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Financial Hews and Stock Market Quotations
nd Says New York Re
ception Was Tribute to
His Great Ability.
The Secretary of the Nary, Joee
<4 phua Daniels, did not attempt to
{3 conceal the pleasure he derived from
| the cordial and enthusiastic manner
l. Jn which he was received when upon
f a recent visit to New York.
It may be that there occurred to
r. him earlier experiences when his re
f latlon to the Navy Department and
F to the administration was not spoken
of with unbdunded enthusiasm. To
fc day Secretary Daniels. It can be
r aftfely reported. 1s regarded not only
? with high respect, but with admira
I tion. and many hve been the com
F roents of New York business men
f and of those who have to do with
f finance, based upon the belief that
^ Mr. Daniels possesses inherent qual
l> ities which enabled him, when the
i emergency came, to measure up td
t and adequately grasp the responsi
? Mlltles which were suddenly thrust
t upon his department on account of
? the European war.
j*; Moreover, he has shown himself
E to be one of the most democratic
K of men. sometimes spfken of when
he has been a conspicuous member
I of a group of able men as almost a
t boy in the sense that he takes pleas
i ure in everything that he sees.
He comments sometimes with the
I. wondering words of a child upon
* various things which are brought to
^ hia attention and he appears to be a
man who finds life well worth living.
Furthermore, it has been known to
a* some who have been brought into
I business association with him that
he frequently signs orders and drafts
or whatever the paper may be in
? volvlng the payment by the govern
i ment of millions, while he has In
his own pocket only a few cents.
The wealth of the nation is his in |
f the sense that he realizes what It
can do and what it means to every
American citizen, but not in the sense f
that it has any relation to his own J
, pockctbook. He is presumed to be
wlihout other property than that rep
, resented by his newspaper Interests
In Raleigh, N. C., and his chief in
come is now his salary as Secretary
of the Navy.
The government pays this man.
who is in % position to disburse hun- I
dreds of millions, and who is able to
enter upon contracts involving the
payment of millions, only fl2,00o a
Daniel* as n Cotton Man.
The latest occasion of Secretary
Daniels* visit to New York was due
to the meeting of about two thousand
*? cotton manufacturers, all of whom
operate mills in the southern States.
It was deemed especially apropriate
to invite Mr. Daniels to meet these
cotton manufacturers, since he has
kept well advised respecting the won
derful growth of the cotton manufac
turing industry in his own State and
I? 4 in other southern States.
He was keenly interested in the
great utilization of North Carolina's
water power which, by Its conversion
l into eleetric energy, made possible the '
establishment of a row pr string, so
to-speak, of cotton manufacturing !
plants across the middle of North ,
Carolina and into South Carolina.
Only a few years ago the cotton
manufa turers of New England spoke j
with some passing Interest, but no
great concern, about the development
of cotton manufacturing Industries of
the South.
The New England manufacturers
did not fear competition. Some of
them were of the opinion that al
though labor was abundant in the
South, yet it was not skilled labor nor
could it be continuously relied upon
by the manufacturers for steady
work at the spindles.
The utilization of the water pow
ers of the South and the construc
tive ability of inventors, whereby
electric energy is convcyed from
the water power plants many miles
with little loss of effectiveness,
to the cotton manufacturing plants,
combined with a certalntv that
with the opening of the Panama
Canal navigation there would be
opened up extensive markets for
the peculiar kind of cotton cloth
manufactured in the South and
economically manufactured because
t!i* power is cheap, the labor not
too high in cost and the cotton
fields are nearby, has changed the'
earlier view of northern cotton
goods makers.
Cotton In North Carolina.
Mr. Daniel's newspaper at Ra
leigh gave constant heed to the
? development of the cotton manu
facturing industry in North Car-1
olina ar.d in South Carolina. This
made it evident that Mr. Daniels
himself was interested, not merely I
as a news gatherer, but a* a citi
zen. eager to advance the material
prosperity of the South in the de
velopment of the cotton manufac
turing industry, which bids fair
to exceed the Industry of New Eng- j
land and upper New York State and 1
may ultimately surpass in the I
quantity of the product, although '
probably not in the quality of the
f goods, the cotton cloths which are |
manufactured in the English Lan
cashire district.
It was a splendid demonstration
of the fact that the war and all '?
the issues which It involves- have j
for the time overshadowed par
tisanship. which was made when
- Secretary Daniels paid a compli
ment to former President William
H. Taft.
The compliment was especially time- :
ly because on the day when Secre
tary Daniels uttered it announcement
? came from Washington that the ad
ministration and Congress will take
the view heretofore expressed by Mr.
?.Taft that the United States should
place an army of 5,000.000.000 men,
abundantly equipped and satisfactorily
furnished with supplies, in the field
against Germany.
Secretary Daniels' compliment was
Uttered with tact and with fine appre
^ elation of sentiment of the great body
of cotton manufacturers of the South
whom he was addressing. For when
the hand had finished playing ??Dixie."
the Secretary said that he had him
self heard a very distinguished Ameri
can who had proved himself a great
American In these days, former Pres
ident Wm. H. Taft. say that ?'Dixie"
is so fine a tune that it did not belong
to any section of the country, but
was a national air.
The cheers were overwhelming
when this compliment was spoken
?nd the Secretary stood there smil
ing. rejoiced that these 2.000 men as
a whole represented the industriftl
life of the South, received these tact
ful and gracefully spoken words with
unbounded enthusiasm.
In this place it may be worth while
to report that the two men in Presi
dent Wilson's administration who
now stand out conspicuously in New
York for competent service, for
measuring up to the great opportuni
ties and responsibilities in a manner
which has called forth the highest
?raise, are Secretary McAdoo. who aa
(Copyright. 191S. by The TVlieeler Syndicate. Inc.)
it happened was receiving tributes
irom the citizens of New York on the
i day when Secretary Daniels was here,
and Secretary Daniels himself.
Nptt York. M?t T.-TT?re wu a further im
provement in th? T?Jiime of business on the
oirh market tbday. Aetna Erplosire* was th?
featnrs of todax's dealings, and despite th?
psessnr? of profit taking sale? a fairly firm
Trie* ton? was maintained throughout. Subma
rine Boat aTso attracted interest. duo to its
further advance. Motor* wer? again weak.
r>^Tm!et declining about 3 points from the
high lereT of th<? dav.
Furnished by W. B. HiMw Sc Co.
Bid. Asked.
Aetna EvrVwiTes US 114
Air Reduction W 73
American Writintr Paper com 2 24
Atlantic Petroleum 24 * 3
Pamett Oil 9.18
Tig Ledge 4 4
P.ingham Mining 12 1*
Ponton k Montana W W
Boston and Wyoming 21 23
Bntterwnrth JtxT?on 35 50
Caledonia Mining 41 43
Cahnnet and Jerome 1 14
Canada Corp-r 1 13-16 2
rarhon Steel Ill 114
Tar Liiht and Power 24 24
Charcoal Iron Pi 84
Chevrolet 118 120
C5t?es Service 309 213
Cities Service pfd 75 77
Consolidated Arizona 14 3
Consolidated Copper 54 54
Cosden Co 64 7
Cosden pfd 34 34
1 C-amrs 75 SO
Crcsaon Gold 44 44
j CTv?tal Coprer 4 4
!' curtlss Aero 35 36
T>aTi.vI>a!y 5 ft
TVnbeigh Silver 2 24
Elk Basin ft 64
I Emerson Phone 24 3
j Emma Copper 4 4
Federal Oil 2^ 24
1 First National Copper 14 24
, C.len Rock 3* 34
I Ooldfleld Consolidated 3-16 5- 1ft
Grass Creek GO TO
I Green Monster 4 ll-??
1 Guantanamo Sugar M 62
Holly Sugar 32 40
Holly Sugar pfd 92 96
Houston Oil 42 M
How? Soimd 34 44
Hull Copper 35 42
Independence Lead T 12
International Pctrolrun 1.1 134
Jerome Verde 4 il l?
Jim Butier 60 72
l Jumbo Extension 9 15
T.ake Torpedo 3 34
I Magma Copper 34 36
Marlin 73 M
Mason Valley 4% 5
I Maxim Munitions 7-16 *16
I Merritt Oil 184 19
I Metropolitan Petroleum % 11-16
j Midweat Oil com KB 105
I Midwest Oil pfd 14 1 3 16
I Midweat Refining 105 107
I Mitchell Motora 15 40
Motherlod? 51 32
j Nipiasing Minea Co 84 84
North American P. & P.. 34 34
Northwestern Oil 62 64
J Ohio Copper 15-16 1
1 Oklahoma Oil Co 3 4
i Oklahoma Prod, and Refg. Co.... 64 64
! Pacific Gaa 324 434
| I'eerlesa Motors 13 15
! Herrnles 44
Red Warrior 4 4
St. Joseph Lead 15 16
S. S. Kresge com 80 85
S. 8. Krejge pfd 98 104
Sapulpa com 84 84
Sequoyah Oil 13-16 15-16
Sinclair Gnlf 15 17
standard Motors 11 12
Submarine Corporation 164 17
Success Mining T 9
Tonopah Extension 24 34
Triangle Film % %
Tri Bullion 4 %
U. S. Light and Heat com. 24 24
U. 8. Light and Heat pfd 34 34
United Motors 234 314
United Profit Sharing 4 %
U. 8. Steamahip 64 64
United Verde 3* 40
United Western Oil (new) 1 14
Cnited Zinc 14 1*
Utah Petroleum 5 15
Victoria Oil 4 414
Way land Oil 4 34
Wright Martin Aero. 94 10
rYicago, Mij T.? Bath caah cora and rata
were alow and tower la price today, the former
ahowing ? decline ot W rant* eerty in the
Mealon. bat ? cente of thie waa regained before
the close of the day. Choice gradaa were better
ausUined than the low*r atm. The May future
waa 14 cent higher, .bile the men deferred
com futuree were l%al* cent lower. There
were no tales of ronnd lota V com.
?*a futnr* were % cent lowee and the
"port intereat* refnaed to tain hold at current
pricea. Caah aalee wen bade here of MM
boabeb to go to More at Twt% PreT
hum for oata wn lHal eeate oeer the May
future fee No. 3 white and l%a9li ?over
the May atandard* Local mh. were (MOD
T"* "" ???* fee Mag hi ho, wedurt.
Wide were UM ceota lew*, rb, ? - ?
m grain more than overbalanced th? rimp
adrane. ta hoc. at th* yards. Shlnaenta were
?nailer, tm- of lard they were larger than a
ago- Ifca Mock of manufactured products
held la the w?fera marMa are quite liberal,
and this is the case especially with th? nrt
?m cotg of mat*
Movement Produced by Government
Charge Held Yesterday.
New York, May 7.?Continuing the
movement begun yesterday when the
United states government took charge
of the stock market, price* were
buoyant again today. U. S. Steel was
the leader with Tobacco again a close
second. Corn Products, Ice and a
few other specialties were active and
higher. Cotton was neglected. There
was no news to account iter the mar
ket activity. Condition* moved It
conditions galvanised from Washing
t0?he situation is such that it would
have been a wonder If the market 1
had not moved upward. Nearly
20,000.000 individuals subscribed to the
Third Liberty Loan, and perhaps sev
eral millions of them paid in cash for
the bonds they took. The others
must produce the money or the credit
scon. The result is that a vast
amount of money and credit that had
been lying dormant in anticipation of
the loan is now afloat passing from
bank to bank and readjusting itself
to the needs of the country. When
much money and credit is afloat Wall
Street always gets Its share.
Steel is leader of the market be
cause it is the one stock that every
body knows all about, and represents
the one industry dominant while the
war lasts and sure to be dominant in
With Steel as a rallying point for the
financial, the industrial, the political
and the labor world the stock market
Is assured of substantial support. Re
public Iron and Bethlehem acted
Well all day.
New York. May T-The ootton market sagged
in the final dealing* today after it had ecored
a good gain on oo Taring due to bullish advices
on the spot article from the South, with pre
dictions that the day'a sales of the actual
article would be the largeai in aome weeks.
Early in the ?ee?ion the tone was weaker, re
flecting ideal weather conditions and heavy
selling from Liverpool.
Competitive biddiug pot May up 14 points
on the call, but other months were 11 to 20
points net lower. Some spot houses sold mod
erately. After ahowing a net low of about
29 to 47 points the market steadied on covering
and there were rallies of a or 30 points, after
which trading became leas active with fluctua
tions irregular.
Reiterated reports of apot activity in Southern |
markets led to a sharp local covering movement j
in the lata afternoon, under which prices re
gained all of the early losses and sold up to
a net advance of 30s* points. The close was
barely ateady at a net gain of ? points to a
decline of 14 points, prices selling off rapidly
after the covering had run its oourse.
Receipts at the porta were 8.7? bales; no
Spot at New Orleans was steady and un
changed at 3850; tales. 8.906 bales. Spot here
was quiet at an advance of 5 points st 2T.S
ccnts; no aales.
rumished by N. h. Carpenter and Oompany.
Open. High. Low. Close.
New Orleans:
May 35* M 3*
July 34.35 31.75 34.W *75
October 23.W 3.39 3.82
December ??? 38 ? 3.13 3173
New York:
January 31? ? M 3410 34.53
May 386 *? 25.85
July M ** *-? **
October 31? 3 OB 34.34 31T5
December *35 34.18 34.11 34.54
Baltimore, Md.. Miy T.?Prices on the local
produce mariret today rinsed ss followe:
POTATOES?W. Md. >nd Penney] ranis. 100
lbs., 1.15*1.3; do. New Tort, per 100 lbs.. No.
1, 1.15*1.25; do. Eastern Shoo of Maryland
sad Virginia, per 100 lb*. 1.Wei. 10. Bed po
tatoes, per MS Itae.. Tfcl. New potatoes,
Florida, per bbi.. No. 1, l?aS.T?; do, pee kW.
No. J, 2.00B2JH Sweet potatoes, yellows, Vir
ginia. per bbi. ?.00aS.H; Eastern Stan of
Maryland and Delaware, per bbi. 156*4.DO; do,
in hamper*, per bos.. LOaM; fancy, kiln
dried, per bbi. .?.??.?: leed iweeta. per baa,
I da. Tama?Virginia and Maryland, per bbi..
EGOS-Weotern Maryland. Permeyhrania and
nearby, per doe., flreta. 3gc; Camera Shore
Maryland and ViriginlA, per dos., Ants, Se:
Wtstern (Ohio), per do*. Urate. 36c; West Vir
ginia. pet doa., flreta. So; Southern (North
Carolina), per doa., flreta. Me.
Appiee, Wcetera Maryland snd Pennaylranla.
packed, pet bM.. I.SSei.OO; New Tort State. No.
1. per bbL. UMM; do.. No. X lS0aA?; as
paragus, Maryland and Virginia. No. 1, per
doa, No. 1, 1MLTI; do. do. No.A UkUl;
beana. Florida, green, fancy, par boa, lMaZJI;
do. da. was. per boa. l.BelB; do do, pearl,
par bas, l.Dal.75; beets, new, per bnacfe, >"
cabbage, Florida, per hamper. l.AelJS; do,
per crate, IMolSH; do, Cksrlestoa, par crate.
raeT.78; cellar, Florida. P* crate. IMtZli-. do,
natire. per bunch. Bale; encumbers, Florida
per baa, 1M>; eggplente, Florid*, par
ahr IIMJi ?i?efndt. Florida,
ho*. i.(Pa3.T5; kale. natirw, per bua box. 30a 40e;
lettuce. North and South Carolina, per ba*..
1.50*2.00; do, Norfolk, per 4bbl. has., 1.25al50;
onion*. Western. jellow. per lOOlb. sack l.Ma
1.75; do. Texas. Bermuda, per crate. l.TSaSJO;
oranges, per bo* (as to siie), 4.00*7.00; pea*.
North Carolina, per baa.. 2.0Qa2J8.
Florida, per crate. 2 50a3.?0; radishes, Norfolk
buttons, rer bas., 1.0*1.25; do, lon?. red. J**
has.. l.COal.25; rhubarb, natire, per 100.
spinach, native, per bunch, 75a90c; strawberries.
Norfolk, open craW, per Qt.. 3Ba35c; do. North
Carolina, per qt.. 2Da38c; tomatoes. Florida.
fancy, per rrate, 3 00*2.50; do, Florida, fair to
good, per rrate, 2.00*3.00.
LIVE POULTRY?Chickens, young, large. 3
Iba. per lb.. 35a40c; do winter, under 2 lbs.,
45&50c; do, spring, per lb., 50a55c; do, spring,
whita Leghorns, per IK, B0a56c; old roofers,
per lb., 18a2Dc; do. old hens, per lb., ?aJ4c;
ducks. MuscoTy and mongrel, per lb.. 2?a28c;
do whita Pekins, per lb., 29c: do. puddle. 34
lbs. and over, per lb, 27a2Bc; do. analler, poor.
25a26c: pigeons, per pair, old. 40c; young, 40c.
BUTTER?Creamery, Western separator, ex
tras per lb., 43a44c; do. firsts. Ca43c; Western
prints, in 4-R> and l-lb rkgs. per TK. ?atraa.
43a46c: do, firsts, 43a44c: nearbv creamer). ?*er
lb., extras,40a41c: do. tints. 3fci0c; dairy prints.
Maryland. Pennsylrania and Virginia, per lb.. ]
extras, 31aMc; do. firsts, X*31c; store-packed,
per lb., firsts. 30c; rolls. Maryland and Penn
sylrania, per lb. extraa. 3la32c; do. West Vir
ginia, extras, 30a31c; do. Ohio, extra*. 30a31c.
Washington Stock Exchange.
Washington Railway and Electric is, $4,000 at
Potomac Cons. 5s. |1.000 at 98H. SI,008 at 96%i, j
$1,000 at 03V .1
: Washington Railway and Electric i*d., 5 at
\ After call: ?_ ?,???*)
I Washington Railway and Electric 4s, fl.OOO at I
er*. $1,000 at K\.
I Mergenthaler, 5 at 110. 5 at 110. ,
j Potomac Cons. 5s. $1,000 at 94, $1,000 at 94.
Capital Traction. 25 at 85, 5 at 85.
Bid Asked.
C. S. registered * ...- **
V. 8. coupon *74 ?????
U. B. regirtered 3a WH
IT. 8. registered 4s 1<*4 1?^
T. 8. ciaipoo 4a
Liberty Loan 34a * 84-100
ConTerted liberty Loan 4s ? 90 100
Wssbington Gsa 5s 95 *
Capital Traction 5s 108
Washington Rwy. and Elec. 4a 874 ?
Potomac -Electric Cona. 5s 834 M
Potomac Electric Light 5s 96 9R
Potomac Electric Power 6s 98"i 100
Chesapeake and Potomac Tel. 5s.. 974 100
American Tel. and Telga. 4s ?14 ?
American Tel. and Telga. 44s.... 88 91
Am. Td. and Tel. CtL Tr. 5s.... 92% 9S
American Grsphophone 1st ?*.... 90 ?
D. C. Paper Mfg. 6s . W0
Waahington Market 5s, ISO *
Washington Market 5s, 1917 95 ????.
Security Storage *nd Safe Dep. fis 101
Norfolk and. Wash. Steamboat 5s.. 100
Rigga Realty 5a (long) ?
Riggs Realty ?e (short
U. 8. Realty Ka ?1
Capital Traction 844 ? ????
Waahington Ry. and E. com 48 ?
Waahington Rwy. and 71ec.pi'd.... 66 . 70
Norfolk and Wash. Steamboat.... 1? 165
Washington Gaa 574 684
American Tel. and Telga 974
Mergenthaler 1? *]?
Lanston ? ?
American 1* -????
Commercial 190
Farmers and Mechanics' 250
Federal 1*
Lincoln 160 .....
National Metropolitan ?0
Riggs ?? r.?l f5
National Bank of Washington -30
American Security and Trust 230
National Barings and Trust 2?
Union Trust 120
Washington Loan and Trust 243 256
Continental Trust 118
Bank of Commerce and Savings... 12
East Washington 11
Security Savings and -Commercial. 175
Arlington 8
Corcoran 70
Firemen's 18
German-American 240
National Union 64
Columbia 6
BmX Estate 1 ?
Ohapin-Sacks JJJ
D. C. Paper Mfg. Company 138
Merchants' Transfer and Storage.. 100 115
Security Storage 1?
U. 8. Realty Co v. U4 .....
Waahington Market 1?*
I New York. Ma? 7-Monej on all opened at
? per Mnt; hiah, ? pet cent; km, i par ?nt;
cIom. ? p. cent. Mot of the (Uj'a loan. m
made at ? per cent.
Time moaw ?? inactifa. BU per t*it km
tii. nt. lor Arc and tlx months' matuntiea
Mercantile pwar waa bought moderated. Bol
en were inaiatrat on full rata, and ? per cent
waa practically the minimum.
| Montreal claims the larfeat flour
mill In the Britlah Empire, with a ca
pacity of MM barrel* a d?r. .
?Dii Otmtmen 2*4 9%
Albs Chalmsrs pfd. .. 0* m
Qui m* m
OU and mi 74
oil m w%
?d L 1J% 13%
Hid# and L. pfd. ? 41%
I? *4 9M
American Ice pfd *% 4*4
American International ... 64% UH
American Llnssed 24% H%
American Unwed pfd. 1*% W4
?% m
? ?
.... 130 130
American Smelting and *. ? 7W4
American Steel Foundry... 44* 44
American Sumatra T 104 104%
American Sumatra T. pfd. ? M
American T. and T. 97% *%
American Tobapoo W 14T '
American Tob. pM. (new). MH M
American Woolen M S%
American Sine and Lead.. 14 If*
American Zinc and L. pfd. 44 44%
Anaconda ** ?%
AMO Dry Ooode 12 IS
Atchiaon at% M%
Atchieon pfd OU H
Atlantic Goaet Line 94% Wi.
A.. O. and W. Indiee 10*4 104%
Baldwin Looomotite 11% 90%
Baltimore and Ohio 43 S3%
Barrett Oompany ?% V
BatorJie Mining 1% 1%
Bethlehem Steel M OT4
Bethlehem Steel elaee B.. M% A%
Bethlehem Steel 4% pfd.. 104% 104%
Booth Fisheries ? 23%
Brooklyn Bapid Trsnait ... 40% 94%
Burne Brother* 12*6 132%
Butte Copper and Zinc.... 9% 4%
Butte Superior US 9
California Pack in* 44% ?j%
California Petroleum 17% 1C%
California Petroleum ptd.. 47% 47%
Calumet and Arixona 44% 60%
Canadian Pacific 142 141%
Case (J. I.) pfd 47 *
Central Foundry 39% 30
Oantral Foundry pfd 40% 40%
Central Leather 4T% 40%
Cere de Paeuo 34% 33%
Chandler Motor ?% 80%
Cheeapeeke and Ohio 54% K%
Ctiicago Great W. pfd ?% ?%
Chicago, If. and St. P.... 40 20
a. U. and St. P. pfd 70% 44%
Chicago and Northwestern M% MS*
Chicago. R. land P 20% 19%
C.. B. I. and P. pfd... 84% ST%
O.. R. L and P. 7% pfd... ?T% 47%
Chile Opptr 14% 19%
Chino Copper 43% 42%
C., C.. O. and St L 31 31
O.. O.. O. and St. L. pfd.. 50% 64%
Colorado Fuel and Iron .. 44% 41%
Columbia Gee B1, x>
Coo. Gae of N. T 90 94
f>?. Gee. E. L. and P... 94 40
Corn Producte 40% 30%
Oucible Steel 47% 44%
Cuban Oane Sugar 30 20%
Cuban Oane Sugar pfd.... 00% 00%
Delaware and Hudson 1<16 MS
De-la ware. U and W 144% 144%
Denver and R. G. pfd.... 4% 4
Distiller*' Securities 43% SS%
Dome kilning 7% 7
Elk Horn Coal 24% 24%
Ene Railroad IS 14%
Brie let pfd ?% 20
Gaeton W. and W 33% n%
General Qectric 146% 144
General .Motors 117% U4%
Goodrich (B. F.) 44% 44%
Granby Con. If 74 74
Great Northern pfd 9% 94
Great Northern Ore 31% 30%
Greene Oananea 44 44
Gulf Btates Stael IW* jr*\
Haekell end Barker 41 40%
Illinoie Central 14 94
Inspiration Copper 44% 53
Interboro Conaolidated 7% 7
Int Agr. Corporation 14% 14%
Int. Agr. COrp. pfd <6 44
Int. Harr. of N. J 131% 12T4
Int. Merc. Marine 21% 21%
Int. Merc. Marine pfd 09% 80%
International Nickel 20 20%
International Nickel pfd... 9% 9%
International Paper 41% 40
Kanaas City Southern .... 14 14
Kelly Tire Company 4i% 42
Keunecott Copper 33% 32%
Lackawanna Steel ftf* gj,
LHugh Valley s?%
Liggett and M^ca pfd.... M3 109
lx>oee Wiles Company .... 'B. 22
Maxwell Motor* let 44% 43%
May Dept. Storee ... 52% 52
Mexican Petroleum .1 97% 94%
Miami Copier 2B% 24%
Mid rale Steel C% 44%
-Minneapolis and St. L.... 9% y,
Missouri Pacific 29 21%
Mieeouri Pacific pfd 54% 54%
National Acme Company. X 3|
National (X and C 14% 14%
National E. and 8 S*% 52%
National Lend 9% 99
Nevada Copper 20% 20
New York Air Brake 13 120
?N"?w York Central 70% 70
N. Y.. N. H. and H 30% 30
N. Y.. O. and W 19% 19%
Norfolk and Western 116 104
Northern Pacific 9% g,
Nora Scotia Steel ta 41%
Ohio Cities Gaa 34% sp%
Ontario Mining 9 ?a*
Owene Bottle M be 5g
Pan American PeC pfd ... 91% 91%
Pennaylrania 43%
I'eoplee Gas IB 45
Psre Marquette Uii 11%
Philadelphia Company .... 2T.4 25
Pierce Arrow 27% x
Pittsburgh Coal 53% 53
Pittsburgh Goal pfd M 43%
Pittsburgh and W. Va 9% 9%
Pressed Steel Oar 50% 50%
Pulllman Car Oompany ... 114% 114%
Railway Steel Spring S4 56%
Ray Oopper ?4 3^
Reading Railway
Rspublic Iron and Stsel... 9% 9%
Republic I. and S. pfd ... 9 90
Royal Dutch 79% 7m
St. L. and San F 10% 14
St. L. and San F. pfd.... 25 23
Seaboard Air Lins pfd... 14% 14%
?4hattuck Arisona 17^4 jy
Sinclair Oil 2P* 2T%
Sloes Sheffield Q
Porto Rico Sugar 19 1?0
Southern Pacifie m
Southern Railway 22% ?%
Southern Railway i/d 30% 9%
Standard Milling 94 95
^tu debater ^
Superior Steel
Tenceseea C. and 0 17% 17%
Texas Ctenpany 151 . 1494
Texas and Pacific 15 1$
Tobacco Products ......... 58
T., St L. and W. pfd. sfs. 10 9
Union Bag and Papsr.... 79 79
Union Padflc 121 ]
Union Padflc pfd 70% 70%
United Alloy Steel 41% 40%
United Cigar Stores ....... 90'* *9%
United Fruit 125% 125
United Railway In? 10 9%
United Ry. Inr. pfd 2R 19
U. 8. Cast. Iron Pipe.... 14 15%
U. 8. Cast I. P. pfd 45% 44
U. 8. Alcohol 12We 121%
U. 8. Rubber 571^
U. 8. Smelting and B 41% **4
U. a Steel i?2
2: ?? vtd !?'*
OUb Outlier 82*? at
TWnl? Or. Obm ?s tr
Vk Car. Cheoi. ptd 108 ]B
v?. Inn. Ona Ud o..... ?a m
Wabaah ;u
Wabarii pfd. B 2R4 22%
Western Maryland 14% 14% 14k
Wwtern r?ci?o ,? Ji* JJ*
WMtnn Union * OT4
W?rtm?l?u? jy.
WhMliD0 and It. E 8% M4 H%
White Motor ompany ..... 4i 40% m
Wilson and Company 57% 55 57V
Willys Orerland 14% 19%
Wool worth' 114% I1M 11H4
Worthington Pump 51% 59% j^%
Philadelphia. Pa., Kay T.-Prioea on the
,'^*'OC*-m*rt*t tod?r " followa:
BprrER-Th. market mM arm and 1 cent
highir, wtJi food denacd Wa Quote: Solid
padted ?~nerr. ?trm. Mb; high* arartng
?ooda, Ma50e: extra AnMa. tfc; flrmta. Mr
?eoonda. 43. ?c. nautr print., tuxr Be
areraca Btra. Me; fnu, ?Ta?r; aocooda'
BOOS?Demand waa fairly active and the
market riled firm. We quote the following
price.: Fre. caaea, nearby firati, hjj per
atandard caae; enrrent ncripte, per cue. Hut*
Wea*em extra flrata, lis per caaa; flrata. f.'
?w Jobhtnt ? CMc. m
OH BOSK?Scarce and Srm witk damad Cahly
Mtlra. Wa qMa tBa ptloaa: Maw
Tort. who). Bilk, fancy, Sttc; vactaK hMm;
Not Teak. vhoi. milk, fair to aood, lkla
GREEN rRUrrS-Apptaa, per bvrel-WbM
aapa, Ma7; Northwn Spy, ftaT; Albamarla Pip
pin. Ma7.JO: Baldwin. Maf; Bom Beauty. Ha?.
Rnaaet, Hatr-Cano. OaCTS; Ben Dark, Wk
6.S. Apptea. Weatem, per box-Wlnccap. Ca
IM; Spltxenburf, il.NaS; Item. Beanty. Ba
1I?: Pearmain, tLftalM;
N?w Officeri Elected and Memorial
Day Service* Arranged.
S. T. KiHgbt * Soa.
n KlK BtMt- |
Alexandria, Va., May 7.?R. R. L??
Camp, Con federal* Veterana, held Ita
annual meeting last night and elected
?mcers for the year. At the aame
time arrangements were made for Ita
annual Memorial Day aerrlcea. which
will be held May 24.
Officers choaen are aa follows: John
R. Zimmerman, commander; O. Will
iam Ramsay, first lieutenant com-1
mander; Jeaae Murray, aecond lieuten
ant commander; Booker C. Hall, third
lieutenant commander; Edgar War
field. ar.. adjutant; Rev. J. W. Duffey.
D. D., chaplain; O. William Ramaay.
treasurer; James B. Spicer, officer of
the day; P. F. Gorman, ridette;
Edgar Warfleld. ar., G. William Ram
aay and F. J. Davldaon, executive
Committee In charge of Memorial
Day exerclsea: To decorate graves In
cemeteriea near city on Memorial
Day, J. R. Zimmerman, C. O. Sipple,
John M. Johnson. A. C. Wycoff, D.
H. AppUch. George W. Herndon. John
Bellamy. #
To decorate gravea In St. Mary'a
Cemetery, P. F. Gorman and Levi
To* decorate graves in Ivy Hill
Cemetery. Col. Arthur Herbert and
George Wise.
I At Confederate Monument, Edgar
Warfleld, ar., and W. P. McKnlght
At Confederate Hall. F. J. Davidson
and G. William Ramaay to aecure
Graham and Ogden, real estate
dealers, have sold for Miss Mary
Lee Lloyd to William Albert Smoot
the handsome colonial residence at
the southwest corner of Washing
ton and Qu^en streets and also the
large lot directly south of it. After
remodeling the house Mr. Smoot and
hia family will occupy It.
Plans for caring for the daily In
creasing number of soldiers who
come to Alexandria from Camp
Humphreys were mapped out laat
night at a meeting of the executive
committee of the War Camp Com
munity Service held in the rooms of
the Chamber of Commerce and a
committee composed of Robert L
Payne, president of the Chamber of
Commerce; Robert S. Jones, and
Charlea H. Callahan was appointed
to look after this work. The sol
[ hamper, ffcafl.SO; do., per Vbushel basket,
25c*f 1.3. Lemons, per bo*. $Sa5. Bananas, per
bunch, $2s3.59. Oranges, Florida, per bo*. $4.7Sa
8.?; do., California, per bo*. HSub7.SO. Tan
gerines, Florida. p<T strap, $3*7. Grapefruit,
Florida, per bo*. $2:0*3. Porto
| Rico, per crate, |3.50a*.S0. Ooooanuta. psr bag,
|6a7. Strawberries. North Carolina, per quart,
12a25c. Walermrlo is. Florida, per 100. |60e75.
UVI POULTRY?Fo?Is, 36*37c; spring chick
ens, weighing lx*a2 lbs. ariece, 56s63c; weigh
ing 1*14 lb. apiece. 52*55c; staggy young
roosters, ; old roosters, 22*25c. Ducks.
Pekin. SalOr; do., Indian Runner, 9*27r_
I Geese. 25a36c Guineas, per pair, fl.30al.66.
Pigeon*, old. per pair. 40*45c; do., young, per
pair, 28s30r.
DRE8SLD POULTRY - Fresh killed fowls, in
barrel*, fan?* dry picked, weighing 4 pounds and
orer apiece. 37c. smaller aiaes, 34*36c; old roos
ters, dry-picked, 3c. Frozen fowls, 12 to s
bo*, milk fed. drr picked and fancy selected.
3m; weighing 4 pounds snd orer apiece. 36c;
34 lbs. apiece. S^ftc; 3 lb*. apiece. 30s31c;
| frozen fowls, in bbls., fancy picked, weighing 4 I
pounds, snd orer apicce. 31c; 3% Iba. apiece.
32a33c; smaller sizes, StMc. Frozen broiling |
chickens, 14*2 Iba., apiece. Western. 40s42c.
Roasting chickens. Western, in boxes, weigh-1
Ing 44 pounds and over apiece. 33c; 4 pounds,
33s34c; 34 pounds. 3la33r: 24a3 pounds. 29a1
30c.; r na Ming chickens. Western, in barrels,
I 44 pounds snd orer apiece, 33c.; 34*4 pounds.
31aJ2c: -4*3 pounds. 2S*30c; turkeys, old toms,
31c; do., common, S*28c; fair to good. fi*30c;
Western, dry picked, fancy, 32*34c; fair to good,
Sa30; old toms, 34c; common, Sa28c. Bqusbs,
per dosen, white, weighing 11 to 12 pounds,
per dozen, 7*7.3; white, weighing t to 16
pounds per dosen. ?.3*6.75; white, weighing 6
pounds per dozen, 5*5.75; do do, T pounds per
dosen. 4a4.90; do do, 6*64 pounds per dozen.
2.75*3.3; dark, 1*2; small and No. * 75ca2.
diers bow htn t _
here, the (onrancat having imrf
for then th? handsome home of
Alexandria Lodge of Kike.
It was decided to have a patriotic
demonstration on George washing
ton Park. July 4. and a committee
aooa win complete plane for the af
C. W. Strickland, about U roars
old. vbo was employed as chief
timekeeper by the P. K. Oormley
Co.. at Camp Humphreys. Va.
dropped dead at that place last,
night. The deceased was a native
of Atlanta. Oa? and has a family
living In that city. The body was
removed to I>e main's mortuary
chapel and will be chipped to At
lanta for burtal.
Edward B. Byrne, who died last
night at the Emergency Hospital.
Washington, as a result of Injuries
sustained April IS by being struck
by an sutomoblle in Washington,
was a pattern maker, and lived at
20* Wilkes street In addition to
his wife he Is survived by two eone
and a daughter, Vincent Byrne, now
in France, Herbert Byrne, also In
the army at Annlston, Ala., who Is
on a furlough here, and Miss Ara
bella Byrne. The deceased was U
years old.
The Woman's Auxiliary of the
Piedmont Convocation will hold an
all-day session at 11 o'clock tomor
row mornliig at Grace P. E. church.
Holy communion will be given at
11 o'clock and followed by the busi
ness session beginning at ll:4i
o'clock. Addresses will be made by
Mrs. Hubard Lloyd, Japan; Miss
Louisa Davis, Mrs. E. W. Howard.
Mrs. E. L. Woodward. Rev. Hubard
Lloyd. Rev. W. Crosby Bell. D. D.
Automobiles belonging to H. L.
Jones and Harry I). Rapp collided at
Washington and Cameron streets, at
? o'clock last night. The machine
driven by Mr. Rapp was considerably
damaged and Mrs. Victor Olmstead,
of Clarendon. Va. was thrown out of
Mr. Rapp's machine and injured.
The funeral of Mrs. Philip M. Brad
shaw will take place at S o'clock
Wednesday afternoon from her late
residence. 512 King street. Burial
will be In Bethel Cemetery.
The committee on retail merchants,
conventions and publicity of the
Chamber of Commerce, will meet at
8 o'clock Wednesday night in the
rooms of that organisation.
The funeral of Andrew Jackson
Davis will take place at 4 o'clock
Wednesday afternoon from Trinity
M. E. Church. Services will be con
ducted by Rev. A. E. Speilman, pas
tor of that church.
Pacifist Has H?t Thae.
London. May 7.?The police saved
Ramsay MacDonald. M. P.. from a
hostile crowd in Leicester square
on Sunday afternoon when he tried
to make a May Day speech. Mac
Donald, who is a pacifist, escaped
in a taxicab.
we believe
U. S. Steel
should sell
$150 a share.
Write for Explanatory
Circular 67
(Founded 1508)
v 40 Kxrhaife Place, Kew York
Fauk Finder* Err WW TW Crib
are Swbw Market*.
Serious ul |N?tl (Mlt ku bean
found la the persistency which
Southern markets have rrfanl to
lowar their officii quotationa. Crit
ics evidently for ret that tka aattra
| cottoa bnelneas of the United Stataa
la ooveraad by a federal stataa.
' known a* tha Lever bill, arylrlii
not oalr to tha l*ew Tork and Kew
Orleans cotton exchangee. but to
mry a pot market In tha country.
Price difference between gradea
oa tha Mf axchufw are rvlad by
the average of ten Oouthera mar
kets. These markets In tar* are
obil?ad by law to M thalr gnota
tions on tha baals of actual aalea
by producers, la other words. farm
ers who aell through thalr commis
sion merchant* dales at aecoad
hand have no standing whatever
under tha law aad the primary mar
| keta are forbidden to raeommleaioa
A merchant or banker may ac
quire a stock of cotton and hade*
it by sellinr futures In any of the
world markets. If a decline oc
curred in any of these, which he waa
Interested (say by reason of some
political upheaval or other tem
porary cause), the bolder of such
hedged cottoa would be able to of
fer It at a aubetaatial conceaalon.
and yet at the same time make an
I actual profit. This sort of selling
'is In no way ST reflection of the dls
paaition /Of the producer who msy
still hold part of his crop, and In
the methods of the government is
not permitted to affect quotations
of spot cotton. Spot cotton, la the
eye of the law. is the property of
the producer and actual aales at
first hands tha only meaaurs of
Anets, $3,383,464.79
Systematic Savmx Leads ta
The UBM to MTI ta while ,os ksrs a
?toady meow. Emy naa ami wnmam
abauM aan mom* kin*. ?o wtkr bom
attle. ss ? pntecttas la Osi at ad
weutj Jon tka Kouubta ss4 sa
Sebscrlptleu far the
74th Issue of Stock
Bel as IUc?tTf4.
Skares $2.5* Per Moatii
- 4 % literest
915 F St. N.W.
Swirtod, Rkeea k
Heasey Co.,
727 Fifteeo Street Northwest
Thousands of Washingtonians
Are Able to Discuss the
Battles of the Western
Front Intelligently
How? ***
By using The Herald war maps.
You can go "over the top" with the Sammies every day if
you have a Herald war map handy.
Some day they will strike out for Berlin. You will want to
follow the road they will travel. .
The Battle Front Held by the United State*
Soldiers as Well as the Advanced Bases and
Naral Bases Are Shown on These Maps
The Herald has been fortunate in securing a series of maps
that will adequately convey to The Herald's readers the loca
tion of battle fronts and the relation of one country to the other
throughout the world. These maps are 28x36 in size, printed
on heavy paper in six colors, and show the battle lines up to date.
the edition of which is limited, fill in the
coupon at the side, bring it to The Herald VV
office with the amount set forth. The 4*
Herald will be sent to you on receipt ?* /
of your order, and the map in a car- ?* \
ton will be delivered to your ?* . " /y / >
address. As the demand
will be great, The Herald .
urges on those who want /
these maps the neces- / Jf /
sity, of ordering at/ J* a
once. Tear out this ^J? &
coupon and mail v / 4
AT 0 N C E. Pretest Sabtcriben Soppfced with Map* 31

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