the Holy
Trinity. Brooklyn. New York.
A reception ?rill follow the cere
mony at the residence of Mr. and Mrs
Lieut Whitmarah Is the ion of Mr.
and Mra Theodore F. Whitmash. of
New York, who, with their daughter,
have spent the winter in Washington
at the Willard, Mr. Whltmarsh be
ing connected with the Food Admin
An Interesting little wedding will
take place today at noon in the home
of the bride's mother. Mrs. Theodore
J. Plckett. when her only daughter,
Mlaa Hetty Vawter Harria, Will ba
married to Charlea ?. Tebbs, son of
Judge Tebbs. of Virginia. The cere
mony, because of mourning, will be a
simple one, performed in the presence
of the immediate members of the two
familias by tbe Rev. n. A. Castle
sn. The bride and bridegroom will
make their future hon.e in Washing
Dr. George T. Berry, who reeeaUy
returned from France, will speak en
hia experiences there at ?a meeting at
the home of Mrs. H. B. F. Micfs.rlan.l.
1**? Eighteenth street, thia afternoon,
st 4 o'clock. Dr. Berry la the Ameri
can field secretary of the Mc.MI Mis
sion in Franc?', which ha? dona as
much for the French women .ind t hiT
Harry ?. William?, of Los Angeles.
Cal., who will rapresent The Los An
geles Times as ? ovef war correspon
dent with the allies in tbe preaent
war ln Europe, baa been is Wash
Knitters, Behold It! The Bagasoil
Something Juat HAD to be done
about It?and something WAS. It
waa a complicated situation?there
was the duty of carrying a knitting
bag in one hand and the necessity
of balancing a parasol ^ with the
other, and everyone knows that
down at Palm Beach such a double
burden on a hot day and such an
annoying and ungraceful problem
was not t?? be ?ndured???> ?>>me
brilliant person invented the Hag
asoll?and here it la.
Above you sec It otx-ned ?and It
ia an adorable tw??-ton?? parasol
with the cunningest of ruffles.
Ington making preparation.? for his
trip acroaa the water for the past
week, and visiting his aunt Mrs. J.
M. Hlatt. and a cousin. J. Clinton
Hiait. of Columbia Heights. Mr.
Williams' father, Herman W. Will
iams, now or' 1-os Angel??.?, was one
of the proprietors anil ?-ditors of the
Des Moine?. Ia. Daily Capital, at?
the lime when former District l'ora
mlaaioner Maj. Oliver P. Newman was
beginning hi? newspaper ?raer in
that city. Harry ?. Williams is the
only war correspondent of any daily
newspaper on the Pacific Coast, and
while here he was entertained by Hi*
members of the I'rcss Club. r. ? ?re
senting Western newspapers. II?' left
for New York City yesterday, where
a number of social events huye been
arranged In his hoix.r.
Miss Marie Converse, daughter of |
Mr. and Mrs. Kl.'d.riik S. Converse. I
of West Wood and Boston. BM talent I
fJSSIgS Anson Mn'ook. G. ?. A. ?if j
New York, were marrii'd Thursday in ,
Boston, at the Kmmaniiel Church, ?
B?'cause of the recent death ol the ;
bridegroom's father, Oaa*. Anson G.
McC??k. I*. 8. ?.. only members all
the two families and a few inlimate ,
friends were present. Dr. Klwood !
Worcester, rector of the church, of- j
.Miss Converse was lilveii away hy :
her father. The best man eras a |
brother-in-law of the bride. Mr. lion-'
aid McElwain. The bride wore while
satin trimmed with old family lace. ]
and her tulle veil was cautht with
<?r tnge blossoms.
A small reception mat held at the |
home of the bride's pni.nts. I.ieut. |
M<*'ook will take hi? bride to Ncufl
York, where she will ?tay with h?* j
sister, Mrs. Junius SpoMtr Morgiin, '
Lieut. Mcl'ok is stationed at Camp
I'pton. Yaphank. Long Island. He
was graduat?'d from Harvard in li?16
snd served on the M?x.-ian border.
He was commissioned at Plattsburg
camp last summer. His bride is a
mem?*??!? of the 1??1? Hewinir Circi?? and
ami bf the Vincent Club.
The annual entertninnient and]
rally at the Mint? r !.1 of the ?
Kighth Street Tempi?? will he held
? n Monday at i p. m. The after
noon*, entertainment will consist <?f
a diversified prtagram, ?-?insisting of
v..? al s?'le?'tionF by Mrs. ???????
Fls?-her. recitations by Mrs. Herbert
Simon, folk dances by the Misses
Lucille Louis and Ruth f'ack, and a
one-act skit.
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Gans are en-1
joying a brief vaoation at thc St. I
Charles Hotel. Atlanti? City.
? I
? number of U. R ?? ri ms from
th* Washington Navy Yard wore
entertained Thursday t*vrriin(f by
I III Vl'fcsSS UK Uli till.
rVt a recent baxaar held for war
charity in laondon. the ????.???, ao??
ilucted hy ?'.?unless of Will.? look
I in as. much money a? all the other
booths combined. One gueaa?why:
T.-Mow you aaa it rlo?ed?and It la
a knittinK bag, exhibiting- the regu
lar shape, with ivory handle-rings
and all.
Misa Hut h ?. Hoyer. at her home,
467 ? ?treet. The evening W
spent in dancing ami .singing patri
otic ?ungi. He fri ahmen te were
M ru. Kaaette B l'aul lia?? return
ed .???in a vi*?it to Florida and will
re.-unit- her Saturday evening? at
home. This evening there will be
an informai discussion of "Prevail
ing War Conditions.'*
New York, Chicago and Other Local
Interests Oppose Measure.
? deteiinined tight hy local In
tt net* staved off in the House yes
terday a proposal to abolish the
silfc II I ?am In at Kaw York. Chi
cago, 1'hth.delphia. St. hou if?, Bos
ton. Baltimore, Cincinnati., Sin
Kiami***ro and New Orleans. A
vote will ionie today. With th?
House organization favoring the
provision, hut member?* of both par
tier= firmi the loea lilies a flier ted op
posi ? ? it, a dea? contest appears
Ce I '?tai i 11.
Tin* (lianpt- is proposed by the
government ?tTiciency bureau, which
declares that, with the Kedetal Re
MfH system perfected, they are
not needed.
Secretary McAdoo, however, fa
vors their retention.
To sell a dollar's worth of real es
tate for a dollar fa always possible In
this city. U you are willing to ?ell
your properly at a right price. Herald
e lassi tied advertising, carrying frank
.statements of fact about it, will en
able you to tind your purchaser.
Parry it. Johnaon, of the interior
Department, baa received a promo
Clarence Walla, of Ithaca, N. T.,
la visitine I" ?*? "*> ?
Norman Carter, of the Agriculture
Department, la visitine bla home in
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Kldrldge N. Matthew?, of the CenJ
sua OUlce, has resigned.
Harry Coleman, of the navy yard,
la on sick leave.
Martin ?3. Garb?n, of the T-abor De
partment, is visitine in New Tork
Peter I.. Circela, of the Igterior
Department, baa received a promo
C. C. McDevitt haa postponed his
vacation until the latter part of Au
Ul(f Nell Freeman is preparine for
a trip to New York.
O. C. Sven, of this city, last nlfht
arrived In Chicago to take up a
position with a large packing house.
Thof. W. Monahan has resigned
hia clerical position in the Ordnance
Miss Helen M. T. Weaver has ac
cepted a stenographic position ln
the War Department.
Meyer Davis has returned from
a business trip to Philadelphia and
New York.
Ounnard A. Anderson haa resigned
his position as stenographer and
typewriter ln the Ordnance Office.
Wiley Copeland has received an
appointment as schedule clerk in
the War Department.
Stanley M. Waldman has left for
Syracuse, New York, where he will
remain for aeveral weeks.
Ha). Harry W. Uoodall. Medical
Reserve Corps, has been ordered to
Camp Oreene, Charlotte, N. C.
Col. Charlea H. Heyl. U. 8. ?.. re
tired, haa been placed on active
duty and will report for duty in the
office of the inspector General of
the army.
Robert ? Rathbone, of R. C.
Rathbone A Son. of New York, haa
been appointed head of the aewly
created bureau of insurance of the
American Red Cross.
Max Zabowaky, of New York, haa
returned to that city after a visit
to relatives here.
Miss Pearl Pritchard and her sla
ter. Mrs. Caroline Matthewson, are
vi.?iting ln Baltimore.
Miss Adelaide Marbut has return
ed to Detroit, after a visit to her
cousin, Mies Mamie Mendenhall.
Mrs. Anna Halvin, prominently
identified with Jewish club work in
New York City, la visiting relativea
in thia city.
Samuel Meusrha. of New York,
who. during a a?-v? ral montha' atay
in Washington, was well known in
musical circles, haa returned to his
former home.
Col. .\l A. Winter, commanding
the Home Defense League Rifles,
who has been quite ill for the last
fortnight, ha.? ?o far recovered a>?
to report for duty at hia office.
I.ieut. Harry ? Middleton, in
??harg?? of the main recruiting sta
tion of the navy, at 30? Ninth ?treet
northweat, has recovered entirely
from his re?-ent illnea?, and is on
duty again.
William Moore Slillwell has as
sumed his duties as building secre
tary for the Y. M. C A. at tbe rec
reation hut now in proceaa of com
pletion at Eighth street and Penn
sylvania avenue northwest.
Emrreon R. Mill??!-, former asso
ciate secretary for the Y. M. C. A.
hut at Eighth atreet and I'ennayl
vanisi avenue northwest, ha? resign
ed to take a position in the govern
ini^iit service.
Mrs. lsadore Shapiro 1? expected to
liave Waehington ?-..inlay to join her
husband, a member of a prominent
law Arm in New York City.
??1. Charles H. Heyl, V. 8. -V. re
lired. h.is been placed on active ?luty
and a tationed in the office of the In
njvector ?renerai her?*.
Min? Mary Kelly has left Washing
ton for her home in Idaho after a
visit with Miss Eleanor ?Smith in thia
\V. R. Waggoner has been appointed
to the National Food Administration
in the publicity department.
Jackson S. Elliott, recently made
chief of the news department of the
Associated Press, has left Washington
for New York City.
Amos Keyser, of West Virginia, la in
w ashington tor a visit of several days.
By FRED C. KELLY in Collier'*.
Samuel ?. W.uslow, Representa
tive, also skate manufacturer, of
Worcester, Mass., has for two or
three years heen boasting -about the
resourcefulness and ingenuity of
William Deardon. who was his pri
vat? secretary. No matter what
the situation, Dcardpn could always
think up a way to handle it. One
day he accompanied Winslow intj a
big store. There was a vaain?i.**
delay about getting hold af g clerk
to wait on him.
"W-iit. I'll get you one." said
Deaidon, and be stepped into the
middle of an aisle, holding feoth
arms outstretched above him. In a
moment a floorwalker rushed up lo
ascertain what was the matter.
I "Trying to get the attention of ?
clerk." explained I>eardon. A tar?t
sec-^pdg later a clerk was rushed to
the scene.
Some weeks ago Deardon learned
that (Jen. Pershing had wired l?>r
100 additional high-g-ade ?Vid
clerks. Now, the idea o< doing sec
retarial work about Pershing's
headquarters over in France appeal
ed to Deardon as an experience
worth having. He determined to
have it, but when he got up to the
War Department, and to the office
of the man who was to tike down
the applications, he noticed that
there were ?some 300 men in line
ahead of him. Three hundred men.
you understand, and only 100 places
to be tilled. But that wag no ob
stacle to Deardon. He wrote a
brief message on a piece of paper,
beckoned to a messenger boy stand
ing nearby, and bade him take the
note to the army officer who was
writing down the men's names at
the head of the line. Tbe note said:
"I wish to apply for a field clerk
ship, but haven't the time to wait
In line. Just motion to me if this
Interests you. I'm thc round-faced
man with glasses leaning up against
the post over at your left.*'
Well, the thing excited thc army
Officer's curiosity. He did motion to
?Deardon. ?
"What reason have you to offer why
I should take your application iiheu-i
of those who have be.m i-t ???|???- in
line?" he imputed somewhat an
grily? ?
"t?tep over In the comer.'? .replied
iN-ardon. "and I'll tell you."
The a udacit y of t hat su ggest ton
stirred the man's curiosity ?II over
again. He did go ever into the coi
ner, ?
"Here's the idea," explained Dear
don. "I'm the onlly man that thought
t<> make application in this way.
Therefore I must have more initia
tiv?: than some of the others, don't
5?>u think? And if 1 have more in
itiative, in thc long run I'll be more
? don't say that the scheme will'
i.rk every time. Maybe It won't work
airain. But Deardon then and there
??? the job.
???<????*"??. Cio**/der. major general in
?-harge of the big job of picking thc
\ men tor the aelective-eervice army.
?osas like a grouch, hut isn't. Here
I is an example of the way a ?luaillt
! sort of human quality keeps ?'topping
j out in him:
Heins a bachelor. Gen. Crowder
si,in? lime? does his own cooking, tint!
1 night, in attempting to open a bottle
of catchup, he broke the neck of the
bottle and the stuff squirted all over
him. He started to clean himself up.
but paused, then went downstairs.
where he rapped at the door of r.n
apartment occupied by a. family who
have children.
"It occurred to me." explained the
general, "that the children might en
joy seeing how funny I look with all
this catchup on me."
He waited until the children had
lnu**hed at him all tbey wished to
and then returned to hi? own apart
ment to change his clotbes.
Julius Rosenwald, of the Council of
Nu lumai Defense, learned that Secre
tary of War Baker la fond of persim
mons. So one day he brought a box
of persimmons to the Secretary'a of- ?
flee. They were unusually large ones
Secretary Baker noted this, and re
marked: "Vou know, I'm small for a
man. and theae are big for peraim
mons; If they pucker in proportion to
sise, there won't be anything left of
mc at gli." ?
Thomas 8. Martin. Senator from
Virginia, has a brother John who
looks so much like him that when he
sees him he haa to stop and think
whether It's John or himself. Recently
the Senator's brother John was In
Washington on a visit. The Senator
had gone to the Senate barber ahoP
tn get shaved. Suddenly the barber
lifted up the hack of the chair, and
the Senator saw a face that surprised
"What are you doing In here.
John"*" he asked his brother.
But it wasn't his brother at all
only his uwo face ln tb? mirror.
Just a Little tetter
1210 G Street
?ti JoUon Siafs
There'? a Lamp of Sugar Daini in
Ym Caa Fiad a Little lit ai Di?a- ?
Lud, Na Mattar Where Ya? Ga. J
Georfe O'Connor Sinfi
I A?'t Get Nobody.
Everybody ? Craay Boot the Dot
gata? Blue?.
I'm Writing t? You, Sammy.
I'm Going to Falow tbe Boyi.
? Baby'? Priyer at Twilight.
On Sale at 1210 G Street
Great War ?Sons Dance Recorti
? Medley Oee-rtep?Part 1. I AM
Medley Oae-atep?Part 2. $125.
CUm?c One-atep Medley. ) A6022,
Fasciaabon Fax-trot J S12S.
Another Great Cohen Record
Cohen at the Real Ettota Offic?.
Cohen Gal? Hi? Tailor oa the e8?
PhoV. J
Splendid Record by Philharmonic
from Balet Suite
Capriccio Espagnol.
Come to Our Store for All Columbia
1210G St - Phon.M.2067
'3,000 Records Jatt Received
?-tardar, Marek ?. 1*??.
<?ood and 1)1 influence* contend thi?
day. Saturn, Mercury, the Bun and
Neptune aie all advera?, while Mm.?
and Jupiter ar* in beneflc aspect
For persona in high eatatc there im
the prognostication of reven-tea and
misfortune through self-will, egotism
and -irrogane**. Thta la due to the
?mieter Influence of atara that may
brine; about the downfall of rulera.
?the disgrace Of military leader* and
the discrediting of atatesmen.
The seers caution all who exercise
power to listen to the mutteringa and
murmuring?* of the people, whether
they be in the ranks of the army or
ln the masse* of th* workers.
There ia s good sign today for mines
and mining, and some development in
production will greatly aid the Fuel
It is not a luckv rule for the navy
or for travel on the water anywhere.
Persiatently the alara fore-cant an
ocean disaster.
Neptune is in a place said to distort
the mental vision and to cause crit
icism, ?lander and false judgment.
Mercury afflicted by adverse ar
p?ete. RS In today'.** configuration, in
clines to nervous activity of both body
and mind. The tendency ia toward
worry, haste and irritability.
There ta a sign today that promises
success in large transportation enter
prises. Systematic work i.-? believed
to ba aided by the government of the
Business men will succeed army of
ficers tn certain places where they
hav? not hitherto served. as*rologers
declare. This applies to all armies
and the interpretations is that Amer
icans will serve in the French and
Knglish armies.
?Tongress comes again under a swsv
making for many investigations and
partisan differences.
Persons whose blrthdate It is have
the augury of a busy year in which
many problems must be met. They
should beware of false friends.
Children born on this day will ???
energetic and enterprising. These ??utr
jects of I'isces may have many ups
and downs in life, but they are likely
?fo be lovable and talented.
? * '?? !? ? ..-? ?.. ?9JS.?
"Home women ? * hilara te like a glasa
of cold wine; some ? hafe like a badly
laundered shin, home soothe like a
good cigar; and some are like an ach
ing tooth at nUht," grated a high,
clear voice.
"That sounds lik?* tut Smart Set,"
said Molli-.
"It is." answered the voice.
We were all at ? li--ne'*., t?lie had
taken the advh-e of Annie and was
giving ? reception. Kliene had made
a great sacrifice, for she hated the
crowd that came to a reception, said
"how are you?'* criticized your gown
and your refreshm. nts, admired your
furniture and dug up th* scandai on
the subject of one of your paintings.
I looked around the coffee tini, for
you must know, little book, that in
the society columns the next day my
name appeared aa "pouring."
However I won't talk about that to
you, for I want to tell you. little
book about Kliene'* reception and the
woman who quoted from the Smart
In a few moments I heard the high
pitched voice again saying "It ia not
love that gets a woman into trouble,
it is getting out of it.''
"More Smart Set." whispered Mol
He. 1 craned my head around the ?
i < offee urn and saw* a lather t-rilliant
? looking woman who was undeniably
forty, with an unhappy face for all
' it* well massaged cutirla and artistic
I make-up.
I 'Who is s>he?" I whisirered to Mol
"I don't know." she whisper?*?! back.
"one of the crowd that has always
I been trying to get in with Kliene 1
I fancy."
"Why do you suppose ahe Is shoot
ing off these near Oscar Wilde epi
gram? all the time?*'
"Well, Margery, you are a queer
one" exclaimed Molile 'do you mean
to tell m* you have lived In this town
all your life and gone in Kliem-'s act
ever aince you were married without
knowing that *w*? have The reputa
tion of Wing Vfiy hiteh-hrow. very
witty, very exclusive and all thst?"
"M<-Mirp i,y 'we' do you mean our
own little crowd?**
"I mean Just that. Kliene Symon?
Is suppo-sed to be th? most exclusive
woman in town as Harry's mother
was before her. Tou, my dear, 1 have
heard referred to as intellectual, high
brow, brilliant-** "and perhaps
< very other terrible thing that I ana
not." I interrupted.
"Well, you see." explained Moll.??,
"Elicne is the richest woman in town.
Since I married Chad, I expect they
rate me next, ?nd you, Margie, trail
along with the Sel do ? fortune, and as
most Americans in their heart uf
hearts, still worship the dollar, wa
have all sorts of wonderful things
added to us.** Just as she had fin
ished. Alice come in and said. 'Hav*
you by any chance met that Mr?.
alien, who is talking over there**"?
"Poor Kliene," exclaimed Mollie, "I
must rescue her.**
"IV-n't. ' said Alice. **for \he woanan
?.? the wife of the editor of the Kven
ihg-, who 1* Harry's deadly enemy.
1 cannot understand why she accepted
Kher.e? invitation. 1 do not know
whether she is here for good or bad.
but perhaps if she get it into her head
she can it? friends with Kliene? we
an use her influence with her hus
band to weather thc storm that la
?Withering about that clever little Miss
Marito? **
1 looked at Alice, little hook, most
gratet u!iy. Tat had e.-.1? miy told her
about Martha Marlin, and she. too.
-a.is. m DfteE would say, plugging for
<To w?e ?""onuiiued.)
Woo?war? f Cotfyrop
______ New York?WASHINGTON?Paru
Every-Day and Dress-Up Frocks for
Girls and Misses
Are Fresh and Charming
'?inghani 1* roc Us tli.it everyone ?ill admiro?so original ire th? ir slyKs,
their coloring.
Box-plaited, straight-line models and two-piece coat (Ceda ace popular, and The combina
tions of plain and plaid or striped, and also combinations wilh Vaiai are striking. ????????
irocUs may be ckoscn in many models, and also those for aitcnoon?many a:e smocked or
trimmed with fancy stitching, and on thc collar and cut?s oi many are rutiles of fine plaiting.
$2.00 Up.
Daintiness, quality and sweetness and charm are expressed in the White
Frock? of Dotted Swiss, Dimity, Voile and Organdy. Tucks, both wide and nar
row, lace embroidery in both white and colors, and ribbon arc used as trim
mings, and they may be elaborate or simple, as one chooses.
\\ c have just receive?l a shipment o? French Drissis thai v?m will he sU-, (,, li*.r. Tha
shades are the softest, anil two tones oi the same color an often used together. Every model
has a charm and distinction all its own. There is a lovely one of a delirate shade of grcn?
crepe?made straight-line style, with inverted plaits held in place with ctioctiv?.? emhroiilrry, in
black and gold; the white organdy collar is trimmed with lancy stuellili., in black, and odd
green buttons fasten it.
Fourth fl??oi ? ?J aL
The New Sweaters for Misses
?Are Both Pretty and Practical
Roth sli*?-on and coat cITcrts are popular, and a pretty new one in slip-on style lia? a va?n.
Shetland and brushed wool, as well as plain ones, arc developed in a not ot spun,, colui s;
many have collar, cuffs, belt and front facing of a bright contrasting battit.
They make an excellent light-weight Spring ?rap and arc moderately priced.
l-'imrih sVan-U it.
S5?M), $5.50 and $6.50

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