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The Washington Herald Company.
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C. T. BRAIN ARD.President ?nd Publisher
A T. MACDONALD.General Manager
L. M BELL.Managing Editor
New Tork, Tribune Building; Chicago. Tribune
Building?: St. Louis. Third National Bank Building;
Detroit. Ford Building.
Dally and Sunday, G0 cents per month: $3.to per
Daily and Sunday. 45 centa per month: $5.0. per
year. Pally only, ti cents per month: ?4.110 per year.
Entered at the postoffice at Waahington, D. C. aa
second-class mall matter.
Saturday, april 13,1918.
Tke Cms at Hand1
Gen. Maurice was quoted last night as saying
that "the crisis has arrived," and Sir Douglas
Haig has issued a stirring appeal to his armies, in
which the gravity of the situation is painted in
colors by no means calculated to allow allied
thought to stabilize on the idea that the German
haa failed of his great objective.
Hindenburg plan* to "finish off" thc British first
aad? then to attend to France. As tare staled yes
?erday, he aims at the destruction o? thc British
forces in the field, or, ii that plan semis too
Krandoise, at least the capture oi the Channel porls.
It is unthinkable that he will succeed in the latter
any more than in the former. The iall oi Dun
kirk, Calais and Boulogne would be a disaster oi
the first magnitude. It is difficult to sec how
British military co-operation in the war could be
sustained without them. It _? little wor.dcr that
Haig has called upon his nun not to allow Mes
sines Ridge?which is the key .to th. British
position in Flanders?to iall into th?. Teutonic
lap. Yet it is certain that any furti;? r penetration
of the British lines on the Arm? nj?ere*-*! pris
front will mean that M**-t___c* will h.i\c to In
given up.
The second phase r*ri tke Kiitish off?, usi ? e haa
opened. Udore Ata-Ocas the ?'ni nan drive has
stopped; the fegbting m? longer is in tin- open,
and Hind? uhur? has lost entirely ti;, impetus oi
his gn.it initial MH-crsa. 1!? ion l..i Basscc and
*i pr? s the -. , on.l chapter is itasi st..:'ii-,i_. The
?M-aaatsg ?>i tins ?traleg- is clear. Hindenburg'
lailed to rapture the ronmfrtmg link bctw-ren the
French ar.?l ? r 111 -11 ..rums brtwcea St. Quentin
'ani La Fere. Thcr iorr In is attempting a raptare
on a -till _r, ,.t, scale; h> ?triUtag the British
a migliti blow now, he hopes to win a -
;' '?'? H '?:..]?:, ! in, ?., ?,,,?,. ???. |*r, ?,.,, ]_,,,.,
?'? "'' ?? ?'"!: !i i:r: ?' lo |hro? ?. ? or! . ? ?I
.mI t? it, .,';-.. As ,. ?iis;..icl> io llu New Vori
'?? i?'?. s 1 . .- it:
"-*** '' "i?'? ni?. ?, :,.?, ,,',., ihe I',-, nil...i oh
jecthc! become cl.. ?.?. .?. ftom hi enemy tiem
amimi ,|u- ?,0:,t de?ir,;Ol ? possible development
*ooM be a -venare :?? Calais that wottld absorb
British allttHi?-i -?.,i;!':? .n.cni.lv with ;, drive to
''? ''' }'?'''?' ''<>? ? notM ?milarl] alarvi lh? French
ami ?inni ikrvn item their common object-. The
- ?'!;?>;' ' ? ? ??? rd anch ends nre both
powerml an.I suo::,. So poi. m were ? be? thai
only alier ih, retrcal ?? the British Fifth \rn_
was it posMbl, to bring the Trench ..nd British
togeth? r miilrr a sitali 1? ..de;-hip ""
''"?''?'I'- >" ??? ft tttr, i\ t _loi:. ?1u.Ii now at
tend- Cm. Carey's improvised ant??/, which saved
the day after the , ?llnps.? ot the Filth Arniv. will
he divided bv the h.roii <h i.-nihrs", Gkrnrhy, h>
the brave I'ortneu?. te m th. hi art o, ih,? British
line in the mi,.r north ,,i \rr-_??. If Give? hj
had not lu 1,1, th, ,,,;i-e positfem .?, th, heights
of \imy and of Not;, li.,?? ,|, *.?., ,? lu:_j,,
have been leopardi/, d. lor ten dny, ?n,| Illori.
the Germans have km pounding ..?,,. _| \rr.?
and its corniate?! positions, but the line ha. b, , ?
adamant. Had Hiti.lrnbiir,? been ahi? io push this
section of the British ,lont \tM.u M .,,. fas ?arthr,
to the soutli-and ,-s be now i. ,1 .,?:?;, f\ M.
tempting to do in Flanders -thtie is no telling
what disaster *-_i_*1 ,U)t ?ow be a stem realily
facing the W estent nations.
But grave and fnuah as is il,,? warning ot FieM
Marshal Haig. we do not read any premonition
of reverses into it. Rather is it , cai upon
his armies to rem, ??,_?? r that ibe neccasitji is at
hand for a supreme display ot th, British ti-htin
spirit, which has never faded yet in history, and
is not going to fail now.
The Teuton Madness.
Some weeks ago. there came a cable ?tore to
the effect that the Germans had captured several
Americans and left their mutilated bodies ia front
ot Ihe trenches held by oi:r bovs.
Now comes a story told in a 'letter bv \d,.,tant
R. C. Starbard. of the Salvation Arim. who says
that a wounded sergeant, in a hospital told him that
he saw the Germans capture three American sol
ders and cut their throats. Such atrocities, adds
Mr. Starbard. are perpetrated by brutes especially
selected to intimidate by frighiiulness.
It is of high importance that the truth or falatty
of such reports be established bevond doubt It i's
even worth while that the authorities at Washing
ton take particular pains lo determine their truth
or talsity. Thr continuance of such stories is load
ed with horrible possibilities, there arc so mart ?
exposed German throats in this countrv.
Moreover, if cutting the throats of American
prisoners is. in.lecd. pn-t of thc German war policv
tor innmidatin. ptarptM?. or. anv other the fait
will and n?sl? ,? -trorvly aHecl America's attitude
toward Germany at the pece table.
We have amongst us Americans who strug
gle to preserve sympathy for the Orman people
as d.st.ngmshed from their government. Ameri
cans who believe that the people of Gcrma.iv are
merely misguided by education and misled bv their
war lords. Americans who bar. a sort of hazv
idea that rnit.li- is sacrificing, bleeding and
dy.ns ,n ,h,s ?ar par.lv uilh ?,c .?,? of ?,.^
beneht to the people oi Germanv themselves
But a people who. through ignorance, brutish
ness, or subservience as a follower of autocracy, or
iron, any other cause, stands for a government that
butchers helpless eaplives as hogs are slaughtered
is without the pale of human sympathy.
Such a people is maniacal, and is to be treated
a, such by evety nation that sits at the peace table
to establish order and iustice throughout the world
A people that believes in and supports deliberate
Zmelmn-tV \ *"'.??1?'3G mUSt ** P? be>0?d the
possibihty of making war. Moreover, being mad.
U should be UoUted. confined, ?nd controlled as
are individual maniacs, for the common good of
all other peoples.
We mean just exactly that, as a nation par
ticipating on an equality with other nations in the
world's affairs, the nation of thVoat-cutters should
be barred, until completely cured of it* barbarism
Germany should be interned in Germany.
Tke President's War Cry.
"Force," says the President, "force to the ut
most; force without stint or limit; the righteous
and triumphant force which shall make right the
law of the world and cast every selfish dominion
down in the dust."
These words set forth the realization that we're
in the war for all we've got, with all we've got.
To be sure, the President stated that he is ready
to discuss a just and honest peace, bat none of the
other fighting nations is and, beside; the President
is evidently convinced that the samples of peace
given by Germany to Russia, Rumania and Vkrainia
prove that the German government is incapable o?
fair and honest peace.
The President has in reality delivered a war
cry for his country. The American people must
get out of their system any particle of expectation
or desire oi peace, save the peace that is to be
got by. lighting for it. To develop and apply our
utmost war force, without stint "or limit, is our
exclusive duty and business.
Every business concern lias got to adjust ilseli
to the demands of war business. Every individual,
every household lias got lo make contribution to
the national war force its immediate and chief
The sooner these tilings arc done the sooner
?ill the nations lie able to pomii! Germany into
peace, and that's tlie labor that has got to be per
formed. There is no other way out oi it, and our
European allie?', as will as our own people, are
indebted lo President Wilson for a war speech lhal
drives all peace hypocrites into their holes, lo slay
there until the finish, while true patriots sarriiice
and fight ior ireedom's sake.
The Home.
What i? your idea oi the Weal home''
Is il a mansion ot lit:?*!, ami ?lone '
? great house tilled vv lilt servan:?. Oriental
? rugs ami Mase gucMs?
I? il an apartment v.lure the janitor nigiis ami
: li,? rlrvator someti?les runs?
Ma* be if? a '?lace like lilis:
"A cottage ?villi a iront porch ami a perainbii
; later on th?? porch; a parlor with .. phonograph in
! ihe parlor; pantry -shelves with preserve? on the
? pantry ?helves, and a potato patch in llie back
, That's the sort ot" homes a \isilor ai l)car
born, Mill?., iouml, homes scattered around the
l*oim oi Henry lord.
Somehow or other ?re just thought that Hi my
! would want t?i live among people who had front
; porches with pi rain'mialors, parlors, phonographs,
pantry shelves loaded and potato patelles growing.
Bat Dearborn need not get chesty about its
collection of ideal home*. There are many right
here m W? hington, and there are babies ior the
? pi ? ambulator? loo.
Tonnage, What It Is.
\ trial deal ?? being sai:! ..ml writlen aboul
and comparatively few understand what
'.in;, ji' in.aii~. Hen i? "?. very lucid explana-,
nui the Philadelphia Public Ledger:
? '.i"o?s tonnage is based on the cubic coli
li nt? oi the hull, with certain arbitrar*? spaces
deducted and has lillle hearing on the cargo
. rrying i.tpacil) of the \e?sel.
Net registered tonnage is gro?? tonnage.
,. ith certain allowances tor crew space and
machinery space deducted, and ha? little hear
ing on tin deadweight carrying rapacity of
the vcmcI.
Deadweight tonnage i? '?hai the vessel
luaHy can carry ia tons ol heavy cargo.
idus stores and benkrr co.,!.
1 >i .?iiaei meut i? liic lolal weight of the
Vessel when full oi cargo?that is, the weight
oi lu r hull plu? l".r deadweight tonnage.
In round numbers, a ship ?: ??,??? tons
deadweight would stand about as loilows:
Deadweight carrying cap: city, ??.???: gros
tonnage, .".???. ?.?! registered, .3.000; d?plarc
UH ut, ?,???.
Just America's Way.
The English and French newspapers seem 10 be
r.'Kr over-doing their glorification over llie de
cision to put American units in brigades with Rrit
??*h and Ireneli balayions ior immediate lighting.
Possibly there isn't full appreciation by Europe of
i American's spirit in llii? war.
Amene.. is not 111 this war ior glory or profit**
j s?K(?. Nmrriia's spirit was demonstrated, clcarely
! and pointcdlv. by "Black lack" Pershing, when he
did the biggest thing ,n all his career in offering
, himself and his men for any purpose, anywhere,
whenever needed. America is not in it ior Ameri
ca's success but ior civilization's triumph and pres
ervation. Along h< r entire iront liiere is no point
at which Germany can hope that jealousy and
lalse pride creale a weakness.
If conceited German autocracy never appreciat
ed our seriousness, it ought to now. What we've
offered may he only a drop in the bucket, but it's
there and it was all that was available. And we're
going to fill the bucket!
A Careless DoU.
The conversation in the lobby of a Washington
hotel turned to the subject of dodging responsi
bility, when this anecdote was fittingly related by
Representative l-'rank D. Scott, of Michigan:
Sonic time since a fond mother returned from
an afternoon call and found her 5-year-old daugh
ter^ huddled up in a big armchair, crying bitterly.
"V\ by, Bessie," exclaimed the mother, taking
tlie lit tit one in her arms, "what in the world is
the mailer-''
"Somet?a dwedfa] has happened," sobbed the
youngster, nestling closer to her mother.
"That's all right, darling," coaxingly responded
the mother. "Tell me all about it."
"It was my dolly," was the tearful explanation
of Bessie. "She dot away from ine and breaked
I a ili?h in the pantry."?Philadelphia Evening Tcle
i graph.
Digging In.
The British stop the German smash!
And Haig has halted "Hin."
Along the wires there comes the flash;
"The foe is digging in!"
The French bite at the German flank;
The German line grows thin; .
Divisions shrivel, rank by rank;
The thrust is digging in.
The Yankees leap to meet their chance.
How shall we help them win?
How back our own in their advance?
How but by djgging in?
?toc? tli*1 fi tniT/.at ion of the
ronntry? if one mav tnll it thai?
l li?? r*? ha.?? ber ? disc p-Sion imoii;
tho.-e who make its laws, as te Sun
da ? observan.- ???.
Bach session o?" foi|f?M has seen
some tomi of Bws-iay observance
proposed--and the p. ?sent session
is no ex-opilon. ?- ?fit i.?- not enough
lo teach u lili!?? t'Iu i-tianity to the
Huns neretta t he water, ? ci? tor
?Ionen of \\'a.-hir.Kton ,-ui?utsts that
il would b?* w ise to rom pel people
to obrerve th?- Sabbath in the Dis
trict. The aim of hi*?? proposal is
to prevent th?? t ran.1 .?? ion of all
BBttttc-eeetry "worldly business" on
thai ?lay.
The if ?lire "le- not set out to I
degne "v.omIH.' This ,- teff to th??
court with thr aid. pethups. Of the?
? ? > r ready Noah. The plain intent.!
however, is to Make folk.? tnke {
ror.niiaurr of th?- Brut day of tfcej
Work, and to instill in them bv law
what it may not lu* s? *asy to im
press upon then through 'voluntary
contribution. '
Nearly ninety years a^o the ?hip.*
tion came up in nnicli the same way
in the Senat?* of the nation. Th*?,
? '? s tion ai stai?;?? wa? t he distri-j
botioii of SuR?ay mail. In the course ?
..f its repoi t advocating thr ron-1
i.riuanee nf the Sundav distribution!
the committee look occa-ion to lay ?
down this more oi lets fundemental
statement <a hich w ill be read into
the record if the Jone?? bill .seri
ously en Eases t he member? of
the IMS session. This reads as fol
"It la not the legit mate pro\ ine??
of t lie 1? siglature to determine what!
rellgi-M is true, or wc.it false. Our]
government is a * i\ il and not a
rol i pious institut ion Our con.-ti
t ut ion recognizes in every person |
Ihe light to choce his own religion. I
and to enjoy it freely, without |
molestation. Whatever may be the
irligious sentiments of citizens, and
however variant, they are alike en
titled to protretion from the uov- ?
eminent, so long as they do not
invade the rights of others."
For a man who has been con
stantly dipping at those seeking to
instill ettU iency into our war activ
ities, Dave Lawrence turns a sud
den corner when he admits that the
airplane program waa conceived
more In the future tense than dem
onstrated in the past tenie, lu the
same article, to make his stand the
more surprising, the wily Dave alao
admits there was a vast amount of
theorizing'* with respect to the
shipping program, and that certain
other phases of our war activities
were painted far too gaudily before
the gaze of our alert countrymen.
We felt all along Dave would see
the error of his ways. We are glad
he has fulfilled the prediction we
made to our fellow workmen.
Senator? McKellar, T-letoher and
Beckham, who refused to sign either
a i rplane report made by the Sen -
ate Committee, occupy neutral
ground. They agre in the main with
the majority of the committee, but
hesitate to bring down upon the
heads of the administration the cen
sure which that report administers.
They refused to sign the exculpa
tion document because they do not
believe tt Is right to make condi
tions too glowing for the nation to
peruse. Their action is more po
litical than anything e'se. They hate
to condemn a Democratic adminis
tration because tbey fear it win
bring odium upon their party??but
they will not ?defend the administra
tion when to do so would only ahow
the absurdity of their defense. They
are loyal to the party, but not loyal
enough to defend it in such a grava
It Is said that Senator-elect T^en
loot. of Wisconsin, will not rush
to the Senate end of Congress, where
a seat is awaiting him. until the
leasing bill Is passed through the
lower body. The Public tends Com
mittee of tha House la meeting In
axftcuUva ?uuiou u juuU&U Un ?
urf. and ? '?p ? ? *?? ma ? ?_enroot i?
taking some interest in the proceed
ing. Th* action was delayed dur
itiK Ii*s campaign in Wisconsin, but
the committee hopes now to catch
up with itself and make some hatte
with this important legislation.
Democrats who flocked so generally
to the sut;! oM of thr M< ?,? more les
oli* tion ate wondering if the admin
istration will persist in applying to
all States the same loyalty tente he
applied m the Wisconsin campaign.
If h?? does it will bar some of the
very influential member of Congres?
from consideration at th? President*?
h-in-Js. It will make the way hard
in some districts where thee? Demo
crat? and no others <*an be elected
?when? if these Democrat? are re
ib ?-d through the wave of the White
Houre wand. Republicans will h*\
found to step into their shoe?. ?t
ia a matter? of more than gra\e con
cern to the party?and to the mem
bers, particularly, who are facing
again the duty of making another
race in their districts. It is aaid
that on*? of these days an edict or
ukase or ultimatum of some kind
will proceed from the White House,
and that this will lay down a defi
nite policy with regard to future ?
ran s. The Democratic members
bate to think it will be th?-? same
kin?l of a ukase that went forth in
th?? Wisconsin affair.
Di,o? ? "-lection of I'nited States
Sin.ttois. for which some of the mor?1
radual politicians wrie condemned
\ en rs a ??. h ppears to ha ve worked
satisfactorily. Here and there op
position is heard to the scheme, but
tho ci y is a faint-hearted one and
general r-rceptance is now found for
a doctrine which once appeared too
trutte for the Senate itself to ac
cept. The fact that six-year terms
are gi\en to the member? of the
I "ppcr House leares them with a
chance to act independently and wise
ly and without fear of the mob man
ifestations which sometimes influ
ence < onirressmen to do things their
judgment dictates to them not to do.
The primary system of selecting
Candida tes, a principle which waa
h.tlf-brothered with the Senatorial
election plan ^n many States, how
ever, seems to have fallen into dis
repute in some quarters. With the
people it remains quite firm,
spile of the opposition to the plan
among politician? there has been no
worth-while move made to repeal the
low in any Slate where it has been
ndop'cd. The primary plan of nom
ination gives Ihe people a chance
to name their own candidates. It
is a task they find not too burden
some to enjoy, and not too heavy
for them to assimilate readily along
with their other political duties. The
primary has come to at*y, we would
say from our experience with ft, and
from our more or lese intimate
knowledge of the people who use It
Old-Time Newspaper Man Diel.
HufTalo, N. Y., April 1::.? George W.
Kerris, an editorial writer on the Buf
filo Courier, died at his home here.
Mr. Ferri? waa 72 years old. He wae
reporter and editor on the Courier for
fift\-two years.
?y iMPt?*
?* __??
Special fl_?mmatat et Tbe *A'Mfc?Bf?on Hsrst?.
New Tor*. ApHl li?Fred C. KeUy.
the magazine writer, has always con
tended that many of the decorative
magasin? poems are a mere spasm ot
words and menu nothing. ?Serious I
thinkers read them, become dased and
proclaim them as poetic treasures
when the faet Is that they do not
know what they mean at all. For they
ar- meaningless at least to most ""oik.
Kelly ia a practical Joker, an incor
rigible literary clown at tiroes. Not
long ago he cacoe up from his country
home In Chevy Chase, Maryland, to
New Tork to call on magazine editors.
He was dining with a group of them
when the subject of senaelesa poems
came up. He made a wager that he
could write a poem without rhyme or
reason that would create a flutter
among the high brows. One editor
agreed to print the poem. He did.
The poem is still being discussed
as one of the greatest poetic contribu
tions since the effusions of Rabin
dranath Tagore. the lavender pajaroa
poet. Tetters ??me to the ??ditor from
all over the country demanding more
of the work of Tilek Derf?which Is
Fred Kelly spelled backward. It *as
read at literary societies and one
critic In Maine declared that it had
more sou; and more of the tn.-piri.ion
al than anything thnt ha? ever been
Kelly won his wager. Here Is
the poem:
Who knows the lilt of dark. In
sensate things
That shimmer through the sunken
sea of strife**
When comes the ehsfered call of
fantors in
The hearkened pulse of crass, in
quinate lull
Of those that were and are and yet
are not?
And where yawns the grave pro
tuberant athwart
The gay abyss where vim the epic
aearchers stifle?
Comes then the reeking croon of
On tiers, and threshing yelps of
woe that laughs
But knows no more? What then
if sounds
The rift unto the asure slope and
lowly trend of
Bright dlscaleeated tawn? Sifts the
shrill and
Soundless beams unto to the reek
ing: smiles agone?
Who knows? Ah. who knows?
The Metropolitan's new sensa
tional opera pantomime "I^e Coq
d* Or" has proved a fairyland of
art and music. Unless one has seen
"Le Coq . " Or"- well one simply
can not help being snubbed at aft
ternoon teas and other oolong
orgies of Manhattan.
Pouahkin, the famous Byronic poet
of Russia, wrote a tragi.-comic mor
ality play In the form of an 4)riental
fairy tale, entitled "The Oolden Cock"
?in the current French version "Lie
Coq d' Or." Set to the lilting divert
ing music of Rlmsky-Korsakoff, this
story in the guise of a glorified pan
tomime ia the spectacular novelty of
New Tork's grand opera season.
Like adi good fairy tales it Is adapt
able to any place or period?so the
lively fancy of Willy Pogany, New
York's modern poster Impressionist
who designed the stsge setting and
costumes, made it old Ruasian. He
wanted liberty and license?the kind
they talk about in Washington
square as the "crude, strong, half
barbarlo splendor of color and form."
The sleekly pomaded clerk who
greets you tn New Tork may be
working for Uncle 8am or so may the
hotel porter or bell boy or taxi driver.
Spies flock to hotels so it Is here
that the shrewd United States Secret
Service operatives gather much valu
able material. The waiter who wait?
on one at the Ritz may be a ?py hun
ter or the bus boy at Sherry's m?J
also be a sleuth. At the Plaza and
Waldorf trained operatives are con?
?stantly about the lobbies looking foi
!___ ?i___,_t*. flash et Prusijfniam. .
ce Column in
An I r. ter*, ti ?? decision rei at It? to
?on?? of the disputed phases ot tb?
nations! defense act tau been recently
rendered by Um Judit? advocate gen
eral of th? army, a? follow?:
Section? forty-three and fifty of the
national defenae act contemplated
coursa? of theoretical and practical
military trainine for unita of the Re
terr. Officers' Trainine Corps at ed
ucational Institutions of at leaat three
hours pan- ??elc per academi, year,
section, fifty fixing the completion of
two years' academic senrlce by a
members of the senior division of tbe
Reserve Officers' Trainine Corps as a
condition precedent to the right to be
furnished commutation of subsistence
durine further instruction. Senate;
Joint resolution 19, public thirty-five,
Sixty-fourth 0*?ng*ress. first ?cesi?n.,
required that In the Interpretation of ?
aald section fifty, men who had re
ceived a course of military trainine
substantially equivalent to that pre
scribed by the reculations be liven
credit therefor.
The proper Interpretation of said
section f if t y as af MM by sud
public thirty-five Is that the require
ment of two years' scademlc service
can not be satisfied by double work
for one academic year. rOps. J. ?. O.
360.?. Nov. 13. 1*17 ) But ll Is not re
quired that the military trainine
should all be acquired at the same In
siituiioii. Consequently, a student
may t?e entitled to advanced stendine
In military science where he has ie
cetved military Instruction substan
tially ea#uivatent to that prescribed by
the above-mentioned sections "of the
national defense act. (Ops. J. A. Q.
S54.K. Nov. 54, ML)
In commenting on the Naval Medi
cal Corpa, the Army and Navy Reg
ister has the following to ?ay:
H Is contemplated by the surgeon
general of the navy to appoint about
l.ono medical reserve officer? during
the next twelve months. ?And the i?m
munication of this opportuni!? of be
ing commissioned In the service has
ba?en inriuguratt-d by the buresu of
medicine and surgery. The officer?
enter the service as assistant surgen
with the rank of lieutenant of the
junior grade, and promotion will be
in ???cordane*? with the system of ad
vancement with running mates a?
In the case of officti? of the regular
medical corp?.
Tbe expansion of the navy and the
increasing personnel make it n'jccs
?ary to provide for these additional
medical officers. No new legislation
Elaborate Program Antanged by
Playground Superintendent.
Hundreds of playground frequenters
or Washington will participate in a
Liberty May Day pageant, if plans
worked out by the Municipal Play
ground Supervisor's office materialise.
| Mrs. Susie Root RboHes. chief of
? the District's playground department,
has arranged an elaborate program
j embracing participation by all pupils
?of local schools and Sunday Schools
I Detail* of the program will be made
[ put?! I o st a later date.
Mrs. Rhode? at present Is tn Phila
delphia attending the National Play
ground conference, but Info-ma tion
regarding the pageant may be aa
cured from the director ot tne Liber
ty May Day Pageant ia Room ; of the
District Building.
Skf .Shots at the Solon*.
Prince Charles needs J. Ham L*ewis
"over there" to get him out of what
may prove*to be a deep difficulty.
p.!>or Charlen?but he s rtght at that,
without question.
George Creel is now fretting ?hat
he has longed fop?? eui**erabundan..v
of publicity. Even the German news
papers ?are mentioning him.
Senator Lodge Inaugurates th0
I thought that "fatuous optimism' Is
more dangerous than any brand ot
? '---imiFtn almost. There is somelh-.ti*:
Ui his statement.
Sfnator Ashurst stirred John
Sharp Williams to speak acain?s??
now It can be said the Misaissippian
can be moved to utterance by chant*
of the friend as well as growls cf
the enemy.
Hoke Smith gave approval to what
many legislative observers agree to.
vis: Red tape is not in Mr ??tntuier*.
but in the forms of administration
imposed under our statutes.
William R. King, chief counsel of
the Reclamation Service, is to make
the Senatorial raoe in Oregon. *o they
say here. He will oppo?r Mr. McNary,
who fills the Unt- vacancy.
Oscar T'ndevwood has been heard
from again. Ker a man whom the
people like to hrar from. Oscar talks
? mighty little, we would aay.
j Mr. Overman is demonstrating to
i the While Hoiis*? some of the useful
ness his friends spoke about some
time ago.
r**emo?. rats who supported the Mc
Umorc resolution, and then recently
saw the President make it one of
the tests of Americanism, say they
hope the tes* will no longer t?e ron
tinued. Thev MM quite a? prvrin.l?
now ?* if they had opposed that
Incidentally, we have not heard Mr
Bryan say anything siine he ha.? been
paired from consideration on two ol
the three testa applied by the White
House. They say here, however. Mr.
Biyan isn't s candidate, anyway, sc
he* wouldn't be expected to reply.
Medili Mc<"*ormick Is applying som?'
of the political sfnse in his llinoi?
race that his father-in-law. the *aie
Mark Hanna. was credited with whil<
he waa active. Watch Medili.
Good morning?have you bought s
bond? Remember the bonds of democ
racy must not be broken?If they art
w? wlU all "to broke."
B.? Jokn Keaartrlck Basse.
There Is a wealth no Creditor ma;
No robber grip within hie villa*
Beyond the reach of avid enemies.
Which e'en the Tax-Assessor im:
not touch.
?Ti? wealth of soul. The riches of th
Our heritage from ?age? gone b<
And he who seeks it cannot fail t
And hy its use Incieaeeth much h
(Cowr.il*?, UU.1
Is necessary under existing statute;
which are sufficient to meet ?hu
necessity. There will be an exam
Inatlon of candidates for the regula
dental corps of the navy beginn'??
on May ?. There arc fourteen va
candes to be filleul. A echo... com
poeed of thirty officers of the nava
medical reserve corps was opene?
Wednesday of this week at th?? Nary
Medical School. Washington Thr
opening address waa made mt Sur
geon ?Jeneral Braisted.
The class will have the beneiit ?v
lectures by instructors who sie well
posted In the recent advancer. In mo.
leal and surgical work of ih. .???.?
and mllltsry services aa dcvclotied h.
the war. The school Is fortunate in
lisvi.g a? a lecturer in war *'i??.-et
Medical Inspector Howsrd P. ft ri?,.
1*. S. navy, who is not only a snr_eoe
of unusual experience and splendid
ability, but alao is particular).? -f.i,
Qualified to teach the cta*a in ihe d
velopment of war surgery and i>. im
part to the newcomers the valuaH?
information which has been reeriven
of the latest advances in th. Ir ,.?->
The course will specialize in lahora
tory work, sanitation, the uae of
chemicals, and war **.rg?-ry. Thia ?.%
the first class which has sssl as
sembled the students of whom were
?composed exclusively of medicai ??.
serve officers. Medicai Director G T*_
etltt is in charge of the ach"??'
Honorsble discharge due t.. phys
ical disabilities have been given t
i Brig. <??n. James W. Idealer ari
Brig. G?-n Roarer I> Willisn.?. Na
tional Guard officers <;en v.
Hams ha? been assigned to d'i?> at
Camp Shelby. Hatleshurg. Mi?- .
with tbe Kentucky soldier? <t.r
Lester has been Connected with ,
group of New Tork troops, com
prising the Twenty-s?v?nth DM?.
For "fsilure to maintain Us ????
mand on an efficient footing.'' ?;<>
Frederick K. Uesche, or mmameamto.
who was born in ?"'ermsny. ?>? ? ah>,
wss until recently in command ? '
a brigade of the Thirty.fourth Ra
tlonal Guard division a? ?
Cody, N. Mex.. hss been dl?'t>a-_M
from the militsry servie. . ' th*
United States.
Statements which Gen -Ma?**? ?
alleged to have mad?? conti.
sentiments incompatible ? ?"
position of an Ameri.an eft ?
seemingly tinged with Ortran ???-?.
pathies, are now being looked aat?*
by army aothorltlea
Opt de Yhirbide. of 1901 Cla?.?.
Stnt4Kimbs at Camp Lew -
Georgetown University officiale kam
received notificati??? of th. d.-a'h a?
. ?'amp Lewis, ' at American I-ai.?.
I Washington, of Capt Augustine ??
Tturbide Green, of the Army M.-di.al
' Reserve Corps Capt. Gr?-en was a
? graduate of tbe university, of The
' clase Of 1??.
He was 111 for only s short tuna wi-r
I Clem Lsuagly came back from a trip
I to Miller's Falls yesterday afiernor
i Social ?activities are alow there, h?
claims. "We've heat them to the
? tango dan?-* by a clear two month*."
I says Clem.
Tmir.it *****
Mat. Te?say.-???
PafK? Helasen sort ?Charta? F->trm?i
??t? Urban, a
Ht Lagtrter tf Feels
"Murtlas Teaaatrrew Mit???rat?
IIKNKV ?III.I > Il I'r.w...
With Bruce MrRa?* snfi thr 0-ic;nj I
_Ry A. K, THllM ??._
i"MT E*4 t-PF, I lliiM 4 ?lll?4 4\
I'KI?I\ ? ?MP**
. and U'niKleTful New l-V-n??? Hi? I
?NT ???????, Mump,
Thursdsy. April IS. at ?:!.". ?*. M
?cats ?>n sal*? at G??? Office. .Oc to ?*
Ral9a4>n.T','l<h " ' * <*-"**-*
oeiasco-y. t,?_? :_?. -, ?- * ?
I.1VT I I Ml ???14? MI.IIT
M..a. tv Jerome Kern. Bo.* M Ham B. ?-rr -h
A musical t-*onv?t_j of tb* frrt mar*? '
With <.* Kiti?l cui. ACADAC lli-tcri I
?iiin?y ani chtminf -KVIQC nHMClL
W.th a ?starK-aia ??ari-n r' ?.. *
OHTt*r Mtrn mmfmi
>f?rr-?i7im. Dramatic Triumph
Better Than Raer??Ixt? Ttaae Here
?. F. KEITH'S ??S,
Perderle J. Ha.kl?., the ?prakrr
fer tke Third Liberty l-ea?.
Clay*-- Edeson
. MosixibI Bern. * Oa. ia
:",? Dani- teem. "Trarli"'
Reine ..avies,Etc.
& Jack Wilson A Co.
Tneigtat. t-lS.
Of tke G??? ?I ? ?lea I Playera.
|*ir?** ? nu? a* pr*rw'?ar rnon
?g STRAND ,?7^.
? <??<???LAST TIME
"Tke Whuptrinf Cbnnu
Titr Stfsuvwi m s naautnuat --?? -?-?a? Witfc
?_f?????> WHliaaas and AU Star *+M.
Hlu.Ilrd . lineal Pls.eiHjaa
Mearse ?sllskary aad Ratk
? IIIf?r?l la Tke Red. Red H?nas1
?eat Week?HF?T ?HOW ? TOW
Continuous. V.W k. M. to 11 P. st
ile?? , Att.. Kk- . Ik-. Siihta. Ute. Uc ?a.
i. "Hk Ibit-Hy, B-ktr

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